kyrene corridor


kyrene corridor
Six-year-old Victoria Spiel and other first graders at Temple
Emanuel joined their parents in an Oct. 14 celebration of
the Jewish holiday Simchat Torah, during which Torah scrolls
(in background) are joyously carried through the synagogue.
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— Wrangler News photo by David Stone
Wrangler News
Making a big community a little bit smaller
Oct. 21-Nov. 3, 2006 • Vol. 16, No. 21 • Serving South Tempe and West Chandler •
Story by Jeff Burns
Photos by David Stone
ear the end of every October,
families begin to carve their
Jack-O-Lantern—it’s plenty
decoration for the little visitors
who will arrive on Halloween eve.
To Chandler residents Kevin and
LeNetta Leger, however, there’s
more fun to be had during this fleeting
season of ghosts, goblins, witches and
warlocks. So, for the
Last year’s haunted
house raised nearly
$1,200. With the help
of Intel, $2,400 was
donated to charity.
that has become the talk of the
Last year, LeNetta says, more than
1,000 guests paid a
visit. In order
to provide a
way for
children and
to enjoy
Halloween in a
safe and fun
the Legers
create a maze of
scenes that are
designed to
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eighth year, the
Legers’ back yard will
be converted into a haunted house
Sean’s song . . . A tribute
Boo who?
Scary as he might have looked, a craftfully cloned Freddie Kruger lookalike (only his
manicurist knows for sure) didn’t frighten visitor Megan Vick, above. But beware:
Dummies and real people can be interchanged without notice at this backyard Chandler
spookfest. Another equally scary scene, inset right, incorporates suspended body parts
and other gruesome Halloween accoutrements. As one visitor observed: Yuck!
By Doug Snover
When the Marcos de Niza High
School marching band breaks into
strains of the Irish folk ballad Danny
Boy on local football fields, it is for
their fallen comrade, Sean Andujar.
In fact, the Marcos band’s entire
9-minute program this year was
written and arranged in memory of
Andujar, a talented and popular
percussionist who died in May when
his vehicle was hit by a suspected
drunken driver.
The Marcos band recently
performed its tribute during a band
“invitational” hosted by neighboring
Corona del Sol High School.
Several local high school bands
were invited to Corona for the tune-up
before the earliest Band Day
Performing were bands from
Desert Vista High School, Higley High
School, Marcos de Niza, Mountain
View High School, Saguaro High
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