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newsletter 82 190614-AMD-Laptop
Issue 101
30th October 2015
Message from
Around the rooms
dress up for Halloween as and looking
We have had lots of fun in Acorns celebrating at the different pumpkins we have
Jackie & Nicola
Halloween this week. We have been joined by around the room identifying their difWhat a spooktacular week we have had
a few pumpkins, a bat, a skeleton and a zom- ferent textures, weights, size and colat Park Day! Lots of messy and sensory
ours. All of the squirrels wish you a
bie and been very busy doing lots of messy
activities have been taking place in all
scary Halloween!
activities to help us celebrate; we enjoyed
of our rooms as you will read about in
This week in Badgers we have been takdoing lots of hand painting for our displays
this newsletter and you will find more
ing part in making glittery cobwebs with
and made cards with Keisha. We then made
photographs on our facebook page:
spiders, hand print ghosts and pumpHalloween
kins on our backdoor and ghost cards!
We enjoyed taking turns in carving the
Everybody should now have received/ with
pumpkin and making spooky treats like
confirmed their time and date for parrice cake pumpkins and witches hat
and used
ents evening/afternoon which will be
taking place week commencing 9th
November - please let us know if you
are unsure of your appointment time.
making a
Our photographer will be visiting the
and food colnursery on Tuesday 17th November.
ouring to make using
Parents will be able to bring children
lots of Hallowwho do not normally attend on this day
and bicareen shapes.
if they wish - an email will be sent
bonate of
Rachel and
shortly regarding arrangements.
We will be opening our doors on Satur- Sophie made banana pops with the older childay 12th December for our Christmas
dren which involved dipping banana into
morning when the pre-school will be
white chocolate and adding raisin eyes to cresoda
performing their nativity and our
ate ghosts as a yummy treat with our morning
younger children will enjoy a puppet
snack. It was great fun doing music and moveseeing
show put on by the staff and sing
ment in our costumes. Please let us know
Christmas songs. If we have all been
what fun activities you did on the weekend so
very good Father Christmas will be join- that we can talk about them during our
happened! The bicarbonate of soda and
ing us too!
morning group time. Happy Halloween!
acetic acid produce carbon dioxide all of
Finally, all of the children have worked This week in Squirrels we been participating
which are non toxic making it a great
very hard creating their own personal- in lots of creative activities linked to Hallowexperiment for young scientists - add
ised Christmas cards which will be avail- een. We have made hand print bats, a big
food colouring for a really authentic
able to buy with ALL proceeds going to friendly ghost, carved pumpkins and so much potion! We’ve listened to ‘scary’ stories
the charity SSAFA that supports Solid- more. We have been doing a lot of cooking
in the dark using our wind up torches
ers, Sailors, Airmen and Families. Nifor effect. We would love to see picalso in preparation for our Halloween party
cola will be sending out further details. that took place on Friday, but we also made a tures on Tapestry of your Halloween
fun at home.
few extra nibbles for those who wouldn't be
WOW Moment of
On Tuesday Natalie took a group of chilin. We made a jelly brain, jelly worms along
the Week
dren to the local shops to buy vegetawith banana ghosts and some lovely tasty
Beatrix has been developing her role witches hats.
bles of their choice and on their return
We have
play skills at home through rethe children made
and ate
been readenacting leaving her baby at
soup. Well done
ing Hallownursery!
for identifying
een books,
Well done Beatrix
radishes and
butternut squash!
what we will
Jackie & Nicola
Email: [email protected]
Issue 101
30th October 2015
Our week in pictures
Charlotte on becoming
a big sister
Ezra to Acorns
Happy Birthday
Edward 3 years old
on Saturday
Happy Halloween Part I
Meya 3 years old
The Park Day pumpkin patch
On Monday
Isabelle H 6 years old
on Thursday
(after school club)
Gloria, why don’t we save the flesh for
the Badgers soup?
Happy Halloween Part II
Hubble, bubble, toil
and trouble...
Aarav — enjoy your
Annabelle — we will see
Happy Halloween Part III
you next Summer!
Do you take
toy money in
this shop?
Happy Halloween Part IV
Email: [email protected]
Why walk when you can scoot?!
I’m forever blowing bubbles...