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Newsletter Aug 2012 copy
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Issue 10
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This month in shopping at Hazeldean Square
Options for resolving sectional title disputes
Events and happenings
Property update
Hazeldean sales team
We’re sure everyone is feeling very patriotic and proud at
the moment, following our recent successes at the London
Olympics, bringing home a total of 6 medals!
and the sub-acute hospital will allow for post-hospital
recovery and monitoring. The facility will also include
services such as Physiotherapists, consulting rooms, etc.
From a developers’ point of view we are also very proud to
announce that the construction of the 2700sqm Intercare
day clinic and sub-acute hospital is now complete with the
installation of services currently underway. It will start
operating by early September 2012.
Closeby we are fervently busy with the construction
of the brand new Engen Filling Station, which is situated
adjacent to the Virigin Active Gym at Hazeldean Square.
The filling station will be operational by 21 October
2012 and will start off with 4 pump island and a Quick
Shop with a Corner Bakery and delicious Equatorial
The day clinic will cater for minor surgical procedures,
Options for resolving sectional title disputes
A sectional title dispute is any situation in which a significant
difference of opinion has arisen between an owner and the
body corporate. The dispute can be about any aspect of the
management and control of the scheme. A typical sectional
title dispute may involve one or more owners, tenants, the
trustees and the managing agent.
trained to help people settle conflicts collaboratively and
has no decision-making power. The mediation takes place
in a private, informal setting with a non-confrontational
An alternative to going to court. In mediation, all parties
involved in the dispute meet and try to settle the matter
with the help of an impartial mediator. The mediator is
This article is based on "Options for Resolving Sectional Title
Disputes" written by Professor Graham Paddock. For the full
article please see
A process in which a neutral and independent third party
The large number of parties typically involved in and affected hears evidence and arguments from the parties involved in
by sectional title disputes can make them quite complex.
a dispute, and settles the dispute by making a binding decision. It is a more formal dispute resolution process than
Because of this complexity, resolving sectional title disputes mediation and focuses on rights - that is, it is concerned
through the traditional method of going to court (litigation) with the legal rights of the parties. When parties agree to
is an extremely lengthy and expensive process.
arbitrate, they agree to accept the decision as final and
The following options in resolving sectional title disputes are
A formal process for resolving disputes in court, based on
the rights of the parties involved. It is governed by extenThe least formal way of resolving a dispute directly between sive rules that are designed to increase the likelihood that
the parties involved. A more formal version of this process
all of the relevant facts are known by all parties. If you
is to have each party represented by an attorney who nebelieve your rights have been infringed you have a cause
gotiates on their behalf.
of action against a group of people or a person.
Property Update
The construction of the first houses in Phase 3 of the
Retreat, and the servicing thereof is moving full steam ahead.
We are aiming to complete all services and have the first 4
houses ready for occupation by the end of September 2012.
If all goes well half of the houses in Phase 3 will be completed by the end of this year. Sales of Phase 4 of The Retreat
Houses are well underway and we are aiming to start with
services there towards the end of the year.
The first 4 houses in Phase 1 of the Oukraal Houses are
now complete, with another 4 currently under construction.
We are awaiting final approval on the 2nd phase before we
can start installing services for the next 15 units.
Building activity at The Meadows is at an all time high with
37 houses currently under construction!
Above: The construction site at Phase 3 of The Retreat
This month in shopping at Hazeldean Square
of your choice
Click here to view the Monthly Kitchen Assistant’s
great meal idea for August
Left: Naturaltech offer available at Carlton Hair
Events and happenings
Join us for a magical evening with highly acclaimed
acclaimed & talented singer/songwriter Anna Davel
Date: 07 September 2012
Time: 18h00 for 18h30
Venue: The Retreat Clubhouse, Top Flight Avenue
Cost: R250 p.p includes a 3 course meal, juice &
glass of wine. You are also welcome to bring your
own drinks.
Bookings: Susan du Plessis: 011 510 9730 or
[email protected]
For more on Anna Davel visit
Hurry up, limited seats are available!
Pretoria events calender
03 Aug- 02 Sep:
03 Aug- 04 Sep:
10 Aug-29 Aug:
18 August:
18 August:
18 August:
19 August:
19 August:
25 August:
30 Aug-01 Sep:
31 August:
01 September:
22 September:
The Purr Factory - SA State Theatre
Woman of the World - Fient Lifestyle Gallery
Art Exhibition: Mimi van der Merwe - Association of Arts Nieuw Muckleneuk
Sonja & Tjokker (kids) - Centurion Theatre
Boeremark - Pioneer Open Air Museum Grounds
Faust - Brooklyn Theatre
Hunchback of Notre Dame - Brooklyn Theatre
Min Shaw & Lance James - Pierneef Theatre
Spar Women’s Race - Supersport Park Centurion
SANBI Book Festival - Pretoria National Gardens
Rijk’s wine maker dinner - De Kloof Restaurant
Wildsfees & Lentedans - Rafters Pub & Grill
Waterkloof Air Show Craft Beer & Gourmet Burger Day - Waterkloof Air Force Base
Hazeldean Sales Team
Annamarie Marais
082 741 7766
[email protected]
Fransie Gouws
011 510 9999
[email protected]
Renier Swarts
082 555 3979
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