I have been in the dry cleaning industry for over 40 years
starting at Sketchley Cleaners where I trained as a Unit
Manager and received training on spotting, machine
operation and finishing. I was then offered the position as
Suede and Leather Department Manager where I trained for
3 years processing over a thousand pieces a week. Later on
I was offered a job at the launch of Nottingham Co-Ops new
flag ship dry cleaners in Walsall as a Manager where they
had the first 24 hour Auto Valet Collection and I processed
all the skins there for the group. They eventually closed all
the shops and I moved to an independent.
Over 40 years expe
Over the years I have worked with a few reputable chemical
brands such as Cole and Wilson and Seitz which covered
north of the UK, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Russia
and part of the US as well as working as a Guild examiner
during this time.
In 2007 I started as a Chemical Support Manager at Alex
Reid which included training on new machines installed,
equipment and programming dry cleaning machines to our
customer requirements. Recently I have been taking care of
the Caretex Laundry Detergent range which is exclusive to
Alex Reid and auto dosing system from Brightwell.
In 2014 I completed training at the luxury 5 star Hotel
Kempinski Marsa Malaz Hotel on the Pearl in Qatar.
This involved training staff on the Caretex Detergents
and programmed their new FS120kg tilting washing
machines. Also trained staff on all finishing equipment
and 2 Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning machines, along with
intermediate training on spotting.
Finally in the fall of 2014 I completed training at the lavish St
Regis Hotel in Qatar on all new equipment including 2 Green
Earth machines, finishing tables, shirt machines and the staff
were awarded with an Alex Reid certificate.
Steve Tolley AGCL
Chemical Support Manager
Training R
Alex Reid