Class I Electric Rider trucks



Class I Electric Rider trucks
Class I Electric Rider trucks
Trucks in this class may have 3 or 4 wheels with cushion (solid) or
pneumatic (air filled) tires. Both sit down and stand up styles are included.
Yale Class I trucks
have capacities
ranging from
2,000 to 12,000
Class II Electric Narrow Aisle Trucks
This class includes reach and deep (double) reach trucks as well as order selector
trucks which are also known as “order pickers” or “cherry pickers.” Order
selector operators ride up and down with the load and must be secured to the
truck using a belt and tether system. Other narrow aisle trucks include stand up
straddles, swing masts, sideloaders and turret trucks.
Capacities range from 3,000 to 5,000 pounds
Class III Electric hand pallet jacks or walkie/rider jacks
Low lift electric hand pallet jacks are also known as “walkies.” They don’t have a
mast and use pallet forks or a platform to haul loads several inches off the ground.
Masted walkies are either counterbalanced (using the battery weight) or use
outrigger or straddle arms. Some have reach capability. Others only straddle.
Capacities range from
2,000 to 8,000 pounds
Class IV ICE Cushion tire trucks
Yale Class IV trucks range from
3,000 to 15,500 pound capacity.
Class V
ICE Pneumatic tire trucks
Yale Class V trucks range from 3,000 to
36,000 pound capacity.
6,000 # capacity
15,500 # capacity
21,000 # capacity
Class VI
Ride on Tuggers
These units must have a draw bar pull more than 999
pounds. They can be either electric or ICE. Tuggers
are often called tow tractors. Yale’s MTR tugger
model is rated for 700 to 1,000 pounds.
Class VII Rough Terrain Trucks
These trucks have pneumatic tires and are almost exclusively powered by diesel
engines and used outdoors. Some trucks are equipped with a traditional (fixed)
mast while others use a telescopic style mast. JLG, Load Lifter and Manitou all
make rugged rough terrain units and Manitou offers a truck mounted forklift.
Class VIII Personnel, Burden Carriers
& Tow Tractors
Taylor Dunn Cushman and Motrec offers a wide range of ICE
and electric powered vehicles. ELT also offers Club Car, EZ-Go
and Fairplay golf cars.