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Autumn Newsletter - Botox Barrie
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The SoftLift™
Cosmetic skin therapies are now more than
ever, trending towards combination treatments.
One nouveau approach to skin care utilizes both
botulinum toxin and hyaluronic fillers to address
multiple signs of aging for the entire face.
This cosmetic treatment is known as a SoftLij(fM,
The result is a balanced, natural,
and softened look.
As we age, the collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin diminishes and the skin loses structure and volume. This is
when unwelcome lines and wrinkles develop. The skin begins to droop and sag, and the face loses its fullness and volume. The SoftLift™ treatment is a personalized facial
rejuvenation process that will assist in treating the three D's
of aging; deterioration (fine lines and wrinkles appear), descent (sagging of the skin) and deflation (loss of volume and
One component of the SoftLift™ procedure is Botox (botulinum toxin) which is a purified protein that temporarily relaxes muscles and
smoothes away fine
lines and wrinkles. It is
used to treat horizontal
forehead lines, frown
lines between the
brows, and crow's feet
around the eyes. The
second component is an
injectable cosmetic dermal filler that is used to
instantly refresh your
As I enter my 50th year on
the planet, I thought I better
put my mind to the whole
menopause/hormone issue.
After a year on the waiting
list, I was able to see Dr.
Alvin Pettle (gynecologist),
in Toronto. Although the actress Suzanne Sommers made
this approach highly public, it is Dr. Pettle, the son of a
woman who died of breast cancer, who has truly emContinued on page 2
freshes and rejuvenates your appearance by smoothing lines
and restoring natural facial contours.
The SoftLij(fM procedure can usually be
completed in one or two visits.
Topical and local freezing are utilized to ensure the utmost
comfort, and the procedure takes approximately one hour to
complete. After the
treatment, lines will be
reduced, cheeks will appear fuller and more defined, the jaw will
appear more contoured
and if you wish, the lips
can also be improved.
Fillers are composed of
hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar found in the
body. They are used to add volume to the cheeks and lips,
contour and shape the jaw line and fill in smile lines.
Investment in the SoftLift™ is intended to
save the client on a longterm basis. This non-invasive cosmetic treatment is quickly
becoming the preferred choice for individuals seeking a refreshed and rejuvenated look in a short treatment process.
By utilizing these two products together, the treatment re-
Krystal, RN, Head Nurse, Dr. Martins Clinic
AGE Smart® Line
You are never too young or too old to start protecting and nourishing your skin. Dr. Martin has chosen to offer Dermalogica's AGE Smart®line, in order
to help you prolong your youthful look. This group of age defence skin care products works together to give you smoother,
firmer and healthier skin throughout your lifetime.
Dermalogica accomplishes this by using
ingredients specifically designed to combat the
three main extrinsic causes of aging:
Oxygen, Sugar and Enzyme reactions.
Our skin ages because of both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Intrinsic factors are our pre-programmed genetics. These factors
are pretty much set in stone. Extrinsic factors are things we do
or put into our bodies which increase the rate of aging such as
smoking, stress, excess alcohol consumption, weather, pollution,
and even dehydration.
These factors are variable and within our controL
The oxygen reaction includes oxygen ions, free radicals and peroxides. These are unstable molecules that are highly reactive
due to the presence of unpaired electrons. When these compounds invade the dermis it makes the cells unstable and in turn
ages the skin. This aging process can be compared to apple slices
that have gone brown from exposure to the elements. To combat
this reaction you need to apply antioxidant rich products, like
those made by Dermalogica to inhibit the oxygen reaction.
These products enable the skin to stabilize itself.
Sugar reactions that cause aging skin are often a result of an internal chemical reaction within the body called glycation. This
is when glucose (sugar) reacts with proteins (such as collagen),
resulting in loss of elasticity, cross-linking of protein fibres, and
older looking skin. The reaction causes collagen to bunch up
within the dermis, leaving visible lines and wrinkles on the face .
Dermalogica puts peptides into many of the
AGE Smart®products, which act as sugar traps
and combat this reaction, preventing fine lines
and wrinkles from appearing.
Enzyme reactions occur within hours of UV exposure, which
inhibits new collagen formation. This results in disorganized and
damaged collagen and matrix, which is characteristic of photo
aged skin. Dermalogica AGE Smart®products contain Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP) which helps to combat this enzyme reaction. MAP also helps to brighten the skin reducing
visible photo damage from enzyme reactions.
Felicity, RN, Dr. Martins Clinic
Interesting News & Ideas
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braced the topic of women's health, menopause
and cancer prevention.
He describes it like this : "Bio-identical hormones
are made from botanical plants such as soy and yams. The
human body cannot convert soy or yams directly into natural
hormones, so the natural plants must be pharmaceutically
processed to produce natural bio-identical progesterone and
bio-identical estrogen, in a transdermal cream or oral supplement. These final products, when either rubbed on the skin or
swallowed by the patient, are identified by the human body as
being biologically identical to the natural hormones of their
body. In other words, from a chemical standpoint, the body responds to the hormones as if it were the naturally produced identical biological structure of the hormones of the body, rather
than a foreign substance being introduced (which is what) occurs with synthetic hormones."
As a case study of one, I can attest that my hot flashes and insomnia disappeared. He charges about $700.00 per year to adjust your hormones, but so far, it really seems to be worth it. His
phone number is (416) 633-4101.
Also, I want to let you in on my secret to weight loss: Nutritionist, Linda Simpson. I still have some weight to lose, but many
of you have noticed that I lost 40 pounds and I owe it all to
Linda. For me, her plan is a fool-proof way to lose weight.
Frankly, I have a lot of trouble with motivation, but when I do
what she tells me, the cravings disappear, my energy improves
and the weight falls off. Her clinic is in Barrie, 705-783-7011 .
From an exercise point of view, my new favourite is the DVD
set "Insanity". It's tough, but a tremendous full body workout.
The same group also puts out a DVD called "Hip Hop Abs".
Awesome. Use it or lose it.
Dr. Deborah Martin
Warrior's Spirit
On Saturday, July 9, Dr. Martin
participated (believe it or not,
of her own free will) in the gruelling annual Warrior's Dash,
along with 2 of her children.
This torturous 5K run involved
scrambling over cars, leaping
over fire, climbing over a 30
metre wall, and crawling
through a field of mud.
Next year Dr. Martin wants to
put together a team.
Any volunteers?
Embracing The New, While
Welcoming Back Old Friends
At Dr. Martin's Clinic we pride ourselves on being not only a
team, but a family, and as such we are very happy to welcome
back Susan, our manager, and Victoria and Ashleigh, two of our
most experienced and popular clinic nurses .
Each of these valued team members left the clinic
for maternity leave at the same time, and they each
gave birth to healthy and happy boys.
We are also overjoyed to announce that Krystal, Felicity, Tina,
and Kamerin, who have worked so hard to maintain our standard
of excellent service, are all remaining with the clinic, along with
Lisa and Louise who remain the backbone of our administration.
Now that is what we call a win, win, win scenario!
In 1917 Albert Einstein established the theory behind focused light, but it was not until 1960 that
Theodore H. Maiman constructed the first functioning laser. The technology has come a long way
since then, and today there is a laser for just about everything.
We use lasers for hair removal,
skin rejuvenation, and collagen rebuilding.
With there being so many different types of lasers out there
how do we determine which ones are good and which ones are
bad? Well, the answer is doing your research before you decide
to get a treatment done. Figure out what it is that bothers you
first, and then look for the lasers that specifically target your
concern. Find out what the wavelength is for that particular
laser and look for comments and feedback from other people
that have had that treatment. Ask questions in consultation with
the laser technician, and make sure that they have significant
training on that machine.
If you are looking to have laser hair removal done look for a
Diode laser; they are the best in my opinion, and a true laser at
that. Some spas use less effective machines (IPL) for hair removal that are not actually lasers, resulting in way more treatments than are necessary and more money spent. This leaves
the client very frustrated and unsatisfied.
Our leam Is Here For You!
Kamerin, ND, Training Administrator, is a
licensed Doctor ofNaturopathic Medicine; having
graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2009. Prior to that, she completed an honours degree in Psychology and
Health Studies at Queen's University.
Krystal, RN, Head Nurse, has been with Dr. Martin's Clinic since the spring of2010. She graduated
from Lakehead University in 2006, and went on
to obtain her US Nursing License. Krystal spent
three years as an Oncology I Palliative Care Nurse
at Barrie's Royal Victoria Hospital.
Victoria, RN, is a long-time valued member of the
team at Dr. Martin's Clinic, and she has been instrumental in assisting in its growth. Victoria's
unique flare in the artistry of Botox and dermal
fillers has earned her the respect and appreciation
of our clients.
Felicity, RN, joined our clinic in the fall of2010,
after having graduated from Ryerson University
with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. When not
at the clinic, Felicity spends considerable time caring for the geriatric population in Orillia.
Ashleigh, RPN, joined Dr. Martin's Clinic in May
of 2003 ; three years after graduating from St.
Lawrence College. In addition to her work in Medical Aesthetics, Ashleigh has worked on the surgical floor at Collingwood General Marine Hospital,
and in the field of Geriatric Care.
Tin a, Laser Technician & Dermal Therapist, graduated from the Dermal Therapy program at Sheridan College in 2007 and has been working with
lasers for the past 4 years. At our clinic Tina specializes in Resurfacing, Thermascan, and Laser
Hair Removal.
Lisa, Office Administrator, completed her studies
in Medical Office Administration at CTS Canadian
Career College in the winter of 2008. Prior to this
career transition, Lisa studied Culinary Arts at
Humber College and worked as a chef for 4 years.
Be careful and do your research first.
I am very happy that I chose this as a career! I love working
with lasers and love it when people see the results that they are
looking for. It is a very rewarding feeling to treat someone and
see how much it has helped them to feel better.
Tina, Dermal Laser Therapy, Dr. Martin s Clinic
Louise, Receptionist, joined Dr. Martin's Clinic
after dedicating several years to raising her wildly
creative daughters; a labour of love that she rates
as her biggest accomplishment. Before that, Louise
worked as an executive assistant after graduating
with a British health and social sciences diploma.
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On-Line Articles a Big Hit
Introducing Dr. Baker
Throughout the past four months Dr. Martin and her staff have been
publishing a series of online articles on subjects ranging from the
psychological effects of receiving Botox and fillers to available
treatments for varicose and spider veins; and just about everything
you could imagine in between. Some examples are below.
These articles are free for download from the clinic's online articles
page located at http ://
We are getting busy, and we thank our friends
No<!!"-11~-'1 for the kudos and referrals. In order to ensure
the finest treatment for our growing list of
clients, we now offer extended hours, a more
diversified support team (see pg 3), and we are
even considering expansion; but when all is said
and done, the quality and value of our services
has always rested squarely on Dr. Martin.
Treatment of Large Varicose Veins
Many patients who have larger varicose veins require specialized
techniques to treat them. In some cases, only a few veins are visible
at the surface, when in fact, the problem lies within the veins that
are hidden from view. Unless these "silent sources" are treated, it
is difficult if not impossible to achieve the desired results. A number
of approaches are available. Some are covered under the Ontario
Health Insurance Plan ...
Which treatment modality is correct for you?
Smiling Through Our Earned Wrinkles
Many of the lines that are associated with aging are simply the result of habits; great ones like laughing and smiling, as well as less
attractive ones such as furrowing of the brow while thinking, or
squinting while driving. Other wrinkles are brought about because
of the inevitable loosening of the skin that occurs when an area of
skin is stretched or compressed too frequently ...
A few months ago Dr. Martin met Dr. Blair Baker, a Barrie area doctor
who attended the clinic's training facility to learn the technique ofBotox
and Fillers, Sclerotherapy, and laser dermal and hair removal techniques.
Dr. Martin noted that Dr. Baker had both great skill
and a caring nature, so naturally she hired him!
Dr. Baker is new to the Barrie area, having moved here after training in
Family Medicine in Toronto and attending Medical School in Ireland. In
addition to his work at the clinic, Dr. Baker works at the Royal Victoria
Hospital, attending to in-patients for a variety of medical conditions. He
is recently married, and enjoys traveling, cycling, and a healthy lifestyle.
Dr. Baker enjoys the artistic and hands on nature of cosmetic medicine,
and we all look forward to working with him at Dr. Martin's Clinic.
Liken your skin to a newly pressed white shirt.
Using Botox To Bring Out The Real You
It may come as a surprise to some that Botox often has a pronounced positive effect on the emotional well being of the recipient
when it is injected accurately and with artistry. We sometimes think
that the use of such substances means that a person is simply vain,
or that he/she is unwilling to accept the aging process; however,
the reverse is quite often the truth ...
When Botox is applied with artistry, based on a thorough medical
understanding of the musculature of the face, the effect is dramatic, yet still natural in appearance ...
Our website at has undergone a SoftLift, so to speak, and in addition to
Lo="•"""""'ol the new look we are now able to offer up-to-theminute news and information; not only about produti,.. r,.E,<~•""' ucts and services, but also about specials that can
LED""'•'Whi""'"' save our clients money ;-)
Our Latcu Nnnlctter
Client Appreciation
Grow Thicker, Lusher Eyelashes With LATISSE
Online News & Savings
We invite all of our friends to visit our
website on a regular basis for updates.
Thick, lush eyelashes help to accentuate a woman's eyes, and they
also help to soften the overall appearance of the face; however, for
many of us growing the kind of lashes that catch almost anyone's
attention is simply beyond our grasp ...
During the coming months our website will grow
with the clinic to include all of the latest information about the variety of services we offer, the latest advances within Medical Aesthetics, special
offers, and more.
Now there is an easy, pain-free solution to getting the lashes you
desire without using glue or clumping on mascara.
We hope to see you online!

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