Rosen Shingle Creek Resort Hotel


Rosen Shingle Creek Resort Hotel
Rosen Shingle Creek Resort Hotel
Rosen Shingle Creek Resort
Tom Barrow Company Orlando
Helman Hurley Charvat
Orlando, Florida
Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando is situated on
230-acres of lush landscape and is Central Florida’s newest
and most luxurious meeting destination. The state-of-theart hotel includes 1,500 guest rooms and suites, 445,000
square feet of technologically advanced event or meeting
space, a 13,000 square foot spa, and several other amenties
to numerous to mention.
Designed to reflect early 1900 Spanish Revival style
architecture, the hotel provides a glimpse into what life was
like in the early years in Florida. The history of Shingle Creek
reveals the captivating tale of how its majestic cypress trees
provided some much needed shelter for early settlers and
their homes. Today, the stunning grand lobby welcomes
you into a world of lavish choices, complete with luxury
accommodations, enticing restaurants and a championship
golf course.
Titus - The Leader in Air Management |
Titus was the successful supplier of 1760 Vertical Stack
fan coils for all the hotel rooms at the Rosen Shingle Creek
Resort. However due to very specific requirements from
the resort owner a number of “special options” had to
be incorporated into the standard Titus Vertical Stack fan
coil to achieve a number of energy and installation cost
savings. The primary special option and probably the most
challenging to incorporate into a fan coil due to the high
humidity in Orlando was the introduction and treatment of
direct fresh air to the unit. This option not only provided
substantial financial savings on the equipment and
installation but also reduced the space required to layout
the additional ductwork for a secondary fresh air system
supplied by dedicated air handling units typically installed in
the building roof.
The solution to the challenge was the addition of a
secondary “Wild Coil” in each unit with all the necessary
controls which not only tempered the fresh air introduced
directly from outside into each room but also removed the
excessive humidity particularly during the summer months.
A washable filter was also part of the proposal to ensure
that reasonable clean air was introduced into each room and
minimize the financial impact of replacing throwaway filters.
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Being a Vertical Stack installation type, the typical method
of connecting the risers between units at each floor is
to braze the riser pipes, however in this installation and
due to the fast track delivery required by the building
owner, press type fittings were used on all floors with
substantial financial savings and reduced installation time.
In coordination with Coastal Mechanical Services LL, Titus
had to increase the spacing between the risers to allow the
press tool to clamp the fittings into the riser pipes. Lastly
and in order to achieve the highest energy cost savings, a
specific thermostat was selected that cycled the fan/motor
on and off at specific set points as specified by KLG/Orlando
in order to meet the energy savings required by the resort
The Rosen Shingle Creek Resort Hotel is an example of a
typical success story when all parties involved collaborate
and work toward a common goal. It is also an impressive
structure that honors the location and history in which it was
constructed while incorporating new building technology for
the current generation of guests to experience.
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Titus Vertical Stack (VS) Fan Coil units are
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