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Issue 1 | June 2015
Pratt Industries’
new ‘environmental
Safety—A 24/7
Miller-Valentine celebrates
safety milestone 2
Build-To-Suit For Lease
provides flexible
FlightSafety’s learning
center takes flight
Construction Services:
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ƒƒ Cost Estimations
Miller-Valentine builds ‘environmental
showpiece’ for Pratt Industries
Pratt Industries is a green
company that walks the talk. Pratt
is the world’s largest privately
held 100 percent recycled
paper and packaging company.
Their combined manufacturing
operations save the equivalent of
more than 50,000 trees every day.
When Pratt wanted to expand its
Pratt’s new facility will be one of the highest volume plants in
Lewisburg, Ohio, operation, they
North America, producing high-speed corrugated sheets and highbrought Miller-Valentine on board to
volume printed corrugated boxes for the marketplace and bringing
design and construct the new facility some 150 new jobs to Preble County.
because of our longtime relationship
with their Lewisburg Container division, for
an “environmental showpiece.” At full
whom we had built a plant in 1986, plus two
capacity, the building will be one of the most
environmentally friendly corrugated box
subsequent additions in 1991 and 1995.
factories in the country—saving as many as
Now up and running, the 354,000-square10,000 trees a day and employing the latest
foot tilt-up facility includes manufacturing
in water reclamation technology, which will
operations, research and lab space,
eventually reduce the discharge into the local
warehousing, shipping and receiving
sewer system to zero.
and office space. In Pratt’s words, it is
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ƒƒ Contract Negotiations
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ƒƒ Design/Build
Construction Services
Safety—A 24/7 commitment
Visit for
more information
on Commercial and
ƒƒ Construction
ƒƒ Development
Ensuring jobsite safety.
Period. There is nothing more
important to Miller-Valentine
Group. From Miller-Valentine
leadership throughout our
organization, we observe
the keys to superior safety
without compromise.
ƒƒ Property Management
Chris Knueven
ƒƒ Brokerage (Dayton, Ohio)
In fact, April marked an important safety
milestone for Miller-Valentine with more
than 761,359 work hours without incident.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,
Miller-Valentine is 100 percent below the
national average in lost time injuries since 2011.
ƒƒ Finance
Call today! 877.684.7687
Our record of safety is not just good for our
Associates. Nurturing a culture of safety is also
good for business. Having a good safety record
on the jobsite saves our customers time and
money. Being alert to and analyzing potential
hazards, combined with our ongoing training
and education initiatives, help to bring our
team home safely each day.
Miller-Valentine is proud of its safety
record. We were the first contractor in the
state of Ohio to receive OHSA’s Voluntary
Protection Program statewide certification,
OSHA’s highest honor for rewarding
contractors with superior safety programs.
And we have been awarded the Associated
Builder and Contractor Diamond Award
for safety every year since its inception.
Miller-Valentine builds ‘environmental showpiece’ for Pratt
Industries —Continued from page 1
Through snow, sleet and . . .
This project presented some rather
unique challenges on several fronts.
ƒƒ The winter of 2013/2014 was one for
the ages—one of the worst in 30 years.
For example, it caused a two-plus
month delay in getting the roof on.
ƒƒ All utilities ended at the neighboring
Lewisburg Container building, so our
work site did not have power service
until the end of March—two-thirds of
the way into construction.
ƒƒ A critical piece of the project was
the 150-foot-long connector building
running between the new Pratt
factory and Lewisburg Container
facility next door. It had to traverse
a 7.5-foot change in elevation. An
elevator system for the conveyor line
was needed so that product could be
transported between the two plants.
By connecting the plants, Pratt has
taken the equivalent of 30 semitrailers
off the road every day.
ƒƒ Pratt’s new internationally
sourced equipment arrived during
construction. With Miller-Valentine
contractors and Pratt’s equipment
installation subcontractors working
side-by-side, often in the same space,
we held daily scheduling and safety
briefings attended by all workers.
Quality standards were maintained,
and our work was completed with no
compromise of the building structure
or Pratt’s machining.
We were as committed to meeting our
deadline as the weather was bad. We
found solid solutions to each obstacle
and worked seven days a week, meeting
the tight guaranteed completion date
as promised.
“Miller-Valentine’s Engineers and Site
Superintendent were not only easy to
work with, they approached obstacles
and problems intelligently and with
one goal in mind, satisfying our
timeline,” says Tom Forscht, Director
of Engineering, Corrugating Division.
“We no longer see them as our general
contractor, but as part of our team.”
The Ohio Valley Chapter of Associated
Builders and Contractors awarded the
Pratt Industries Corrugating Division
project with an “Award of Excellence” at
their annual banquet held on April 16.
We are pleased to announce
that Pratt Industries has selected
Miller-Valentine Construction to
build their new 361,200-square-foot
corrugating facility in Beloit, Wisconsin.
celebrates safety
At Miller-Valentine, we make jobsite
safety a priority. Every day, we challenge
all Associates to apply, train, inspect
and monitor safety procedures and
practices. And it is working. On April 30,
Miller-Valentine marked an important
safety milestone, achieving more than
761,359 work hours without incident.
To thank Team Miller-Valentine
members for their contributions to
reaching this milestone, we presented
all field Associates with new safety
boots—symbolic of their unwavering
commitment to the principles of safety
to which we adhere each day.
Did you know?
Build-To-Suit For Lease
provides flexible options
to ownership
Miller-Valentine is known for delivering
exceptional Build-to-Suit For Lease
experiences. The Build-to-Suit For Lease
option affords companies all the benefits
of their own, customized space without
the commitment and responsibilities
of ownership. These options help
companies preserve capital, while
reaping the benefits of fresh, new space
designed exactly to their specifications
and branded with their own identity.
Pratt Industries’ Lewisburg, Ohio expansion.
Miller-Valentine looks forward to
designing and constructing a Build-toSuit For Lease product that will help
your company put its best foot forward
for your clients and employees. Call us
about your options today.
FlightSafety International’s new Columbus, Ohio, learning
center takes flight
completion and delivered the building
on a very aggressive schedule.
K4 Architecture, The Kleingers Group,
and Steven Schaefer Associates
completed the Design/Build Team. The
simulators required two months to
receive, assemble and be certified by
aviation authorities. Consequently, in
order to deliver the facility to FlightSafety
on time—with fully installed and
operating simulators—half of the building
needed to be 100 percent completed, up
and running in just six months.
FlightSafety’s new learning center at 4010 Bridgeway Avenue in Columbus, Ohio.
Central Ohio is home to a concentration
of aviation industry powerhouses, New
York-based FlightSafety International
among them. The multifaceted company
is the world leader in professional
aviation training and is a supplier of
flight simulators, visual systems and
displays to commercial, government and
military organizations.
Miller-Valentine Construction has worked
with FlightSafety on multiple projects
going back to 1999—in Columbus,
Ohio, as well as in Hebron, Kentucky,
by the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky
International Airport.
aluminum and glass curtain wall, through
which passersby can stop to view the
flight simulators in action. Each operates
on an electronic motor base—moving
around, accelerating, banking, raising
and lowering, offering visual cues
(such as night or reduced visibility) and
simulating normal and abnormal flight
situations—everything to replicate the
sensation of piloting an aircraft.
A design-build project, Miller-Valentine
worked with FlightSafety from conception
to design through construction
The new learning center will eventually
replace FlightSafety’s current Columbus
facility. The project’s second phase will
include an addition of approximately
100,000 square feet, providing space for
more classrooms, flight simulators and
other advanced training equipment. The
exact timing and size of the addition will
be driven by FlightSafety customers’
needs. In the meantime, FlightSafety’s
new learning center is providing
industry-leading training to prepare
pilots and maintenance personnel to
operate aircraft in an ever-more complex
airspace environment.
Our latest project, FlightSafety’s new
learning center in Columbus, Ohio, is
to be built in two phases—an approach
that will best meet their needs, current
and growing. Phase one was completed
in December. A 54,806-square-foot
concrete tilt-up building, the facility
includes 13 advanced technology pilot
and maintenance training classrooms,
12 briefing and debriefing rooms,
facilities for 12 graphical flight-deck
simulators, administrative office space
and bays for six full-flight simulators.
Room with a view
Without doubt, the building’s marquee
feature is its massive, two-story
The new facility provides space for classrooms, administrative offices, flight simulators and
other advanced training equipment.
For more information, contact:
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