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Stylish Rain l`vJixecl Media 2010 Stargaze Mixecll\!Ieclia 2010
Ravioli with J'vio, Chicago
People Plate Places Series
Digi tnJ C P rint
Stylish Rain
l'vJixecl Media
A1ercedes at Bu:::zbrews, Dallas
People Plate Places Series
Digital C Print
Margaret Root was born in Tokyo, Japan and grew up in Oklahoma City. She received a
BA in Art History and a BFA from the University of Oklahoma. She worked in ceramics
at the Firehouse Art Center, Norman, Oklahoma before turning to photography.
After graduation, Root worked with commercial photographers in Norman and the Oklahoma
City area for several years. She has taught photography at the University of Oklahoma, the
University of Colorado and photography for children in Fairbanks, Alaska. She has exhibited
in several shows and her work is in the collections of the University of Oklahoma,
University of Alaska and several priv ate individuals.
The images in People, Plate, Places incorporate elements of both portraiture and snapshot
photography. The viewer should pick up a current of playfulness around the core theme
of food.
Mainly an abstract artist originally from Chicago, IL, Sharon Burchett has had solo exhibitions in Illinois and Oklahoma
including such locations as the Lightwell Gallery at the University of Oklahoma School of Art and Art History, th~
Schaumburg Township L1brary and the Gmgko Tree Art Studio and Gallery. One of her more recent shows was a twoperson exhibit at the Firehouse Art Center in Norman, OK.
Burchett has a two-year art degree from William Rainey Harper College in Illinois and a master' s degree in art history from
the UmvefSlty of Oklahoma School of Art and Art History. She has over 100 works in private collections in at least eight
U.S. states and works in a manner based on inspiration and personal expression. Typical mediums include enamel, acrylic,
watercolor, pastel, chalks and pencils. Each work, unless a print or photograph, is one-of-a-kind.
ww-VI. sharonburche
[email protected]
Sharon Von Schriltz was born in Enid, Oklahoma. After high school she attended college at UCO, traveled through Europe,
started her family and eventually returned to Enid to complete her B.S. degree in Art Education at Phillips University.
Sharon worked on her Masters at SWOSU, OSU and OU. Sharon is a State Department of Education Master Teacher. She
is currently a 3D Studio Art teacher at Southmoore High School in Moore, OK. Her work can be found at Merry Belle's in
Norman, OK and at [email protected]
My favorite medium is clay. I dream of a situation where I could wake up, play with clay all day, go to bed and then do it
again the next day. I find my inspiration from nature, the news, and my family. Always a little edgy, eclectic and and left of
center would describe both me and my art.
Pa~eo Art Space
March 2-31, 2012
3022 Paseo
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Double Unfair Abacus
Sto11ewm·e Clay
Unfair Abacus Series
Diversity: Six Women At Play
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fr• ,~_,. ofiHI.wt. TJ. tJI'Hftit, IIMI/¥ lllf't~ tJ, tj,iutt II""· "
We each have our daily commitments and to get away from this grind, we access our creativity
and find an artistic outlet to express ourselves. This is where the play, the inner joy is released.
We hope the viewer picks up this sense of play in each artist's work. The individual styles
come from the distinct creativity of each artist.
We are happy to present this body of work for your visual enjoyment.
Annette Sinesio received her Masters Degree of Fine Art from the
University of Oklahoma in the spring of 2000. Her professional activities include
teaching, exhibition and sales of original art. As an artist and teacher of art Ms.
Sinesio has taught in both her horne studio and local arts education venues including
City Arts Center, Oklahoma City Public Schools and the University of Oklahoma.
After earning her Masters, Ms. Sinesio worked with The Al.t Factory, located in north
Oklahoma City. She worked with disadvantaged and at risk youth teaching art
classes. During this time she was inspired to begin Outreach Through the Arts.
Through this organization Ms. Sinesio curated numerous art exhibitions, co-hosted
many spoken word events at the Art Box and served on the Poetry Committee of
Individual Artists of Oklahoma.
Ms. Sinesio recently relocated to Eufaula, Oklahoma where she is working in her
studio, renovating her house and gardening full time.
Background Image: Full Circle, Oil Pastel and Gouache, 2012

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