KTAJ KC - July 2016



KTAJ KC - July 2016
9670 NW Seymour Ave Kansas City, MO 64153
TBN KC Local Praise the Lord
TBN KC looks forward to partnering with our Kansas City area churches weekly to bring you local Praise the Lord programs
highlighting what Jesus Christ is doing in the Heartland of America. Pastor Tony D. Cobbins, Apostle Larry B. Aiken, Pastor
Frank King, and Minister Roman D. Harris (bottom right) came into our studios to address the tragedy of the violence that is
occurring in our nation between law enforcement and the African American Community, and what role the church has in all
of this!
TBN KC had the pleasure of
having Roshawn Eve enter our
studios to tape music videos for JUCE
TV. She also performed our nation’s
national anthem The Star Spangled
Banner for us to use for Independence
Day. www.jucetv.com
Call 816-2864640 for more
information on
how to be a part
Public Affairs Joy in Our Town
KTAJ tapes and airs weekly local public affairs programs addressing top issues in our community such as: civics,
crime, minorities, public safety, education, health, youth, family and more. Derek Olson from the Missouri Department of
Transportation (bottom center) came to tape a segment on motorcycle safety and brought in helmets to let our viewers know the
differences in helmet choices. Contact us at 816-286-4640 if you would like to be a guest on Joy in Our Town.
Joy in Our Town host,
Lindsay Hardiman
with KTAJ Station Manager,
Julie Cluck. 816-286-4640
TBN KC is partnering with Food for Kids this summer with
our His Hand Extended outreach alongside of our monthly
partnership with The Grace House. Food for Kids provides
free lunches to 150 children each weekday beginning the
day school is out in the spring until the day it resumes in
the fall. Most of the children who live in this St. Joseph,
Missouri neighborhood receive free or reduced priced
breakfast and lunch during the school year but have
limited food resources in the summer. While The Grace
House is working to collect clothing, shoes, and
backpacks for the 2016-2017 school year.