Industry - Fragrances of Ireland


Industry - Fragrances of Ireland
formulated for
athletes that
demand more
SunBum, a new sun care
company based out of
Cocoa Beach, Fl., and
trusted by surfers and
boarders, introduced its
highly-anticipated PRO
line of premium endurance
sunscreens this past Sept.
2011 at Surf Expo
in Orlando, Fl.
Their new PRO line is a
mineral-based, UVA/UVB,
Broad Spectrum sunscreen
that is specifically formulated for athletes that
demand a more rigorous
protection (surfers!).
Hypoallergenic, tested, approved and recommended
by the FDA and The Skin
Cancer Foundation, the
SunBum PRO line is
Paraben, PABA & Oil-free,
making it an excellent
addition to your daily surf
regime. Don’t get in
the water without it!
Made in the USA.
ZOKSURF It’s about time! Finally, a ZIPPERED surfboard sock, that protects your
board while eliminating the hassle of trying
to wiggle it into a traditional sock. Showcasing a heavy duty nose protector, quick
release toggle drawstring, and three inside
mesh pockets- two for storage, and one to
secure the tail of your board. Available in 9
sizes and 4 colors. Love it!
From the foamy surf of Ireland comes a
fresh new fragrance we discovered at the
Surf Expo (Sept. ’11 show). Inis (meaning “island”
in Irish) the
Energy of the
Sea, is a fresh,
clean, unisex
scent that is
of refreshing
island breezes
across a cool
ocean and
Boasting crisp
marine and
citrus notes, with a soft wave of geranium
and lily of the valley, balanced with base
notes of sandalwood, oak moss and clove.
Available in four sizes- from a $20 travel
size to 3.3 oz. at $50.
Introducing high definition, hands-free
video recording eyewear, so you don’t miss
capturing a second of the action! Perfect
for hiking, bike-riding, action sports, surf
contests… anything you want to record
and save for a lifetime!
Featuring high definition 1080p video,
8MP stills and crisp audio, as well as
auto-focus video, gyro sensor image
stabilization, face tracking and more. The
Swiss material frames come with 100%
UV production, anti-scratch, hydrophobic
lenses. Polarized models are available.
Easy-to-share micro USB connects to your
Mac or PC, so that sharing the fun with
family and friends is only seconds away!
We’re stoked to see this fantastic product
now on the market. With 16 styles, there’s
one for you!
At last! An easy ding repair patch that adheres securely to both wet & dry surfaces,
is paper thin while maintaining a tight
seal, and best of all, they’re small enough
to carry in your boardshorts, so immediate repair is available… no matter where
you’re paddling out at! Also offering SUP
Rail Saver, a strip you place on the rails of
your board to protect them from paddle &
travel dings.
If you’re a lover of action sports, and
being a part of the growing industry,
Johnny Russia offers a unique approach
that involves YOU! Johnny Russia, a new
action sports brand that offers unusual
and unique styles, intricately detailing, and
head-turning, fabulous fabrics, has developed a system in which consumers of the
brand have the opportunity to own stocks
in the company, with every purchase.
They’ve set aside 40% of Johnny Russia - for you!
shares will be
when products
are purchased,
so every $25
you spend on
buying Johnny
Russia products, will get
you one share.
And when
someone else
after you buys
Johnny Russia
products, you
get awarded
double the
amount of
shares for your
original purchase, on top
of what you were already awarded when
you bought it.
It’s all connected so your shares grow
exponentially, turning into hundreds and
thousands of shares! They double shares in
groups up to eleven times until the whole
40% chunk of Johnny Russia is given away
to you – the people who believed in them
and their products. Pretty cool idea, we
think, and the icing on the cake? Their
products are all proudly made in America!
Let’s support America together!
by Linda
A lightweight and
inconspicuous tool
to solve the
challenge of
transporting wide
and heavy surfboards to the beach, which
solves the problem of many men, women
and children who struggle with them. Easy
to hide in the sand while you’re in the water, it works as an extension of the hand,
giving surfers a secure grip on the rail.
Nominated for Connect’s 2011 Most
Innovative Product Award in the action
sports category, and made of strong and
durable UV resistant plastic, attached to
an easy-grip handle by a nylon cord. It also
features a pad to grip and cushion your
6x East Coast Champion, Charlie Hajek, is
pioneering a new approach to community
involvement, encouraging east coast
groms/grommettes to stay off the streets,
and get into the water and having fun!
Charley’s approach is to teach them at
a very young age, the dos and don’ts of
competitive surfing, while also teaching them valuable life lessons, focusing
on helping them to understand that it is
important to be surfing for the fun of it,
as well as developing good sportsmanship,
and cementing the slogan… “A good loser
is a great winner!” The surf series gives
groms & grommettes a chance to build
their self esteem, increase confidence,
gain respect, improve athletic ability, and
most importantly- make new friends.
“I feel that it is important for them to
associate with good role models and
participate in as many positive outlets as
possible” Charlie says. “This will help keep
them off the streets and out of trouble.
You can’t get into any trouble in the
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