Halloween Entertainment Review Book Review


Halloween Entertainment Review Book Review
October 2015
HAPPY OCTOBER PANTHERS! We hope you enjoy our spooky Halloween edition of
Pawprints! Have a fun and safe Halloween! See you at the Panther Halloween Parade!
In this issue you’ll find:
Halloween Entertainment Review
Book Review
Halloween costumes that come ALIVE
Anya's Trick or Treating Tricks
Halloween Sweets
Ask Taylor
Monster High Story
Comic By Ewan
Halloween Entertainment Reviews
By Alek
Here are some places to get good scares, and having fun at the same time!
ArcLight Studios
What better way to scare your self than a movie at ArcLight Studios? ArcLight is
a movie theater with everybody’s favorite and latest hits, all for a fair price.
They have a bar, a shop, and don’t forget their snack bar. Clean and quiet
movie theaters are vital for scary/horror movies, which this place has. So grab
some popcorn, take a seat,and prepare to scream!
Star Rating: 4 out of 5
Tempest Freerunning Academy
If you are a dare taker and a thrill seeker, Tempest Is the place for you!
Tempest Freerunning Academy is a parkour area designed for ages 9-and
up, and with its stunning inside, their is no need to stop running and
jumping in this place. They have a couple of areas open and cool to climb
and play on. The first area you’ll see is designed for speed runs and
beginners, it is a simple based Mario and Minecraft blocks obstacle course,
looks easy, but harder than you think. There are a bunch of others, castle
wall scaling, a soft artificial turf, and more. Whatever you choose, it’s sure
to chill your bones! Star rating: 3 and a half out of 5
Hollywood Sports
With out of this world Paintball and Airsoft warfare, you’ll definitely be
scared and sweating at this place! Hollywood Sports is 28 acres of
Paintball/Airsoft battlefields which are kid friendly, with pro shops, a
banquet center, and now a real life paintball version of The Walking Dead
(only if you like dressed up people running towards you trying to touch
you.) A good place to work out, have fun, play games with your friends,
sweat, and of course, scare yourself out of this world!
Star rating: 5 out of 5 Perfect!
Book Review of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone By: Miles M. 4th Grade Genre: Fantasy Introduction: This is a wonderful book that includes magic, adventure and more. It is about a boy who discovers that he is a wizard when he is 11 years old. It tells about his first year at wizarding school. About the book: One night, an evil wizard attacks the home of Lily and James Potter. He killed them. Then goes for their son, Harry. But something rebounds the curse and defeats the dark wizard! To keep hidden, the boy is sent to his muggle (non magic) aunt and uncle in London. Years later, Harry receives a letter inviting him to attend a school of magic called Hogwarts. Can he survive the dangers ahead of him knowing that the wizard who killed his parents might return? Favorite part: My favorite part of the books is when Harry goes into the forest near Hogwarts and meets Firenze the Centaur. There is a lot of action and I love centaurs! Recommendation: I recommend this book to anyone who likes Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, Chronicles of Narnia, and Percy Jackson because they all have a similar concept of magic and adventure. J.K. Rowling is a very talented author because she is able to express the feelings of not only Harry but the other characters including the bad guys. This book is so interesting that once you start reading it you won't want to stop. Halloween Costumes that come Alive
By Stephanie C.
Boo! Halloween is just around the corner and there are some great
costumes for 2015. You can make them, buy them, or order online.
Wherever and whatever you decide make it yours and be creative. Here is
a list of great costumes for kids in kindergarten to 5th grade!
1. Princess
11. Marvel Superhero
2. Ninja
12. Musketeer
3. Sponge Bob
13. dog
4. candy Bar
14. Basketball player
5. cheerleader
15. teacher
6. volleyball player
16. ghost
7. soccer player
17. candy maker
8. favorite movie character
18. Taylor Swift
9. Girl Scout
19. spider
10. Vampire
20. penguin
Happy Halloween and don’t forget to say “thank you” to those
who give you “trick or treat!
At recess, we went around asking fourth graders what their favorite candy was. Here
are the results. One person voted for Reese's peanut butter cups, seven people M&Ms,
seven people skittles, FIFTEEN people voted for sour patch kids, ten people Hershey
bars, three people twix, four people gummi candy, and four people voted for whoppers.
So, parents, if you are reading this, make sure you hand out lots of sour patch kids and
Hershey bars.
By: Katie S. and Lily S.
Anya’s Trick or Treating Tricks
Hello, I’m Anya and here are some jokes that can get you extra
candy when you go trick or treating:
- What is up a ghost’s nose?
( boogers)
- Why didn’t the skeleton go to the ball?
(he had no body to go with)
- Why are ghosts so bad at lying?
(you can see right through them)
- Guess what a ghost uses to wash their hair?
If you use my Halloween jokes, you are certain to get more
Halloween Sugar Cookies
By Sydney B
One of my family's Halloween traditions is making cookies. My Grandma makes
the cookies and we decorate them. For Halloween she makes bats, witches hats,
pumpkins, witches brooms, tombstones, and ghosts.
Shortening 2⁄3 cup
Sugar 3⁄4 cup
Grated orange peel 1⁄2 tsp.
Vanilla 1⁄2 tsp.
Eggs 1
Milk 4 tsp.
Sifted all-purpose flour 2 cups
Baking powder 1 1⁄2 tsp.
Salt 1⁄4 tsp.
Pre-heat oven to 375°
Thoroughly cream shortening, sugar, orange peel, and vanilla.
Add egg(s); beat till light and fluffy.
Stir in milk.
Sift together dry ingredients; blend in creamed mixture.
Divide into 2 balls Flatten balls slightly and wrap in plastic wrap. Chill 1 hour.
On lightly floured surface, roll to 1⁄8 inch thick.
Cut in desired shapes with cutters.
Bake on greased cookie sheet at 375° about 6 to 8 minutes.
Cool slightly; remove from pan. Cool on rack.
Buttercream Frosting
Beat with an electric mixer,
until smooth & creamy
Powdered sugar 1 lb.
Scrape bowl often.
Soft butter 1⁄3 cup (2/3 stick
Beat with an electric mixer, until smooth and creamy
Scrape bowl often.
Add a few drops of milk if frosting is to stiff to
Add food coloring to make all the colors you need
to decorate.
Ask Taylor
Dear Brave Kid,
Sorry I got your name wrong, but
you shouldn’t even call your self
that. I may not even know you, but
you were very brave and asked for
help. Not many people would do
that. Anyway. I think you should go
with your mom and dad. Maybe
your parents can coordinate with
your friends parents. Have fun with
your friends but know that a true
friend loves you even when your
scared. Stay strong! From, Taylor
Dear Neardy Crusher,
Wake up and smell and the nachos!!
I think he likes you! Yay you! It
doesn’t matter what his friends think.
You are amazing. Go for what you
believe in. If it doesn’t work out you
tried your best. I now this answer
was short but you don’t need my
advice. Your already great &
remember being a nerd is cool!
From, Taylor
Dear Taylor,
I have a huge crush on this guy in
another class. I am smart and kind of
nerdy. He seems really popular. But when
his friends are there things are awkward.
They make fun of me. Even though he
stands up for me, I’m scared that one
day he’ll make fun of me too. Do you
think I have a chance, or it’s not meant to
Neardy Crusher
By Ava Ford
Grade 4
“OK students” Mrs. Witchbrew said, stirring her fresh new poison potion into her black
cauldron. “Welcome to Potions and Poisons!” she cackled. Her voice was shrill and high.
“Teacher?” Mummyboy asked, raising his wrapped arm. “WHAT?!” Mrs. Witchbrew snapped,
breaking her chalk while glaring rudely at Mummyboy. “Uh,” Mummyboy peeped. “C-C-Can I
g-g-go to the b-b-bathroom?” He ducked down in fright. Mrs. Witchbrew rolled her beady eyes
and pointed to the bathroom pass hooks. “GO!” she said blankly and picked up her broken piece
of chalk. As she wrote a problem on the board she yelled, “Take out your whiteboards and
answer my question on the chalkboard!” The students were stunned by their teachers temper but
got straight to work.
Meanwhile, Voodoogirl and Werewolfboy were sneaking around the school grounds.
“Are you sure we should be doing this Werewolfboy?” Voodoogirl asked timidly. Even for a
master seamstress and holding the record for answering the most “Creepy Doll” questions in a
single minute, Voodoogirl got scared very easily. “Calm down, scaredy doll” Werewolfboy
teased. As they continued to walk, Werewolfboy howled with laughter, saying “Mrs. Witchbrew
is going to be so surprised!” Voodoogirl sighed. She couldn’t believe she had become friends
with a troublemaking monster.
They were very close to Mrs. Witchbrew’s classroom. Werewolfboy sneered with glee as
Voodoogirl bit her lip. She had always liked Mrs. Witchbrew and she never wanted to prank her,
but if she didn’t she knew that Werewolfboy would be super mad. Voodoogirl felt tears in her
eyes, she knew what she was doing wasn’t right. “Ok Voodoogirl, place the enchanted tacks on
Mrs. Witchbrew’s chair, it will be so funny” Werewolfboy whispered. Voodoogirl knew what
she was supposed to do.
“NO!” she declared. Werewolfboy frowned and then his frown turned into a snarl. He
was furious. “Excuse me Voodoogirl!!?” he growled. Werewolfboy went up close to her, very
close. Voodoogirl could smell his breath. Rotten Eggs. Gross.
“I don’t like pranking, it’s not respectful!” Voodoogirl yelled, pushing Werewolfboy away from
her. She
turned and ran away. She had done the right thing.
Comic by Ewan M.