October, 2009



October, 2009
October, 2009
Arbor Heights Elementary School
Volume 19, Issue 2
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October 30:
Book Character Day!
Spooky Haunted
House Maze
• Incredible jokes
and riddles!
• Ultimate Halloween Word
November 11:
No School:
Veterans’ Day
Nov. 23-27:
No School:
Parent Conferences &
Thanksgiving Break
Shiari and Siobhan
Room 12, Grade 3
We started to do clay in
our classroom, and we think
it’s awesome! We’re really
puzzled about what our costumes are going to be.
We just got a new kid in
our class, and everyone was
so surprised!
What kind of bug lives in a
Justin and Arturo
Room 1, Grades 4&5
In the classroom we
are doing math, science,
and seat work. And we
do Flat Stanley, and we
do reading. Last week we
went to the Zoo to see
the animals.
The cat ate her!
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A Zom—bee!
What happened to the girl
who wore a mouse costume to her Halloween
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News from the classroom......
Gavin and Ella
Room 13, Grade 2
Ayden and Jacqueline
Room 23, Grades 3&4
We went to the Zoo! Gavin’s
going to be a Power Ranger. We
have a new student. Her name is
Grace. She sits at group 1, and
Sara does, too.
We are learning about Japan in Reading.
We finished our first lesson in Science about
food chemistry. In Writing, we are writing personal narratives about a person, and then a
place, and then a thing. In Math we are working on “What’s My Rule?”. It is fun. On the
23rd we went to the Zoo.
Because he had two
left feet!
Laurel and Noelle
Room 22, Grade 5
What did the French
fries dress up as for Halloween?
On October 22nd, our
class went on a field trip
to The Cedar River Watershed. We went there
to learn about erosion
and deposition.
Also, Book Character
Day is coming up. Noelle
will be Coraline, and
Laurel’s costume is a secret.
What is a ghost’s favorite snack?
Masked potatoes!
Why didn’t Frankenstein dance?
Jr. Seahawk News - Page 3
More classroom news......
Seina and Mila
Room 15, Grade 1
Carmyn and Elias
Room 18, Grade 2
At the Zoo last Friday we saw otters and bears and bats and Bug
World. And we went on a bus, and we
saw white owls.
Ballet with Ms. Kayti is cool. We like it
because she is nice.
He was saving
himself for a pie!
Miss Viola Swamp is going to be
our substitute teacher on Book Character Day!
Why didn’t the pumpkin
cross the road?
Jr. Seahawk News - Page 4
Even more classroom news......
At the Woodland Park Zoo...
TJ and Ptolemy
Room 19, Grade 1
Ruby and Zoe
Room 9, Grade 3
In Room 19 we are learning about
organisms, and organisms are living
In our class we just finished Units 1 and 2
in math! Zoe might be a pink leopard or
maybe a witch for Halloween, and Ruby is
going to be an evil fairy! Our class went to
the Woodland Park Zoo! Lately, we have
planted seeds in Science.
We planted seeds. We predict
that our seeds are pumpkin seeds.
We will find out soon!
What does a ghost do at a party?
He is the ghostess!
A hobblin’ goblin!
What do you call
a ghost with a
broken leg?