the press release



the press release
They called them «Warbirds.” In their day, these legendary aircraft ruled the skies...
It was the heyday of machine guns and piston engines. Flown by brave and accomplished young pilots, these magnificent
aircraft engaged in fierce air battles, spearheading their nations’ air forces during the Second World War and filling
history books with tales of skill and honor. Today, surviving machines fascinate aviation enthusiasts at air shows all over
the world, with streamlined silhouettes and rumbling engines. A few dedicated enthusiasts have managed to preserve
the excitement of these flying marvels through careful restoration and maintenance, rebuilding them to their original
BRM pays tribute to this technical prowesscelebrating the spirit of these beloved warbirds-by
designing a new series of watches directly inspired
by the most significant fighter aircraft of WWII: The
Spitfire, the P-51 Mustang North American and the
Mitsubishi Zero.The BRM timepieces are crafted like
a fuselage, complete with inserted rivets, propellershaped hands, cases featuring roundels from different
countries, horns that reference exhaust pipes and
harness-inspired leather straps. With this new
collection, BRM once again demonstrates its deep
commitment to speed, high-performance and bold
Avril 2012 - photos non contractuelles
Brushed stainless steel case or stainless steel
case with black PVD
Diameter : 45 mm
Brushed stainless steel pushers and crown
Brushed stainless steel lugs and buckle
Calf leather strap with stitching
Water resistant:100 meters
Automatic chronograph movement
Retail price : € 5 400 (brushed)
€ 5 850 (black PVD)
Available : July 2012
Contact :
Tel : +33(0)1 61 02 08 00
[email protected]