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PC attendant consoles
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Create a New Level of Customer Care
If you are looking for a replacement attendant console that
delivers a feature rich, easy to use interface providing
exceptional value for money, VistaPoint Console Companion
is the answer.
The VistaPoint Console contains every feature the Cisco AC
offers and much more.
These include: a real-time Busy
Lamp Field and integration with DLAP, ODBC, CUPS,
Exchange, Google, Lync, Jabber and InformaCast combined
with powerful call processing that existing Cisco Attendant
Console users are looking for and at a very reasonable
Client—Server Model offers great flexibility, scalability and resiliency
VistaPoint consoles connect to a server that is then connected through a single TAPI connection
reducing the impact on the UCM.
The server acts as a proxy to all Consoles—Single TAPI connection reduces load on UCM.
Concurrent licensing reduces costs and allows greater flexibility when deploying consoles.
Built in queing acutomatically distributes calls to each logged in operator
Console users can work in tandem with each other (shared lines, Call Park DNs, etc.)
Emergency call notification—alerts operators when an emergency call is placed
Supports LDAP, ODBC and/or Cisco UCM directories
HA Option for mission-ciritical deployments (HA server can be in a remote date centre)
600 Concurrent consoles per server
LDAP/ODBC directories do not need to be integrated with UCM
Supports UCM v9.x Native Queuing
Fully integrated with CUPS, Jabber, Lync, InformaCast, Exchange, Google
capabilities, and
more, enable
your attendant
to locate
departmental and other information quickly and accurately – all good news in
today’s demanding communications environment that calls for fast, efficient and
accurate services from attendant answering positions.
Your Business Is Your Customers
Create competitive advantage
Provide high levels of customer care
Set the standards
Measure results
Increase operator efficiency
Enhance Call Processing
Real-time Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
VistaPoint offeres the most dynamic BLF available for the Cisco UCM.
Each cell displays the real-time status of every employee’s extension,
status note, Jabber, Lync, CUPS status, Outlook and Google calendar,
connected party, department, DND, call forward status and new VM
Operators can drag and drop callers ontocells, rightclick to select from available options, or use
keyboard shortcust to quickly process calls.
cells facilitate call processing by allowing users to
quickly route calls to that person’s Cisco phone,
mobile device, home phone or voicemail.
Global and Personal BLF Groups
The BLF cells are placed into BLF Groups
which can be created quickly and easily to
enable directory entries to be found with
maximum ease. A cell can be assigned to
multiple groups to allow the operator to
organise their directory to suit the way they
Built-in Call Queuing with Reports
Operators log in and out of the respective call
queues to automatically receive calls. Users
can also see calls waiting in each queue and
can override the queue should it become
Directory Integration—UCM, LDAP and ODBC
Operators can search the corporate directory using the external directory panel. This allows
access to any LDAP, ODBC and/or the Cisco UCM directory. Operators can quickly locate and
transfer callers to the requested party using drag and drop or right-click.
View Parked Calls
Operators can see all parked calls or just their parked calls.
The parked call will contain the Caller ID and Name of the
party that has been parked as well as the operator that
parked the call and who the call is parked for.
When the call times out and returns to the operator, they can
quickly see who the call had been parked for and provide assistance as needed.
Choice of Views
Operators can view each BLF group in either Cell or List View based on their personal preference.
Caller ID and Name are displayed for all connected calls.
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