Foundation Focus - Wellmont Health System


Foundation Focus - Wellmont Health System
Foundation Focus
Make a resolution to give.
Last year, donors like you made Northeast Tennessee and
Southwest Virginia a better place – just by supporting Wellmont Foundation.
When a volunteer at Bristol Regional
Medical Center saw an opportunity
to improve services in the orthopedic
department, she was eager to help.
With her $3,800 donation, Wellmont
Foundation was able to purchase a set
of automatic door openers for the unit,
creating greater ease of access for patients
struggling to recover from injuries.
Also at Bristol Regional, a patient in
cardiac rehabilitation noticed certain
pieces of equipment were always in use.
By making a $10,000 gift, she helped the
foundation purchase more equipment to
improve wait times.
And at Holston Valley Medical Center, a
trauma surgeon drew from his life’s savings
to create an injury prevention fund to help
purchase improved safety equipment for
local high school sports teams, increase
safety classes for senior citizens and bolster
training for teenage drivers.
These donors have one thing in common –
they’re making a difference for thousands
of people in our community. And you’re
making one, too, through your support of
Wellmont Foundation.
Thank you for your past generosity.
But as you know, every year brings new
challenges and opportunities. Start 2015 off
right – pledge to support health initiatives
and health care throughout Northeast
Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.
2014 – A year in giving
Thanks to your generosity, Wellmont Health
System is able to provide exceptional care
in our region – and we’re constantly striving
to make our care better, faster and more
Working hand-in-hand with other contributions, donors like you make an amazing impact in the lives of our families and
friends. And you never know – the people
you help most may be the ones closest to
Children’s Care
High-quality obstetrics care at Bristol Regional will soon be enhanced with the opening of the Deborah H. Quillen Birthing
Center. Additionally, funds raised through
Children’s Miracle Network were used to
purchase a transport isolette, oscillating
ventilator upgrades and glider rockers for
the neonatal intensive care unit at Holston
Valley, as well as to expand the Birthing Inn
at Lonesome Pine Hospital and support
children’s health initiatives in our region.
the Wellmont CVA Heart Institute’s Level
One Heart Attack Network. This equipment
allows detailed heart readings and diagnosis
to be performed in the field – when every
minute counts – rather than after arrival.
Cancer Care
Initial equipment investments related to
TrueBeam STx with Brainlab technologies
will improve radiotherapy treatment for
our patients. In addition, donations from
individuals and granting agencies provided
free screening mammograms, colonoscopies,
genetic testing and oral screenings for individuals who could not afford them.
Special Projects
Thanks to you, money raised through Wellmont Foundation went to support special
projects that impact patient care. Donations
from several sources helped improve care at
our hospitals through numerous initiatives
focused on improving our patients’ environment. We were able to fund sleep chairs, a
nurse call system, specialized mattresses, pet
therapy, snack carts and a healing garden.
And another grant provided funding for
one hospital to upgrade to high-efficiency
Heart Care
Charitable gifts, leveraged with grant funds,
allowed 12-lead EKG monitors to be given
to local emergency services agencies through
Employees make a difference.
At the Wellmont Cancer Institute, patients don’t have to choose between paying their
utility bills and receiving treatment. At Holston Valley, sick and premature infants are
given the chance to grow healthy and strong. And across our region, more people than
ever have the resources to get assistance when times get tough.
This year’s Employee Giving Campaign gave physicians and employees the opportunity
to help their patients, co-workers and neighbors through Wellmont Foundation and
community causes.
Despite the shifting health care landscape, Wellmont team members know one thing
will never change – their desire to make our region a better place. To that end, they
pledged $428,320 to causes such as the Cancer Patient Assistance and Medication Assistance Funds, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, the Employee Emergency Fund
and local United Way agencies.
Miracle makers ring in the Christmas season.
Hundreds of Wellmont Foundation
supporters turned out for its inaugural
Night of Holiday Miracles event, benefiting
Holston Valley’s new nicu.
For the night, MeadowView Conference
Resort & Convention Center was
transformed into a Christmas town square –
complete with 18-foot tree and carolers.
As guests mingled, they sampled specialedition microbrewed beer from Sleepy Owl
Brewery, wine selections from Reedy Creek
Vineyard, moonshine from East Tennessee
Distillery and tasty morsels from Chocolate
Thanks to our Night of Holiday Miracles
guests, we’re closer than ever to relocating,
renovating and equipping the nicu for the
next generation of miracle babies.
Neonatal care at
Holston Valley
• The Holston Valley nicu opened in
1986 – one of the first in the state.
• The nicu cares for babies born as
young as 24 weeks, weighing as little
as 15 oz.
• Newborns frequently stay in the nicu
for weeks or even months. As such,
the unit is usually filled to capacity.
• The equipment used to treat a single baby in the nicu typically costs
$100,000 to $250,000.
• As a non-profit hospital, Holston
Valley serves all patients who need
our care – regardless of their ability to
pay. In the NICU, we provide millions
of dollars in uncompensated care
every year.
You can still make miracles happen! Visit to learn more about the Next Generation campaign.
1905 American Way, Suite 102
Kingsport, TN 37660
Your girls’ day out can be a
local woman’s lifesaver.
Join us for Wellmont Foundation’s first-ever Wine
Women & Shoes event. Featuring sip-sational wines,
shopping, high fashion and charming Shoe Guys,
this is a can’t-miss event for the ultimate girls’ day
Proceeds from this event will help the Wellmont
Cancer Institute improve access and affordability for breast cancer screenings. Through earlier
detection, we can help women live out their
dreams – by outliving cancer.
Wine Women & Shoes is coming up Saturday,
April 25. Visit for
tickets and more information.