Information on the yacht


Information on the yacht
All Points Nor'west Marine Surveyors
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January 5, 2008
Condition and Valuation
Jody Coman, Marine Surveyor
FILE NUMBER 2008-0105-138
January 5, 2008
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Vessel Ownership and Description
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Vessel Layout
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Vessel Description
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Construction Details
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Navigation Equipment/Electronics
Page 10 Galley and upper Deck Equipment Description
Page 11 Description of interior and Furnishings
Page 12 Safety Equipment
Page 13 Tender Description
Page 14 Summary and Recommendations
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All Points Nor'west Marine Surveyors
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Survey of M/Y MISSBRODIE January 5, 2008
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Propulsion: Three Doen Water Jets are driven by Three General Motors Gasoline engines custom built for Willard Motor Yacht by
Pacific Power Boat, Portland, Oregon. Tested prior to launch and found operational. All engine controls and steering tested prior to
launch by Willard Yacht personnel and found operational.
Vessel Layout
Bow Section Beginning at the Bowsprit
Windlass/Chain Locker
Hot tub deck
Sun bathing deck
Flybridge /Top deck
Helm and top deck access from main deck, starboard amidship exterior stairway from main deck, exterior stairway port from forward
deck and starboard aft from main deck at stern.
1. Top deck forward of arch enclosed by overhead framework covered with tinted Lexan and removable hard
and soft side curtains. Steering, engine controls and electronics for operation of vessel at helm. Lounge with
custom built seating for passengers aft of helm. Enclosed area is heated and air conditioned. Recessed lighting
in framework.
Arch amid ship, second arch attached to main arch lowers aft (pneumatic) Open deck with teak overlay
extends aft of radar arch. Antenna and radar dome mounted on arch. Deck lights mounted on arch.
2. Open deck aft of radar arch and lounge area.
3. Exterior entertainment galley aft of open deck.
4. Tender mounted on raised tender deck aft of galley. Crane to launch tender mounted port aft of galley
Interior layout beginning at bow.
Chain locker: Watertight access hatch in forward deck.
Auxiliary machinery compartment aft of chain locker bulkhead ... Generators, heat pumps, hot water tank and pumps for forward
section of vessel. Access to forward machinery compartment through hatch in forward guest stateroom forward bulkhead.
Forward guest stateroom:
King size double berth port forward, Jacuzzi shower port aft, Private Head on starboard. Custom built vanity containing air
conditioning unit amidship aft bulkhead.
Main salon amidship:
Large screen T- V and entertainment center custom built in forward bulkhead. Built-in refrigerated wine storage locker port forward
bulkhead. Furnished with couch, two custom chairs, three upholstered bar chairs, coffee table.
Galley is amid ship aft of main salon.
Open bar divides main galley from main salon. Galley Equipment layout: Corian custom built counter and double sink port, select
beverage dispenser, instant hot water at sink . Corian counter tops and divider bar. With built- in trash compactor, ice machine, and
electric magnetic induction cook top on countertop atbwartship. Refrigerator, radar convection oven and self-cleaning oven, are
located aft bulkhead.
Master Stateroom aft
King size double berth is built-in port aft stateroom. Large Jacuzzi whirlpool shower unit, port forward master stateroom, custom built
vanity, is forward in stateroom. Built-in telescoping large screen T-V entertainment is center starboard forward stateroom. Ensuite
head is starboard aft. Built across aft stateroom is a wardrobe with sliding mirror doors.
Engine Compartment:
Engine compartment is aft of master stateroom aft bulkhead. Exterior entry to engine compartment is through two flush hatches aft
-Swim deck aft of engine compartment
Stepped swim deck extends aft of transom to beyond water jets.
All Points Nor'west Marine Surveyors
Coman, Marine Surveyor & Consultant
Telephone (360) 457-5092
P.O. Box 160
PortAngeles, WA 98362
Survey of M/Y MISSBRODIE January 5, 2008
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Note: All aluminum used to reinforce vessel marine grade aluminum plate and extrusion.
All fastenings in contact with aluminum are stainless steel.
The all marine grade aluminum hull is reinforced with aluminum plate and extrusions. The double aluminum bottom is reinforced
from bow to stern and port chine to starboard chine.
Hull sides and bottom insulted with Polypro (polyfoam Products, Inc.) Two-part polyurethane non-structural foam, sprayed on before
closure with decking and paneling. Major wiring and plumbing was in place before spraying insulation and closing with paneling and
Forward deck
Aluminum (3116" and reinforced with aluminum extrusions and flat bar) covered with a teak-planking overlay.
fiberglass spa and aft of spa on sun deck.
Forward of built in
and upper deck
Flybridge and exterior decks are 3116" aluminum plate reinforced with 114" x 2.0" x 2.0" angle and 114"x 1-112" aluminum flat bar.
Top framework constructed of welded 2.5", 3.0" and 4.0" ID pipe and 3116" aluminum plate.
Aluminum radar arch amidships upper deck constructed of 3/16" aluminum plate and 3- 112" schedule 40 aluminum pipe and 11/2"x 114" aluminum flat bar.
Lounge area aft of helm deck in and open area aft of arch covered with teak planking overlay. Marble tile overlay in entertainment
galley area. Teak planking overlay on stairways. Custom built vinyl covered lounge seating is port and starboard.
Storage cabinets in aft entertainment center are custom built stainless steeL
Tender deck aft of entertainment galley constructed of3116" aluminum plate with painted surface.
Interior decking material is 3/4" and 1.0" (Appleply) fII plywood fastened to supporting members by epoxy and screws.
overlay on interior decks. Marble Tile overlay on decks in galley and enclosed heads.
Windows: All windows are custom-made aluminum frames with tinted tempered safety glass. A total of fifteen windows are in
vesseL Port and starboard sliders are in each compartment. (Five sliders total) provide safety access from vesseL Main access and
entry to main deck is through sliding glass door amidships port side. (Custom built with etched design tinted tempered safety glass).
Transom constructed of 3/8" aluminum reinforced at waterjet drive area by adding 3/4" aluminum
gussets to bottom of hull. Bottom of hull reinforced in engine compartment area to 3/4"
plate and aluminum
Engine compartment is located at stem as a separate compartment. Engine compartment has been reinforced and an engine bed built
for each of the three engines from aluminum extrusions and aluminum plate.
Swim step is constructed of 3116" aluminum plate reinforced by 2-112" x 114" flat bar spaced every 8.0" Longitndinals
(Fore and aft), 114" plate gussets added supports welded to main hull port and starboard. Swim step painted with epoxy two
part paints.
All Points Nor'west Marine Surveyors
Coman, Marine Surveyor & Consultant
Telephone (360) 457-5092
P.O. Box 160
Port Angeles, WA 98362
Survey of M/Y MISSBRODIE January 5, 2008
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Vessel Miss Brodie
Pumps and Tankage
All pumps tested and found operational
Bilge Pumps
1. Rule 2000 GPH, Main Salon amidships bilge/I2VDC/Automatic/Manual
2. Rule 2000 GPH (I) Aft stateroom bilge/I2VDC/Automatic/Manual
3. Jabsco 2000 GPH (2) Aft stateroom bilge/I2VDC/Automatic/Manual
4. Jabsco Auxiliary/Aft stateroom bilgeI12VDC/Automatic/Manual
5. Jabsco Auxiliary/Amidships main bilge / l2VDC/Automatic/Manual
6. Rule 2000 GPH Forward machinery compartment bilge/12VDC/Automatic/Manual
7. Rule 2000 GPH Forward machinery compartment bilge/I2VDC/Automatic/Manual
8. Rule 2000 GPH (2) aft Engine space bilge/I2VDC/Automatic/Manual
9. Rule 2000 GPH (2) aft Engine space bilgel12VDC/ Automatic/Manual override
Fresh Water Pumps
Teel Model 20896 120V AC
Jacuzzi Pumps
Hot Tub Spa Jacuzzi Pump located in forward Machinery compartment
Pump for spa on deck (Waterway Part # 20-2NC 220VAC
Diesel Tank
(Fuel fill forward decklFilllabeled Diesel)
One tank forward compartment for diesel generator / Gallons 125/ Baffled and cross baffled
Custom built tank: Material: Aluminum
Gasoline Tanks
Total Gallons 920 Gallons Fuel rills labeled Gas. (Note: All gallon content of tanks is estimated.)
Custom made aluminum/baffled
and cross baffled.
Location of tanks
1. One tank forward in separate compartment under berth in guest stateroom I 100 gallons
2. Two tanks master stateroom aft:
One tank port in separate compartment under main bertb / 200 gallons (This tank is not in use)
One tank located aft bulkhead in wardrobe locker in separate compartment. (50 gallons)
3. Two Tanks in engine space.
One port and one starboard, (225 gallons each tank). A total of 450 gallons .
.Fresh Water Tanks
Two tanks located amidships bilge. (Under main salon) Custom made aluminum tanks.
Tanks hold approximately 316 gallons each. Total of 632 gallons
Sewage Tanks
There is a total of two transfer tanks of 14 gallons each, a holding tank for each head.
Sewage is transferred to: A waste water treatment system mfg. by Head Hunter It is located starboard forward guest
stateroom (2 tanks) A holding tank and a chlorine treatment tank.) Sewage is treated and discharged overboard.
U. S Coast Guard approved Type II system)
Note: All pumps operational. No leaks apparent
portion of tanks that are inaccessible.
from any tankage. Tanks appear sound. No inspection
of interior of tanks or
All Points Nor'west Marine Surveyors
Coman, Marine Surveyor & Consultant
Telephone (360) 457-5092
P.O. Box 160
Port Angeles, WA 98362
Survey of M/Y MISS BRODIE January 5, 2008
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Navigation Equipment
Helm: Console Forward upper deck
Note: Some equipment has been removed from vessel during lay-up.
Wind Direction:
1761 (32 Mile range)
Wind Speed Indicator:
Global Positioning System:
GPS 75
Auto Pilot:
SeaTalk Autohelm
One 12VDC Windshield wiper is on amidships windshield.
Other Equipment
Video Cameras (3) for observing aft vessel mounted aft Port and Starboard and Stem
Mitsubishi Sub Robot Vehicle/Controls at helm! Tethered to vessel
Camera used to observe conditions underwater and around vessel).
Fuel and water tank level indicators
Port and Starboard Search lights mounted forward of windshield
Alarm Svstems
Engine Alarms
High HeatILow Oil
Fire and Vapor Alarms
Forward Machinery compartment
Forward Guest Stateroom
Aft Stateroom
Engine Space Aft
For additional details consult drawings which are available from naval architect
Rick Willard, owner.
Project design consultant: Naval Architectural and Engineering firm of Antares Multiple Support Services,
1980115th Avenue N. E., Seattle, WA 98155-1148 Alejandro Pita and Rick Etsell.
All Points Nor'west Marine Surveyors
Coman, Marine Surveyor & Consultant
Telephone (360) 457-5092
P.O. Box 160
Port Angeles, WA 98362
Survey of M/Y MISSBRODIE January 5, 2008
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Vessel Miss Brodie
Forward Guest Stateroom
Custom built in Kiog Size bed with custom made mattress. Custom built vanity, gold fixtures. Intercom telephone. / Jacuzzi whirlpool
shower. Enclosed head with fresh water electronic flush marine toilet. Stowage Locker. Access to forward compartment is through
hatch in forward bulkhead. Windows have motorized custom window coverings. A sliding window is in enclosed head. Recessed
lighting and reflected overhead lightiog .. Brightness controlled.
Main Salon Amidships
Queen size couch converts to queen size double berth. Two comfort upholstered chairs. Three custom
built upholstered bar chairs. Remote controlled DC electric custom made window covering.
Reflected overhead lighting, recessed lighting and decorative rope lighting. Brightness controlled. All paneling
is custom finished with gold leaf trim on cabinet doors.
Master Stateroom Aft:
Custom built king size bed with custom built mattress .. Custom built window covering. Custom built vanity with laminated marble
sink and gold fixtures. Theaterlink electronic control system (TV lights, sound entertainment). Overhead Mirror. Reflected ceiliog.
brightness controlled lighting. Concealed decorative rope lightiog.
Note: Some of the entertainment
equipment has been removed from vessel during letup.
Main Salon
Zenith Large Screen TVlMaio Salon
Pioneer Stereo CD player
Pioneer Stereo Cassette Player
Pioneer Laser Video Disc Player
RCA Satellite TV Receiver
Pioneer AMlFM Radio Receiver
Theaterlink Control for mood lights, TV and all entertainment equipment.
Individual controls for all TV NCR
Master Stateroom
Zenith Large 30" Screen TV !Master Stateroom
Zenith 13' TV /Enclosed Head Master Stateroom
Toshiba Video VCR Master Stateroom
TV Satellite TV Antenna
mounted on arch amidships
upper deck.
All Points Nor'west Marine Surveyors
Telephone (360) 457-5092
Coman, Marine Surveyor & Consultant
P.O. Box 160
Port Angeles, WA 98362
Survey of M/Y MISSBRODIE January 5, 2008
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Vessel Miss Brodie
Tender Description
Vessel Description
Classic Jet Craft
Built in 1996
Fiberglass runabout with inboard gasoline engine and water jet drive
BuU Identification Number
BuU Fiberglass
Length IS' 2"
LOA Beam
Gasoline InboardlWater
Mercury 90 BP
AFP CJ 1l0D595
Engine Serial Number
Berkley Water Jet drive
Water Jet Pump Serial Number OE085564
Tender mounted aft upper deck on raised tender deck and custom built cradle.
Nautical Structures
Crane mounted on Port Tender deck.
Serial Number 5877NS Capacity
All Points Nor'west Marine Surveyors
Jody Coman, Marine Surveyor & Consultant
P.O. Box 160
Port Angeles, WA 98362
Telephone (360) 457-5092
Survey of M/V MISSBRODIE January 5, 2008
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and Recommendations
This vessel has been constructed to or better than accepted standards of construction of the industry. The all aluminum hull has been
reinforced with marine grade aluminum extrusions and plate. All wiring. meets standards for marine wiring.
The interiors finished using the highest quality of materials available by expert craftsmen to produce a luxurious, spacious,
A custom Bimini covers the Fly Bridge and helm. A lounge seating area and an entertainment galley is on the upper deck aft of Fly
Bridge. A cover of Lexan panels covers the seating area. The entertainment galley aluminum deck on the aft upper exterior deck is
overlaid with marble tile. All exposed exterior decks are aluminum plate and overlaid with teak planking.
A hydraulic-electric crane mounted top aft on tender deck. Tender deck reinforced aluminum. All railings are painted aluminum
railings on upper deck and main deck. All exposed aluminum is painted with a high quality 2-part polyurethane corrosion resistant
paint. The undersigned surveyor inspected the vessel throughout the interior and the exterior during construction. The quality of
workmanship performed on vessel and all construction, installation of equipment and finish work on the interior and exterior was
performed to and better than the accepted standards and practices of the industry.
Vessel examined in all accessible areas and found to be in acceptable condition. Owner maintains vessel
in like new condition throughout.
I. All fire extinguishers to be recharged or replaced annually.
2. All flares are to be replaced by expiration date.
3. All safety equipment required by U. S. coast guard is to be aboard vessel at all times.
No recommendations
at time of survey.
Vessel, MISS BRODIE, examined in all accessible places of main structural strength by visual inspection and without boring or removing panels or
plugs and without testing machinery or equipment. No inspection was made of inaccessible places. So far as could be determined by the above
method of inspection, me vessel appeared to be in acceptable condition. All work appeared to be performed to accepted standards and practices of
the industry. The undersigned surveyor does not state an opinion regarding the design. stability. or the suitabilitv of this vessel for a specified
use. The approval of the design, stability or suitability of this vessel for any reason is not indicated by this report or any part thereof. This report does
not cover the operating condition of the engines(s), auxiliary machinery, equipment or electronics.
This survey is made without prejudice based upon opinions of the undersigned surveyor and for the limited use and benefit of the individual or
business for which it has been prepared. That since this survey has been limited by time. space and reason, this report is not a guarantee or
warranties that ordinary and accessible but undetected defect or damages do not exist. Further. that this report is neither a guarantee nor warranty that
unusual, undetected. unforeseen or unreasonable, inaccessible but undetected defects or damages do not exist. The opinions expressed in this report
are the opinion of the undersigned surveyor.
Signed this 5th day of January
Signature on original,.,Jody Coman, Marine Surveyor
All Points Nor'west Marine Surveyors
Jody Coman, Marine Surveyor & Consultant
P.O. Box 160
Port Angeles, WA 98362
Telephone (360) 457-5092
Survey of M/Y MISSBRODIE January 5, 2008
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Vessel Miss Brodie
Fire and Safety Equipment
All safety equipment
bv U. S. Coast Guard is to be on board vessel at all times.
Flares: Replace flares upon or before expiration date
Fire extinguishers Recharge or replace annually.
Life Rings: Two
Personal Floatation Devices the number aboard varies. One for each person aboard is carried at all times.
Life raft:
Elliott Six man Life raft Packed 8/4/95 Model Pack a Painter length 120'
Serial Number SeE 771 Mfg. 7/95
Stowed Top Deck Aft
First Aid Kit One aboard at all times.
Training of operators;
Bilge monitoring;
Vessel operated by trained operators.
All bilges are monitored with electronic bilge alarms.
Fume Detection is installed
Carbon Monoxide Detection is installed
All Points Nor'west Marine Surveyors
Jody Coman, Marine Surveyor & Consultant
P.O. Box 160
Port Angeles, WA 98362
Telephone (360) 457-5092
Survey of M/Y MISSBRODIE January 5, 2008
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Vessel Miss Brodie
Gallev Equipment
Gallev Equipment
Main Gallev
Location: Main Deck, Aft of Main Salon
Maytag Dishwasher
Model DWU 99961 AAE 020VAC) SN A0892824KZ
Model KUlSI85S2 SN EDl311497
Kitchen Aid Trash Compactor Model KUCS 18 SN
Sub Zero Refrigerator Model50lR SN 1068689
G. E. Magnetic Induction Cook Top Model Prome JP 36930RIWG
SN TH7085095
G.E. Exhaust fan for cook top JVB 65SWW SN FL802593W
G. E. Convection 1 Microwave Oven Model JET344J-001 SN TH 90009Z
G. E. Electric Oven Model JKPl4WOP3WG
SN GL 6588110
ISE Instant Steam and Hot Water
Model GN-3C
SN MJ2749020
Sea bar Beverage Dispenser (Liquors)
Corian Counter Tops and Corian double sink (Custom Built)
Custom motorized window covers by Hunter Douglas
Hot Water Tank 1 AO Smith 130 Gallon! 220V AC
Intercom Alphone 1 TH 12 1 12VDC
Mobil phone aerial Mobil Activelink repeater Model JAA-OOI
Electrical Monitor Panel located port aft bulkhead main galley
Ground Fault Interrupter out lets for the appliances (are located fore & aft of sink)
Galley Equipment
Upper deck, aft
Lazy Man Propane Barbecue & Grill Model LM 210-20 Serial Number 46135
Danby Ieemaker (built in aft galley cabinet)
Stainless Steel Counters! Double Polished Stainless Steel Sink
Stainless Storage Cabinet
Echols Commercial Popcorn Machine (Built in aft galley cabinet)
Beverage Dispenser (Soft Drink) Sieman's Breakmaker (Built in aft galley cabinet)
SeaBar Beverage Dispenser (Liquors)
Sea Frost Beer Cooler (Keg) and dispenser (Built in port galley cabinet)
ISE Instant Hot Water and Steam (at sink)
Kitchen Aid Trash Compactor Model KUCS181DO
(Built in Starboard cabinet)
Kitchen Aid Ice Machine
All Points Nor'west Marine Surveyors
Jody Coman, Marine Surveyor & Consultant
P.O. Box 160
Port Angeles, WA 98362
Telephone (360) 457-5092
Survey of M/Y MISSBRODIE January 5, 2008
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Vessel Miss Brodie
Electrical Equipment
Auxiliarv Electrical
Location of main breakers and control panels for electrical systems: Main panel starboard forward of main entry.
A Second panel located port aft galley utilities locker.
(3) Generators:
Location: Mounted in forward machinery compartment.
Each unit heat exchange cooled. with strainers and valves are on each intake.
Diesel Generator
Northern Lights
200/120 VAC
Serial Number
GS 4032
No.2 Gasoline Generator
Note: Each unit is heat exchange cooled.
Kohler 12.5 KW 200/120 V AC
Model M 12.5063
Serial Number
Gasoline Generator
1.25 KW
2001120 VAC
Serial Number 344230
Heart Interface inverter
Model Freedom 2512500 Watt
Serial Number
Heart Interface inverter
Model Freedom 25/2500 Watt
Serial Number
Tourney12-KVA type GP-l
Marine duty, dry type transformer.
Tournev12-KVA !vpe GP-l
Marine duty, dry type transformer.
Three batteries (I2VDC) are in forward generator compartmentll2VDC. Boxed and secured.
Two 8-D 12VDC batteries are in aft Engine comparttnent.
Eight Two cell 12VDC Batteries for Ships electrical system Starboard amidships locker.
Shore Power Connectors
Two Marinco 50Amp 125/2500 Grounding Receptacles /Location: Port amidships
One 30 Amp 125/2500 GroundinglLocation: Port amidships
One Marinco T -V and Phone ReceptacielPort amidships
Air Conditioning
Aqua Air Model AQSC-24HC 120 x 240V to 120 1240V AC HV AC UNITS total of five HV AC units.
Note: All units are water cooled. (Heat exchange)
1. Mounted forward Guest stateroom/Controls climate forward guest
2. Upper deck at Helm in console area /Controls climate Enclosed helm & Lounge area
3. Upper deck at Helm in console area IControls climate Enclosed helm & Lounge area
Starboard Galley locker upper deck /Controls climate amidships salon main deck.
5. Mounted aft wardrobe locker/Controls climate aft stateroom main deck
Anchor windlass
Maxwell 12VDC Model VWC 3500
Anchor windlass mounted forward deck aft of bow sprit
All Points Nor'west Marine Surveyors
Telephone (360) 457-5092
Jody Coman, Marine Surveyor & Consultant
P.O. Box 160
Port Angeles, WA 98362
Survey of M/Y MISSBRODIE January 5, 2008
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Vessel Miss Brodie
Note: Engines were not started and steering was not tested. Engines are being serviced by and
maintained by a certified marine mechanic.
Three Water Jets are driven by three custom built gasoline engines
Main engine compartment
at stern
Engines were custom manufactured for Willard Yachts by Pacific Power Boats, Inc., 2900 N E Marine
Drive, Portland, Oregon 97211. Three OM Model 572CI V-8 Internal cooling. Fresh water heat exchange cooling system.
built to specification standards requested by Willard Motor Yachts. Borge-Warner Transmissions.
ratings of horsepower)
1. Port
2. Arnidship
3. Starboard
572- CI
Serial Number
572- CI Serial Number
572- CI
Serial Number
1200 HP
1400 HP
850 HP
Borge-Warner Transmissions (three engines) High heatILow Oil alarms (three engines).
Barbaron Model 803001B USCG Approved Flame Arrestors (3 Engines)
Drive Units
Location: Transom
Three Doell Water Jets
DOEN "Aquapel" Water Jets Type:
I. Port Water Jet
Serial Number
DJ 140 HD Part Number
Amidship Water Jet Serial Number
( Steerable)
I 294A3
3. Starboard Water Jet Serial Number 1294AI
(Stationary Booster)
Note: All engines have very low hours. Less than 350 all engines are maintained by qualified marine mechanic.
Bow Thruster
American Bow Thruster
Maxpower RETRACT hydraulic thruster system
Note: Bow thruster system installed in bow section amidship in machinery compartment.
Unit extends in to water below vessel and retracts to flush with hull when not in use.
Steering SYstem and Engine controls.
system and two back up systems.
Electronic Hydraulic Steering System: Kobelt Electronic Steering
Electronic Engine Control: Kobelt Electronic Engine Controls
A secondary manual steering and engine control system installed for emergency steering backup
Secondary system provided by Doen Water Jet as a back up system.
A third additional backup Kobelt steering system operated by jog levers at stem installed in engine space.
All Points Nor'west Marine Surveyors
Jody Coman, Morine Surveyor & Consultant
P.O. Box 160
Port Angeles, WA 98362
Telephone (360) 457-5092
Survey of M!Y MISSBRODIE January 5, 2008
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Vessel Description
Quality materials and quality craftsmanship by skilled professionals were used to complete this vessel
on the exterior and the interior. The quality of this vessel is evident.
Hull. Aluminum planning hull with reinforced double bottom. Hull is fabricated from marine grade aluminum plate and extrusion.
Exterior surfaces finished with custom designed color scheme, (27coats of paint used). Final clear protective coatings applied to all
exposed surfaces. (Cost of customized paint job exceeds $1,000,000.00)
Decks and Superstructure
Aluminum decks with teak planking overlay and aluminum superstructure. Superstructure designed to
project a unique profile not found on any other Mega Yacht. Railings and all exposed decks and structures aluminum and custom
Customized Classic Jet Craft Yacht tender and launching crane mounted aft on tender deck.
Forward deck and Bowsprit: Custom built insulated fiberglass hot tub and spa overlooked by teak sun deck and sunbathing lounge.
Deck forward of hot tub spa has teak planking overlay. Watertight hatch gives access to chain locker.
Upper Deck: Enclosed bridge deck helm and lounge with climate control features comfortable helm equipped with state of the art
navigation equipment to simplify navigation and operation of the vessel.
An ergonomic helm chair offers physical comfort for extended periods at the helm. An ergonomic observer chair port and starboard of
helm offer comfortable seating for 1st mate or guests.
Open teak deck aft of helm and lounge is designed for entertaining and dancing under the stars. Barbecue, gril!, popcorn machine,
beverage dispenser, soft drink dispenser and beer cooler with dispenser complete the entertainment gal!ey. Marble tile covered deck in
Access to main deck from upper deck Stairway port aft provides easy access to aft deck and swim platform. Stairway starboarh
amidship from upper deck to boarding deck and forward deck also provides access through sliding glass doors to main salon amidshij
on main deck. Stairway from port amidship to the forward deck from the top deck is built in to the hull.
Main Deck Interior The luxurious design features sophisticated fabrics in cool, soft colors accented by the beauty of hand finished
paneling and cabinetry in complimentary colors that combine to create an ultra modem ambiance. The overall spacious effect is
enhanced by the use of large tinted windows accented by custom made motorized window shades. The reflective paneling on the
overhead, mirrors, recessed lighting and decorative rope lighting adds to the spacious appearance of all interior areas. The furnishings
are custom made and color coordinated by a professional interior decorator.
The spacious guest stateroom is forward of main salon offers a queen size berth, Jacuzzi shower, custom vanity with laminated
marble sink and gold fixtures. The ensuite bathroom with fresh water electronic flush marine head is to starboard.
Main Salon Amidships The focal point of the main salon amidships, is a unique custom designed crystal chandelier. The queen size
sofa converts to a queen size double berth to accorrunodate guests. Two custom matching upholstered chairs and three custom
upholstered chairs at the divider bar complete the main salon furnishings. New carpet has been installed in main salon.
Main GaUey Aft of salon amid ship the galley is equipped with everything a gourmet chefs heart could desire. Magnetic induction
cook top, radar convection range, electric self-cleaning oven, instant hot water and beverage dispenser are all within easy reach. A
custom built Corian counter top with Corian double sink in soft colors higWighted by gold plumbing fixtures and gold trim is in main
galley. Gold leaf highlights edges cabinet doors.
Master Stateroom aft of GaUey King Size bed with custom made mattress. Jacuzzi whirlpool shower and sauna
entertainment center with hideaway telescoping 30" color TV. Intercom telephone, vanity, three section wardrobe with sliding mirror
glass doors, utility closet with built in safe and early warning carbon monoxide detector, remote control!ed DC electric shades,
overhead mirror trimmed by decorative rope lighting. Reflected overhead ceiling has recessed lighting. Custom made DC motorized
window coverings. Automatic air conditioning/heat, installed throughout main cabin and staterooms. Plush carpet covers the one-inch
plywood decks. Hand painted paneling with gold leaf trim as in main salon. Gold leaf trim is on al cabinet doors.
Master Bathroom: fresh water electronic flush marine head, custom-built vanity with laminated marble sink and gold fixtures,
Intercom telephone, Marble tile deck in master ensuite bathroom, Hand painted paneling with leaf gold trim enhances master
stateroom. Custom built mirrors decorate maser stateroom head and overhead in master stateroom. King-size raised berth. Deluxe
all direction fiberglass shower is built into starboard forward master stateroom. Built in vanity with custom mirror is on forward
All Points Nor'west Marine Surveyors
Jody Coman, Marine Surveyor & Consultant
P.O. Box 160
Port Angeles, WA 98362
Telephone (360) 457-5092
Survey of M/V MISSBRODIE January 5, 2008
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Survey Requested
by: Rick Willard, 3193 Montecito Drive, Los Vegas,
Purpose of Survey
Name of Vessel: MIY Miss Brodie
Length of Vessel
Beam 14'.0:'
'evada 89120 Phone: Office:
Location of vessel: Pier 99 Marina, Pier 99 Drive, Portland, Oregon
Length of Vessel 80'.0"
LOA Centerline I Bow to stem excluding appurtenances.
91'.10" LOA Centerline /Bow to Stem including 5'.0" bow sprit and 6.'lonswim platform
Ibs H.1. N.
Built by Willard Yachts, Vancouver, WA completed and launched 1996.
Project design consultant:
Naval Architectural
and Engineering firm of Antares
Avenue N. E., Seattle, WA 98155-1148 Alejandro Pita and Rick EtseU.
The cost of labor and materials to complete this vessel has been confirmed by the undersigned
supplied by Willard Motor Yachts for material purchases and hours oflabor expended.
Estimated Replacement Costs (New construction)
Estimated Fair Market
19801 15th
by examining
$ 4,958,000 - $5,000,000
Fair market value reflects the estimated market value determined by comparison of like vessels, of like condition and with like equipment, a'~
current market conditions on date of survey. The replacement value reflects estimated cost of replacement of the vessel at current estimated
building costs on the date of the survey. These projections are the opinion of the undersigned surveyor and rely on research of current
information obtained from builders, brokers and price guides.
Prices of similar vessels listed in various publications were taken into consideration for comparison when researching an
estimated fair market value. The Miss Brodie is a unique, deluxe, custom built, one of a kind vessel. It is therefore difficult to
find an exact match for market comparison.
No exact matches for the quality of construction and the quality of luxurious
interior were found.
The inspection of this vessel was conducted
at her berth at Pier 99, Portland
Oregon, on January
5, 2008.
The above water portions of hull and superstructure
interior and exterior sighted and observed to be maintained
in exceptional condition. No inspection of vessel on exterior below waterline was done. Vessel was atloat during inspection.
All interior and exterior portions of vessel sighted appear sound. All systems are operational.
done on steering engines. Not able to test engines and steering unless vessel is underway.
operational. Engines are cared for a by a certified mechanic.
Engines not started. No testing
Steering systems appear to be
Hull visually examined exterior and interior, prior to addition of internal structural reinforcement. All existing welds inspected and
appeared sound. Vessel inspected after reinforcing completed and prior to installation of foam insulation to voids on interior of hull,
Welds appeared sound and all workmanship exceeded the accepted standards and practices of the industry.
The vessel has a double aluminum bottom from bow to stem, and port chine to starboard chine. Second exterior skin inspected
during and after installation and all welds accessible visually inspected and appeared sound. All welding on hull performed by
American Bureau of Shipping certified welders.
All wiring installed by qualified marine electricians and all wiring marine grade. Electrical circuits and equipment tested by Willard
Yacht personnel and found operable prior to launch. Tankage sighted during construction and after installation and appeared sound.
All tanks appear to be constructed to and better than recommended standards and practices of the industry. All gasoline tanks are
installed in separate compartments. All fuel tanks grounded
Specs, Equipment, and Information
Builder: Willard Yachts
LWL: 91'10"
LOA: 91'10"
Draft: 3'5"
Displacement: 24 Tons
Engine(s): 3 GM 572 V8's Engine(s) HP: 850-1400
Hours: 35
Fuel: 920
Water: 632
Beam: 14'
Engine Model: 572cid
Super Charged
Holding: 28
"Miss Brody" features a double guest stateroom forward with an ensuite head. Moving aft is the
large salon and aft of the salon is the gourmet galley. The stem of the vessel is taken up by a
large owners suite featuring a double shower, king sized bed, built in vanity with custom beveled
glass mirror, ensuite head and more. Outside she has large, walk-around decks, a large hot tub in
the bow and spacious upper aft decks for entertaining.
Miss Brodie is one of the largest jet sled yachts ever built. She is powered by 3 supercharged
572cid Cadillac engines producing a reported 850-hp up to 1400 on one and 1200 on the others
each coupled to 3 DOEN "Aquapel" type DJl40HD conunercial jet drives and her owner says
she can reach 27 knots easily. Her owner had her custom built with 3/8" aluminum plating
(double plated bottom & 3/4" reinforced plating around the jet drives) so she is as sturdy as she is
luxurious, there was no expense spared when being fitted. Come by or call for a showing.
• 20kw orthern Lights genset
• 12.5kw Kohler Gasoline genset
• 1.5kw Kohler gasoline genset
• 2 - Heart Interface Inverters, model 25/2500 watt
• 2 - Transformers Tourney 12-KVA type GP-I
• 32 mile range open array radar - Furuno model 1761
• leom VHF radio model IC-M56
• Vetus wind indicator
• 3 - 12VDC batteries for generators
• 2 - 8-D 12VDC batteries for engines
• 8 - two cell l2VDC batteries for ships electrical systems
• 2 - Marinco 50 amp 125/2500 receptacles
• I - 30 amp 12512500 grounding
• I - Marinco TV & phone receptacle
• Air conditioning - Aqua Air model AQSC-24HC
• total of 5 HV AC units
• Maytag dishwasher model DWU 99961 AAE
• Kitchen Aid ice machine model KUISI85S2
• Kitchen Aid trash compactor KUCS 18
• Sub Zero refrigerator model 501 R
• G.E. Magnetic Induction Cook Top
• model Profile 36930RIWG
• G,E. Convection / Microwave Oven
• model JET344J -00 I
• G.E. Electric Oven model JKPI4WOP3WG
• ISE Instant steam & hot water
• Sea Bar beverage dispenser
• Corian counter tops (custom built)
• Corian double sink (custom built)
• Climate controlled wine storage
• New carpets throughout
• Bow thruster
• Jacuzzi shower in the master suite
• More!
Survey appraisal January 5, 2008, $5,000,000 and estimated replacement cost $10,000,000
Hot tub on bow looking aft
Bow pulpit with winch
Port side looking aft
Helm area to stbd.
:/ q-' .~
I' I
" I
' *"
Replacement cost $9,800,000-$10,000,000
Estimated Fair Market Value $4,958,000-$5,000,000
Asking $3,000,000 O.B.O

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