Halloween Customs Trick-or-Treating Midget Mansion The Kids


Halloween Customs Trick-or-Treating Midget Mansion The Kids
Midget Mansion
by: Ghost Tracker
Midget Mansion is a place Midgets went, and
did witch craft. They killed animals like dogs, cats, and
goats. The mansion was started in the 1920’s. It’s close
to the Ghost Tracks only a half of a mile down toward
east from there. The house is in the middle of a forest
so it’s hard to see. The doors and everything are midgetsize like for 4 year olds. The crazy midgets wrote all
over the walls, so people say it is pretty weird. A
midget had a family and moved into the house before
all the witch craft and where happy. Then one day the
father midget killed his family, because he went crazy.
People say that after they died their ghosts haunt the
mansion. Citizens of San Antonio say that the building
should be torn down.
Halloween Customs
By: Cassie S.
Halloween is almost here, and so are a
lot of costumes! Do you ever wonder where
costumes originated? Well if you do, I’ve got
the answer. Halloween costumes developed
from a variety of groups of Celts. In Ireland,
people begged for food in a parade honoring a
god they believed in, called Muck Olla. The
leader of the parade would wear a white robe,
and a mask made from the head of an animal.
The costume custom came to the United
States, when settlers from Celtic regions came
to America and shared their Halloween
customs. Halloween costumes, and other
customs, didn’t become popular, until the
1800’s, because of religious beliefs. That is
how the Costume custom got started in the
United States of America.
By: Cassie S.
If you’re wondering how Trick-orTreating got started, I’ve got the answer. On
Halloween, kids used to go from door to door,
playing tricks on whoever answered the door.
The people, who got tricked, gave the kids
treats such as, candy, fruit, and money, to
avoid getting tricked. So, instead of tricking
people, kids today go from door to door,
saying “Trick-or Treat!” and get treats from
the person who answers the door.
Picture from: www.flickr.com
The Kids From The Dead
By: Synthia C.
One day there were 4 teenagers Laura, Jarvis, Emily
and Robert. They were going to a party for Halloween
and everybody was dressed up in scary costumes, even
them. They went as couples, Laura was catwoman,
Jarvis was Batman, Emily was superwoman and Robert
was superman. Everybody else looked pretty creepy.
They all went to a room and played a very scary game
called Trivia Charmed, it’s the game where you ask a
question and the piece moves on its own. They asked a
question like will anybody leave soon, it moved to yes.
And after words Emily got token away, somewhere.
They looked everywhere to find her but nothing came
up. So they assumed that she was dead. They thought
about who was going to die next, and said why don’t we
die together in a class room since our best friend died.
The next day