Special Offer! - The Cookery School at Braxted Park


Special Offer! - The Cookery School at Braxted Park
Issue 1
Welcome to the first edition
of The Cookery School
Chronicles, created by
The Cookery School at
Braxted Park.
2012 has already proven to be an
exciting year for The Cookery School
as we welcome new talented chef
Ursula Ferrigno to the team and
introduce some fantastic new cookery
classes to add to our ever expanding
range, including ‘Authentic Italian’,
‘Delicious Dishes in 20 Minutes’ and
‘Cooking with Chocolate:
Savoury & Sweet’.
With lots to shout about, this
Included in this edition...
newsletter is designed to bring you
up to date on our activities as well as • Chef Guy Moore features
in our ‘Staff in the
to entertain and offer inspiration by
Spotlight’ section.
providing culinary delights, including
seasonal recipes, recommendations • Mark David provides some 2
useful BBQ tips.
and news on related current affairs.
If you have something to say, then
we want to hear!
Whether you have discovered a
great new take on a classic recipe
or if there is a particular cookery
course you want to see then let us
We hope you enjoy reading the
first edition of The Cookery School
Jess Chapman
• Brand new cookery
courses and dates
• We welcome new Italian
chef Ursula Ferrigno
to the team.
• Chef Mark Webb provides
a superb summer recipe
for you to try at home in
our ‘In Season’ section.
Marketing Assistant
Special Offer!
Book a place on any of Guy Moore’s cookery
classes and get the second place half price!
See page 2 for more information!
01621 890300
Cookery School Highlights
We take a look at some of the culinary triumphs from our recent classes.
Fabulous French Provincial with Peter Bayless
When baking a souffle, the result can be somewhat unpredictable and in many
cases disappointing. However Peter Bayless’ delegates rose to the challenge
by baking Souffle d’Orange - and boy did they rise... some reaching well over 2
cm’s! Tres Bien!
“An enjoyable day doing new
things and meeting new people.
Elayne from Colchester
Brilliant Baking with Mark Webb
Our baking delegates can get rather competitive when it comes to decorating
cupcakes and so what better opportunity to introduce an official cupcake
decorating competition!
Congratulations to Samantha who won our first competition for her excellent
piping skills and went home with a new recipe book and cupcake stand.
The next Brilliant Baking cookery class is on Tuesday 18th September.
“I had a great day and look forward
to trying out the recipes at home!
Mary from Chelmsford
New Cookery Class
Afternoon Summer Barbeque: 4th July
Chef Mark David has designed an exciting new cookery class,
with a twist!
Running on American Independence Day, delegates will
learn how to cook a delicious American inspired menu fit for any
Summer Barbecue. After a busy afternoon of prepping delictable dishes,
delegates can relax and enjoy the fruits of their labour in Braxted Park’s
Walled Garden, with a glass of wine or a cold beer in hand.
Exclusive Newsletter Offer!
Book a place on any of Guy Moore’s cookery classes and get the
second place half price!
Summer Canapés: 24th July
Setting the standard of what is likely to follow, canapés are the first step to
adding a touch of glamour to your Summer party. Join us on our new Summer
Canapés course to learn how to create small dishes with a big taste.
Cooking with Chocolate: Savoury & Sweet: 14th August
This course will teach you about the history, production methods and cooking
techniques of chocolate to provide you with all the skills you need to prepare
delicious chocolate treats, both savoury and sweet!
Breads & Pastries: 27th September
Learn how to perfect your kneading technique to create the perfect dough
for sweet and savoury breads and as well as learn some great ideas for the
endless flavours and fillings.
Offer ends on 15th July 2012! Applies to new bookings only.
To book call us on 01621 890300 as this exclusive offer is not available on our
In the event of a cancellation by The Cookery School at Braxted Park your place is nonrefundable. We will offer an alternative course from our calender.
01621 890300
Looking for a unique gift?
If you want to inspire
the food lover in your
life, why not treat them
to a gift voucher for a
one-day cookery class?
Vouchers are valid for 12 months and
are sent in a gift wallet.
Order one today on our
website or by calling us on
01621 890300
Staff in the Spotlight
Guy Moore
With over 30 years of
experience working in
the culinary industry,
Guy really knows his stuff!
We pinned Guy down to ask him a
couple of questions...
Favourite dish?
An extremely tough question but Beef
Wellington is most certainly up there!
Can you offer a cookery tip?
Don’t cook with wine which you
wouldn’t want to drink!
In Other News...
Real Bread Campaign
The Real Bread campaign aims to improve the quality of bread available in the UK as standards
are slipping. They work with organisations and individuals to spread the word about Real Bread
and how people can support their local bread maker. For more information on their activities
and how you can get involved, vist their website: www.sustainweb.org
To learn how to make fresh bread, why not book yourself a place on our fantastic Breads
& Pastries class with Guy Moore on 27th September? Here’s a snap of a foccacia made by his previous class..
The Maldon Salt Company
Favourite of professional chefs ‘Maldon Sea Salt’ is a local product with an
international reputation. We recently had the pleasure of welcoming two of
the owners, Sue and Clare Osborne on our Spring Dinner Party cookery class.
They kindly donated a large tub of Maldon’s finest for our chefs to use and
some handy pinch tins for delegates to take home. www.maldonsalt.co.uk
The Little Fish Shop
The Little Fish Shop located on Kelvedon High Street are our main supplier of fish - and for good reason! Our
chefs and delegates are always impressed with the quality of their produce from local boats or daily from
Billingsgate. With great fish and great service, we would certainly recommend a visit!
Here comes the sun!
With the arrival of Summer,
The Braxted Park Estate is in
full bloom and looking
Here are some snaps...
New Chef Announced!
We are thrilled to welcome our new Italian chef, Ursula Ferrigno to
the team. Ursula has a love of all things Italian and boasts years of
skill, knowledge and experience cooking exciting Italian cuisine.
Ursula has had her fair share of television appearances, magazine
mentions and radio spots including features on BBC Radio 4’s The Food
Programme and Good Food Live. Ursula is also an accomplished author having
written 17 International books!
Along with the annoucement of a new chef comes two fantastic new cookery
classes, both designed by Ursula.
Authentic Italian - Wednesday 18th July
Learn how to make stand-out authentic Italian dishes using the freshest
ingredients. This class is also suitable for vegetarians.
Book a place before 6th July 2012 for just £99!
Delicious Dishes in 20 Minutes - Wednesday 5th September
The perfect dishes to make speedy weekday meals exciting and full of flavour
when time is tight and tummies are rumbling!
For more info on our cookery classes including the dishes you will be cooking, visit the
‘Courses’ page on our website.
01621 890300
One again we are
making an exhibition
of ourselves!
The Essex Chronicle
Festival of Food & Drink
21st - 22nd July
10am to 5pm
Cressing Temple Barns,
CM77 8PD
Come and visit our stand
to find out more about our
cookery classes, chefs and
exclusive show offers.
You could also be in with
a chance to win a oneday cookery class voucher
to attend one of our
fabulous classes simply by
entering our Prize Draw
In Season - Strawberries
This succulent, fragrant fruit is as beautiful as
it is flavourful and has become a key ingredient
in classic British Summer foods such as Eton Mess, Summer Pudding or simply served with cream. With a little
Tender Loving Care, you can grow your own if you have a sunny spot in the garden. If not then we recommend
popping to your local farm shop or pick your own.
Here’s a great recipe from Chef Mark Webb for you to try at home - the perfect dessert to enjoy this Summer!
Look out for the next edition of The Cookery School Chronicle for another recipe to add to your collection!
Strawberry Ripple Cheesecake
Ingredients (Makes 8-10 portions)
600g cream cheese
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Grated zest 2 lemons
Juice of 3 lemons
3 leaves gelatine
600ml double cream
200g caster sugar
200g digestive biscuits
80g butter
For the Strawberry Sauce
500g English strawberries (+ extra for garnish later)
100g caster sugar
100 ml water
“Perfect with a glass of bubbly!”
- Mark Webb
1) Melt the butter, crush the biscuits, mix & line a cake tin or individual moulds, chill in fridge.
2) Soften the gelatine in cold water, boil 200ml of the cream with the sugar.
3) Drain & gently squeeze the gelatine, add to the hot cream & beat into the cream cheese.
4) Add the juice & zest of the lemons, and the vanilla extract.
5) Leave to cool for 30 minutes, meanwhile – make sauce by boiling sugar & water for 2 minutes, then pour
over hulled strawberries & liquidize in a blender (or use stick blender). Pass through a conical sieve to remove
6) To finish the cheesecake, whip the remaining 400ml of cream lightly, and carefully fold into the cream cheese
mix. Then carefully fold in 2/3 of the strawberry sauce to create a ripple effect.
7) Pour into the biscuit lined cake tin or moulds & chill for at least 3 hours before serving.
8) Garnish with extra strawberries cut & mixed with the remaining sauce.
Contact Us
The Cookery School
Braxted Park Estate
Witham, Essex
01621 890300
[email protected]
Social Networking
In the next issue...
• New courses announced!
• Festive news and offers
• The perfect Christmas recipe for you
to try at home!

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