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Get info about What Is The Song Roulette By System Of A Down About
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3/30/2009 1:25:47 PM
Cutting-Edge Products in Bellevue’s Zero Energy Idea House
When builder Donna Shirey looks back on her 1950s Cleveland
childhood, she realizes her family’s house featured lots of
“green” products: the “energy-saving” clothesline strung
across the basement, or the “water-conserving” clothes washer
that required hauling water from tub to tub.
Now, as Donna and her husband Riley put the finishing touches on the Zero Energy Idea House, their
new residence they’re building on Bellevue’s West Lake Sammamish Parkway, green laundry options and
more have come a long way. Working with interior designer Autumn Donavan of Sammamish, the Shireys
have focused on smart choices that “minimize energy while maximizing style,” throughout the home. Here’s
a preview of some of the innovative products you’ll see at the home’s free public tours in June.
insulated garage door >>
This commercial-grade garage door isn’t just stylish: It’s insulated and
contains 25 percent recycled aluminum. In fact, Northwest Door was
named Washington state’s 2008 Recycler of the Year. Details:
<< reclaimed teak mosaic tile
These rich wood mosaic tiles are made in Chicago by Fortis Arbor. Using mostly
leftover scraps from furniture manufacturing, assembled with low-VOC adhesives,
the company works with teak, rosewood, and bamboo to offer a variety of design
options. Details:
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3/31/2009 10:37:43 AM
miele convection steam oven >>
Prepare multiple courses simultaneously. Slow-cook while you’re away.
Reheat leftovers without drying. Even disinfect baby bottles. This Miele
oven does all that and more, using minimal energy and requiring no special
plumbing. Like all Miele appliances, this and the Shireys’ other appliance
choices meet or exceed Energy Star requirements. Details:
<< structural insulated panels (SIPs)
You can’t see them in the finished house, but the structural
Insulspan panels that make up the walls, roof, and floor are the
biggest energy-saver in this home. Made of expanded polystyrene
(EPS) foam sandwiched between sheets of OSB (engineered
wood paneling made from small pieces of sustainable, fastgrowing trees), the SIPs fit together tightly to make a snug,
perfectly insulated structure that can cost half as much to heat as
a traditional house. Details:
dimmable LED can lights >>
Seattle Lighting designed the home’s lighting plan using a variety of
energy-efficient fixtures — fluorescents, LEDs (light-emitting diodes),
and low-voltage halogens — to support the Shireys’ ambitious energy
goals without sacrificing style. Details:
<< fiberglass windows
It’s not just the glass that makes these Milgard windows energyefficient: Fiberglass frames don’t absorb moisture or contract
and expand in hot or cold weather, so you get a tight seal that
lasts and lasts. Of course, the glazing is important, too — these
have double pane insulated glass units with Suncoat Low-E
standard. Details:
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composite veneer kitchen cabinets
Made locally by Pacific Crest and supplied by Savvy
Cabinetry, the cabinetry throughout the Zero Energy
Idea House meets rigid standards for emissions,
sustainable materials, and waste reduction. The kitchen
cabinets are a wonderful example of how those
standards mesh with design goals: The Linea door style
from Pacific Crest’s Bellmont line uses a composite of
wood veneers to replicate exotic wood species.
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3/31/2009 10:38:15 AM
recycled glass
countertop and sink
Since every piece from Glassworks
is custom fabricated, you’ll have to
visit the home to see the unique
vanity top Steve Shahbaghlian has
created for the Shireys’ powder
room. It was made in Seattle by
recycling defective shower doors
from a local manufacturer. Its
translucent beauty lights up the
room. Details:
The largest selection of in-stock & custom-order leisure furniture.
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interior doors
The Ecohaus doors’ cores are made
from Microstrand, which is stronger
than traditional particleboard and
made without toxic formaldehyde or
volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
The veneer the Shireys have chosen
is clear alder, a renewable wood
source that regrows in just a few
years. Details:
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Summer House 4.68x7.125 for 425 Mag, APRIL ʻ09? • Agency = NationaAd Communications 425/401-9900 • PDF by Mark 425/999-2343
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3/31/2009 10:38:47 AM
<< concrete kitchen
countertop and sink
Made from one of the most durable
building products in existence, the
countertop was fabricated using fly
ash, a recycled waste material, and
finished with nontoxic colors and
sealers. Details:
irrigation manager >>
Watching over the green roof will be
Rain Bird’s ET Manager, an amazing
gadget that wirelessly connects
to the nearest weather station for
hourly updates. Evaluating weather
conditions, evaporation and rainfall,
the ET Manager keeps soil at
optimum moisture balance without
over-watering. Details:
<< saile dual — flush toilet
The graceful, minimalist lines of this
Kohler toilet are a perfect match for
the contemporary look of the Shireys’
powder room. Its dual-flush technology
can save the average household more
than 16,000 gallons of water each year.
warmboard radiant
subfloor >>
Homes with radiant heating are
more comfortable, have cleaner
air, and use less energy than
homes with forced-air furnaces.
The Shireys chose Warmboard
because it operates at a lower
water temperature and with a much
quicker response time than other
products. Details:
Pam Worner is the “Top Dog” at Green Dog Enterprises, Inc., a green building consulting
firm providing technical and marketing services for the homebuilding industry. She is a
consultant for this project and also a freelance writer.
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3/31/2009 3:02:00 PM

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