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FALL Sale - Atlantic Flyer
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Carol’s Airport Cafe: 443
Queensbury Ave, Queensbury, NY
12804. Located inside the Warren
County Airport (KGFL) Open 7
days a week 8am-3pm. Specialty
sandwiches, homemade soups,
homemade desserts, daily specials, and for the kids- airplane
pancakes!Check out our airplane
pictures, under glass on all our
tables. Call for info 518-761-4043.
Mention this ad and receive 15%
off your meal.
for SALE. Aircraft model dioramas, mahogany models, aircraft
instruments, fighter pilot helmets
, pilot clothing , framed aircraft
prints , books , and more. Call
207-729-2244 e-mail [email protected]
to flying clubs, EAA chapters, etc.
for newsletters from Jim Trusty,
long-time Atlantic Flyer columnist. Simply write to him and request an article, indicate length of
article required, the make up of
the group, how often the newsletter is sent out, etc. In return, Jim
re-quests a copy of each newsletter in which one of his articles
appears. Interested groups may
contact him at: Jim Trusty, 103
Highland Drive, Old Hickory, TN
37138; (615) 758-8434.
Things My Flight Instructor
Never Told Me and Other Lessons Learned in 25 Years of Aviation. Chronicles one mans journey
through the world of general aviation and personal aircraft ownership. Inspired from his experiences
as a pilot, instructor and aircraft
owner. Mike Leighton has owned
more than 70 different aircraft.
Topics like fuel management,
flight planning, reluctant passengers, weather, the FAA, buying
and owning an aircraft, are all discussed with humor and whit. Mike
has more than 4,500 flight hours,
earning his Private, Commercial,
Instrument, Multiengine, Flight
Instructor, Instrument Instructor,
Multi-Engine Instructor, and ATP
ratings. He is a current a flight instructor, licensed A&P mechanic
and a former FAA Accident Pre-
vention Counselor. You can order
Things my Flight Instructor Never
Told Me on the web from www.
tmfintm.com or call the publisher,
Promotion Productions Inc. at 561752-3261.
Pre 1944 era military inflatable
decoys. I’m searching for a 1942
or 1943, U.S. Rubber Company
or their affiliates inflatable, B-26,
Sherman tank, personnel carrier
truck or artillery piece manufactured for the U.S. Army. Please
email details, in any condition to:
[email protected]
FA le Picture Classified Ads
and 20% off total price
List your Aircraft, Hangar, Real Estate, etc.
Benefit from a color picture with your text.
$0.70 per word + $35.00 a picture, then 15% off
Offer in effect for
September, October, November issues
Contact Sandy for details
[email protected] or 203-458-3348
2010 Dixie Wing WWII Heritage Days
The Commemorative Air Force
presents their 8th WWII Heritage Days at their home base at
Peachtree City Falcon Field in
Georgia. These living history days
are an opportunity to show off their
selection of rare WWII Warbirds.
With the very rare SBD-5 Dauntless "Lady in Blue" showcasing the
day. This "Lady in Blue" took off
and made some really nice passes
while the fans watched. Also; on
hand were the P-51 "Red Nose",
Lt-6 "Mosquito", PT-26 "Cornell",
and C-45 Expeditor "Bucket of
Bolts". Other aircraft in attendance
was the beautiful F4U Corsair, Jack
Van Ness's Zero replica, and a T-6
Texan was on hand. The crowd was
huge but they still had a chance to
talk with the pilots and enjoyed
those old warbirds.
A large part of the “2010 Dixie
Wing WWII Heritage Day” was the
fantastic WWII reenactments. A
mock European battle between the
Axis and Allied troops, took place
in a small town shortly after D-Day.
Later a battle between American
marines and the Japanese troops
took place on a mock island in the
Walking around during the day
young and old had a chance to talk
and shake hands with Gen. MacArthur, German officers, and men and
women dressed the era's uniforms
and clothing. When it was chow
time the mess desks supplied hamburgers, hotdogs, soft drinks and
the highly requested "Spam Burger".
This two day event is a great way
to teach the kids what the past was
like. Col. Jim Buckley, Wing Leader,
Dixie Wing CAF, his staff, all the reenactors and volunteers do a great
job making this living history day a
success. Next year bring the kids
and camp out for the day, you will
have a great time.
story an photos by Carl Wilcox

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