VIP Convoy Protection


VIP Convoy Protection
Mission Specific Solutions Meeting Diverse Operational Needs
VIP Convoy
Secured VIP convoys include the VIP’s vehicle and one
or more troop carrying vehicles that escort and protect
it. The dignitary protection unit also operates a vehiclemounted advance force that conducts surveillance
to detect suspicious activities and items, secures the
destination prior to the VIP’s arrival, and coordinates with
the police and security forces at the scene.
Plasan’s comprehensive solution for VIP convoys
provides effective passive and active protection against
a wide range of threats, including ballistic weapons,
IEDs and rocket-propelled grenades, as well as the
threat of an adversary’s vehicle ramming into the VIP’s
vehicle. Challenges such as secured communication,
traversability, command & control and the survivability
of the members of the security detail are met through
the integration of advanced technological systems that
Critical Infrastructure Protection
are compatible with a wide variety of platforms. Plasan’s
solution thus allows tracking and geo-location of the
convoy and real-time transmission of video images, as
well as command & control and mission management.
Operational Capabilities
Detection, recognition and identification of
suspicious persons and vehicles
Assets location
Management of multiple video sources
Passive and active protection against ballistic
weapons & IEDs
Mission management, debriefing, training and
simulation capabilities
Border Protection Disaster Management Intelligence Operations Special Forces Operations
VIP Convoy Protection
Comprehensive Solutions
Integrated Systems
GPS and navigation
Person-borne surveillance
Integrated day & night
electro-optic sensor installed
on a retractable mast
Tactical radio
& cellular
Remote controlled
weapons system
IED jamming system
Tactical command & control
with mapping & GIS
Automotive Upgrades
Designed on the basis of load, stress,
braking, stability, mobility and performance
analysis, to best meet the mission’s needs
Load bearing structures design and local
and body mounts reinforcements
Design and upgrades of drive line systems,
wheel integration, braking, suspension and
cooling systems
Armouring Specifications
Crew compartment, engine and floor
armouring fully complying with STANAG / NIJ
standards, against a wide range of threats:
» Ballistic weapons
» Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)
» Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG)
Use of a variety of steels and ceramic
composite materials optimally satisfying
cost-benefit considerations and meeting the
customer’s needs
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The operational deployment of secured convoys includes an advance force that operates different stationary and person-borne
surveillance systems and secures the VIP’s destination. The vehicles of the dignitary protection unit that escort the VIP’s vehicle are
equipped with an IED jamming system, GPS devices and a secured tactical communication system.
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