Document 6432065


Document 6432065
Titanium Steel Letters Inc.
Dear colleague,
Titanium Steel Letters Inc. is a major provider of all your custom made steel letters
needs. Our signs are fabricated with premium grade materials, fully soldered
construction; all edges are blended with perfect surface finish.
Let us quote your next steel letter project to find out.
A creative 4feet diameter interior logo
Brass fabricated with printed face
Prismatic Mazda Logo
Polished SS fabricated
Beveled Edge
BURBERRY in Polished SS and brass
Gold plated prismatic
Polished prismatic
Installed quality of our Brushed SS letters.
Close look at the quality of our polished stainless steel and brass letters
All our custom fabricated letters come with studs, spacers and
template at no extra charge.
Back of letters with studs, spacers & template
Stainless steel straps welded at the back of each letters.
This is for VHB tape, silicone, glue, etc application.
Rivet and Hex nuts.
Rivets are the most common form of fixation for METALLET.
It is a strong and sturdy fixation to hard surfaces such as cements, real woods,
It is most effective fixation for uneven surfaces.
Rivet Nuts available in
USA: 6-32, 10-24, ¼-20
Canada: M3, M4, M5, M6, M8
VHB tape
3M VHB (Very High Bond) tape can be use most effectively in flat and
smooth surface where drilling is not possible such as on glass.
It is also the easiest way to install, just peal and stick!
L-Clips are normally used where there is a need to frequently remove the
L-clips will fix to the letter using tiny stainless steel screws which is barely
To remove the letter, just unscrews the tiny screws and remove it.
Solid cut letters and Logos:
Solid cut letters with stud or VHB tape options
Brass picture cut out
Printed on face gold titanium SS
Multi-layer solid cut
Our stainless steel channel letter is an excellent way to illuminate.
Its metal casing of your choice holds translucent acrylic face with perfect fit.
Seamless trim ensures that your illuminated channel letter has glossy finish edge for
maximum front and side visibility with luxurious looks.
Trim Edge (Full Return)
Push Thru Face (Full Return)
Edge plus (Full Return)
Our case structure can perfectly accommodate LED and Neon installation.
With its easy opening case, it can be quickly taken apart for maintenance service and
Our elegant and attractive metal plaques are custom made- to- order by craftsmen
who commit to your satisfaction.
We offer a large variety of metal acid-etched products depending upon the applications
and usages to meet our clients’ expectations.
Embossed plaque
Etched paint filled plaques
Polished SS halo lit (your choice of color light)
Bolton’s polished script fabricated
Polished SS fabricated letters with multi-layer solid cut
Polished SS channel letters
Brushed SS halo lit
Polished SS mounted on glass with VHB tape
We can provide high quantity of suite numbers for high rise buildings:
Custom fabricated brushed SS suite numbers
Stainless Steel Building numbers
Entrance sign Brushed SS
Entrance sign brushed SS channel letters
Stainless steel Directional Signs
We have prepared 16 finishing 3”H x 1/2”D fabricated sample letter board below for
your show room and sales persons.
The blank area above the board is for your company logo.
Some sign makers find this sample board useful to promote their sales.
16 finishing samples