Halloween Time Social Story - LEEP families



Halloween Time Social Story - LEEP families
 Halloween is fun! Lots of people dress up in costumes and put up special decorations. I might see pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons or bats in my neighborhood and at school. Some of these decorations might seem a little scary at first. It is OK, because they are all pretend and they cannot hurt me. It can be fun to dress up! I can wear a cool costume of my choice like a super hero, an animal, or something else that I like. But, I don’t have to dress up if I don’t want to. If I want to dress up, I can go trick-­‐or-­‐treating with my friends or family! If I go trick or treating, I will knock on the doors of the houses in my neighborhood with my parents. When the person opens the door, I say, “Trick or treat!” and hold out my bag or my Halloween bucket. I stay outside with my parents and do not walk in their house. The person will put candy or a special Halloween treat in my bag. I can say, “Thank you!” and walk to the next house. I will wait to eat my candy until I get home. If I see anything scary or surprising, I can hold my mom or dad’s hand and they can help me feel safe. When I feel tired, I can decide to go home. When I get home, I can eat some candy or have a different special treat from my parents. Some kids will be going to a Halloween party at LEEP Forward. If I go to this party, I can dress up and see lots of friends and other kids my age. There will be a lot of special activities. I can choose to trick-­‐or-­‐
treat, dance, or do an art project. There will also be a table where I can feel slimy and squishy things. But I don’t have to do these if I don’t want to. There will be a lot of Halloween decorations and some special Halloween treats and food. There will also be a quiet space if the noises are too loud and I want to take a break. 

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