Jan. 2013 - Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth



Jan. 2013 - Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth
Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth
Family Forum
Family: The Heart of Our Mission
Vol. 7, No. 1
Special Installation Issue
A monthly communiqué to our Sisters in the U.S
January 2013
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Province celebrates new, old leadership teams
“Celebra on Weekend” from
Friday, Jan. 4, through guest
departures on Sunday, Jan. 5,
was packed with joy made
visible by smiles and warm
gree ngs, by a bit of wis ulness evidenced by strong
hugs and a few teary eyes,
and by gratefulness to both
the new and outgoing leadership teams of Holy Family
Official portrait The new team pauses for its official portrait before the Jan. 5 Installa on Liturgy.
From le , Srs. Kathleen Ann Stadler, Barbara Jean Wojnicki, Rita Fanning, Michele Vincent Fisher, Teresa
Mika and Catherine Fedewa. (Photo by Sr. Gabriela Duszynska) Below: Welcome reminders! Members of the new Leadership Team gather with gi s they received on Jan. 5. Outgoing council members
presented their counterparts with rose bouquets and framed copies of the Holy Family Mosaic, created
last year from portraits of the more than 300 sisters in Holy Family Province — reminders, the sisters
said, that “we’re all in this together.” The novices presented the leadership group with the large Province candle, and Sr. Sally Marie Kiepura, former provincial, presented the new team with an original icon
of Bl. Stella and her 10 companions, the CSFN martyrs of Nowogródek. (Photo by Judy Horak)
The fes ve air began Thursday a ernoon as sisters began arriving at the Des
Plaines Provincialate from
convents around the country
and from the Generalate in
Rome. The arrivals and
transporta on details con nued into Friday, then the
crowd grew quiet as sisters
gathered for the a ernoon
prayer service thanking and
acknowledging the outgoing
leadership team.
Next, a celebra on dinner
and toasts, an ice cream social and blessed sleep. Saturday was marked by prayer,
dialogue and a province-wide
mee ng. The zenith: Evening
Mass celebra ng the Epiphany and the installa on of the
new leadership team.
The stories and photos on
these pages try to capture
some of the flavor of this
important weekend in the
life of the province. Please
also visit our ‘sisters-only’
pages on the web site for
more photos and video.
Family Forum
Vol. 7, No. 1
Special Installation Issue
January 2013
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‘We want to confirm that we love you…’
Following the Liturgy of the Word for the Feast of the Epiphany,
Mother Jana Zawieja invited each member of the new leadership
to the Altar by name, to “confirm your acceptance of servant
leadership in Holy Family Province and to receive the blessing of
the Church and the support of your Sisters.” Star ng with Sr. Barbara Jean Wojnicki, the new provincial superior, each of the six
sisters pledged “to be a sister to my sisters” so that together, the
community might model God’s love to all whom they serve. A er
signing their pledges, the congrega on blessed them: “Father,
breathe your spirit (upon them)...Grace them, we pray, with a
new sense of mystery...a new commitment to our Nazareth and a
new dedica on to your kingdom.” Sr. Sally Marie reminded the
sisters that “God is love. God is constant, steadfast and faithful
without end….We want to confirm that we love you, that we will
walk with you…”
Installation Liturgy
Members of the new Provincial Council gather at the altar
before making their leadership pledges to the Church and to
the CSFN congrega on. Top photo: Sr. Sally Marie Kiepura
invites the sisters to pronounce their promises. From le , Srs.
Rita Fanning, Michele Vincent Fisher, Teresa Mika, Kathleen
Ann Stadler, Catherine Fedewa and Barbara Jean Wojnicki.
Above: Mother Jana Zawieja listens as Sr. Barbara Jean reads
the Provincial Leadership pledge before signing the document.
At right: Members of the new team during the Liturgy.
(Photos by Sr. Gabriela Duszynska)
Family Forum
Vol. 7, No. 1
Special Installation Issue
January 2013
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Following the Installa on Liturgy, sisters offer congratula ons to the new council. From le , Sr. Cynthia Meyers congratulates new
Provincial Superior Sr. Barbara Jean Wojnicki; Sr. Angela Marie Mazzeo greets Sr. Catherine Fedewa, new assistant provincial;
Mother Jana Zawieja congratulates Sr. Kathleen Ann Stadler, provincial secretary, while sisters also congratulate Sr. Teresa Mika,
provincial treasurer, and Sr. Rita Fanning, provincial councilor. Sr. Michele Vincent Fisher, councilor, is just outside the picture
frame to the right. (Photo by Judy Horak)
Everybody smile!
Sr. Gabriela Duszynska leads a phalanx of sister photographers capturing a bit of Province
history, as members of the new council pose for a formal portrait with the Provincialate statue of Mother Foundress. The sister shu er-bugs include Sr. Michaela Tomkowiak, Tyler, TX,
and Sr. John Paul Bissone e, novice, in forma on in Des Plaines, IL. (Photos by Judy Horak)
One day earlier…Sr. Danielle Jacob welcomes Mother Jana Zawieja
to the Des Plaines Provincialate.
Family Forum
Vol. 7, No. 1
Special Installation Issue
January 2013
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SKYPE facilitates sharing:
New team outlines vision
honed in 2012 Chapter
At a special all-province mee ng the morning of Jan. 5,
Sr. Barbara Jean Wojnicki and the new leadership team
reviewed the vision of province governance that flowed
from the 2012 chapter. At le , Sr. Barbara Jean notes
how four circles stem from CSFN commitment to Gospel
values and the Covenant of Love. (Each councilor serves
as a point person for the circles: Sr. Catherine Fedewa,
assistant provincial, Circle of Local Leaders & Communi es;
Sr. Teresa Mika, treasurer, Stewardship; Sr. Kathleen Ann
Stadler, secretary, the Communica ons circle that connects all ; Sr. Michele Vincent Fisher, Forma on, and Sr.
Rita Fanning, Futures Ini a ves.
(Photo by Sr. Angela Szczawinska)
“We are crea ng communi es of love and hope,” Sr.
Barbara Jean said, “and we ask your pa ence” as some
of the logis cs of the new structure are developed.
She closed with a photo montage set to the song,
“I hope you dance” — “...and when you get the
chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.’”
Sr. Barbara Jean con nued, “As we ponder the
next right steps, the great challenge is to listen to
whom God is calling us to become. This journey
challenges us to live the Paschal mystery, to communally discern God’s call and to actualize the
gospel today.
Saturday prayers and meeting
Sisters in Monroe, CT, pray along with the Saturday prayers framing the
presenta ons of the new leadership team. (Photo by Sr. Jude Carroll)
Connecting to the
Jan. 5 Liturgy
Sisters in Philadelphia
gather to watch the Installa on Liturgy via
SKYPE. In addi on to this
loca on, Sisters in Monroe, CT; Brooklyn, NY;
Pi sburgh and Grand
Prairie, TX, were able to
par cipate in Celebra on
Weekend. (Photo by Sr.
BernadeƩe Snurkowski)
“We can meet these challenges if we gather our
strength from being-in-it-together, believe in our
abundant wisdom, draw upon our passion for
mission, and count on our God as our ever-present
guide, source of new life and dance partner.”
Family Forum
Vol. 7, No. 1
Special Installation Issue
January 2013
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Sisters say ‘thank you’ to Province’s First Council
Prayer service, recepƟon, dinner and ice cream social comprise opening night of CelebraƟon Weekend
Blessed are you: Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth ask for blessings upon the members of the outgoing Provincial Leadership
Team. Gathered before the altar during the Jan. 4 prayer service are, from le , Srs. Maryann McKeogh, Ronald Wlodarczyk, Rose Marie O’Barski, Sally Marie Kiepura, Geraldine Wlodarczyk, Virginia Rozich, Edyta Krawczyk, Maria Kruszewski and Danielle Jacob. The
prayer service was followed by a recep on, presenta ons, dinner and an ice cream social. (Photo by Sr. Angela Sczcawinska)
Thank you! Srs. Maria Kruszewski and Rose Marie O’Barski, framed by the doorway, accept the sisters’ best wishes a er Friday’s prayer service.
(Photo by Judy Horak)
Family Forum
Vol. 7, No. 1
Special Installation Issue
January 2013
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‘Thank you for walking along with us”
Applause was warm and eyes were misty during our hearts.” Now, she said, “the me is right
the blessings on and presenta ons to the outfor Chapter Two” of the new Holy Family Provgoing leadership team Friday evening, Jan. 4.
“We have been blessed to serve you, sisters,
these past six years,” Sr. Sally Marie Kiepura,
outgoing provincial, told the 90-plus sisters who
gathered for the ‘thank you’ dinner.
“Thank you for the hundreds and hundreds of
words of encouragement that we all store in
Her closing words were the poem “I Wish You”
by Chinese philosopher Mi Sun. “So I wish you
most of all courage and strength through the
stormy days. Wisdom to remember the joyous
days of yesterday, and to know that there will
be many more to come.”
Bouquets of gratitude
Sr. Nahida Al Sawa of Philadelphia,
right, presents outgoing Provincial
Superior Sr. Sally Marie Kiepura with
a bouquet of roses at the start of
the Friday evening banquet honoring the outgoing Provincial Council.
Each councilor received such a bouquet. See story on p. 7. (Photos by
Judy Horak)
The first week of 2013
was a busy one at the
Provincialate lobby
Guests and new residents were
regular fixtures in the Provincialate lobby the first week of
January. Far leŌ, Sr. Mary Luke
Liss welcomes Mother Jana
Zawieja from Rome on Jan. 3,
with Sr. Rose Marie O’Barski, outgoing secretary, managing the
luggage. At leŌ, Sr. Catherine
Fedewa, new assistant provincial,
makes a ‘grand entrance’ a er
her arrival from Pi sburgh.
(Photos by Judy Horak)
Family Forum
Vol. 7, No. 1
The CelebraƟon CommiƩee (dining room) included Srs. Michael Marie, Rebecca, Faus na,
Gabriela, John Paul and Maria Sophia, and Srs.
Clare Marie Kozicki, Kevin Hanek, Lucille Madura, Maria Magdalena Rybak, Marta Gadzinowska, Mary Luke Liss, Natanaela Swieconek, Sandra Marie Sosnowski and Virginia Zielinski, all
from Des Plaines.
Saturday’s Liturgy was organized by Sr. Virgine e with Srs. Danielle Jacob, Maryann
McKeogh and Michael Marie. Weekend prayer
services were created by Srs. Mary McDevi ,
Philadelphia; Bernice Stobierski, Monroe, CT;
Mary Jane Hahner, South Bend, IN, and Sr. Danielle. Many sisters par cipated in presentaons, toasts and prayers for the incoming and
outgoing council members, including Srs. Ellen
and Camille, with Srs. Evangeline Sullivan, Philadelphia; Dorothy Mary Pawlus, Pi sburgh; Malgorzata Majszczyk, Grand Prairie, TX; Theresita
Donach, Blackstone, MA; Lore a Theresa Felici,
Philadelphia, and Thea Krause, Altoona, PA.
Srs. Francesca Witkowski and Natanaela
Swieconek designed the floral arrangements, as
well as bouquets for both leadership teams.
Sisters who presented the bouquets included
Srs. Nahida Al Sawa, Philadelphia; Stella Louise
Slomka, Des Plaines; Madeleine Rybicki, Cleveland; Mary Lou Kwiatkowski, Pi sburgh; Irena
Asztemborska, Konstancja Sledziewska, and
Virginia Melan, all of Tyler, TX; Florence Pawlicki, Pi sburgh, and Marcella Falat, Des Plaines.
Srs. Faus na and John Paul decorated the bullen board honoring both leadership teams; they
also designed the Provincial candle presented
Saturday evening.
January 2013
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It takes a committee
to host a celebration
The Installa on and ‘Thank you” celebra ons
Jan. 4-5 at the Provincialate were organized by
a commi ee of sisters from across the Province,
with plenty of input from the incoming and outgoing Provincial Councils. Core CommiƩee
members included Srs. Michael Marie Franzak,
chair, Des Plaines, IL; Camille Kwiatek, Philadelphia; Ellen Zak, Riverhead, NY, and Virgine e
Rypniewski, Faus na Ferko, John Paul Bissone e, Rebecca Sullivan, Constance Kuczwara,
Maria Sophia Gerlach and Gabriela Duszynska,
all from Des Plaines.
Special Installation Issue
Behind the scenes
… Even the guests
help out!
The Celebra on Commi ee had help from
sisters across the province — and guests, too!
Above le , Sr. Janet
Baker, RSM, guest and
facilitator for the 2012
chapter, helps Srs.
Michaela Tomkowiak of
Tyler, TX, and Teresa
Mary Lukaszewski, Philadelphia, on the napkinfolding brigade Saturday
a ernoon before the
Installa on dinner.
At right, Sr. Camille
Kwiatek, Philadelphia,
helps Sr. Maria Sophia
Gerlach, Des Plaines, set
tables for the fes ve
dinner. And below right,
Sr. Angela Szczawinska,
Des Plaines, takes a moment away from her
computer screen. She
and Sr. Danielle Jacob
coordinated the SKYPE
technology that brought
prayer services, liturgy
and presenta ons to
sisters around the province.
(Photos by Judy Horak and
Sr. Gabriela Duszynska)