Trend Look spring.summer 2012


Trend Look spring.summer 2012
Trend Look
spring.summer 2012
The KRYOLAN products for the Trend Look spring.summer 2012:
Foundation: HD Micro Foundation Cream, color 430
Concealer: HD Micro Foundation Cache 200
Fixing:: HD Micro Silk Powder, color MSP 11, with silk proteins and SPF 9
Eyebrows: Eyebrow Powder, color Medium
Eyes: Eye Shadow: color Bamboo, F-06, Flamingo
Eyeliner: HD Cream Liner, color Ebony
Mascara: Dermacolor Light Mascara, color Black
False Lashes: TV 5
Lips: Lipstick Fashion, color LF401
Rouge: Blusher, color 926
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Tangible Goddess
Make-up: KRYOLAN Professional Make-up
Make-up artist:Yuko Takahashi, New York,
Model: Oksana Chepel
Photo:: Copyright Kryolan 2011
Tangible Goddess
The classical „nude look“ lets go of all restraint in the coming Spring/Summer season.
„Tangible Goddess“ is the name given by make-up artist Yuko Takahashi for the ultra-feminine trend look in 2012 she developed for KRYOLAN Professional Make-up.
The New Yorker artist combines a soft, smoothly uniform, porcelain complexion with a
hedonistic eye make-up. The trend look refers to the tension created by contrasting soft
naturalness with a rich play of colors.
A natural-appearing, flawless cover foundation and concealer are a must. Micro Foundation
Cream from the KRYOLAN High Definition Series is used for the complexion, set with the
microfine fixing product HD Micro Silk Powder. The HD Micro Foundation Cache Concealer was also especially developed for the exacting make-up demands of TV and film professionals working with HD camera technology, and features extraordinary fineness and
covering quality. The lips are maintained in a creamy nude tone: Lipstick Fashion LF401. The
face is contoured with a trace of blusher.
„Flirty Eyes“
The eyes become a self-assured, luminous fixed point. The matt KRYOLAN Eye Shadow
with micronized color pigments can be applied transparently and with intense colors. For
the Trend Look, a color gradation from tender beige-brown „Bamboo“ to vivid pink „Flamingo“ is applied to the moving eyelid, and shadowed in the eye fold with the sunny „F-06“
orange. The look reveals some „Highlight“ Eye Shadow in matt under the outer arch of
eyebrows. „The summer-like counterpart to Smokey Eyes, I call it Flirty Eyes“, says Takahashi.
The eyebrows are distinctly contoured with KRYOLAN Eyebrow Powder in „Medium“ color. The narrow, jet black eyeliner extending far beyond the eye angle embraces the showy
impression: HD Cream Liner in Ebony color. The eyelashes are made up to match with
KRYOLAN Dermacolor Light Mascara intensive black. False lashes reinforce the „wow“
Takahashi has designed a delicious, sensuous look with a touch of extravagance. It is suitable for everyday use, but also unfolds its full effect in the evening. The modern KRYOLAN
goddess does not only want to be adored. She also invites you to play.