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Ms. EL-Shahat - Elizabeth Blackwell Middle School 210Q / Homepage
Grade 7 English language arts
Ms. Dena EL-Shahat
93-11 101 Avenue
Ozone Park, NY 11416
(718) 845-5942
[email protected]
Commitment House B
Ms. EL-Shahat
Elizabeth Blackwell Middle School 210 Queens
During the course of this school year you will be expected to read, write, listen and speak
using the conventions of Standard English. You will excel in your reading, writing, speaking and
listening skills through guided practice and independent practice in which you are expected to
advance toward college and career readiness. You are expected to always work your hardest and
strive for the best so that you can gain the knowledge necessary for your personal greatness! I look
forward to a wonderful year of learning and development with all of you as your minds expand
beyond your wildest dreams.
During the course of this year you will be learning to read and write for various reasons, in
various genres, and across varied contents using a reading and writing workshop format. Some of
the genres you will be studying include:
Reading and Writing in Math, Science, Social Studies
Reading and Writing for Persuasion
Reading and Writing to Respond to Fiction
Reading and Writing to Respond to Nonfiction
Reading and Writing Poetry
Reading and Writing Drama
Reading and Writing Memoirs
You will be utilizing various forms of media such as websites, blogs, podcasts, etc. This year,
you will become independent learners who will be able to develop skills necessary to take the New
York State English language arts exam and excel at those skills that you need beyond the test.
Grades are dependent on various factors, including:
Class work
Tools: It is imperative that students are prepared for each day of class. For the start of off the
school year, here are a few things each student will need to have in class no later than Monday,
September 12, 2011:
Four composition notebooks
At least five blue or black ink pens
At least five pencils
Two highlighters
One Sharpener with a cover
One Eraser
Two plastic pocket folders
At least one pack of loose leaf paper
One ream of copy paper
One roll of paper towels
One box of tissues
Two glue sticks
Bilingual Dictionary in your language
(Spanish/English, Bengali/English,
Arabic/English, etc.)
Students: If you have not already done so, please get into the habit of keeping a daily agenda. You must
take time each day to schedule your commitments. No successful person works without one.
Class Policies:
Code of Conduct: Each student in class is expected to follow six general rules:
1. Be Punctual (get to class on time)
2. Be a Participant (participate in class)
3. Be Polite (respect yourself, your classmates, and teacher)
4. Be Prepared (have all materials, including HW at all times)
5. Perform instructions after being given once
6. Pride yourself in following ALL school rules
Class Expectations:
• Students must be on time, seated, and ready to work BEFORE the bell rings.
• Students must bring any assigned reading materials, including homework, handouts, and
• Attendance in class is critical to your success in the course. It is the student’s responsibility
to make up any missing work when absent, as well as coming prepared for class the
following day.
• All assignments must be completed on time. Credit will not be granted for late
• Students are expected to work diligently on their reading and writing every day!
Please complete and return bottom portion after reading with parents: __________________________
I have read and understand the requirements for Ms. EL-Shahat’s 7th grade English Language Arts
Student’s signature: _______________________________________________________________________
Parent’s/Guardian’s signature: ______________________________________________________________
Parent’s/Guardian’s Phone # and Email: _____________________________________________________
 Check here if you are willing to contribute $2 to our class for new books and magazines and
please send it to school with your child.
 Check here if you would like to contribute any books to our class and please send it to
school with your child.