How to Join Facebook



How to Join Facebook
How to Join FACEBOOK
1. Go to
2. Type in:
a. Your name
b. Your email twice (to confirm it).
3. Create a password (make it tough so others can not figure it out).
4. Fill in your birthdate. Yes, you must. But no one has to see how old you
are. You choose what information shows up in your profile.
5. Choose “Female” or “Male.”
6. Click “Continue.”
7. Find your friends. Facebook will next ask you to search your various
email accounts for friends. You are welcome to do this at this time…
You can also click on “Skip this step” at the bottom, and continue with
the sign-up process.
8. Fill in profile information: high school, college, and employer. Again,
you may choose to fill this out, or skip this step. Take note of the little
globes to the side of the information boxes. Globes mean the content
is public. If you click on the icons, you can change who can see this
9. Choose a profile photo. Upload it from your computer, or take a photo
with your web cam. However you do it, Facebook will take it. Of
course, like the other steps, you can choose to skip this as well.
10. Click "Save & Continue" and you will be dropped onto your new
news feed page. Along the top, you’ll be reminded that the system
has sent an email to confirm your email address. Go to your email
inbox and click on the link.

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