Call: 416-625-3352


Call: 416-625-3352
Reduce your Debt upto 75%
7015-Tranmere dr. unit 20 Mississauga, ON
Prime Location In Mississauga In Brand New Building
3 Rooms Office space approximately 1000 Sq. feet.
Space for Lease, Including Kitchen, Washroom $1600
per Month. Including Every thing, available from now.
Serious Inquiries only call: 416-786-6783
7015 #20 Tranmere Drive Mississauga ON.
Jewellery 50% off
Sarees 50% off
Boutique Suits on
Sale 50% off
2005 CRV Honda FOR SALE!
2005 HONDA CRV for sale,
Silver Color is Lady Driven,
Emission/ Certified its fully
loaded, Remote Starter, 19,400
kilometers No Rust, in a Excellent Condition, Local
Driven, New Tires, Asking $7200 OR Best Offer.
Call Now at: 416-625-3352
Heavy Duty
Brand New in
Box, Manual
Crank Awnings
12x10 king size
for Sale Now,
Price $295, Bought $399+Tax.
Call: 416-625-3352
Amazing Dollar Saver
Editor and publisher
17 June
call 647-932-8566, 647-985-3175
association with Phantom Films, it features Shahid Kapoor,
Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor and Diljit Dosanjh in lead roles.
Help Wanted
Primerica can give you one. We’re a large marketing organization. A unique company. One
of the top industry leaders year after year. If
you’d like more information about how representing Primerica could change your whole
life, call: Jay Sohpal, Representative
rTelevisions, Kids bikes, House hold
items, Coffee tables, Picnic chairs, some
exercise equipments some used furniture, One lawnmower For more inquiries call Saver 416-625-3352 or
office: 289-232-5301, Cell: 647-710-1260
rBrand new Computer Audio System (Speakers) for sale Reg. $49.99.
But now on sale price $24.99 only.
High Quality System.
Kitchen help needed. Full time or
Aman- 647-294-5483.
Call for more info. 647-896-324
Are you looking car details with profession
services? Lowest prices,
Summer Special, specializing in auto detailing.
Call Keron- 647-960-8104
For Fast Courier, Apollo
Economy Services, We Deliver
everywhere in India. 25 kg
only $155. For more info call
Dave: 905-671-3695.
If you're looking for your garden to look
perfect? Or you're looking to paint your
driveway, And to grow new grass. Get the
Lowest price, Call: 647-784-1213
Kiran’s Beauty Salon
is looking for full time or part
time position, experienced.
Hair stylist & esthetics. For
more info. Call- 905-654-6778
part time position at
Trinidad restaurant in
Brampton ON, 1650
Williams Parkway.
Call Amid- 905-791-2747
High Grade tutors
are looking for educated
teaching staff for their
growing tutoring Academy.
Part time or Full time position available.
Call Renu Sharma- 416-388-1685
Specialized in Clothing alterations and
stitching, South Asian and Indian clothing
alteration quality work service is provided, call at: 647-285-2258
Catering Service
catering from $5.99 only. Taste
of INDIA. For all Occasions, we
are only one call away. Call
Today! To book your catering services.
Contact SABI: 647-302-7874
ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19)-you won't want to be alone much around the New Moon
on June 4. The company of friends will be extra comforting. A special friend or
two may just show up before you have the chance to call. Family comes into focus
with the June 20 Full Moon. If a relative could use your help getting somewhere,
be open to a small adventure or side trip. Upcoming summer vacation plans could keep all of
you busy for a while. Your planet Mars goes stationary direct on June 29.
TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20)- you’re the center of attention during
the June 4 New Moon. Have you noticed that you're charming
all the birds out of the trees without even trying? You’re most
charming useful quality may be the ability to politely decline offers that are too good to be true.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20)- your stellar features, talents,
and opinions will serve you best if you do things quietly.
Let people come to you in private rather than ring your own
bell and try to attract attention. Your inherent talents shine
most brightly in more intimate settings. May 21 Full Moon
could transform you into an alluring, sexy, and mysterious person. If you aren't actively cultivating this impression, you can still
be amused and pleased with the popularity and attention.
CANCER (June 21- Jul 22)-the best company to keep may be your own
at the New Moon of June 4. Quality downtime is of very high quality now. Read
- or write - that book in peace. Don't worry about what anyone thinks. Use the
Full Moon on June 20 to focus on how and what you want this summer season
to be. There's no rush to please anyone specific or meet up at any place chosen by
someone else. Satisfy yourself first a bit more often. Home life may begin to spark
when Mars goes stationary direct and Mercury enters your sign on June 29.
LEO (Jul 23 - Aug 22)-The New Moon on June 4 could prime people for a big social weekend. Look and feel your most charming and seductive. Be with your favorite people, listen, and dance to the music you like best. Get home safely, and
do it all again tomorrow. The June 20 Full Moon kicks off a fun summer. You
may prefer to start slowly and close to home or go somewhere special by yourself first. There's plenty of time for fun on the big stage later. Mars goes stationary direct on June 29,
VIRGO( Aug 23 - Sep 22)-The June 4 New Moon pumps up your career and
Graphic Design : Harnek virdi,
Amanpreet Matharu
Marketing : Gagan Matharu,
pammi matharu
and Ekta Kapoor under their banner Balaji Motion Pictures in
We sell IP-TV box, we
offer Unlimited Internet,
Home Phone & Cable
and Vonage Phone only
$9.99 month (60 Countries Free
Call). For More info
[email protected] ,
dian crime thriller film written and
directed by Abhishek Chaubey. Produced by Shobha Kapoor
Amazing Dollar SAVER
Harry Matharu 416-625-3352
Udta Punjab (English: Punjab on a High) is an upcoming In-
r Well educated & well settled
Kandola Jatt Sikh family are seek-
r Well establish and respectable
Ramgarhia Sikh family
seeking a suitable match for their
daughter D.O.B. 21st Dec. Msc.
Physics 5’3 living in Jalandhar. Serious inquiries only. Boy must be
from Ramgarhia family. Landed immigrant or Canadian citizen. Sister
well settled in Toronto. Contact to
Gurpreet Kalla: 416-522-2001
or Saver- 416-625-3352
r Jatt Sikh Mundi family looking
match for their 36 years old, 5’3 tall, fair
color, pretty slim. Post Bsc. Nursing occupation. One year clinic experience, now
working as a Clinical Instructor in Private Nursing Collage Mohali. Boy should
be from Jatt family. Must be Canadian
citizen Or permanent resident of Canada.
Please respond with latest photograph
and bio-data. For more information
Call Saver: 416-625-3352
r Jatt Sikh family looking for a
suitable match for their daughter living
in India (Ludhiana) 34 years old, slim
5’2 tall presently working in big company as an office assistant. Mother and
sister well settled in Toronto. Boy must
be similar match Canadian citizen Or
PR. Serious inquiries only.
Call Saver-416-625-3352.
r Ramgarhia/ Jandu family seek-
ing for a suitable match for their 26
year old beautiful slim 5’5 tall girl Canadian citizen. Boy should be landed immigrant or Canadian citizen, university
educated or employed. Please respond
with complete details & recent picture.
Call Saver-416-625-3352.
r Ramgarhia family are seeking a
suitable match for their 24 years old
son 6” tall, B-Tech, MBA, Basketball
Player, presently in India, Looking for
Canadian or landed immigrant girl from
respectable family. Boy’s father, mother
and siblings are in Toronto. For more
details call Saver- 416-625-3352
ing for Canadian citizen or Permanent
resident girl from Jatt Sikh family, for
their 28 years old, 5’8 tall boy .Please
respond with picture and bio data. For
more information call Kamal- 416-7107477 OR Saver-416-625-3352
rWell Settled Sikh Ramgaria Family
seeking Suitable match for their son
23 year, 5’-9” handsome, running
own Business, Girl Should be Family
oriented. Slim, educated & religious
minded. Send Details with Picture &
Full Bio data or
contact Saver: 416-625-3352
rParents Looking Match for their 28
year old son 5’-9” Currently running
his own Business in Jalandhar (Pb)
(Building construction) Girl must be
pretty. Slim, homely cast no bar.
For More Info
Distribution -Ramanpreet Matharu & group
We are looking for key people
to expand our financial
services business in this area.
Experience not necessary. We will train.
For More Information, call:
, Represencall:
office: 28Representative
Cell: 6289.232.5301
*Part-time opportunity subject to certain conditions and/or restrictions. A representative
of Primerica Financial Services Ltd. Life insurance offered through Primerica Life
Insurance Company of Canada Mutual Funds offered through PFSL Investments Canada
Ltd., Mutual Fund Dealer
Ramgarhia Family Jaswal looking for
suitable match for their daughter 27 years
old 5’5” tall, medical/ Health care
Call Ganpat ji 905-783-0789.
Professional, born and raised in Canada
rIN GTA AREA, Rishtay he Rishtay,
Toronto. Boy must be from Ramgarhia
Find Suitable Matches for Your Children’s, Friends, close Relatives, Call
family with similar values and
Ramgariha Marriage Bureau at :
professional qualification only serious
inquiries please. Respond with complete
details and recent pic to
[email protected],
Tandoori Khazana, are
[email protected],
looking for a female worker
for counter help & Bar service. Must know customer
service, Call:
Try Our Tiffin Services, Students Welcomed, Only $150
per month (6 days a week)
Contact us at: 647-302-7874
Are you looking for part time job? Do
want to make some extra pocket money.
Students are welcome.
Flyer Distribution job.
Part Time or full time. We will Pick you
up & drop off. If Interested only
call: 416-625-3352
work situation. Co-workers can't volunteer enough to help out. Tasks may get
redistributed so everyone - including you - has a lighter, easier load. An annoying meeting could be canceled or a celebratory lunch hour extended. The
June 20 Full Moon could ignite a very busy summer social scene for you. Be prepared for friends to want to have fun in abundance. You
deserve more fun, anyway.
LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22)-It's a beautiful world for you at
the June 4 New Moon. Spend some time with intriguing
people and enjoy something artistic that you normally don't get to see
or do. It's the kind of day when all your orchids start to bloom. The
June 20 Full Moon shines on career concerns. If you've been cultivating friends or allies at work, they'll be there for you now.
SCORPIO (Oct 23- Nov 21)-If a problem has been resisting your
best efforts, the New Moon on June 4 could give you what you
need for a breakthrough. It may simply be the right person returning from vacation and addressing your questions. Get the answers you need and the progress you want with no special extra
effort on your part.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21)- Love glows in the air around
you with the June 4 New Moon. You could meet someone so close
to too good to be true that it takes a day for the charm to diminish to
mortal proportions.
CAPRICORN (Dec 22- Jan 19)-Glow with health at the June 4 New Moon. If you've
been under stress or the weather, the clouds are clearing. Become more physically
active without fear of overexertion or starting too fast. You may not consciously be
thinking of yourself first now, but your body would like it if you were.
AQUARIUS (Jan 20- Feb 18)-June 4 holds a New Moon of pure fun and games,
even if you aren't at an amusement park or casino. People will be delighted just
to be with you. If there's a lot of laughter, it will be with you and definitely not
at you. June 20 Full Moon is largely about being happy and healthy. Make a
point of getting out more and letting the sunshine warm you.
PISCES (Feb 19- Mar 20)-Be the darling in your family at the June 4 New Moon.
Anything you unguardedly say or do may be precisely what a relative or housemate
needs. Don't worry about anything being overdone, being fawned over, or being
asked for more than you can deliver. That's all under control. The June 20 Full Moon
is about being creative and enjoying all your time and what you do with it.
call saver: 416-625-3352, 647-389-9542
Jobs Jobs Jobs
Bright Future: We have many positions
in different Fields, Long Term jobs also
experienced/Non Experienced welcome.
Call Raj: 647-248-8428
Basement for Rent
In Springdale Area, (Sandalwood, Torbram Rd.)
Newly made two bedroom basement with separate
Entrance, Girl Students preferred. Free cable + WiFi. Furniture included, Corner house, very Quite
Area, Close to 410, Chalo Freshco, bus stops, parks
& School. Call at: 416-625-3352
Guava & Papaya:
WAGNER brake pads
stick on wheel
Air Filter
New Radiator
CAR AC Compressor
car bearings
CV shaft
Custom Rims
NGK spark plugs
Direct Fit Converter
Make Saving with GNA
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ball joint
AC delco battery
Car Accessories
Synthetic Oil
flex pipes
With any
NGK spark
plug wires
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