magnesium Fire Starter esbit Fuel tablet FireSteel


magnesium Fire Starter esbit Fuel tablet FireSteel
5400˚F sparks light fires instantly. Works in any
weather condition. Also functions as an emergency signal.
Mini (1,500 strikes)
Scout (3,000 strikes) #51153
Army (12,000 strikes) #51154
Start any fire fast with Quickfire. This completely
safe and simple product has water ­repellant
properties allowing it to be a reliable fuel source.
Quickfire has a 30 year shelf life and a 15 minute
burn time.
2 gallon #56669
5 gallon #56670
Esbit Fuel Tablet
Individually sealed for longevity. Tablets burn for
12–15 minutes at 1400˚F. Contains eight tablets.
Magnesium Fire Starter
Starts up to 100 fires by providing a 5400˚F spark.
Functions in wet and windy weather.
Storm-Proof Matches
Waterproof Matches
Burns for up to 25
seconds in intense rain
and wind. Contains 25
matches per box.
Matches, striking surface, and box are all
treated with waterproof
sealant. Contains 25
matches per box.
Plastic Match Box
Heat Pack
Watertight seal with fire
starter flint on bottom.
A great tool for campers and hikers (matches
not in included).
Place these small heat
packs in your pockets or
gloves to provide localized heat for up to ten
hours. Two per package.
See your independent consultant for pricing information.