Autumn in the northern hemi-sphere is spring in Australia. I`d like to


Autumn in the northern hemi-sphere is spring in Australia. I`d like to
Autumn in the northern hemi-sphere is spring in Australia. I’d like to tell you all a
little about what one of the more famous spring horse races in the world; The
Melbourne Cup. It’s a race that stops the nation! Even if we are in school, we all
stop studying to watch the race on TV.The Melbourne cup is held on the first
Tuesday in November and is a 24 horse race over 3200 metres. The prize
money is a whopping $A3.6 million dollars for first place.For women it is a
chance to wear flamboyant hats! For some people it’s more about fashion than
horses!Even some people who never bet, often bet on the Melbourne Cup. It’s
that popular.
October and November in New Zealand is spring (not autumn). We do not
celebrate Halloween, but we do have a few events. One holiday is Labor Day, it
is held on the fourth Monday in October. It celebrates the eight-hour working day
and it is a holiday for everyone. A popular event at this time is Christchurch Show
Week. There are many events, including a horse racing, fashion shows and
concerts. There is also best dressed prize at the racing. It is fun to look at
everyone dressed up. Show Week is one of Christchurch’s biggest events of the
Halloween is an awesome holiday in America! It is always on October 31st.
Every year, children and adults dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating.
This means they ring the doorbell of their neighbor’s houses at night and receive
candy in return.My favorite Halloween tradition is bobbing for apples. It is so
much fun! To play, a big tub is filled with water and apples are placed in it. The
goal is to remove an apple from the tub without using your hands! You will get
really wet, but it is a lot of fun! Try it with your friends! Haunted hayrides are
another great tradition. It is like a haunted house, but instead of walking through
a house, you ride on a tractor! During the ride, ghosts and other monsters try to
scare you. When I was young, a monster came out of a toilet and scared me so
much that I cried. I still remember it now. Happy Halloween!
Halloween in Colorado is very fun. Of course we go trick or treating and have
parties at schools, but there are many other things that we do. There is a famous
hotel called the Stanley hotel where the cult classic horror movie “The Shining”
was filmed. During Halloween many people travel to take pictures in front of the
hotel, or rent a room for the night. People in Colorado also go to historic sites
where actors dress up like historic figures and go trick or treating with the actors.
There are also many decorating contests and haunted house decorating
contests for Halloween in Colorado.
Devin Weider
Austin M.N. Lantz