St. James Bulletin, October 16, 2011



St. James Bulletin, October 16, 2011
ê. Ú³Ïᵠг۳ëï³Ý»³Ûó ²é³ù»É³Ï³Ý ºÏ»Õ»óÇ
St. James Armenian Church
834 Pepper Avenue, Richmond, VA 23226
Rev. Fr. Mesrob Hovsepyan, pastor
Welcome to St. James Armenian Church!
The morning service starts at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays
and is followed by Badarak (Divine Liturgy) at 10:30 a.m.
October 16, 2011
Զ ÎÇõñ³Ï¿ ½ÏÝÇ ê. ʳãÇ
Sixth Sunday after the Holy Cross
Armenian Church
A game of questions
and answers to hone
your knowledge in:
Prayer & Worship
Church Year
History and Saints
In Other Words
The 5th century Armenian translation of the Bible;
by French scholar La Crosse
True: the date is based on the moveable date of
St. Stephen
Literally, the church housing the bishop’s chair
(“cathedra”), therefore the main or mother church
Requiem Service was requested for the souls of:
Ohanes Shadoyan (40th day)
By: Georgette Shadoyan, Sarkis, Dalida, Raffi, & their families.
Margie Baronian, John Baronian, Jr.
By: John Baronian
Berj & Paris Avakian,
By: Nancy Avakian
May God rest their souls in His eternal peace and presence...
êñµáó ²õ»ï³ñ³Ýã³óݪ سïÿáëÇ« سñÏáëÇ«
Ôáõϳëáõ »õ ÚáíѳÝÝáõ
Holy Evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
On Saturday, October 15 the Armenian Church commemorated the Feast of
Holy Evangelists Matthew (Matteow), Mark (Markos), Luke (Ghoogas) and
John (Hovhannes).
The word evangelist derives from the Greek for “proclaimer of the gospel”
and in widest usage refers to preachers and missionaries. Specifically, the
Four Evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are the named authors of
the four Gospels, the first four books of the New Testament canon which
each recount, with somewhat different details, the life of Christ. Matthew
and John were named among the original twelve apostles; Mark and Luke
were apparently companions of Saint Paul.
The evangelists are depicted throughout medieval art in several ways. They
are often shown as authors, holding or writing in books or on scrolls, and as
such, frequently appear in manuscripts as prefatory illustrations before their
Gospels. The Four Evangelists are regularly accompanied by symbolic animals which derive from passages in Ezekiel (1:5-14; his vision of four
beasts); and the Apocalypse (4:6-8; the vision of the beasts around the throne
of God).
Matthew is accompanied, or represented by, the man or angel (his Gospel
begins with the genealogy of Christ); the symbol of Mark is the lion (his
Gospel begins with a description of the voice crying in the wilderness); Luke
is represented by an ox (his Gospel begins with an account of sacrifice); the
symbol for John is the eagle (which flies close to heaven; this refers to
John’s visions). The evangelists may be shown as human figures accompanied by these animals or simply the animals themselves may be represented.
A variant type depicts the evangelists as animal-headed human authors.
Divine Liturgy. Armenia/Sunday School in session.
“The Call to Serve: Ministry of the Faithful” video presentation after the Divine Liturgy.
October 23,
Do you want to enhance your understanding of the symbolic meaning of the most important Sacrament?
Come to witness the Badarak celebrated with periodic interpretations for explanatory narration.
October 29,
Divine Liturgy at Newport News Mission Parish.
October 30,
Sunday/Armenian School Halloween Party
November 5,
55th Anniversary celebration of St. James. The flyer is on the back
Wish List
We are in urgent need of updating the malfunctioning copy machine in the office. The estimated budget to purchase a refurbished copy machine is $4,300. Any contributions to defray the
cost will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.
Today’s Scripture Readings
Isaiah 20:2-21:6, Galatians 4:3-18, Luke 4:14-23
What has been referred to as the “Queen of Translations”?
In the Lord’s Prayer, we ask God the Father to “deliver us from __.”
True or False: Vartanantz is a moveable feast.
Who is the most important deacon of the seven ordained in Acts 6?
T or F: Saints were all martyred for their Christian faith.
Define “cathedral.”
The answers can be found on the last page of the bulletin.
Today, please take a moment to remember in your prayers
Der Arsen & Yn. Varteni Barsamian, Barkev Baronian,
Katie Ralcewicz (for her continued improvement),
as well as all the sick and recovering members
of our community.
May God touch his faithful servants with His healing hand,
and grant them a good health & recovery.

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