tapes, adhesives, fixatives 233



tapes, adhesives, fixatives 233
tapes, adhesives, fixatives
Maximum Strength
Works fast, immediate tack - fast
assembly. Use for mounting
drawings, art prints, photographs,
maps, etc. Resists water, humidity
and heat. Will not bleed, wrinkle or
curl. Non-yellowing. High coverage,
90 sq.ft./can. 11 oz.
No. BL82489
MSRP $10.99 ea
Matte Finish
Dries in minutes to a permanent
non-glossy finish on artwork and
photographs. Provides a durable
protective coating. 11 oz. net
weight. Packaged 6/box.
No. K1311
MSRP $8.95 ea
Artist Mounting Adhesive
Kamar Finish
No. BL82490
No. K1312
MSRP $10.49 ea
One of the most workable
fixatives developed. Provides
total protection for oils, acrylics or
watercolors. Can be used safely
as a retouching varnish. Will not
discolor with age and can be
removed easily. 11 oz. net weight.
Packaged 6/box.
MSRP $8.95 ea
Gloss Spray Varnish
No. K7010
MSRP $9.25 ea
For a repositionable bond on
light-weight materials. May be
adjusted, removed, and reapplied
throughout the life of the bond.
Features a low odor and is nonstaining. Use for paper, fabric,
craft foam, posters, glitter,
decorating, photos and layouts
with less curling and no wrinkling.
No. K7020
MSRP $9.75 ea
UV-Resistant Clear
Glossy non-yellowing varnish
finish. Fast drying. Lead free. For
maximum protection and uniformity
of finish on oil/acrylic paintings.
Easily removed for periodic
cleaning. Enhance colors, shading,
and blending. 11 oz.
No. BL00800
Creates a smooth, flexible, nonwrinkling bond with easy removal
for repositioning. 11 oz. net weight.
Packaged 6/box.
Repositionable Adhesive
Creates both permanent and
repositionable bonds. Dries clear,
non-yellowing. Smooth coverage,
resists water, humidity and heat.
Provides a strong bond on a
variety of materials and will not
bleed through, wrinkle or curl
paper. Use on paper, illustration
board, wood, glass, Mylar and
acetate. 11 oz.
Spray Adhesive
MSRP $8.49 ea
Water-resistant permanent finish
that protects artwork, improves
contrast. Used to add luster to
ceramics and models. 11 oz. net
weight. Packaged 6/box.
Smudge-proof clear acrylic
coating that provides a
permanent, protective gloss
coating which protects art,
crafts, photography, fabric and
valuables against harmful UV
rays. It is moisture resistant and
will protect against fading.
No. K1303
No. K1305
Crystal Clear
MSRP $8.95 ea
MSRP $9.75 ea
Spray Dull
A photographer’s dulling spray.
Reduces glare, reflections and
bloom when photographing
reflective surfaces. It is
recommended for use by TV
studios, Cinematographers and
still photographers. May be used
safely on highly polished metals,
chrome, glass, TV and computer
screens, Mylar, cellophanes and
shiny painted surfaces. Will not
injure manufacturer’s protective
coatings. Spray Dull is quickly and easily removed
with warm soapy water or glass cleaner. 11 oz.
No. BL70016
Untitled-4 233
MSRP $8.49 ea
Workable Fixative
Dries in seconds to a clear finish.
Protects pencil, charcoal, chalk,
pastels, calligraphy, layouts and
more without smudging, wrinkling
or gloss. Compatible with tempera
colors and India ink. 11 oz. net
weight. Packaged 6/box.
No. K1306
MSRP $8.95 ea
Crystal Clear Glaze
Creates a clear triple-thick
glaze with glass-like illusion for
decoupage, collage, papier-mâché
and other arts and craft projects.
12 oz. net weight.
Packaged 6 box.
No. K0500
MSRP $9.35 ea
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