Social Media Evaluation For Joe Bologna`s Restaurant


Social Media Evaluation For Joe Bologna`s Restaurant
Social Media Evaluation
For Joe Bologna’s Restaurant
Engaging with Social Media Is Now
This presentation will demonstrate
the potential areas of NEW business
social media will attract to Joe
Bologna’s Restaurant both online
and offline…
It will also demonstrate why Joe
Bologna’s is currently losing trade
by not taking full advantage of the
major social media platforms…
Some Facts About Social Media & How
It’s ‘Changed The Way We Do Business’
YOUR customers now spend an hour per
day on social media networks…
If Facebook were a country it would be
the World’s 3rd LARGEST
YouTube is the 2nd largest search
engine in the World and the 3rd
biggest website in the form of traffic
Whilst you watch this presentation,
100+ hours of video will be
uploaded to YouTube
80% of companies use social media
for recruitment … 95% of these use
13% of those online use Twitter!
95% of Twitter users do so by mobile
MORE Facts About Social Media!
Social Media Is NOT A Fad!
It’s a fundamental shift in
the way we communicate…
Facebook now receives MORE
traffic than Google (once the
primary source of traffic)
In the USA 1 out of 8 married
couples met via social networks
500,000 NEW Facebook accounts
are created EACH DAY
Some celebrities have larger
followings on Twitter than the
population of countries in the
western world!
Social Media Has Grown Up …
And So Has It’s Member’s
Engaging with Social Media Is Now
78% of consumers trust friend
recommendations via social media
against only 14% who trust
People care MORE about how social
media will rank products and services
than how Google ranks them
48% of 18 to 34 year olds check
Facebook when they first wake up
35+ year olds now represent more
than 30% of the entire Facebook
Social Media Replaces Traditional
Methods Of ‘Reaching New Customers’
Traditional Media Has Declined…
Only 18% of traditional TV
campaigns result in a positive ROI
Amazon’s Kindle eBooks outsold
paper backs last Xmas
24 out of 25 of the largest
newspapers are experiencing
record declines in circulation
We no longer search for products
and services … they find us via
social media!
The ‘Return On Investment’ in Social
Media is That YOUR Business Will
STILL EXIST in 5 Years time!
YOUR business needs to be
where those buying eyes hang
Your competitors are taking
It’s time to build YOUR Social
Media strategy
Be Proactive …
or Prepare to Lose Business!
Attract NEW Customers Using Proven
Social Media Management …
We Pride Ourselves:
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On delivering a timely &
professional service…
Let us help you:
• Attract new customers, build
customer loyalty & grow YOUR
brand whilst you get on with the
running of your business…