From the Principal - Ambrose Treacy College


From the Principal - Ambrose Treacy College
Volume 13 I
30 April 2015
Year 6 Coffee Morning May 1
Edmund Rice Feast Day & Mass May 5
May 5
May 7
Year 5 Coffee Morning May 15
AFL Boys’ Day Out May 17
From the Principal
Dear Parents
There isn’t a day that goes past that I don’t find myself thankful
that I have the opportunity to work at Ambrose Treacy College
and more importantly with our community. I understand that
many of you are probably thinking that this is an easy thing for
me to say in a newsletter because as the Principal of the school it
makes the whole school look good. I would hope that I was not
operating in this mode of self-praise. Just as there are many aspects of community life that excite me there are times that I feel
a little overwhelmed and disappointed with aspects of our journey. The last week was one of the many times I drew enormous
satisfaction as being Principal of the College. Here at ATC we are
lucky that we have a number of our community who put their
hand up to lead an event for the rest of our community to share.
Since the holidays the College, as usual, has been its normal hive
of activity as school resumed in the shadows of the new building
works. With ANZAC day falling on a Saturday this year, as a
school community we gathered to ‘celebrate’ this important occasion with a liturgy in the College Hall. Once again, Conor Finn
ensured the event was a significant experience for the students
with his normal thoughtful planning and arranged for Group Captain Simon Sauer to address the boys. The occasion was relevant
and direct and our ‘celebration’ focused not on the glory of war
but rather the celebration of the wonderful spirit and courage
that has been captured now in our understanding of the ANZAC
spirit. It is important that this understanding of the futility of war,
the courage of the ANZACs and our prayer for peace are interwoven into our commitment to work for the kind of future that we
all strive for.
Early in 2014 at a P&F meeting the topic of the Centenary of ANZAC Day was raised and the question was raised on whether as a
community we will be doing something to mark this significant
moment. From this initial inquiry a lot of work happened that
culminated in a wonderful experience last Friday evening. As we
all know things don’t happen by chance and the fact that over
500 of our community camped out on Jack Bowers Oval and
arose to a very moving ANZAC Day dawn service was the result of
a number of hard working people. The event was not a fund raising activity from the P&F, but it was a huge friend raising and
Reception: 38780500
community building event. There was a great energy amongst
our campers as the sun set over the western freeway and it was
great to see our boys expend energy in their typically energetic
manner. Between the setting of the sun and the start of the outdoor movie the huge task of feeding the masses went on without
a lot of fuss. With the flood lights turned off and the illumination
of the large outdoor movie screen providing the only light it was
certainly a sight to see our 500 strong community gather on
camp chairs for the appropriate viewing of the movie Gallipoli.
With limited sleep the feature of a night camping out with the
mist slowing creeping over the oval during the night, a reminder
call at 4.00am prepared everyone for our dawn service. The
Dawn Service that was presided over by our College Chaplain
Father John Gillen and the presence of our special guests SubLieutenant Chiu-Hing Chan (Officer in Charge NTS Vengeance
Naval Cadets), Jose Da Silva (State Vice President Naval Association Australia), Ex-army Captain Rob Kennedy and the NTS
Vengeance Naval Cadets certainly ensured that the service was a
moving one for all present. Following the service as the sun rose
over the College we were fortunate to be treated to a delicious
BBQ breakfast.
I doubt there was anyone present that wouldn’t have felt the
emotion of the occasion and I would like to congratulate everyone involved who through their hard work ‘treated’ us to a wonderful event – a great community building experience and an
opportunity to celebrate as a community the centenary of the
ANZAC story. As I opened at the start of my piece today this was
a time that certainly made me proud to be Principal of a great
community. As we all know, any successful event has a direct
proportion to the planning and work behind the scenes and I
would like to congratulate Paige Maguire on her vision and empathy to see the possibilities for such an event for our community and then importantly for diligently planning and organising the
event. Yes hard work is a big part of it but it is also the courage
and commitment to take this on that I am most grateful for. In
watching her plan and organise this event it is obvious that Paige
is a very capable person, and on behalf of all of us who benefitted from her vision and hard work I would like to thank Paige
Fax: 38780501
Wet Weather Line: 38780511
for giving our community the opportunity to gather, have some
fun and share such an important and historic event. Behind every
leader is always a great team and I would like to thank the numerous parents who worked so hard behind the scenes to bring
this event together. In particular I would like to acknowledge
Antoinette Stevens for her work in organising the Dawn Service
and coordinating our special guests, Laurraine Murray who oversaw the team who were feeding the masses in the morning, Andrea McAvoy for organising the canteen, Tanya Moltoni for arranging the tshirts for the campers and Loretta Porche for designing the tshirts. As I drove home on Saturday morning I was filled
with a mix of feelings – the significance of our special ANZAC spirit and the strength of our ATC community were the focus of my
thoughts. We are often said to live in the lucky country and I
would refine that down to say that we are very lucky to be
in such a committed and involved ATC community.
Building Developments
It has been a busy week on the building front and it was
almost the case of blink and you have missed something
significant. A large number of tress have been removed as a
part of our approved Council plans to make way for the
new buildings and the work is well under way on the ovals
to realise new car parking, internal road and student set
down points. As some aspects of drop and pick up change
the reality is that initial things will seem to become more
chaotic – in part due to the temporary nature of our
changed traffic conditions and partly due to our need to
operate out of a new paradigm from the usual way we
have learnt to do things. As I urged last week the best way
forward for us will be to understand the need for temporary inconvenience for a longer term gain and understand
that the only thing we can manage in this situation is how
we cope with the change and show patience and consideration to those around us. I would assure you that we are
trying to closely monitor developments and adjust where
we can; but the reality is that a lot of what goes on is out of
our control. From next week the internal road will be
closed off at some stage and unfortunately as we go to
print with the newsletter I don’t have an exact time and
date for this. Please be assured that we will send out an
SMS to all parents as soon as we know when this major
change will occur.
With best wishes,
Michael Senior
Blessed Edmund Rice Feast Day
Ambrose Treacy College is proudly a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition. Born in Callan, Ireland, in 1762, Edmund went on to promote an education that recognised the dignity of each individual. Like hundreds of Edmund Rice
schools across the world, we will celebrate the Feast Day of Blessed Edmund Rice on the 5th May. All families are invited to
celebrate Mass next Tuesday at 9am. It will be significant for us as a community to celebrate our belonging to the Edmund
Rice family and to reflect on Edmund’s legacy. We can also think about what it means to be an Edmund Rice person today.
Edmund put ‘the other’ are the centre of his life, and this is a great role model for all of us. To put others first. As a College,
we authentically follow the four touchstones of the EREA Charter – Liberating education, Gospel Spirituality, Inclusive
Community, plus Justice and Spirituality. These touchstones help define us as a community.
Assessment Results
Teachers are currently releasing student results for assessment online through seqta. Continuous feedback is a valuable
tool for parents and students. Seqta is a major change in how we conduct administration, learning and communication
aspects of the College. Staff have been developing skills across the complex package. All year levels are now making students’ results visible on seqta. Parents and students are able to view this under the ‘Assessment’ tab in seqta. I encourage all parents to take the time to become familiar with the Parent portal in seqta to obtain information within and outside the classroom.
Parent IT Tutorial
A parent IT tutorial was conducted last week. For the parents who were unable to attend this session the PowerPoint
from the evening has been uploaded in SEQTA. You can access this via Parent Lounge then go to DOCUMENTS – “Parent
IT Tutorial Information Evening 22/04/15”. We are looking at another information evening later in the semester.
NAPLAN is coming up soon! Parents of boys in Years 5 and 7, please read the NAPLAN brochure for parents attached to
this newsletter. If you have any concerns about your son in regards to NAPLAN, please contact the Exceptional Learners
department this week for information about your options.
Stephanie Hogan - Exceptional Learners Coordinator
Gail Northcote - Junior School Learning Support Coordinator
Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on Students with Disability (NCCD)
From 2015, all schools across Australia are taking part in the implementation of a new national data collection on school
students with disability. The data will provide information about the number of students with disability in schools, where
they are located and the level of adjustments they receive.
The information provided through this new national data collection will enable all Australian governments to better target support and resources to benefit students with disability. Better information about school students with disability
will help teachers, principals and education authorities to put the right supports in place for students with disability to
take part in school on the same basis as students without disability.
Information will be recorded in such a way that no child can be identified. Student names will not be collected. Inclusion
in the data collection is voluntary. If you wish your son to be excluded from this, you can choose to opt-out of the data
collection by informing the school in writing.
Click on the following website link to access the factsheet on the Information for Parents/Carers.
Please contact Stephanie Hogan for any additional information or concerns about the process.
Debating Team 1
The Signum Fidei Journey- Each of our young men are on a journey, the Signum Fidei
Journey. This journey is a comprehensive and sequential program that currently spans
Years 4 to 8 and includes experiences within Formation classes, retreats, camps, Service Learning opportunities and community initiatives. The intention of the journey is
to form young men who are instilled with the Learning, Leadership & Service values of
our College Touchstones.
Below is an overview of the topics that Year 7 and 8 classes will be exploring in Formation classes this term. The Growth Minds and Goal Setting themes are very timely,
given recent reports and this week’s Parent-Teacher Feedback Meetings.
Term 2 Formation Topics in Years 7 & 8
Weeks 1 -3
Weeks 4 - 6
Weeks 6 - 9
Growth Mindset
Passion & Purpose
Persistence & Grit
Goal Setting
Leadership & Influence
Health & Well-Being
Time, Energy & Effort Management
Taking Responsibility
Generosity & Gratitude
Educating for Cyber Safety
This Wednesday Year 8’s were audience to a presentation from Internet Education and Safety Services (INESS) that aims to change
the mindsets of students when it comes to how they view their online world. Below is an excerpt from INESS that outlines their philosophy: Just like our youth are making numerous good choices every day in the physical world this presentation gives them the
reason to transfer those good decision making skills to their online world in a compelling way by making the dangers and responsibilities real. Every internet user deserves to know where they stand and the nature of the world they are in. When our students understand this it encourages and empowers them to embrace technology in a positive way and provides a tangible reason to make sound
online decisions.
Later this term, both Year 7 and 8 will be audience to a presentation from the Queensland Police Service that will focus on the legal
responsibilities for online users.
Reminders & Updates
Preparing for NAPLAN -Our College has a mindful approach to ensuring our students are prepared for the tests. We focus on two
areas – familiarisation and rehearsal.
During Humanities and STEM classes throughout the first three weeks we focus on the familiarisation component by having students exposed to the test types of NAPLAN and each test’s particular style of questions. For example, reading, comprehension and
writing to stimulus material will be covered in Humanities classes this week. In terms of rehearsal, On Wednesday May 5 Periods 1 –
3 Year 7 students will sit abbreviated Language and Numeracy tasks in the NJC Hall under simulated test conditions. The idea here is
to ensure that students are well versed with what to expect during Week 4’s NAPLAN and that they are readied and focused to do
their best.
Term 2 & 3 Winter Uniform- For the duration of Term 2 and 3 all students will be required to wear a College tie for the whole day
and their College suit coat to and from school, including to Homeroom and Assemblies. Year 7 and 8 Students have a hook and ample space in their locker in which to store their coats throughout the day. Junior School students can hang their suit coat on their
chair in the classroom. During days that the College sports uniform is to be worn, the College jumper or tracksuit jacket can be
Hair & Grooming- All students need to ensure that they meet the College’s expectations in relation to our hair and grooming
guidelines. Hair should be above the eyebrow, ears and collar and should not have any artificial colouring and or dramatic variations
in length. Hair should be no shorter than a gauge 3.
Year 8 Immunisations – Round 2- To occur on Wednesday 13 May.
The Cu Chulainn Award
Junior School
Week 2
4 Bodkin Hugo Paterson
4 Lynch Zac Brown
4 Nolan David Childs
4 Treacy Charles Cooke
5 Bodkin Dane Ball
5 Lynch Callum Conole
5 Nolan Oliver Grose
5 Treacy Sam Pandy
6 Bodkin Joshua Greene
6 Lynch Will Juillerat
6 Nolan Patrick O’Donoghue
6 Treacy Cullen Mayer
At Junior School assembly last week, I spoke with students about the need to reflect on what ‘worked and
what didn’t work’ in their approach to learning in Term 1.
I touched briefly on setting some goals for Term 2 and
centred this on our three main areas of achieving our personal best at Ambrose Treacy College; Engagement, Endurance and Excellence. In reviewing Term 1, I was constantly impressed by the manner in which students
demonstrated their curiosity and shared their knowledge
in class settings. In listening to feedback from teachers,
students in general can continue to improve their engagement in class through their listening skills as well as their
skills with endurance and persistence. Today I wanted to
share with you an edited blog from Norene Wiesen.
“Teaching Persistence: How to Build Student Stamina”.
Teaching persistence in the classroom is an important
part of setting up learners to succeed. Students who have
mastered persistence are able to work through challenges, deal constructively with failures and adversity, and
achieve the goals they have set for themselves.
It’s a lot like running a marathon. The runners who make
it to the finish line are the ones who persist in showing up
for practices and trainings, learn to anticipate slumps and
pace themselves, engage in positive self-talk during tough
times, take steps to effectively prevent and treat injuries,
and adjust expectations to fit reality – even if “finishing”
means having to crawl the last mile. Teaching persistence
depends on first developing student stamina as a way of
conditioning learners to handle sustained effort.
To help learners build stamina and persistence, it’s important to create the right learning environment.
Help Learners Develop a Growth Mindset
Learners need to know that they have the ability to grow
and change, and that effort is the key. Praise them when
they focus their efforts toward specific, clearly defined
goals. When you say things like, “Those extra 10 minutes
of reading each day are paying off – you are decoding unfamiliar words much more easily now,” you help learners
make the connection between effort and achievement.
The goal is for learners to become intrinsically motivated
to engage in effortful learning now and in the future.
Push a Little Bit
Sometimes learners just need a little bit of encouragement to get past a hurdle. A few supportive words, like,
“Think of how good you will feel when you finish those
last two addition problems and you did it by yourself!”
can make all the difference.
Teach Positive Self-Talk
Some learners need a lot of help knowing what to say to
themselves to stay motivated. If a learner’s typical internal dialogue consists of statements like, “This is too
hard,” or “I don’t know how to do this,” it may come as a
revelation to discover that there are other options. Giving
learners specific wording, like, “I know I can do this if I
keep at it,” or, “If I’m really stuck I can ask a friend or my
teacher for help,” can begin to change the way they think
and act when faced with a challenge.
Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
Students learn persistence in the same way that they
learn sight words or multiplication tables – through repetition. Strategies like modelling persistence, connecting
effort to achievement, and pushing students to do a little
more than they think they can aren’t a one-time deal. But
when repeated over time, the cumulative effect will likely
be increased stamina, improved persistence, and intrinsic
motivation for ever greater learning.
In setting our goals to achieve our personal best, I am reminded of a simple approach that was explained to me by
my swimming coach, Mr King many years ago-Focus on
keeping a simple promise to yourself - "I will do something, daily, to move towards my goal". The question I
have for students as they plan for Term 2 and beyondwhat is it that you will do on a daily basis to assist reaching your goal?
Well done to all our Instrumental students who have been on time and attending all lessons and rehearsals. Keep up
the good work gentleman!
Community Mass
Saturday 9th May Mothers Day Mass at 5.30pm in the Chapel. This is a special mass to celebrate mothers so all choristers are encouraged to attend. Meet in the Chapel at 5.15pm. Free dress.
Best of Broadway Saturday 6 June. The School Musical with Brigidine College ‘Best of Broadway’ will be held at ERPAC.
Rehearsals are from 12.30pm to 5pm at ERPAC then dinner for boys from 6pm to 6.30pm. The performance starts at
7pm. Wind Ensemble and Middle School Singers are participating. (Please ensure tickets, registration fee and order
forms are sent in ASAP) Other rehearsals: This weekend- Sunday 3rd May at Brigidine College from 10-4pm.
Friday 5th June 4pm to 9pm at ERPAC
Free Dress – comfortable clothing MUST WEAR enclosed shoes.
Bring lunch and a snack as well as a drink bottle.
Winter Music Concert Thursday 18 June 6.30pm in the Nudgee Junior Hall. Performing will be the Junior School Choir
& Vocal Ensemble, Middle School Singers, ATC Handbells, bands and ensembles.
Handbell Ensembles Combined Rehearsal Time
Rehearsal for both Junior and Middle school ensembles is Monday 3.15pm – 5pm in the Music Room. This gives the Junior School members the opportunity to develop their skills quicker and gives the Middle school members the experience of mentoring the younger ringers.
Friday Assembly Performances- Clarinet Ensemble
This week the Clarinet Ensemble will perform on Friday 1 May during assembly. Students are to be ready by 8.15am in
the Hall to perform at 8.30am. (Normal winter school uniform).
ANZAC Day Ceremony and Dawn Service
Congratulations to the Brass Ensemble who performed at this year’s ANZAC Day Ceremony last Friday. Their contribution to this very important event, helped to make this a memorable occasion. Well done gentleman.
Choir members led the community in singing Abide with Me while wreaths were laid at the ATC Dawn Service. Zayden
Stevens and Sophie Perkins admirably led the crowd of 550 campers singing the National Anthem.
Guitar and Piano Lessons:
If your son has not enrolled in either piano or guitar and would like to do so, please email Mr Jonathon Bolt.
New winter stock in the uniform shop:
SUPPORTERS’ WEAR: Polos— Men’s & Ladies’ $46.50; Wet weather jackets $90.00; Students Wet Weather Jacket:
$80.00 -ideal for the early morning Football games.
Monday and Wednesday 7.30-11.00am and 2.30-3.30pm
Thursday and Friday 7.30-11.00am
Week 3 4—8 May
Sharon Ward
Jennifer Goh
Cheryl Lock
Deb Muller
Robin Kerr
Helen Davidson
Week 4 11—15 May Monday
Mary-Anne Morris 8.30am
Claire Montwill Griffin
Helen Davidson
Lora Medora
Kaylene Perissinotto
Danielle Thygesen
Samantha Leblang
Sushi days have now moved to a Wednesday and Friday only. GLUTEN FREE options now available, check out
to view our options. They include scrolls, muffins, cookies, bread rolls for Hamburgers and tortillas for wraps. If you are Gluten Free
and would like a Bacon and Egg roll for breakfast, please text me on 0403 507 169 by 7am and I can prepare one with Gluten Free
Toast instead of a roll.
Week 3
4– 8 May
Allison Mills
Michelle Partridge
Francia Miller
Rachel McGahon
Caroline Morton
Judith Thorpe
Liz Georghiou
Natalie Armstrong
Megan Williamson
Helper required
Leanne Morton
Kath Jones
Mishelle Dussin
Sandy Nasagavesi
Susannah Kits
Week 4
Maddalena Chapple
11-15 May
Claire Montwill
Rachel O’Connell
Claire Neumann
Julie Osborne
Claire Mulvihill
Sara McGarvey
Lisa Anderson
Fiona Hopkins
Rebecca O’Donoghue
Samantha Leblang
Tracy Pate
Annie Bell
Be Yeo-Bradshaw
Are you a year 4, 5 or 6 student?
Do you love cooking?
Do you love a challenge? Then get ready for…
The ATC Annual Cook Off Competition!
Here’s what to do:
Ask for your parent’s permission
Choose a dish that you would like to cook
Bring your dish to school on Monday 4 may (week 3)
You will have to make sure the dish is kept hot or
cold and will be appropriate to eat from 8:30-9am on
Monday morning. No chicken or nuts allowed.
Please have your recipe so that we are aware of exactly what is in each dish.
Please make sure you have any serving utensils that
are needed (i.e. plates, serviettes etc. and that your
dish can be easily cut so it can be divided into 30
small pieces. No utensils will be supplied.
Your dish will be scored on taste and presentation.
Good luck and happy cooking!
Below are the dates of the games to be held during Term 2. All games commence at 6.50pm until 8pm.
Tuesday, May 5 All Hallow's School vs ATC (AWAY)
Tuesday, May 19 St Aidan's School vs ATC (AWAY)
Tuesday, June 2 ATC vs Marist Ashgrove (HOME)
Tuesday, June 16 ATC vs SLC (HOME)
There are still places available for any students (Junior School students only) for the Brisbane Independent School Chess
meet at All Hallows next Tuesday night, starting at 6.50pm till 8.00pm. Places will be given on a first in first serve basis.
Please email Mrs Goonan if you are interested.
Details can also be found by logging into the Parent Lounge and going to the Chess Portal.
Weekly Focus – Year 4
In Art News each week, we will be giving you a little overview of a different year level and the progress of their
current artworks. This week the focus is on Year 4 and their exciting Term 2 project.
In Term 1, the year 4 students were introduced to the Elements of Art and created a fold out book that displays the elements line, shape, colour, tone and texture. The boys worked with a range of materials from coloured paper to fine liner pen and completed activities that demonstrated their understanding of each of the
elements. This was in preparation for the skateboard decks that the boys will be painting this term based off
the tessellating skateboard designs that they created last term in Maths. In preparation for this, the boys have
been developing and practising their painting skills and learning how to apply paint to a set area. They have
painted their own artwork inspired by the work of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. The boys have enjoyed working with paint and look forward to starting their skateboards in the coming week.
Art Club -Art Club kicked off last Thursday afternoon with the boys beginning work on designs for the paper
lanterns that they will be creating this term. The excitement and enthusiasm of the boys when they come into
Art Club is such a joy to see.
Donations -We have discovered a wonderful use for the Café 63 plastic coffee trays, so if you happen to come
across any of these on your morning coffee runs, we’d really appreciate donations. We are also still collecting
cardboard toilet and paper towel rolls for our “Paper Roll Troll” competition.
Brookfield Art Show—to enter in the Children's Art Exhibition at the Brookfield Show this year please go to
their website for entry form and format requirements.
Ambrose Treacy College has been fortunate enough to be able to do some workshops with Taikoz……arguably the leading Taiko Drum Performance Group in Australia. The Taikoz Group have generously agreed to run workshops outside
school time on a Monday evening at discounted prices for friends of Ambrose Treacy College. If this is something you
would be interested in please register your interest on the Taikoz website- Just click on the Taikoz symbol and then
‘classes’. Be sure to let the Taikoz team know you are friends of Ambrose Treacy College to receive a significant discount. Alternatively you could contact Mr Ramsey to register your interest.
Anzac Campout. Before delving into some reminders about upcoming events/activities, we wanted to commend Paige
Maguire on her efforts. She turned a small, but not insignificant idea into a wonderful and memorable event – the 2015
ANZAC Camp Out. Being able to commemorate the 100th anniversary with over 500 members of our ATC community—
complete with a bugler and 32 naval cadets—was no easy feat! Congratulations Paige, and to all those who volunteered
their time to assist, thank you.
Year 6 parent coffee morning tomorrow Friday 1 May from 8.15am. The event will be held at Simon’s Gourmet Deli
at 620 Moggill Road, Chapel Hill. We’d love to see you there. Queries: Sandy Nasagavesi via 0422 413 680 or class representatives: Bodkin – Lisa Craven, Lynch – Michelle Aspinall, Nolan – Therese Reid, Treacy – Linda Herden.
Year 5 parent Coffee Morning Friday 15 May at Simons Gourmet Deli. Contact Catherine with any queries.
Mothers’ Day stall on Thursday 7 May. It's not long now until Mothers' Day (Sunday 9 May). Get in quick and purchase the
$15 tickets today. Each ticket entitles your boy to choose a super great value gift; a quality gift. All gifts will be wrapped.
AFL Boys’ Day Out on Sunday 17 May at the Gabba. If you love AFL or your boys do, or the reality is that you would like
them to love AFL as much as you do, even just a smidgeon, then note this date in your calendars quick smart. More information, including how to purchase tickets, will be available soon.
EntertainmentTM Books. Pre-order your copies now. The books are $65 each. It gives you access to thousands of ‘up to 50
per cent off’ and 2-for-1 offers for Brisbane’s best restaurants, cafés, attractions and the theme parks. They are valid for
use until 1 June 2016. You can also get five per cent off all your groceries and petrol all year with WISH eVouchers that are
sent directly to your phone. Also, this year you can take 10 per cent off at David Jones! Please contact Linda Herdenwith
any queries.
If you have any queries, input or suggestions, please email your P&F. We’d love to hear from you. Alternatively, the next
P&F meeting will be held on Tuesday 5 May at 7pm in the ATC staff room. If you are interested in understanding how the
P&F works, and/or how you could be more involved in the ATC community, please join us. You would be most welcome.
Active Travel Danger – Have Your Say
We have been fortunate to have an article printed in this week’s
edition of the Westside News (page 4) drawing attention to the
dangers of pedestrian access to our school. As the article states,
Councillor Simmonds (Walter Taylor Ward) is reviewing this problem and expects engineers to provide some short term safety improvements to Radnor Street. The Westside News reporter intends
to write a follow up article on the matter later next month.
We encourage all parents who share our concerns for the pedestrian safety of students, to submit their views and suggestions via
email to Councillor Simmonds and/or to the Westside News editor.
Together we can make a positive difference to the safety of our
children. For further information please email Trish Duell.