The Hearth at Franklin, in Franklin, TN


The Hearth at Franklin, in Franklin, TN
October 2015
October 2015
October Birthdays
The Porch Experience!
In astrology, those born between October 1st
and 22nd balance the scales of Libra. Libras
seek harmony and value fairness and justice.
Although they’d rather avoid conflict, they are
excellent team players—tactful and polite at
soothing those embroiled in an argument. If
you’re born between October 23rd and 31st,
you are Scorpio. Scorpions are powerful
investigators who stay abreast of all the
comings and goings of their peers, take
control, and lead the way to success. Our
resident birthdays this month are always
special to us. Happy Birthday to the following
in October
Peter Zafferes 3rd
Joy Miller 4th
Mildred Wiley 5th
Juanita Grayson 15th
Sandy Charles 16th
Lemorah Rohmann 17th
James Harris 24th
Sarah Dunn 25th
Give Em’ the Pickle! Our version of the
employee of the month! If you notice a Hearth
at Franklin employee going the extra mile
during their work day, let us know!
If you would like to nominate a Hearth
employee bring your nominations to the
monthly Residents Council meeting, which
meets every 2nd Tuesday, and the
management team will pick a winner.
Cheryl Thomas!
Amanda Thompson!
The Hearth at Franklin
1035 Fulton Greer Lane
Franklin, TN
Celebrating October
Ergonomics Month
Organize Your Medical
Information Month
Cookbook Month
Please Submit Your Recipes
Columbus Day
October 12
Fall Celebration Week
October 18–24
Chili Cook-off Day
October 19
Pie Day
October 21
October 23
October 31(Please dress
Phone: 615-591-3003
Face Your Fears on October 13
Things start to get spooky in October. After all,
October 31 is Halloween, a time when ghosts and
goblins (or at least children dressed like them) roam.
Luckily, we’ll have some time before Halloween to
conquer our fears of things that go bump in the night,
for October 13 is Face Your Fears Day.
There are phobias of many kinds: arachnophobia is
the fear of spiders, acrophobia is the fear of heights,
trypanophobia is the fear of needles. Those with
triskaidekaphobia, fear of the number 13, may have
their work cut out for them on Face Your Fears Day.
Most often, these phobias are irrational. After all,
spiders, ladders, needles, and the number 13
generally aren’t out to get you. Yet people are overly
afraid of them anyway. So how do we face our fears?
Psychologist Noam Shpancer—a specialist in the
treatment of anxiety disorders—believes that the only
way to triumph over fear is to repeatedly be exposed
to it. “Exposure is particularly useful on the emotional
level,” Shpancer wrote for “It
turns out that many (perhaps all) anxiety problems are
at their core a ‘fear of fear.’” His findings support that
exposure can inhibit natural fear responses—anxiety,
dizziness, heart palpitations, and hyperventilation—
until the fear itself seems to slip away.
For those scared of Halloween, perhaps you’ll take
comfort in knowing that this holiday began as a
religious tradition. The Feast of All Saints, known as
All Hallows Day, is November 1. The feast’s vigil on
October 31, “All Hallows Evening” or “Hallows E’en,” is
a day of prayer to remember all the saints. Perhaps
the real fear related to Halloween (samhainophobia) is
really a fear of the ever-growing cost of sugary treats?
Since the fear of candy corn is candyphobia and the
fear of going broke is peniaphobia, could this October
31 affliction be dubbed peniacandyphobia?
October 2015
October 2015
You and Your Health Care Team
By Janet Haynes, RN, Director of Clinical
As we age it becomes harder to navigate
through our health care needs and the electronic
medical systems. It can be even harder for
someone with short-term memory issues such
as Dementia or Alzheimer’s. However, we all
need to remember that there is a team involved
in your health care needs, and in the very center
is you as the resident/patient. This team includes
the physician(s), family or friends, and your
Assisted Living Wellness Directors/Case
Managers working together to ensure the best
possible care.
In order to provide the best care for you, here
are some tips to help you navigate through your
health care needs;
Ask to sign a Release of Medical
Information at each of your Healthcare
Provider’s offices so your
family/friends/advocates can exchange
important information if the need arises.
Obtain a Medical Release Form from your
insurance company so they can release
important coverage information to your
family/friend/advocate if the need arises.
Allow your family/friend/advocate to
accompany you on your appointments.
Then you, your physician and
family/friends/advocate remain supportive
in talking over options or future health care
Have you discussed your end of life
wishes? Do you want resuscitation,
intubation, hydration, artificial feedings,
pain control, antibiotics, etc. The time to
talk about these topics are not under stress
or when changes in health occur. Many
people may want to avoid this topic when
in reality we all have thought about our own
Journal (or document) changes in your
health to include: mood, memory and
behaviors. Bring the journal to every
physician appointment.
Journal notes on any progress you have
experienced since your last healthcare
Obtain a current copy of your medication
regime of both prescribed and over the
counter medications. The pharmacy or your
assisted living community can help with this.
Appoint a Health Care Proxy or agent to
make decisions for you should you be
unable to. Different states have different
titles for this role.
Make sure all your legalities are covered
from banking privileges, Power of Attorney,
Estate Planning and Wills.
Make sure to add any natural supplements
or vitamins to you medication list.
Make a list of questions to ask your Health
Care Provider. The only stupid question is
the unasked question.
Remember, you are not alone in the process
of aging and the changes that will occur!
Following the above tips can help you
navigate this process with you not only being
at the center of the team, but also being in
control. The Hearth staff is here to make it as
easy as possible for you, and if there are ever
any questions please feel free to ask!
Things to Look forward to in
Morning Exercise
Join the community Monday-Friday at 10am
in the Activity Room for exercise!
Arts and Crafts to Decorate!
Join us all month as we host crafts. From
Door Decorations to Pumpkin Painting.
Chili Cook-Off!
Bring your best chili samples on October
19th to be judged by our very own residents!
Pie Cook-Off!
Bring Your Best Pie! October 21st
Oktoberfest: Beer and Brats
On October 23rd please join us as we
celebrate with Beer and Brats! From 11-2pm
we will be serving some seasonal delights.
Dress accordingly!
College Colors Day!
Voted Mascott -- Carl Thompson!
Words of Wisdom
Holy cow, October 13 is Silly Sayings Day.
While this saying’s origins are a little obscure,
many believe it was an expression used by
baseball players in the early 1900s to tamely
express disgust while avoiding the ire of
umpires. It most likely references the cows held
sacred by Hindus.
Perhaps silly sayings and baseball have a
special link, for one of the silliest sayers of all
was former New York Yankee Yogi Berra. He
said of his sport, “Baseball is 90% mental and
the other half is physical.” When giving directions
to his home, he once explained, “When you
come to a fork in the road, take it.” When he
saw Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris repeat
their feat of hitting back-to-back home runs, he
exclaimed, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” While
not his silliest, Berra’s most famous saying of
all remains “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”
When it comes to silly sayings, Mark Twain
may offer the best advice: “It is better to keep
your mouth closed and let people think you are
a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”
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