Jan. minimessenger 2014 Edition


Jan. minimessenger 2014 Edition
The Mini-Messenger is a brief news update sent out in months between our regular full-sized newsletter.
From the Rector’s Desk
The Reverend Dr. Paul Gaston Joins St. Paul’s
As we move into a New Year the Reverend Paul Gaston will join our staff on
a very part time basis to assist us, in the
main, with preaching, worship, and teaching. We are delighted to have Paul join us
after serving as a long-term interim rector
at various churches in the Diocese over the
last few years, most recently at St. John’s
in Youngstown and, before that, at Christ
Church in Hudson and St. Mark’s in Canton, among others. Paul is eager now to be more settled in his
ministry, helpful though his journeyman ability has been to the
health of the Diocese, so we hope to have Paul with us for a good,
long time.
In addition to his priestly duties, Paul teaches at Kent State University. Paul’s academic home is the English faculty, but he is Kent
State University’s sole Trustees Professor and, as such, teaches
across a range of disciplines. Until 2007, Paul served as Kent State’s
Provost, while teaching and authoring a handful of books. These
are the briefest of comments about a very full and accomplished
life. Paul will share more of his history, his theological commitments, and hopes for ministry during Adult Education on Sunday,
January 12 at 10:15am. Please plan to attend. Officially, Paul will
join the staff in February. In the meantime, however, he will be
with us in the congregation as his schedule permits.
We are very, very happy to have Paul with us and, earnestly, we
pray for a fruitful ministry for Paul here among us and will, I hope,
pledge our full support of him.
The Nominating Committee is pleased to present the following parishioners for election to the Vestry Class of 2017:
Matt Conant is an English teacher
Karen Oyler is an Executive Assistant
at Ellet High School, where he is also
with LG Fuel Cell Systems in North
faculty advisor to the National Honor
Canton. Karen has been at St. Paul’s
Society and faculty union representafor 30 years and is currently a Chalice
tive. Matt and his wife Lynn have been
Bearer, serves on the Altar Guild and
at St. Paul’s since 2011. Matt and Lynn
Library Committee and volunteers
currently serve as oblation bearers at
with Family Promise and Madrigal
the 11:00 service. Matt has also been
dinners. In addition to attending worinvolved with the work of the Barnship on Sunday mornings, she attends
abas Ministry and he has participated in Wednesday night pro- the Wednesday Contemplative Prayer Group. Her prior involvegrams including Pilgrims in Christ.
ment at St. Paul’s included serving on the Gardening Committee and Missions Committee, being a Church School teacher
Cindy McBee works in Customer and St. Paul’s representative to Open M. She has also done volSupport and Training with Informe- unteer work at Akron City Hospital.
diate Inc. in Cuyahoga Falls. Cindy
Bill Welsh is self-employed with Wilwas confirmed a member of St. Paul’s
liam E. Welsh and Associates. Bill and
in 1999. Her husband Dave is a long
his wife Kay have been at St. Paul’s
time member of St. Paul’s. Cindy is the
since 1970. They have two adult chilDirector of the Altar Guild, a Stephen
dren, William E. Welsh, Jr. and KathMinister, Verger, Eucharistic Visitor,
ryn Welsh Thompson. Bill currently
Eucharistic Minister, St. Paul’s Coorserves on the Memorial Garden Comdinator for Family Promise, and Lector. She volunteers her time
mittee. His previous service to St. Paul’s
at the reception desk and assists her husband Dave in mentoring
includes serving on Vestry three times
acolytes at the 9:15 service. She also schedules Eucharistic Minpreviously
Warden in 1994 and 2009. He has also
isters and Lectors on the monthly Clergy schedule. She previserved
and the Board of Trustees of
ously served as a church school teacher and Mission Committee
member. She has previously served on the Vestry from 20032005. Cindy is the President of the Condominium Association
Don Willoughby is a firefighter with
where she lives.
the Akron Fire Department. Don and
his wife Tammy have been at St. Paul’s
since 1998. They have three children:
The election of new Vestry members
Dusty, Tatum, and Bailey. Don and his
will be at our Annual Meeting to be
family currently are ushers/welcomers at
held on Sunday, February 9, 2014.
the 9:15 service and Don has served on
the property committee in the past.
Thank You to all Community Meal Volunteers These volunteers served the first year for the community meal. They helped
cook, bake desserts, serve the meals, set up the dining room, and break down the dining room. Those with stars by their names served at
least five meals. It takes 40 volunteer hours to serve a 45 minute meal! Thank you all!
* Paige Alati, Peter Albanese, Virginia Albanese, * Renee
Kathleen Greer, Candy Grisi, Tammy Guenther, * Greg
Elizabeth Pruitt, Helen Rajiah, Carole Reid, * Nancy ReyAlbright, Terry Albright, Brian Albanese, Jean Allread,
Hackett, * Joan Hall, Allie Hansen, * Bowanne Hansen,
man, Jan Rice, * Anita Robb, * Diane Rosenberg, * Todd
Audrey Anich, Jim Anich, Madeline Anich, Tamara Anich,
Brad Hansen, Griffen Hansen, * Ann Harrison, * Frank
Rosenberg, Barbara Ross, * Nan Ryerson, Peter Ryerson,
* Nan Bartlett, Carolyn Bousfield, * Dan Bee, John
Harvey, * Scot Harvey, Ellen Hay, Katherine Higgins, Becky * Mollie Samuel, * Judy Samuelson, * Judy Sarkis, Carole
Bee, Lee Bee, * Bret Benson, Chip Billow, * Mary Beth
Hilty, * Sue Hinson, * Celeste Hallam, Bryan Hollon, Emilie Satterfield, Phil Schuchter, Reid Schuchter, * Emily Schurr,
Blumberg, * Rosanna Bovington, Jarrod Bruderly,* Beth
Hruby, Bettie Isherwood, * Alina Johnson, * Barbara John- * Jane Schwab, Tommy Searle, * Bonnie Severt, * Chuck
Brumbaugh,* Linda Bullock, * Peggy Burns, * Anne
son, * Dan Jones, Anna Kelly, Jim Kimbler, Cheryl Kline,
Severt, * Judy Seward, * Debra Sharp, Dianne Shirey, Bill
Cannon, Antony Cannon, * Griffin Cannon, Liz Cardarelli,
* Peggy Koblenzer, * Linda Lacher, Cindy Laro, Clare Lee,
Silver, Karen Silver, Pat Silver, Don Skinner, * Suzanne
Carolyn Chapman, * Kathy Cockfield, * Rob Cockfield,
Emily Lees, Hana Lewis, Barbara Lohnan, Jason Lowe, Bill Smaltz, * Barry Smith, * Jean Smith, * Sandra Smith,
Mary Colarik, * Wayne Coles, Lynn Conant, Ken Conry,
Maloney, Barb Marshall, Ed Marshall, * Allen May, * Bryan * Meg Stanton, * Thom Steffensen, * Jennifer Stenroos,
* Elsie Consilio, * Debbie Cooper, Heather Costa, * Toni
May, * Jenny May, * Kay May, Megan May, * Dave McBee, Kathy Tarsis, Valerie Taylor, * Stu Terrass, Lea Thelin, * Lois
Costa, * Ione Cowen, Brandi Cribbet, * James Cribbet, *
Jennifer McCune, Gerry McElliott, * Julie McFarland,
Tullis, Sandra Tyson, Judy Uhler, * Kristie Van Auken, Mark
Barb Croghan, Ann Davis, Marilyn DeCarlo, * Dana Dickin- * Jacqueline Milan, * Matt Mills, Linda Misanko,
Van Auken, Tori Van Auken, Trevor Van Auken, Elise Vollson, Tina Die, * Janette Dill, Scott Dill, * Angela DiMezza,
* Kayleigh Morgan, Claire Moritz, * Russ Moses, Dave
man, Debbie Walasek, * Alix Walker, * Christine Walton,
Pete DiMezza, Matt Doernberg, Ken Dorsett, * Therese
Moshier, Lynne Moshier, Nikki Moshier, Roger Musagna,
* M.A. Weaver, * Joan Wessman, Melissa Wetterau, * Pam
Dowd, * Kerri Doyle, * Kris Drew, * Tom Dukes, * Joan
Terrie Newland, Maura O’Shea, * Pat Ovark, Karen Oyler,
Wharton, Gail Wild, Christine Williams, David Williams,
Dyser, * Tom Dyser, Kincaid Early, * Jan Englehart, * David * Liz Parker, Nancy Parker, * Jessica Parten, * Joyce PatDon Willoughby, Tammy Willoughby, Joan Wilson, Marge
Falatok, * Carol Ficken, * Jeanne Gault, * Elizabeth Gerard, terson, Rachel Paulus, Beth Peabody, Bob Peabody,
Worstall, Jessica Wright, Lynnette Zorzi, Ha’ani
Marcia Giordano, Brian Good, Bill Gore, Ginnie Gore,
* Diana Peabody, * Emily Petrochuk, * Sherrie Petrochuk,
* Marie Gore, Andrew Grant, Mary Graves, Carolyn Gray,
Roy Poillon, * Joyce Powell, Andrew Pruitt, Becky Pruitt,
Upcoming Events
Youth Space. Grades 7-12, join us from 6-8pm, Youth Space.
Join in on music, food,conversation and reflection. Bring a
friend! No cost.
Weekly Community Meals Resume—WEDS, JAN 8, 6pm
Join us for dinner in 2014 at our popular Community Meals.
Volunteer opportunities are many. Inquire at Front Desk.
Hymn Marathon—FRI, JAN 10- SUN, JAN12
In late July 2014, the Choir of Men & Boys and the St. Cecilia
Choir of Girls will be traveling to England to sing a week of
services at Ely Cathedral. Choristers will be signing up sponsors
in the coming weeks for this fundraiser. Funds earned through
this Marathon will go to help offset choristers individual assessment.
Weekly Brown Bag Lunch & Bible Study—TUES, JAN 14, noon
G-4. Our topic is the role of pre-history in a historical faith:
A reading of Genesis 1-11. Led by The Rev. Amjad Samuel.
Church School Resumes—SUN, JAN 19, 10:15am
Evensong—SUN, JAN 26, 4pm
Organ Recital—SUN, FEB 16, 4pm
James O’Donnell, organist of Westminster Abbey. Sponsored
by Billow Funeral Homes.
THANK YOU to all parishioners for your
generosity in lovingly purchasing 127 presents
and wrapping them so beautifully! Thank you to
my committee who helped make phone calls, fill
in the bells, decorate the tree, man the table on
Sunday, and collect and count the presents! Pat
Ovark and Karen Silver, Jack Core and Maggie
Core, Audrey Anich, Jim Anich and Tamara Anich and Tori VanAuken.
May the reconciliation Baby Jesus brings to the world be ever present in all
of these families! ~Sincerely, Nan Barlett
Choristers receive
their surplices
On Sunday, December
22 at the 11 a.m. service,
Nathaniel Kotradi,
Maggie Core, and
Jack Core officially
became full members
of the choir when they
received their surplices (the white part of their vestment). Choristers so
honored must complete 78 tasks covering 20 different topics and skills,
mostly musical. We congratulate them!
We hope your Christmas was blessed by love, gentleness and kindness and wish you a happy and fulfilling new
year. Thank you for your support in 2013. We who serve in Stephen Ministry know that there are always challenges in any new year, so should
you want someone to walk with you during those difficult times, we are ready to be there for you. For more information, call either Carolyn
Chapman 330-604-1094 or Jean Jones 330-573-4579.
Don’t miss the
All-Parish Art Show
Jan 4 to Feb 28, 2014
1361 West Market Street
Akron, Ohio 44313
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