Craig Stevens - Ann`s Horsemanship


Craig Stevens - Ann`s Horsemanship
Craig Stevens
Classical Equitation Clinic
A lighter touch.
A better connection with my horse.
More confidence in the saddle.
More relaxed horses.
Faster, healthier results.
A sense of fairness and clarity
A profound sense of joy
Sounds interesting? Join us at the clinic to learn more.
Craig Stevens is a scholar of equitation. He trained under the best of
the classical masters of the modern age, studying with Joao Oliveira of
Portugal, the French masters Michel Henriquet and François Lemaire
de Ruffieu, members of the Cadre Noir, as well as with Katherine
Durand. He’s also studied every text he could find in both French and
English on equitation, and has been riding, training and teaching for
nearly half a century. His work includes both Eventing and Dressage,
and his riders come from every riding discipline.
Craig himself is direct, funny, unpretentious and brilliant. When we
begin to grasp how fair, gentle and precise his method is, it gives every
rider hope. An American dressage trainer who is acknowledged in
Europe is a rare thing. To be acclaimed across international borders
and between riding disciplines takes a real mastery. Craig is endorsed
by Philippe Karl, the French classical master, and by American natural
horsemanship clinician Ed Dabney. Professor Invgar Fredricson, long
time head of Flyinge (the Swedish National Stud) refers to Craig as “an
American horse master”.
All levels and all disciplines welcome. Bring a sense of humor and a lively curiosity. There is
limited space for riders: registration is on a first-come, first served basis. Call about auditing.
Langley, March 7-9, 2008
For Clinic information and registration:
Ann Turner: 604-504-5909
e-mail: [email protected]