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“A Day At The Beach”
A 10 week music and art immersion camp experience for boys and girls
with Fabby-Shabby Creation Boutique & Alex Mitnick from Emmy® winning
Alex & The Kaleidoscope.
Date: June 21st – August 22nd / 10 week camp
Two camps: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM or 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Ages: K – 5th Grade
Join Designer Robin Brackbill of the Fabby Shabby Creation Boutique
and Emmy® award winning children's artist Alex Mitnick from Alex &
The Kaleidoscope for a 10 week music and art immersion experience.
Beginning Tuesday, June 21st children will meet once a week for a 2 hour
experience of music, movement and hands-on arts-and-crafts fun!
Over the course of 10 weeks, children will learn over 15 songs with
Mr. Alex and create all costumes, props, and scenery with Miss Robin,
as cast members of an original musical called “A Day At The Beach”.
PLOT: “What starts as a fun beach day quickly turns into an exciting adventure
as the children explore nature in their sea canoes meeting dolphins, crabs,
octopuses, sharks and jellyfish. They land on a tropical island and discover
delicious tropical fruits, old pirate clothes and a map that leads to the buried
treasure of Captain Jeremy Shnarsh! Determined to find the treasure they
enlist the help of the magical mermaids who live on the island. Before the day
is over they've explored the island, found the treasure, and made new friends
in this celebratory musical adventure!”
Children will each receive a CD of songs to practice at home and will meet
weekly to learn their speaking parts, dance moves, cool props and more!
The camp will culminate in a final live performance for friends and families to
enjoy on August 30th.
COST: $325 due at registration
Early Registration by May 20th @ $300
Place: Fabby-Shabby 35 East State Street Doylestown, PA 18902
Phone: (215)939-0233
Please provide child with a smock or old shirt for art class.
Please provide small snack and drink for each class. Peanut free.
BIO: Robin D. Brackbill
award-winning designer and party stylist, founded Fabby-Shabby in 2010
as a "mobile" arts-creation and party service for children in Bucks County, PA. Fabby quickly became a household name
which helped catapult Robin’s success into a uniquely-Fabby award-winning storefront art studio. Robin, the eldest of 10
children, developed a love of creative expression from her parents who encouraged the entire family to explore music and
the arts. After art school, Robin’s experience as a designer and art class coordinator for a large craft store chain cultivated a
love of teaching hands-on art classes to children and fueled her desire to create her own company. Robin lives for the reward
of blessing children by celebrating their individual creative expression in the arts, which can inspire and change the lives of
children, just as it had inspired her as a child.
BIO: Alex Mitnick
has been the music teacher for over 15 years
at the Princeton Montessori School where he has
composed, produced and directed over
14 musicals for elementary children.
In addition to teaching, Alex is the host and
creator of Alex & The Kaleidoscope,
an Emmy® award winning brand of
interactive musical entertainment for children.
Alex's colorful and upbeat songs have earned
many awards and praise from the
Parents' Choice Foundation,
the American Library Association,
People magazine and more.
Alex's sensitivity, humor, and ability to connect
with his students makes this a wonderful
for children of all ages.
An uplifting, feel-good time that will leave
participants more connected to themselves,
each other and the world around them!
“A Day At The Beach”
Child’s Name:
Phone number:
2 Emergency contacts / cell numbers:
Camp Date:
June 21st through August 22nd / 10 week camp
Choose Camp time:
9:00 AM – 11:00
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Performance Date: August 30th
*If absent, camp days may be made up only if going away on
vacation or because of illness.