Prayer Letter


Prayer Letter
June 2016
Dear Prayer Warriors,
It was refreshing to have my parents come down and see the work. My
father was able to preach five times to area churches and was a great
benefit to them, as evidenced by the response.
I then took some vacation time and traveled with my parents to the
Amazon. The Amazon holds many kinds of unusal creatures, and we
delighted in seeing them. Tucans swooped into the trees next to the
hotel. On a river tour, we saw butterflies keep pace with the boat, pink
dolphins bob up for fish bits, birds walk on the giant lilies, and monkeys
swing down from trees. We ended our boat tour with the “encountras
das aguas.” It is where the mighty Amazon meets the Rio Negro, black
river, and flows for some time without the rivers mixing. What struck me
the most were not the parrots, nor the Amozionian jungle, but the
This week on visitation, we met
a mother who enourages her
children to attend. She said, “I
want them to want to go to
church. My son doesn’t need to
be ordered to your church. He
wants to go. He gets himself up
and leaves without complaint.”
His older teen sister also likes to
attend as does her unsaved
• Opportunity for
prayer meetings.
• We had a good men’s
prayer breakfast and first
teen girl’s Bible study in the
church’s neighborhood.
I sat next to a native of the Amazon. She works in the government health
department. So, on the plane was my first hearing of the need of the
Amazonians. This Christian young lady, related the killings by the
Amazonian tribes as they seek to keep foreigners out and darkness in.
Pray for:
• Neighborhood teen
ladies' and children’s
My second encounter with these peoples was on the boat ride. Our
guide called out from the boat, “Are you Mister Love?” Fransico related
some of his life story. “I was from the jungle. My first time in the city was to
go to school at age ten. (It was Belém, the Amazon’s second largest
city.) The teacher’s name was Mister Love. The students told me, ‘He
talks funny because he is from a different country.’ I asked, ‘What is a
country?’ I had never heard of one before. ‘It is a place where they
speak a different language.’ To which I replied, ‘What is a language?’
That day, I also learned what a missionary was. Fransico told me, “I keep
my faith in me. I don’t need a church.” I encouraged him to obey the
Bible and get involved with a church because that is God’s plan for
each of us.
• Funds for the new church
• Spiritual growth: Caique, Caio,
Samuel, Kevin, Marcus, Felipe
and Ivete
• Mateus and Marcus (they are
brothers with mental handicaps
and are disobedient.)
• Permission to begin groundbreaking
identification number so we can
continue getting documents.
My third encounter was at a tribal village and my fourth was listening to
the Indian channel on the television, hearing how they want to go back
to a life of darkness, fear and killing. Spread across Brazil and most
definitely the Amazon are hundreds of languages still without the Bible,
still living in the shackles of fear, still without hope. This is what I took away
from my vacation—a need for more prayers, a need for more witnesses,
a need for more desire for the lost.
Updated Contact Information
This should be the final one.
[email protected]
Thank you for your prayers,
Kelly Love
Kelly Love
Rua Raquel, 212 (Residencial Caucaia 1)
Aguassaí (Caucaia do Alto)
06726-717 Cotia, SP Brazil

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