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By Ryan McQueen and Todd Gervais
Toshiba M200
Toshiba ISG’s Portégé M200 Tablet PC is the
leading pen-input Tablet PC in Canada. By
combining Toshiba’s Tablet PC technology
with Toshiba’s new docking solutions,
consumers increase the versatility and
convenience of their Tablet PC by allowing
users to connect to network resources in a
single step.
For more info check www.toshiba.ca
MSRP $3,249.00
Panasonic DVD-LS5
The DVD-LS5 is a front runner in the portable
DVD market. The LS5 has a free style display
for innovative viewing angles and the 5”
diagonal screen allows you to view your DVD’s
in widescreen format. The LS5 comes with
all the features of the top of the line DVD
player ( DVD-R, DVD RAM, CD-R/RW and MP3
playback) without all the baggage.
For more check out www.panasonic.ca
MSRP $799.00
TapWave Zodiac
The Zodiac is the world’s first true mobile entertainment
console. Take the fun of a gaming console, cross it with
the power of a high-end PDA, integrate with MP3 player,
photo viewer and videos and you’ve got Zodiac. It’s
the perfect combination of functionality, technology
and portability in a sleek package you’ll want to take
For more info check out www.tapwave.com
MSRP $523.00
Motorola V600
The AIBO is Sony’s Entertainment Robot. The
name AIBO® is derived form the words “A.I.”
(Artificial Intelligence). Newly-developed and
highly evolved technology allows for both the
joys of raising a robotic pet alternative, as well
as the satisfaction of useful functionality. The
AIBO plays soccer, sits, lies down and even
writes for itself.
With stunning looks and killer functionality,
the Motorola V600 cellular phone is a
sleek statement of sophistication and
intelligence for mobile users. Blending
style with communication convenience,
the quad-band handset eloquently delivers
an integrated camera, messaging features
and downloadable games. Miss last night’s
overtime goal? No worries download it with
the video clip playback feature.
For more info check out www.motorola.ca
For more info check out www.sonystyle.com
MRSP $2,094.00
MSRP $449.00 with a two-year airtime plan
SUMMER 2004 • www.umm.ca
Bang & Olufsen BeoLab5
The Bang & Olufsen BeoLab5 are
the evolution of loud speakers. The
Beolab5’s are nothing less that
sensational. The 2500 watt system,
which was 15 years in the making, has a
total of four specially designed speaker
units, each with its own ICEpower
amplifier. The BeoLab5’s are the
complete music experience.
Phillips HD120
The Phillips HD120 gives you the ultimate
music experience with over two weeks of
WMA and MP3 playback. It holds 20GB
capacity and direct MP3 recording.
With its easy to use interface
menu, the navigation of finding
songs is made simple and fast.
For more info check out
MSRP $22,000.00
For more info check out www.phillips.ca
MSRP $431.00
The Power Mac G5
Brainstorm Juggling
The Power Mac G5 is the first personal
computer to utilize 64-bit processing
technology for unprecedented
memory expansion (up to 8GB)
and advanced 64-bit computation,
making the G5 the fastest personal
computer with the industry’s highest
system bandwidth. Front and rear
handles allow professionals to
rapidly and safely move Power Mac
G5s when and where they need
them and front-mounted FireWire,
USB2, and headphone ports provide
convenient access for popular
These addictive high-tech thingamabobs from Brainstorm Juggling
showcase one of nature’s most prevalent invisible forces
- sheer magnetism! It’s a mini desktop construction set built
from small highly magnetic rods and nickel plated spheres
that allow you to create complex structures, all the
while avoiding those prosaic action items from
yesterday’s departmental meetings.
For more info check our
MRSP $79.00
For more info check out www.apple.com.
MSRP: $4,199.00
Kenwood DDX-7015
Kenwood Excelon now offers a cool mobile video
solution to all those double DIN slots found in over
140 domestic and import cars in the market today.
The new DDX-7015 double-DIN touch-screen DVDVideo player features an ultra-high resolution
6.5-inch 16:9 format, flat panel touch-screen LCD
which also offers connectivity for Kenwood KNADV3100 DVD Navigation system, CD Changers and
the Kenwood Music Keg. The DDX-7015 also reads
MP3 and WMA audio discs. The disc slot is positioned
behind an adjustable 6 position motorized video screen, which automatically slides down to
allow for disc loading and removal. For more info check out www.kenwood.ca. MSRP: $2,449.00
Sim2 HT500 LINK Projector
With High Definition 3-chip DLP™ technology,
remarkable color fidelity, sharp details and superb
picture quality, the HT500 LINK is SIM2’s flagship
High-Definition projector, as well as the latest
and most innovative addition to the acclaimed
and successful Grand Cinema HT line. The HT500
LINK has an elegant design whose smooth curves
make it a high-class focal point of any décor.
For more info check out www.sim2.com.
MSRP: $ 32,995.00
Pioneer HDTV
The Pioneer PDP 4340 Plasma HDTV is the
4th generation plasma display that gives
you complete television viewing. Features
that are built in include Dual HDMI (High
Definition Multimedia Interfaces) PureCinima
that all contribute to increased brightness
and contrast. This increased brightness and
contrast makes the Pioneer 4340 the first TV
to offer over one billion colours.
For more info check out
MSRP $13,000.00