and Print PDF of this map


and Print PDF of this map
Year round. Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
21. Tiger Dunlop’s Tomb, A-C-W
The Port of Goderich waterfront and harbour areas have a rich
marine history dating back to the days before the first
European settlers arrived. An intriguing blend of maritime,
manufacturing and social history combines to create a special
heritage chronicle. Walking the waterfront walkways will
permit you to immerse yourself in the vivid memories of
yesteryear. The Waterfront Walk follows the Boardwalk from the
Main Beach, through St. Christopher’s Beach to Rotary Cove.
Address: Different start points along the
lakeshore – see brochure
GPS: lat 43.745141, lng -81.72614
Contact: Goderich Tourism, 519-524-6600
Year round
22. Laithwaite Apple Park, Goderich
This apple orchard near Goderich has fascinated visitors for
four generations with its many sculptures fashioned from
cement, metal, fieldstone and found materials by George
Laithwaite (1873-1956). Some of his human figures were
created as satirical or political commentary on world events,
whole others were based on comic strip characters. The
uniqueness and diversity of these statues has made Apple Park
a local landmark. Laithwaite Apple Park also offers a farm store
selling seasonal products.
Address: 35563 Huron Road
(Highway #8 – just east of Goderich)
Davara Studio offers a wide selection of both wheel and hand
thrown pottery pieces, using an interesting combination of
glazes and colours. They also have a wonderful selection of
stained glass and wood creations in their bright and airy studio.
Courses in both pottery and stained glass are offered. Ask for a
pottery demonstration.
Address: 197 Westmoreland St., Blyth
GPS: lat 43.738300, lng -81.428021
Contact: 519-523-4355 or [email protected]
Year round by chance or by appointment – most Saturdays
and Sunday evenings
8:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily April 20 to October 14 (camping
season). Day-use year round. Located just outside
Benmiller, go 6 km east of Goderich on Highway #8 to
County Road #1, then follow signs. Paid Day Use Admission
Adults $5.00, Senior $ 4.00 Children (5-12) $2.50
May-August: Monday 1 pm to 4:30 pm, Tuesday to
Friday 9 am to 4:30 pm, Saturday 11 am to 3 pm.
Admission by donation. September to May,
by appointment or by chance
Ranging in many styles and sizes, these beautiful structures
have been recognized as some of the best birdhouses in the
world. Most of the birdhouses are created using reclaimed
wood that is decades and sometimes centuries old. Purchase
plans that are outlined from start to finish or take home a one
of a kind Extreme Birdhouse.
Address: 33 Queen St., Belgrave
GPS: lat 43.738300, lng -81.428021
Contact: 519-357-9595
Year round
Year round – most days from 9 AM including Sundays
(or phone to be sure)
The original CNR School on Wheels Car #15089 was one of
seven such railway schools used as a highly successful method
of reaching and teaching the isolated children and adults of
Northern Ontario early in the last Century. The School Car is also
a memorial to Clinton Native Fred Sloman, the “Dean of School
Car Teachers” who lived and taught in this travelling school
from 1926 to 1965. 2012 is the 30th Anniversary of the School
Car Museum.
Address: 76 Victoria Terrace, Clinton
GPS: lat 43.605519, lng -81.537350
Contact: 519-482-3997
Year round. Mon. to Fri. 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM,
Sat. 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
35. Blyth Festival and Bainton Gallery, Blyth
Blyth Festival is nationally recognized as one of the best off-thebeaten-track performing arts centres in Canada. The centre was
founded in 1975 to produce theatre that reflects the culture and
concerns for the people of south western Ontario and beyond. In
addition to the Blyth Festival, the Centre includes an Art Gallery
that showcases three professional exhibits, one non-juried
community show and co-ordinates a student exhibit each season.
Address: 423 Queen St., Blyth
GPS: lat 43.73667, lng -81.429226
Contact: 519-523-9300/1-877-862-5984
or [email protected]
32. Kintail School House, Kintail
Catch a glimpse of everyday live in rural Huron County in this
restored yellow-brick schoolhouse. Former students have
worked to restore the building and recreate the one-room
classroom. The School Committee runs a kitchen with good
country cooking as well as a flea market.
Address: Highway 21, North of Kintail
GPS: lat 43.978040, lng -81.705972
Contact: Jim Sinnett 519-529-7288
Open Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
throughout the summer
Please see website for theatre season
and gallery exhibit schedules
47. Beechwood Pottery, Huron East
Award-winning potter creates hand-formed pottery in
functional stoneware and fine porcelain. His carefully-crafted
work is shown in solo exhibitions and featured in fine gift shops
and galleries across Ontario and Quebec.
Commissions accepted for custom dinnerware, liturgical and
presentation pieces.
Address: 44004 Bridge Road, RR #5 Seaforth
GPS: lat 43.556382, lng -81.300618
Contact: 519-345-2181 or [email protected]
Year round. By chance or appointment
Copies of the
Thursday evenings 5:30 - 8:00 PM from June 21 to August 30.
Bring a lawn chair and enjoy.
Address: 56 Victoria Street (at end of Gouinlock Street)
GPS: lat 43.551445, lng -81.393157
Contact: 519-527-0160
Year round. Admission free.
“50 Things to See in
Huron County This Summer”
Maitland Mill was built in the present day village of Gorrie by
the seven Leach brothers in 1856 as a gristmill and operated
until 1962. Ulike most mills, turbines were used for water power
in place of a water wheel. The mill rests on conservation land
and is the only remaining mill in Howick which has not been
destroyed by fire, decay, or financial ruin.
Address: Mill Street East, Gorrie
GPS: lat 43.870828, lng -81.108489
Contact: 519-335-3557
45. Sunshine, Morris-Turnberry
Sunshine is a Huron County ghost town located along the
banks of the Maitland River where a sawmill, a blacksmith
shop, a general store, and a Methodist church once stood.
Only the cemetery, named Sunshine Corners, identifies where
the hamlet once stood was home to a small number of inhabitants. Visitors today can enjoy either the Sunshine Conservation
Area or stopping by the old cemetery to read the tombstones.
Address: Sunshine Cemetery - 84757 Martin Line
or Sunshine CA - 41710 Cranbrook Road
GPS: lat 43.783868, lng -81.335408 or
lat 43.75181, lng -81.312251
Contact: Sunshine Conservation Area 519-335-3557
43. William Wallace Garden Furniture, Fordwich
Selected for the highest quality, teak and iroko hardwood
constructed garden furniture are crafted and finished resulting
in a combination of ‘old-world’ English styles with classic
Canadian design and craftsmanship. William Wallace will also
custom design articles to suit your unique needs, both indoor
and outdoor. This furniture is built to last a lifetime.
Address: 62 Patrick St. Forwich
GPS: lat 43.873931, lng -81.032155
Contact: 519-335-3759 or [email protected]
Year round. Open Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM
50. Van Egmond House, Egmondville
Seaforth's Main Street was designated in 1984 as a heritage
Conservation District because of its distinguished late 19th
century architecture. This architectural composition of two
storey brick buildings is unique in its uniformity of scale and
character. A recent renovation project that included many
Main Street businesses won a 2012 “Bricks and Mortar” award
from the Ontario Business Improvement Area Association.
GPS: lat 43.551499, lng -81.394858
Contact: 519-527-0160
Year round. Heritage walking tour map can be
downloaded at
Brussels Conservation Area is a day use area with a small
reservoir and picnic facilities. This property is also the site of the
historic Logan Mill. A flour and gristmill was first built on this site
in 1859. Recently the Brussels Optimist Club, with assistance
from the Trillium Foundation, have funded the construction of
new a washroom facility as well as upgrades to the picnic area
and walking trails. There is also playground equipment at the
site. Brussels celebrates its 140th in 2012 with a Homecoming
celebration from July 27 to 29, 2012.
Address: Can be accessed by turning East off
of Turnberry Street on to either Mill Street
or Dunedin Drive to Albert Street
GPS: lat 43.741770, lng -81.246881
Contact: 519-335-3557
2. Kirkton Library
70497 Perth Road 164
GPS: lat 43.3284, lng, -81.310765
Phone: 519-229-8854
8. Blyth Library
392 Queen Street, Blyth
GPS: lat 43.735852, lng, -81.429824
Phone: 519-523-4400
3. Hensall Library
108 King Street, Hensall
GPS: lat 43.434032, lng, -81.503951
Phone: 519-262-2445
9. Wingham Library
281 Edward Street, Wingham
GPS: lat 43.887706, lng, -81.313047
Phone: 519-357-3312
4. Zurich Library
50 Zurich Main Street, Zurich
GPS: lat 43.42099, lng -81.626545
Phone: 519-236-4965
10. Howick Library
45088 Harriston Road
GPS: lat 43.884881, lng -81.049908
Phone: 519-335-6899
This Georgian manor is one of the oldest houses in Huron County,
and served as the nucleus for the growth of Egmondville. The
house was built in 1846 by Constant Van Egmond, the eldest son
of Colonel Van Egmond, a leader of rebel military forces in the
Rebellion of 1837. Today, the house is preserved to its original
splendour to provide a glimpse of life in the mid-nineteenth
century. Ciderfest – Saturday, September 30 10:00 AM – 4:00PM.
Address: 80 Kippen Road (corner of
Kippen Road and Bayfield Road)
GPS: lat 43.539276, lng -81.405500
Contact: 519-522-0413
Open May to September. Thursday through
Monday: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Admission by donation
5. Bayfield Library
20 Main Street, Bayfield
GPS: lat 43.564776, lng -81.70068
Phone: 519-565-2886
11. Brussels Library
402 Turnberry Street, Brussels
GPS: lat 43.744328, lng -81.24991
Phone: 519-887-6448
6. Goderich Library
52 Montreal Street, Goderich
GPS: lat 43.741368, lng -81.713637
Phone: 519-524-9261
12. Seaforth Library
108 Main Street S., Seaforth
GPS: lat. 43.5505, lng -81.395701
Phone: 519-527-1430
Year round
44. Hac N’Wac, Bluevale
Artisan, Mark Breckenridge has been welding for the last 13
years and is now the owner of a welding and fabricating
facility. Mark first started creating sculptures as gifts for friends
and family in his spare time. Mark’s art is handmade with a
strong focus on attention to detail. He uses a variety of materials
to create distinctive and one-of-a-kind garden art, sculptures,
home accents and even larger pieces such as railings.
Address: 87109 Black Line, Bluevale
GPS: lat 43.868904, lng -81.239451
7. Clinton Library
27 Albert Street, Clinton
GPS: lat 43.618166, lng -81.53962
Phone: 519-482-3673
46. Brussels Conservation Area, Brussels
1. Exeter Library
330 Main Street, Exeter
GPS: lat 43.347554, lng -81.480638
Phone: 519-235-1890
48. Main Street Seaforth, Seaforth
49. Victoria Park, Seaforth
Dr. W.C. Gouinlock donated the land for the park to the town
of Seaforth in May, 1875. The War Memorial was erected at the
west end of the park after World War I. The names of 40
Seaforth area men who had fought and died in that war are
inscribed along with those of the 20 men who died in World
War II. In the park’s bandshell was built with the same proportions and covered ceiling as the one at the CNE in Toronto. An
Ontario Heritage Plaque on the founding of Seaforth is also
located in the park. Twilight Tunes, live music concerts on
map are available at any branch of
the Huron County Library during
their regular hours.
42. Maitland Mill, Gorrie
40. Pioneer Cemeteries – Wroxeter
Huron County is synonymous with agriculture and one of the
best ways to experience what the County offers in terms of
agriculture is to visit one of the many summer Farmers’ Market.
The Howick Farmers’ Market is located outdoors at the Howick
Community Centre, the market features locally produced
lamb, beef, and pork, fruits and vegetables, baking, goat
cheese, herbs, preserves and specialty crafts.
Address: 45088 Harriston Rd., Gorrie
GPS: lat 43.88627, lng -81.035424.
Contact: 519-335-3850
Open Saturdays 9 AM to Noon, June-September
Please contact or check website for
costs and availability
Open Victoria Day weekend until end of September.
Thursday to Sunday and holidays: 11:00 AM to
4:00 PM. Admission by donation
41. Howick Farmers Market, Howick
Year round
Home on the Range, Huron County’s premiere trail riding
facility offers over 100 acres of trails throughout some of the
area’s most spectacular scenery. Rolling hills, beautiful forests
and open meadows are just part of your experience. Their well
trained horses offer an enjoyable experience for both the
beginner and the advanced rider.
Address: 41073 Londesboro Road, Londesboro
GPS: lat 43.672970, lng -81.420902
Contact: 519-523-9478
27. School Car on Wheels, Clinton
Year round
Bush Art produces rustic cedar creations to bring beauty and
pleasure to your home, garden and patio. The Wellsteads have
been making arbors, bird houses, love seats, easels and rustic
garden furniture since 1990. Cedar harvested from a bush on
the Wellstead farm is used for these outdoor pieces. There is a
show room and shop at the farm as well as “The Book Barn”
which offers 10,000 titles of excellent used books.
Address: 86457 Norman Line, Wingham
GPS: lat 43.899337, lng -81.384308
Contact: 519-357-3597 or [email protected]
Website: Sunshine Conservation Area
38. Bush Art, Wingham
29. Home on the Range, Londesborough
Contact: 519-335-6770
Year round
The Wroxeter Presbyterian Cemetery and the Wroxeter
Anglican Cemetery are located a block apart and are a good
place to learn about the area’s early pioneers by reading the
headstones. The Wroxeter Presbyterian Cemetery, the larger of
the two, was closed in the 1960’s and many of the graves were
re-interred at Wroxeter Public Cemetery when the township
took over in the 1960’s.
Address: located at Queen and Church Street
GPS: lat 43.864530, lng -81.146050 – Wroxeter
Presbyterian Cemetery
GPS: lat 43.865242, lng -81.146207 – Wroxeter
Anglican Cemetery
Year round
Wawanosh is a large property that contains a variety of natural
habitats. Both the Belgrave Creek and the Maitland River flow
through the Conservation Area. The Wawanosh Nature Centre
is used extensively for conservation education programs and
special events. The Conservation Area is highlighted by a
scenic 3 km trail loop, and a boardwalk leads through the
hemlock forest to the upland hardwood or red pine plantation.
Address: 38781 Glenshill Rd., Auburn
GPS: lat 43.828145, lng -81.465456
Contact: 519-335-3557
The Port Albert Fishway (PAF) was constructed at the historical
mill dam in the village of Port Albert to allow the passage of
spawning fish to upstream coldwater streams in the Nine Mile
River Watershed. The PAF building houses a self-guided display
that explains the importance of the fishway to the fishery in the
watershed. Fall runs of pacific salmon (Chinook, coho, and
pink) as well as rainbow and brown trout occur from
mid-September until the end of November.
Address: Wellington Street, Port Albert at old bridge
GPS: lat 43.878497, lng -81.715507
Contact: Ministry of Natural Resources
(Clinton Office) at (519) 482-3428.
Year round
Website: www.mvca.onca
37. Extreme Birdhouse, Belgrave
31. Port Albert Fishway, Port Albert
39. North Huron Museum and Alice Munro Literary
Gardens, Wingham
This community museum in Wingham features special exhibits,
art and innovative events celebrating the history of the North
Huron area from the paleolithic era to modern day. The Barn
Dance Entertainment Museum, located in the lower level, pays
tribute to Canada’s Largest Travelling Barn Dance – the longest
live radio show of its kind in Canadian broadcasting. The Alice
Munro Literary Gardens pay tribute to the literary achievements of Wingham native and internationally renowned
author Alice Munro.
Address: 237 Josephine St. Wingham
GPS: lat 43.887152, lng -81.312230
Contact: 519-357-1096 or [email protected]
34. Wawanosh Valley Conservation Area, North Huron
Year round
The natural beauty of Falls Reserve makes it truly exceptional.
The park's 230 acres are nearly enclosed by the winding
Maitland River. Over thousands of years the river has carved its
way through rock, leaving behind a rugged river valley. Wide
and shallow, the river cascades over a series of low waterfalls
as it flows around the park creating a unique and exciting
swimming area for visitors. Pack your camera and spend a day
or a weekend hiking along the trails accessible from the park.
Address: 80900 Falls Reserve Line
GPS: lat 43.717584, lng -81.632240
Contact: 519-524-6429 or [email protected]
36. Davara Studio, Blyth
Area is open year round from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily.
Donations appreciated
24. Falls Reserve Conservation Area, Benmiller
Year Round. Brochures available at Goderich Tourism,
91 Hamilton Street, Goderich
or printable pdf file at:
Clinton is home to 5 murals by artist Allen Hilgendorf that depict
important events and industries in the town’s history.
A) “Clinton Millennium Mural” – 23 Albert
Street at back of Town Hall
B) “The Grand Parade – 1929 Old Boys Reunion”
- 21 Victoria Street on South wall by Subway
C) “Clinton Spring Fair”- 56 Albert Street
D) “J and J Pharmacy” - 21 Victoria Street
E)”Clinton Raceway” - 147 Beech Street
The Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area is a 2200 hectare site along
the South Maitland River. Set in the heart of Huron County, and
strategically located on the paths of two major waterfowl
flyways (Atlantic and Mississippi), Hullett is one of the most
spectacular wildlife habitat developments in Eastern Canada.
The forests, fields and marshes present at Hullett provide a wide
diversity of wildlife species for all outdoor enthusiasts. Maps of
the marked trails can be found on the website. Insects can be
a nuisance during summer months - wear suitable clothing and
use insect repellent.
Address: 41378 Hydro Line Road, Clinton
GPS: lat 43.603529, lng -81.456993
Contact: 519-482-7011 or [email protected]
19. Marine Heritage Walkway, Goderich
Dr. William Dunlop (1792-1848), a physician, author, woodsman,
soldier, politician, raconteur – and one of Huron County’s most
colourful historical figures. As “Warden of the Forests” for the
Canada Company, he assisted John Galt in opening up the
Huron Tract and in 1827 founded Goderich. The site contains
interpretive panels on the life of Tiger Dunlop and the
settlement of Gairbraid.
Address: 81501 River Ridge Crescent, off Airport Road, then
a 300 metre walk along trail to tomb
GPS: lat 43.759171, lng -81.701642
Contact: Huron County Museum 519-524-2686
26. Clinton Murals, Clinton
28. Hullet Provincial Wildlife Area, Clinton
The “50 Things to See in Huron County This Summer” map
is a result of a one year cultural mapping project done by
the County of Huron. The project began in June, 2011 with
funding assistance from the Province of Ontario with the goal
to complete a comprehensive inventory of all of the
cultural assets located in Huron County.
Juxtaposed within a peaceful farming community – where
you'll see stalls brimming with farm-fresh fruits and vegetables,
baked goods, preserves and maple syrup – stands a granite
monument that honours 87 Wawanosh boys who served in the
Huron Battalion. Enjoy the picturesque route that winds through
this Amish and Mennonite countryside.
Address: At Belfast Road and St. Helens Line
GPS: lat 43.90273, lng -81.510122
Year round
To date we have inventoried over 1,500 cultural
assets in the cultural database. The number of cultural
assets available to residents and visitors confirms that we
have a large and vibrant cultural community in Huron
County. The wide-range of cultural assets in the database
including everything from parks, heritage buildings, art
galleries, tractor pulls, plowing matches and everything
in-between says that Huron County really does have
something for everyone, whatever their interests.
Year round
Forge was founded thirty years ago by Jim Wallace an artisan
blacksmith. Jim and his fellow blacksmith’s at the forge work
with iron and steel to create objects and structures that. They
enjoy showing the world the remarkable things that can be
done with metal, honouring the traditions of blacksmithing and
wrought iron, while doing their best to keep these traditions
alive and contemporary as part of the renaissance in artistic
blacksmithing creating custom work.
Address: 36404B Huron Road
(Highway #8) at Whys Line
GPS: lat 43.691833, lng -81.634604
Contact: Jim Wallace, 519-524-8096
33. Wawanosh Cenotaph, St. Helens
Known locally as the bridge that love built, Ball’s Bridge was
built in 1885 when a smitten engineer, working on another
bridge at the mouth of the Maitland River near Goderich fell in
love with one of the Ball family daughters. He built Ball’s Bridge
so she would never have to get her feet wet crossing the
Maitland River. A designated heritage property and
recognized with a Provincial Heritage Plaque, Ball’s Bridge is
one of the most scenic spots in Huron County.
Address: Located on Little Lakes Road, just west of Baseline
Road (County Road #8). Look for Signs
GPS: lat 43.730859, lng -81.544138
Year round
The cultural database created for the
project is now the cornerstone of a new Huron County
website – On this new site you can
search the database, using multiple criteria to locate the
cultural assets you’re interested in, watch videos about
Huron County’s heritage or read the full report from the
Cultural Mapping Project. The plan is to continue to build on
the database and the website over the next year,
establishing a “one-stop” place for everything arts,
culture and heritage in Huron County.
23. Sharp's Creek Forge, Central Huron
30. Ball’s Bridge, Auburn
We hope you’ll take the time this summer to celebrate our
local cultural by visiting some of the 50 locations on the map
or by visiting and creating your own
list of 50 things to explore in Huron County.
At the top of the bluffs leading down to Goderich Harbour, the
park is located where the original log structure, Tiger Dunlop’s
“castle” stood. The park suffered a lot damage and tree loss
from the 2011 tornado. A number of public art projects are
planned as part of the park’s revival from the storm.
Renowned chainsaw carver, Bobbie Switzer, has begun
carving stumps from damaged tress into sculptures. Local
artisan James Wallace of Sharp’s Creek Forge has been
commissioned to create a memorial to the August 2011
tornado that should be in place in July, 2012. Home of the
annual Celtic Roots Music Festival (August 10-12). Visit for ticket and line-up information.
Address: 168 West Street, Goderich.
GPS: lat 43.743397, lng -81.719442
Contact: Goderich Tourism, 519-524-6600
Open Year Round. Admission Free
Woodlands Arboretum is an Audubon recognized site. The
Centre consists of several areas: an arboretum, a nut grove
and many nature trails. The arboretum has 120 native trees and
Carolinian trees organized and planted into groups according
to their leaf composition. Signs identify all the groups of trees. A
2.5 km trail is well marked with arrows and is a beautiful natural
setting that offers an opportunity to see concrete examples of
ecological concepts taught in science.
Address: 37858 Huron Street (Highway #8),
RR #3 Clinton
GPS: lat 43.632565, lng -81.574774
Contact: 519-482-7144
Year round. Admission is free. Please check in at the Pro
Shop at the Golf Course
Thank you to the Project Steering Committee
and to our Project Funders
18. Lion’s Harbour Park, Goderich
25. Woodlands Arboretum & Nature Centre, Clinton
Along Huron's Coast - McKnight
Along Orchard Line - Laviolette
Fauve Forest - Ron Walker
Lake Huron Sunset - Elizabeth Van den Broeck)
On Golden Hill - Madeleine Roske
Orchard Hwy 21 - Tristan Eekhoff
The Tiger Dunlop Heritage Trail starts at the CPR Station at the
Goderich Harbour. It crosses North Harbour Road to the
Menesetung Bridge where there is a magnificent view of the
Maitland River. The Menesetung Bridge was originally built as a
C.P. R. Railway bridge in 1907, it was the longest railway bridge
in Ontario at the time of construction. Beyond the bridge, the
trail follows the abandoned CPR line to the Tomb of Tiger
Dunlop (see #21). The blue Sifto Loop starts at the North end of
the bridge, turning west, and features a Designated Heritage
Oak Tree.
Address: Take North Harbour Road in Goderich
from Highway 21
GPS: lat 43.74944, lng -81.714666
Contact: Maitland Trail Association, 1-800-280-7637
GPS: lat 43.720683, lng -81.675477
Contact: 519-524-7763
Year round. Admission free to view sculptures
From the collection of The Huron County Museum & Historic
Gaol, Goderich, Ontario
20. Menesetung Bridge and Maitland Trail – Tiger
Dunlop Tomb Trail, Goderich
50 things to see
in Huron County
this Summer
Huron County
Cultural Mapping
1. Huron Country Playhouse, Grand Bend
Huron Country Playhouse is part of the Drayton Entertainment
group of theatres that present professional productions of the
finest in musicals, comedies and dramas. In 2011, the Huron
Country Playhouse celebrated its landmark 40th Anniversary
with an ambitious $4.0 million capital infrastructure expansion
and improvement project. Visitors to the theatre this season will
be among the first to experience upgrades to the front-ofhouse.
Address: RR 1, B Line, Grand Bend
GPS: lat 43.311127, lng -81.727982
Contact: Box Office: 519-238-6000 or 1-877-372-9866
or [email protected]
13. Historic Main Street, Bayfield
particularly at McNaughton Park early in the morning or late in
the day. The MacNaughton - Morrison Trail Head is located at
MacNaughton Park. This visually pleasing, leisure walking trail
meanders along the Ausable River. For the more energetic trail
walker, you can continue along the initial path all the way to
the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Area.
Address: Scenic Gardens: From Main Street (Hwy 4) turn East
onto MacNaughton Drive, MacNaughton Park: Follow
Andrew Street and turn East on Hill Street.
GPS: lat 43.356071, lng -81.481548
Contact: 519-235-0310 or [email protected]
One of four designated Heritage Districts in Huron County, the
historic and wide tree-lined streets are filled with boutique
shops, art galleries and fine dining establishments. On
Saturday’s during July and August, members of the Bayfield
Historical Society lead informative and leisurely walking tours
through the village's Heritage District. Learn about the history of
the area, the ghosts, the fires and the fascinating characters
that helped make the village the wonderful place it is today.
Address: Bayfield Archives Room,
20 Main Street, Bayfield
GPS: lat 43.564793, lng -81.700782
Contact: 519-440-6206
Year round
Walking tours are scheduled every Saturday in July
and August at 1:00 PM. A $5.00 fee for the walking
tour is used to support our Archives.
Please check website for Box Office hours
and season schedule
July 5-8
Locations throughout Clinton
July 6-8
Goderich Festival of Arts & Crafts
Former Victoria School,
135 Gibbons St. Goderich
July 6-7
Bayfield Vettefest
Clan Gregor Square, Bayfield
July 11-14
Kinsmen Summerfest Weekend
At Goderich Beach
July 21-22
Lake Huron Shoreline Festival
Throughout Huron County
2. Starlite Drive-In, Shipka
Classic drive-in movie theatre open since 1958. See this
summer’s blockbuster movies under the stars and experience a
little of the nostalgia of the classic age of drive-in movies. The
Starlite has 2 screens each showing a double feature. An
affordable and fun night out.
Address: 36752 Crediton Road, Shipka
GPS: lat 43.285141, lng -81.677497
Contact: 519-238-8344 or [email protected]
Open Evenings May to September. Admission $9.50 Adult,
$6.00 Youth & Senior, $2.00 Children (6-13), Children Under 6
Free. Special carload rates on Sundays. 25¢ refills on
popcorn and soft drinks (same day purchase) all summer
long. Please check website for movie listings.
7. Port Blake Day Park, Dashwood
Spend an entire day at the beach and enjoy the gorgeous Lake
Huron sunsets as evening sets in. Port Blake Day Park includes a
picnic pavilion, washroom facility, BBQ pits and picnic tables,
shaded and grass picnic areas above beach, making it a
perfect for family and friend gatherings. Dogs are allowed on
the beach but must be leashed and cleaned up after.
Address: 71155A Bluewater Highway 21
at Highway 83 (Dashwood Road)
GPS: lat 43.334687, lng -81.741155
Contact: 519-235-0310 or [email protected]
Open May to Thanksgiving weekend from 9:00 AM and
gates close at 9:00 PM. No overnight camping. Admission
fees: $4.00 per person or $10.00 per car load. Season's pass
that applies to a carload $50.00
July 27-29
Brussels 140th Homecoming
Throughout Brussels
14. Pioneer Park, Bayfield
In 1945, Lucy Woods Diehl, a life-long resident of Bayfield,
Ontario enlisted the aid of several friends of the community to
preserve this last piece of undeveloped lakefront property on
the bluff overlooking the Bayfield River and Lake Huron. The
original directors chose the name Pioneer Park as a tribute to
the early settlers of Bayfield. Today the park hosts has benches
and tables for picnics or to enjoy one of the best sunset
viewpoints in the County. Staircases from the park lead down
to the beach.
Address: At West ends of either Colina Street
or Bayfield Terrace in Bayfield
GPS: lat 43.567124, lng -81.705608
Contact: [email protected]
Year round
3. RCAF Station Centralia Memorial, Huron Park
The base was originally opened in July 1942 when No.9 Service
Flying Training School re-located from Summerside, PEI. After
the war, RCAF Station Centralia was reactivated in 1947 to
provide accommodation and training facilities for No. 1 Radar
and Communications School, based in nearby RCAF Station
Clinton. In 1948, the RCAF’s School of Flying Control was
formed at Centralia, where Flying Control Officers and Aircraft
Control Assistants were trained. The RCAF Station Centralia
closed in 1967.
Address: On Airport Line next to South Huron Water Tower
GPS: lat 43.292003, lng -81.495476
Year round
8. St. Joseph Memorial Park and Historical Walkway,
St. Joseph
Uncover the many fascinating stories of St. Joseph, the city that
never was, through narrative and pictorial signage. Settled by
French-Canadians in 1846, the village of St. Joseph has a
unique and colourful role in the history of Huron County. The
park began with a request by Brother André, a healer and
founder of the famed Oratory of St. Joseph in Montreal,
canonized in October 2010 as St. André. He requested that a
statue of St. Joseph be placed in the park in the early 1900’s.
Address: Located on Bluewater Highway (#21)
and County Road #84
GPS: lat 43.413370, lng -81.706445
Contact: [email protected]
15. Huron Historic Gaol, Goderich
Huron County’s only National Historic Site, the Huron Historic
Gaol is a unique and imposing octagonal building which
served as the County Jail from its opening in 1841 until 1972. Built
in an octagonal shape, the central cell blocks are surrounded
by exercise yards with walls that are two feet thick. Most of the
building is constructed of stone quarried from the nearby
Maitland River. Be sure to visit the Huron County Museum as well
and take advantage of the discounted combined admission
rate. Behind the Bars – visit the Gaol on Tuesday and Thursday’s
from July 10 to August 23 between 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM and take
a special tour where you can meet characters from the past
Year round
who lived behind the bars, regular admission rates apply.
Address: 181 Victoria Street N., Goderich
GPS - lat: 43.749755, lng: 81.708313
Contact: 519-524-2686
Open May 4 to September 2 Mon – Sat 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Sun. 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM. September 4 to
October 28 Sun. To Fri. 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM and
Sat. 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM
4. Timothy Eaton’s First Store, Kirkton
The place where the Eaton’s retail empire began. Brothers,
Timothy and James Eaton opened a small general store in the
hamlet of Kirkton in 1856, when James became postmaster
there and received the contract for the mail service between
Kirkton and St. Marys. Timothy Eaton moved in the winter of
1860–61 to St. Marys, where he established a bakery. In the
latter year Timothy moved to Toronto where in December 1869,
he opened a store, from which grew the nation-wide business
that bore the Eaton’s name.
Address: Heritage Plaque is located in
the park on Northeast corner of
Kirkton Road (County Rd. 6) and Hwy 23.
GPS: lat 43.324173, lng -81.313484
Year round.
5. Trivitt Anglican Memorial Church, Exeter
The present building is the second Anglican Church in Exeter,
Ontario. The first Christ Church was built in 1860, and used until
1888, near the present day fair grounds. Thomas Trivitt, Justice
of the Peace in Huron County and long time member of the
Christ Church had inherited a substantial estate. He offered to
build a new and larger church if it was agreed that the church
be named Trivitt Memorial. The plans for the new building cost
$1,500.00, and were based on a portion of Exeter Cathedral in
England. The church features beautiful stained glass windows
and a Bell tower that stands 92 feet high, and includes 5 floors.
Address: 388 Main Street South, Exeter
GPS: lat 43.349333, lng -81.48085
Contact: 519-235-2565
Spend an afternoon and step back in time. Read and learn
about the great plans of Narcisse Cantin (1870- 1940), “Father
of the St. Lawrence Seaway” to turn St. Joseph into a thriving
international port. View pictures, articles, maps and other
original documents depicting the story of Cantin’s dream as
well as historical information about St. Joseph and area.
Address: Located at Hessenland Country Inn, 72981
Bluewater Highway (#21)
GPS: lat 43.421605, lng -81.706588
Contact: 519-236-7707 or toll free 1-866-543-7736
16. Elizabeth’s Gallery & Goderich Co-op Gallery,
These two art galleries share a building. Located in on the
Square in Goderich, Elizabeth’s is Huron County’s source for fine
art, custom framing, art supplies, and fine art and printing lessons.
The gallery opened in May of 1992 and houses art from local
artists. The Co-op Gallery, located in the same building, was
established in May 2002. Each day, a new artist is on hand to assist
you in your selections. Each April, the Gallery opens its display
space for local art artists, and a Gala evening makes this
experience important to the artist wishing to showcase their talents.
Address: 54 Courthouse Square, Goderich
(Co-op Gallery is one the lower level)
GPS: lat 43.742583, lng -81.712136
Contact: Elizabeth’s, 519-524-4080
Co-op Gallery, 519-440-0523
Open by Appointment. Please call first.
Elizabeth’s Gallery is open year round, Mon. to Sat. from
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Goderich Co-op Gallery is open year
round, Mon. to Sat. from 10:00 to 4:00 PM
10. Swiss Settlement of Zurich
6. MacNaughton Park & Scenic Gardens, Exeter
MacNaughton Park is located on the east side of Main Street
at the dam on the Ausable River. Exeter's famous and rare
white squirrel which can be seen in most parts of town, but
Zurich was founded in July of 1856, by a Swiss settler, Frederick
Knell. One year after purchasing the land a post office and a
general store had been established with Mr. Knell serving as
both the postmaster and owner of the store. Another well
known Zurich pioneer was watchmaker and photographer,
George Hess, who opened a jewellery store on Goshen Street
in 1867. Mr. Hess built the clockworks for Exeter Town Hall (1887)
and St. Peter’s Lutheran Church (1888) and made history by
inventing the first electric clock in 1888. Zurich is well-known for
the annual Zurich Bean Festival, Huron County’s largest
community event now in its 47th year, make plans to attend on
Saturday, August 25, 2012.
Address: 24A Zurich-Hensall Road
GPS: lat 43.421587, lng -81.622410
Year round
August 6-10
Celtic College Goderich
Goderich District Collegiate Institute,
August 10-12
27th Annual Bayfield Antiques
Show & Sale
Bluewater Bayfield Complex, Bayfield
Email: [email protected]
August 11
Fiddling at the Falls, Benmiller
Falls Reserve Conservation Area,
August 18
St. Joseph Breakfast in the Park
St. Joseph Memorial Park, Hwy #21
August 24
Huron County Plowing Match
43083 Canada Company Road,
Southeast of Walton
August 24-25
Zurich Bean Festival
Throughout Village of Zurich
August 30 – September 1
Westcoast Bluesfest
Downtown & The LIvery, Goderich
September 1 – September 2
Taste of Huron
Various Venues in downtown Goderich
September 7-9
Huron Pioneer Threshers and
Hobby Show, Blyth
Thresher’s Campground, Blyth
September 28 – 30
Exeter Community Celebration
Baldwin and Main Street, Exeter
9. St. Joseph Museum and Archives, St. Joseph
August 5
Car and Motorcycle Show, Benmiller
Falls Reserve Conservation Area
August 10-12
Goderich Celtic Roots Festival
Lions Harbour Park, Goderich
August 3-5
Bonanza Weekend Blyth Festival
Blyth Festival, 423 Queen Street
September 29-30
Communitrees/Culture Days
Throughout Huron County
September 30
Bannockburn Fall Hike
Bannockburn Conservation
Area near Brucefield
September 30
Ciderfest, Egmondville
Van Egmond House, 80 Kippen Road
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Admission $2.00
September 30
Fall Colour Tour
Wawanosh Valley Conservation
Area, Nature Centre Rd.
Throughout the Summer
Twilight Tunes
Thursday evenings from
5:30 PM until Aug. 30
Victoria Park Bandshell,
20 GouinlockStreet, Seaforth
Piping Down the Sun
Friday evenings one hour prior
to sunset until Aug. 24
The Cove, Goderich
Behind the Bars
Tues. and Thurs. 7:00 – 9:00 PM from
Jul. 10 to Aug.23
Huron Historical Gaol, 181 Victoria
Street N., Goderich
11. Explore Ice at Iceculture, Hensall
Iceculture is a world leader in the ice carving industry, having
created spectacular ice sculptures and environments for
clients in 27 countries. They are now offering tours of the
Iceculture studio where you can see and learn about this
remarkable industry and company. Visitors will see how crystal
clear ice blocks are manufactured, an ice sculptor at work,
observe computer-controlled equipment precision ice cutting
components and they will be shown interesting ice projects
being developed. Finally, they will get the ‘ice experience’ in a
real ice lounge built at the facility.`
.Address: 81 Brock Street, Hensall
GPS: lat 43.434232, lng -81.506912
Contact: 1-888-251-9967 or [email protected]
Tours must be booked in advance. Please
contact for availability, rates and times
12. Bannockburn Conservation Area, Brucefield
Bannockburn Conservation Area is home to six different natural
communities: wet meadow, eastern white cedar, deciduous
forest, old field and mixed scrub and marsh. The trail starts with
a boardwalk that is wheelchair accessible and the popular
Bannockburn Fall hike is held annually each autumn. Enjoy the
new self-guided Bannockburn tour – “Walk a Mile Project” and
enhance your Bannockburn experience with new signs, a
professionally narrated audio tour, GPS, pedometers, and
Address: 76249 Bannockburn Line, Brucefield
GPS: lat 43.536167, lng -81.571083
Contact: 519-235-2610 or 1-888-286-2610
The audio tour for Bannockburn can be
downloaded from this link.
burn Walk a Mile Trail Information Project
17. Reuben R. Sallows Gallery, Goderich
The gallery is home to the largest public collection of renowned
Goderich photographer Reuben Sallows (1855 – 1937), whose
art continues to offer insights into rural Canadian lives around
the turn of the last century. During his sixty year career, his
artistic skill was recognized internationally, securing him a
reputation for being a “photographic genius”. The exhibit “Life
on the Farm” runs from June 4 to December 31, 2012.
Address: Located on the mezzanine level of the
Goderich Library, 52 Montreal Street, Goderich
GPS: lat 43.742089, lng -81.712682
Contact: 519-525-5559
Harbour Park Band Concerts
Sunday evenings 7:00-8:30 PM
Jun. 24 to Aug.26
Lion’s Harbour Park, West Street,
Picturing Huron County:
An Art Bank Retrospective
& Huron County Art Show
Until September 2
Huron County Museum, 110 North
Street, Goderich
Life on the Farm
Until December 2
Reuben R. Sallows Gallery,
52 Montreal Street, Goderich
Open Tues. to Fri. 1:00 – 4:00 PM and
Sat. 12:00 – 5:00 PM. Admission by donation
continued on reverse
Full event calendar can be found at