Help Dave Pratt release his new book at an exclusive celebration



Help Dave Pratt release his new book at an exclusive celebration
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Help Dave
Dave Pratt
Pratt release
release his
his new
new book
at an
an exclusive
exclusive celebration!
Each presale copy
autographed by
Dave Pratt.
Purchase Dave Pratt, Behind
The Mic: 30 Years in Radio
for $30 during a presale at
from now until July 15, & the
book becomes your ticket
into this exclusive Nov. 15th
book release celebration!
Proceeds from book sales benefit
the American Cancer Society.
“Like Jimmy Buffett, Dave Pratt does an
impressive job of making the transition from
rock and country star to book author – this is
a story that’s definitely worth reading.” –
Robert Stieve, Editor, Arizona Highways
“I salute Dave on 30 years in radio. … Pratt is
a great credit to a great industry. We love ya,
Dave!” – Larry King
Published nationally by
Five Star Publications, Inc.
Written by Dave Pratt
Foreword by Mark Curtis
Edited by Lori Rohlk Pfeiffer
ISBN: 978-1-58985-109-2
Retail $30
Order through
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Book proceeds to benefit American Cancer Society
PHOENIX, AZ – In true Pratt fashion, Arizona’s most prolific radio personality and host of Dave Pratt in the
Morning on KMLE Country 108, celebrates the fall release of his memoir,
, with a “private” celebration for a few thousand of his closest friends.
Dave Pratt, Behind the Mic: 30 Years in
To get on the invite list, partygoers must preorder a copy of Pratt’s book for $30 online at from now until July 15, as the hard cover book will serve as their actual admission ticket into this exciting event held on Saturday, November 15, two days before the book is nationally
released to the general public on and at major book retailers. Festivities include a celebrity lineup,
entertainment and, of course, a few surprises from the always unpredictable Pratt. The party’s location will be
privately disclosed to those buying the book through the presale.
Proceeds from the sales of Pratt’s book, which is being nationally published by Arizona’s own Five Star Publications,
will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Pratt, who successfully battled prostate cancer in 2005, is so intent
on raising money for the cause that he vows not to give away any books, not even to his own mother!
“She insists on buying her own copy and is proud that our family is helping such a great cause. I have confidence
that my listeners and readers will feel the same,” says Pratt, who promises that not one copy of his book will be
given away on or off of the air. If he personally gives one of his books to a friend or a loved one, he says he will
personally buy it.
“I never ask my listeners and supporters to do anything that I wouldn’t do myself. It’s for a great cause!”
Diehard fans hoping for a behind-the-scenes look at Pratt’s long and storied radio career will enjoy his book’s
humor and highlights from three decades as one of radio’s brightest stars. However,
is more than a string of amusing trivia. His memoir presents the life story of a small-town boy
who beat the odds to become the biggest name in the history of Arizona radio. It is a moving, honest and
warm account of how Pratt maintained his personal beliefs in a high-life atmosphere, never sacrificing his personal character.
Dave Pratt, Behind the Mic:
30 Years in Radio
In his memoir, Pratt reveals how the loyalty of his listeners and the love of his family have been, and continue
to be, his driving force. Pratt proves an incredibly successful career and deep love for family can find balance in
one of entertainment's most turbulent industries. New and old fans alike will enjoy this occasionally tear-jerking, sometimes funny, but always sincere ride with one of radio's legendary performers.
“The book was a labor of love,” says Pratt. “It is a personal and sincere thank you to my family, friends and loyal
listeners who have blessed me with the opportunity to live my dream.”
For more information on
(ISBN: 978-1-58985-109-2 with foreword by
Mark Curtis and editing by Lori Rohlk Pfeiffer) visit or call 480-940-8182.
Dave Pratt, Behind the Mic: 30 Years in Radio
P.O. Box 6698, Chandler, AZ 85246-6698 • 480-940-8182 - local • Fax: 480-940-8787 • 866-471-0777 - toll free