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We don’t need research to tell us that the
workplace is busier than ever before. We’re
asked to interact with more people, process
information at increasingly greater speeds—
and do it all with excellence.
Shortcut is designed for dynamic, short sits
that keep pace in today’s office.
With elbow rests that stay out of the way,
you’re free to move close to your desk
or lean back, knowing your elbows are
supported. Shortcut’s flexible shell and
comfortable seat cushion offer
surprising comfort.
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Color Options
• Short-term sit chair, great for mobile workers
Shell Colors:
• Tested up to 300 lbs.
Arctic White Gloss
• Pneumatic handle on left side of chair
•Elbow rests stay out of the way when you need to get
up close to your desk, but are there to support you when
you need it.
•The cut-out in the chair back allows for more flex and adds
visual interest.
•Cushion option adds comfort, and beautiful stitching
enhances the design.
Shortcut stool
Sterling Dark Solid
5-Star Base Colors:
Arctic White Gloss
Cushion Options
•Optional seat cushion available in
all standard Steelcase fabrics and
all price groups.
• Available on both chair and stool.
• Can be purchased separately.
Shortcut chair
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