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The Trumpet
Service Times
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Sunday Worship
9 am Christian Education Classes
The Trumpet
Terms ending…
(Classes for all ages)
10:30 am Holy Eucharist Rite II
10:30 am Children’s Chapel
(ages 3-8)
Weekday Service
Thursday, 11:30 am
Iona Service,
Volume 1, Issue 1
Newsletter Date
Lenn Costner, Jr. (Junior Warden)
Bryan Cuneo (Senior Warden)
The Church of Saint Michael and All Angels
Judy Suther
We will serve the Lord and the needs of the community while extending hospitality to all people with all our gifts, to the glory of God.
followed by soup lunch
Dear St. Michael’s Family,
Cathy Coleman (Clerk)
Jo Rhea Ford
Please look for avenues by which you can plug into the exciting stuff going on at your church.
Liz House
If you no longer wish to
receive our newsletter,
please contact the
office so that we may
remove your address.
(256) 237-4011
GOD is up to something in our Midst!!!!
Here are just a few points worth recognition:
Our restroom renovation is progressing wonderfully. Thank you Mack, Gerry, Doug, and all those
actively involved in this much needed improvement.
Home Eucharists are well underway! See you at the Ferguson’s on the 17th!
Christian Education is resuming this month with plenty of options for everyone to plug-in! This will
provide us opportunities to grow together and toward Christ!
WE HAVE A VAN!!!!!! Thank you Lenn for your faithfulness to this new ministry! We need drivers and
passengers. Help us find BOTH.
The Bishop is coming on October 5th. TBTG, we have been given St. Michael’s Day back! This event
should be a wonderful event with Confirmations, Baptisms, a big dinner on the grounds, and much
more! Stay Tuned!
Jim McDaniel
Deb Pratt
Sharon Wilkins
The Trumpet
The Church of Saint Michael
and All Angels
1000 West 18th St.
P.O. Box 1884
Anniston, AL 36202
PERMIT No. 183
As you can tell, we are getting out of the boat and moving toward Christ. This is a thrilling time to be a
part of this parish, and I am thrilled to be your shepherd. Please let me know how I might minister to you
more genuinely.
John 15:9,
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Page 2
Ed Wade, Sister Mary Joanna, Kathi and Al Harrelson, Jane Lovvorn, Anne Cody, Lenn
Costner, Sr., Jim McDaniel, Susie Ulrey, Joyce Watson, Trisha Fowler, Liz House, Jackie
and Ron White, Gail Wilson, L.D. Lackey, Lucia Mason, Denise Dodd, Michael Greenwood,
Wally Powell, Dee Pugh (Goodwin), J.W. Reid (Ford), Sarah House (House), Lu Alice
Thornton (House), Eula Mae House (House), Clarence Page (G. Costner), Mike Bridges (J.
Bridges), Craig Terrell (White), Dora Morgan (White), Summer Ingram (White), Ella
Johnson (Cody), Jack Roberts (Mason), Danny Morris (Kelly), Suzanne Donovan (Bradley),
Nita Otwell (Cuneo), Judy Fite (Ulrey), Brittany Heathcock (Patterson), Kenna Parramore
(Patterson), Darlene Koerselman (Talley), Mark Wesley (Burt), Ashley McGinnis (Zeimet),
Donovan Bell (House), Shannon Kelly Hall (Kelly), Shannon Rios (Sister Mary Joanna),
Brandon, Virginia and Jenny (Tyler).
Prayer List Updates: Prayer is an important part of our parish life, and the prayer list
keeps us connected with the needs of members, family and friends. In an effort to keep the
list up to date, names will remain on the family and friends list for one month. To renew a
request for another month, simply call the office (256-237-4011) or e-mail
[email protected] by the 20th of the month.
Calhoun County Civic Chorale Begins Its 2014 Fall Season:
New Members are Welcome!
The Calhoun County Civic Choral will begin its fall season on Monday, August
25, 2014, at 7:15 pm in the Performance
Center of Mason Hall. The Chorale will begin
rehearsing music for the December 7th Winter Concert of J. S. Bach’s Cantata 140
Sleepers Awake and the Vivaldi Gloria. The concert will be held at the Church of St.
Michael and All Angels in Anniston.
The Chorale is under the direction of Dr. Patricia Corbin, JSU Director of Choral
Activities and is accompanied by Vicki Brock. The Calhoun County Civic Chorale is one
of five choral ensembles sponsored by the JSU David L. Walters Department of Music.
The singers in the Chorale are members of the community and JSU students and
faculty. The Chorale meets every Monday night until the final performance.
This first rehearsal is a “New Member Open House.” New singers are welcome
to come to this rehearsal and experience the Chorale without further obligation.
Chorale members are singers who have voices that can blend well with others, are able
to learn their individual vocal part from written music, and enjoy singing classical
choral masterworks. New members are always welcome.
Community members and non-enrolled students pay $35 dues along with the
cost of music. JSU students interested in participating in the Chorale for college credit
should register for “Chorus, MU 196 or MU 396”.
The Chorale will not meet on Monday, September
1st due to the Labor Day
holiday. Rehearsals will resume Monday, September 8 . For further information,
please contact the JSU Choral Activities office (256) 782-5544, or email Dr. Corbin,
[email protected] (Submitted by Dr. Patricia Corbin)
Charity Couponing
Sarah Ward has offered to use her knowledge and skills with couponing to help stock
up our pantries of household and hygiene items that will be donated and stored at the
church to distribute to those in need in our community. If you have any extra unused
coupons from each Sunday’s papers, online coupons and other coupons that you do
not use, please bring those by the church office or give them to Sarah so that she can
match up the best deals and help us provide for those in need. (Submitted by Sarah Ward)
Find us on Facebook
Follow Father Chris
The Church of St. Michael
and All Angels
on Twitter
September Ministers of Service
September 14th
September 7th
Acolyte: Jackie Wilkinson
Acolyte: Jackie Wilkinson
EM: Bryan & Florence Cuneo
EM: Jim Stirling & Kim Buckelew
Lectors: 1st: Jackie Wilkinson 2nd:
Roger Zeimet Prayers: Cathy Coleman
Lectors: 1st: Carly Knight 2nd: Pat
Kemp Prayers: Bette White
Altar Guild: Pat Kemp & Peg Tyler
Altar Guild: Bob & Deb Pratt & Judy
Coffee Hour: Costner Family
Coffee Hour: Choir
Vestry Greeters: Jim McDaniel &
Deb Pratt
Vestry Greeters: Lenn Costner Jr. &
Liz House
Ushers: Ken Perry & Lindsay Ramey
Vestry Counter: Cathy Coleman
September 21st
ECW Sunshine: Bodine McKay
September 28th
Acolyte: Jackie Wilkinson
Acolyte: Jackie Wilkinson
EM: Lenn Costner Jr. & Jim Stirling
EM: Bob Pratt & Kim Buckelew
Lectors: 1st: Jo Rhea Ford 2nd: Bill
Falkenberry Prayers: Alli Hartley
Lectors: 1st: Pat Kemp 2nd: Lu
Moseley Prayers: Harvey Roberts
Altar Guild: Marian Freeman, Jackie
White & Liz House
Altar Guild: Anne Kerr, Sharon
Wilkins & Reid Wilkins
Coffee Hour: Need a Volunteer Host
Vestry Greeters: Bryan Cuneo &
Sharon Wilkins
We will send an email link to The
Trumpet so that we will not have to
mail as many copies. Please make
sure that your current email address is
on file in the church office. If you or
someone you know is unable to
receive a digital copy, please contact
the church office so that we can make
arrangements to continue to
mail a copy.
Coffee Hour: Butter & Jenny Moore
Vestry Greeters: Cathy Coleman &
Jo Rhea Ford
The Church of St. Michael and All Angels Celebrates 25 Years of Service of Sister Mary Joanna
Order of Saint Athanasius
I was clothed May 19, 1990, in Peakskill, New York, in an old convent up in the mountain. It was a lovely place. I am now in
my 25th year of the Religious Life. This was the order of Saint Andrews. I was with that order for 5 years and felt God calling to
do something more. To begin the Order of Saint Athanasius, we began the process of writing the Rule of life, the Constitution,
many other papers and the Services for the sisters as they entered. At this time I had Sister Mary Joseph with me as we began
this journey.
In 1995, we were approved and accepted as a Religious Order in the state of Florida. We wrote a Benedictine Rule that
would allow us the ability to be of the religious life yet still be in the world and not cloistered.
We have three parts to the order. 1st St Order is those who live in community and are not married. These women live
under the rule of the Mother Superior and the 3 vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. The 2nd are those who may be
married but live in their local locations and serve the church of which they are members, and their priest accepts their call to
the religious life. Being married enhances their vows of poverty, chastity (chased unto their marriage) and obedience to the
Order and Mother Superior. The third part of the order is those who wish to be associated with the Order and support them
with prayer and financial assistance.
We come together once a year for a Religious Retreat to refresh ourselves and to spend time together in support of each
At one point in time we were 12 in count with 4 living in community 8 in their local communities. Some left due to health
issues; others left to begin a community of their own. I lost Sister Mary Joseph in 2006 when she went to be with the Lord.
We have had many ministries from church secretary, to opening and running a pre-school, to living and working in a home
for troubled boys. We were blessed to live on the church property so we were able to be at the church all of the time for
whatever was needed.
In February 2007, my Mother went to be with the Lord. They had moved to Alabama in 2000. My Father who is now 90 1/2
(he says) was here alone. The last thing my Mother said to me was to take care of Papaw. So, in part, I have put aside building
the Order to care for him.
So now you are up to date on The Order of Saint Athanasius and me. I do not know what the Lord has for me to do later,
but I will follow wherever He leads. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, and I will answer to the best of my
I want to thank each of you for allowing me to exercise my Religious Life here with you in Saint Michael and All Angels and
making me a part of your family. (Submitted by Florence Cuneo on behalf of Sister Mary Joanna)
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New Bible Study
Have you ever listened to the lessons for the day at the Sunday
service and wondered about some points that the preacher doesn’t
have time to cover in his sermon?
Have you ever heard some acquaintance quote the Bible with an
interpretation you think you don’t agree with but don’t quite know
why and would like more information.
Have you ever read the assigned lectionary in Forward Day By Day
and wish you had someone with whom you could discuss issues
raised there?
Are you puzzled by what seems to be factual information in the
Bible but which contradicts other details there, especially in the
Do you wish you knew more about the Bible: how it came to be
written, transmitted to us today, or accepted by churches?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, or have others,
consider joining the Adult Sunday Bible class which will be meeting
again this year in the library, 9:00-10:00, beginning 9/7. We are
listening to a series of lectures entitled Jesus and the Gospels by Luke
Timothy Johnson of Emory University. After his talk, there will be 30
minutes of discussion during which you can raise any issues or just
participate by listening. There is coffee available and blessed Eleanor
brings muffins. For more information, talk to Dick or Anne Cody.
(Submitted by Anne Cody)
Beans & Rice
We have seen an increase in
the amount of individuals
and families coming in the
office needing help with
food as well as in increase in
the number of individuals
seeking assistance during
the Beans & Rice giveaways.
If you have non-perishable
food items that you would
like to donate, please bring
those to the office or leave
them in the hallway outside
the library on Sundays. All
donations are greatly
appreciated and are used
to serve the members of this community. Everyone is invited
to join us September 20th at
8 am as we prepare to
distribute food to our
community. Distribution is
10am-12pm. It is a unique
experience that we are
blessed with to share the
love of Christ with our
neighbors. Food donations
can be dropped off at the
church office during normal
office hours. For more
information or to find out
how to join the volunteer
efforts, please see
Pam or Harvey Roberts.
Christian Formation: Sunday morning classes for all ages will
resume on September 7th at 9 am. There will be something for
EVERYONE!! Childcare will be available in the nursery for babies to
age 3 years. Godly Play, led by Deb Pratt and Judy Suther will be
offered for ages 4 to 7 years; 8 to 11
year olds will be led by Jackie
Wilkinson and Dena Adams and will
focus on "What we Do in Church" and
Acolyte Training. These classes will be
located in the Sisters House. Father
Chris will be leading an adult class
exploring the topic of Episcopalians:
Who are we? Anyone is welcome in
this class, especially those who would
like to be confirmed. Attendance will
be credit towards confirmation.
Father Chris’s class will meet on the
second floor, next to his office, in the
administration building. Anne and Dick Cody will be leading a Bible
Study group in the library located in the administration building.
This group will be listening to and discussing a series of talks that
focus on Christ and The Gospels. (Submitted by Deb Pratt)
ECW Bazaar
Dear Church Members,
Our Bazaar is fast approaching November 7th, 8am-2pm and
November 8th, 8am-12pm. We need help! Sickness and death
have hit us hard this year.
If everyone who could would contribute 3 hand-made crafts
and 3 homemade baked goods, we would greatly appreciate it.
We are also hoping for some nice White Elephants.
We need crafts and White Elephants on Monday, November
3rd. Baked goods can come in on Thursday, November 6th or
early November 7th.
We love you and thank you for your help, ECW.
Marian Freeman (3rd)
Keither Zeimet (9th)
Sharon Burt (4th)
Hal Patterson (10th)
Lucy Quinn (4th)
Dave Shelnutt (13th)
Al Harrelson (6th)
Mark Fuller (18th)
Charles Hudson (6th)
Bill Burt (20th)
Jennifer Downey (7th)
Deb Pratt (23rd)
Doug Ghee (7th)
Bill Ferguson (29th)
Daphne Maxwell (7th)
(Submitted by Audrey Vander Yacht)
Children’s Chapel
Beginning September 7th during the 10:30 service, Gail Wilson will
be hosting chapel in the Sisters House for children ages 3 to 8.
Executive Meeting September 8th at 5:30pm
Vestry Meeting September 15th at 5:30pm
ECW September 16th at 9:30am Craft in Lagarde Hall
Home Eucharist September 17th at 6pm at The Ferguson’s
Daughters of the King September 28th after service
Episcopal Youth Community
A combined Junior EYC group consisting of 6th, 7th, and 8th
graders from both St. Michael's and Grace Church will meet on
Sunday afternoons beginning September 7th at 3pm and ending
with dinner at 5pm. This group will be led by Jackie Wilkinson and
Jim Stirling and will meet alternately at Grace Church and St.
Michael's with the first meeting at Grace Church on September
7th. For more information, please speak to Jackie or Jim.
If you are interested in providing a meal for EYC, please see Deb
Pratt. (Submitted by Jackie Wilkinson & Deb Pratt)
Soup Bowl Volunteer Servers Needed
St. Michaels is scheduled to serve the meal on September 2nd and
3rd 11am-1pm. There are still spots needing to be filled. Please
sign up in the Narthex. For more information, please see Patricia
Vanderpol. (Submitted by Patricia Vanderpol)
Roger & Keither Zeimet (1st)
Guice & Pat Potter (5th)
Page 4
September 2014
Labor Day
Office Closed
Soup Bowl
Soup Bowl
11:30 am
Iona Service
& Soup Lunch
5:30 pm
14 9 am
Godly Play &
Christian Ed
10:30 am
Holy Eucharist
Rite Two
Children’s Chapel
3 pm EYC(SM)
5:30 pm
7 pm Journey
Into Healing
11:30 am
Iona Service
& Soup Lunch
6 pm Home
Eucharist at
Bill & Pat
11:30 am
Iona Service
& Soup Lunch
packaged food items provided to their homeless and other clients. If you need ideas, try Ritz or
other cracker sandwiches, granola bars, Vienna sausages (they LOVE Vienna sausages), packages
of individually wrapped cookies, bottled water or other healthy drinks, applesauce cups, bags of
fresh apples or other hardy fruits—you get the idea. They may be dropped off at St. Michael’s
office or, if you’d like, the Interfaith office located on the west side of the First United Methodist
Church complex at Gurnee Avenue. (Submitted by Cathy Coleman)
“Each one according to his means should take care to be at one with everyone else, for the
more the one is united to his neighbor, the more he is united with God.” – Dorotheus of Gaza
We know from the teachings of our Lord Jesus that we are called to love our neighbors as
ourselves. The clinic has the occasion to express love to our neighbors with each interaction
with our patients. Janie, the volunteers, and I are blessed to have this opportunity. We hope
to increase the number of patients we serve, as we are now, once again, seeing walk-ins in
addition to scheduled patients. We are also thrilled to be adding some new volunteers from
the community who are joining with the clinic to serve. We will be hosting an open house at
the clinic Thursday, September 11th from 5-7pm. We welcome any and all to come. It is our
hope that the community will be aware of the valuable services offered at the clinic and that
we could serve more patients in the name of Jesus.
The services of the clinic are made possible by your continued support and generosity. Thank
you! We hope to see you on September 11th!
Nanette Mudiam
Executive Director
St. Michael’s Medical Clinic
Clinic Open
House 5-7 pm
9:30 am
ECW Craft
Interfaith Ministries: Please remember the needs of Interfaith Ministries for individually
7 pm Journey
Into Healing
7 9 am
Godly Play &
Christian Ed
10:30 am
Holy Eucharist
Rite Two
Children’s Chapel
3 pm EYC (G)
Page 5
Beans & Rice
8 am Prep
10 am Serve
Clinic Open House
Thursday, September 11th
7 pm Journey
Into Healing
21 9 am
Godly Play &
Christian Ed
10:30 am
Holy Eucharist
Rite Two
Children’s Chapel
3 pm EYC (G)
28 9 am
Godly Play &
Christian Ed
10:30 am
Holy Eucharist
Rite Two
Children’s Chapel
3 pm EYC(SM)
7 pm Journey
Into Healing
11:30 am
Iona Service
& Soup Lunch
**The Bishop
Will Be
Here on
St. Michael’s
October 5th**
St. Michael’s Clinic
Thank you so much for your continued support
of St. Michael’s Clinic. Your kindness and
generosity go a long way in providing
community-based clinic services to our area;
however, there is one area in which more help
is needed.
Volunteers are urgently needed to help keep
the clinic staffed and available to our
neighbors. Please consider volunteering of
your time to help at the clinic. For more
information, please contact Jennifer Downey at
[email protected]
September Clinic Schedule
2 AM-Ann
3 AM-Sally McClure
PM-Kara Silvers
4 AM-Louise
8 AM-Bill
9 AM-Bodine
10 AM-Sally
15 AM-Bill
PM-Elaine Hubbard
16 AM-Ann
17 AM-Sally
18 AM-Louise
22 AM-Hazel
23 AM-Ann
24 AM-Sally
25 AM-Louise
29 AM-Hazel
30 AM-Ann

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