Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No.€2)



Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No.€2)
ISSN 1448-949X
No. 175
Plant Diseases Act 1914
Plant Diseases Amendment
Regulations (No. 2) 2010
Made by the Governor in Executive Council.
These regulations are the Plant Diseases Amendment
Regulations (No. 2) 2010.
These regulations come into operation as follows —
(a) regulations 1 and 2 — on the day on which these
regulations are published in the Gazette;
(b) the rest of the regulations — on the day after that day.
Regulations amended
These regulations amend the Plant Diseases Regulations 1989.
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 4
Regulation 3B amended
Delete regulation 3B(1)(a) and “or” after it and insert:
the plant is —
(i) native to the State; or
(ii) listed in Schedule 5;
In regulation 3B(3):
(a) delete “State is listed” and insert:
State is native to the State or listed
delete “not listed” and insert:
neither native to the State nor listed
In regulation 3B(4) delete “not listed” and insert:
that was neither native to the State nor listed
Regulation 9 amended
In regulation 9(2) delete “not listed” and insert:
that are neither native to the State nor listed
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 6
Schedule 1 amended
In Schedule 1 Part A in the item for seed delete “(see also Douglas fir,
European larch, Mango, Pinus, Lucerne, Maize, Rice, Soybean, Sorghum and
Schedule 5)” and insert:
not specified elsewhere
In Schedule 1 Part B item 16 delete “not listed” and insert:
that is neither native to the State nor listed
In Schedule 1 Part B item 33(1) delete “not listed” and insert:
that are neither native to the State nor listed
In Schedule 1 Part B item 42 delete “any plant not listed” and
all plants that are neither native to the State nor listed
In Schedule 1 Part B item 43 delete “any plant not listed” and
all plants that are neither native to the State nor listed
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Schedule 5 replaced
Delete Schedule 5 and insert:
Schedule 5 — Non-native plants that may be
brought into the State
[r. 3B]
Abarema brachystachya
Abarema sapindoides
Abelia x grandiflora
Abelia parvifolia
Abelia spathulata
Abeliophyllum distichum
Abies alba
Abies borisii-regis
Abies concolor
Abies fargesii
Abies fraseri
Abies homolepis
Abies lasiocarpa
Abies nebrodensis
Abies pindrow
Abies recurvata
Abies sibirica
Abies veitchii
Abroma augustum
Abronia nana
Abrotanella forsteroides
Absolmsia spartiodes
Abutilon bedfordianum
Abutilon darwinii
Abutilon exstipulare
Abutilon x hybridum
Abutilon megapotamicum
Abutilon x milleri
Abutilon pictum
Abutilon sellowianum
Abarema cochliacarpos
Abelia engleriana
Abelia x grandiflora x
Abelia x rupestris
Abelia triflora
Abelmoschus esculentus
Abies amabilis
Abies bracteata
Abies delavayi
Abies firma
Abies guatemalensis
Abies kawakamii
Abies magnifica
Abies nordmanniana
Abies pinsapo
Abies religiosa
Abies spectabilis
Abobra tenuifolia
Abroma fastuosa
Abronia umbellata
Abrus canescens
Abutilon andrewsianum
Abutilon calliphyllum
Abutilon elegans
Abutilon grandiflorum
Abutilon incanum
Abutilon menziesii
Abutilon palmeri
Abutilon regnellii
Abutilon x suntense
Abarema muelleriana
Abelia floribunda
Abelia longituba
Abelia serrata
Abelia uniflora
Abelmoschus manihot
Abies balsamea
Abies cilicica
Abies douglasii
Abies forrestii
Abies holophylla
Abies koreana
Abies mariesii
Abies numidica
Abies procera
Abies sachalinensis
Abies squamata
Abroma augusta
Abroma mollis
Abrophyllum ornans
Abrus schimperi
Abutilon arboreum
Abutilon carneum
Abutilon eremitopetalum
Abutilon grandifolium
Abutilon insigne
Abutilon micropetalum
Abutilon peruvianum
Abutilon sachetianum
Abutilon theophrasti
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Abutilon tubulosum
Acacia abbreviata
Acacia aculeatissima
Acacia alcockii
Acacia amentifera
Acacia amoena
Acacia araneosa
Acacia armillata
Acacia attenuata
Acacia ausfeldii
Acacia baileyana
Acacia barattensis
Acacia beckleri
Acacia binervia
Acacia boormanii
Acacia brassii
Acacia brunioides
Acacia burrowii
Acacia caerulescens
Acacia calantha
Acacia cana
Acacia carnei
Acacia cheelii
Acacia chrysotricha
Acacia cognata
Acacia conferta
Acacia conspersa
Acacia costiniana
Acacia crassa
Acacia cretacea x leptocarpa
Acacia cultriformis
Acacia dawsonii
Acacia debilis
Acacia desmondii
Acacia difformis
Acacia disparrima
Acacia doratoxylon
Acacia elata
Acacia enterocarpa
Abutilon venosum
Acacia acinacea
Acacia adunca
Acacia alleniana
Acacia ammobia
Acacia angusta
Acacia argyrodendron
Acacia asparagoides
Acacia aulacocarpa
Acacia axillaris
Acacia bakeri
Acacia barringtonensis
Acacia betchei
Acacia blakei
Acacia brachybotrya
Acacia brownei
Acacia bulgaensis
Acacia buxifolia
Acacia caesiella
Acacia calyculata
Acacia cangaiensis
Acacia caroleae
Acacia chinchillensis
Acacia cincinnata
Acacia complanata
Acacia confluens
Acacia constablei
Acacia courtii
Acacia crassicarpa
Acacia cretata
Acacia curranii
Acacia dealbata
Acacia decora
Acacia deuteroneura
Acacia dimidiata
Acacia dodonaeifolia
Acacia dorothea
Acacia elongata
Acacia eremophiloides
Abutilon vexillarium
Acacia acrionastes
Acacia albizioides
Acacia alpina
Acacia ammophila
Acacia aprepta
Acacia argyrophylla
Acacia aspera
Acacia auriculiformis
Acacia baeuerlenii
Acacia bancroftii
Acacia baueri
Acacia binervata
Acacia blayana
Acacia brachycarpa
Acacia brownii
Acacia burbidgeae
Acacia bynoeana
Acacia calamifolia
Acacia cambagei
Acacia cardiophylla
Acacia chalkeri
Acacia chisholmii
Acacia clunies-rossiae
Acacia concurrens
Acacia conjunctifolia
Acacia continua
Acacia covenyi
Acacia cretacea
Acacia crombiei
Acacia dallachiana
Acacia deanei
Acacia decurrens
Acacia dietrichiana
Acacia diphylla
Acacia dolichophylla
Acacia echinula
Acacia ensifolia
Acacia euthycarpa
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Acacia everistii
Acacia falciformis
Acacia filicifolia
Acacia excelsa
Acacia farinosa
Acacia fimbriata
Acacia flavescens
Acacia flocktoniae
Acacia forsythii
Acacia furfuracea
Acacia georginae
Acacia gladiiformis
Acacia gnidium
Acacia gracilifolia
Acacia x grayana
Acacia halliana
Acacia harpophylla
Acacia heterochroa
Acacia holotricha
Acacia hubbardiana
Acacia imbricata
Acacia irrorata
Acacia ixiophylla
Acacia johnsonii
Acacia julifera
Acacia kettlewelliae
Acacia fleckeri
Acacia floribunda
Acacia frigescens
Acacia genistifolia
Acacia gillii
Acacia glandulicarpa
Acacia gordonii
Acacia grandifolia
Acacia gunnii
Acacia hamiltoniana
Acacia havilandii
Acacia hispidula
Acacia homaloclada
Acacia hyaloneura
Acacia implexa
Acacia islana
Acacia ixodes
Acacia jonesii
Acacia juncifolia
Acacia kettlewelliae x
Acacia lanigera
Acacia latzii
Acacia legnota
Acacia leiophylla
Acacia leptoloba
Acacia linarioides
Acacia linifolia
Acacia longipedunculata
Acacia loroloba
Acacia mabellae
Acacia maidenii
Acacia maranoensis
Acacia meiosperma
Acacia menzelii
Acacia microsperma
Acacia kydrensis
Acacia latisepala
Acacia lazaridis
Acacia leiocalyx
Acacia leptoclada
Acacia leucoclada
Acacia lineata
Acacia longifolia
Acacia longissima
Acacia lunata
Acacia macradenia
Acacia mangium
Acacia mearnsii
Acacia melvillei
Acacia microcephala
Acacia falcata
Acacia fasciculifera
Acacia fimbriata x
Acacia flexifolia
Acacia floydii
Acacia fulva
Acacia georgensis
Acacia gittinsii
Acacia glaucocarpa
Acacia gracilenta
Acacia granitica
Acacia guymeri
Acacia handonis
Acacia helicophylla
Acacia hockingsii
Acacia howittii
Acacia hylonoma
Acacia ingramii
Acacia iteaphylla
Acacia jackesiana
Acacia jucunda
Acacia jutsonii
Acacia kybeanensis
Acacia latescens
Acacia lauta
Acacia leichhardtii
Acacia leprosa
Acacia leptostachya
Acacia linearifolia
Acacia loderi
Acacia longispicata
Acacia lucasii
Acacia macnuttiana
Acacia malloclada
Acacia mcnuttiana
Acacia melanoxylon
Acacia microcarpa
Acacia mimula
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Acacia mitchellii
Acacia montana
Acacia multilineata
Acacia nematophylla
Acacia normalis
Acacia obliquinervia
Acacia oligophleba
Acacia ommatosperma
Acacia oreades
Acacia oxycedrus
Acacia parramattensis
Acacia pendula
Acacia petraea
Acacia phlebophylla
Acacia pilosa
Acacia polifolia
Acacia polystachya
Acacia praetermissa
Acacia prominens
Acacia ptychoclada
Acacia pubifolia
Acacia pustula
Acacia quadrilateralis
Acacia ramiflora
Acacia retinodes
Acacia rhodoxylon
Acacia robiniae
Acacia rupicola
Acacia salicina
Acacia semiaurea
Acacia semirigida
Acacia shirleyi
Acacia simsii
Acacia sparsiflora
Acacia spinescens
Acacia striatifolia
Acacia subglauca
Acacia subternata
Acacia sutherlandii
Acacia mollifolia
Acacia mucronata
Acacia murrumboensis
Acacia neriifolia
Acacia notabilis
Acacia obtusata
Acacia olsenii
Acacia oncinocarpa
Acacia orites
Acacia pallidifolia
Acacia parvipinnula
Acacia penninervis
Acacia peuce
Acacia pickardii
Acacia pinguifolia
Acacia polyadenia
Acacia porcata
Acacia pravissima
Acacia proxima
Acacia pubescens
Acacia pubirhachis
Acacia pycnantha
Acacia quornensis
Acacia ramosissima
Acacia rhetinocarpa
Acacia riceana
Acacia rothii
Acacia ruppii
Acacia saxicola
Acacia semibinervia
Acacia sericoflora
Acacia siculiformis
Acacia solandri
Acacia spectabilis
Acacia storyi
Acacia stricta
Acacia sublanata
Acacia subtilinervis
Acacia tarculensis
Acacia mollissima
Acacia muelleriana
Acacia nanodealbata
Acacia nesophila
Acacia numerosa
Acacia obtusifolia
Acacia omalophylla
Acacia oraria
Acacia oshanesii
Acacia paradoxa
Acacia pataczekii
Acacia perangusta
Acacia phasmoides
Acacia pilligaensis
Acacia podalyriifolia
Acacia polybotrya
Acacia praelongata
Acacia producta
Acacia pruinosa
Acacia pubicosta
Acacia purpureapetala
Acacia pycnostachya
Acacia racospermoides
Acacia resinicostata
Acacia rhigiophylla
Acacia rivalis
Acacia rubida
Acacia saliciformis
Acacia schinoides
Acacia semilunata
Acacia sessiliceps
Acacia silvestris
Acacia spania
Acacia spilleriana
Acacia stowardii
Acacia suaveolens
Acacia subporosa
Acacia subulata
Acacia tenuinervis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Acacia tenuior
Acacia tessellata
Acacia tephrina
Acacia tindaleae
Acacia torringtonensis
Acacia trinervata
Acacia triquetra
Acacia umbellata
Acacia undoolyana
Acacia verticillata
Acacia wardellii
Acacia whitei
Acacia yirrkallensis
Acaena affinis
Acaena caesiglauca
Acaena glabra
Acaena microphylla
Acaena novae-zelandiae
Acaena saccaticupula
Acalypha compacta
Acalypha hispida
Acalypha pendula
Acalypha wilkesiana
Acacia torulosa
Acacia trineura
Acacia tropica
Acacia uncifera
Acacia venulosa
Acacia vestita
Acacia wattsiana
Acacia wilhelmiana
Acaciella curassavica
Acaena anserinifolia
Acaena echinata
Acaena hirsutula
Acaena minor
Acaena ovina
Acalypha capensis
Acalypha godseffiana
Acalypha lyonsii
Acalypha reptans
Acampe spp.
Acanthephippium striatum
Acanthephippium sylhetense
Acanthocalyx nepalensis
Acantholimon caesareum
Acantholimon venustum
Acanthorhipsalis monacantha
Acanthocereus brasiliensis
Acantholimon calvertii
Acanthophoenix crinita
Acanthospermum hispidum
Acanthostachys strobilacea
Acanthus eminens
Acanthus longifolius
Acanthus spinosissimus
Acca sellowiana
Acer argutum
Acer campestre
Acer carpinifolium
Acer circinatum
Acer cordatum
Acanthus caroli-alexandri
Acanthus hirsutus
Acanthus mollis
Acanthus spinosus
Acer aidzuense
Acer buergerianum
Acer capillipes
Acer caudatifolium
Acer cissifolium
Acer craibianum
Acacia terminalis
Acacia tindaleae x
Acacia trachyphloia
Acacia triptera
Acacia ulicifolia
Acacia uncinata
Acacia verniciflua
Acacia viscidula
Acacia whibleyana
Acacia williamsonii
Acaena adscendens
Acaena buchananii
Acaena fissistipula
Acaena lucida
Acaena montana
Acaena profundeincisa
Acalypha chamaedrifolia
Acalypha hamiltoniana
Acalypha nemorum
Acalypha spiciflora
Acanthocereus undulosus
Acantholimon jarmilae
Acanthophoenix rubra
Acanthus dioscoridis
Acanthus hungaricus
Acanthus polystachyus
Acanthus syriacus
Acer albo-purpurascens
Acer campbellii
Acer cappadocicum
Acer caudatum
Acer x conspicuum
Acer davidii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Acer decandrum
Acer distylum
Acer fabri
Acer griseum
Acer heptalobum
Acer laevigatum
Acer mandshuricum
Acer negundo
Acer oliverianum
Acer pectinatum
Acer pentaphyllum x
Acer pseudoplatanus
Acer rubescens
Acer saccharum
Acer sieboldianum
Acer tataricum
Acer truncatum
Aceratium ferrugineum
Achillea aegyptiaca
Achillea clavennae
Achillea clypeolata x
Achillea erba-rotta
Achillea fraasii
Achillea lingulata
Achillea millefolium
Achillea odorata
Achillea tomentosa
Achimenes grandiflora
Achimenes magnifica
Achimenes skinneri
Achnatherum hymenoides
Achnatherum robustum
Achyranthes splendens
Acinos alpinus
Aciotis rubricaulis
Aciphylla colensoi
Acer diabolicum
Acer elegantulum
Acer x freemanii
Acer heldreichii
Acer japonicum
Acer longipes
Acer maximowiczianum
Acer obtusifolium
Acer palmatum
Acer pensylvanicum
Acer platanoides
Acer x dieckii
Acer erianthum
Acer glabrum
Acer henryi
Acer kawakamii
Acer macrophyllum
Acer micranthum
Acer olivaceum
Acer paxii
Acer pentaphyllum
Acer pseudo-sieboldianum
Acer pubescens
Acer rubrum
Acer sempervirens
Acer sikkimense
Acer tegmentosum
Acer truncatum x platanoides
Acetosa sagittata
Achillea ageratifolia
Achillea clavennae x
Achillea coarctata
Acer pubinerve
Acer rufinerve
Acer shirasawanum
Acer stachyophyllum
Acer triflorum
Acer velutinum
Acetosella vulgaris
Achillea ageratum
Achillea clypeolata
Achillea eupatorium
Achillea grandiflora
Achillea macrocephala
Achillea millefolium x
Achillea ptarmica
Achillea umbellata
Achimenes heterophylla
Achimenes mexicana
Achlys triphylla
Achnatherum lettermanii
Achyranthes arborescens
Acianthus spp.
Acinos arvensis
Aciphylla aurea
Aciphylla congesta
Achillea filipendulina
Achillea x lewisii
Achillea macrophylla
Achillea nana
Achillea decolorans
Achillea x taygetea
Achimenes erecta
Achimenes longiflora
Achimenes patens
Achnatherum coronatum
Achnatherum lobatum
Achyranthes japonica
Acineta spp.
Acioa edulis
Aciphylla aurea x horrida
Aciphylla crenulata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Aciphylla dieffenbachii
Aciphylla gracilis
Aciphylla monroi
Aciphylla procumbens
Aciphylla simplicifolia
Acis autumnalis
Acis rosea
Acis valentina
Acmadenia heterophylla
Acmena brachyandra
Acmena hemilampra
Acmena macrocarpa
Acmenosperma claviflorum
Acmopyle sahniana
Acnistus parviflorus
Aconitum anthora
Aconitum hemsleyanum
Aconitum napellus
Aconitum wardii
Acorus calamus
Acradenia frankliniae
Acridocarpus smeathmanni
Acriopsis ridleyi
Acrocladium auriculatum
Acrocomia hassleri
Acronychia acronychioides
Acronychia chooreechillum
Acronychia littoralis
Acronychia pauciflora
Acrophorus stipellatus
Acrotriche depressa
Acrotriche prostrata
Actaea asiatica
Actaea cimicifuga
Actaea heracleifolia
Actaea podocarpa
Actaea simplex
Actinidia arguta x kolomikta
Aciphylla dobsonii
Aciphylla hectori
Aciphylla montana
Aciphylla scott-thomsonii
Aciphylla squarrosa
Acis longifolia
Acis tingitana
Ackama paniculata
Acmella oleracea
Acmena divaricata
Acmena ingens
Acmena resa
Acmenosperma pringlei
Acnistus arborescens
Acoelorrhaphe wrightii
Aconitum corsicum
Aconitum lycoctonum
Aconitum orientale
Aconogonon campanulatum
Acorus gramineus
Acridocarpus austrocaledonicus
Acriopsis indica
Acrisione cymosa
Acrocomia aculeata
Acrodon bellidiflorus
Acronychia acuminata
Acronychia imperforata
Acronychia oblongifolia
Acronychia pubescens
Acrophyllum australe
Acrotriche fasciculiflora
Acrotriche serrulata
Actaea biternata
Actaea dahurica
Actaea laciniata
Actaea racemosa
Actephila lindleyi
Actinidia arguta x
Aciphylla glacialis
Aciphylla horrida
Aciphylla pinnatifida
Aciphylla simplex
Aciphylla subflabellata
Acis nicaeensis
Acis trichophyllum
Ackama rosifolia
Acmena australis
Acmena graveolens
Acmena mackinnoniana
Acmena smithii
Acmopyle pancheri
Acnistus breviflorus
Aconitum alboviolaceum
Aconitum delphiniifolium
Aconitum nagarum
Aconitum x stoerkianum
Aconogonon rumicifolium
Acradenia euodiiformis
Acridocarpus natalitius
Acriopsis javanica
Acrocarpus fraxinifolius
Acrocomia armentalis
Acronychia acidula
Acronychia baeuerlenii
Acronychia laevis
Acronychia octandra
Acronychia wilcoxiana
Acrotriche aggregata
Acrotriche leucocarpa
Actaea arizonica
Actaea brachycarpa
Actaea elata
Actaea mairei
Actaea rubifolia
Actinidia arguta
Actinidia callosa
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Actinidia chinensis
Actinidia chrysantha
Actinidia deliciosa
Actinidia kolomikta
Actinidia macrosperma
Actinidia rufa
Actinokentia divaricata
Actinorhytis poamau
Actinotus helianthi
Ada spp.
Adansonia madagascariensis
Adansonia suarezensis
Adenandra marginata
Adenanthera pavonina
Actinidia eriantha
Actinidia lanceolata
Actinidia melanandra
Actinidia valvata
Actinokentia huerlimannii
Actinotus bellidioides
Actinotus minor
Adansonia digitata
Adansonia perrieri
Adansonia za
Adenandra uniflora
Adenanthos cuneatus x
Adenanthos terminalis
Adenia firingalavensis
Adenia globosa
Adenia keramanthus
Adenia repanda
Adenia venenata
Adenium multiflorum
Adenocalymma comosum
Adenocarpus foliolosus
Adenochilus nortonii
Adenophora bulleyana
Adenophora himalayana
Adenophora lamarkii
Adenophora lilifolia
Adenophora pereskiifolia
Adenophora takedai
Adenophora thunbergiana
Adenostemma perrottetii
Adesmia araucana
Adesmia boronioides
Adesmia filifolia
Adesmia laxa
Adesmia mucronata
Adesmia phylloidea
Adesmia retusa
Adenanthos macropodianus
Adenia epigea
Adenia glauca
Adenia isaloensis
Adenia olaboensis
Adenia subsessilifolia
Adenium boehmianum
Adenium oleifolium
Adenocarpus complicatus
Adenocarpus viscosus
Adenoncos papuana
Adenophora forrestii
Adenophora khasiana
Adenophora leptosepala
Adenophora nikoensis
Adenophora stricta
Adenophora tashiroi
Adenorandia kalbreyeri
Adenostyles briquetii
Adesmia bicolor
Adesmia denticulata
Adesmia latifolia
Adesmia microphylla
Adesmia pearcei
Adesmia reclinata
Actinidia chrysantha x
Actinidia hemsleyana
Actinidia latifolia
Actinidia rubricaulis
Actinodaphne confertiflora
Actinorhytis calapparia
Actinotus forsythii
Actinotus suffocata
Adansonia grandidieri
Adansonia rubrostipa
Adenandra fragrans
Adenanthera abrosperma
Adenanthos x cunninghamii
Adenia cissampeloides
Adenia fruticosa
Adenia goetzei
Adenia monadelpha
Adenia spinosa
Adenium arabicum
Adenium obesum
Adenocalymma marginatum
Adenocarpus telonensis
Adenodolichos punctatus
Adenophora divaricata
Adenophora jasionifolia
Adenophora latifolia
Adenophora morrisonensis
Adenophora remotiflora
Adenophora taquetii
Adenophora triphylla
Adenostemma viscosum
Adesmia argentea
Adesmia conferta
Adesmia incana
Adesmia loudonia
Adesmia muricata
Adesmia punctata
Adesmia tenella
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Adesmia viscida
Adiantum bellum
Adiantum chilense
Adiantum cunninghamii
Adiantum diaphanum
Adiantum flabellulatum
Adiantum henslovianum
Adiantum microsorum
Adiantum pentadactylon
Adiantum polyphyllum
Adiantum pyramidale
Adiantum rubellum
Adiantum tetraphyllum
Adinandra bockiana
Adlumia fungosa
Adonanthe pyrenaica
Adonis amurensis
Adonis davidii
Adriana glabrata
Adriana tomentosa
Adromischus antidorcatus
Adiantum aleuticum
Adiantum brasiliense
Adiantum colpodes
Adiantum curvatum
Adiantum dolosum
Adiantum formosum
Adiantum lindeni
Adiantum nebulosum
Adiantum peruvianum
Adiantum pubescens
Adiantum raddianum
Adiantum silvaticum
Adiantum trapeziforme
Adinandra millettii
Adolphia californica
Adonidia merrillii
Adonis brevistyla
Adonis microcarpa
Adriana hookeri
Adromischus alstonii
Adromischus bicolor
Adromischus cooperi
Adromischus fallax
Adromischus cristatus
Adromischus filicaulis
Adromischus inamoenus
Adromischus liebenbergii
Adromischus marianae
Adromischus leucophyllus
Adromischus maculatus
Adromischus marianiae
Adromischus nanus
Adromischus rhombifolius
Adromischus sphenophyllus
Adromischus triflorus
Aechmea aciculosa
Aechmea alba
Aechmea aquilega
Aechmea biflora
Aechmea brachystachys
Aechmea bromeliifolia
Aechmea calyculata
Adromischus phillipsiae
Adromischus roaneanus
Adromischus subdistichus
Adromischus trigynus
Aechmea aculeatosepala
Aechmea angustifolia
Aechmea araneosa
Aechmea blanchetiana
Aechmea bracteata
Aechmea caesia
Aechmea candida
Adiantum andicola
Adiantum caudatum
Adiantum cultratum
Adiantum deflectens
Adiantum excisum
Adiantum fulvum
Adiantum macrophyllum
Adiantum pedatum
Adiantum platyphyllum
Adiantum pulverulentum
Adiantum reniforme
Adiantum tenerum
Adiantum venustum
Adinobotrys atropurpureus
Adonanthe cyllenea
Adonis aestivalis
Adonis chrysocyathus
Adonis pyrenaica
Adriana klotzschii
Adromischus alveolatus
Adromischus diabolicus
Adromischus leucothrix
Adromischus mammillaris
Adromischus montiumklinghardtii
Adromischus poellnitzianus
Adromischus schuldtianus
Adromischus subviridis
Adromischus umbraticola
Aechmea agavifolia
Aechmea apocalyptica
Aechmea bahiana
Aechmea blumenavii
Aechmea brevicollis
Aechmea callichroma
Aechmea cariocae
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Aechmea carvalhoi
Aechmea chantinii
Aechmea contracta
Aechmea cylindrata
Aechmea discordiae
Aechmea eurycorymbus
Aechmea fendleri
Aechmea fosteriana
Aechmea gamosepala
Aechmea gracilis
Aechmea immersa
Aechmea lamarchei
Aechmea lindenii
Aechmea maculata
Aechmea mariae-reginae
Aechmea mertensii
Aechmea mulfordii
Aechmea nidularioides
Aechmea ornata
Aechmea penduliflora
Aechmea pimenti-velosoi
Aechmea pubescens
Aechmea racinae
Aechmea romeroi
Aechmea sphaerocephala
Aechmea tillandsioides
Aechmea tricolor
Aechmea victoriana
Aechmea winkleri
Aegle marmelos
Aeonium balsamiferum
Aeonium castello-paivae
Aeonium x domesticum
Aeonium gomerense
Aeonium holochrysum
Aeonium lindleyi
Aeonium saundersii
Aeonium smithii
Aeonium tabuliforme
Aechmea castelnavii
Aechmea chlorophylla
Aechmea correia-arauji
Aechmea dealbata
Aechmea distichantha
Aechmea farinosa
Aechmea filicaulis
Aechmea fraseri
Aechmea gigantea
Aechmea haltonii
Aechmea kertesziae
Aechmea lasseri
Aechmea lueddemanniana
Aechmea magdalenae
Aechmea mcvaughii
Aechmea mexicana
Aechmea nallyi
Aechmea nudicaulis
Aechmea pallida
Aechmea perforata
Aechmea pineliana
Aechmea purpureorosea
Aechmea ramosa
Aechmea serrata
Aechmea tayoensis
Aechmea tinctoria
Aechmea triticina
Aechmea warasii
Aechmea wittmackiana
Aeglopsis chevalieri
Aeonium burchardii
Aeonium ciliatum
Aeonium frutescens
Aeonium haworthii
Aeonium lancerottense
Aeonium nobile
Aeonium sedifolium
Aeonium spathulatum
Aeonium tortuosum
Aechmea caudata
Aechmea coelestis
Aechmea cucullata
Aechmea dichlamydea
Aechmea drakeana
Aechmea fasciata
Aechmea flavo-rosea
Aechmea fulgens
Aechmea glaziovii
Aechmea x hybrid
Aechmea kuntzeana
Aechmea leucolepis
Aechmea macrochlamys
Aechmea manzanaresiana
Aechmea melinonii
Aechmea miniata
Aechmea napoensis
Aechmea orlandiana
Aechmea pectinata
Aechmea phanerophlebia
Aechmea polyantha
Aechmea pyramidalis
Aechmea recurvata
Aechmea spectabilis
Aechmea tessmannii
Aechmea triangularis
Aechmea veitchii
Aechmea weilbachii
Aechmea zebrina
Aeonium arboreum
Aeonium canariense
Aeonium dodrantale
Aeonium glutinosum
Aeonium hierrense
Aeonium leucoblepharum
Aeonium rubrolineatum
Aeonium simsii
Aeonium subplanum
Aeonium valverdense
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Aeonium virgineum
Aerides spp.
Aeschynanthus acuminatus
Aeschynanthus bracteatus
Aeschynanthus elmeri
Aeschynanthus garrettii
Aeschynanthus lineatus
Aeschynanthus longiflora
Aeschynanthus micrantha
Aerangis spp.
Aerva javanica
Aeschynanthus andersonii
Aeschynanthus buxifolius
Aeschynanthus evrardii
Aeschynanthus hildebrandii
Aeschynanthus lobbiana
Aeschynanthus longiflorus
Aeschynanthus mimetes
Aeschynanthus obconicus
Aeschynanthus parvifolia
Aeschynanthus speciosus
Aeschynanthus volubilis
Aeschynomene americana
Aeschynomene ciliata
Aeschynomene falcata
Aeschynomene fluminensis
Aeschynomene mollicula
Aeschynomene parviflora
Aeschynomene uniflora
Aesculus californica
Aesculus hippocastanum
Aeschynanthus parasiticus
Aeschynanthus pulcher
Aeschynanthus x splendidus
Aeschynanthus tenuis
Aesculus indica
Aesculus woerlitzensis
Aethionema glaucinum
Aethionema oppositifolium
Aethionema saxatile
Aethionema x warleyense
Afgekia sericea
Aframomum melegueta
Afrocarpus dawei
Afrocarpus mannii
Afzelia quanzensis
Agalmyla staminea
Agapanthus campanulatus
Agapanthus comptonii
Aeschynanthus zebrinus
Aeschynomene brasiliana
Aeschynomene deamii
Aeschynomene fascicularis
Aeschynomene fulgida
Aeschynomene nivea
Aeschynomene pinetorum
Aeschynomene villosa
Aesculus x carnea
Aesculus hippocastanum x
Aesculus x mutabilis
Aethionema armenum
Aethionema grandiflorum
Aethionema pulchellum
Aethionema saxatilis
Aethionema warleyense
Aframomum angustifolium
Aframomum sceptrum
Afrocarpus falcatus
Afrocarpus usambarensis
Afzelia xylocarpa
Aganisia spp.
Agapanthus caulescens
Agapanthus inapertus
Aeranthes spp.
Aerva sanguinolenta
Aeschynanthus boschianus
Aeschynanthus ellipticus
Aeschynanthus fulgens
Aeschynanthus javanica
Aeschynanthus longicaulis
Aeschynanthus magnificus
Aeschynanthus parviflorus
Aeschynanthus radicans
Aeschynanthus stenosepalus
Aeschynanthus tricolor
Aeschynomene abyssinica
Aeschynomene brevipes
Aeschynomene elegans
Aeschynomene fluitans
Aeschynomene micrantha
Aeschynomene nodulosa
Aeschynomene scabra
Aeschynomene viscidula
Aesculus chinensis
Aesculus x hybrida
Aesculus x neglecta
Aethionema coridifolium
Aethionema kotschyi
Aethionema rotundifolium
Aethionema stylosum
Aextoxicon punctatum
Aframomum daniellii
Aframomum strobilaceum
Afrocarpus gracilior
Afzelia africana
Agalmyla parasitica
Agapanthus africanus
Agapanthus coddii
Agapanthus nutans
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Agapanthus pendulus
Agapetes buxifolia
Agapetes forrestii
Agapetes incurvata x serpens
Agapetes mannii
Agapetes oblonga
Agapetes rugosa
Agapanthus praecox
Agapetes cauliflora
Agapetes helenae
Agapetes lobbii
Agapetes meiniana
Agapetes obovata
Agapetes serpens
Agapetes smithiana
Agarista populifolia
Agastache cana
Agastache micrantha
Agastache palmeri
Agastache rupestris
Agastache wrightii
Agathis australis
Agathis microstachya
Agathis ovata
Agathosma apiculata
Agathosma cerefolium
Agathosma crenulata
Agathosma gonaquensis
Agathosma villosa
Agave americana
Agave aurea
Agave bovicornuta
Agave celsii
Agave chrysantha
Agave dasyliriodes
Agave decipiens
Agave difformis
Agave felgeri
Agave flexispina
Agave garciae-mendozae
Agave ghiesbreghtii
Agave guiengola
Agave havardiana
Agave isthmensis
Agave lecheguilla
Agapetes variegata
Agastache aurantiaca
Agastache foeniculum
Agastache pallida
Agastache pringlei
Agastache scrophulariifolia
Agastachys odorata
Agathis lanceolata
Agathis moorei
Agathis philippinensis
Agathosma betulina
Agathosma ciliaris
Agathosma erecta
Agathosma ovata
Agauria buxifolia
Agave angustifolia
Agave avellanidens
Agave bracteosa
Agave cerulata
Agave colorata
Agave dasylirioides
Agave deserti
Agave durangensis
Agave ferdinandi-regis
Agave franzosinii
Agave geminiflora
Agave gigantensis
Agave guttata
Agave horrida
Agave karwinskii
Agave lechuguilla
Agapanthus walshii
Agapetes flava
Agapetes incurvata
Agapetes macrantha
Agapetes moorei
Agapetes rubrobracteata
Agapetes serpens x
Agapetes vitiensis
Agastache breviflora
Agastache mexicana
Agastache pallidiflora
Agastache rugosa
Agastache urticifolia
Agathis atropurpurea
Agathis macrophylla
Agathis obtusa
Agathis robusta
Agathosma capensis
Agathosma corymbosa
Agathosma glabrata
Agathosma pulchella
Agave aktites
Agave attenuata
Agave beauleriana
Agave capensis
Agave chiapensis
Agave cupreata
Agave debilis
Agave desmettiana
Agave echinoides
Agave filifera
Agave funkiana
Agave gentryi
Agave guadalajarana
Agave gypsophila
Agave hurteri
Agave kerchovei
Agave lophantha x
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Agave macracantha
Agave micracantha
Agave murpheyi
Agave ornithobroma
Agave palmeri
Agave parviflora
Agave pelona
Agave polyphylla
Agave purpusorum
Agave schottii
Agave shawii
Agave sobria
Agave striata
Agave tequilana
Agave triangularis
Agave macroacantha
Agave mitraeformis
Agave ocahui
Agave oroensis
Agave parrasana
Agave peacockii
Agave polianthiflora
Agave potatorum
Agave salmiana
Agave sebastiana
Agave shrevei
Agave spicata
Agave stricta
Agave titanota
Agave univitatta
Agave utahensis
Agave vilmoriniana
Agave xylonacantha
Ageratina adenophora
Ageratum houstonianum
Aglaia brownii
Aglaia meridionalis
Aglaia tomentosa
Aglaomorpha drynarioides
Aglaomorpha novoguineensis
Aglaonema commutatum
Aglaonema densinervium
Aglaonema modestum
Aglaonema roebelinii
Aglaonema simplex
Agonis conspicua
Agonis hypericifolia
Agonis marginata
Agonis scortechiniana
Agrimonia leucantha
Agropyron brownei
Agropyron obtusiusculum
Agave vera-cruz
Agave weberi
Agave zebra
Ageratina glechonophyllum
Aglaia argentea
Aglaia cucullata
Aglaia odorata
Aglaomorpha cornucopia
Aglaomorpha heraclea
Aglaomorpha pilosa
Aglaonema costatum
Aglaonema flemingianum
Aglaonema nebulosum
Aglaonema rotundum
Aglaonema tenuipes
Agonis floribunda
Agonis juniperina
Agonis obtusissima
Agonis spathulata
Agriophyllum minus
Agropyron michnoi
Agropyron pseudoagropyrum
Agrostis australiensis
Agrostis adamsonii
Agave mckelveyana
Agave multifilifera
Agave ocahui x attenuata
Agave pacifica
Agave parryi
Agave pedunculifera
Agave polyacantha
Agave pumila
Agave schidigera
Agave seemanniana
Agave sisalana
Agave splendens
Agave stringens
Agave toumeyana
Agave univitatta x
Agave victoriae-reginae
Agave wercklei
Agenium villosum
Ageratina riparia
Aglaia australiensis
Aglaia euryanthera
Aglaia sapindina
Aglaomorpha coronans
Aglaomorpha meyeniana
Aglaomorpha splendens
Aglaonema crispum
Aglaonema marantifolium
Aglaonema nitidum
Aglaonema siamense
Aglaonema treubii
Agonis grandiflora
Agonis linearifolia
Agonis parviceps
Agrimonia eupatoria
x Agropogon lutosus
Agropyron mongolicum
Agrostemma githago
Agrostis billardierei
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Agrostis billardieri
Agrostis emirnensis
Agrostis gigantea
Agrostis juressi
Agrostis schleicheri
Agrostis stolonifera
Agrostophyllum montanum
Aichryson x domesticum
Aichryson porphyrogennetos
Aidia cochinchinensis
Ailanthus excelsa
Ainsliaea henryi
Aiphanes aculeata
Aiphanes duquei
Aiphanes gelatinosa
Aiphanes leiostachys
Aiphanes macroloba
Aiphanes simplex
Aiphanes ulei
Aira caryophyllea
Aira praecox
Aizoon quadrifidum
Ajuga laxmanni
Ajuga pyramidalis
Ajuga tenorii
Akebia longeracemosa
Alamania punicea
Alangium villosum
Alberta magna
Albizia antunesiana
Albizia cubana
Albizia glaberrima
Albizia julibrissin
Albizia odoratissima
Albizia versicolor
Albuca abyssinica
Albuca batteniana
Albuca echinosperma
Albuca hallii
Agrostis capillaris
Agrostis filiformis
Agrostis glabra
Agrostis muelleriana
Agrostis sciurea
Agrostocrinum stypandroides
Agrostophyllum parviflorum
Aichryson laxum
Aichryson tortuosum
Aidia vitiensis
Ailanthus malabarica
Ainsliaea triflora
Aiphanes chiribogensis
Aiphanes eggersii
Aiphanes grandis
Aiphanes lindeniana
Aiphanes minima
Aiphanes spicata
Aiphanes verrucosa
Aira cupaniana
Aizoon canariense
Aizoon rigidum
Ajuga macrosperma
Ajuga reptans
Akania bidwillii
Akebia quinata
Alangium chinense
Alania cunninghami
Albizia adianthifolia
Albizia austrobrasilica
Albizia edwallii
Albizia granulosa
Albizia kalkora
Albizia petersiana
Albizia xanthoxylon
Albuca acuminata
Albuca clanwilliamae-gloria
Albuca fastigiata
Albuca humilis
Agrostis elliotii
Agrostis forsteri
Agrostis inconspicua
Agrostis quadriseta
Agrostis solandri
Agrostophyllum majus
Aichryson bollei
Aichryson pachycaulon
Aichryson villosum
Ailanthus altissima
Ainsliaea acerifolia
Aiphanes acaulis
Aiphanes deltoidea
Aiphanes erinacea
Aiphanes hirsuta
Aiphanes linearis
Aiphanes pilaris
Aiphanes tricuspidata
Aiphanes weberbaueri
Aira elegantissima
Aizoon glabrum
Ajuga australis
Ajuga ovalifolia
Ajuga salicifolia
Akania lucens
Alafia thouarsii
Alangium platanifolium
Alania endlicheri
Albizia anthelmintica
Albizia coreana
Albizia forbesii
Albizia gummifera
Albizia lucidior
Albizia tanganyicensis
Albizia zygia
Albuca altissima
Albuca cooperi
Albuca glauca
Albuca juncifolia
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Albuca namaquensis
Albuca schoenlandii
Albuca transvaalensis
Alcantarea extensa
Alcantarea imperialis
Alcantarea regina
Alcea pallida
Alcea setosa
Alchemilla argyrophylla
Alchemilla crinita
Alchemilla gorcensis
Alchemilla mollis
Alchemilla rothii
Alchemilla viridiflora
Alchornea aquifolia
Alectryon excelsus
Alectryon semicinereus
Alectryon unilobatus
Aletris foliata
Aleurites moluccana
Alibertia edulis
Alkanna tinctoria
Allagoptera brevicalyx
Allamanda cathartica
Allamanda schottii
Alliaria petiolata
Allium abramsii
Allium aflatunense
Allium alexeianum
Allium ampeloprasum
Allium angustitepalum
Allium atrorubens
Allium baeticum
Allium beesianum
Allium bourgeaui
Allium caeruleum
Allium calocephalum
Allium carolinianum
Allium chamaemoly
Albuca nigritana
Albuca shawii
Albuca viscosa
Alcantarea geniculata
Alcantarea nahoumii
Alcantarea vinicolor
Alcea rosea
Alcea xanthochlora
Alchemilla bulgarica
Alchemilla erythropoda
Alchemilla hessii
Alchemilla pedata
Alchemilla splendens
Alchemilla vulgaris
Alectryon coriaceus
Alectryon forsythii
Alectryon subcinereus
Alepidea longifolia
Aletris luteo-viridis
Aleurites rockinghamensis
Alisma lanceolatum
Allagopappus dichotomus
Allagoptera campestris
Allamanda grandiflora
Allamanda violacea
Allittia cardiocarpa
Allium acuminatum
Allium akaka
Allium altissimum
Allium anacoleum
Allium anisopodium
Allium aucheri
Allium baissunense
Allium bigelovii
Allium bucharicum
Allium caesium
Allium campanulatum
Allium cepa
Allium chloranthum
Albuca rupestris
Albuca spiralis
Alcantarea brasiliana
Alcantarea glaziouana
Alcantarea odorata
Alcea ficifolia
Alcea rugosa
Alchemilla alpina
Alchemilla conjuncta
Alchemilla faeroensis
Alchemilla japonica
Alchemilla psilomischa
Alchemilla venosa
Alchemilla xanthochlora
Alectryon diversifolius
Alectryon grandis
Alectryon subdentatus
Aletris farinosa
Aletris spicata
Alhagi kirghisorum
Alisma plantago-aquatica
Allagoptera arenaria
Allagoptera leucocalyx
Allamanda oenotherifolia
Allantodia australis
Allium aaseae
Allium affine
Allium albovianum
Allium amabile
Allium anceps
Allium atropurpureum
Allium auctum
Allium barsczewskii
Allium bodeanum
Allium burlewii
Allium callimischon
Allium cardiostemon
Allium cernuum
Allium christii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Allium chrysantherum
Allium crispum
Allium cratericola
Allium cristophii
Allium cupani
Allium cyathophorum
Allium denudatum
Allium dioscoridis
Allium falcifolium
Allium fetissovii
Allium fistulosum
Allium foliosum
Allium giganteum
Allium gypsaceum
Allium helicophyllum
Allium hissaricum
Allium hyalinum
Allium jesdianum
Allium kharputense
Allium lacunosum
Allium lineare
Allium loratum
Allium macranthum
Allium maximowiczii
Allium moly
Allium neapolitanum
Allium obliquum
Allium oreophilum
Allium parvum
Allium platyspathum
Allium x proliferum
Allium pskemense
Allium rosenbachianum
Allium sarawschanicum
Allium scilloides
Allium serra
Allium sibthorpianum
Allium siskiyouense
Allium staticiforme
Allium stipitatum
Allium cupuliferum
Allium darvasicum
Allium dichlamydeum
Allium dregeanum
Allium fedtschenkoi
Allium fimbriatum
Allium flavescens
Allium fuscoviolaceum
Allium glaciale
Allium haematochiton
Allium hierochuntinum
Allium hoffmanii
Allium hymenorrhizum
Allium jubatum
Allium komarowi
Allium lemmonii
Allium litvinovii
Allium lusitanicum
Allium macrum
Allium meteoricum
Allium monophyllum
Allium nevskianum
Allium obtusum
Allium paniculatum
Allium peninsulare
Allium porrum
Allium protensum
Allium pyrenaicum
Allium rothii
Allium sativum
Allium scorzonerifolium
Allium sewertzowii
Allium sikkimense
Allium sphaerocephalon
Allium stellatum
Allium strictum
Allium crenulatum
Allium cristophii x
Allium cyaneum
Allium darwasicum
Allium dictyoprasum
Allium drummondii
Allium fetisowii
Allium firmotunicatum
Allium flavum
Allium galanthum
Allium guttatum
Allium heldreichii
Allium hirtovaginatum
Allium hollandicum
Allium insubricum
Allium karataviense
Allium kurtzianum
Allium libani
Allium longicuspis
Allium macleanii
Allium mairei
Allium mirum
Allium narcissiflorum
Allium nutans
Allium olympicum
Allium parciflorum
Allium platycaule
Allium praecox
Allium przewalskianum
Allium ramosum
Allium sannineum
Allium schoenoprasum
Allium senescens
Allium sharsmithiae
Allium simillimum
Allium splendens
Allium stenopetalum
Allium suaveolens
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Allium taeniopetalum
Allium tel-avivense
Allium togashii
Allium tripedale
Allium tuberosum
Allium validum
Allium victoris
Allium wallichii
Allium zebdanense
Allium tanguticum
Allium texanum
Allium tribracteatum
Allium triquetrum
Allium umbilicatum
Allium vavilovii
Allium vineale
Allium woronowii
Allocassine laurifolia
Allocasuarina crassa
Allocasuarina duncanii
Allocasuarina grampiana
Allocasuarina littoralis
Allocasuarina monilifera
Allocasuarina paludosa
Allocasuarina portuensis x
Allocasuarina robusta
Allocasuarina thalassoscopica
Allocasuarina zephyrea
Allophylus cobbe
Alloplectus cristatus
Allosyncarpia ternata
Alloxylon wickhamii
Alluaudia humbertii
Almaleea incurvata
Alnus acuminata
Alnus cordata
Alnus firma
Alnus hirsuta
Alnus jorullensis
Alnus matsumurae
Alnus orientalis
Alnus subcordata
Alocasia x amazonica
Alocasia boa
Alocasia brisbanensis x
Alocasia cucullata
Allocasuarina diminuta
Allocasuarina emuina
Allocasuarina gymnanthera
Allocasuarina luehmannii
Allocasuarina muelleriana
Allocasuarina paradoxa
Allocasuarina pusilla
Allium tauricolum
Allium thunbergii
Allium tricoccum
Allium tschimganicum
Allium uniflorum
Allium victorialis
Allium virgunculae
Allium yosemitense
Allocasuarina distyla
Allocasuarina glareicola
Allocasuarina inophloia
Allocasuarina media
Allocasuarina nana
Allocasuarina portuensis
Allocasuarina rigida
Allocasuarina rupicola
Allocasuarina torulosa
Allochrusa gypsophiloides
Allophylus natalensis
Alloplectus nummularia
Alloxylon flammeum
Alluaudia comosa
Alluaudia montagnacii
Almaleea subumbellata
Alnus arguta
Alnus cremastogyne
Alnus formosana
Alnus incana
Alnus x koehnei
Alnus maximowiczii
Alnus rubra
Alnus trabeculosa
Alocasia argyrea
Alocasia brancifolia
Alocasia chaii
Allocasuarina striata
Allocasuarina verticillata
Allomorphia howellii
Allophylus serratus
Alloschmidia glabrata
Alloxylon pinnatum
Alluaudia dumosa
Alluaudia procera
Alniphyllum fortunei
Alnus x aschersoniana
Alnus ferdinandi-coburgii
Alnus glutinosa
Alnus japonica
Alnus maritima
Alnus nitida
Alnus sieboldiana
Alocasia aequiloba
Alocasia arifolia
Alocasia brisbanensis
Alocasia clypeolata
Alocasia cuprea
Alocasia flabellifera
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Alocasia flemingiana
Alocasia guttata
Alocasia lancifolia
Alocasia longiloba x pucciana
Alocasia monticola
Alocasia nicolsonii
Alocasia plumbea
Alocasia portei x odora
Alocasia pubera
Alocasia regina
Alocasia ridleyi
Alocasia sanderiana
Alocasia x sedeni
Alocasia wentii
Aloe aculeata
Aloe affinis
Aloe albiflora
Aloe ammophila
Aloe antandroi
Aloe arenicola
Aloe aspera
Aloe babatiensis
Aloe ballyi
Aloe bellatula
Aloe boiteaui
Aloe bowiea
Aloe brevifolia
Aloe buchlohii
Aloe bulbillifera
Aloe x caesia
Aloe capitata
Aloe chabaudii
Aloe citrea
Aloe commixta
Aloe compressa
Aloe confusa
Aloe craibii
Aloe dawei
Aloe decurva
Alocasia gageana
Alocasia hollrungii
Alocasia lauterbachiana
Alocasia melo
Alocasia x mortfontanensis
Alocasia odora
Alocasia porphyroneura
Alocasia princeps
Alocasia puteri
Alocasia reginula
Alocasia robusta
Alocasia sarawakensis
Alocasia sinuata
Alocasia wongii
Aloe acutissima
Aloe africana
Aloe alooides
Aloe andongensis
Aloe arborescens
Aloe aristata
Aloe asperifolia
Aloe bakeri
Aloe barberae
Aloe berhana
Aloe boscawenii
Aloe boylei
Aloe broomii
Aloe buettneri
Aloe burgersfortensis
Aloe calcairophila
Aloe castanea
Aloe cheranganiensis
Aloe classenii
Aloe commutata
Aloe comptonii
Aloe conifera
Aloe cremnophila
Aloe debrana
Aloe delphinensis
Alocasia gageana x odora
Alocasia inornata
Alocasia longiloba
Alocasia micholitziana
Alocasia navicularis
Alocasia pangeran
Alocasia portei
Alocasia principiculus
Alocasia pyrospatha
Alocasia reversa
Alocasia robusta x princeps
Alocasia scabriuscula
Alocasia suhirmaniana
Alocasia zebrina
Aloe adigratana
Aloe albida
Aloe ambigens
Aloe angelica
Aloe archeri
Aloe armatissima
Aloe austroarabica
Aloe bakeri x bellatula
Aloe barbertoniae
Aloe betsileensis
Aloe bosseri
Aloe branddraaiensis
Aloe bruynsii
Aloe buhrii
Aloe bussei
Aloe camperi
Aloe castellorum
Aloe chlorantha
Aloe claviflora
Aloe comosa
Aloe concinna
Aloe cooperi
Aloe cryptopoda
Aloe decaryi
Aloe deltoideodonta
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Aloe descoingsii
Aloe dhufarensis
Aloe diolii
Aloe dolomitica
Aloe dyeri
Aloe elgonica
Aloe erensii
Aloe esculenta
Aloe ferox
Aloe fievetii
Aloe forbesii
Aloe fragilis
Aloe gerstneri
Aloe gracilis
Aloe greatheadii
Aloe hardyi
Aloe hazeliana
Aloe hexapetala
Aloe hoffmannii
Aloe imalotensis
Aloe intermedia
Aloe itremensis
Aloe juvenna
Aloe keithii
Aloe kilifiensis
Aloe laeta
Aloe linearifolia
Aloe lomatophylloides
Aloe macra
Aloe macrosiphon
Aloe madecassa
Aloe mccoyi
Aloe melanacantha
Aloe microstigma
Aloe mitriformis
Aloe mudenensis
Aloe myriacantha
Aloe nyeriensis
Aloe officinalis
Aloe deserti
Aloe dichotoma
Aloe distans
Aloe dorotheae
Aloe ecklonis
Aloe ellenbeckii
Aloe erinacea
Aloe excelsa
Aloe ferox x arborescens
Aloe fleurentinorum
Aloe forsteri
Aloe framesii
Aloe glauca
Aloe graminicola
Aloe greenii
Aloe harlana
Aloe hemmingii
Aloe hijazensis
Aloe humilis
Aloe inermis
Aloe inyangensis
Aloe jacksonii
Aloe karasbergensis
Aloe ketabrowniorum
Aloe krapohliana
Aloe lateritia
Aloe lineata
Aloe longistyla
Aloe macracantha
Aloe maculata
Aloe marlothii
Aloe mcloughlinii
Aloe meyeri
Aloe millotii
Aloe modesta
Aloe munchii
Aloe niebuhriana
Aloe obscura
Aloe ortholopha
Aloe dewetii
Aloe dinteri
Aloe divaricata
Aloe droseroides
Aloe elegans
Aloe eremophila
Aloe erythrophylla
Aloe falcata
Aloe fibrosa
Aloe flexilifolia
Aloe fosteri
Aloe gariepensis
Aloe globuligemma
Aloe grandidentata
Aloe haemanthifolia
Aloe haworthioides
Aloe hereroensis
Aloe hildebrandtii
Aloe ibitiensis
Aloe inexpectata
Aloe isaloensis
Aloe jucunda
Aloe kedongensis
Aloe khamiesensis
Aloe kraussii
Aloe lettyae
Aloe littoralis
Aloe lutescens
Aloe macroclada
Aloe maculata x striata
Aloe mawii
Aloe medishiana
Aloe micracantha
Aloe minima
Aloe morijensis
Aloe mutabilis
Aloe nubigena
Aloe occidentalis
Aloe pachygaster
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Aloe parallelifolia
Aloe peckii
Aloe penduliflora
Aloe perryi
Aloe pillansii
Aloe pluridens
Aloe praetermissa
Aloe prinslooi
Aloe pruinosa
Aloe purpurea
Aloe rauhii
Aloe reitzii
Aloe rubroviolacea
Aloe rupicola
Aloe saponaria x striata
Aloe schelpei
Aloe secundiflora
Aloe simii
Aloe sladeniana x dinteri
Aloe speciosa
Aloe spinulosa
Aloe steudneri
Aloe suarezensis
Aloe suprafoliata
Aloe tauri
Aloe tewoldei
Aloe tomentosa
Aloe transvaalensis
Aloe tweediae
Aloe vanbalenii
Aloe vaotsanda
Aloe viguieri
Aloe volkensii
Aloe whitcombei
Aloe x winteri
Aloe parvidens
Aloe peglerae
Aloe percrassa
Aloe petricola
Aloe pirottae
Aloe polyphylla
Aloe pratensis
Aloe propagulifera
Aloe pseudorubroviolacea
Aloe rabaiensis
Aloe rauhii x saundersiae
Aloe reynoldsii
Aloe x runcinata
Aloe sabaea
Aloe saundersiae
Aloe schomeri
Aloe shadensis
Aloe sinkatana
Aloe somaliensis
Aloe spicata
Aloe splendens
Aloe striata
Aloe subacutissima
Aloe suzannae
Aloe tenuifolia
Aloe thompsoniae
Aloe tormentorii
Aloe trichosantha
Aloe umfoloziensis
Aloe vandermerwei
Aloe variegata
Aloe viridiflora
Aloe vossii
Aloe wickensii
Aloe wollastonii
Aloe yemenica
Aloinopsis luckhoffii
Aloinopsis rosulata
Aloe zebrina
Aloinopsis malherbei
Aloinopsis rubrolineata
Aloe parvula
Aloe pendens
Aloe perfoliata
Aloe pictifolia
Aloe plicatilis
Aloe porphyrostachys
Aloe pretoriensis
Aloe prostrata
Aloe pubescens
Aloe ramosissima
Aloe rebmannii
Aloe rivierei
Aloe rupestris
Aloe sakarahensis
Aloe scabrifolia
Aloe scobinifolia
Aloe sheilae
Aloe sladeniana
Aloe soutpansbergensis
Aloe x spinosissima
Aloe squarrosa
Aloe striatula
Aloe suffulta
Aloe swynnertonii
Aloe tenuior
Aloe thraskii
Aloe trachyticola
Aloe turkanensis
Aloe vacillans
Aloe vaombe
Aloe vera
Aloe vogtsii
Aloe vryheidensis
Aloe wildii
Aloe rauhii x Gasteria
Aloinopsis acuta
Aloinopsis peersii
Aloinopsis schooneesii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Aloinopsis setifera
Alonsoa acutifolia
Alonsoa linearis
Alopecurus aucheri
Alopecurus geniculatus
Alopecurus textilis
Alophia pulchella
Aloysia citriodora
Alphitonia excelsa
Alphitonia petriei
Alpinia arctiflora
Alpinia calcarata
Alpinia formosana
Alpinia havilandii
Alpinia japonica
Alpinia malaccensis
Alpinia nutans
Alpinia purpurata
Alpinia romburghiana
Alpinia vittata
Alrawia nutans
Alsmithia longipes
Alsophila colensoi
Alsophila kermadecensis
Alsophila smithii
Alsophila woollsiana
Alstonia plumosa
Alstonia venenata
Alstroemeria andina
Alstroemeria x aurea
Alstroemeria exserens
Alstroemeria hookeri
Alstroemeria kingii
Alstroemeria magenta
Alstroemeria pallida
Alstroemeria pelegrina
Alstroemeria revoluta
Aloinopsis spathulata
Alonsoa albiflora
Alonsoa meridionalis
Alopecurus brachystachyus
Alopecurus myosuroides
Alopecurus vaginatus
Alophia veracruzana
Aloysia virgata
Alphitonia neocaledonica
Alphitonia ponderosa
Alpinia arundelliana
Alpinia chinensis
Alpinia galanga
Alpinia hylandii
Alpinia katsumadai
Alpinia modesta
Alpinia oceanica
Alpinia racemigera
Alpinia roxburghii
Alpinia zerumbet
Alseuosmia macrophylla
Alsobia dianthiflora
Alsophila cunninghamii
Alsophila rebeccae
Alsophila spinulosa
Alstonia costata
Alstonia scholaris
Alstonia yunnanensis
Alstroemeria angustifolia
Alstroemeria crispata
Alstroemeria garaventae
Alstroemeria huemulina
Alstroemeria ligtu
Alstroemeria magnifica
Alstroemeria patagonica
Alstroemeria polyphylla
Alstroemeria pulchella
Aloinopsis villetii
Alonsoa grandiflora
Alonsoa mutisii
Alopecurus castellanus
Alopecurus pratensis
Alophia drummondii
Aloysia chamaedryfolia
Aloysia wrightii
Alphitonia obtusifolia
Alphitonia zizyphoides
Alpinia breviligulata
Alpinia coerulea
Alpinia hainanensis
Alpinia intermedia
Alpinia luteo-carpa
Alpinia nigra
Alpinia officinarum
Alpinia rafflesiana
Alpinia sichuanensis
Alrawia bellii
Alseuosmia pusilla
Alsophila baileyana
Alsophila dregei
Alsophila robertsiana
Alsophila tricolor
Alstonia ophioxyloides
Alstonia spatulata
Alstroemeria achirae
Alstroemeria aurea
Alstroemeria diluta
Alstroemeria graminea
Alstroemeria hybrida
Alstroemeria x ligtu
Alstroemeria modesta
Alstroemeria paupercula
Alstroemeria presliana
Alstroemeria pulchra
Alstroemeria schizanthoides
Alstroemeria spathulata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Alstroemeria spectabilis
Alstroemeria versicolor
Alternanthera bettzickiana
Alternanthera reineckii
Altingia chinensis
Alysicarpus heyneanus
Alysicarpus rugosus
Alysicarpus zeyheri
Alyssoides graecum
Alyssum armenum
Alyssum fallacinum
Alyssum linifolium
Alyssum ovirense
Alyssum pyrenaicum
Alyssum stribrnyi
Alyxia ilicifolia
Alyxia ruscifolia
Alyxia tropica
Amaranthus albus
Amaranthus caudatus
Amaranthus hybridus
Amaranthus tricolor
Alstroemeria timida
Alstroemeria werdermannii
Alternanthera brasiliana
Alternanthera sessilis
Alysicarpus ferrugineus
Alysicarpus ovalifolius
Alysicarpus tetragonolobus
Alyssoides cretica
Alyssoides utriculata
Alyssum baldaccii
Alyssum idaeum
Alyssum moellendorfianum
Alyssum podolicum
Alyssum repens
Alyssum wulfenianum
Alyxia oblongata
Alyxia sinensis
Amana edulis
Amaranthus atropurpureus
Amaranthus cruentus
Amaranthus powellii
Amaranthus viridis
x Amarine tubergenii
Amaryllis papilio
x Amarygia parkeri
Amaryllis paradisicola
Amberboa amberboi
Amborella trichopoda
Amelanchier arborea
Amelanchier x grandiflora
Amelanchier pumila
Amellus lychnitis
Amicia zygomeris
Ammannia auriculata
Ammi visnaga
Ammobium craspedioides
Ammocharis longifolia
Amomum aculeatum
Amomum queenslandicum
Amomyrtus luma
Amberboa moschata
Ambrosia artemisiifolia
Amelanchier asiatica
Amelanchier laevis
Amelanchier utahensis
Amesiella spp.
Amischotolype hispida
Ammannia gracilis
Ammobium alatum
Ammocharis baumii
Ammocharis nerinoides
Amomum compactum
Amomum subulatum
Amoora ferruginea
Alstroemeria umbellata
Alstroemeria zoellneri
Alternanthera pungens
Althaea officinalis
Alysicarpus hamosus
Alysicarpus pubescens
Alysicarpus vaginalis
Alyssoides graeca
Alyssum alpestre
Alyssum caespitosum
Alyssum lenense
Alyssum oschtenicum
Alyssum propinquum
Alyssum spinosum
Alyxia gynopogon
Alyxia orophila
Alyxia stellata
Amana erythronioides
Amaranthus blitum
Amaranthus grandiflorus
Amaranthus retroflexus
x Amarcrinum memoriacorsii
Amaryllis belladonna
Amaryllis belladonna x
Crinum moorei
Amblyopyrum muticum
Ambrosia psilostachya
Amelanchier canadensis
Amelanchier lamarckii
Amellus capensis
Amherstia nobilis
Ammandra decasperma
Ammi majus
Ammobium calyceroides
Ammocharis coccinea
Ammocharis tinneana
Amomum dallachyi
Amomum tsao-ko
Amorpha californica
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Amorpha elata
Amorpha roemeriana
Amorpha glabra
Amorpha tomentosa
Amorphophallus albispathus
Amorphophallus ankarana
Amorphophallus albus
Amorphophallus beccarii
Amorphophallus carnea
Amorphophallus coaetaneus
Amorphophallus atroviridis
Amorphophallus boyceanus
Amorphophallus bulbifer
Amorphophallus cirrifer
Amorphophallus corrugatus
Amorphophallus decus-silvae
Amorphophallus decussilvae
Amorphophallus dunnii
Amorphophallus elatus
Amorphophallus eburneus
Amorphophallus elegans
Amorphophallus gallaensis
Amorphophallus gigas
Amorphophallus hewittii
Amorphophallus hirtus
Amorphophallus hayi
Amorphophallus johnsonii
Amorphophallus konjac
Amorphophallus lambii
Amorphophallus linearis
Amorphophallus manta
Amorphophallus opertus
Amorphophallus polyanthus
Amorphophallus pygmaeus
Amorphophallus sizemoreae
Amorphophallus hildebrandtii
Amorphophallus hohenackeri
Amorphophallus kachinensis
Amorphophallus koratensis
Amorphophallus laxiflorus
Amorphophallus maximus
Amorphophallus muelleri
Amorphophallus prainii
Amorphophallus salmoneus
Amorpha nana
Amorphophallus angulatus
Amorphophallus atrorubens
Amorphophallus borneensis
Amorphophallus cicatricifer
Amorphophallus curvistylis
Amorphophallus eichleri
Amorphophallus henryi
Amorphophallus hirsutus
Amorphophallus kiusianus
Amorphophallus krausei
Amorphophallus lewallei
Amorphophallus maxwellii
Amorphophallus napalensis
Amorphophallus parvulus
Amorphophallus putii
Amorphophallus spectabilis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Amorphophallus sumawongii
Amorphophallus sutepensis
Amorphophallus tenuispadix
Amorphophallus tonkinensis
Amorphophallus yunnanensis
Ampalis mauritiana
Ampelodesma mauritanica
Ampelopsis megalophylla
Amphibolia rupis-arcuatae
Amphibromus pithogastrus
Amphilophium cynanchoides
Amphineuron terminans
Amsonia illustris
Amydrium humile
Amydrium zippelianum
Amyema miraculosum
Anabasis haussknechtii
Anacampseros baeseckei
Anacampseros filamentosa
Anacampseros marlothii
Anacampseros schoenlandii
Anacampseros telephiastrum
Anacamptis palustris
Anacardium humile
Anacardium othonianum
Anacyclus pyrethrum
Anadendrum microstachyum
Anagallis pumila
x Anamea hybrids
Ananas bracteatus
Ananas nanus
Anapalina caffra
Anaphalis hellwigii
Anaphyllum wightii
Anastrabe integerrima
Anchomanes difformis
Anchusa capensis
Anchusa officinalis
Amorphophallus tenuistylis
Amorphophallus variabilis
Amorphospermum antilogum
Ampelocissus arachnoidea
Ampelopsis brevipedunculata
Ampelopsis vitifolia
Amphibromus archeri
Amphibromus recurvatus
Amphineuron immersum
Amsonia ciliata
Amsonia orientalis
Amydrium magnificum
Amyema fasciculata
Amyema pendulum
Anacampseros albidiflora
Anacampseros densifolia
Anacampseros karasmontana
Anacampseros retusa
Anacampseros starkiana
Anacampseros trigona
Anacardium excelsum
Anacardium microsepalum
Anacardium spruceanum
Anadelphia afzeliana
Anagallis arvensis
Anagallis serpens
Anamirta cocculus
Ananas comosus
Ananas sagenaria
Anaphalioides trinervis
Anaphalis nubigena
Anarrhinum forskahlii
Ancana stenopetala
Anchomanes nigritianus
Anchusa cespitosa
Ancistrachne uncinulata
Ancylobothrys amoena
Ancylobothrys capensis
Amorphophallus titanum
Amorphophallus yuloensis
Amorphospermum whitei
Ampelocissus sikkimensis
Ampelopsis glandulosa
Amperea xiphoclada
Amphibromus neesii
Amphilophium crucigerum
Amphineuron opulentum
Amsonia hubrichtii
Amsonia tabernaemontana
Amydrium medium
Amyema gaudichaudii
Amygdalus petunnikowi
Anacampseros arachnoides
Anacampseros dielsiana
Anacampseros lanceolata
Anacampseros rufescens
Anacampseros subnuda
Anacamptis morio
Anacardium giganteum
Anacardium occidentale
Anacyclus depressus
Anadenanthera colubrina
Anagallis minima
Anagyris latifolia
Ananas ananassoides
Ananas lucidus
Ananassa sativa
Anaphalis alpicola
Anaphyllopsis americana
Anarthropteris dictyopteris
Anchomanes dalzielii
Anchusa arvensis
Anchusa leptophylla
Ancylobothrys petersiana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Andira sapindoides
Androcymbium burchellii
Androcymbium circinatum
Androcymbium cuspidatum
Androcymbium latifolium
Androcymbium asteroides
Androcymbium capense
Androcymbium crispum
Androcymbium dregei
Androcymbium longipes
Androcymbium rechingeri
Andrographis paniculata
Andromeda polifolia
Andropogon canaliculatus
Andropogon gabonensis
Andropogon paniculatus
Andropogon pumilus
Andropogon tenuiberbis
Androsace akbajtalensis
Androsace alchemilloides
Androsace bisulca
Androsace bryomorpha
Androsace cantabrica
Androsace chamaejasme
Androsace cylindrica
Androsace euryantha
Androsace globifera
Androsace halleri
Androsace helvetica
Androsace hirtella
Androsace integra
Androsace laevigata
Androsace lehmannii
Androsace mathildae
Androsace mirabilis
Androsace nivalis
Androsace ovalifolia
Androsace pyrenaica
Androsace runcinata
Androsace sempervivoides
Androsace strigillosa
Androsace triflora
Androsace wardii
Androcymbium striatum
Androlepis skinneri
Andropogon abyssinicus
Andropogon chrysostachyus
Andropogon gerardii
Andropogon pinguipes
Andropogon schinzii
Andropogon ternatus
Androsace alaica
Androsace alpina
Androsace brachystegia
Androsace bulleyana
Androsace carnea
Androsace chumbyi
Androsace delavayi
Androsace foliosa
Androsace graceae
Androsace hausmanni
Androsace henryi
Androsace idahoensis
Androsace jacquemontii
Androsace laggeri
Androsace mariae
Androsace microphylla
Androsace montana
Androsace nortonii
Androsace paxiana
Androsace rigida
Androsace sarmentosa
Androsace sericea
Androsace tanggulashanensis
Androsace vandellii
Androsace wilsoniana
Androcymbium bellum
Androcymbium ciliolatum
Androcymbium cruciatum
Androcymbium eucomoides
Androcymbium volutare
Andromeda floribunda
Andropogon appendiculatus
Andropogon distachyos
Andropogon liebmannii
Andropogon pseudapricus
Andropogon schirensis
Androsace adenocephala
Androsace albana
Androsace armeniaca
Androsace brevis
Androsace bungeana
Androsace chaixii
Androsace ciliata
Androsace elatior
Androsace geraniifolia
Androsace graminifolia
Androsace hedreantha
Androsace himalaica
Androsace imbricata
Androsace lactea
Androsace lanuginosa
Androsace x marpensis
Androsace minor
Androsace mucronifolia
Androsace obtusifolia
Androsace pubescens
Androsace robusta
Androsace selago
Androsace spinulifera
Androsace tapete
Androsace villosa
Androsace wulfeniana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Androsace yargongensis
Androstoma empetrifolia
Aneilema acuminatum
Aneilema papuanum
Anemia dregeana
Anemia tomentosa
Anemone albana
Anemone baicalensis
Anemone begoniifolia
Anemone bucharica
Anemone caucasica
Androsace zambalensis
Andryala agardhii
Aneilema aequinoctiale
Anemarrhena asphodeloides
Anemia mexicana
Anemocarpa podolepidium
Anemone altaica
Anemone baissunensis
Anemone berlandieri
Anemone caerulea
Anemone coronaria
Anemone crassifolia
Anemone demissa
Anemone fanninii
Anemone hepatica
Anemone x hybrida
Anemone laceratoincisa
Anemone x lipsiensis
Anemone multifida
Anemone nobilis
Anemone parviflora
Anemone polyanthes
Anemone protracta
Anemone x ranunculoides
Anemone rockii
Anemone x seemannii
Anemone speciosa
Anemone tetrasepala
Anemone tschernaewi
Anemone vitifolia
Anemopaegma chamberlaynii
Angelica acutiloba
Angelica dahurica
Angelica glauca
Angelica lineariloba
Angelica purpurascens
Angelica sinensis
Angelica ursina
Anemone crinita
Anemone drummondii
Anemone gortschakowii
Anemone hortensis
Anemone imbricata
Anemone x lesseri
Anemone magellanica
Anemone narcissiflora
Anemone obtusiloba
Anemone pavonina
Anemone pratensis
Anemone pseudo-altaica
Anemone regeliana
Anemone rossii
Anemone slavica
Anemone sulphurea
Anemone tomentosa
Anemone umbrosa
Anemonella thalictroides
Anemopsis californica
Angelica archangelica
Angelica dawsonii
Angelica hendersonii
Angelica polymorpha
Angelica rosaefolia
Angelica taiwaniana
Angelonia angustifolia
Androstephium breviflorum
Andryala pinnatifida
Aneilema forskalei
Anemia adiantifolia
Anemia phyllitidis
Anemocarpa saxatilis
Anemone amurensis
Anemone baldensis
Anemone blanda
Anemone caroliniana
Anemone coronaria x
Anemone decapetala
Anemone eranthoides
Anemone halleri
Anemone hupehensis
Anemone keiskeana
Anemone leveillei
Anemone mexicana
Anemone nemorosa
Anemone palmata
Anemone petiolulosa
Anemone prattii
Anemone quinquefolia
Anemone rivularis
Anemone rupicola
Anemone smithiana
Anemone sylvestris
Anemone transylvanica
Anemone vernalis
Anemonopsis macrophylla
Anethum graveolens
Angelica atropurpurea
Angelica gigas
Angelica keiskei
Angelica pubescens
Angelica setchuenensis
Angelica triquinata
Angianthus lanigerus
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Angiopteris evecta
Angolluma deflersiana
Angolluma hesperidum
Angolluma wissmannii
Angophora floribunda
Angophora melanoxylon
Angiopteris salicifolia
Angolluma foetida
Angolluma laticorona
Angophora bakeri
Angophora hispida
Angophora subvelutina
Angophora woodsiana
x Angulocaste spp.
Anisacanthus thurberi
Anisodontea x
Anisopogon avenaceus
Anisotome haastii
Anisotome lyallii
Anneslea fragrans
Annona bullata
Annona cherimola x
Annona crassiflora
Annona liebmanniana
Annona muricata
Annona reticulata
Annona squamosa
Anoda cristata
Angraecum spp.
Anigozanthos fuliginosus
Anisodontea capensis
Anisodontea julii
Angolluma baldratii
Angolluma gemugofana
Angolluma rogersii
Angophora costata
Angophora intermedia
Angophora subvelutina x
Anguloa spp.
Anigozanthos x hybrid
Anisodontea elegans
Anisodus tanguticus
Anisotome aromatica
Anisotome imbricata
Anisotome procumbens
Annickia chlorantha
Annona cacans
Annona chrysophylla
Anisotome flexuosa
Anisotome latifolia
Anneliesia candida
Annona x atemoya
Annona cherimola
Annona cornifolia
Annona dioica
Annona macroprophyllata
Annona paludosa
Annona salzmannii
Annona testudinea
Anoectochilus geniculatus
Anoectochilus lanceolatus
Anoectochilus sandvicensis
Anoectochilus sikkimensis
Anogeissus latifolia
Anoiganthus breviflorus
Anomalesia splendens
Anonidium mannii
Anredera cordifolia
Antennaria carpatica
Antennaria microphylla
Antennaria umbrinella
Anthemis cotula
Anthemis punctata
Annona diversifolia
Annona montana
Annona prevostiae
Annona scleroderma
Annona tomentosa
Anoectochilus albolineatus
Anoectochilus brevilabris
Anoectochilus koshunensis
Anoectochilus roxburghii
Anoectochilus siamensis
Anoectochilus yatesiae
Anogramma chaerophylla
Anomalesia saccata
Anomatheca viridis
Anopterus macleayanus
Antegibbaeum fissoides
Antennaria linearifolia
Antennaria rosea
Anthemis biebersteiniana
Anthemis marschalliana
Anoectochilus imitans
Anoectochilus reinwardtii
Anoectochilus setaceus
Anoectochilus vitiensis
Anogra pallida
Anomalesia cunonia
Anomatheca fistulosa
Anopterus glandulosus
Ansellia spp.
Antennaria dioica
Antennaria parvifolia
Anthemis aetnensis
Anthemis cretica
Anthemis sancti-johannis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Anthemis sosnovskyana
Anthephora argentea
Anthephora nigritana
Anthericum liliago
Anthocercis angustifolia
Anthogonium gracile
Anthospermum usambarense
Anthriscus cerefolium
Anthurium amnicola
Anthurium angustispadix
Anthurium armeniense
Anthurium bakeri
Anthurium berriozabalense
Anthurium x chelseiensis
Anthurium colonicum
Anthurium corallinum
Anthurium corrugatum
Anthurium curvispadix
Anthurium digitatum
Anthurium fendleri
Anthurium friedrichsthalii
Anthurium giganteum
Anthurium grandifolium
Anthurium halmoorei
Anthurium hookeri
Anthurium imperiale
Anthurium julianii
Anthurium lappoanum
Anthurium lindenianum
Anthurium longilaminatum
Anthurium luteynii
Anthurium magnificum
Anthurium ornatum
Anthurium oxycarpum
Anthurium palmatum
Anthurium pedatoradiatum
Anthurium pittieri
Anthurium polystictum
Anthemis tinctoria
Anthephora cristata
Anthephora schinzii
Anthericum ramosum
Anthocleista djalonensis
Antholyza bicolor
Anthoxanthum odoratum
Anthriscus sylvestris
Anthurium andicola
Anthurium antioquiense
Anthurium atropurpureum
Anthurium barclayanum
Anthurium bogotense
Anthurium clarinervium
Anthurium comtum
Anthurium cordatum
Anthurium croatii
Anthurium cuspidatum
Anthurium dombeyanum
Anthurium forgetii
Anthurium galeottii
Anthurium gracile
Anthurium gymnopus
Anthurium harrisii
Anthurium x hortulanum
Anthurium interruptum
Anthurium kamemotoanum
Anthurium lentii
Anthurium llanense
Anthurium loretense
Anthurium x macrolobium
Anthurium nakamurae
Anthurium ovatifolium
Anthurium pachylaminum
Anthurium paraguayense
Anthurium pendulifolium
Anthurium podophyllum
Anthurium propinquum
Anthemis tricolor
Anthephora elongata
Anthericum falcatum
Anthericum subpetiolatum
Anthocleista grandiflora
Anthopterus wardii
Anthriscus caucalis
Anthurium affine
Anthurium andraeanum
Anthurium araliifolium
Anthurium aureum
Anthurium bellum
Anthurium chamberlainii
Anthurium clavigerum
Anthurium consobrinum
Anthurium coriaceum
Anthurium crystallinum
Anthurium decurrens
Anthurium dressleri
Anthurium formosum
Anthurium geitnerianum
Anthurium grande
Anthurium hacumense
Anthurium hoffmannii
Anthurium hygrophilum
Anthurium jaramilloi
Anthurium kunthii
Anthurium leuconeurum
Anthurium loefgrenii
Anthurium lucens
Anthurium madisonianum
Anthurium nymphaeifolium
Anthurium oxybelium
Anthurium pallidiflorum
Anthurium parvispathum
Anthurium pentaphyllum
Anthurium polyschistum
Anthurium pseudospectabile
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Anthurium ptarianum
Anthurium radicans
Anthurium ramonense
Anthurium rubrinervium
Anthurium salviniae
Anthurium scandens
Anthurium seleri
Anthurium spectabile
Anthurium superbum
Anthurium truncicola
Anthurium upalaense
Anthurium vittariifolium
Anthurium watermaliense
Anthurium yetlense
Anthyllis coccinea
Anthyllis montana
Antidesma bunius
Antidesma montanum
Antidesma venosum
Antimima alborubra
Antimima dolomitica
Antimima fenestrata
Antimima papillata
Antimima solida
Antirhea smithii
Anthurium regale
Anthurium sagittatum
Anthurium sanctifidense
Anthurium schlechtendalii
Anthurium sellowianum
Anthurium splendidum
Anthurium tarapotense
Anthurium truncicolum
Anthurium veitchii
Anthurium wagenerianum
Anthurium wendlingeri
Anthyllis aurea
Anthyllis hermanniae
Anthyllis vulneraria
Antidesma dallachyanum
Antidesma parvifolium
Antidesma vogelianum
Antimima amoena
Antimima dualis
Antimima hantamensis
Antimima pumila
Antimima turneriana
Antirhea tenuiflora
Antirrhinum cirrhigerum
Antirrhinum molle
Antirrhinum tortuosum
Antrophyum reticulatum
Anubias gigantea
Anubias heterophylla
Aotus subglauca
Apeiba burchellii
Aphandra natalia
Aphelandra aurantiaca
Aphelandra deppeana
Aphelandra sinclairiana
Aphelia gracilis
Apios americana
Antirrhinum hispanicum
Antirrhinum pulverulentum
Antopetitia abyssinica
Anubias afzelii
Anubias gracilis
Aotus ericoides
Apalochlamys spectabilis
Aphananthe aspera
Aphanes arvensis
Aphelandra chamissoniana
Aphelandra liboniana
Aphelandra squarrosa
Aphelia pumilio
Apios priceana
Anthurium radicans x
Anthurium rivulare
Anthurium salvadorense
Anthurium sanguineum
Anthurium seibertii
Anthurium silanchense
Anthurium subsignatum
Anthurium testaceum
Anthurium uleanum
Anthurium verapazense
Anthurium warocqueanum
Anthurium willdenowii
Anthyllis boisseri
Anthyllis kerneri
Anticlea occidentalis
Antidesma hainanense
Antidesma pentandrum
Antigonon leptopus
Antimima argentea
Antimima evoluta
Antimima herrei
Antimima pygmaea
Antirhea ovatifolia
Antirrhinum braunblanquetii
Antirrhinum majus
Antirrhinum sempervirens
Antrocaryon klaineanum
Anubias barteri
Anubias hastifolia
Aotus lanigera
Apatophyllum constablei
Aphananthe philippinensis
Aphanopetalum resinosum
Aphelandra cristata
Aphelandra schiedeana
Aphelandra tetragona
Aphyllanthes monspeliensis
Apium graveolens
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Apium insulare
Apodasmia chilensis
Apodytes dimidiata
Aponogeton bullosus
Aponogeton eberhardtii
Aponogeton henckelianus
Aplolophium dusenianum
Apodolirion macowanii
Apollonias barbujana
Aponogeton capuronii
Aponogeton elongatus
Aponogeton longiplumulosus
Aponogeton natans
Aponogeton tofus
Aponogeton vanbruggenii
Aporocactus martianus
Appendicula australiensis
Appendicula pendula
Aptenia cordifolia
Apteranthes europaea
Aptosimum procumbens
Aquilaria crassna
Aquilegia akitensis
Aquilegia barnebyi
Aquilegia brevistyla
Aquilegia coerulea
Aquilegia ecalcarata
Aquilegia eximia
Aquilegia formosa
Aquilegia grata
Aquilegia kitaibelii
Aquilegia micrantha
Aquilegia nivalis
Aquilegia oxysepala
Aquilegia rockii
Aquilegia sibirica
Aquilegia viridiflora
Arabidopsis thaliana
Arabis x arendsii
Arabis bryoides
Arabis cypria
Arabis macdonaldiana
Arabis muralis
Arabis serrata
Aponogeton proliferus
Aponogeton ulvaceus
Apophyllum anomalum
Apostasia wallichii
Appendicula cornuta
Appendicula polystachya
Aptenia lancifolia
Apteranthes joannis
Apuleia leiocarpa
Aquilaria filaria
Aquilegia alpina
Aquilegia bernardii
Aquilegia buergeriana
Aquilegia x cultorum
Aquilegia einseleana
Aquilegia flabellata
Aquilegia fragrans
Aquilegia jonesii
Aquilegia laramiensis
Aquilegia moorcroftiana
Aquilegia olympica
Aquilegia parviflora
Aquilegia saximontana
Aquilegia skinneri
Aquilegia vulgaris
Arabis alpina
Arabis aubrietioides
Arabis caerulea
Arabis ferdinandi-coburgi
Arabis modesta
Arabis pumila
Arabis soyeri
Apodasmia brownii
Apodytes brachystylis
Aponogeton boivinianus
Aponogeton crispum
Aponogeton fenestrale
Aponogeton queenslandicus
Aponogeton undulatus
Apoplanesia paniculata
Appendicula anceps
Appendicula elegans
Appendicula reflexa
Apteranthes burchardii
Apteropteris applanata
Aquilaria brachyantha
Aquilaria malaccensis
Aquilegia aurea
Aquilegia bertolonii
Aquilegia chrysantha
Aquilegia desertorum
Aquilegia elegantula
Aquilegia flavescens
Aquilegia glandulosa
Aquilegia kareliniana
Aquilegia longissima
Aquilegia nigricans
Aquilegia ottonis
Aquilegia pyrenaica
Aquilegia scopulorum
Aquilegia thalictrifolia
Arabidella procumbens
Arabis androsacea
Arabis blepharophylla
Arabis carduchorum
Arabis x kellereri
Arabis mollis
Arabis sagittata
Arabis stelleri
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Arabis vochinensis
Arachis burkartii
Arachis diogoi
Arachis helodes
Arachis monticola
Arachis pusilla
Arachis villosa
Arachniodes carvifolia
Arachniodes miqueliana
Araeococcus flagellifolius
Araiostegia divaricata
Aralia continentalis
Aralia hispida
Aralia tomentella
Araucaria araucana
Araucaria bidwillii
Araucaria cunninghamii
Araucaria laubenfelsii
Araucaria muelleri
Araucaria scopulorum
Arbutus x andrachnoides
Arbutus glandulosa
Arbutus unedo
Archeria serpyllifolia
Archidendron jiringa
Archidendron muellerianum
Archidendropsis granulosa
Archontophoenix alexandrae
Archontophoenix maxima
Archontophoenix tuckeri
Arctostaphylos alpina
Arctostaphylos densiflora
Arctostaphylos x media
Arctostaphylos pungens
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
Arctotis aspera
Arctotis fastuosa
Arctotis laevis
Arachis batizocoi
Arachis cardenasii
Arachis duranensis
Arachis hypogaea
Arachis paraguariensis
Arachis repens
Arachis villosulicarpa
Arachniodes dimorphophylla
Arachniodes standishii
Araeococcus micranthus
Aralia cordata
Aralia nudicaulis
x Aranda spp.
Araucaria beccarii
Araucaria biramulata
Araucaria heterophylla
Araucaria luxurians
Araucaria nemorosa
Araucaria subulata
Arbutus arizonica
Arbutus menziesii
Arbutus xalapensis
Archidendron grandiflorum
Archidendron kanisii
Archidendron vaillantii
Archidendropsis xanthoxylon
Archontophoenix alexandrae
x cunninghamiana
Archontophoenix myolensis
Arctium lappa
Arctostaphylos arbutoides
Arctostaphylos hookeri
Arctostaphylos obispoensis
Arctostaphylos rubra
Arctotheca calendula
Arctotis auriculata
Arctotis gumbletonii
Arctotis revoluta
Arachis benthamii
Arachis correntina
Arachis glabrata
Arachis marginata
Arachis pintoi
Arachis rigonii
Arachniodes aristata
Arachniodes hasseltii
Arachnis spp.
Araeococcus pectinatus
Aralia cachemirica
Aralia elata
Aralia racemosa
Araucaria angustifolia
Araucaria bernieri
Araucaria columnaris
Araucaria humboldtensis
Araucaria montana
Araucaria rulei
Araujia sericifera
Arbutus canariensis
Arbutus pavarii
Archeria eriocarpa
Archidendron hendersonii
Archidendron lucyi
Archidendron whitei
Archirhodomyrtus beckleri
Archontophoenix purpurea
Arctium tomentosum
Arctostaphylos bakeri
Arctostaphylos insularis
Arctostaphylos pajaroensis
Arctostaphylos stanfordiana
Arctotheca populifolia
Arctotis decurrens
Arctotis x hybrida
Arctotis venusta
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Arctous alpinus
Ardisia brevipedata
Ardisia cornudentata
Ardisia escallonioides
Ardisia humilis
Ardisia opegrapha
Ardisia pusilla
Ardisia villosa
Areca ahmadii
Areca brachypoda
Areca catechu
Areca congesta
Areca furcata
Areca hutchinsoniana
Areca jobiensis
Areca klingkangensis
Areca ledermanniana
Areca madagascariensis
Areca montana
Areca niga-solu
Areca parens
Areca ridleyana
Areca subacaulis
Areca tunku
Areca warburgiana
Aregelia farinosa
Arenaria caespitosa
Arenaria hookeri
Arenaria ledebouriana
Arenaria pinifolia
Arenaria rigida
Arenaria tmolea
Arenga borneensis
Arenga engleri
Arenga listeri
Arenga microcarpa
Arenga pinnata
Arenga tremula
Arenga wightii
Ardisia bakeri
Ardisia colorata
Ardisia crenata
Ardisia guadalupensis
Ardisia japonica
Ardisia pachyrrhachis
Ardisia shweliensis
Ardisia wallichii
Areca andersonii
Areca caliso
Areca celebica
Areca costulata
Areca glandiformis
Areca insignis
Areca jugahpunya
Areca laosensis
Areca macrocalyx
Areca mammillata
Areca multifida
Areca novo-hibernica
Areca rechingeriana
Areca rostrata
Areca torulo
Areca vestiaria
Areca whitfordii
Aregelia sarmentosa
Arenaria congesta
Arenaria imbricata
Arenaria leptoclados
Arenaria procera
Arenaria serpyllifolia
Arenga ambong
Arenga brevipes
Arenga hastata
Arenga longicarpa
Arenga nana
Arenga porphyrocarpa
Arenga undulatifolia
Arenifera pillansii
Ardisia bifaria
Ardisia compressa
Ardisia crispa
Ardisia guianensis
Ardisia macrocarpa
Ardisia polycephala
Ardisia thyrsiflora
Areca abdulrahmanii
Areca arundinacea
Areca camarinensis
Areca concinna
Areca dayung
Areca guppyana
Areca ipot
Areca kinabaluensis
Areca latiloba
Areca macrocarpa
Areca minuta
Areca nannospadix
Areca oxycarpa
Areca rheophytica
Areca salomonensis
Areca triandra
Areca vidaliana
Aregelia compacta
Aregelia spectabilis
Arenaria grandiflora
Arenaria kingii
Arenaria montana
Arenaria purpurascens
Arenaria tetraquetra
Arenga australasica
Arenga caudata
Arenga hookeriana
Arenga micrantha
Arenga obtusifolia
Arenga retroflorescens
Arenga westerhoutii
Arfeuillea arborescens
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Argania spinosa
Argemone grandiflora
Argentipallium dealbatum
Argophyllum lejourdanii
Argylia radiata
Argentipallium obtusifolium
Argophyllum nullumense
Argyranthemum broussonetii
Argyranthemum frutescens
Argyranthemum filifolium
Argyranthemum gracile
Argyranthemum lidii
Argyranthemum winteri
Argyranthemum maderense
Argyrocytisus battandieri
Argyrodendron peralatum
Argyroderma congregatum
Argyroderma fissum
Argyroderma octophyllum
Argyroderma ringens
Argyroderma testiculare
Argyrolobium rupestre
Argyrotegium nitidulum
Aridaria vespertina
Ariocarpus bravoanus
Argyrodendron polyandrum
Argyroderma crateriforme
Argyroderma framesii
Argyroderma patens
Argyroderma roseum
Argyrolobium fischeri
Argyrolobium tomentosum
Argyroxiphium sandwicense
Arillastrum gummiferum
Ariocarpus fissuratus
Ariocarpus lloydii
Arisaema abbreviatum
Arisaema agasthyanum
Arisaema anomalum
Arisaema arisanense
Arisaema balansae
Arisaema bathycoleum
Arisaema bogneri
Arisaema candidissimum
Arisaema concinnum
Arisaema costatum
Arisaema decipiens
Arisaema dracontium
Arisaema engleri
Arisaema fargesii
Arisaema flavum
Ariocarpus retusus
Arisaema abei
Arisaema album
Arisaema aprile
Arisaema asperatum
Arisaema barbatum
Arisaema biauriculatum
Arisaema brachyspathum
Arisaema ciliatum
Arisaema consanguineum
Arisaema dahaiense
Arisaema deflexum
Arisaema echinatum
Arisaema erubescens
Arisaema filiforme
Arisaema formosanum
Argentipallium spiceri
Argophyllum verae
Argyranthemum tenerifae
Argyrodendron trifoliolatum
Argyroderma delaetii
Argyroderma necopinum
Argyroderma pearsonii
Argyroderma subalbum
Argyrolobium harveyanum
Argyrolobium zanonii
Aridaria noctiflora
Ariocarpus agavoides
Ariocarpus scaphirostris
Arisaema addis-ababense
Arisaema angustifoliatum
Arisaema aridum
Arisaema auriculatum
Arisaema barnesii
Arisaema bockii
Arisaema brevipes
Arisaema clavatum
Arisaema cordatum
Arisaema daochengense
Arisaema dilatatum
Arisaema elephas
Arisaema exappendiculatum
Arisaema fimbriatum
Arisaema franchetianum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Arisaema franchetianum x
Arisaema garrettii
Arisaema handelii
Arisaema helleborifolium
Arisaema ilanense
Arisaema ishizuchiense
Arisaema jinshajiangense
Arisaema kiushianum
Arisaema kunstleri
Arisaema leschenaultii
Arisaema lingyunense
Arisaema longipedunculatum
Arisaema maximowiczii
Arisaema multisectum
Arisaema nikoense
Arisaema onoticum
Arisaema pianmaense
Arisaema purpureogaleatum
Arisaema ringens
Arisaema saxatile
Arisaema scortechini
Arisaema sikokianum
Arisaema taiwanense
Arisaema ternatipartitum
Arisaema triphyllum
Arisaema utile
Arisaema wilsonii
Arisaema yamatense
Arisarum simorrhinum
Aristea bakeri
Aristea capitata
Aristea ecklonii
Aristea lugens
Aristea oligocephala
Aristea teretifolia
Aristida adscensionis
Aristida californica
Aristida leichhardtiana
Arisaema fraternum
Arisaema galeatum
Arisaema grapsospadix
Arisaema harmandi
Arisaema heterophyllum
Arisaema inkiangense
Arisaema iyoanum
Arisaema kawashimae
Arisaema komarovii
Arisaema kuratae
Arisaema lichiangense
Arisaema lobatum
Arisaema mairei
Arisaema meleagris
Arisaema negishii
Arisaema odoratum
Arisaema ovale
Arisaema praecox
Arisaema rhizomatum
Arisaema roxburghii
Arisaema sazensoo
Arisaema serratum
Arisaema speciosum
Arisaema takesimense
Arisaema thunbergii
Arisaema umbrinum
Arisaema victoriae
Arisaema wrayi
Arisaema yunnanense
Aristea alata
Aristea biflora
Aristea confusa
Aristea glauca
Aristea macrocarpa
Aristea platycaulis
Aristea thyrsiflora
Aristida arizonica
Aristida diffusa
Aristida meridionalis
Arisaema griffithii
Arisaema hastatum
Arisaema hunanense
Arisaema intermedium
Arisaema jacquemontii
Arisaema kishidae
Arisaema koreanum
Arisaema laminatum
Arisaema limbatum
Arisaema longilaminum
Arisaema matsudai
Arisaema monophyllum
Arisaema nepenthoides
Arisaema omeiense
Arisaema penicillatum
Arisaema propinquum
Arisaema rhombiforme
Arisaema sarracenioides
Arisaema schimperianum
Arisaema shimienense
Arisaema sukotaiense
Arisaema tengtsungense
Arisaema tortuosum
Arisaema undulatifolium
Arisaema wattii
Arisaema xiangchengense
Arisarum proboscideum
Aristea angolensis
Aristea cantharophila
Aristea dichotoma
Aristea latifolia
Aristea major
Aristea spiralis
Aristea torulosa
Aristida behriana
Aristida gracilipes
Aristida muelleri
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Aristida murina
Aristida vagans
Aristolochia californica
Aristolochia cymbifera
Aristolochia fimbriata
Aristolochia kaempferi
Aristolochia pearcei
Aristolochia ruiziana
Aristotelia chilensis
Aristotelia megalosperma
Aristotelia serrata
Aristida ramosa
Aristolochia acuminata
Aristolochia chapmaniana
Aristolochia deltantha
Aristolochia gibbosa
Aristolochia passifloraefolia
Aristolochia praevenosa
Aristolochia serpentaria
Aristotelia x colensoi
Aristotelia peduncularis
Aristotelia trilocularis
Armatocereus ghiesbreghtii
Armatocereus laetus
Armeria berlengensis
Armeria colorata
Armeria girardii
Armeria maritima
Armeria pinifolia
Armeria rouyana
Armeria villosa
Arnica montana
Arpophyllum alpinum
Arrabidaea chica
Arrhenatherum longifolium
Arrhostoxylum elegans
Arrojadoa rhodantha
Artanema fimbriatum
Artemisia abrotanum
Armatocereus godingianus
Armatocereus rauhii
Armeria caespitosa
Armeria duriaei
Armeria leucocephala
Armeria morisii
Armeria pseudarmeria
Armeria ruscinonensis
Armoracia rusticana
Aronia arbutifolia
Arpophyllum giganteum
Arracacia xanthorrhiza
Arrhenatherum palaestinum
Arrojadoa dinae
Artabotrys hexapetalus
Artanthe elongata
Artemisia absinthium
Artemisia annua
Artemisia argentea
Artemisia atrata
Artemisia canescens
Artemisia caruifolia
Artemisia cina
Artemisia genipi
Artemisia incanescens
Artemisia laxa
Artemisia nitida
Artemisia anomala
Artemisia armeniaca
Artemisia camphorata
Artemisia capillaris
Artemisia caucasica
Artemisia dracunculus
Artemisia glacialis
Artemisia keiskeana
Artemisia ludoviciana
Artemisia norvegica
Aristida sieberiana
Aristolochia albida
Aristolochia chilensis
Aristolochia elegans
Aristolochia gigantea
Aristolochia paucinervis
Aristolochia pubera
Aristotelia australasica
Aristotelia fruticosa
Aristotelia pubescens
Armatocereus humilis
Armeria alpina
Armeria canescens
Armeria filicaulis
Armeria macrophylla
Armeria nebrodensis
Armeria pungens
Armeria transmontana
Arnica chamissonis
Aronia melanocarpa
Arpophyllum spicatum
Arrhenatherum elatius
Arrhenatherum pallens
Arrojadoa penicillata
Artabotrys siamensis
Artanthe tiliaefolia
Artemisia absinthium x
Artemisia arborescens
Artemisia assoana
Artemisia cana
Artemisia carruthii
Artemisia chamaemelifolia
Artemisia frigida
Artemisia gorgonum
Artemisia lactiflora
Artemisia molinieri
Artemisia pedemontana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Artemisia pontica
Artemisia smithii
Artemisia taurica
Artemisia vulgaris
Arthrocereus spinosissimus
Arthropodium caespitosum
Arthropodium cirrhatum
Arthropodium neocaledonicum
Arthropteris articulata
Artocarpus altilis
Artocarpus camansi
Artocarpus glaucus
Artocarpus hirsutus
Artocarpus kemando
Artocarpus lanceifolius
Artocarpus maingayi
Artocarpus obtusus
Artocarpus peltatus
Artocarpus sarawakensis
Artocarpus teysmannii
Arum byzantinum
Arum cyrenaicum
Arum euxinum
Arum italicum
Arum maculatum
Arum petteri
Arum rupicola
Aruncus sylvestre
Arundinaria funghomii
Arundinaria hindsii
Arundinaria nagashima
Arundinaria viridistriata
Arundo pliniana
Arytera divaricata
Arytera macrobotrys
Asarina procumbens
Asarum arifolium
Asarum blumei
Artemisia pycnocephala
Artemisia splendens
Artemisia thuscula
Arthrocereus glaziovii
Arthrochilus huntianus
Arthropodium candidum
Arthropodium milleflorum
Arthropodium preissii
Artemisia schmidtiana
Artemisia stelleriana
Artemisia vallesiaca
Arthrocereus melanurus
Arthrochilus irritabilis
Arthropodium cirratum
Arthropodium minus
Arthropodium umbellatum
Arthropteris beckleri
Artocarpus anisophyllus
Artocarpus dadah
Artocarpus gomezianus
Artocarpus hypargyreus
Artocarpus lacucha
Artocarpus lingnanensis
Artocarpus melinoxylus
Artocarpus odoratissimus
Artocarpus rigida
Artocarpus sericicarpus
Arum apulum
Arum concinnatum
Arum dioscoridis
Arum hygrophilum
Arum jacquemontii
Arum orientale
Arum pictum
Aruncus aethusifolius
Arundina spp.
Arundinaria gigantea
Arundinaria humilis
Arundinaria pygmaea
Arundinella montana
Arytera bifoliolata
Arytera foveolata
Arytera microphylla
Asarina purpusii
Asarum asaroides
Asarum campaniflorum
Arthropteris tenella
Artocarpus annulatus
Artocarpus elasticus
Artocarpus heterophyllus
Artocarpus incisa
Artocarpus lanceaefolia
Artocarpus longifolius
Artocarpus nitidus
Artocarpus ovatus
Artocarpus rigidus
Artocarpus tamaran
Arum balansanum
Arum creticum
Arum elongatum
Arum idaeum
Arum korolkowii
Arum palaestinum
Arum purpureospathum
Aruncus dioicus
Arundinaria chino
Arundinaria graminea
Arundinaria linearis
Arundinaria variegata
Arundo donax
Arytera distylis
Arytera littoralis
Arytera pauciflora
Asarina scandens
Asarum asperum
Asarum canadense
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Asarum caudatum
Asarum celsum
Asarum debile
Asarum europaeum
Asarum geophilum
Asarum hatsushimae
Asarum hexalobum
Asarum insigne
Asarum kurosawae
Asarum longerhizomatosum
Asarum megacalyx
Asarum muramatsui
Asarum pellucidum
Asarum rigescens
Asarum savatieri
Asarum simile
Asarum takaoi
Asarum unzen
Asarum yakusimense
Asclepias curassavica
Asclepias rubra
Asclepias vestita
Asimina parviflora
Asarum caudigerum
Asarum costatum
Asarum delavayi
Asarum forbesii
Asarum gusk
Asarum hayatanum
Asarum hirsutisepalum
Asarum kiusianum
Asarum lemmonii
Asarum magnificum
Asarum minamitanianum
Asarum nankaiense
Asarum petelotii
Asarum sakawanum
Asarum senkakuinsulare
Asarum splendens
Asarum tamaense
Asarum wulingense
Asarum yoshikawae
Asclepias exaltata
Asclepias subulata
x Ascocenda spp.
Asimina triloba
Aspalathus capensis
Aspalathus spiculata
Asparagus falcatus
Asperula arcadiensis
Asperula bryoides
Asperula daphneola
Asperula hercegovina
Asperula hirta
Asperula lilaciflora
Asperula minima
Asperula pontica
Asperula scoparia
Asperula suberosa
Asperula tinctoria
Asphodeline liburnica
Aspalathus cordata
Asparagus cooperi
Asparagus officinalis
Asperula aristata
Asperula capitellata
Asperula gunnii
Asperula hexaphylla
Asperula icarica
Asperula lutea
Asperula nitida
Asperula pulvinaris
Asperula sintenisii
Asperula taygetea
Asphodeline brevicaulis
Asphodeline lutea
Asarum caulescens
Asarum curvistigma
Asarum epigynum
Asarum fudsinoi
Asarum hartwegii
Asarum heterotropoides
Asarum ikegamii
Asarum kumageanum
Asarum leucosepalum
Asarum maximum
Asarum monodoriflorum
Asarum nipponicum
Asarum pulchellum
Asarum satsumense
Asarum sieboldii
Asarum subglobosum
Asarum trigynum
Asarum yaeyamense
Ascarina lucida
Asclepias purpurascens
Asclepias tuberosa
Ascocentrum spp.
Aspalathus linearis
Asparagus declinatus
Aspasia spp.
Asperula boissieri
Asperula conferta
Asperula gussonii
Asperula hirsuta
Asperula idaea
Asperula lycia
Asperula orientalis
Asperula rupestris
Asperula stricta
Asperula tenella
Asphodeline damascena
Asphodeline taurica
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Asphodelus acaulis
Asphodelus cerasiferus
Aspidistra longifolia
Aspidium goldianum
Aspidosperma quebrachoblancho
Asplenium adulterinum
Asplenium appendiculatum
Asplenium attenuatum x
Asplenium belangeri
Asplenium brachycarpum
Asplenium ceterach
Asplenium cuneatum
Asplenium daucifolium
Asplenium dimorphum
Asplenium elmeri
Asplenium filidens
Asplenium foresiense
Asplenium gemmiferum
Asplenium hallbergii
Asplenium incisum
Asplenium laserpitiifolium
Asplenium lucidum
Asplenium milnei
Asplenium nidus
Asplenium novae-caledoniae
Asplenium palmeri
Asplenium pellucidum
Asplenium pteridoides
Asplenium robinsonii
Asplenium sandersonii
Asplenium scolopendrium
Asplenium simplicifrons
Asplenium subflexuosum
Asplenium sylvaticum
Asplenium thunbergii
Asphodelus aestivus
Asphodelus fistulosus
Aspidistra lurida
Aspidosperma australe
Aspidotis californica
Asphodelus albus
Aspidistra elatior
Aspidium biserrata
Aspidosperma pyricollum
Asplenium abscissum
Asplenium alatum
Asplenium attenuatum
Asplenium antiquum
Asplenium attenuatum x
Asplenium australasicum x
Asplenium bipinnatifidum
Asplenium ceii
Asplenium cristatum
Asplenium dalhousiae
Asplenium difforme
Asplenium x ebenoides
Asplenium exiguum
Asplenium flexuosum
Asplenium fraxinifolium
Asplenium haenkeanum
Asplenium hookerianum
Asplenium lamprophyllum
Asplenium longissimum
Asplenium lyallii
Asplenium myriophyllum
Asplenium normale
Asplenium paleaceum
Asplenium paucifolium
Asplenium protensum
Asplenium richardi
Asplenium rutifolium
Asplenium scleroprium
Asplenium stellatum
Asplenium surrogatum
Asplenium terrestre
Asplenium trilobum
Asplenium australasicum
Asplenium billotii
Asplenium bulbiferum
Asplenium contiguum
Asplenium cymbifolium
Asplenium davallioides
Asplenium diversifolium
Asplenium erosum
Asplenium flaccidum
Asplenium formosum
Asplenium gibberosum
Asplenium harmanii
Asplenium kraussii
Asplenium lividum
Asplenium lunulatum
Asplenium monanthes
Asplenium nitens
Asplenium oblongifolium
Asplenium parvum
Asplenium polyodon
Asplenium resiliens
Asplenium ruta-muraria
Asplenium schizophyllum
Asplenium serratum
Asplenium sodiroi
Asplenium sulcatum
Asplenium tenerum
Asplenium trichomanesramosum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Asplenium vieillardii
Assoella purpurascens
Astelia australiana
Astelia fragrans
Astelia linearis
Astelia papuana
Astelia solandri
Aster brachytrichus
Aster himalaicus
Aster pyrenaeus
Aster tongolensis
Asteriscus maritimus
Asterolasia asteriscophora
Asterolasia elegans
Asterolasia muelleri
Asterolinon linum-stellatum
Asteromyrtus lysicephala
Asplundia brunneistigma
Astartea clavulata x Baeckea
Astelia banksii
Astelia grandis
Astelia neocaledonica
Astelia psychrocharis
Aster alpinus
Aster flaccidus
Aster luteus
Aster savatieri
Asteranthera ovata
Asterogyne martiana
Asterolasia buxifolia
Asterolasia hexapetala
Asterolasia phebalioides
Asteromyrtus angustifolia
Asteromyrtus magnifica
Asterotrichion discolor
Astilbe chinensis
Astilbe x hybrida
Astilbe myriantha
Astilbe thunbergii
Astragalus aduncus
Astragalus algerianus
Astragalus alpinus
Astragalus amphioxys
Astragalus armeniacus
Astragalus australis
Astragalus bubaloceras
Astragalus calycinus
Astilbe x arendsii
Astilbe glaberrima
Astilbe japonica
Astilbe rubra
Astilboides tabularis
Astragalus akkensis
Astragalus alopecias
Astragalus amalecitanus
Astragalus angustifolius
Astragalus asper
Astragalus baionensis
Astragalus bungeanus
Astragalus calycosus
Astragalus caprinus
Astragalus centralpinus
Astragalus chlorostachys
Astragalus coccineus
Astragalus commixtus
Astragalus crassicarpus
Astragalus depressus
Astragalus captiosus
Astragalus chamissonis
Astragalus chrysochlorus
Astragalus cognatus
Astragalus coodei
Astragalus cymbicarpos
Astragalus dipelta
Asplundia euryspatha
Astelia alpina
Astelia chathamica
Astelia latifolia
Astelia nervosa
Astelia pumila
Aster asperulus
Aster x frikartii
Aster pringlei x novi-belgii
Aster sikkimensis
Asteriscus intermedius
Asterogyne spicata
Asterolasia correifolia
Asterolasia mollis
Asterolasia trymalioides
Asteromyrtus brassii
Astilbe biternata
Astilbe grandis
Astilbe microphylla
Astilbe simplicifolia
Astonia australiensis
Astragalus aksuensis
Astragalus alopecurus
Astragalus amatus
Astragalus argyroides
Astragalus atropilosulus
Astragalus brachycalyx
Astragalus callichrous
Astragalus caraganae
Astragalus chinensis
Astragalus cicer
Astragalus coluteocarpus
Astragalus cornutus
Astragalus demetrii
Astragalus echinatus
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Astragalus edulis
Astragalus falcatus
Astragalus floccosifolius
Astragalus glaux
Astragalus gummifer
Astragalus hamosus
Astragalus humifusus
Astragalus lasioglottis
Astragalus lithophilus
Astragalus maximowiczii
Astragalus mollis
Astragalus norvegicus
Astragalus pallescens
Astragalus penduliflorus
Astragalus podocarpus
Astragalus propinquus
Astragalus pulsiferae
Astragalus racemosus
Astragalus robbinsii
Astragalus schelichowii
Astragalus sempervirens
Astragalus siliquosus
Astragalus sphaerophysa
Astragalus suberosus
Astragalus suprapilosus
Astragalus thompsonae
Astragalus triradiatus
Astragalus unifoliolatus
Astragalus vesicarius
Astragalus vulnerariae
Astrantia carinthiaca
Astrantia maxima
Astridia hallii
Astridia lutata
Astridia velutina
Astrocaryum aculeatissimum
Astrocaryum campestre
Astrocaryum jauari
Astrocaryum murumuru
Astragalus epiglottis
Astragalus fastidius
Astragalus fraxinifolius
Astragalus globiceps
Astragalus guttatus
Astragalus harpilobus
Astragalus incanus
Astragalus lasiopetalus
Astragalus malacus
Astragalus membranaceus
Astragalus monspessulanus
Astragalus nutans
Astragalus paucijugus
Astragalus pissisi
Astragalus polybotrys
Astragalus pseudopurpureus
Astragalus purpureus
Astragalus refractus
Astragalus roemeri
Astragalus schmalhausenii
Astragalus sieversianus
Astragalus solandri
Astragalus stevenianus
Astragalus subumbellatus
Astragalus taschkendicus
Astragalus traskiae
Astragalus turbinatus
Astragalus utriger
Astragalus villosissimus
Astragalus vulpinus
Astrantia carniolica
Astridia alba
Astridia herrei
Astridia speciosa
Astripomoea grantii
Astrocaryum aculeatum
Astrocaryum gynacanthum
Astrocaryum malybo
Astrocaryum standleyanum
Astragalus exscapus
Astragalus filicaulis
Astragalus fuhsii
Astragalus glycyphyllos
Astragalus hajastanus
Astragalus hemiphaca
Astragalus kadshorensis
Astragalus limnocharis
Astragalus mareoticus
Astragalus microcephalus
Astragalus newberryi
Astragalus oxyglottis
Astragalus peduncularis
Astragalus platyphyllus
Astragalus ponticus
Astragalus pulchellus
Astragalus purshii
Astragalus reinii
Astragalus sanguinolentus
Astragalus scorpiurus
Astragalus sikkimensis
Astragalus spatulatus
Astragalus stipulatus
Astragalus sulcatus
Astragalus tephrosioides
Astragalus trimestris
Astragalus unifoliatus
Astragalus varius
Astragalus vogelii
Astrantia biebersteinii
Astrantia major
Astridia citrina
Astridia longifolia
Astridia vanheerdei
Astripomoea malvacea
Astrocaryum alatum
Astrocaryum huicungo
Astrocaryum mexicanum
Astrocaryum ulei
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Astrocaryum vulgare
Astrolepis sinuata
Astroloba foliolosa
Astroloba rubriflora
Astroloma conostephioides
Astronium fraxinifolium
Astrophytum asterioides
Astrolepis cochisensis
Astroloba congesta
Astroloba herrei
Astroloba skinneri
Astroloma humifusum
Astronium graveolens
Astrophytum capricorne
Astrophytum myriostigma
Astrophytum myriostigma x
Astrotricha asperifolia
Astrotricha latifolia
Astrotricha longifolia
Astrotricha roddii
Astydamia latifolia
Asystasia chelonoides
Asystasia travancorica
Atalantia monophylla
Atamosco pulchella
Athamanta macedonica
Athenaea picta
Athrixia pulverulenta
Athrotaxis selaginoides
Athyrium assimile
Athyrium dilatatum
Athyrium foliolosum
Athyrium mearnsianum
Athyrium niponicum
Athyrium sheareri
Athyrium vidalii
Atkinsonia ligustrina
Atractocarpus fitzalanii
Atractocarpus sessilis
Atriplex atacamensis
Atriplex canescens
Atriplex eichleri
Atriplex flabellum
Atriplex hortensis
Atriplex inflata
Atriplex lentiformis
Astrophytum ornatum
Astrotricha floccosa
Astrotricha linearis
Astrotricha pterocarpa
Astydamia canariensis
Asystasia bella
Asystasia scandens
Ataenidia conferta
Atalaya multiflora
Athamanta cretensis
Athanasia acerosa
Athertonia diversifolia
Athrotaxis laxifolia
Athyrium accedens
Athyrium cuspidatum
Athyrium filix-femina
Athyrium goeringianum
Athyrium moritzianum
Athyrium rubripes
Athyrium subrigescens
Athyrium yokoscense
Atractocarpus chartaceus
Atractocarpus merikin
Atriplex angulata
Atriplex billardierei
Atriplex coquimbana
Atriplex fissivalvis
Atriplex halimus
Atriplex incrassata
Atriplex joaquiniana
Astrolepis laevis
Astroloba deltoidea
Astroloba pentagona
Astroloba spiralis
Astroloma pinifolium
Astrophytum asterias
Astrophytum caputmedusae
Astrophytum nuda
Astrotricha biddulphiana
Astrotricha ledifolia
Astrotricha obovata
x Astroworthia bicarinata
Asyneuma canescens
Asystasia gangetica
Asystasia violacea
Atalaya collina
Athamanta chiliosciadia
Athamanta turbith
Atherosperma moschatum
Athrotaxis cupressoides
Athyriopsis thwaitesii
Athyrium bantamense
Athyrium drepanopterum
Athyrium frangulum
Athyrium melanolepis
Athyrium otophorum
Athyrium spinulosum
Athyrium wardii
Atractocarpus benthamianus
Atractocarpus hirtus
Atractylodes macrocephala
Atriplex aucheri
Atriplex conduplicata
Atriplex falcata
Atriplex gardneri
Atriplex hymenelytra
Atriplex infrequens
Atriplex leptocarpa
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Atriplex madariagae
Atriplex papillata
Atriplex repanda
Atriplex sturtii
Atropa belladonna
Attalea amylacea
Attalea cohune
Attalea dubia
Attalea leandroana
Attalea oleifera
Attalea speciosa
Aubrieta canescens
Aubrieta erubescens
Aucuba himalaica
Aulax cneorifolia
Aulax umbellata
Auranticarpa melanosperma
Australina pusilla
Australopyrum velutinum
Austrobuxus nitidus
Austrocactus patagonicus
Austrodanthonia bipartita
Austrodanthonia duttoniana
Austrodanthonia induta
Austrodanthonia monticola
Austrodanthonia remota
Austromuellera trinervia
Austromyrtus dulcis x
Austromyrtus lasioclada
Austromyrtus tenuifolia
Austrostipa aquarii
Austrostipa breviglumis
Austrostipa densiflora
Austrostipa gibbosa
Austrostipa multispiculis
Austrostipa nullanulla
Austrostipa pilata
Atriplex moneta
Atriplex polycarpa
Atriplex rhagodioides
Atriplex turbinata
Attalea allenii
Attalea butyracea
Attalea colenda
Attalea insignis
Attalea macrocarpa
Attalea osmantha
Attalea spectabilis
Aubrieta x cultorum
Aubrieta gracilis
Aucuba japonica
Aulax pallasia
Auranticarpa edentata
Auranticarpa rhombifolia
Australluma ubomboensis
Austrobaileya scandens
Austrobuxus swainii
Austrocactus philippii
Austrodanthonia carphoides
Austrodanthonia fulva
Austrodanthonia laevis
Austrodanthonia oreophila
Austrodanthonia richardsonii
Austromyrtus bidwillii
Austromyrtus fragrantissima
Atriplex morrisii
Atriplex prostrata
Atriplex spinibractea
Atriplex undulata
Attalea amygdalina
Attalea cephalotus
Attalea crassispatha
Attalea lauromulleriana
Attalea maripa
Attalea rostrata
Attalea vitrivir
Aubrieta deltoidea
Aubrieta intermedia
Aulax cancellata
Aulax pinifolia
Auranticarpa ilicifolia
Aurinia saxatilis
Australopyrum calcis
Austrobuxus megacarpus
Austrocactus bertinii
Austrocactus spiniflorus
Austrodanthonia alpicola
Austrodanthonia diemenica
Austrodanthonia geniculata
Austrodanthonia mera
Austrodanthonia popinensis
Austrofestuca eriopoda
Austromyrtus dulcis
Austromyrtus inophloia
Austromyrtus metrosideros
Austrosteenisia blackii
Austrostipa aristiglumis
Austrostipa centralis
Austrostipa echinata
Austrostipa metatoris
Austrostipa mundula
Austrostipa oligostachya
Austrostipa pubescens
Austromyrtus shepherdii
Austrostipa aphylla
Austrostipa blakei
Austrostipa curticoma
Austrostipa feresetacea
Austrostipa muelleri
Austrostipa nivicola
Austrostipa petraea
Austrostipa pubinodis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Austrostipa setacea
Austrotaxus spicata
Avena barbata
Avena longiglumis
Avena sterilis
Avenastrum compressum
Avicennia eucalyptifolia
Avonia papyracea
Avonia ruschii
Axonopus aureus
Axonopus pressus
Axonopus suffultus
Aylthonia macrantha
Azara celastrina
Azara lanceolata
Azara serrata
Azorella biloba
Azorella incisa
Azorella peduncularis
Azorella trifurcata
Aztekium ritteri
Babiana blanda
Babiana dregei
Babiana hypogea
Babiana mucronata
Babiana patula
Babiana purpurea
Babiana rubrocyanea
Babiana spathacea
Babiana tubulosa
Babingtonia behrii
Babingtonia crenulata
Babingtonia jucunda
Babingtonia tozerensis
Baccaurea bracteata
Baccaurea macrocarpa
Baccaurea racemosa
Backhousia angustifolia
Backhousia citriodora
Austrostipa stipoides
Avellinia michelii
Avena eriantha
Avena maroccana
Avena strigosa
Averrhoa bilimbi
Avonia albissima
Avonia quinaria
Avonia ustulata
Axonopus compressus
Axonopus purpusii
Ayapana triplinervis
Aylthonia magalhaesii
Azara dentata
Azara microphylla
Azara serrata x lanceolata
Azorella filamentosa
Azorella lycopodioides
Azorella pedunculata
Azorina vidalii
abiana angustifolia
Babiana cedarbergensis
Babiana ecklonii
Babiana leipoldtii
Babiana nana
Babiana pubescens
Babiana pygmaea
Babiana salteri
Babiana stricta
Babiana vanzijliae
Babingtonia bidwillii
Babingtonia cunninghamii
Babingtonia pluriflora
Babingtonia virgata
Baccaurea costulata
Baccaurea motleyana
Baccharis magellanica
Backhousia anisata
Backhousia hughesii
Austrostipa wakoolica
Avena abyssinica
Avena fatua
Avena sativa
Avena ventricosa
Averrhoa carambola
Avonia dinteri
Avonia recurvata
Axonopus argentinus
Axonopus fissifolius
Axonopus siccus
Aylostera pseudodeminuta
Azadirachta indica
Azara integrifolia
Azara petiolaris
Azara uruguayensis
Azorella glebaria
Azorella macquariensis
Azorella selago
Aztekium hintonii
Babiana attenuata
Babiana disticha
Babiana fragrans
Babiana minuta
Babiana patersoniae
Babiana pulchra
Babiana ringens
Babiana sinuata
Babiana thunbergii
Babiana villosa
Babingtonia camphorosmae
Babingtonia densifolia
Babingtonia similis
Baccaurea angulata
Baccaurea hookeri
Baccaurea polyneura
Baccharis sagittalis
Backhousia bancroftii
Backhousia myrtifolia
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Backhousia sciadophora
Bactris bifida
Bactris caryotifolia
Bactris gasipaes
Bactris gracilior
Bactris hondurensis
Bactris maraja
Bactris setosa
Bactris tomentosa
Baeckea brevifolia
Baeckea crenulata
Baeckea densifolia
Bacopa caroliniana
Bactris brongniartii
Bactris coloradonis
Bactris glandulosa
Bactris grayumii
Bactris longiseta
Bactris militaris
Bactris setulosa
Baeckea ambigua
Baeckea camphorata
Baeckea cryptandroides
Baeckea diosmifolia
Baeckea fascicularis
Baeckea imbricata
Baeckea leptocaulis
Baeckea oxycoccoides
Baeckea stenophylla
Baeckea utilis
Bahia ambrosioides
Balaka longirostris
Balaka seemannii
Balakata baccata
Balanops australiana
Baeckea frutescens
Baeckea jucunda
Baeckea linifolia
Baeckea ramosissima
Baeckea stowardii
Baeckea virgata
Bahiopsis laciniata
Balaka macrocarpa
Balaka tahitensis
Balanites maughamii
Balbisia peduncularis
Ballota acetabulosa
Baloghia lucida
Baloskion gracile
Baloskion stenocoleum
Balsamocarpon brevifolium
Bambusa arnhemica
Bambusa basihirsuta
Bambusa burmanica
Bambusa corniculata
Bambusa dolichomerithalla
Bambusa gibba
Bambusa indigena
Bambusa lako
Bambusa malingensis
Bambusa multiplex
Ballota nigra
Baloskion australe
Baloskion longipes
Baloskion tenuiculme
Balsamocitrus dawei
Bambusa balcooa
Bambusa beecheyana
Bambusa cerosissima
Bambusa diaoluoshanensis
Bambusa emeiensis
Bambusa guangxiensis
Bambusa insularis
Bambusa lapidea
Bambusa mitis
Bambusa nutans
Bacopa monnieri
Bactris campestris
Bactris concinna
Bactris glassmanii
Bactris guineensis
Bactris major
Bactris minor
Bactris subglobosa
Baeckea astarteoides
Baeckea crenatifolia
Baeckea cunninghamii
Baeckea diosmifolia x
Baeckea gunniana
Baeckea latifolia
Baeckea microphylla
Baeckea schollerifolia
Baeckea tenuifolia
Baeometra uniflora
Baikiaea plurijuga
Balaka microcarpa
Balaka tuasivica
Balanophora papuana
Ballota pseudodictamnus
Baloskion fimbriatum
Baloskion pallens
Baloskion tetraphyllum
Balsamorhiza sericea
Bambusa bambos
Bambusa boniopsis
Bambusa chungii
Bambusa dissimulator
Bambusa eutuldoides
Bambusa heterostachya
Bambusa intermedia
Bambusa maculata
Bambusa moreheadiana
Bambusa oldhamii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Bambusa oliveriana
Bambusa polymorpha
Bambusa rutila
Bambusa surrecta
Bambusa tulda
Bambusa variostriata
Bambusa tuldoides x
Dendrocalamus latiflorus x
Bambusa textilis
Banksia aquilonia
Banksia canei
Banksia dolichostyla
Bambusa pachinensis
Bambusa remotiflora
Bambusa sinospinosa
Bambusa tabacaria
Bambusa tuldoides
Bambusa ventricosa
Banisteriopsis caapi
Bambusa pervariabilis
Bambusa rigida
Bambusa stenoaurita
Bambusa textilis
Bambusa valida
Bambusa vulgaris
Banksia aemula
Banksia aspleniifolia
Banksia conferta
Banksia ericifolia
Banksia hiemalis
Banksia hookeriana x
Banksia integrifolia x
Banksia oblongifolia
Banksia paludosa x robur
Banksia robur
Banksia serratifolia
Baphia bequaertii
Baptisia alba
Baptisia nuttalliana
Baptisia tinctoria
Barbarea verna
Barkeria spp.
Barleria cristata
Barleria repens
Barnadesia odorata
Barnardia numidica
Barringtonia calyptrata
Barringtonia gracilis
Barringtonia papuana
Barringtonia samoensis
Bartschella schumannii
Basselinia favieri
Basselinia tomentosa
Batemannia spp.
Bauera juncea
Banksia brevidentata
Banksia cunninghamii
Banksia ericifolia x
Banksia imbricata
Banksia integrifolia
Banksia marginata
Banksia paludosa
Banksia plagiocarpa
Banksia serrata
Banksia spinulosa x ericifolia
Baphia racemosa
Baptisia bracteata
Baptisia sphaerocarpa
Barbarea australis
Barclaya longifolia
Barleria crassa
Barleria obtusa
Barnadesia caryophylla
Barnardia japonica
Barringtonia asiatica
Barringtonia edulis
Barringtonia novae-hiberniae
Barringtonia racemosa
Bartlettina sordida
Basselinia deplanchei
Basselinia pancheri
Batatas edulis
Bauera capitata
Banksia marescens
Banksia ornata
Banksia penicillata
Banksia saxicola
Banksia spinulosa
Baphia nitida
Baptisia australis
Baptisia perfoliata
Baptistonia spp.
Barbarea vulgaris
Barleria albostellata
Barleria micans
Barleria ventricosa
Barnadesia spinosa
Barombia schliebenii
Barringtonia calyptrocalyx
Barringtonia neocaledonica
Barringtonia procera
Bartholina ethelae
Basella alba
Basselinia gracilis
Basselinia velutina
Bathya andina
Bauera microphylla
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Bauera rubioides
Bauerella simplicifolia
Bauhinia arborea
Bauhinia binata
Bauhinia bowkeri
Bauhinia championii
Bauhinia diphylla
Bauhinia galpinii
Bauhinia glabra
Bauhinia guianensis
Bauhinia jenningsii
Bauhinia monandra
Bauhinia petiolata
Bauhinia reticulata
Bauhinia subrotundifolia
Bauhinia touranensis
Baumea gunnii
Baumea tetragona
Beaucarnea goldmanii
Beaucarnea pliabilis
Beaufortia dampieri
Beaumontia grandiflora
Beauprea asplenioides
Beauprea montana
Beauprea paniculata
Beccariophoenix alfredii
Bedfordia arborescens
Beesia calthifolia
Begonia acida
Begonia admirabilis
Begonia alnifolia
Begonia angulata
Begonia arborescens
Begonia aridicaulis
Begonia attenuata
Begonia barkeri
Begonia belli
Bauera rubioides x
Bauhinia acuminata
Bauhinia bauhinioides
Bauhinia x blakeana
Bauhinia brachycarpa
Bauhinia corniculata
Bauhinia divaricata
Bauhinia genuflexa
Bauhinia glauca
Bauhinia integrifolia
Bauhinia kockiana
Bauhinia natalensis
Bauhinia purpurea
Bauhinia rufescens
Bauhinia syringifolia
Bauhinia vahlii
Baumea laxa
Baumea veillonis
Beaucarnea gracilis
Beaucarnea recurvata
Beaufortia heterophylla
Beaumontia jerdoniana
Beauprea balansae
Beauprea neglecta
Beauprea spathulaefolia
Bedfordia linearis
Begonia acerifolia
Begonia aconitifolia
Begonia albo-picta
Begonia amphioxus
Begonia annulata
Begonia argentea
Begonia aridicaulis x
Begonia auriculata
Begonia barsalouxiae
Begonia bipinnatifida
Bauera sessiliflora
Bauhinia anamesa
Bauhinia bidentata
Bauhinia bohniana
Bauhinia candida
Bauhinia corymbosa
Bauhinia dolichocalyx
Bauhinia gilva
Bauhinia grandidieri
Bauhinia involucellata
Bauhinia lucida
Bauhinia petersiana
Bauhinia racemosa
Bauhinia scandens
Bauhinia tomentosa
Bauhinia variegata
Baumea teretifolia
Bazzania involuta
Beaucarnea guatemalensis
Beaucarnea stricta
Beaumontia fragrans
Beaumontia murtonii
Beauprea gracilis
Beauprea pancheri
Beaupreopsis paniculata
Beclardia spp.
Bedfordia salicina
Begonia acetosa
Begonia acutifolia
Begonia albopicta
Begonia x angularis
Begonia aptera
Begonia x argenteo-guttata
Begonia atricha
Begonia balansana
Begonia beddomei
Begonia bogneri
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Begonia boisiana
Begonia bowerae x carrieae
Begonia bowerae x thiemei
Begonia bufoderma
Begonia cardiocarpa
Begonia carrieae x bowerae
Begonia cavallyensis
Begonia chuniana
Begonia clarkei
Begonia conchifolia
Begonia x credneri
Begonia cristobalensis
Begonia davisii
Begonia diadema
Begonia dichroa x maculata
Begonia digyna
Begonia dominicalis
Begonia x duchartrei
Begonia egregia
Begonia epipsila
Begonia fenicis
Begonia fimbristipula
Begonia fluminensis
Begonia froebelii
Begonia x fuscomaculata
Begonia geranioides
Begonia goegoensis
Begonia haageana
Begonia hemsleyana
Begonia heracleifolia
Begonia herbacea
Begonia hirsuta
Begonia homonyma
Begonia x hybrida
Begonia imperialis
Begonia incisa
Begonia boliviensis
Begonia bowerae x
Begonia bradei
Begonia bulbifera
Begonia carolineifolia
Begonia carrieae x
Begonia chitoensis
Begonia cinnabarina
Begonia coccinea
Begonia coriacea
Begonia crenata
Begonia cubensis
Begonia decora
Begonia dichotoma
Begonia dietrichiana
Begonia dipetala
Begonia dregei
Begonia echinosepala
Begonia elatostematoides
Begonia x erythrophylla
Begonia fernando-costae
Begonia fischeri
Begonia foliosa
Begonia fruticosa
Begonia gehrtii
Begonia glabra
Begonia gracilis
Begonia hatacoa
Begonia henryi
Begonia heracleifolia x
Begonia hernandioides
Begonia hispida
Begonia hookeriana
Begonia hydrocotylifolia
Begonia imperialis x
Begonia x ingramii
Begonia bowerae
Begonia bowerae x mazae
Begonia brevirimosa
Begonia bulbillifera
Begonia carrieae
Begonia cathayana
Begonia chlorosticta
Begonia cirrosa
Begonia compta
Begonia crassicaulis
Begonia crispula
Begonia cucullata
Begonia deliciosa
Begonia dichroa
Begonia x digswelliana
Begonia domingensis
Begonia dregei x lubbersii
Begonia edmundoi
Begonia epiphytica
Begonia fagifolia
Begonia fernandoi-costae
Begonia flaviflora
Begonia formosana
Begonia fuchsiifolia
Begonia geniculata
Begonia glandulosa
Begonia guaduensis
Begonia hederacea
Begonia x heracleicotyle
Begonia heracleifolia x
Begonia x hiemalis
Begonia holtonis
Begonia hugelii
Begonia hypolipara
Begonia incana
Begonia involucrata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Begonia isoptera
Begonia johnstonii
Begonia kautskyana
Begonia komoensis
Begonia leathermaniae
Begonia limmingheiana
Begonia lithophila
Begonia lokobeensis
Begonia lubbersii
Begonia luxurians x scharffii
Begonia lyniceorum
Begonia macrocarpa
Begonia malabarica
Begonia mannii
Begonia mazae
Begonia megaptera
Begonia microsperma
Begonia mollicaulis
Begonia nelumbiifolia
Begonia obliqua
Begonia odeteiantha
Begonia olsoniae
Begonia oxyanthera
Begonia oxysperma
Begonia palmata
Begonia parmata
Begonia paulensis
Begonia pedatifida
Begonia petasitifolia
Begonia picta
Begonia piurensis
Begonia polygonoides
Begonia x prestoniensis
Begonia prostrata
Begonia pustulata
Begonia radicans
Begonia rex
Begonia x ricinifolia
Begonia itaguassuensis
Begonia juliana
Begonia kellermanii
Begonia lanceolata
Begonia leptotricha
Begonia lindleyana
Begonia lobata
Begonia longipes
Begonia ludwigii
Begonia luzonensis
Begonia macdougalli
Begonia maculata
Begonia malachosticta
Begonia martiana
Begonia mazae x
Begonia meridensis
Begonia minor
Begonia multinervia
Begonia nitida
Begonia obscura
Begonia odorata
Begonia opuliflora
Begonia oxyloba
Begonia paleata
Begonia paranaensis
Begonia partita
Begonia paupercula
Begonia peltata
Begonia philippinensis
Begonia pinetorum
Begonia platanifolia
Begonia popenoei
Begonia prismatocarpa
Begonia pruinata
Begonia pycnantha
Begonia radicans x
Begonia rex-cultorum
Begonia robusta
Begonia jocelinoi
Begonia karwinskyana
Begonia kenworthyae
Begonia langeana
Begonia liebmannii
Begonia listada
Begonia lobulata
Begonia loranthoides
Begonia luxurians
Begonia lyman-smithii
Begonia macduffieana
Begonia magnifica
Begonia manicata
Begonia masoniana
Begonia megaphylla
Begonia metallica
Begonia molleri
Begonia naumoniensis
Begonia oaxacana
Begonia octopetala
Begonia olbia
Begonia ottonis
Begonia oxyphylla
Begonia palmaris
Begonia parilis
Begonia parvifolia
Begonia pearcei
Begonia pentaphylla
Begonia philodendroides
Begonia pittieri
Begonia polyantha
Begonia populnea
Begonia procumbens
Begonia pseudolubbersii
Begonia quadrialata
Begonia rajah
Begonia rhopalocarpa
Begonia rockii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Begonia roezlii
Begonia roxburghii
Begonia rufosericea
Begonia sandtii
Begonia sartorii
Begonia scapigera
Begonia scharffii
Begonia x sedeni
Begonia sonderiana
Begonia stipulacea
Begonia strigulosa
Begonia sulcata
Begonia sychnantha
Begonia tayabensis
Begonia thelmae
Begonia rosacea
Begonia rudatisii
Begonia salicifolia
Begonia sanguinea
Begonia x saundersii
Begonia sceptrum
Begonia schmidtiana
Begonia x semperflorenscultorum
Begonia serratipetala
Begonia silletensis
Begonia socotrana
Begonia soli-mutata x
Begonia squamulosa
Begonia strigillosa
Begonia subvillosa
Begonia sunorchis
Begonia taiwaniana
Begonia tenera
Begonia thiemei
Begonia tomentosa
Begonia ulmifolia
Begonia uniflora
Begonia valida
Begonia velloziana
Begonia versicolor
Begonia wollnyi
Begonia xanthina
Beilschmiedia bancroftii
Beilschmiedia elliptica
Beilschmiedia peninsularis
Beilschmiedia tawa
Belamcanda bulbifera
Bellevalia albana
Bellevalia brevipedicellata
Bellevalia crassa
Bellevalia fominii
Bellevalia hyacinthoides
Begonia tonduzii
Begonia umbraculifera
Begonia urophylla
Begonia variegata
Begonia venosa
Begonia vittarifolia
Begonia wollnyi x mazae
Begonia xingyiensis
Beilschmiedia berteroana
Beilschmiedia miersii
Beilschmiedia recurva
Beilschmiedia tooram
Bellardia trixago
Bellevalia atroviolacea
Bellevalia ciliata
Bellevalia desertorum
Bellevalia gracilis
Bellevalia kurdistanica
Begonia serotina
Begonia sharpeana
Begonia sizemoreae
Begonia soli-mutata
Begonia rotundifolia
Begonia rufa
Begonia salomonensis
Begonia santos-limae
Begonia scabrida
Begonia scharffiana
Begonia scutifolia
Begonia sericoneura
Begonia setosa
Begonia sinofloribunda
Begonia solananthera
Begonia sonderana
Begonia staudtii
Begonia strigosa
Begonia suffruticosa
Begonia sutherlandii
Begonia taliensis
Begonia teuscheri
Begonia thiemei x
Begonia x tuberhybrida
Begonia undulata
Begonia uvana
Begonia veitchii
Begonia x verschaffeltii
Begonia x weltoniensis
Begonia wollnyi x thiemei
Behnia reticulata
Beilschmiedia castrisinensis
Beilschmiedia obtusifolia
Beilschmiedia tarairi
Beilschmiedia volckii
Bellendena montana
Bellevalia aucheri
Bellevalia clusiana
Bellevalia dubia
Bellevalia hackelii
Bellevalia longipes
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Bellevalia longistyla
Bellevalia nivalis
Bellevalia rixii
Bellevalia saviczii
Bellevalia turkestanica
Bellis rotundifolia
Belvisia mucronata
Bencomia brachystachya
Bencomia sphaerocarpa
Bentinckia nicobarica
Berberidopsis corallina
Berberis amurensis
Berberis aquifolium x repens
Berberis atrocarpa
Berberis berberidifolia
Berberis brachypoda
Berberis candidula
Berberis cerasina
Berberis chitria
Berberis concinna
Berberis coxii
Berberis dasystachya
Berberis densiflora
Berberis dielsiana
Berberis empetrifolia
Berberis fortunei
Bellevalia modesta
Bellevalia paradoxa
Bellevalia romana
Bellevalia tabriziana
Bellevalia webbiana
Bellium minutum
Belvisia spicata
Bencomia caudata
Benincasa hispida
Benzoin odoriferum
Berberis aemulans
Berberis angulosa
Berberis arido-calida
Berberis bealei
Berberis bergmanniae
Berberis buxifolia
Berberis x carminea
Berberis x chenaultii
Berberis circumserrata
Berberis congestiflora
Berberis crataegina
Berberis declinata
Berberis diaphana
Berberis dubia
Berberis feddeana
Berberis franchetiana
Berberis gagnepainii
Berberis globosa
Berberis gyalaica
Berberis heteropoda
Berberis gilgiana
Berberis gracilis
Berberis hakeoides
Berberis x
Berberis jamesiana
Berberis julianae
Berberis insignis
Berberis japonica x
Berberis koreana
Berberis lecomtei
Berberis leschenaultii
Berberis lomariifolia
Berberis manipurana
Berberis koreana x thunbergii
Berberis lempergiana
Berberis linearifolia
Berberis loxensis
Berberis x media
Bellevalia montana
Bellevalia pycnantha
Bellevalia sarmatica
Bellevalia trifoliata
Bellis perennis
Beloperone auriculata
Belvisia squamata
Bencomia exstipulata
Bentinckia condapanna
Berberidopsis beckleri
Berberis aetnensis
Berberis approximata
Berberis asiatica
Berberis beaniana
Berberis boschanii
Berberis calliantha
Berberis cavaleriei
Berberis chinensis
Berberis commutata
Berberis coryi
Berberis darwinii
Berberis delavayi
Berberis dictyophylla
Berberis edgeworthiana
Berberis floribunda
Berberis francisciferdinandi
Berberis x gladwynensis
Berberis griffithiana
Berberis heterophylla
Berberis ilicifolia
Berberis japonica
Berberis kawakamii
Berberis latifolia
Berberis lepidifolia
Berberis x lologensis
Berberis lycium
Berberis mekongensis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Berberis x mentorensis
Berberis x moserii
Berberis oblonga
Berberis microphylla
Berberis napaulensis
Berberis orthobotrys
Berberis x ottawensis
Berberis poiretii
Berberis prattii
Berberis regeliana
Berberis sibirica
Berberis soulieana
Berberis suberecta
Berberis temolaica
Berberis thunbergii x vulgaris
Berberis tsarongensis
Berberis vernae
Berberis virgetorum
Berberis wallichiana
Berberis yunnanensis
Berchemia floribunda
Berchemia sinica
Bergenia crassifolia x
Bergenia pacifica
Bergeranthus artus
Bergeranthus multiceps
Bergerocactus emoryi
Berlandiera lyrata
Berrya cordifolia
Bertholletia nobilis
Bertolonia x marmorata
Bertya cunninghamii
Bertya ingramii
Bertya oleifolia
Bertya sharpeana
Berzelia galpinii
Berzelia rubra
Beschorneria bracteata
Beschorneria rigida
Beschorneria yuccoides
Beta patellaris
Berberis pallens
Berberis polyantha
Berberis x provincialis
Berberis replicata
Berberis sieboldii
Berberis x stenophylla
Berberis taliensis
Berberis tenuifolia
Berberis tischleri
Berberis turcomanica
Berberis verruculosa
Berberis vulgaris
Berberis wilsoniae
Berberis zabeliana
Berchemia lineata
Berchemia zeyheri
Bergenia delavayi
Berberis morrisonensis
Berberis nervosa
Berberis orthobotrys x
Berberis pinnata
Berberis potaninii
Berberis pumila
Berberis sargentiana
Berberis sikkimensis
Berberis subcauliata
Berberis taylorii
Berberis thunbergii
Berberis triacanthophora
Berberis veitchii
Berberis virescens
Berberis x wagneri
Berberis xanthoxylon
Berchemia discolor
Berchemia racemosa
Bergenia crassifolia
Bergenia ligulata
Bergenia stracheyi
Bergeranthus concavus
Bergeranthus scapiger
Berkheya cuneata
Berneuxia thibetica
Berrya javanica
Bertolonia x houtteana
Bertya astrotricha
Bertya findlayi
Bertya mitchellii
Bertya pomaderroides
Berula erecta
Berzelia intermedia
Berzelia squarrosa
Beschorneria chiapensis
Beschorneria tubiflora
Bessera elegans
Beta vulgaris
Bergera koenigii
Bergeranthus katbergensis
Bergeranthus vespertinus
Berkheya spinosa
Berneuxia yunnanensis
Bersama lucens
Bertolonia maculata
Bertya brownii
Bertya gummifera
Bertya mollissima
Bertya rotundifolia
Berzelia abrotanoides
Berzelia lanuginosa
Beschorneria albiflora
Beschorneria pubescens
Beschorneria wrightii
Besseya wyomingensis
Betula aetnensis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Betula albosinensis
Betula x aschersoniana
Betula austro-sinensis
Betula chichibuensis
Betula corylifolia
Betula dahurica
Betula forrestii
Betula humilis
Betula korshinskyi
Betula luminifera
Betula megrelica
Betula obscura
Betula pendula
Betula pubescens
Betula rockii
Betula schmidtii
Beyeria drummondii
Biarum bovei
Biarum davisii
Biarum spruneri
Bidens bipinnata
Bidens pilosa
Bifrenaria spp.
Bignonia callistegioides
Bijlia cana
Bikkia grandiflora
Biljia cana
Billardiera coeruleo-punctata
Billardiera erubescens
Billardiera heterophylla x
Billardiera mutabilis
Billardiera ringens
Billbergia (pyramidalis x
saundersii) x leptopoda
Billbergia amoena x vittata
Billbergia buchholtzii
Billbergia chlorosticta
Billbergia distachia x amoena
Betula alnoides
Betula atrata
Betula x caerulea
Betula chinensis
Betula costata
Betula divaricata
Betula fruticosa
Betula insignis
Betula lenta
Betula maximowicziana
Betula nana
Betula ovalifolia
Betula platyphylla
Betula pumila
Betula rotundifolia
Betula turkestanica
Beyeria lasiocarpa
Biarum carduchorum
Biarum dispar
Biarum tenuifolium
Bidens cosmoides
Bidens triplinervia
Bignonia argyrea
Bignonia lindleyi
Bijlia dilatata
Bikkia macrophylla
Billardiera bignoniacea
Billardiera cymosa
Billardiera fraseri
Billardiera longiflora
Betula apoiensis
Betula x aurata
Betula celtiberica
Betula concinna
Betula cylindrostachya
Betula ermanii
Betula grossa
Betula kirghisorum
Betula litwinowii
Betula medwediewii
Betula nigra
Betula papyrifera
Betula potaninii
Betula raddeana
Betula x sandbergii
Betula utilis
Beyeria leschenaultii
Biarum carratracense
Biarum eximium
Bidens atrosanguineus
Bidens ferulifolia
Bifora americana
Bignonia argyreo-violascens
Bignonia ornata
Bijlia tugwelliae
Bikkia tetrandra
Billardiera candida
Billardiera drummondii
Billardiera fusiformis
Billardiera mollis
Billardiera ovalis
Billardiera scandens
Billbergia alfonsi-joannis
Billardiera procumbens
Billardiera sericophora
Billbergia amoena
Billbergia brasiliensis
Billbergia chiapensis
Billbergia decora
Billbergia domingosmartinsis
x amoena
Billbergia x breauteana
Billbergia chlorantha
Billbergia distachia
Billbergia elegans
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Billbergia euphemiae
Billbergia horrida
Billbergia euphemiae x
Billbergia horrida x amoena
Billbergia iridifolia
Billbergia leptopoda
Billbergia macrocalyx
Billbergia nana
Billbergia pallidiflora
Billbergia rosea
Billbergia viridiflora
Billbergia x joliboisii
Billbergia leptopoda x vittata
Billbergia magnifica
Billbergia nutans
Billbergia porteana
Billbergia sanderiana
Billbergia vittata
Billbergia vittata x zebrina
Billbergia x windii
Billbergia nutans x
Neoregelia sp.
Biscutella frutescens
Bistorta carnea
Bistorta officinalis
Bituminaria bituminosa var.
Blackallia biloba
Blandfordia cunninghamii
Blandfordia punicea
Blechnum attenuatum
Blechnum brasiliense
Blechnum chambersii
Blechnum discolor
Blechnum fluviatile
Blechnum fraxineum
Blechnum gracile
Blechnum meridense
Blechnum minus x wattsii
Blechnum nigrum
Blechnum nudum
Blechnum oceanicum
Blechnum penna-marina
Blechnum punctulatum
Blechnum tabulare
Blechnum wattsii
Billbergia zebrina
Biserrula pelecinus
Bistorta elliptica
Bistorta vaccinifolia
Bituminaria bituminosa var.
Blaeria filago
Blandfordia grandiflora
Blechnum ambiguum
Blechnum australe
Blechnum camfieldii
Blechnum christii
Blechnum diversifolium
Blechnum fragile
Blechnum fraxinifolium
Blechnum gregsonii
Blechnum milnei
Blechnum moorei
Blechnum norfolkianum
Blechnum obtusatum
Blechnum opacum
Blechnum polypodioides
Blechnum serrulatum
Blechnum vittatum
Blechnum wattsii x minus
Billbergia gigantea
Billbergia horrida x
Billbergia kuhlmannii
Billbergia lymanii
Billbergia morelii
Billbergia nutans x amoena
Billbergia pyramidalis
Billbergia stenopetala
Billbergia vittata x amoena
x nutans
Billbergia x windii x
Bischofia polycarpa
Bismarckia nobilis
Bistorta emodi
Bituminaria acaulis
Bixa orellana
Blakea gracilis
Blandfordia nobilis
Blechnum articulatum
Blechnum blechnoides
Blechnum cartilagineum
Blechnum colensoi
Blechnum filiforme
Blechnum fraseri
Blechnum gibbum
Blechnum membranaceum
Blechnum minus
Blechnum neocaledonicum
Blechnum novae-zelandiae
Blechnum occidentale
Blechnum patersonii
Blechnum procerum
Blechnum spicant
Blechnum vulcanicum
Blechnum whelanii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Blechnum wurunuran
Blepharocalyx cruckshanksii
Bletia spp.
Bloomeria crocea
Blotiella natalensis
Bobartia filiformis
Bobartia longicyma
Bobgunnia madagascariensis
Boea kinneari
Boehmeria biloba
Boehmeria grandifolia
Boehmeria platanifolia
Boehmeria tenacissima
Boerhavia chinensis
Bolax glebaria
Bolbitis heteroclita
Bolbitis quoyana
Bollea spp.
Bolusafra bituminosa
Bomarea acutifolia
Bomarea edulis
Bomarea lobbiana
Bomarea patacocensis
Bomarea uncifolia
Bombax costatum
Bommeria ehrenbergiana
Bonamia menziesii
Boophone disticha
Borago officinalis
Blechnum moorei x Doodia
Blepharocalyx salicifolius
Bletilla spp.
Bloomeria humilis
Blumenbachia hieronymi
Bobartia gladiata
Bobartia robusta
Bocconia arborea
Boechera holboellii
Boehmeria calophleba
Boehmeria japonica
Boehmeria sieboldiana
Boenninghausenia albiflora
Boerhavia diffusa
Bolbitis appendiculata
Bolbitis heudelotii
Bolbitis taylorii
Boltonia asteroides
Bolusanthus speciosus
Bomarea caldasii
Bomarea hirtella
Bomarea multiflora
Bomarea salsilla
Bombax barrigon
Bombax insigne
Bommeria hispida
Bonatea speciosa
Boophone haemanthoides
Borassodendron borneense
Borassus aethiopum
Borassus madagascariensis
Boronella koniambiensis
Boronia anemonifolia
Boronia bipinnata
Boronia citriodora
Borassus flabellifer
Borassus sambiranensis
Boronia algida
Boronia anethifolia
Boronia chartacea
Boronia citriodora x muelleri
Boronia deanei
Boronia falcifolia
Boronia edwardsii
Boronia filifolia
Blepharis linariifolia
Blepharocarya involucrigera
Blighia sapida
Blossfeldia liliputana
Bobartia aphylla
Bobartia indica
Bobea timonioides
Boea hygroscopica
Boehmeria argentea
Boehmeria gigantea
Boehmeria longispica
Boehmeria silvestrii
Boerhavia albiflora
Boesenbergia rotunda
Bolbitis edanyoi
Bolbitis lonchophora
Bolivicereus samaipatanus
Boltonia incisa
Bolusiella maudiae
Bomarea carderi
Bomarea kalbreyeri
Bomarea ovallei
Bomarea shuttleworthii
Bombax buonopozense
Bombax mossambicense
Bommeria knoblochii
Bonellia macrocarpa
Boquila trifoliata
Borassus heineana
Borojoa patinoi
Boronia amabilis
Boronia barkeriana
Boronia citrata
Boronia crassipes x
Boronia elatior
Boronia floribunda
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Boronia fraseri
Boronia glabra
Boronia gunnii
Boronia lanceolata
Boronia microphylla
Boronia nana
Boronia pinnata
Boronia rhomboidea
Boronia rosmarinifolia
Boronia serrulata
Boronia thujona
Boronia warrumbunglensis
Borya septentrionalis
x Borzipostoa mirabilis
Bosistoa brassii
Bosistoa pentacocca
Bossiaea arenicola
Bossiaea brownii
Bossiaea cinerea
Bossiaea foliosa
Bossiaea neo-anglica
Bossiaea rhombifolia
Bossiaea scolopendria
Boswellia sacra
Bothriochloa erianthoides
Bothriochloa ischaemum
Botrychium australe
Bouchardatia neurococca
Bouea oppositifolia
Bougainvillea peruviana
Bougainvillea spectabilis x
Bouteloua chondrosioides
Bouteloua repens
Bouvardia leiantha
Bouvardia scabra
Bowdichia virgilioides
Bowiea volubilis
Boykinia aconitifolia
Boronia fraseri x mollis
Boronia grandisepala
Boronia heterophylla x
Boronia latipinna
Boronia mollis
Boronia parviflora
Boronia polygalifolia
Boronia rigens
Boronia ruppii
Boronia serrulata x floribunda
Boronia variabilis
Boronia whitei
Borzicactus aureispinus
Bosea amherstiana
Bosistoa floydii
Bosistoa selwynii
Bossiaea armitii
Bossiaea buxifolia
Bossiaea cordigera
Bossiaea heterophylla
Bossiaea obcordata
Bossiaea riparia
Bossiaea stephensonii
Boswellia serrata
Bothriochloa imperatoides
Bothriochloa pertusa
Botrychium lunaria
Bouea burmanica
Bougainvillea x buttiana
Bougainvillea refulgens
Bougainvillea spectabilis x
glabra x peruviana
Bouteloua dactyloides
Bouvardia angustifolia
Bouvardia longiflora
Bouvardia tenuifolia
Bowenia serrulata
Bowkeria triphylla
Boykinia major
Boronia galbraithiae
Boronia granitica
Boronia keysii
Boronia ledifolia
Boronia muelleri
Boronia pilosa
Boronia repanda
Boronia rivularis
Boronia safrolifera
Boronia subulifolia
Boronia viminea
Borya mirabilis
Borzicactus paucicostatus
Bosea yervamora
Bosistoa medicinalis
Bosistoa transversa
Bossiaea bracteosa
Bossiaea carinalis
Bossiaea ensata
Bossiaea laidlawiana
Bossiaea prostrata
Bossiaea rupicola
Boswellia neglecta
Boswellia thurifera
Bothriochloa insculpta
Bothriocline fusca
Botrychium lunarioides
Bouea macrophylla
Bougainvillea glabra
Bougainvillea spectabilis
Bougainvillea spectabilis x
Bouteloua megapotamica
Bouvardia laevis
Bouvardia multiflora
Bouvardia ternifolia
Bowenia spectabilis
Bowkeria verticillata
Boykinia occidentalis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Boykinia rotundifolia
Brachiaria atrisola
Brachiaria jubata
Brachychilum horsfieldii
Brachychiton albidus
Brachychiton bidwillii x
Brachychiton compactus
Brachychiton garrawayae
Brachychiton megaphyllus
Brachychiton populneus
Brachychiton x turgidulus
Brachycome angustifolia
Brachycome heterophylla
Brachycome multifida
Brachycorythis helferi
Brachyglottis brunonis
Brachyglottis haastii
Brachyglottis perdicioides
Brachylaena dentata
Brachylaena huillensis
Brachyloma ciliatum
Brachyloma ericoides
Brachyotum ledifolium
Brachypodium distachyon
Brachyscome aculeata
Boykinia tellimoides
Brachiaria dura
Brachiaria kurzii
Brachychilum tenellum
Brachychiton australis
Brachychiton chillagoensis
Brabejum stellatifolium
Brachiaria holosericea
Brachiaria serrifolia
Brachychiton acerifolius
Brachychiton bidwillii
Brachychiton collinus
Brachychiton discolor
Brachychiton grandiflorus
Brachychiton muellerianus
Brachychiton x roseus
Brachychiton x vinicolor
Brachycome diversifolia
Brachycome x hybrid
Brachycome nivalis
Brachyglottis bellidioides
Brachyglottis buchananii
Brachyglottis huntii
Brachyglottis repanda
Brachylaena discolor
Brachylaena neriifolia
Brachyloma daphnoides
Brachyloma saxicola
Brachyotum lindenii
Brachypodium flexum
Brachyscome angustifolia
Brachyscome angustifolia x
Brachyscome basaltica
Brachyscome chrysoglossa
Brachyscome diversifolia
Brachyscome angustifolia x
Brachyscome campylocarpa
Brachyscome curvicarpa
Brachyscome formosa
Brachychiton x excellens
Brachychiton x incarnatus
Brachychiton paradoxus
Brachychiton rupestris
Brachychiton vitifolius
Brachycome formosa
Brachycome iberidifolia
Brachycome spathulata
Brachyglottis bidwillii
Brachyglottis greyi
Brachyglottis laxifolia
Brachyglottis revoluta
Brachylaena glabra
Brachylaena transvaalensis
Brachyloma depressum
Brachyloma scortechinii
Brachypodium arbuscula
Brachypodium perrieri
Brachyscome angustifolia x
Brachyscome ascendens
Brachyscome heterodonta
Brachyscome microcarpa
Brachyscome latisquamea
Brachyscome multifida
Brachyscome multifida x
Brachyscome obovata
Brachyscome readeri
Brachyscome nivalis
Brachyscome parvula
Brachyscome rigidula
Brachyscome cardiocarpa
Brachyscome decipiens
Brachyscome formosa x
Brachyscome melanocarpa
Brachyscome multifida x
Brachyscome nodosa
Brachyscome radicans
Brachyscome rigidula x
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Brachyscome scapiformis
Brachyscome sinclairii
Brachyscome stuartii
Brachysema macrocarpum
Brachystegia boehmii
Brachystegia microphylla
Brachystelma caffrum
Brachystelma coddii
Brachystelma meyerianum
Brachystelma pygmaeum
Brackenridgea nitida
Brahea armata
Brahea calcarea
Brahea dulcis
Brahea moorei
Brahea sarukhanii
Brasenia schreberi
Brasilicereus phaecanthus
Brassia spp.
Brassica fruticulosa
Brassica juncea
Brassica oleracea
Braunsia apiculata
Braunsia nelii
Braya thorild-wulffii
Breonadia salicina
Brexia spinosa
Breynia oblongifolia
Bridelia cathartica
Bridelia leichhardtii
x Brigandra calliantha
Briggsia muscicola
Brighamia rockii
Brimeura amethystina
Briza brizoides
Briza lamarckiana
Brachyscome scapigera
Brachyscome spathulata
Brachyscome tadgellii
Brachysema melanopetalum
Brachystegia eurycoma
Brachystelma barberiae
Brachystelma cathcartense
Brachystelma foetidum
Brachystelma nanum
Brachystelma remotum
Bracteantha viscosa
Brahea bella
Brahea clara
Brahea edulis
Brahea nitida
Brainea insignis
Brasilicereus markgrafii
Brassaiopsis minor
Brassica barrelieri
Brassica gongylodes
Brassica napus
Brassica rapa
Brassiophoenix schumannii
Brachyscome segmentosa
Brachyscome stolonifera
Brachysema bracteolosum
Brachysema minor
Brachystegia glaucescens
Brachystelma burchellii
Brachystelma circinatum
Brachystelma gracile
Brachystelma pulchellum
Brachystelma stellatum
Brahea aculeata
Brahea brandegeei
Brahea decumbens
Brahea edulis x brandegeei
Brahea pimo
Brandisia glabrescens
Brasilicereus phaeacanthus
Brassavola spp.
Brassica carinata
Brassica insularis
Brassica nigra
Brassica tournefortii
Brassolaeliocattleya spp.
Braunsia geminata
Braunsia stayneri
Brayera anthelmintica
Breonia chinensis
Breynia disticha
Braunsia maximiliani
Braxireon humile
Bredia sinensis
Breweria baccharoides
Brianhuntleya intrusa
Bridelia exaltata
Bridelia micrantha
Briggsia aurantiaca
Briggsia penlopii
Brillantaisia kirungae
Brimeura duvigneaudii
Briza erecta
Briza maxima
Breynia stipitata
Brickellia eupatorioides
Bridelia insulana
Briegeria teretifolia
Briggsia kurzii
Brighamia insignis
Brillantaisia palisotii
Brimeura fastigiata
Briza glomerata
Briza media
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Briza minor
Brocchinia reducta
Brodiaea coronaria
Brodiaea insignis
Brodiaea minor
Brodiaea purdyi
Brombya platynema
Bromelia balansae
Bromelia karatas
Bromelia serra
Bromheadia aporoides
Bromus alopecuros
Bromus brachyantherus
Bromus catharticus
Bromus grandis
Bromus japonicus
Bromus lanceolatus
Bromus marginatus
Bromus pannonicus
Bromus polyanthus
Bromus richardsonii
Bromus setifolius
Bromus stamineus
Bromus syriacus
Bromus tyttholepis
Brongniartikentia lanuginosa
Brosimum gaudichaudii
Broussaisia arguta
Brownanthus corallinus
Brownea grandiceps
Brownea macrophylla
Browningia altissima
Browningia chlorocarpa
Browningia pilleifera
Brugmansia aurea
Brugmansia x flava
Brugmansia sanguinea
Brugmansia vulcanicola
Brocchinia acuminata
Brodiaea appendiculata
Brodiaea elegans
Brodiaea jolonensis
Brodiaea orcuttii
Brodiaea stellaris
Bromelia agavifolia
Bromelia flemingii
Bromelia nidus-puellae
Bromelia sylvestris
Bromheadia finlaysoniana
Bromus angrenicus
Bromus bromoideus
Bromus diandrus
Bromus hordeaceus
Bromus laevipes
Bromus leptoclados
Bromus maritimus
Bromus parodii
Bromus porteri
Bromus rigidus
Bromus sewerzowii
Bromus sterilis
Bromus tomentellus
Bromus variegatus
Brongniartikentia vaginata
Brosimum utile
Broussonetia kazinoki
Brownea ariza
Brownea grandiceps x
Brownea ucayalina
Browningia amstutziae
Browningia hertlingiana
Browningia riosaniensis
Brugmansia x candida
Brugmansia x insignis
Brugmansia suaveolens
Bruguiera cylindrica
Brocchinia gilmartinii
Brodiaea californica
Brodiaea filifolia
Brodiaea kinkiensis
Brodiaea pallida
Brodiaea terrestris
Bromelia alsodes
Bromelia humilis
Bromelia scarlatina
Bromheadia alticola
Bromheadia pulchra
Bromus anomalus
Bromus cappadocicus
Bromus frondosus
Bromus inermis
Bromus lanatipes
Bromus madritensis
Bromus oxyodon
Bromus x pendulinus
Bromus pseudothominii
Bromus rubens
Bromus sitchensis
Bromus striatus
Bromus tomentosus
Brongniartia shrevei
Brosimum alicastrum
Broughtonia spp.
Browallia speciosa
Brownea coccinea
Brownea grandiflora
Browneopsis disepala
Browningia candelaris
Browningia microsperma
Browningia viridis
Brugmansia cornigera
Brugmansia knightii
Brugmansia versicolor
Bruguiera gymnorhiza
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Brunfelsia americana
Brunfelsia brasiliensis
Brunfelsia hydrangeiformis
Brunfelsia latifolia
Brunfelsia ramosissima
Brunia albiflora
Brunia paleacea
Brunnera macrophylla
Brunsvigia bosmaniae
Brunsvigia grandiflora
Brunsvigia josephinae
Brunsvigia minor
Brunsvigia orientalis
Brunsvigia radulosa
Bucida molinetii
Buckleya lanceolata
Buddleja albiflora
Buddleja auriculata
Buddleja colvilei
Buddleja crispa
Buddleja diversifolia
Buddleja forrestii
Buddleja japonica
Buddleja loricata
Buddleja nitida
Buddleja pichinchensis
Buddleja salviifolia
Buddleja tucumanensis
Buglossoides arvensis
Bulbine abyssinica
Bulbine asphodeloides
Bulbine caulescens
Bulbine filifolia
Bulbine latifolia
Brunfelsia australis
Brunfelsia eximia
Brunfelsia jamaicensis
Brunfelsia lindeniana
Brunfelsia undulata
Brunia alopecuroides
Brunia stokoei
Brunoniella pumilio
Brunsvigia comptonii
Brunsvigia gregaria
Brunsvigia litoralis
Brunsvigia namaquana
Brunsvigia pulchra
Brunsvigia striata
Bryophyllum fedtschenkoi
Brunfelsia bonodora
Brunfelsia grandiflora
Brunfelsia lactea
Brunfelsia pauciflora
Brunfelsia uniflora
Brunia laevis
Brunia stokoei x albiflora
Brunsvigia appendiculata
Brunsvigia elandsmontana
Brunsvigia herrei
Brunsvigia marginata
Brunsvigia natalensis
Brunsvigia radula
Bryonia verrucosa
Bubbia semecarpoides
Buckinghamia celsissima
Budawangia gnidioides
Buddleja alternifolia
Buddleja brachystachya
Buddleja colvillei
Buddleja davidii
Buddleja dysophylla
Buddleja globosa
Buddleja limitanea
Buddleja macrostachya
Buddleja nivea
Buddleja pulchella
Buddleja skutchii
Buddleja venenifera
Buglossoides gastonii
Bulbine alooides
Bulbine bulbosa
Bulbine esterhuyseniae
Bulbine glauca
Bulbine margarethae
Bulbine ophiophylla
Bulbine succulenta
Bulbine wiesei
Bulbine praemorsa
Bulbine torta
Bulbinella angustifolia
Buckinghamia ferruginiflora
Buddleja agathosma
Buddleja araucana
Buddleja candida
Buddleja cordata
Buddleja delavayi
Buddleja fallowiana
Buddleja x intermedia
Buddleja lindleyana
Buddleja madagascariensis
Buddleja paniculata
Buddleja saligna
Buddleja thyrsoides
Buddleja x weyeriana
Bukiniczia cabulica
Bulbine annua
Bulbine capitata
Bulbine favosa
Bulbine haworthioides
Bulbine stenophylla
Bulbine vagans
Bulbinella cauda-felis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Bulbinella caudata
Bulbinella latifolia
Bulbocodium vernum
Bunchosia argentea
Bupleurum aciphyllum
Bupleurum glumaceum
Bupleurum rotundifolium
Bulbinella gibbii
Bulbinella nutans
Bulbophyllum spp.
Bunchosia glandulifera
Bupleurum fruticosum
Bupleurum hamiltonii
Bupleurum multinerve
Bulbinella hookeri
Bulbinella triquetra
Bulnesia arborea
Buphthalmum salicifolium
Bupleurum gibraltaricum
Bupleurum lancifolium
Bupleurum ranunculoides
Bupleurum salicifolium
Bupleurum semicompositum
Burchellia bubalina
Burnettia cuneata
Burretiokentia grandiflora
Burretiokentia vieillardii
Bursaria lasiophylla
Bursaria tenuifolia
Bursera microphylla
Burtonia scabra
Butia campicola
Butia microspadix
Butia stolonifera
Buxus balearica
Buxus harlandi
Buxus macrophylla
Buxus sinica
Byrsonima lucida
Bystropogon origanifolius
Cacabus miersii
Cadetia chionantha
Cadetia funiformis
Cadetia wariana
Caesalpinia angulicaulis
Caesalpinia cinclidocarpus
Caesalpinia decapetala
Caesalpinia ferrea
Caesalpinia paraguariensis
Caesalpinia pumila
Caesalpinia rubra
Caesalpinia tara
Bupleurum spinosum
Burkea africana
Burrageara spp.
Burretiokentia hapala
Bursaria calcicola
Bursaria reevesii
Bursera fagaroides
Bursera schlechtendalii
Butea monosperma
Butia capitata
Butia paraguayensis
Butia yatay
Buxus bodinieri
Buxus longifolia
Buxus microphylla
Buxus wallichiana
Byrsonima spicata
Bystropogon plumosus
Caccinia glauca
Cadetia collinsii
Cadetia maideniana
Cadia purpurea
Caesalpinia bonduc
Caesalpinia conzattii
Caesalpinia digyna
Caesalpinia gilliesii
Caesalpinia platyloba
Caesalpinia regia
Caesalpinia sappan
Caesalpinia tortuosa
Burbidgea schizocheila
Burkillanthus malaccensis
Burretiokentia dumasii
Burretiokentia koghiensis
Bursaria incana
Bursaria spinosa
Bursera hindsiana
Bursera simaruba
Butia archeri
Butia eriospatha
Butia purpurascens
Buxus arborea
Buxus cephalantha
Buxus macowanii
Buxus sempervirens
Byrsonima coriacea
Bystropogon canariensis
Cabralea canjerana
Cadellia pentastylis
Cadetia echinocarpa
Cadetia taylori
Caesalpinia alternifolia
Caesalpinia bracteosa
Caesalpinia cucullata
Caesalpinia echinata
Caesalpinia grandis
Caesalpinia pulcherrima
Caesalpinia robusta
Caesalpinia scortechinii
Caesalpinia vesicaria
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Caesalpinia violacea
Caesia parviflora
Cajanus albicans
Cajanus goensis
Cajanus platycarpus
Cakile edentula
Caladium amabile
Caladium lindenii
Calamagrostis angustifolia
Calamagrostis imbricata
Calamagrostis montanensis
Calamagrostis stricta
Caesia alpina
Caiophora hibiscifolia
Cajanus aromaticus
Cajanus grandiflorus
Cajanus rugosus
Cakile maritima
Caladium bicolor
Caladium schomburgkii
Calamagrostis carinata
Calamagrostis korotkyi
Calamagrostis purpurea
Calamagrostis villosa
Calamintha cretica
Calamintha officinalis
Calamovilfa gigantea
Calamus asperrimus
Calamus brassii
Calamus ciliaris
Calamus hollrungii
Calamus merrillii
Calamus muelleri
Calamus peregrinus
Calamus rotang
Calamus usitatus
Calamus warburgii
Calandrinia affinis
Calandrinia caespitosa
Calandrinia colchaguensis
Calandrinia copiapina
Calandrinia gayana
Calandrinia grandiflora
Calandrinia menziesii
Calandrinia patagonica
Calandrinia potentilloides
Calandrinia sericea
Calandrinia tricolor
Calanthe spp.
Calathea aemula
Calamintha grandiflora
Calamophyllum cylindricum
Calamus arborescens
Calamus australis
Calamus caryotoides
Calamus diepenhorstii
Calamus longisetus
Calamus mindorensis
Calamus ornatus
Calamus radicalis
Calamus siphonospathus
Calamus vidalianus
Calandrinia acaulis
Calandrinia andicola
Calandrinia ciliata
Calandrinia compacta
Calandrinia discolor
Calandrinia gilliesii
Calandrinia lindleyana
Calandrinia oblongifolia
Calandrinia pickeringii
Calandrinia punae
Calandrinia setosa
Calandrinia villaroeli
Calanthe x Phaius spp.
Calathea albertii
Caesia calliantha
Caiophora lateritia
Cajanus cajan
Cajanus lineatus
Cajanus sericeus
Caladenia spp.
Caladium humboldtii
Calamagrostis x acutiflora
Calamagrostis crassiuscula
Calamagrostis minor
Calamagrostis quadriseta
Calamintha nepeta
Calamophyllum teretifolium
Calamus aruensis
Calamus bousigonii
Calamus castaneus
Calamus grandifolius
Calamus marginatus
Calamus moti
Calamus palustris
Calamus reyesianus
Calamus tumidus
Calamus viminalis
Calandrinia acutisepala
Calandrinia buridgii
Calandrinia cistiflora
Calandrinia conferta
Calandrinia frigida
Calandrinia graminifolia
Calandrinia megarhiza
Calandrinia occulta
Calandrinia picta
Calandrinia saltensis
Calandrinia speciosa
Calandrinia volubilis
Calathea acuminata
Calathea albicans
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Calathea allouia
Calathea bachemiana
Calathea brenesii
Calathea chimboracensis
Calathea crotalifera
Calathea elliptica
Calathea hybrids
Calathea lancifolia
Calathea leucostachys
Calathea loeseneri
Calathea macrosepala
Calathea medio-picta
Calathea microcephala
Calathea orbiculata
Calathea pavonii
Calathea regalis
Calathea sanderiana
Calathea truncata
Calathea varians
Calathea warscewiczii
Calathiana pumila
Calceolaria adscendens
Calceolaria arachnoidea
Calceolaria cana
Calceolaria dentata
Calceolaria fiebrigiana
Calceolaria grandiflora
Calceolaria integrifolia
Calceolaria mexicana
Calceolaria parvifolia
Calceolaria pinifolia
Calceolaria polyrrhiza
Calceolaria tenella
Caldcluvia australiensis
Caldcluvia rosifolia
Caleana minor
Calendula officinalis
Calibrachoa hybrida
Caliphruria korsakoffii
Calathea angustifolia
Calathea baraquinii
Calathea burle-marxii
Calathea coccinea
Calathea cylindrica
Calathea fasciata
Calathea insignis
Calathea lasiostachya
Calathea lietzei
Calathea louisae
Calathea majestica
Calathea metallica
Calathea musaica
Calathea orbifolia
Calathea picturata
Calathea roseopicta
Calathea sciuroides
Calathea undulata
Calathea variegata
Calathea wioti
Calatola costaricensis
Calceolaria alba
Calceolaria bicrenata
Calceolaria corymbosa
Calceolaria excelsior
Calceolaria fothergillii
Calceolaria x herbeohybrida
Calceolaria laete-virens
Calceolaria ovata
Calceolaria pavonii
Calceolaria plantaginea
Calceolaria purpurea
Calceolaria thyrsiflora
Caldcluvia paniculata
Calea ternifolia
Calectasia intermedia
Calia secundiflora
Calibrachoa parviflora
Caliphruria subedentata
Calathea argyraea
Calathea bella
Calathea cardiophylla
Calathea crocata
Calathea ecuadoriana
Calathea glaziovii
Calathea kegeljani
Calathea leopardina
Calathea lindeniana
Calathea lutea
Calathea marantifolia
Calathea micans
Calathea nigricans
Calathea ornata
Calathea pseudoveitchiana
Calathea rufibarba
Calathea stromanthifolia
Calathea vaginata
Calathea veitchiana
Calathea zebrina
Calceolaria acutifolia
Calceolaria amplexicaulis
Calceolaria biflora
Calceolaria crenatiflora
Calceolaria falklandica
Calceolaria x fruticohybrida
Calceolaria hirsuta
Calceolaria lanigera
Calceolaria parviflora
Calceolaria picta
Calceolaria polifolia
Calceolaria rugosa
Calceolaria uniflora
Caldcluvia paniculosa
Caleana major
Calendula maroccana
Calibanus hookerii
Calicotome villosa
Callerya atropurpurea
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Callerya australis
Callerya pilipes
Calliandra chilensis
Calliandra grandiflora
Calliandra haematomma
Calliandra physocalyx
Calliandra tergemina
Callerya cinerea
Callerya reticulata
Calliandra conferta
Calliandra guildingii
Calliandra juzepczukii
Calliandra riparia
Calliandra tweedii
Callianthemum sajanense
Callicarpa cana
Callicarpa formosana
Callicarpa macrophylla
Callicarpa nudiflora
Callicarpa rubella
Callicoma serratifolia
Calligonum azel
Calligonum coriaceum
Calligonum eriopodum
Calligonum gracile
Calligonum lanciculatum
Calligonum microcarpum
Calligonum plicatum
Calligonum setosum
Callirhoe involucrata
Callisia rosea
Callistemon acuminatus
Callistemon citrinus
Callistemon flavovirens
Callistemon x hybrid
Callistemon linearifolius
Callistemon montanus
Callistemon pallidus
Callistemon pearsonii
Callistemon polandii
Callistemon rigidus
Callistemon shiressii
Callistemon subulatus
Callistemon viridiflorus
Callitriche antarctica
Callicarpa americana
Callicarpa cathayana
Callicarpa japonica
Callicarpa membranacea
Callicarpa pedunculata
Callicarpa x shirasawana
Calligonum alatiforme
Calligonum caput-medusae
Calligonum dubianskyi
Calligonum falcilobum
Calligonum junceum
Calligonum leucocladum
Calligonum paletzkianum
Calligonum pulcherrimum
Calligonum turkestanicum
Callirhoe leiocarpa
Callisia tehuantepecana
Callistemon brachyandrus
Callistemon coccineus
Callistemon formosus
Callistemon kenmorrisonii
Callistemon linearis
Callistemon nyallingensis
Callistemon pancheri
Callistemon pinifolius
Callistemon pungens
Callistemon rugulosus
Callistemon sieberi
Callistemon teretifolius
Callistephus chinensis
Callitriche brachycarpa
Callerya megasperma
Calliandra californica
Calliandra eriophylla
Calliandra haematocephala
Calliandra parvifolia
Calliandra rosei
Callicarpa bodinieri
Callicarpa dichotoma
Callicarpa longifolia
Callicarpa mollis
Callicarpa reevesii
Callichilia barteri
Calligonum arborescens
Calligonum comosum
Calligonum elatum
Calligonum golbeckii
Calligonum kzyl-kumi
Calligonum matteianum
Calligonum platyacanthum
Calligonum rubescens
Callipteris prolifera
Callisia navicularis
Callisia warszewicziana
Callistemon chisholmii
Callistemon comboynensis
Callistemon forresterae
Callistemon lilacinus
Callistemon macropunctatus
Callistemon pachyphyllus
Callistemon pauciflorus
Callistemon pityoides
Callistemon recurvus
Callistemon salignus
Callistemon speciosus
Callistemon viminalis
Callistopteris baueriana
Callitriche hamulata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Callitriche intermedia
Callitris cupressiformis
Callitris intratropica
Callitris morrisonii
Callitris rhomboidea
Calluna vulgaris
Calocedrus macrolepis
Calocephalus lacteus
Calochlaena villosa
Calochortus amoenus
Calochortus barbatus
Calochortus catalinae
Calochortus coxii
Calochortus eurycarpus
Calochortus greenei
Calochortus invenustus
Calochortus longebarbatus
Calochortus macrocarpus
Calochortus nitidus
Calochortus obispoensis
Calochortus plummerae
Calochortus splendens
Calochortus superbus
Calochortus umbellatus
Calochortus venustus
Calochortus westonii
Calophaca wolgarica
Calophyllum inophyllum
Calopogonium velutinum
Calopsis paniculata
Calosanthes indica
Calostemma purpureum
Calotis anthemoides
Calotis inermis
Calpurnia aurea
Caltha appendiculata
Caltha palustris
Calvoa sessiliflora
Calycanthus occidentalis
Callitriche stagnalis
Callitris endlicheri
Callitris macleayana
Callitris muelleri
Callitris tuberculata
Calocedrus decurrens
Calocephalus brownii
Calochilus spp.
Calochortus albus
Calochortus argillosus
Calochortus bruneaunis
Calochortus clavatus
Calochortus dunnii
Calochortus fimbriatus
Calochortus gunnisonii
Calochortus kennedyi
Calochortus luteus
Calochortus minimus
Calochortus nudus
Calochortus palmeri
Calochortus pulchellus
Calochortus striatus
Calochortus tiburonensis
Calochortus umpquaensis
Calochortus vestae
Calodendrum capense
Calophanes burkei
Calophyllum soulattri
Calopsis aspera
Calopyxis grandidieri
Calospatha scortechinii
Calostemma scott-sellickiana
Calotis cymbacantha
Calotis scabiosifolia
Calpurnia villosa
Caltha introloba
Caltha sagittata
Calycanthus chinensis
Calycopeplus casuarinoides
Callitris baileyi
Callitris gracilis
Callitris monticola
Callitris oblonga
Callopsis volkensii
Calocedrus formosana
Calocephalus citreus
Calochlaena dubia
Calochortus amabilis
Calochortus aureus
Calochortus caeruleus
Calochortus concolor
Calochortus elegans
Calochortus flexuosus
Calochortus howellii
Calochortus leichtlinii
Calochortus lyallii
Calochortus monophyllus
Calochortus nuttallii
Calochortus persistens
Calochortus simulans
Calochortus subalpinus
Calochortus tolmiei
Calochortus uniflorus
Calochortus weedii
Calomeria amaranthoides
Calophyllum costatum
Calopogonium mucunoides
Calopsis gracilis
Calorophus lateriflorus
Calostemma luteum
Calotis ancyrocarpa
Calotis glandulosa
Calotropis gigantea
Caltha alba
Caltha leptosepala
Calvoa orientalis
Calycanthus floridus
Calycopeplus ephedroides
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Calycopeplus helmsii
Calydorea coelestina
Calydorea xyphioides
Calymmanthera major
Calyptranthes syzygium
Calyptrocalyx archboldianus
Calyptrocalyx caudiculatus
Calyptrocalyx flabellatus
Calydorea amabilis
Calydorea nuda
Calylophus berlandieri
Calymmanthera paniculata
Calyptrocalyx albertisianus
Calyptrocalyx arfakianus
Calyptrocalyx doxanthus
Calyptrocalyx forbesii
Calyptrocalyx hollrungii
Calyptrocalyx julianettii
Calyptrocalyx laxiflorus
Calyptrocalyx merrillianus
Calyptrocalyx pachystachys
Calyptrocalyx pusillus
Calyptrocalyx yamutumene
Calyptrogyne anomala
Calyptrogyne ghiesbreghtiana
Calyptrogyne pubescens
Calyptronoma occidentalis
Calyptrostegia suaveolens
Calystegia marginata
Calythropsis aurea
Calytrix ericoides
Calytrix involucrata
Calytrix smeatoniana
Camassia leichtlinii
Camellia acutiserrata
Camellia caudata
Camellia cordifolia
Camellia crassissima
Calyptrocalyx lepidotus
Calyptrocalyx micholitzii
Calyptrocalyx pauciflorus
Calyptrocalyx sessiliflorus
Calyptrochilum emarginatum
Calyptrogyne condensata
Calyptrogyne herrerae
Calyptrogyne sarapiquensis
Calyptronoma plumeriana
Calystegia affinis
Calystegia tuguriorum
Calytrix alpestris
Calytrix glaberrima
Calytrix islensis
Calytrix tenuifolia
Camassia scilloides
Camellia boreali-yunnanica
Camellia chekiangoleosa
Camellia crapnelliana
Camellia cuspidata
Camellia cuspidata x
Camellia flava
Camellia fraterna
Camellia drupifera
Camellia fraterna x pitardii
Camellia grijsii
Camellia x higo
Camellia gauchowensis
Camellia gymnogyna
Camellia hongkongensis
Camellia fluviatilis
Camellia fraterna x japonica
Calydorea approximata
Calydorea pallens
Calylophus serrulatus
Calyptranthes bullata
Calyptrocalyx amoenus
Calyptrocalyx awa
Calyptrocalyx elegans
Calyptrocalyx leptostachys
Calyptrocalyx multifidus
Calyptrocalyx polyphyllus
Calyptrocalyx spicatus
Calyptrogyne allenii
Calyptrogyne costatifrons
Calyptrogyne kunaria
Calyptrogyne trichostachys
Calyptronoma rivalis
Calystegia malacophylla
Calythrix exstipulata
Calytrix ecalycata
Calytrix gurulmundensis
Calytrix longiflora
Camassia cusickii
Camelina sativa
Camellia brevistyla
Camellia chrysantha
Camellia crassipetala
Camellia cuspidata x
Camellia euryoides
Camellia forrestii
Camellia fraterna x japonica
x rosiflora
Camellia granthamiana
Camellia hiemalis
Camellia impressinervis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Camellia irrawadiensis
Camellia japonica
Camellia japonica x fraterna
Camellia japonica x
Camellia japonica x
Camellia laotica
Camellia lutchuensis
Camellia japonica x reticulata
Camellia kissi
Camellia longicarpa
Camellia x maliflora
Camellia japonica x
Camellia japonica x pitardii
Camellia japonica x
sasanqua x reticulata
Camellia lapidea
Camellia lutchuensis x
Camellia nitidissima
Camellia lutchuensis x
Camellia octopetala
Camellia pitardii
Camellia reticulata x fraterna
Camellia oleifera
Camellia polyodonta
Camellia reticulata x japonica
Camellia rosiflora
Camellia rosiflora x fraterna
Camellia rubituberculata
Camellia saluenensis x
Camellia sinensis
Camellia transarisanensis
Camellia viridicalyx
Camellia yunnanensis
Camissonia claviformis
Campanula albanica
Campanula alpestris
Campanula andrewsii
Campanula argentea
Campanula armena
Campanula aucheri
Campanula bellidifolia
Campanula bipinnatifida
Campanula caespitosa
Campanula carpatha
Campanula celsii
Campanula cespitosa
Campanula choziatowskyi
Campanula collina
Campanula crispa
Campanula davisii
Camellia salicifolia
Camellia sasanqua
Camellia pingguoensis
Camellia puniceiflora
Camellia reticulata x
Camellia rosiflora x
Camellia saluenensis
Camellia semiserrata
Camellia tachangensis
Camellia tsaii
Camellia wabiske
Camissonia bistorta
Camoensia scandens
Campanula albertii
Campanula alpina
Campanula ardonensis
Campanula argyrotricha
Campanula arvatica
Campanula autraniana
Campanula besenginica
Campanula bornmuelleri
Campanula calaminthifolia
Campanula carpatica
Campanula cenisia
Campanula chamissonis
Campanula ciliata
Campanula conferta
Campanula cymbalaria
Campanula dichotoma
Camellia taliensis
Camellia x vernalis
Camellia x williamsii
Camissonia cheiranthifolia
Campanula acutiloba
Campanula alliariifolia
Campanula anchusiflora
Campanula argaea
Campanula aristata
Campanula atlantis
Campanula bayerniana
Campanula betulifolia
Campanula buseri
Campanula cana
Campanula cashmeriana
Campanula cervicaria
Campanula choruhensis
Campanula cochlearifolia
Campanula coriacea
Campanula dasyantha
Campanula divaricata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Campanula drabifolia
Campanula excisa
Campanula formanekiana
Campanula garganica
Campanula hagielia
Campanula x haylodgensis
Campanula herminii
Campanula hispanica
Campanula x innesii
Campanula isophylla
Campanula keniensis
Campanula lactiflora
Campanula latifolia
Campanula longestyla
Campanula lyrata
Campanula mairei
Campanula medium
Campanula mollis
Campanula nitida
Campanula olympica
Campanula parryi
Campanula petraea
Campanula piperi
Campanula postii
Campanula psilostachya
Campanula pulvinaris
Campanula quercetorum
Campanula rapunculus
Campanula remotiflora
Campanula rupestris
Campanula sarmatica
Campanula saxifraga
Campanula scouleri
Campanula spatulata
Campanula strigillosa
Campanula teucrioides
Campanula tomentosa
Campanula trachelium
Campanula elatines
Campanula fenestrellata
Campanula fragilis
Campanula glomerata
Campanula hakkiarica
Campanula hedgei
Campanula heterophylla
Campanula hofmannii
Campanula involucrata
Campanula kantschavelii
Campanula kolenatiana
Campanula lactiflora x
Campanula lazica
Campanula longistyla
Campanula macrorhiza
Campanula makaschvilii
Campanula mirabilis
Campanula morettiana
Campanula nobilis
Campanula oreadum
Campanula persica
Campanula petrophila
Campanula portenschlagiana
Campanula primulifolia
Campanula ptarmicifolia
Campanula punctata
Campanula raddeana
Campanula recta
Campanula rigidipila
Campanula rupicola
Campanula sartorii
Campanula scabrella
Campanula serrata
Campanula spicata
Campanula takesimana
Campanula thessala
Campanula tommasiniana
Campanula trachyphylla
Campanula elatinoides
Campanula filicaulis
Campanula fruticulosa
Campanula grossekii
Campanula hawkinsiana
Campanula hercegovina
Campanula hierapetrae
Campanula incurva
Campanula isaurica
Campanula kemulariae
Campanula laciniata
Campanula lasiocarpa
Campanula ledebouriana
Campanula lusitanica
Campanula macrostyla
Campanula marchesettii
Campanula moesiaca
Campanula myrtifolia
Campanula oligosperma
Campanula orphanidea
Campanula persicifolia
Campanula pinnatifida
Campanula poscharskyana
Campanula x pseudoraineri
Campanula pulla
Campanula pyramidalis
Campanula raineri
Campanula reiseri
Campanula rotundifolia
Campanula sabatia
Campanula saxatilis
Campanula scheuchzeri
Campanula shetleri
Campanula stevenii
Campanula telephioides
Campanula thyrsoides
Campanula topaliana
Campanula tridentata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Campanula troegerae
Campanula valdensis
Campanula versicolor
Campanula witasekiana
Campanumoea celebica
Campomanesia guaviroba
Campsidium valdivianum
Camptosema rubicundum
Campylanthus salsoloides
Campyloneurum latum
Campylotropis macrocarpa
Canarina canariensis
Canarium balansae
Canarium muelleri
Canarium ovatum
Canavalia galeata
Canavalia hirsutissima
Canavalia pubescens
Canistropsis billbergioides
Canistropsis microps
Canistrum aurantiacum
Canistrum fragrans
Canistrum seidelianum
Campanula tymphaea
Campanula van-houttei
Campanula waldsteiniana
Campanula x wockei
Campecarpus fulcitus
Campomanesia guazumifolia
Campsis grandiflora
Camptotheca acuminata
Campyloneurum repens
Campynema lineare
Canarium acutifolium
Canarium indicum
Canarium odontophyllum
Canarium tramdenum
Canavalia gladiata
Canavalia kauaiensis
Canella winteriana
Canistropsis burchellii
Canistropsis seidelii
Canistrum cyathiforme
Canistrum x hybrids
Canistrum triangulare
Canna cinnabarina
Canna humilis
Canna iridiflora
Canna latifolium
Canna speciosa
Canthium buxifolium
Canthium latifolium
Canthium quadrifida
Canthium ventosum
Cantua dependens
Capparis arborea
Capparis lanceolaris
Capparis ornans
Capsella bursa-pastoris
Capsicum chacoense
Canna discolor
Canna hybrida
Canna jaegeriana
Canna paniculata
Canna warszewiczii
Canthium coprosmoides
Canthium odoratum
Canthium vacciniifolium
Cantua bicolor
Cantua pyrifolia
Capparis canescens
Capparis loranthifolia
Capparis sarmentosa
Capsicum annuum
Capsicum chinense
Campanula uniflora
Campanula velebitica
Campanula wanneri
Campanula zoysii
Camphorosma monspeliaca
Campomanesia lineatifolia
Campsis radicans
Campylandra aurantiaca
Campyloneurum cubense
Campyloneurum vexatum
Cananga odorata
Canarium australasicum
Canarium lucidum
Canarium oleosum
Canavalia ensiformis
Canavalia hawaiiensis
Canavalia nitida
Canistropsis albiflora
Canistropsis correia-araujoi
Canistropsis simulans
Canistrum fosterianum
Canistrum lindenii
Canistrum spp. x Aechmea
Canna x generalis
Canna indica
Canna lanuginosa
Canna patens
Cannabis sativa
Canthium gracilipes
Canthium oleifolium
Canthium venosum
Cantua buxifolia
Capnoides sempervirens
Capparis diversifolia
Capparis nummularia
Capparis zeylanica
Capsicum baccatum
Capsicum fastigiatum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Capsicum galapagoense
Captaincookia margaretae
Caragana decorticans
Caragana tragacanthoides
Caralluma arachnoidea
Caralluma gemugofana
Caralluma somalica
Caralluma tubiformis
Cardamine gunnii
Cardamine pratensis
Cardamine waldsteinii
Cardiocrinum cordatum
Capsicum pubescens
Caragana arborescens
Caragana microphylla
Caralluma acutangula
Caralluma burchardii
Caralluma gracilipes
Caralluma stalagmifera
Carapa procera
Cardamine hirsuta
Cardamine robusta
Cardiandra alternifolia
Cardiocrinum giganteum
Cardiospermum halicacabum
Carduus pycnocephalus
Carex alba
Carex alsophila
Carex bichenoviana
Carex brunnea
Carex cespitosa
Carex cuprina
Carex dolichostachya
Carex echinata
Carex filifolia
Carex foenea
Carex grayi
Carex gynocrates
Carex hoodii
Carex hypandra
Carex longebrachiata
Carex merritt-fernaldii
Carex morrowii
Carex nigricans
Carex pachystylis
Carex physodes
Carex purpurea
Carex riparia
Carex siderosticha
Carex testacea
Carduncellus mitissimus
Cardwellia sublimis
Carex albescens
Carex antoniensis
Carex breviculmis
Carex buchananii
Carex cherokeensis
Carex dipsacea
Carex donnell-smithii
Carex elata
Carex firma
Carex gaudichaudiana
Carex gunniana
Carex hachijoensis
Carex horsfieldii
Carex laeviculmis
Carex macloviana
Carex mertensii
Carex muskingumensis
Carex ornithopoda
Carex pendula
Carex polyantha
Carex rafflesiana
Carex sartwellii
Carex sprengelii
Carex trifida
Capsicum tovarii
Caragana brevispina
Caragana sinica
Caralluma adscendens
Caralluma deflersiana
Caralluma melanantha
Caralluma subulata
Cardamine enneaphyllos
Cardamine lilacina
Cardamine taquetii
Cardiocrinum cathayanum
Carduncellus pinnatus
Carex acutata
Carex albula
Carex arcta
Carex brownii
Carex calderae
Carex concinnoides
Carex divisa
Carex eburnea
Carex elingamita
Carex flacca
Carex geyeri
Carex gynandra
Carex hattoriana
Carex hyalinolepis
Carex limosa
Carex maculata
Carex microptera
Carex neurochlamys
Carex oshimensis
Carex petriei
Carex praticola
Carex raynoldsii
Carex secta
Carex tasmanica
Carex vaginata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Carex virgata
Carica hastata
Carissa carandas
Carissa spectabilis
Carlina vulgaris
Carludovica rotundifolia
Carmichaelia astonii
Carmichaelia cunninghamii
Carmichaelia exsul
Carmichaelia odorata
Carmichaelia solandrii
Carnarvonia araliifolia
Carpentaria acuminata
Carpha nivicola
Carpinus betulus
Carpinus fargesiana
Carpinus hupeana
Carpinus monbeigiana
Carpinus schuschaensis
Carpinus turczaninowii
Carpobrotus dimidiatus
Carex viridula
Carica jamaicensis
Carissa macrocarpa
Carissa spinarum
Carludovica drudei
Carmichaelia appressa
Carmichaelia australis
Carmichaelia egmontiana
Carmichaelia kirkii
Carmichaelia petriei
Carmichaelia williamsii
Carnegiea gigantea
Carpenteria californica
Carphalea kirondron
Carpinus cordata
Carpinus fargesii
Carpinus japonica
Carpinus orientalis
Carpinus shensiensis
Carpinus viminea
Carpobrotus edulis
Carpobrotus glaucescens
Carpodetus serratus
Carpoxylon macrospermum
Carruanthus caninus
Carthamus glaucus
Carum carvi
Carya illinoinensis
Caryocar microcarpum
Caryopteris x clandonensis
Caryota aequatorialis
Caryota gigas
Caryota mitis
Caryota obtusa
Caryota rumphiana
Caryota zebrina
Casimiroa edulis
Cassia arereh
Carpobrotus muirii
Carpolepis laurifolia
Carrichtera annua
Carruanthus peersii
Carthamus palaestinus
Carum roxburghianum
Carya ovalis
Caryocar nuciferum
Caryopteris incana
Caryota bacsonensis
Caryota kiriwongensis
Caryota monostachya
Caryota ochlandra
Caryota sympetala
Casasia clusiifolia
Casimiroa tetrameria
Cassia brewsteri
Carex vulpina
Carica papaya
Carissa opaca
Carlina acaulis
Carludovica palmata
Carmichaelia arborea
Carmichaelia carmichaeliae
Carmichaelia enysii
Carmichaelia monroi
Carmichaelia rivulata
Carmona retusa
Carnegiea tetetzo
Carpha alpina
Carphephorus odoratissimus
Carpinus coreana
Carpinus henryana
Carpinus laxiflora
Carpinus polyneura
Carpinus tschonoskii
Carpobrotus aequilaterus
Carpobrotus edulis x
Carpobrotus quadrifidus
Carpolobia lutea
Carronia multisepalea
Carruanthus ringens
Carthamus tinctorius
Carya cathayensis
Caryocar glabrum
Caryocar villosum
Caryopteris mongholica
Caryota cumingii
Caryota maxima
Caryota no
Caryota ophiopellis
Caryota urens
Cascabela thevetioides
Cassia abbreviata
Cassia charlesiana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Cassia falcinella
Cassia fistula x javanica
Cassia leiandra
Cassia magnifolia
Cassia purpusii
Cassia sieberiana
Cassinia aureonitens
Cassinia denticulata
Cassinia tenuifolia
Cassinopsis ilicifolia
Cassia ferruginea
Cassia grandis
Cassia leptoclada
Cassia nigricans
Cassia queenslandica
Cassine melanocarpa
Cassinia collina
Cassinia leptocephala
Cassinia uncata
Cassiope fastigiata
Cassiope lycopodioides
Cassipourea verticillata
Castanea seguinii
Castanopsis diversifolia
Castanopsis sieboldii
Castanospermum australe
Castilleja linariifolia
Castilleja rubicundula
Casuarina cunninghamiana
Casuarina glauca
Casuarina oligodon
Casuarina striata
Catalpa bignonioides
Catalpa fargesii
Catananche caerulea
Catapodium marinum
Catha edulis
Catopsis berteroniana
Catopsis morreniana
Catopsis sessiliflora
Cattleya x Broughtonia spp.
Catunaregam obovata
Caucaea spathulata
Caularthron bicornutum
Caulophyllum thalictroides
Caustis recurvata
Cavanillesia platanifolia
Cavendishia complectens
Cassiope mertensiana
Castanea dentata
Castanopsis acuminatissima
Castanopsis foxworthyi
Castanopsis tribuloides
Castanospora alphandii
Castilleja miniata
Casuarina collina
Casuarina dielsiana
Casuarina grandis
Casuarina pinaster
Casuarina tessellata
Catalpa bungei
Catalpa speciosa
Catananche caespitosa
Catapodium rigidum
Catharanthus roseus
Catopsis floribunda
Catopsis nitida
Catopsis subulata
Cattleyella araguaiensis
Catunaregam spinosa
Caucasalia macrophylla
Caularthron bilamellatum
Caustis blakei
Caustis restiacea
Cavendishia bracteata
Cavendishia endresii
Cassia fistula
Cassia javanica
Cassia leptophylla
Cassia pennelliana
Cassia roxburghii
Cassinia aculeata
Cassinia cunninghamii
Cassinia subtropica
Cassinopsis capensis
Cassiope fastigiata x
Cassiope tetragona
Castanea sativa
Castanopsis carlesii
Castanopsis sclerophylla
Castanopsis wattii
Castilleja indivisa
Castilleja rhexifolia
Casuarina cristata
Casuarina equisetifolia
Casuarina monilifera
Casuarina rigida
Catalepidia heyana
Catalpa x erubescens
Catalpa sutchuenensis
Catananche lutea
Catasetum spp.
Catopheria chiapensis
Catopsis hahnii
Catopsis nutans
Cattleya spp.
Cattleyopsis ortgiesiana
Caucaea nubigena
Caucasalia platyphylloides
Caulophyllum robustum
Caustis flexuosa
Cautleya gracilis
Cavendishia capitulata
Cavendishia melastomoides
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Cayratia acris
Ceanothus americanus
Ceanothus dentatus
Ceanothus foliosus
Ceanothus hartwegii
Ceanothus incanus
Ceanothus microphyllus
Ceanothus parryi
Ceanothus rigidus
Ceanothus tomentosus
Cedrela fissilis
Cedrela tubiflora
Cedrus atlantica
Ceiba crispiflora
Ceiba speciosa
Celastrus hypoleucus
Celastrus rosthornianus
Celmisia adamsii
Celmisia argentea
Celmisia bellidioides
Celmisia costiniana
Celmisia holosericea
Celmisia laricifolia
Celmisia longifolia
Celmisia major
Celmisia pulchella
Celmisia semicordata
Celmisia setacea
Celmisia verbascifolia
Celosia argentea
Celosia rosea
Celtica gigantea
Celtis bungeana
Celtis formosana
Celtis jessoensis
Celtis philippensis
Celtis yunnanensis
Cenchrus ciliaris
Cenchrus mitis
Cayratia clematidea
Ceanothus arboreus
Ceanothus divergens
Ceanothus gloriosus
Ceanothus hybrids
Ceanothus jepsonii
Ceanothus oliganthus
Ceanothus pinetorum
Ceanothus sonomensis
Cecropia insignis
Cedrela odorata
Cedronella canariensis
Cedrus deodara
Ceiba insignis
Celastrus angulatus
Celastrus orbiculatus
Celastrus scandens
Celmisia allanii
Celmisia armstrongii
Celmisia brevifolia
Celmisia dallii
Celmisia hookeri
Celmisia lateralis
Celmisia lyallii
Celmisia monroi
Celmisia ramulosa
Celmisia sericophylla
Celmisia spectabilis
Celmisia vernicosa
Celosia huttonii
Celosia spicata
Celtis amblyphylla
Celtis caucasica
Celtis glabrata
Celtis julianae
Celtis timorensis
Cenarrhenes nitida
Cenchrus echinatus
Cenchrus prieurii
Cayratia eurynema
Ceanothus coeruleus
Ceanothus ferrisiae
Ceanothus griseus
Ceanothus impressus
Ceanothus masonii
Ceanothus papillosus
Ceanothus pumilus
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus
Cedrela australis
Cedrela salvadorensis
Cedronella triphylla
Cedrus libani
Ceiba pentandra
Celastrus australis
Celastrus paniculatus
Celastrus subspicata
Celmisia angustifolia
Celmisia asteliifolia
Celmisia coriacea
Celmisia gracilenta
Celmisia incana
Celmisia latifolia
Celmisia mackaui
Celmisia pugioniformis
Celmisia saxifraga
Celmisia sessiliflora
Celmisia traversii
Celmisia viscosa
Celosia pyramidalis
Celsia arcturus
Celtis australis
Celtis ehrenbergiana
Celtis hildebrandii
Celtis paniculata
Celtis tournefortii
Cenchrus biflorus
Cenchrus gracillimus
Cenchrus setiger
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Cenia barbata
Centaurea aggregata
Centaurea arbutifolia
Centaurea calcitrapa
Centaurea clementei
Centaurea cyanus
Centaurea faurei
Centaurea kopetdaghensis
Centaurea macrocephala
Centaurea montana
Centaurea pontica
Centaurea pulcherrima
Centaurea rutifolia
Centaurea simplicicaulis
Centaurea vanensis
Centaurium maritimum
Centaurium venustum
Centradenia inaequilateralis
Centranthus macrosiphon
Centrolepis monogyna
Centrolobium tomentosum
Centropogon coccineus
Centrosema angustifolium
Centrosema coriaceum
Centrosema grandiflorum
Centrosema pascuorum
Centrosema pubescens x
Centrosema schottii
Cephalanthus occidentalis
Cephalaria flava
Cephalaria tchihatchewii
Cephalocereus columnatrajani
Cephalocereus hoppenstedtii
Cephalocereus palmeri
Cephalocereus totolapensis
Cenia hispida
Centaurea alpina
Centaurea argentea
Centaurea canariensis
Centaurea crocodylium
Centaurea dealbata
Centaurea gymnocarpa
Centaurea kotschyana
Centaurea maritima
Centaurea paniculata
Centaurea procumbens
Centaurea ragusina
Centaurea salicifolia
Centaurea solstitialis
Centaurium chilense
Centaurium pulchellum
Centella cordifolia
Centranthus angustifolius
Centranthus ruber
Centrolepis pedderensis
Centropodia forskalii
Centropogon granulosus
Centrosema arenarium
Centrosema dasyanthum
Centrosema grazielae
Centrosema platycarpum
Centrosema rotundifolium
Centaurea africana
Centaurea americana
Centaurea arguta
Centaurea chilensis
Centaurea cyanoides
Centaurea drabifolia
Centaurea hypoleuca
Centaurea kubanica
Centaurea melitensis
Centaurea pawlowskii
Centaurea pseudophrygia
Centaurea rothrockii
Centaurea senegalensis
Centaurea somchetica
Centaurium erythraea
Centaurium tenuiflorum
Centradenia floribunda
Centranthus lecoqii
Centratherum confertum
Centrolobium paraense
Centropodia glauca
Centrosema acutifolium
Centrosema bifidum
Centrosema fasciculatum
Centrosema macrocarpum
Centrosema pubescens
Centrosema schiedeanum
Centrosema venosum
Cephalaralia cephalobotrys
Cephalaria gigantea
Cephalocereus euphorbioides
Centrosema vexillatum
Cephalaria dipsacoides
Cephalaria tchihatchewi
Cephalocereus glaucescens
Cephalocereus leucostele
Cephalocereus phaeacanthus
Cephalocereus nizandensis
Cephalocereus senilis
Cephalomanes caudatum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Cephalomanes obscurum
Cephalophyllum alstonii
Cephalophyllum aureorubrum
Cephalophyllum caespitosum
Cephalophyllum framesii
Cephalophyllum littlewoodii
Cephalophyllum purpureoalbum
Cephalophyllum spissum
Cephalostachyum pergracile
Cephalotaxus fortunei
Cephalotaxus harringtonii
Ceraria pygmaea
Cerastium beeringianum
Cerastium comatum
Cerastium ovatum
Cerastium thomasii
Cerasus caudata
Ceratopetalum apetalum
Ceratopetalum succirubrum
Ceratostigma griffithii
Cephalophyllum francisci
Cephalophyllum loreum
Cephalophyllum pillansii
Cephalophyllum gracile
Cephalophyllum niveum
Cephalophyllum pulchrum
Cephalophyllum regale
Cephalophyllum rigidum
Cephalophyllum spongiosum
Cephalostachyum virgatum
Cephalotaxus hainanensis
Cephalotaxus sinensis
Cerastium alpinum
Cerastium boissieri
Cerastium diffusum
Cerastium pumilum
Cerastium tomentosum
Ceratochilus biglandulosus
Ceratopetalum gummiferum
Ceratopetalum virchowii
Ceratostigma minus
Ceratostigma willmottianum
Ceratozamia kuesteriana
Ceratozamia miqueliana
Ceratozamia zaragozae
Cerbera manghas
Cercestis taiensis
Cercis canadensis
Cercis glabra
Cercis reniformis
Cercocarpus macrophyllus
Cereus albicaulis
Cereus calcirupicola
Cereus crassisepalus
Cereus diffusus
Cereus haageanus
Cereus horrispinus
Ceratostylis spp.
Ceratozamia latifolia
Ceratozamia norstogii
Cerbera floribunda
Cerbera odollam
Cercidiphyllum japonicum
Cercis chinensis
Cercis griffithii
Cercis siliquastrum
Cereus adelmarii
Cereus amazonicus
Cereus chalibaeus
Cereus curtisi
Cereus fernambucensis
Cereus hankeanus
Cereus huilunchu
Cephalophyllum tricolorum
Cephalotaxus drupacea
Cephalotaxus harringtonia
Ceraria namaquensis
Cerastium balearicum
Cerastium candidissimum
Cerastium glomeratum
Cerastium semidecandrum
Cerastium uniflorum
Ceratonia siliqua
Ceratopetalum hylandii
Ceratostema amplexicaule
Ceratozamia hildae
Ceratozamia mexicana
Ceratozamia robusta
Cerbera inflata
Cercestis mirabilis
Cercidiphyllum magnificum
Cercis chingii
Cercis racemosa
Cercocarpus breviflorus
Cereus aethiops
Cereus atroviridis
Cereus comarapanus
Cereus dayami
Cereus fricii
Cereus hildmannianus
Cereus huntingtonianus
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Cereus insularis
Cereus mirabella
Cereus phatnospermus
Cereus rhodoleucanthus
Cereus saxicola
Cereus smithianus
Cereus triqueter
Cerinthe major
Cerochlamys pachyphylla
Ceropegia arenaria
Ceropegia barklyi
Ceropegia cimiciodora
Ceropegia debilis
Ceropegia distincta
Ceropegia gemmifera
Ceropegia intermedia
Ceropegia nilotica
Ceropegia racemosa
Ceropegia robynsiana
Ceropegia sandersonii
Ceropegia stenantha
Ceropegia woodii
Ceroxylon ceriferum
Ceroxylon parvifrons
Ceroxylon sasaimae
Ceroxylon weberbaueri
Cestrum elegans x
Cestrum laurifolium
Cestrum parqui
Chadsia grevei
Chaenomeles japonica
Chaenorhinum glareosum
Chaerophyllum hirsutum
Chaetobromus involucratus
Chamaealoe africana
Chamaecereus sylvestrii
Chamaecrista biensis
Chamaecrista falcinella
Cereus lanosus
Cereus mortensenii
Cereus polyacanthus
Cereus russelianus
Cereus sepium
Cereus spegazzinii
Cerinthe aspera
Ceriops decandra
Ceropegia africana
Ceropegia aristolochioides
Ceropegia bulbosa
Ceropegia crassifolia
Ceropegia decidua
Ceropegia elegans
Ceropegia hastata
Ceropegia linearis
Ceropegia occulta
Ceropegia radicans
Ceropegia rupicola
Ceropegia seticorona
Ceropegia variegata
Ceroxylon alpinum
Ceroxylon echinulatum
Ceroxylon parvum
Ceroxylon ventricosum
Cestrum aurantiacum
Cestrum endlicheri
Cereus lauterbachii
Cereus pachyrrhizus
Cereus repandus
Cereus saddianus
Cereus sericifer
Cereus stenogonus
Cerinthe glabra
Cerochlamys gemina
Ceropegia ampliata
Ceropegia ballyana
Ceropegia carnosa
Ceropegia cynanchoides
Ceropegia dichotoma
Ceropegia fusca
Ceropegia haygarthii
Ceropegia lugardae
Ceropegia oculata
Ceropegia rendallii
Ceropegia sandersoni
Ceropegia stapeliiformis
Ceropegia verruculosa
Ceroxylon amazonicum
Ceroxylon interruptum
Ceroxylon quindiuense
Ceroxylon vogelianum
Cestrum elegans
Cestrum fasciculatum
Cestrum newelli
Cestrum psittacinum
Chaenactis nevadensis
Chaenomeles speciosa
Chaenorhinum origanifolium
Chaerophyllum temulum
Chaetocalyx brasiliensis
Chamaeanthus robertsii
Chamaecostus cuspidatus
Chamaecrista dimidiata
Chamaecrista glandulosa
Cestrum nocturnum
Cestrum roseum
Chaenomeles cathayensis
Chaenomeles x superba
Chaerophyllum bulbosum
Chaetachme aristata
Chaetocalyx longiflorus
Chamaebatiaria millefolium
Chamaecrista absus
Chamaecrista diphylla
Chamaecrista pumila
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Chamaecrista pygmaea
Chamaecyparis funebris
Chamaecyparis pisifera
Chamaecytisus hirsutus
Chamaecytisus ratisbonensis
Chamaedorea allenii
Chamaedorea angustisecta
Chamaedorea brachypoda
Chamaecrista rotundifolia
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana
Chamaecyparis thyoides
Chamaecytisus palmensis
Chamaedaphne calyculata
Chamaedorea alternans
Chamaedorea arenbergiana
Chamaedorea carchensis
Chamaedorea cataractarum
Chamaedorea dammeriana
Chamaedorea correae
Chamaedorea deckeriana
Chamaedorea elatior
Chamaedorea elegans
Chamaedorea falcifera
Chamaedorea fragrans
Chamaedorea foveata
Chamaedorea frondosa
Chamaedorea glaucifolia
Chamaedorea hodelii
Chamaedorea keeleriorum
Chamaedorea lehmannii
Chamaedorea lucidifrons
Chamaedorea matae
Chamaedorea microspadix
Chamaedorea murriensis
Chamaedorea nubium
Chamaedorea pachecoana
Chamaedorea pauciflora
Chamaedorea pittieri
Chamaedorea ponderosa
Chamaedorea queroana
Chamaedorea rhizomatosa
Chamaedorea rojasiana
Chamaedorea scheryi
Chamaedorea seifrizii
Chamaedorea skutchii
Chamaedorea stricta
Chamaedorea tenella
Chamaedorea tuerckheimii
Chamaedorea volcanensis
Chamaedorea graminifolia
Chamaedorea hooperiana
Chamaedorea klotzschiana
Chamaedorea liebmannii
Chamaedorea macrocarpa
Chamaedorea metallica
Chamaedorea minima
Chamaedorea nationsiana
Chamaedorea oblongata
Chamaedorea palmeriana
Chamaedorea pedunculata
Chamaedorea plumosa
Chamaedorea pumila
Chamaedorea radicalis
Chamaedorea rigida
Chamaedorea rossteniorum
Chamaedorea schiedeana
Chamaedorea selvae
Chamaedorea stenocarpa
Chamaedorea subjectifolia
Chamaedorea tenerrima
Chamaedorea undulatifolia
Chamaedorea vulgata
Chamaecyparis formosensis
Chamaecyparis obtusa
Chamaecytisus albus
Chamaecytisus prolifer
Chamaedorea adscendens
Chamaedorea amabilis
Chamaedorea atrovirens
Chamaedorea castillomontii
Chamaedorea costaricana
Chamaedorea donnellsmithii
Chamaedorea ernestiaugustii
Chamaedorea fractiflexa
Chamaedorea guntheriana
Chamaedorea ibarrae
Chamaedorea latisecta
Chamaedorea linearis
Chamaedorea macrospadix
Chamaedorea microphylla
Chamaedorea moliniana
Chamaedorea neurochlamys
Chamaedorea oreophila
Chamaedorea parvisecta
Chamaedorea pinnatifrons
Chamaedorea pochutlensis
Chamaedorea pygmaea
Chamaedorea recurvata
Chamaedorea robertii
Chamaedorea sartorii
Chamaedorea schippii
Chamaedorea simplex
Chamaedorea stolonifera
Chamaedorea sullivaniorum
Chamaedorea tepejilote
Chamaedorea verecunda
Chamaedorea warscewiczii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Chamaedorea wendlandi
Chamaedorea zamorae
Chamaesyce atoto
Chambeyronia hookerii
Chamelaucium conostigmum
Chamelaucium halophilum
Chamelaucium lullfitzii
Chamelaucium naviculum
Chamelaucium uncinatum x
Chamelaucium uncinatum x
Chamerion latifolium
Charpentiera obovata
Chasmanthe floribunda
Chasmatophyllum nelii
Cheesemania radicata
Cheilanthes capensis
Cheilanthes hispanica
Cheilanthes myriophylla
Cheilanthes tenuifolia
Cheilocostus speciosus
Cheiranthera linearis
Cheiridopsis aurea
Cheiridopsis carnea
Cheiridopsis cuprea
Cheiridopsis excavata
Cheiridopsis minor
Cheiridopsis purpurascens
Cheiridopsis rostrata
Cheiridopsis tuberculata
Cheiridopsis vanzylii
Chelone glabra
Chelonistele perakensis
Chamaedorea whitelockiana
Chamaelirium luteum
Chamaeranthemum igneum
Chamaedorea woodsoniana
Chamaemelum nobile
Chamaerops humilis
Chamaesyce hirta
Chambeyronia lepidota
Chamelaucium floriferum x
Chamelaucium juniperinum
megalopetalum x micranthum
Chamelaucium oenanthum
Chamelaucium uncinatum x
Chamelaucium uncinatum x
Chapmannia prismatica
Chasmanthe aethiopica
Chasmatophyllum braunsii
Chamaesyce hyssopifolia
Chambeyronia macrocarpa
Chamelaucium hallii
Cheilanthes argentea
Cheilanthes farinosa
Cheilanthes lanosa
Cheilanthes nitida
Cheilanthes tomentosa
Cheiranthera alternifolia
Cheiranthera linearis x
Cheiridopsis brownii
Cheiridopsis comptonii
Cheiridopsis denticulata
Cheiridopsis inspersa
Cheiridopsis peculiaris
Cheiridopsis purpurea
Cheiridopsis rudis
Cheiridopsis turbinata
Cheirolophus canariensis
Chelone lyonii
Chelonistele sulphurea
Chamelaucium leptocaulum
megalopetalum x uncinatum
Chamelaucium repens
Chamelaucium uncinatum x
Chamelaucium sp. x
Verticordia sp.
Chaptalia ignota
Chasmanthe bicolor
Chassalia curviflora
Cheilanthes aurea
Cheilanthes hirta
Cheilanthes multifida
Cheilanthes pteridioides
Cheilanthes vellea
Cheiranthera cyanea
Cheiranthus cinereus
Cheiridopsis candidissima
Cheiridopsis crassa
Cheiridopsis derenbergiana
Cheiridopsis meyeri
Cheiridopsis pillansii
Cheiridopsis quadrifolia
Cheiridopsis speciosa
Cheiridopsis vanheerdei
Chelidonium majus
Chelone obliqua
Chelonopsis moschata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Chelyocarpus chuco
Chelyocarpus ulei
Chelyocarpus dianeurus
Chelyorchis ampliata
Chenopodium album
Chenopodium giganteum
Chiloglottis spp.
Chiloschista luniferus
Chimaphila maculata
Chimonanthus praecox
Chimonanthus zhejiangensis
Chenopodium bonus-henricus
Chenopodium glaucum
Chenopodium murale
Chelyocarpus repens
Chenopodium carinatum
Chenopodium inflatum
Chenopodium quinoa
Chileorebutia napina
Chilochista spp.
Chilopsis linearis
Chiloschista phyllorhiza
Chimaphila umbellata
Chimonanthus salicifolius
Chionachne gigantea
Chionanthus ramiflorus
Chionanthus virginicus
Chionochloa oreophila
Chionochloa rigida
Chionodoxa lochiae
Chionodoxa siehei
Chiloschista lunifera
Chiloschista usneoides
Chimonanthus nitens
Chimonanthus yunnanensis
Chionachne koenigii
Chionanthus retusus
Chionochloa conspicua
Chionochloa pallens
Chionodoxa albescens
Chionodoxa luciliae
Chionogentias clelandii
Chionogentias diemensis
Chionogentias gunniana
Chionogentias polysperes
Chingia pseudoferox
Chionachne punctata
Chionanthus sleumeri
Chionochloa frigida
Chionochloa pallida
Chionodoxa cretica
Chionodoxa sardensis
Chionogentias bawbawensis
Chionogentias cunninghamii
Chionogentias eichleri
Chionogentias muelleriana
Chionogentias sylvicola
Chirita horsfieldii
Chirita lavandulacea
Chirita moonii
Chirita tamiana
Chironia baccifera
Chironia linoides
Chlidanthus fragrans
Chloanthes parviflora
Chloranthus officinalis
Chloris bournei
Chionogentias brevisepala
Chionogentias demissa
Chionogentias grandis
Chionohebe ciliolata
Chirita depressa
Chionohebe densifolia
Chirita fruticola
Chirita involucrata
Chirita marcanii
Chirita pumila
Chirita walkeri
Chironia floribunda
Chisocheton longistipitatus
Chlidanthus soratensis
Chloanthes stoechadis
Chloris amethystea
Chloris castilloniana
Chirita langshanica
Chirita micromusa
Chirita sinensis
Chirita zeylanica
Chironia frutescens
x Chitalpa tashkentensis
Chloanthes glandulosa
Chloranthus inconspicuus
Chloris berroi
Chloris cucullata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Chloris divaricata
Chloris mossambicensis
Chloris submutica
Chlorocardium rodiei
Chlorophytum amaniense
Chlorophytum colubrinum
Chlorophytum krookianum
Chlorophytum macrophyllum
Chlorophytum tuberosum
Chlorospatha dodsonii
Chlorospatha kolbii
Chloroxylon swietenia
Choisya ternata
Chloris elata
Chloris roxburghiana
Chloris ventricosa
Chlorogalum parviflorum
Chlorophytum bichetii
Chlorophytum comosum
Chlorophytum longifolium
Chlorophytum orchidastrum
Chlorospatha atropurpurea
Chlorospatha hannoniae
Chlorospatha longipoda
Choerospondias axillaris
Choisya ternata x arizonica
Chondropetalum deustum
Chonemorpha fragrans
Chordifex fastigiatus
Choretrum candollei
Choriceras majus
Chorispora sabulosa
Chondrorhyncha spp.
Chonemorpha penangensis
Chordifex hookeri
Choricarpia leptopetala
Choriceras tricorne
Choristemon humilis
Chortolirion angolense
Christella distans
Christia obcordata
Chrysanthemum coronarium
Christella acuminata
Christella subpubescens
Christia vespertilionis
Chrysanthemum indicum
Chrysanthemum x
Chrysanthemum shiwogiku
Chrysocephalum baxteri
Chrysocyathus pyrenaicus
Chrysophyllum flexuosum
Chrysophyllum lanceolatum
Chrysophyllum pruniforme
Chrysopogon elongatus
Chlorophytum minor
Chlorophytum subpetiolatum
Chrysanthemum hybridum
Chrysanthemum mawii
Chrysanthemum segetum
Chrysanthemum zawadskii
Chrysocoma coma-aurea
Chrysophyllum cainito
Chrysophyllum imperiale
Chrysophyllum pruniferum
Chrysopogon aucheri
Chloris gayana
Chloris subdolichostachya
Chloris virgata
Chlorophytum alismifolium
Chlorophytum bowkeri
Chlorophytum filipendulum
Chlorophytum longiscapum
Chlorophytum mannii
Chlorophytum sparsiflorum
Chlorophytum triflorum
Chlorospatha croatiana
Chlorospatha ilensis
Chlorospatha pubescens
Choisya dumosa
Chondrosum brevisetum
Chordifex dimorphus
Chordospartium muritai
Choricarpia subargentea
Chorispora macropoda
Chorizema cordatum x
Christella arida
Christensonia vietnamica
Chrozophora tinctoria
Chrysanthemum haradjanii
Chrysanthemum japonense
Chrysanthemum pacificum
Chrysanthemum weyrichii
Chrysochloa orientalis
Chrysolepis chrysophylla
Chrysophyllum gonocarpum
Chrysophyllum marginatum
Chrysophyllum roxburghii
Chrysopogon nigritanus
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Chrysopogon plumulosus
Chrysopsis gossypina
Chrysopogon serrulatus
Chrysopsis mariana
Chuniophoenix hainanensis
Chusquea coronalis
Chusquea lehmannii
Chysis spp.
Cibotium chamissoi
Cibotium regale
Cicendia quadrangularis
Cicer songaricum
Cimicifuga biternata
Cimicifuga japonica
Cimicifuga ramosa
Cinchona calisaya
Cinnamomum aromaticum
Cinnamomum camphora
Cinnamomum japonicum
Cinnamomum oliveri
Cinnamomum septentrionale
Cinnamomum virens
Cipocereus bradei
Cipocereus pleurocarpus
Cipura xanthomelas
Cirsium montanum
Cissus alata
Cissus discolor
Cissus hypoglauca
Cissus lindeni
Cissus opaca
Cissus rotundifolia
Cissus striata
Cissus verticillata
Cistanthe guadalupensis
Cistus albidus
Cistus cinereus
Cistus crispus
Cistus x dansereaui
Chrysothemis pulchella
Chrysopogon zizanioides
Chukrasia tabularis
Chuniophoenix nana
Chusquea culeou
Chusquea liebmannii
Cibotium assamicum
Cibotium glaucum
Cibotium schiedei
Cicer arietinum
Cichorium endivia
Cimicifuga brachycarpa
Cimicifuga laciniata
Cimicifuga rubifolia
Cineraria saxifraga
Cinnamomum baileyanum
Cinnamomum dulce
Cinnamomum laubatii
Cinnamomum parthenoxylon
Cinnamomum tamala
Cinnamomum yabunikkei
Cipocereus crassisepalus
Cipocereus pusilliflorus
Cirrhaea spp.
Cirsium vulgare
Cissus amazonica
Cissus hastata
Cissus kerrii
Cissus oblonga
Cissus penninervis
Cissus sandersonii
Cissus trilobata
Cissus vinosa
Cistanthe umbellata
Cistus x argenteus
Cistus clusii
Cistus crispus x dansereaui
Cistus ericoides
Chuquiraga jussieui
Chusquea foliosa
Chusquea pittieri
Cibotium barometz
Cibotium menziesii
Cicendia filiformis
Cicer cuneatum
Cichorium intybus
Cimicifuga elata
Cimicifuga mairei
Cimicifuga yunnanensis
Cineraria tussilaginis
Cinnamomum bodinieri
Cinnamomum iners
Cinnamomum loureiroi
Cinnamomum platyphyllum
Cinnamomum verum
Cintia knizei
Cipocereus minensis
Cipura paludosa
Cirsium conspicuum
Cischweinfia spp.
Cissus antarctica
Cissus heterophylla
Cissus lanigera
Cissus oblongifolia
Cissus rhomboidea
Cissus sterculiifolia
Cissus tuberosa
Cistanche flava
Cistus albanicus
Cistus x canescens
Cistus creticus
Cistus x cyprius
Cistus x florentinus
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Cistus formosissimus
Cistus x incanus
Cistus x laxus
Cistus loretii
Cistus heterophyllus
Cistus inflatus
Cistus x ledon
Cistus monspeliensis
Cistus x obtusifolius
Cistus parviflorus
Cistus rosmarinifolius
Cistus x skanbergii
Cistus undulatus
Citharexylum cinereum
Citharexylum myrianthum
Citriobatus linearis
Citriobatus spinescens
Citronella smythii
Citrus aurantiaca
Citrus x aurantium x trifoliata
Citrus x floridana
Citrus ichagensis x reticulata
Citrus jambhiri
Citrus latifolia
Citrus limon x aurantium
Citrus macrophylla
Citrus maxima x reticulata
Citrus x microcarpa
Citrus x paradisi
Citrus reticulata
Citrus sinensis
Citrus tachibana
Citrus unshiu
Cistus osbeckiifolius
Cistus x pulverulentus
Cistus salviifolius
Cistus x stenophyllus
Cistus x wintoniensis
Citharexylum hidalgense
Citharexylum spinosum
Citriobatus multiflorus
Citronella moorei
Citrullus colocynthis
Citrus aurantiifolia
Citrus bergamia
Citrus grandis x reticulata
Citrus ichangensis
Citrus junos
Citrus limettioides
Citrus limon x sinensis
Citrus madurensis
Citrus medica
Citrus myrtifolia
Citrus paradisi x reticulata
Citrus reticulata x paradisi
Citrus suhuiensis
Citrus taiwanica
Citrus x virgata
Citrus sinensis x Poncirus
Cladrastis kentukea
Claoxylon tenerifolium
Clarkia bottae
Clarkia tenella
Clausena harmandiana
Clausena smyrelliana
Claytonia asarifolia
Cladium acutum
Cistus x hybridus
Cistus ladanifer
Cistus libanotis
Cistus monspeliensis x
Cistus palhinhae
Cistus x purpureus
Cistus x sintenisii
Cistus symphytifolius
Citharexylum berlandieri
Citharexylum montevidense
Citriobatus lancifolius
Citriobatus pauciflorus
Citronella mucronata
Citrullus lanatus
Citrus aurantium
Citrus deliciosa
Citrus hystrix
Citrus indica
Citrus karna
Citrus limon
Citrus x limonia
Citrus maxima
Citrus meyeri
Citrus x nobilis
Citrus pennivesiculata
Citrus reticulata x sinensis
Citrus sunki
Citrus x tangelo
Citrus paradisi x Poncirus
Cladrastis delavayi
Cladrastis wilsonii
Clappertonia ficifolia
Clarkia romanzovii
Clarkia unguiculata
Clausena inequalis
Clavija hookeri
Claytonia australasica
Claoxylon australe
Clarkia amoena
Clarkia rubicunda
Clausena brevistyla
Clausena lansium
Claytonia acutifolia
Claytonia exigua
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Claytonia lanceolata
Claytonia sarmentosa
Cleidion claoxyloides
Cleistanthus hylandii
Cleistocactus acanthurus
Cleistocactus buchtienii
Cleistocactus chotaensis
Cleistocactus fieldianus
Cleistocactus horstii
Cleistocactus leonensis
Claytonia megarhiza
Claytonia scammaniana
Cleisostoma spp.
Cleistanthus oblongifolius
Cleistocactus baumannii
Cleistocactus candelilla
Cleistocactus crassiserpens
Cleistocactus fossulatus
Cleistocactus hyalacanthus
Cleistocactus luribayensis
Cleistocactus neoroezlii
Cleistocactus parapetiensis
Cleistocactus reae
Cleistocactus rojoi
Cleistocactus sepium
Cleistocactus smaragdiflorus
Cleistocactus tenuiserpens
Cleistocactus variispinus
Cleistocalyx gustavioides
Cleistocactus pachycladus
Cleistocactus parviflorus
Cleistocactus ritteri
Cleistocactus roseiflorus
Cleistocactus serpens
Cleistocactus strausii
Cleistocactus tominensis
Cleistocactus winteri
Cleistocalyx operculatus
Clematis addisonii
Clematis alpina
Clematis azurea
Clematis x bonstedtii
Clematis x cartmanii
Clematis chrysantha
Clematis columbiana
Clematis cunninghamii
Clematis x eriostemon
Clematis florida
Clematis fremontii
Clematis afoliata
Clematis aristata x
Clematis balearica
Clematis bracteata
Clematis chiisanensis
Clematis chrysocoma
Clematis crispa
Clematis douglasii
Clematis fasciculiflora
Clematis foetida
Clematis gentianoides
Clematis glycinoides
Clematis grata
Clematis heracleifolia
Clematis integrifolia
Clematis jubata
Clematis lasiantha
Clematis gouriana
Clematis gratopsis
Clematis hirsutissima
Clematis x jackmanii
Clematis koreana
Clematis x lawsoniana
Claytonia nevadensis
Claytonia tuberosa
Cleistanthus apodus
Cleistanthus peninsularis
Cleistocactus brookeae
Cleistocactus celsianus
Cleistocactus dependens
Cleistocactus grossei
Cleistocactus icosagonus
Cleistocactus palhuayensis
Cleistocactus piraymirensis
Cleistocactus roezlii
Cleistocactus samaipatanus
Cleistocactus sextonianus
Cleistocactus tarijensis
Cleistocactus tupizensis
Cleistocalyx fullageri
Clematis akebioides
Clematis armandii
Clematis barbellata
Clematis buchananiana
Clematis chinensis
Clematis cirrhosa
Clematis cruttwellii
Clematis x durandii
Clematis fawcettii
Clematis forsteri
Clematis gentianoides x
Clematis grandiflora
Clematis grewiiflora
Clematis hookeriana
Clematis x jouiniana
Clematis lanuginosa
Clematis macropetala
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Clematis marata
Clematis microphylla
Clematis occidentalis
Clematis parviflora
Clematis petriei
Clematis pubescens
Clematis repens
Clematis sibirica
Clematis tashiroi
Clematis tibetana
Clematis uncinata
Clematis virginiana
Clematopsis villosa
Cleome isomeris
Clermontia montis-loa
Clerodendrum costatum
Clerodendrum dusenii
Clerodendrum hettae
Clematis marmoraria
Clematis montana
Clematis ochroleuca
Clematis patens
Clematis pitcheri
Clematis recta
Clematis reticulata
Clematis songarica
Clematis terniflora
Clematis x triternata
Clematis x vedrariensis
Clematis viticella
Cleome gynandra
Cleome violacea
Clerodendrum buchananii
Clerodendrum cunninghamii
Clerodendrum glabrum
Clerodendrum kaichianum
Clerodendrum lanceolatum
Clerodendrum phlomidis
Clerodendrum longiflorum
Clerodendrum sahelangii
Clerodendrum tracyanum
Clerodendrum wallichii
Clethra alnifolia
Clethra delavayi
Clethra monostachya
Cleyera fortunei
Clidemia setosa
Clinogyne oligantha
Clinopodium douglasii
Clinostigma carolinense
Clinostigma haerestigma
Clerodendrum splendens
Clerodendrum trichotomum
Clerodendrum zambesianum
Clethra arborea
Clethra fargesii
Clethra pringlei
Cleyera japonica
Cliffortia monophylla
Clinopodium arkansanum
Clinopodium vulgare
Clinostigma exorrhizum
Clinostigma harlandii
Clinostigma ponapense
Clinostigma savoryanum
Clintonia andrewsiana
Clintonia uniflora
Clinostigma samoense
Clinostigma warburgii
Clintonia udensis
Clitoria amazonum
Clematis meyeniana
Clematis napaulensis
Clematis orientalis
Clematis peterae
Clematis potaninii
Clematis rehderiana
Clematis serratifolia
Clematis stans
Clematis texensis
Clematis tubulosa
Clematis villosa
Clematis welwitschii
Cleome hassleriana
Cleretum papulosum
Clerodendrum bungei
Clerodendrum cyrtophyllum
Clerodendrum griffithianum
Clerodendrum minahassae
Clerodendrum thomsoniae
Clerodendrum vinosum
Clethra acuminata
Clethra barbinervis
Clethra gelida
Clethra suaveolens
Clianthus puniceus
Cliffortia nitidula
Clinopodium carolinianum
Clinosperma bractealis
Clinostigma gronophyllum
Clinostigma savaiiense
Clintonia alpina
Clintonia umbellulata
Clitoria dendrina
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Clitoria fragrans
Clitoria stipularis
Clivia gardenii
Clivia mirabilis
Cloezia buxifolia
Clusia major
Clusiella elegans
Clytostoma callistegioides
Cnesmocarpon dasyantha
Coccineorchis navarrensis
Coccoloba cowellii
Coccoloba latifolia
Coccoloba uvifera
Coccothrinax alexandri
Coccothrinax baracoensis
Coccothrinax borhidiana
Coccothrinax clarensis
Coccothrinax cupularis
Coccothrinax elegans
Coccothrinax garciana
Clitoria guianensis
Clitoria ternatea
Clivia miniata
Clivia nobilis
Clowesia rosea
Clusia rosea
Clutia pulchella
Cneoridium dumosum
Cnicus benedictus
Coccinia rehmannii
Coccoloba diversifolia
Coccoloba nivea
Cocconerion minus
Coccothrinax argentata
Coccothrinax barbadensis
Coccothrinax boschiana
Coccothrinax concolor
Coccothrinax dussiana
Coccothrinax fagildei
Coccothrinax gracilis
Coccothrinax gundlachii
Coccothrinax jamaicensis
Coccothrinax macroglossa
Coccothrinax miraguama
Coccothrinax munizii
Coccothrinax orientalis
Coccothrinax pseudorigida
Coccothrinax rigida
Coccothrinax scoparia
Coccothrinax victorini
Cocculus thunbergii
Cochlioda spp.
Cochlospermum religiosum
Codiaeum peltatum
Codonanthe gracilis
Codonopsis bhutanica
Codonopsis celebica
Codonopsis dicentrifolia
Coccothrinax hiorami
Coccothrinax leonis
Coccothrinax martii
Coccothrinax moaensis
Coccothrinax muricata
Coccothrinax pauciramosa
Coccothrinax pumila
Coccothrinax salvatoris
Coccothrinax spissa
Coccothrinax yunquensis
Cochleanthes spp.
Cochliostema odoratissimum
Cocos nucifera
Codiaeum pictum
Codonocarpus attenuatus
Codonopsis bulleyana
Codonopsis clematidea
Codonopsis forrestii
Clitoria mariana
Clivia caulescens
Clivia miniata x gardenii
Clivia robusta
Clowesia russelliana
Clusia torresii
Clymenia polyandra
Cneorum tricoccon
Cnidium monnieri
Coccinia sessilifolia
Coccoloba excoriata
Coccoloba platyclada
Coccothrinax acunana
Coccothrinax argentea
Coccothrinax bermudezii
Coccothrinax camagueyana
Coccothrinax crinita
Coccothrinax ekmanii
Coccothrinax fragrans
Coccothrinax inaguensis
Coccothrinax litoralis
Coccothrinax microphylla
Coccothrinax montana
Coccothrinax nipensis
Coccothrinax proctorii
Coccothrinax readii
Coccothrinax saxicola
Coccothrinax trinitensis
Coccothrinax yuraguana
Cochlearia officinalis
Cochlospermum gillivraei
Codariocalyx motorius
Codiaeum variegatum
Codonocarpus pyramidalis
Codonopsis cardiophylla
Codonopsis convolvulacea
Codonopsis grey-wilsonii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Codonopsis handeliana
Codonopsis mollis
Codonopsis pilosula
Codonopsis ussuriensis
Codonopsis viridis
Coelia spp.
Coelospermum paniculatum
Coffea zanguebariae
Cola cauliflora
Colax spp.
Colchicum asteranthum
Colchicum autumnale
Colchicum bifolium
Colchicum borisii
Colchicum burttii
Colchicum chalcedonicum
Colchicum cousturieri
Colchicum davisii
Colchicum falcifolium
Colchicum fominii
Colchicum haynaldii
Colchicum hydrophilum
Colchicum kurdicum
Colchicum lingulatum
Colchicum macrophyllum
Colchicum montanum
Colchicum parlatoris
Colchicum persicum
Colchicum pusillum
Colchicum roseum
Colchicum serpentinum
Colchicum speciosum
Colchicum szovitsii
Colchicum triphyllum
Colchicum umbrosum
Coleocephalocereus braunii
Coleochloa setifera
Codonopsis lanceolata
Codonopsis obtusa
Codonopsis tangshen
Codonopsis vinciflora
Coelachyrum yemenicum
Coelogyne spp.
Coffea arabica
Coix lacryma-jobi
Cola lateritia
Colchicum agrippinum
Colchicum atropurpureum
Colchicum balansae
Colchicum bivonae
Colchicum bornmuelleri
Colchicum byzantinum
Colchicum cilicicum
Colchicum creticum
Colchicum deserti-syriaci
Colchicum feinbruniae
Colchicum giganteum
Colchicum hirsutum
Colchicum kesselringii
Colchicum laetum
Colchicum lusitanum
Colchicum micranthum
Colchicum munzurense
Colchicum parnassicum
Colchicum polyphyllum
Colchicum rhodopaeum
Colchicum sanguicolle
Colchicum sfikasianum
Colchicum steveni
Colchicum tenorii
Colchicum troodi
Colchicum wendelboi
Coleonema album
Codonopsis meleagris
Codonopsis ovata
Codonopsis tubulosa
Codonopsis viridiflora
Coelebogyne ilicifolia
Coelospermum decipiens
Coffea canephora
Cojoba arborea
Cola urceolata
Colchicum arenarium
Colchicum atticum
Colchicum baytopiorum
Colchicum boissieri
Colchicum brachyphyllum
Colchicum callicymbium
Colchicum corsicum
Colchicum cupanii
Colchicum diampolis
Colchicum filifolium
Colchicum graecum
Colchicum hungaricum
Colchicum kotschyi
Colchicum latifolium
Colchicum macedonicum
Colchicum minutum
Colchicum neapolitanum
Colchicum paschei
Colchicum psaridis
Colchicum robustum
Colchicum schimperi
Colchicum soboliferum
Colchicum stevenii
Colchicum trigynum
Colchicum turcicum
Colchicum woronowii
Coleonema pulchrum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Coleostephus multicaulis
Collinsia bartsiifolia
Collinsonia canadensis
Colmanara spp.
Collabium nebulosum
Collinsia heterophylla
Collomia biflora
Colobanthus affinis
Colobanthus apetalus
Colobanthus kerguelensis
Colobanthus nivicola
Colocasia affinis
Colocasia gigantea
Colpoon compressum
Colpothrinax wrightii
Columnea arguta
Columnea crassifolia
Columnea hirta
Columnea nicaraguensis
Columnea purpurata
Columnea sanguinea
Columnea x vedrariensis
Colutea x media
Colvillea racemosa
Colysis sayeri
Comarostaphylis diversifolia
Combretum aculeatum
Combretum caffrum
Combretum constrictum
Combretum farinosum
Combretum kraussii
Combretum molle
Combretum roxburghii
Comesperma retusum
Commersonia bartramia
Commersonia tatei
Commiphora africana
Commiphora guidottii
Commiphora schimperi
Comptonia peregrina
Conanthera campanulata
Conanthera simsii
Colobanthus crassifolius
Colobanthus muelleri
Colobanthus pulvinatus
Colocasia esculenta
Colocasia x marchallii
Colpothrinax aphanopetala
Colquhounia coccinea
Columnea x banksii
Columnea flaccida
Columnea lepidocaula
Columnea orientandina
Columnea purpureovittata
Columnea scandens
Colutea abyssinica
Colutea melanocalyx
Colysis ampla
Colysis wrightii
Comarostaphylis lucida
Combretum alfredii
Combretum coccineum
Combretum engleri
Combretum fruticosum
Combretum micranthum
Combretum mossambicense
Comesa spp.
Commelina benghalensis
Commersonia echinata
Commicarpus chinensis
Commiphora capensis
Commiphora merkeri
Commiphora wightii
Conandron ramondioides
Conanthera echeandia
Condalia velutina
Colletia armata
Collinsia verna
Collospermum hastatum
Colobanthus affinis x
Colobanthus curtisiae
Colobanthus muscoides
Colobanthus subulatus
Colocasia fallax
Cologania angustifolia
Colpothrinax cookii
Columnea ambigua
Columnea consanguinea
Columnea gloriosa
Columnea microphylla
Columnea picta
Columnea querceti
Columnea schiedeana
Colutea arborescens
Colutea persica
Colysis pteropus
Comanthosphace japonica
Combera minima
Combretum bracteosum
Combretum comosum
Combretum erythrophyllum
Combretum grandiflorum
Combretum microphyllum
Combretum padoides
Comesperma ericinum
Commelina dianthifolia
Commersonia fraseri
Commicarpus plumbagineus
Commiphora gileadensis
Commiphora myrrha
Comparettia spp.
Conanthera bifolia
Conanthera johowii
Congea griffithiana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Congea tomentosa
Conicosia elongata
Coniogramme intermedia
Conophytum achabense
Conophytum angelicae
Conophytum bilobum
Conophytum breve
Conophytum calculus
Conophytum chauviniae
Conophytum cupreiflorum
Conophytum ectypum x
Conophytum flavum
Conophytum friedrichiae
Conophytum globosum
Conophytum hammeri
Conophytum jarmilae
Conophytum kubusanum
Conophytum lithopsoides
Conophytum luckhoffii
Conophytum maughanii
Conophytum minimum
Conophytum obcordellum
Conophytum pearsonii
Conophytum piluliforme
Conophytum pubicalyx
Conophytum regale
Conophytum ruschii
Conophytum tantillum
Conophytum udabihense
Conophytum vanheerdei
Conophytum violaciflorum
Conophytum wiggetae
Conospermum ellipticum
Conospermum mitchellii
Conospermum tenuifolium
Conostylis canescens x
Anigozanthos sp.
Congea velutina
Coniogramme fraxinea
Coniogramme japonica
Conophytum acutum
Conophytum auriflorum
Conophytum blandum
Conophytum brunneum
Conophytum caroli
Conophytum concavum
Conophytum devium
Conophytum ernstii
Conicosia communis
Coniogramme gracilis
Connarus conchocarpus
Conophytum albiflorum
Conophytum bicarinatum
Conophytum bolusiae
Conophytum burgeri
Conophytum carpianum
Conophytum cubicum
Conophytum ectypum
Conophytum ficiforme
Conophytum francisci
Conophytum frutescens
Conophytum gracile
Conophytum herreanthus
Conophytum karamapoense
Conophytum leiopoldtii
Conophytum loeschianum
Conophytum lydiae
Conophytum meyerae
Conophytum minusculum
Conophytum obscurum
Conophytum pellucidum
Conophytum placitum
Conophytum quaesitum
Conophytum ricardianum
Conophytum saxetanum
Conophytum stephanii
Conophytum fraternum
Conophytum fulleri
Conophytum gratum
Conophytum hians
Conophytum klinghardtense
Conophytum limpidum
Conophytum longum
Conophytum marginatum
Conophytum meyeri
Conophytum minutum
Conophytum pageae
Conophytum phoeniceum
Conophytum praesectum
Conophytum ratum
Conophytum roodiae
Conophytum schlechteri
Conophytum truncatum
Conophytum uviforme
Conophytum velutinum
Conophytum wettsteinii
Conospermum dorrienii
Conospermum longifolium
Conospermum taxifolium
Conostylis preissii
Consolida ajacis
Conophytum taylorianum
Conophytum ursprungianum
Conophytum vanheerdii
Conophytum viridicatum
Conophytum wiggettae
Conospermum ericifolium
Conospermum patens
Conostylis crassinerva
Conradina verticillata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Consolida ajacis x orientalis
Consolida rugulosa
Convolvulus abruptus
Convolvulus chilensis
Convolvulus erubescens
Convolvulus lopezsocasi
Convolvulus olgae
Convolvulus sabatius
Convolvulus velutinus
Conyza parva
Cooperia drummondii
Copaifera langsdorffii
Copernicia alba
Copernicia brittonorum
Copernicia ekmanii
Copernicia glabrescens
Copernicia macroglossa
Copernicia rigida
Copernicia tectorum
Copiapoa calderana
Copiapoa coquimbana
Copiapoa humilis
Copiapoa laui
Copiapoa marginata
Copiapoa rupestris
Copiapoa tenuissima
Coprosma areolata
Coprosma australis
Coprosma x conferta
Coprosma divergens
Coprosma grandifolia
Coprosma x kirkii
Coprosma microcarpa
Coprosma nitida
Coprosma perpusilla
Coprosma propinqua
Coprosma putida
Coprosma repens x
Consolida orientalis
Convallaria keiskei
Convolvulus canariensis
Convolvulus cneorum
Convolvulus floridus
Convolvulus maritimus
Convolvulus plebeius
Convolvulus scoparius
Conyza bonariensis
Conyza sumatrensis
Cooperia pedunculata
Copaifera pubiflora
Copernicia baileyana
Copernicia burretiana
Copernicia fallaensis
Copernicia hospita
Copernicia x occidentalis
Copernicia x shaferi
Copernicia x textilis
Copiapoa cinerascens
Copiapoa echinoides
Copiapoa hypogaea
Copiapoa longistaminea
Copiapoa megarhiza
Copiapoa serpentisulcata
Coprosma acerosa
Coprosma astoni
Coprosma brunnea
Coprosma crassifolia
Coprosma foetidissima
Coprosma hirtella
Coprosma linariifolia
Coprosma moorei
Coprosma nivalis
Coprosma petriei
Coprosma pseudocuneata
Coprosma quadrifida
Coprosma rhamnoides
Consolida regalis
Convallaria majalis
Convolvulus cantabrica
Convolvulus compactus
Convolvulus hystrix
Convolvulus mauritanicus
Convolvulus prostratus
Convolvulus trilobus
Conyza canadensis
Conzattia multiflora
Coopernookia barbata
Copaifera venezuelana
Copernicia berteroana
Copernicia cowellii
Copernicia gigas
Copernicia longiglossa
Copernicia prunifera
Copernicia x sueroana
Copernicia x vespertilionum
Copiapoa cinerea
Copiapoa fiedleriana
Copiapoa krainziana
Copiapoa malletiana
Copiapoa montana
Copiapoa solaris
Coprosma acutifolia
Coprosma atropurpurea
Coprosma cheesemanii
Coprosma x cunninghamii
Coprosma granadensis
Coprosma kauensis
Coprosma macrocarpa
Coprosma niphophila
Coprosma parviflora
Coprosma prisca
Coprosma pumila
Coprosma repens
Coprosma rigida
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Coprosma rotundifolia
Coprosma tenuicaulis
Coprosma waima
Coptis trifolia
Corallorrhiza odontorhiza
Corchorus capsularis
Corchorus reynoldsiae
Cordia alliodora
Cordia ecalyculata
Cordia ovalis
Cordia trichotoma
Cordyline banksii
Cordyline congesta
Cordyline haageana
Coprosma rugosa
Coprosma tenuifolia
Coptis chinensis
Coptosperma rhodesiacum
Corchoropsis crenata
Corchorus cunninghamii
Corchorus trilocularis
Cordia decandra
Cordia grandicalyx
Cordia parvifolia
Cordia wallichii
Cordyline baueri
Cordyline dracaenoides
Cordyline indivisa
Cordyline murchisoniae
Cordyline petiolaris
Cordyline pumilio
Coreopsis delphiniifolia
Coreopsis major
Coreopsis pubescens
Coreopsis tinctoria
Coriandrum sativum
Coriaria japonica
Coriaria sinica
Cordyline rubra
Coreopsis grandiflora
Coreopsis maritima
Coreopsis rosea
Coreopsis tripteris
Coriaria angustissima
Coriaria myrtifolia
Coriaria terminalis
Cornus alba
Cornus angustata
Cornus canadensis
Cornus chinensis
Cornus darvasica
Cornus florida x nuttallii
Cornus hemsleyi
Cornus macrophylla
Cornus officinalis
Cornus pubescens
Cornus sessilis
Cornutia pyramidata
Corokia cotoneaster
Corokia whiteana
Cornus alternifolia
Cornus asperifolia
Cornus capitata
Cornus citrina
Cornus florida
Cornus foemina
Cornus iberica
Cornus mas
Cornus paucinervis
Cornus pumila
Cornus walteri
Corokia buddleioides
Corokia macrocarpa
Coronidium elatum
Coprosma spathulata
Coprosma virescens
Coptis laciniata
Corallocarpus boehmii
Corchorus aestuans
Corchorus olitorius
Cordeauxia edulis
Cordia dodecandra
Cordia oncocalyx
Cordia superba
Cordyline australis
Cordyline cannifolia
Cordyline fruticosa
Cordyline mannerssuttoniae
Cordyline petiolaris x
Cordyline stricta
Coreopsis lanceolata
Coreopsis palmata
Coreopsis stillmanii
Coreopsis verticillata
Coriaria arborea
Coriaria sarmentosa
Cornus amomum
Cornus bretschneideri
Cornus capitata x kousa
Cornus controversa
Cornus florida x kousa
Cornus glabrata
Cornus kousa
Cornus meyeri
Cornus poliophylla
Cornus sericea
Cornutia grandifolia
Corokia carpodetoides
Corokia x virgata
Coronilla juncea
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Coronilla minima
Correa aemula
Correa alba
Correa baeuerlenii
Correa eburnea
Correa lawrenceana
Correa minor
Correa schlechtendalii
Corryocactus aureus
Corryocactus erectus
Corryocactus quadrangularis
Cortaderia rudiuscula
Cortusa matthioli
Corydalis adunca
Corydalis alaschanica
Corydalis alpestris
Corydalis angustifolia
Corydalis bracteata
Corydalis cava
Corydalis curviflora
Corydalis ecristata
Corydalis elegans
Corydalis firouzii
Corydalis fumariifolia
Corydalis gorinensis
Corydalis grandicalyx
Corydalis haussknechtii
Corydalis heterocarpa
Corydalis juncea
Corydalis ledebouriana
Corydalis magadanica
Corydalis megacalyx
Corydalis mildbraedii
Corydalis nudicaulis
Corydalis ornata
Corydalis pachycentra
Corydalis parnassica
Corydalis persica
Corydalis popovii
Coronilla viminalis
Correa aemula x calycina
Correa backhousiana
Correa calycina
Correa glabra
Correa lawrenciana
Correa pulchella
Corrigiola litoralis
Corryocactus brachypetalus
Corryocactus melanotrichus
Corryocactus squarrosus
Cortaderia toetoe
Coryanthes spp.
Corydalis afghanica
Corydalis alexeenkoana
Corydalis alpina
Corydalis benecincta
Corydalis buschii
Corydalis chionophila
Corydalis darwasica
Corydalis elata
Corydalis emanuelii
Corydalis flaccida
Corydalis gigantea
Corydalis gotlandica
Corydalis griffithii
Corydalis hemidicentra
Corydalis integra
Corydalis kusnetzovii
Corydalis linstowiana
Corydalis malkensis
Corydalis meifolia
Corydalis moorcroftiana
Corydalis ochotensis
Corydalis orthoceras
Corydalis paczoskii
Corydalis paschei
Corydalis petrophila
Corydalis pseudoadoxa
Corpuscularia lehmannii
Correa aemula x pulchella
Correa backhousiana x alba
Correa decumbens
Correa hybrid
Correa x magnifica
Correa reflexa
Corryocactus apiciflorus
Corryocactus brevistylus
Corryocactus puquiensis
Corryocactus tenuiculus
Cortia wallichiana
Corybas spp.
Corydalis aitchisonii
Corydalis x allenii
Corydalis ambigua
Corydalis blanda
Corydalis caucasica
Corydalis conorhiza
Corydalis densiflora
Corydalis elata x flexuosa
Corydalis erdelii
Corydalis flexuosa
Corydalis glaucescens
Corydalis govaniana
Corydalis hallaisanensis
Corydalis henrikii
Corydalis intermedia
Corydalis latiflora
Corydalis longipes
Corydalis maracandica
Corydalis melanochlora
Corydalis nobilis
Corydalis oppositifolia
Corydalis oxypetala
Corydalis papilligera
Corydalis pauciflora
Corydalis polygalina
Corydalis pumila
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Corydalis ruksansii
Corydalis scaberula
Corydalis seisumsiana
Corydalis solida
Corydalis thyrsiflora
Corydalis triternatifolia
Corydalis verticillaris
Corydalis wilsonii
Corylopsis gotoana
Corylopsis pauciflora
Corylopsis spicata
Corylus chinensis
Corylus sieboldiana
Corymbia bloxsomei
Corymbia calophylla x
Corymbia citriodora
Corymbia clarksoniana
Corydalis rupestris
Corydalis schanginii
Corydalis sewerzowi
Corydalis taliensis
Corydalis tibeto-oppositifolia
Corydalis ussuriensis
Corydalis vittae
Corydalis zetterlundii
Corylopsis griffithii
Corylopsis platypetala
Corylopsis veitchiana
Corylus colurna
Corymbia abergiana
Corymbia brachycarpa
Corymbia calophylla x
Corymbia citriodora x eximia
Corymbia dolichocarpa
Corymbia ellipsoidea
Corymbia gilbertensis
Corymbia henryi
Corymbia jacobsiana
Corymbia leichhardtii
Corymbia novoguinensis
Corymbia oocarpa
Corymbia petalophylla
Corymbia porphyritica
Corymbia erythrophloia
Corymbia gummifera
Corymbia hylandii
Corymbia kombolgiensis
Corymbia leptoloma
Corymbia x nowraensis
Corymbia papuana
Corymbia pocillum
Corymbia porrecta
Corymbia rhodops
Corymbia sphaerica
Corymbia tessellaris
Corymbia umbonata
Corynabutilon ochsenii
Corynocarpus laevigatus
Corynotheca licrota
Corypha microclada
Coryphantha borwigii
Coryphantha calochlora
Coryphantha compacta
Corymbia scabrida
Corymbia stockeri
Corymbia torelliana
Corymbia watsoniana
Corynabutilon x suntense
Corynocarpus rupestris
Corypha griffithiana
Corypha taliera
Coryphantha bumamma
Coryphantha clava
Coryphantha cornifera
Corydalis rutifolia
Corydalis scouleri
Corydalis smithiana
Corydalis tauricola
Corydalis tomentella
Corydalis vaginans
Corydalis wendelboi
Corylopsis glabrescens
Corylopsis multiflora
Corylopsis sinensis
Corylus avellana
Corylus ferox
Corymbia arnhemensis
Corymbia bunites
Corymbia capricornia
Corymbia clandestina
Corymbia dolichocarpa x
Corymbia eximia
Corymbia hendersonii
Corymbia intermedia
Corymbia lamprophylla
Corymbia maculata
Corymbia ollaris
Corymbia peltata
Corymbia polysciada
Corymbia ptychocarpa x
Corymbia setosa
Corymbia terminalis
Corymbia trachyphloia
Corymbia xanthope
Corynabutilon vitifolium
Corynostylis hybanthus
Corypha lecomtei
Corypha utan
Coryphantha calipensis
Coryphantha clavata
Coryphantha delaetiana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Coryphantha durangensis
Coryphantha glanduligera
Coryphantha macromeris
Coryphantha odorata
Coryphantha poselgeriana
Coryphantha pycnacantha
Coryphantha recurvata
Coryphantha sulcolanata
Corytoplectus capitatus
Cosmos atrosanguineus
Cosmos peucedanifolius
Costus arabicus
Costus chartaceus
Costus comosus x productus
Costus erythrocoryne
Costus lucanusianus
Costus pictus
Costus productus x
Costus speciosus
Costus spiralis
Costus vargasii
Cotinus coggygria
Coryphantha elephantidens
Coryphantha guerkeana
Coryphantha maiz-tablasensis
Coryphantha ottonis
Coryphantha potosiana
Coryphantha radians
Coryphantha salm-dyckiana
Coryphantha villarensis
Corytoplectus speciosus
Cosmos bipinnatus
Cosmos sulphureus
Costus barbatus
Costus claviger
Costus deistelii
Costus erythrophyllus
Costus malortieanus
Costus potierae
Costus pulverulentus
Coryphantha erecta
Coryphantha longicornis
Coryphantha octacantha
Coryphantha pallida
Coryphantha pulleineana
Coryphantha ramillosa
Coryphantha scolymoides
Coryphantha werdermannii
Cosmidium burridgeanum
Cosmos diversifolius
Costus afer
Costus bicolor
Costus comosus
Costus dubius
Costus guanaiensis
Costus megalobractea
Costus productus
Costus ruber
Costus spectabilis
Costus stenophyllus
Costus villosissimus
Cotinus obovatus
Cotoneaster adpressus
Cotoneaster cochleata
Cotoneaster denticulatus
Cotoneaster glabratus
Cotoneaster harrysmithii
Cotoneaster humilis
Cotoneaster khasiensis
Cotoneaster microphyllus
Cotoneaster nitidus
Cotoneaster radicans
Cotoneaster roseus
Cotoneaster thymifolia
Cotula bipinnata
Cotula filicula
Cotula perpusilla
Cotula rotundata
Cotoneaster bullatus
Cotoneaster x crispii
Cotoneaster distichus
Cotoneaster glaucophyllus
Cotoneaster hebephyllus
Cotoneaster insignis
Cotoneaster kitaibelii
Cotoneaster nanchuanicus
Cotoneaster pannosus
Cotoneaster reticulatus
Cotoneaster rubens
Cotula alpina
Cotula coronopifolia
Cotula longipes
Cotula plumosa
Cotula sericea
Costus spicatus
Costus subsessilis
Costus woodsonii
Cotinus obovatus x
Cotoneaster cinnabarinus
Cotoneaster dammeri
Cotoneaster franchetii
Cotoneaster harrovianus
Cotoneaster horizontalis
Cotoneaster integerrimus
Cotoneaster ludlowii
Cotoneaster nebrodensis
Cotoneaster racemiflorus
Cotoneaster rhytidophyllus
Cotoneaster submultiflorus
Cotula barbata
Cotula duckittiae
Cotula pectinata
Cotula pyrethrifolia
Cotula turbinata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Cotyledon barbeyi
Cotyledon deasii
Cotyledon integra
Cotyledon luteosquamata
Cotyledon paniculata
Cotyledon sinus-alexandri
Cotyledon umbilicus
Couma utilis
Crabbea reticulata
Craibia zimmermannii
Crambe cordifolia
Crambe strigosa
Craspedia alpina
Craspedia coolaminica
Craspedia globosa
Craspedia lamicola
Craspedia maxgrayi
Craspedia uniflora
Crassula alba
Crassula arborescens
Crassula atropurpurea
Crassula brevifolia
Crassula columella
Crassula cornuta
Crassula deltoidea
Cotyledon buchholziana
Cotyledon eliseae
Cotyledon ladysmithiensis
Cotyledon macrantha
Cotyledon papillaris
Cotyledon teretifolia
Cotyledon undulata
Couroupita guianensis
Crabbea velutina
Craibiodendron yunnanense
Crambe maritima
Crambe tataria
Craspedia aurantia
Craspedia costiniana
Craspedia incana
Craspedia lanata
Craspedia paludicola
Craspedorhachis africana
Crassula albiflora
Crassula argyrophylla
Crassula barbata
Crassula capitella
Crassula corallina
Crassula cotyledonis
Crassula ernesti
Crassula globularioides
Crassula grisea
Crassula hirtipes
Crassula linguifolia
Crassula marchandii
Crassula glomerata
Crassula helmsii
Crassula lactea
Crassula littlewoodii
Crassula moschata
Crassula muscosa
Crassula nealeana
Crassula obovata
Crassula pellucida
Crassula phyturus
Crassula pruinosa
Crassula montana
Crassula multiflora
Crassula natans
Crassula obliqua
Crassula ovata
Crassula perforata
Crassula plegmatoides
Cotyledon cuneata
Cotyledon gibbiflora
Cotyledon linguifolia
Cotyledon orbiculata
Cotyledon pendens
Cotyledon tomentosa
Cotyledon velutina
Coveniella poecilophlebia
Craibia brownii
Crambe abyssinica
Crambe scaberrima
Craspedia alba
Craspedia canens
Craspedia glauca
Craspedia jamesii
Craspedia leucantha
Craspedia pleiocephala
Crassula alata
Crassula alstonii
Crassula arta
Crassula barklyi
Crassula coccinea
Crassula cordata
Crassula deceptor
Crassula falcata x
Crassula granvikii
Crassula hemisphaerica
Crassula lanuginosa
Crassula macowaniana
Crassula multicava
Crassula namaquensis
Crassula nudicaulis
Crassula obtusa
Crassula perfoliata
Crassula picturata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Crassula pyramidalis
Crassula rogersii
Crassula rupestris x
Crassula schoenlandii
Crassula streyi
Crassula swaziensis
Crassula tetragona
Crassula vaginata
Crataegomespilus grandiflora
Crataegus azarolus
Crataegus brainerdi
Crataegus crus-galli
Crataegus gracilior
Crataegus jonesiae
Crataegus layii
Crataegus opaca
Crataegus pruinosa
Crataegus smithii
Crataegus tanacetifolia
Crataeva nurvala
Crateva religiosa
Crawfurdia angustata
Crassula quadrangularis
Crassula rubricaulis
Crassula sarmentosa
Crassula rattrayi
Crassula rupestris
Crassula schmidtii
Crassula socialis
Crassula subaphylla
Crassula tecta
Crassula thunbergiana
Crassula versicolor
Crataegus aestivalis
Crataegus berberifolia
Crataegus chlorosarca
Crataegus x durobrivensis
Crataegus hupehensis
Crataegus laevigata
Crataegus mexicana
Crataegus pentagyna
Crataegus rhipidophylla
Crataegus spathulata
Crataegus wilsonii
Craterostigma nanum
Cratylia argentea
Crawfurdia crawfurdioides
Cremnothamnus thomsonii
Crepidomanes pallidum
Crepis burejensis
Crepis foetida
Crepis pygmaea
Crescentia cujete
Cribbia brachyceras
Crinum abyssinicum
Crinum amoenum
Crinum augustum
Crinum baumii
Crinum bracteatum
Crinum bulbispermum
Crinum campanulatum
Crinum concinnum
Crinum delagoense
Crepidomanes bipunctatum
Crepidomanes saxifragoides
Crepis capillaris
Crepis incana
Crepis rubra
Crescentia mirabilis
Crinodendron hookerianum
Crinum acaule
Crinum arenarium
Crinum aurantiacum
Crinum biflorum
Crinum brisbanicum
Crinum buphanoides
Crinum capense
Crinum crassicaule
Crinum distichum
Crassula spectabilis
Crassula susannae
Crassula teres
Crassula tomentosa
Crassula volkensii
Crataegus atrosanguinea
Crataegus brachyacantha
Crataegus coccinea
Crataegus emersoniana
Crataegus intricata
Crataegus x lavallei
Crataegus nitida
Crataegus phaenopyrum
Crataegus scabrifolia
Crataegus suborbiculata
Crataeva gynandra
Crateva palmeri
Cratylia mollis
Crepidomanes johnstonense
Crepidomanes vitiense
Crepis commutata
Crepis intermedia
Crepis vesicaria
Creusa sarcocaulis
Crinodendron patagua
Crinum album
Crinum asiaticum
Crinum bambusetum
Crinum brachynema
Crinum broussonetii
Crinum calamistratum
Crinum carolo-schmidtii
Crinum crispum
Crinum douglasii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Crinum erubescens
Crinum firmifolium
Crinum graminicola
Crinum hildebrandtii
Crinum johnstonii
Crinum latifolium
Crinum lorifolium
Crinum macowanii
Crinum minimum
Crinum natans
Crinum ornatum
Crinum parvibulbosum
Crinum politifolium
Crinum purpurascens
Crinum razafindratsiraea
Crinum stuhlmannii
Crinum trifidum
Crinum venosum
Crinum xerophilum
Crispiloba disperma
Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora
Crocosmia masoniorum
Crocus adamii
Crocus albiflorus
Crocus ancyrensis
Crocus asumaniae
Crocus balansae
Crocus boulosii
Crocus candidus
Crocus caspius
Crocus cvijicii
Crocus danfordiae
Crocus fleischeri
Crocus goulimyi
Crocus hartmannianus
Crocus karduchorum
Crocus kosaninii
Crocus leichtlinii
Crocus malyi
Crinum euchrophyllum
Crinum giessii
Crinum hardyi
Crinum humile
Crinum kirkii
Crinum laurentii
Crinum lugardiae
Crinum mauritianum
Crinum modestum
Crinum occiduale
Crinum paludosum
Crinum pauciflorum
Crinum x powellii
Crinum rautanenianum
Crinum x scabrum
Crinum subcernuum
Crinum vanillodorum
Crinum verdoorniae
Crinum yemense
Crithmum maritimum
Crocosmia fucata
Crocosmia pottsii
Crocus adanensis
Crocus aleppicus
Crocus antalyensis
Crocus aureus
Crocus biflorus
Crocus cambessedesii
Crocus carpetanus
Crocus chrysanthus
Crocus cyprius
Crocus etruscus
Crocus gargaricus
Crocus graveolens
Crocus hermoneus
Crocus kerndorffiorum
Crocus kotschyanus
Crocus longiflorus
Crocus mathewii
Crinum fimbriatulum
Crinum glaucum
Crinum harmsii
Crinum jagus
Crinum kunthianum
Crinum lineare
Crinum luteolum
Crinum mccoyi
Crinum moorei
Crinum oliganthum
Crinum papillosum
Crinum pedunculatum
Crinum pratense
Crinum razafindratsirae
Crinum scabrum
Crinum thaianum
Crinum variabile
Crinum xanthophyllum
Crinum yuccaeides
Crocosmia aurea
Crocosmia latifolia
Crocus abantensis
Crocus alatavicus
Crocus almehensis
Crocus asturicus
Crocus autranii
Crocus boryi
Crocus cancellatus
Crocus cartwrightianus
Crocus corsicus
Crocus dalmaticus
Crocus flavus
Crocus gilanicus
Crocus hadriaticus
Crocus hyemalis
Crocus korolkowii
Crocus laevigatus
Crocus x luteus
Crocus medius
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Crocus michelsonii
Crocus nevadensis
Crocus ochroleucus
Crocus pallasii
Crocus pulchellus
Crocus robertianus
Crocus scardicus
Crocus sieberi
Crocus suwarowianus
Crocus tournefortii
Crocus veneris
Crocus vitellinus
Crossandra guineensis
Crossandra mucronata
Crossandra pungens
Crossosoma bigelovii
Crossyne guttata
Crotalaria benthamiana
Crotalaria goreensis
Crotalaria mitchellii
Crotalaria spectabilis
Croton ambovombensis
Croton byrnesii
Croton euryphyllus
Croton insularis
Croton longifolius
Croton phebalioides
Croton spiralis
Croton triacros
Crowea exalata
Crucianella aegyptiaca
Cryosophila cookii
Cryosophila kalbreyeri
Cryosophila stauracantha
Crypsinus simplicissimus
Cryptandra amara
Cryptandra grandiflora
Cryptandra pimeleoides
Cryptandra spinescens
Crocus minimus
Crocus niveus
Crocus olivieri
Crocus paschei
Crocus pulchellus x speciosus
Crocus rujanensis
Crocus scharojanii
Crocus sieheanus
Crocus thomasii
Crocus vallicola
Crocus vernus
Crocus zonatus
Crossandra infundibuliformis
Crossandra nilotica
Crossandra subacaulis
Crossosperma velutina
Crotalaria agatiflora
Crotalaria brevidens
Crotalaria juncea
Crotalaria prostrata
Crotalaria trifoliastrum
Croton angustifolius
Croton ciliatoglandulifer
Croton ferrugineus
Croton japirensis
Croton macrostachyus
Croton sagraeanus
Croton stigmatosus
Croton verreauxii
Crowea exalata x saligna
Cruckshanksia pumila
Cryosophila grayumii
Cryosophila macrocarpa
Cryosophila warscewiczii
Crypsis schoenoides
Cryptandra buxifolia
Cryptandra lanosiflora
Cryptandra propinqua
Cryptandra tomentosa
Crocus moabiticus
Crocus nudiflorus
Crocus oreocreticus
Crocus pelistericus
Crocus reticulatus
Crocus sativus
Crocus serotinus
Crocus speciosus
Crocus tommasinianus
Crocus veluchensis
Crocus vernus x flavus
Crossandra flava
Crossandra massaica
Crossandra puberula
Crossopteryx febrifuga
Crossyne flava
Crotalaria beddomeana
Crotalaria capensis
Crotalaria meyeriana
Crotalaria semperflorens
Croton acronychioides
Croton arnhemicus
Croton eluteria
Croton gratissimus
Croton laurinus
Croton megalobotrys
Croton setigerus
Croton sylvaticus
Crowea dentata
Crowea saligna
Cryosophila albida
Cryosophila guagara
Cryosophila nana
Cryosophila williamsii
Cryptandra alpina
Cryptandra ericoides
Cryptandra leucophracta
Cryptandra scortechinii
Cryptandra waterhousii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Cryptanthus acaulis
Cryptanthus beuckeri
Cryptanthus exaltatus
Cryptanthus grazielae
Cryptanthus makoyanus
Cryptanthus praetextus
Cryptanthus ubairensis
x Cryptbergia meadii
Cryptocarya bamagana
Cryptocarya brassii
Cryptocarya cinnamomifolia
Cryptocarya cocosoides
Cryptocarya elliptica
Cryptocarya exfoliata
Cryptocarya foveolata
Cryptocarya grandis
Cryptocarya laevigata
Cryptocarya macdonaldii
Cryptocarya microneura
Cryptocarya nova-anglica
Cryptocarya obovata
Cryptocarya rhodosperma
Cryptocarya saccharata
Cryptocarya triplinervis
Cryptocarya woodii
Cryptochilus sanguinea
Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia
Cryptocoryne ciliata
Cryptocoryne griffithii
Cryptocoryne lucens
Cryptocoryne nevillii
Cryptocoryne petchii
Cryptocoryne spiralis
Cryptocoryne walkeri
Cryptogramma crispa
Cryptopus spp.
Cryptostylis erecta
Cryptostylis subulata
Cryptanthus arelii
Cryptanthus bivittatus
Cryptanthus fosterianus
Cryptanthus x hybrids
Cryptanthus marginatus
Cryptanthus pseudopetiolatus
Cryptanthus warren-loosei
x Cryptbergia rubra
Cryptocarya bellendenkerana
Cryptocarya burckiana
Cryptocarya clarksoniana
Cryptocarya corrugata
Cryptocarya endiandrifolia
Cryptocarya floydii
Cryptocarya glabella
Cryptocarya gregsonii
Cryptocarya leucophylla
Cryptocarya mackinnoniana
Cryptocarya murrayi
Cryptocarya oblata
Cryptocarya onoprienkoana
Cryptocarya rigida
Cryptocarya sclerophylla
Cryptocarya vulgaris
Cryptocarya wyliei
Cryptocoryne affinis
Cryptocoryne balansae
Cryptocoryne cordata
Cryptocoryne lingua
Cryptocoryne lutea
Cryptocoryne nurii
Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia
Cryptocoryne tonkinensis
Cryptocoryne wendtii
Cryptolepis sinensis
Cryptostylis hunteriana
Cryptotaenia canadensis
Cryptanthus bahianus
Cryptanthus bromelioides
Cryptanthus glaziovii
Cryptanthus lacerdae
Cryptanthus maritimus
Cryptanthus sinuosus
Cryptanthus zonatus
Cryptocarya angulata
Cryptocarya bidwillii
Cryptocarya chinensis
Cryptocarya claudiana
Cryptocarya densiflora
Cryptocarya erythroxylon
Cryptocarya foetida
Cryptocarya glaucescens
Cryptocarya hypospodia
Cryptocarya lividula
Cryptocarya melanocarpa
Cryptocarya nitens
Cryptocarya oblongifolia
Cryptocarya pleurosperma
Cryptocarya rubra
Cryptocarya scortechinii
Cryptocarya williwilliana
Cryptocentrum standleyi
Cryptocoryne albida
Cryptocoryne beckettii
Cryptocoryne crispatula
Cryptocoryne longicauda
Cryptocoryne moehlmannii
Cryptocoryne parva
Cryptocoryne retrospiralis
Cryptocoryne undulata
Cryptocoryne x willisii
Cryptomeria japonica
Cryptostephanus vansonii
Cryptostylis leptochila
Cryptotaenia japonica
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Crysophila warscewiczii
Ctenanthe compressa
Ctenanthe oppenheimiana
Ctenitis grandis
Ctenitis lepigera
Ctenium elegans
Cucumeropsis mannii
Cucumis humifructus
Cucumis myriocarpus
Cucumis sativus
Cucurbita ficifolia
Cucurbita moschata
Cucurbita pedatifolia
Cuitlauzina pulchella
Culcasia liberica
Culcita dubia
Cullen parvum
Cuminum cyminum
Cunninghamia cupressoides
Cunonia macrophylla
Cupania longifolia
Cupaniopsis curvidentata
Cupaniopsis flagelliformis
Cupaniopsis parvifolia
Cupaniopsis simulatus
Cuphea blepharophylla
Cuphea glutinosa
Cuphea ignea
x Cupressocyparis leylandii
Cupressus arizonica
Cupressus cashmeriana
Cupressus duclouxiana
Cupressus lambertiana
Cupressus macrocarpa
Cupressus sempervirens
Curculigo ensifolia
Curcuma amada
Curcuma elata
Curcuma longa
Ctenanthe amabilis
Ctenanthe kummeriana
Ctenanthe setosa
Ctenitis hirta
Ctenitis sloanei
Ctenopteris heterophylla
Cucumis africanus
Cucumis meeusei
Cucumis pustulatus
Cucurbita argyrosperma
Cucurbita gracilior
Cucurbita okeechobeensis
Cucurbita pepo
Culcasia falcifolia
Culcasia panduriformis
Cullen drupaceum
Cullen tenax
Cumulopuntia rossiana
Cunninghamia lanceolata
Cunonia purpurea
Cupania vernalis
Cupaniopsis dallachyi
Cupaniopsis foveolata
Cupaniopsis serrata
Cupaniopsis wadsworthii
Cuphea caeciliae
Cuphea hookeriana
Cuphea llavea
Cupressus abramsiana
Cupressus bakeri
Cupressus chengiana
Cupressus forbesii
Cupressus lusitanica
Cupressus montana
Cupressus torulosa
Curculigo seychellensis
Curcuma aurantiaca
Curcuma gracillima
Curcuma parviflora
Ctenanthe burle-marxii
Ctenanthe lubbersiana
Ctenitis eatonii
Ctenitis lanuginosa
Ctenitis subglandulosa
Cubanola domingensis
Cucumis heptadactylus
Cucumis melo
Cucumis sagittatus
Cucurbita ecuadorensis
Cucurbita maxima
Cucurbita palmata
Cuitlauzina pendula
Culcasia lanceolata
Culcasia seretii
Cullen microcephalum
Cullen tomentosum
Cunila origanoides
Cunonia capensis
Cupania americana
Cupaniopsis cooperorum
Cupaniopsis diploglottoides
Cupaniopsis newmanii
Cupaniopsis shirleyana
Cuphea aequipetala
Cuphea cyanea
Cuphea hyssopifolia
Cuphea mexiae
Cupressus africana
Cupressus balfouriana
Cupressus corneyana
Cupressus guadalupensis
Cupressus macnabiana
Cupressus sargentii
Curculigo crassifolia
Curcuma alismatifolia
Curcuma australasica
Curcuma inodora
Curcuma petiolata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Curcuma roscoeana
Curio hallianus
Curtisia dentata
Cuspidaria convoluta
Cussonia paniculata
Cuttsia viburnea
Cyamopsis tetragonoloba
Cyananthus incanus
Cyananthus longiflorus
Cyananthus petiolatus
Cyanella alba
Cyanella orchidiformis
Cyanotis foecunda
Cyanotis somaliensis
Cyathea alta
Cyathea australis
Cyathea brevipinna
Cyathea callosa
Cyathea colensoi
Cyathea cunninghamii
Cyathea dregei
Cyathea fauriei
Cyathea gigantea
Cyathea integra
Cyathea leichhardtiana
Cyathea magna
Cyathea medullaris
Cyathea muelleri
Cyathea robertsiana
Cyathea sellowiana
Cyathea tomentosa
Cyathea vieillardii
Cyathodes abietina
Cyathodes divaricata
Cyathodes juniperina
Cyathodes petiolaris
Cyathodes robusta
Cybistax antisyphilitica
Cycas apoa
Curcuma rubescens
Curio rowleyanus
Curtonus paniculatus
Cuspidaria pterocarpa
Cussonia spicata
Cyamopsis dentata
Cyananthus argenteus
Cyananthus integer
Cyananthus microphyllus
Cyananthus pilifolius
Cyanella hyacinthoides
Cyanella ramosissima
Cyanotis kewensis
Cyathea aculeata
Cyathea arborea
Cyathea baileyana
Cyathea brownii
Cyathea capensis
Cyathea contaminans
Cyathea dealbata
Cyathea excelsa
Cyathea felina
Cyathea glauca
Cyathea intermedia
Cyathea lunulata
Cyathea manniana
Cyathea metteniana
Cyathea novae-caledoniae
Cyathea robinsonii
Cyathea smithii
Cyathea tomentosissima
Cyathea woollsiana
Cyathodes colensoi
Cyathodes fraseri
Cyathodes nitida
Cyathodes platystoma
Cyathopsis floribunda
Cybistetes longifolia
Cycas arenicola
Curio citriformis
Currania robertiana
Cuscuta epithymum
Cussonia gamtoosensis
Cussonia thyrsiflora
Cyamopsis serrata
Cyananthus delavayi
Cyananthus lobatus
Cyananthus neglectus
Cyanastrum cordifolium
Cyanella lutea
Cyanotis beddomei
Cyanotis loureiroana
Cyathea albifrons
Cyathea atrox
Cyathea bicrenata
Cyathea brunei
Cyathea celebica
Cyathea cooperi
Cyathea delgadii
Cyathea exilis
Cyathea fugax
Cyathea howeana
Cyathea kermadecensis
Cyathea macarthurii
Cyathea x marcescens
Cyathea milnei
Cyathea rebeccae
Cyathea robusta
Cyathea spinulosa
Cyathea vestita
Cyathochaeta diandra
Cyathodes dealbata
Cyathodes glauca
Cyathodes parvifolia
Cyathodes pumila
Cyathula officinalis
Cycas angulata
Cycas armstrongii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Cycas arnhemica
Cycas bougainvilleana
Cycas calcicola
Cycas couttsiana
Cycas edentata
Cycas javana
Cycas litoralis
Cycas megacarpa
Cycas miquelii
Cycas ophiolitica
Cycas papuana
Cycas platyphylla
Cycas rumphii
Cycas segmentifida
Cycas simplicipinna
Cycas taitungensis
Cycas tansachana
Cycas tuckeri
Cycas yorkiana
Cyclamen balearicum
Cyclamen coum
Cyclamen elegans
Cyclamen hederifolium
Cyclamen latifolium
Cyclamen mirabile
Cyclamen persicum
Cyclamen repandum
Cyclamen x saundersiae
Cyclanthera brachystachya
Cyclobalanopsis glaucoides
Cyclophyllum coprosmoides
Cyclopia maculata
Cyclospermum leptophyllum
Cycas balansae
Cycas brunnea
Cycas canalis
Cycas curranii
Cycas guizhouensis
Cycas kennedyana
Cycas maconochiei
Cycas micholitzii
Cycas multipinnata
Cycas orientis
Cycas pectinata
Cycas revoluta
Cycas scratchleyana
Cycas siamensis
Cycas spherica
Cycas taiwaniana
Cycas thouarsii
Cycas wadei
Cyclamen africanum
Cyclamen cilicium
Cyclamen creticum
Cyclamen fatrense
Cyclamen x hildebrandii
Cyclamen libanoticum
Cyclamen parviflorum
Cyclamen pseudibericum
Cyclamen rhodium
Cyclamen somalense
Cyclanthera pedata
Cyclobalanopsis semiserrata
Cyclophyllum schultzii
Cyclopogon argyrifolius
Cycnoches spp.
Cydista aequinoctialis
Cydonia oblonga
Cylindrophyllum comptonii
Cylindropuntia tunicata
Cymbalaria muralis
Cymbidium spp.
Cylindropuntia californica
Cymbalaria aequitriloba
Cymbalaria pilosa
Cymbopogon citratus
Cycas beddomei
Cycas cairnsiana
Cycas conferta
Cycas debaoensis
Cycas hainanensis
Cycas lindstromii
Cycas media
Cycas micronesica
Cycas nongnoochiae
Cycas panzhihuaensis
Cycas petraea
Cycas riuminiana
Cycas seemannii
Cycas silvestris
Cycas szechuanensis
Cycas tanqingii
Cycas tropophylla
Cycas xipholepis
Cyclamen alpinum
Cyclamen colchicum
Cyclamen cyprium
Cyclamen graecum
Cyclamen intaminatum
Cyclamen x meiklei
Cyclamen peloponnesiacum
Cyclamen purpurascens
Cyclamen rohlfsianum
Cyclamen x wellensiekii
Cyclea hypoglauca
Cyclocarpa stellaris
Cyclopia genistoides
Cyclosorus tylodes
Cycnoches x Mormodes
Cylindropuntia fulgida
Cymbalaria glechomifolia
Cymbidiella spp.
Cymbopogon exaltatus
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Cymbopogon flexuosus
Cymbopogon pospischilii
Cymophyllus fraserianus
Cynanchum elegans
Cynanchum mahafialense
Cynanchum perrieri
Cynodon dactylon
Cynodon nlemfuensis x
Cynoglossum grande
Cynometra iripa
Cynorchis fastigiata
Cynosurus callitrichus
Cynosurus polybracteatus
Cypella hauthalii
Cypella osteniana
Cypella platensis
Cyperus alternifolius
Cyperus crassipes
Cyperus enervis
Cyperus floribundus
Cyperus helferi
Cyperus laevigatus
Cyperus lucidus
Cyperus neo-guinensis
Cyperus pedunculosus
Cyperus sesquiflorus
Cyperus subpinnatus
Cyperus tenuiflorus
Cyphanthera albicans
Cyphanthera myosotidea
Cyphochilus parvifolius
Cyphomandra caracasana
Cyphophoenix elegans
Cyphosperma tanga
Cyphostemma bainesii
Cyphostemma currorii
Cymbopogon martinii
Cymbopogon stipulatus
Cynanchum bowmanii
Cynanchum grandidieri
Cynanchum marnieranum
Cynodon dactylon x
Cynoglossum amabile
Cymbopogon nardus
Cymbopogon winterianus
Cynanchum compactum
Cynanchum insigne
Cynanchum messeri
Cynara scolymus
Cynoglossum nervosum
Cynometra neo-caledonica
Cynorkis spp.
Cynosurus cristatus
Cypella aquatilis
Cypella herrerae
Cypella pabstiana
Cypella plumbea
Cyperus compressus
Cyperus cyperinus
Cyperus eragrostis
Cyperus gracilis
Cyperus imbecillis
Cyperus laxus
Cyperus mirus
Cyperus owanii
Cyperus polystachyos
Cyperus setigerus
Cyperus surinamensis
Cyperus tetraphyllus
Cyphanthera anthocercidea
Cyphanthera scabrella
Cyphokentia macrostachya
Cyphomandra corymbiflora
Cyphophoenix nucele
Cyphosperma trichospadix
Cyphostemma camerounense
Cyphostemma elephantopus
Cynometra cauliflora
Cynometra ramiflora
Cynosurus balansae
Cynosurus echinatus
Cypella coelestis
Cypella lapidosa
Cypella peruviana
Cyperus acutus
Cyperus congestus
Cyperus disjunctus
Cyperus filipes
Cyperus hamulosus
Cyperus isocladus
Cyperus lhotskyanus
Cyperus natalensis
Cyperus papyrus
Cyperus rotundus
Cyperus sphaeroideus
Cyperus tenellus
Cyperus vorsteri
Cyphanthera x frondosa
Cyphanthera tasmanica
Cyphomandra cajanumensis
Cyphomandra hartwegii
Cyphosperma balansae
Cyphosperma voutmelense
Cyphostemma cirrhosum
Cynodon nlemfuensis
Cynoglossum cheirifolium
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Cyphostemma hardyi
Cyphostemma juttae
Cyphostemma segmentatum
Cypripedium x leysenianum
Cyrtandra beckmanni
Cyrtanthus attenuatus
Cyrtanthus carneus
Cyrtanthus contractus
Cyrtanthus epiphyticus
Cyrtanthus falcatus
Cyrtanthus flavus
Cyrtanthus helictus
Cyrtanthus leptosiphon
Cyrtanthus mackenii
Cyrtanthus obliquus
Cyrtanthus odorus
Cyrtanthus sanguineus
Cyphostemma humile
Cyphostemma laza
Cyphostemma quinatum
Cyphostemma jiguu
Cyphostemma montagnacii
Cyphostemma sandersonii
Cyrtosperma brassii
Cyphostemma seitziana
Cyrilla racemiflora
Cyrtanthera pohliana
Cyrtanthus bicolor
Cyrtanthus clavatus
Cyrtanthus debilis
Cyrtanthus erubescens
Cyrtanthus fergusoniae
Cyrtanthus galpinii
Cyrtanthus herrei
Cyrtanthus leucanthus
Cyrtanthus macowanii
Cyrtanthus obrieni
Cyrtanthus parviflorus
Cyrtanthus sanguineus x
Cyrtanthus staadensis
Cyrtanthus tuckii
Cyrtanthus wellandii
Cyrtomium fortunei
Cyrtomium tukusicola
Cyrtopodium punctatum
Cyrtorchis praetermissa
Cyrtosperma beccarianum x
Cyrtosperma carrii
Cyrtosperma ferox
Cyrtosperma hambalii
Cyrtosperma macrotum
Cyrtostachys elegans
Cyrtostachys ledermanniana
Cyrtostachys peekeliana
Cyrtostylis spp.
Cystopteris filix-fragilis
Cytisus aeolicus
Cyrtosperma giganteum
Cyrtosperma johnstonii
Cyrtostachys brassii
Cyrtostachys glauca
Cyrtostachys loriae
Cyrtostachys phanerolepis
Cystacanthus turgida
Cystopteris tasmanica
Cytisus ardoinii
Cyphostemma woodii
Cyrtandra baileyi
Cyrtanthus angustifolius
Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus
Cyrtanthus collinus
Cyrtanthus elatus
Cyrtanthus eucallus
Cyrtanthus flanaganii
Cyrtanthus guthrieae
Cyrtanthus huttonii
Cyrtanthus loddigesianus
Cyrtanthus montanus
Cyrtanthus ochroleucus
Cyrtanthus rotundilobus
Cyrtanthus sanguineus x
Cyrtanthus stenanthus
Cyrtanthus uniflorus
Cyrtomium caryotideum
Cyrtomium lonchitoides
Cyrtopodium andersonii
Cyrtorchis arcuata
Cyrtorchis ringens
Cyrtosperma gressittorum
Cyrtosperma kokodense
Cyrtostachys compsoclada
Cyrtostachys kisu
Cyrtostachys microcarpa
Cyrtostachys renda
Cystodium sorbifolium
Cytisophyllum sessilifolius
Cytisus balansae
Cyrtanthus smithiae
Cyrtanthus suaveolens
Cyrtanthus ventricosus
Cyrtomium falcatum
Cyrtomium macrophyllum
Cyrtopodium palmifrons
Cyrtorchis brownii
Cyrtosperma beccarianum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Cytisus x beanii
Cytisus emeriflorus
Cytisus frivaldszkyanus
Cytisus intermedius
Cytisus x praecox
Cytisus x spachianus
Daboecia cantabrica
Dacrycarpus cinctus
Dacrydium araucarioides
Dacrydium biforme
Dacrydium falciforme
Dacrydium lycopodioides
Dacryodes edulis
Dactylicapnos torulosa
Dactyloctenium australe
Dactyloctenium mucronatum
Dactylorhiza fuchsii
Daemonorops gracilipes
Daemonorops mollis
Dahlia dissecta
Dahlia hybrid
Dahlia scapigera
Dahlia tubulata
Daiswa forrestii
Dalbergia benthamii
Dalbergia cultrata
Dalbergia frutescens
Dalbergia hancei
Dalbergia lanceolaria
Dalbergia obovata
Dalbergia retusa
Dalbergia stevensonii
Dalea candida
Dalea purpurea
Dalechampia roezliana
Dampiera adpressa
Dampiera ferruginea
Dampiera marifolia
Dampiera purpurea
Cytisus benehoavensis
Cytisus filipes
Cytisus galianoi
Cytisus x kewensis
Cytisus procumbens
Cytisus supranubius
Daboecia cantabrica x scotica
Dacrycarpus dacrydioides
Dacrydium balansae
Dacrydium colensoi
Dacrydium guillauminii
Dacrydium nausoriense
Dactylicapnos lichiangensis
Dactylis glomerata
Dactyloctenium bogdanii
Dactyloctenium scindicum
Dactylorhiza maculata
Daemonorops lewisiana
Daemonorops ochrolepis
Dahlia excelsa
Dahlia imperialis
Dahlia sherffii
Dais cotinifolia
Daiswa yunnanensis
Dalbergia cearensis
Dalbergia decipularis
Dalbergia glauca
Dalbergia horrida
Dalbergia latifolia
Dalbergia odorifera
Dalbergia sissoides
Dalbergia tucurensis
Dalea coerulea
Dalea similis
Dalechampia spathulata
Dampiera cuneata
Dampiera lanceolata
Dampiera preissii
Dampiera rodwayana
Cytisus demissus
Cytisus fontanesii
Cytisus hosmariensis
Cytisus oromediterraneus
Cytisus purgans
Daboecia azorica
Daboecia x scotica
Dacrycarpus imbricatus
Dacrydium bidwillii
Dacrydium cupressinum
Dacrydium laxifolium
Dacrydium nidulum
Dactylicapnos scandens
Dactyloctenium aegyptium
Dactyloctenium geminatum
Dactylopsis digitata
Daemonorops draco
Daemonorops longipes
Dahlia coccinea
Dahlia x hortensis
Dahlia pinnata
Dahlia tenuicaulis
Daiswa delavayi
Dalbergia baronii
Dalbergia cochinchinensis
Dalbergia foliosa
Dalbergia greveana
Dalbergia hupeana
Dalbergia nigra
Dalbergia oliveri
Dalbergia spinosa
Dalbergiella nyasae
Dalea glandulosa
Dalea villosa
Damnacanthus indicus
Dampiera discolor
Dampiera maideniana
Dampiera prostrata
Dampiera rosmarinifolia
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Dampiera scottiana
Daniellia ogea
Danthonia alpina
Danthonia cirrata
Danthonia geniculata
Danthonia nivicola
Danthonia popinensis
Daphnandra micrantha
Daphne acutiloba
Daphne alpina
Daphne aurantiaca
Daphne calcicola
Daphne circassica
Daphne feddei
Daphne glomerata
Daphne x hendersonii
Daphne indica
Daphne julia
Daphne kosaninii
Daphne macrantha
Daphne mucronata
Daphne penicillata
Daphne petraea x collina
Daphne reichsteinii
Daphne rosmarinifolia
Daphne striata
Daphne x transatlantica
Daphniphyllum glaucescens
Dampiera stricta
Daniellia oliveri
Danthonia calycina
Danthonia clelandii
Danthonia induta
Danthonia nudiflora
Danthonia procera
Daphnandra repandula
Daphne alba
Daphne altaica
Daphne bholua
Daphne caucasica
Daphne cneorum
Daphne genkwa
Daphne gnidioides
Daphne x houtteana
Daphne jasminea
Daphne kamtschatica
Daphne longifolia
Daphne malyana
Daphne x napolitana
Daphne petraea
Daphne petraea x sericea
Daphne retusa
Daphne x rossetii
Daphne tangutica
Daphne yunnanensis
Daphniphyllum humile
Daphniphyllum oldhamii
Daphnopsis humboldtii
Darlingia darlingiana
Darmera peltata
Darwinia decumbens
Darwinia grandiflora
Darwinia macrostegia x
Darwinia peduncularis
Darwinia taxifolia
Dasylirion acrotrichum
Daphniphyllum pentandrum
Dapsilanthus ramosus
Darlingia ferruginea
Darwinia biflora
Darwinia fascicularis
Darwinia homoranthoides
Darwinia meeboldii x
Darwinia procera
Darwiniothamnus lancifolius
Dasylirion cedrosanum
Dampiera subspicata
Danthonia alpicola
Danthonia chilensis
Danthonia diemenica
Danthonia longifolia
Danthonia parryi
Danthonia tenuior
Daphnandra tenuipes
Daphne albowiana
Daphne arbuscula
Daphne x burkwoodii
Daphne championii
Daphne x eschmannii
Daphne giraldii
Daphne gracilis
Daphne x hybrida
Daphne jezoensis
Daphne kiusiana
Daphne longilobata
Daphne mezereum
Daphne odora
Daphne petraea x caucasica
Daphne pontica
Daphne rodriguezii
Daphne sericea
Daphne x thauma
Daphniphyllum calycinum
Daphniphyllum teijsmannii
Dapsilanthus spathaceus
Darlingtonia californica
Darwinia briggsiae
Darwinia glaucophylla
Darwinia leptantha
Darwinia micropetala
Darwinia rhadinophylla
Dasiphora fruticosa
Dasylirion glaucophyllum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Dasylirion graminifolium
Dasylirion longissimum
Dasyphyllum spinescens
Datura bernhardii
Daubenya capensis
Daubenya namaquensis
Davallia bullata
Davallia denticulata
Davallia epiphylla
Davallia pectinata
Davallia pycnocarpa
Davallia solida
Davallia tyermanni
Davidsonia jerseyana
Daviesia acicularis
Daviesia arenaria
Daviesia buxifolia
Daviesia elliptica
Daviesia latifolia
Daviesia mimosoides
Daviesia squarrosa
Daviesia wyattiana
Decaisnea insignis
Decaspermum humile
Decumaria barbara
Decussocarpus rospigliossii
Dehaasia incrassata
Deilanthe peersii
Deinanthe caerulea
Delarbrea michieana
Delonix floribunda
Delosperma aberdeenense
Delosperma cooperi
Delosperma echinatum
Delosperma intonsum
Delosperma luteum
Delosperma napiforme
Dasylirion heteracanthum
Dasylirion serratifolium
Dasypyrum villosum
Daubenya alba
Daubenya fulva
Daubenya stylosa
Davallia canariensis
Davallia divaricata
Davallia fejeensis
Davallia pentaphylla
Davallia pyxidata
Davallia tasmanii
Davallodes hirsutum
Davidsonia johnsonii
Daviesia alata
Daviesia asperula
Daviesia corymbosa
Daviesia genistifolia
Daviesia laxiflora
Daviesia nova-anglica
Daviesia umbellulata
Debregeasia edulis
Decaryia madagascariensis
Decaspermum parviflorum
Decumaria sinensis
Degenia velebitica
Deherainia cubensis
Deilanthe thudichumii
Delairea odorata
Delonix boiviniana
Delonix pumila
Delosperma algoense
Delosperma crassuloides
Delosperma ecklonis
Delosperma lehmannii
Delosperma mahonii
Delosperma oehleri
Delosperma pruinosum
Delosperma steytlerae
Dasylirion leiophyllum
Dasylirion wheeleri
Dasystachys campanulata
Daubenya aurea
Daubenya marginata
Daucus carota
Davallia corniculata
Davallia embolostegia
Davallia heterophylla
Davallia plumosa
Davallia repens
Davallia trichomanoides
Davidia involucrata
Davidsonia pruriens
Daviesia arborea
Daviesia brevifolia
Daviesia denudata
Daviesia laevis
Daviesia leptophylla
Daviesia pectinata
Daviesia villifera
Decaisnea fargesii
Decaspermum gracilentum
Deckenia nobilis
Decussocarpus minor
Deguelia scandens
Deherainia smaragdina
Deinanthe bifida
Delarbrea lauterbachii
Delonix decaryi
Delonix regia
Delosperma ashtonii
Delosperma davyi
Delosperma hirtum
Delosperma lineare
Delosperma nakurense
Delosperma sutherlandii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Delosperma tradescantioides
Delphinium albocoeruleum
Delphinium beesianum
Delphinium cardinale
Delphinium ceratophorum
Delphinium decorum
Delphinium formosum
Delphinium glaciale
Delphinium hesperium
Delphinium lacostei
Delphinium maackianum
Delphinium muscosum
Delphinium oxysepalum
Delphinium requienii
Delphinium speciosum
Delphinium uliginosum
Dendriopoterium menendezii
Dendrobium spp.
Delosperma vinaceum
Delphinium alpestre
Delphinium x belladonna
Delphinium carolinianum
Delphinium cheilanthum
Delphinium delavayi
Delphinium forrestii
Delphinium grandiflorum
Delphinium x hybrids
Delphinium likiangense
Delphinium macrocentron
Delphinium nudicaule
Delphinium pylzowii
Delphinium schmalhausenii
Delphinium suave
Delphinium vestitum
Dendriopoterium pulidoi
Dendrocalamopsis stenoaurita
Dendrocalamus asper
Dendrocalamus brandisii
Dendrocalamus hamiltonii
Dendrocalamus bambusoides
Dendrocalamus calostachyus
Dendrocalamus sericeus
Dendrocalamus strictus
Dendrocalamus pendulus
Dendrocalamus sinicus
Dendrocalamus latiflorus x
Bambusa textilis
Dendrochilum spp.
Dendrocnide photinophylla
Dendrolobium ursinum
Dendropanax chevalieri
Dendrosenecio keniensis
Dendroseris macrophylla
Denhamia celastroides
Denhamia pittosporoides
Dennstaedtia davallioides
Deparia prolifera
Dermatobotrys saundersii
Derris koolgibberah
Delostoma dentatum
Delphinium balansae
Delphinium brunonianum
Delphinium cashmerianum
Delphinium chinense
Delphinium elatum
Delphinium glabricaule
Delphinium hendersonii
Delphinium inconspicuum
Delphinium luteum
Delphinium mirabile
Delphinium oreophilum
Delphinium ramosum
Delphinium semibarbatum
Delphinium tatsienense
Dendranthema x rubellum
Dendrobenthamia angustata
Dendrocalamopsis variostriata
Dendrocalamus barbatus
Dendrocalamus giganteus
Dendrocalamus minor
Dendrocalamus yunnanicus
Dendrocalamus sikkimensis
Dendrocalamus latiflorus x
Bambusa pervariabilis
Dendrocereus nudiflorus
Dendrocnide cordata
Dendrolobium triangulare
Dendromecon harfordii
Dendropanax trifidus
Dendrosenecio keniodendron
Dendroseris micrantha
Denhamia moorei
Denmoza rhodacantha
Dennstaedtia dissecta
x Depazium zeylanicum
Derris ferrugina
Derris mindorensis
Dendrocnide moroides
Dendrolobium umbellatum
Dendromecon rigida
Dendrophylax lindenii
Dendroseris litoralis
Dendrosicyos socotranus
Denhamia oleaster
Dennstaedtia bipinnata
Deparia boryana
Deplanchea tetraphylla
Derris involuta
Derris ovalifolia
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Derris philippinensis
Derwentia arenaria
Deschampsia chapmanii
Descurainia gilva
Desfontainia spinosa
Desmanthus leptalobus
Desmanthus pubescens
Desmodium acanthocladum
Desmodium batocaulon
Desmodium cinerascens
Desmodium discolor x
Desmodium helenae
Desmodium incanum
Desmodium leiocarpon
Desmodium molliculum
Desmodium oldhamii
Desmodium pachyrrhizum
Desmodium repandum
Desmodium sandwicense
Desmodium setigerum
Desmodium trichocaulon
Desmodium varians
Desmodium zonatum
Desmoncus isthmius
Desmoncus schippii
Desmoschoenus spiralis
Deuterocohnia longipetala
Deutzia x candelabrum
Deutzia crenata
Deutzia glabrata
Deutzia gracilis
Deutzia x kalmiiflora
Deutzia x magnifica
Deutzia pulchra
Deutzia x rosea
Deutzia setchuenensis
Deyeuxia crassiuscula
Deyeuxia minor
Derris polyantha
Derwentia perfoliata
Deschampsia media
Descurainia millefolia
Desmanthus cooleyi
Desmanthus leptolobus
Desmanthus virgatus
Desmodium angustifolium
Desmodium brachypodum
Desmodium cinereum
Desmodium grahamii
Derris robusta
Deschampsia cespitosa
Descurainia artemisioides
Descurainia sophia
Desmanthus fruticosus
Desmanthus obtusus
Desmidorchis indica
Desmodium barbatum
Desmodium caudatum
Desmodium delicatulum
Desmodium hassleri
Desmodium heterophyllum
Desmodium infractum
Desmodium lindheimeri
Desmodium multiflorum
Desmodium ormocarpoides
Desmodium pringlei
Desmodium rhytidophyllum
Desmodium scorpiurus
Desmodium tomentosum
Desmodium triflorum
Desmodium viridiflorum
Desmoncus chinantlensis
Desmoncus orthacanthos
Desmos chinensis
Deuterocohnia brevifolia
Deuterocohnia lorentziana
Deutzia compacta
Deutzia discolor
Deutzia glauca
Deutzia hookeriana
Deutzia x lemoinei
Deutzia monbeigii
Deutzia purpurascens
Deutzia scabra
Deutzia staminea
Deyeuxia frigida
Diacalpe aspidioides
Desmodium hirtum
Desmodium intortum
Desmodium maxonii
Desmodium nemorosum
Desmodium pabulare
Desmodium prostratum
Desmodium salicifolium
Desmodium sessilifolium
Desmodium tortuosum
Desmodium uncinatum
Desmodium wydlerianum
Desmoncus costaricensis
Desmoncus polyacanthos
Desmos goezeanus
Deuterocohnia chrysantha
Deutzia candelabrum
Deutzia corymbosa
Deutzia x elegantissima
Deutzia glomeruliflora
Deutzia x hybrida
Deutzia longifolia
Deutzia ningpoensis
Deutzia rehderiana
Deutzia schneideriana
Deutzia vilmorinae
Deyeuxia imbricata
Dialium guineense
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Dialium indum
Dianella atraxis
Dianella caerulea
Dianella crinoides
Dianella incollata
Dianella nigra
Dianella pendula
Dianella tarda
Dianthus x allwoodii
Dianthus arpadianus
Dianthus barbatus x chinensis
Dianthus bicolor
Dianthus calocephalus
Dianthus carthusianorum
Dianthus cretaceus
Dianthus ferrugineus
Dianthus furcatus
Dianthus glacialis
Dianthus haematocalyx
Dianthus japonicus
Dianthus knappii
Dianthus lumnitzeri
Dianthus microlepis
Dianthus nardiformis
Dianthus pamiralaicus
Dianthus petraeus
Dianthus pyrenaeus
Dianthus scaber
Dianthus shinanensis
Dianthus squarrosus
Dianthus subacaulis
Dianthus turkestanicus
Dianthus webbianus
Diaphananthe bidens
Diarrhena americana
Diascia anastrepta
Diascia fetcaniensis
Diascia megathura
Diascia racemulosa
Dialium schlechteri
Dianella bambusifolia
Dianella callicarpa
Dianella ensifolia
Dianella intermedia
Dianella odorata
Dianella porracea
Dianella tasmanica
Dianthus alpinus
Dianthus arrostii
Dianthus barbatus x superbus
Dianthus brevicaulis
Dianthus capitatus
Dianthus caryophyllus
Dianthus cruentus
Dianthus filiformis
Dianthus garganicus
Dianthus gracilis
Dianthus humilis
Dianthus juniperinus
Dianthus leucophaeus
Dianthus lusitanus
Dianthus monspessulanus
Dianthus nitidus
Dianthus pavonius
Dianthus plumarius
Dianthus x roysii
Dianthus seguieri
Dianthus simulans
Dianthus sternbergii
Dianthus superbus
Dianthus uralensis
Dianthus zonatus
Diaphananthe pellucida
Diarrhena mandshurica
Diascia barberae
Diascia x hybrids
Diascia mollis
Diascia rigescens
Dianella amoena
Dianella brevipedunculata
Dianella congesta
Dianella fruticans
Dianella laevis
Dianella pavopennacea
Dianella prunina
Dianthus acicularis
Dianthus arenarius
Dianthus barbatus
Dianthus basuticus
Dianthus callizonus
Dianthus carmelitarum
Dianthus chinensis
Dianthus deltoides
Dianthus freynii
Dianthus giganteiformis
Dianthus graniticus
Dianthus hungaricus
Dianthus kiusianus
Dianthus longicalyx
Dianthus masmenaeus
Dianthus myrtinervius
Dianthus orbelicus
Dianthus pendulus
Dianthus pygmaeus
Dianthus rupicola
Dianthus serotinus
Dianthus spiculifolius
Dianthus strictus
Dianthus tianschanicus
Dianthus viscidus
Diapensia lapponica
Diaphananthe rutila
Diascia aliciae
Diascia cordata
Diascia integerrima
Diascia purpurea
Diascia tugelensis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Diascia veronicoides
Diblemma samarensis
Dicentra formosa
Dicentra pauciflora
Diascia vigilis
Diblemma tenuiloris
Dicentra macrocapnos
Dicentra peregrina
Dicentra peregrina x
Dichaea trichocarpa
Dichanthium foveolatum
Dichelostemma congestum
Dichelostemma volubile
Dichondra micrantha
Dicentra uniflora
Dichorisandra hexandra
Dicksonia antarctica
Dicksonia fibrosa
Dicksonia mollis
Dicksonia thyrsopteroides
Dicliptera suberecta
Dicranoloma robustum
Dicranopygium yacu-sisa
Dicrocaulon microstigma
Dictamnus angustifolius
Dictyocaryum fuscum
Dictyoneura obtusa
Didierea trollii
Didymaotus lapidiformis
Dieffenbachia bausei
Dieffenbachia fournieri
Dieffenbachia leopoldii
Dieffenbachia parlatorei
Dieffenbachia rex
Dieffenbachia stenophylla
Dierama ambiguum
Dierama cooperi
Dierama dissimile
Dierama floriferum
Dichanthium annulatum
Dichapetalum papuanum
Dichelostemma ida-maia
Dichilus strictus
Dichopogon strictus
Dichorisandra reginae
Dichotomanthes tristaniicarpa
Dicksonia baudouinii
Dicksonia herbertii
Dicksonia sellowiana
Dicksonia youngiae
Dicliptera tomentosa
Dicranopygium lugonis
Dicranostigma lactucoides
Dicrocaulon spissum
Dictamnus fraxinella
Dictyocaryum lamarckianum
Dictyosperma album
Didiplis diandra
Didymocarpus kinnearii
Dieffenbachia bowmannii
Dieffenbachia gigantea
Dieffenbachia x memoriacorsi
Dieffenbachia pittieri
Dieffenbachia seguine
Dieffenbachia weirii
Dierama argyreum
Dierama cupuliflorum
Dierama dracomontanum
Dierama formosum
Diastema comiferum
Dicentra eximia
Dicentra nevadensis
Dicentra peregrina x
Dichaea morrisii
Dichanthium aristatum
Dichelostemma capitatum
Dichelostemma multiflorum
Dichondra argentea
Dichorisandra thyrsiflora
Dichroa febrifuga
Dicksonia brackenridgei
Dicksonia lanata
Dicksonia squarrosa
Dicliptera peruviana
Dicranoglossum panamense
Dicranopygium umbrophila
Dicrocaulon brevifolium
Dictamnus albus
Dictymia brownii
Dictyocaryum ptarianum
Didierea madagascariensis
Didiplis linearis
Didymochlaena truncatula
Dieffenbachia chelsonii
Dieffenbachia imperialis
Dieffenbachia oerstedii
Dieffenbachia reginae
Dieffenbachia splendens
Diellia erecta
Dierama atrum
Dierama davyi
Dierama erectum
Dierama galpinii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Dierama gracile
Dierama insigne
Dierama luteo-albidum
Dierama mossii
Dierama pauciflorum
Dierama pulcherrimum
Dierama robustum
Dierama tyrium
Diervilla purpurata
Diervilla venusta
Dietes catenulata
Dietes iridioides
Digitalis ciliata
Digitalis eriostachya
Digitalis x fulva
Digitalis lamarckii
Digitalis lutea
Digitalis micrantha
Digitalis parviflora
Digitalis thapsi
Digitaria aequiglumis
Digitaria argyrotricha
Digitaria diagonalis
Digitaria eriantha
Digitaria gazensis
Digitaria iburua
Digitaria macroblephara
Digitaria milanjiana
Digitaria sanguinalis
Digitaria violascens
Dilatris pillansii
Dillenia aurea
Dillenia glabra
Dillenia mattadensis
Dillenia pauciflora
Dillenia suffruticosa
Dillwynia capitata
Dillwynia glaberrima
Dillwynia oreodoxa
Dierama grandiflorum
Dierama jucundum
Dierama luteoalbidum
Dierama nixonianum
Dierama pendulum
Dierama pumilum
Dierama sertum
Diervilla fujisanensis
Diervilla rivularis
Dietes bicolor
Dietes flavida
Dietes robinsoniana
Digitalis davisiana
Digitalis ferruginea
Digitalis grandiflora
Digitalis lanata
Digitalis mariana
Digitalis nervosa
Digitalis purpurea
Digitalis trojana
Digitaria angolensis
Digitaria californica
Digitaria didactyla
Digitaria eriostachya
Digitaria humbertii
Digitaria leiantha
Digitaria madagascariensis
Digitaria parviflora
Digitaria swynnertonii
Dilatris corymbosa
Dilatris viscosa
Dillenia borneensis
Dillenia grandifolia
Dillenia obovata
Dillenia philippinensis
Dillwynia acicularis
Dillwynia cinerascens
Dillwynia hispida
Dillwynia parvifolia
Dierama igneum
Dierama latifolium
Dierama medium
Dierama pallidum
Dierama plowesii
Dierama reynoldsii
Dierama trichorhizum
Diervilla x lemoinei
Diervilla x splendens
Dietes butcheriana
Dietes grandiflora
Digitalis cariensis
Digitalis dubia
Digitalis fontanesii
Digitalis laevigata
Digitalis leucophaea
Digitalis x mertonensis
Digitalis obscura
Digitalis x sibirica
Digitalis viridiflora
Digitaria argyrograpta
Digitaria ciliaris
Digitaria enodis
Digitaria exilis
Digitaria hystrichoides
Digitaria leptorrhachis
Digitaria maitlandii
Digitaria porrecta
Digitaria x umfolozi
Dilatris ixioides
Dillenia alata
Dillenia excelsa
Dillenia indica
Dillenia ovata
Dillenia secunda
Dillwynia brunioides
Dillwynia floribunda
Dillwynia juniperina
Dillwynia phylicoides
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Dillwynia prostrata
Dillwynia rudis
Dillwynia stipulifera
Dimocarpus australianus
Dimocarpus longan
Dillwynia ramosissima
Dillwynia sericea
Dillwynia tenuifolia
Dimocarpus dentatus
Dimorphanthera alba
Dimorphorchis lowii
Dimorphotheca sinuata
Dinema polybulbon
Dinosperma erythrococcum
Dinteranthus inexpectatus
Dinteranthus vanzylii
Dioclea hexandra
Dionysia archibaldii
Dionysia bazoftica
Dionysia curviflora
Dionysia iranshahrii
Dionysia mozaffarianii
Dionysia teucrioides
Dioon caputoi
Dioon mejiae
Dioon rzedowskii
Dioon tomasellii
Dioscorea araucana
Dioscorea cotinifolia
Dioscorea dregeana
Dioscorea glabra
Dioscorea hirtiflora
Dioscorea polystachya
Dioscorea rupicola
Dioscorea villosa
Diospyros australis
Diospyros cathayensis
Diospyros diepenhorstii
Diospyros durionoides
Diospyros everettii
Diospyros glabra
Diospyros grisebachii
Diospyros kaki
Dimorphotheca barberiae
Dimorphotheca tragus
Dinochloa malayana
Dinosperma melanophloia
Dinteranthus microspermus
Dinteranthus wilmotianus
Dioclea virgata
Dionysia aretioides
Dionysia bryoides
Dionysia freitagii
Dionysia lamingtonii
Dionysia odora
Dionysia viscidula
Dioon edule
Dioon merolae
Dioon sonorense
Dioscorea acutifolia
Dioscorea auriculata
Dioscorea discolor
Dioscorea dumetorum
Dioscorea globosa
Dioscorea humifusa
Dioscorea praehensilis
Dioscorea septemloba
Diosma hirsuta
Diospyros austroafricana
Diospyros compacta
Diospyros digyna
Diospyros ebenaster
Diospyros fasciculosa
Diospyros glandulosa
Diospyros hebecarpa
Diospyros lanceifolia
Dillwynia retorta
Dillwynia sieberi
Dimerocostus strobilaceus
Dimocarpus fumatus
Dimorphotheca montana
Dinebra retroflexa
Dinochloa scandens
Dinosperma stipitatum
Dinteranthus pole-evansii
Dioclea guianensis
Dionaea muscipula
Dionysia aucheri
Dionysia caespitosa
Dionysia involucrata
Dionysia microphylla
Dionysia tapetodes
Dioon califanoi
Dioon holmgrenii
Dioon purpusii
Dioon spinulosum
Dioscorea alata
Dioscorea caucasica
Dioscorea dodecaneura
Dioscorea elephantipes
Dioscorea hemicrypta
Dioscorea mexicana
Dioscorea quinqueloba
Dioscorea sylvatica
Diosma oppositifolia
Diospyros blancoi
Diospyros cuneata
Diospyros duclouxii
Diospyros elliptica
Diospyros geminata
Diospyros glaucifolia
Diospyros japonica
Diospyros lotus
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Diospyros lucida
Diospyros mannii
Diospyros natalensis
Diospyros revoluta
Diospyros seychellarum
Diospyros whyteana
Dipcadi platyphyllum
Dipelta yunnanensis
Diphysa americana
Diplachne parviflora
Diplacus grandiflorus
Diplarrhena moraea
Diplaziopsis cavaleriana
Diplazium bantamense
Diplazium cristatum
Diplazium dilatatum
Diplazium esculentum
Diplazium latifolium
Diplazium melanopodium
Diplazium proliferum
Diplazium queenslandicum
Diplazium travancoricum
Diospyros mabacea
Diospyros melanoxylon
Diospyros pallens
Diospyros rhombifolia
Diospyros tessellaria
Diostea juncea
Dipelta floribunda
Diphylleia grayi
Diphysa spinosa
Diplacus calycinus
Dipladenia x brearleyana
Diplaspis cordifolia
Diplazium assimile
Diplazium callipteris
Diplazium cyatheifolium
Diplazium dolichosorum
Diplazium harpeodes
Diplazium macrophyllum
Diplazium ophiodontum
Diplazium sibiricum
Diplazium werckleanum
Diplocaulobium aureicolor
Diplocaulobium araneola
Diplocaulobium copelandii
Diplocaulobium glabrum
Diplocaulobium cyclobulbon
Diplocaulobium guttulatum
Diplocaulobium jadunae
Diplocaulobium pulvilliferum
Diplocaulobium stelliferum
Diploglottis bracteata
Diploglottis diphyllostegia
Diploglottis pedleyi
Diplopogon setaceus
Diplocaulobium longicolle
Diplocaulobium regale
Diploglottis australis
Diploglottis campbellii
Diploglottis macrantha
Diploglottis smithii
Diplopterygium longissimum
Diplocaulobium bicolor
Diospyros malabarica
Diospyros mespiliformis
Diospyros pentamera
Diospyros scabrida
Diospyros villosa
Dipcadi crispum
Dipelta ventricosa
Diphylleia sinensis
Dipidax triquetra
Diplacus clevelandii
Diplarrena latifolia
Diplaspis hydrocotyle
Diplazium australe
Diplazium caudatum
Diplazium dietrichianum
Diplazium donianum
Diplazium lanceum
Diplazium melanochlamys
Diplazium pin-faense
Diplazium pycnocarpon
Diplazium thwaitesii
Diplocaulobium aratriferum
Diplocaulobium filiforme
Diplocaulobium masonii
Diplocaulobium ou-hinnae
Diplocaulobium savannicola
Diploglottis bernieana
Diploglottis cunninghamii
Diploglottis obovata
Diplopappus filifolius
Diplosoma luckhoffii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Diplotaxis muralis
Dipodium ensifolium
Dipodium pictum
Dipodium squamatum
Diporidium serrulata
Dipteris conjugata
Dipterocarpus retusus
Dipteronia sinensis
Disa spp.
Discaria pubescens
Dischidia acutifolia
Dischidia bengalensis
Dischidia cominsii
Dischidia fruticulosa
Dischidia imbricata
Dischidia major
Dischidia milnei
Dischidia pectenoides
Dischidia purpurea
Dischidia ruscifolia
Dischidia timorensis
Dischidiopsis parasitica
Discocactus ackermannii
Discocactus heptacanthus
Discocactus pseudoinsignis
Discolobium psoraleifolium
Disocactus ackermannii
Disocactus eichlamii
Disocactus macdougallii
Disocactus phyllanthoides
Diplotaxis tenuifolia
Dipodium hamiltonianum
Dipodium punctatum
Dipodium variegatum
Dipsacus sativus
Dipterocarpus alatus
Dipterocarpus tuberculatus
Dipteryx alata
Disanthus cercidifolius
Discaria serratifolia
Dischidia albida
Dischidia cochleata
Dischidia dolichantha
Dischidia gaudichaudii
Dischidia littoralis
Dischidia melanesica
Dischidia nummularia
Dischidia platyphylla
Dischidia rafflesiana
Dischidia sagittata
Dischidia tomentella
Dischisma arenarium
Discocactus bahiensis
Discocactus horstii
Discocactus subterraneoproliferans
Discolobium psoraliaefolium
Disocactus amazonicus
Disocactus flagelliformis
Disocactus macranthus
Disocactus quezaltecus
x Disophyllum spp.
Disphyma clavellatum
Disporopsis longifolia
Disporum cantoniense
Disporum sessile
Disporum uniflorum
Dissiliaria surculosa
Dissotis plumosa
Disperis spp.
Disporopsis aspera
Disporopsis pernyi
Disporum hookeri
Disporum smilacinum
Disporum viridescens
Dissocarpus biflorus
Dissotis princeps
Diplothemium maritimum
Dipodium pandanum
Dipodium scandens
Dipogon lignosus
Dipteracanthus herbstii
Dipterocarpus obtusifolius
Dipterocarpus turbinatus
Dipteryx odorata
Discaria nitida
Discaria trinervis
Dischidia astephana
Dischidia collyris
Dischidia formosana
Dischidia hirsuta
Dischidia livida
Dischidia merrillii
Dischidia ovata
Dischidia punctata
Dischidia rhodantha
Dischidia subalata
Dischidia trichostemma
Dischisma capitatum
Discocactus ferricola
Discocactus placentiformis
Discocactus zehntneri
Diselma archeri
Disocactus biformis
Disocactus kimnachii
Disocactus nelsonii
Disocactus flagelliformis x
Cereus smithii
Disphyma australe
Disporopsis fuscopicta
Disporum bodinieri
Disporum kawakamii
Disporum smithii
Dissiliaria baloghioides
Dissotis eximia
Disterigma alaternoides
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Disterigma empetrifolium
Distichirhops minor
Distictis buccinatoria
Dittrichia graveolens
Docynia delavayi
Dodecatheon conjugens
Dodecatheon jeffreyi
Dodecatheon poeticum
Dodonaea angustissima
Dodonaea boroniifolia
Dodonaea falcata
Dodonaea heteromorpha
Dodonaea macrossanii
Dodonaea ovata
Dodonaea polyandra
Dodonaea rupicola
Dodonaea stenophylla
Dodonaea tepperi
Dodonaea truncatiales
Dolichandra quadrivalvis
Dolichandrone alternifolia
Dolichandrone stipulata
Dolichos carnosus
Dolichos kilimandscharicus
Dolichos martinicensis
Dolichos sericeus
Dolichothele albescens
Dolichothele zephyranthoides
Dombeya burgessiae
Dombeya cymosa
Dombeya ianthotricha
Dombeya mollis
Dombeya pulchra
Dombeya tanganyikensis
Donatia fascicularis
Doodia aspera
Doodia dissecta
Doodia linearis
Doodia squarrosa
Disterigma humboldtii
Distichlis palmeri
Distylium myricoides
Dittrichia viscosa
Dodecatheon alpinum
Dodecatheon dentatum
Dodecatheon x lemoinei
Dodecatheon pulchellum
Dodonaea baueri
Dodonaea camfieldii
Dodonaea filifolia
Dodonaea hirsuta
Dodonaea megazyga
Dodonaea peduncularis
Dodonaea procumbens
Dodonaea serratifolia
Dodonaea subglandulifera
Dodonaea triangularis
Doellingeria umbellata
Dolichandra unguis-cati
Dolichandrone falcata
Dolichopsis paraguariensis
Dolichos debilis
Dolichos leucomelas
Dolichos oliveri
Dolichos trilobus
Dolichothele longimamma
Dombeya acutangula
Dombeya cacuminum
Dombeya dregeana
Dombeya kirkii
Dombeya natalensis
Dombeya sparmannioides
Dombeya tiliacea
Donatia novae-zelandiae
Doodia australis
Doodia dives
Doodia maxima
Doritaenopsis spp.
Disterigma rimbachii
Distichostemon malvaceus
Distylium racemosum
Diuris spp.
Dodecatheon clevelandii
Dodecatheon hendersonii
Dodecatheon meadia
Dodecatheon redolens
Dodonaea biloba
Dodonaea ericifolia
Dodonaea filiformis
Dodonaea humilis
Dodonaea multijuga
Dodonaea pinnata
Dodonaea rhombifolia
Dodonaea sinuolata
Dodonaea tenuifolia
Dodonaea triquetra
Dolichandra cynanchoides
Dolichandrone alba
Dolichandrone spathacea
Dolichos bicontortus
Dolichos gululu
Dolichos luticola
Dolichos schweinfurthii
Dolichos trinervatus
Dolichothele surculosa
Dombeya buettneri
Dombeya calantha
Dombeya elliptica
Dombeya macrantha
Dombeya palmatisecta
Dombeya spectabilis
Dombeya wallichii
Donax canniformis
Doodia australis x linearis
Doodia heterophylla
Doodia media
Doronicum x excelsum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Doronicum grandiflorum
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis
Dorstenia alta
Dorstenia elata
Dorstenia hildebrandtii
Doryanthes palmeri
Dorycnium graecum
Dorycnium rectum
Dorycnopsis gerardii
Doryopteris pedata
Douglasia laevigata
Dovyalis hebecarpa x
Doxantha capreolata
Draba borealis
Draba crassifolia
Draba densifolia
Draba lasiocarpa
Draba oligosperma
Draba polytricha
Draba sphaeroides
Draba verna
Dracaena aletriformis
Dracaena arborea
Dracaena braunii
Dracaena cincta
Dracaena compacta
Dracaena ellenbeckiana
Dracaena fragrans
Dracaena jaspidea
Dracaena phrynioides
Dracaena schizantha
Dracaena umbraculifera
Dracocephalum bipinnatum
Dracocephalum diversifolium
Dracocephalum grandiflorum
Dracocephalum integrifolium
Dracocephalum moldavica
Dracocephalum purdomii
Doronicum orientale
Dorotheanthus clavatus
Dorstenia arifolia
Dorstenia foetida
Dorstenia turnerifolia
Dorycnium broussonetii
Dorycnium hirsutum
Dorycnium spectabile
Doryopteris ludens
Doryphora aromatica
Douglasia montana
Dovyalis rhamnoides
Dorotheanthus apetalus
Dorotheanthus oculatus
Dorstenia drakena
Dorstenia gigas
Doryanthes excelsa
Dorycnium fulgurans
Dorycnium pentaphyllum
Dorycnopsis abyssinica
Doryopteris nobilis
Doryphora sassafras
Dovyalis caffra
Dovyalis rotundifolia
Draba aizoon
Draba cappadocica
Draba cretica
Draba glabella
Draba longisiliqua
Draba parnassica
Draba ramosissima
Draba stellata
Draba yunnanensis
Dracaena americana
Dracaena aubryana
Dracaena cambodiana
Dracaena cinnabari
Dracaena concinna
Dracaena elliptica
Dracaena hendersonii
Dracaena marginata
Dracaena reflexa
Dracaena steudneri
Dracocephalum altaiense
Dracocephalum botryoides
Dracocephalum forrestii
Dracocephalum isabellae
Dracocephalum origanoides
Dracocephalum renati
Draba aurea
Draba cinerea
Draba dedeana
Draba haynaldii
Draba mollissima
Draba pauciflora
Draba sauteri
Draba ventosa
Dracaena afromontana
Dracaena angustifolia
Dracaena bicolor
Dracaena cantleyi
Dracaena cochinchinensis
Dracaena draco
Dracaena fontanesiana
Dracaena hookeriana
Dracaena nutans
Dracaena sanderiana
Dracaena surculosa
Dracocephalum argunense
Dracocephalum bullatum
Dracocephalum fragile
Dracocephalum imberbe
Dracocephalum mairei
Dracocephalum paulsenii
Dracocephalum rupestre
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Dracocephalum wendelboi
Dracontium angustispathum
Dracontium bogneri
Dracontium dubium
Dracontium grandispathum
Dracontium nivosum
Dracontium purdieanum
Dracontium ulei
Dracocephalum speciosum
Dracocephalum wallichii
Dracontioides desciscens
Dracontium asperispathum
Dracontium croatii
Dracontium foecundum
Dracontium grayumianum
Dracontium peruvianum
Dracontium soconuscum
Dracontomelon dao
Dracophilus dealbatus
Dracophilus delaetianus
Dracophyllum acerosum
Dracophyllum minimum
Dracophyllum pubescens
Dracophyllum secundum
Dracophyllum uniflorum
Dracunculus canariensis
Dregea sinensis
Drepanostachyum falcatum
Dracophyllum longifolium
Dracophyllum paludosum
Dracophyllum ramosum
Dracophyllum strictum
Dracophyllum verticillatum
Dracunculus vulgaris
Dregea volubilis
Drimia angustifolia
Drimia elata
Drimia haworthioides
Drimia macrantha
Drimia nitida
Drimia zombensis
Drimys winteri
Drosanthemum ambiguum
Drosanthemum calycinum
Drosanthemum flammeum
Drosanthemum lavisii
Drosanthemum speciosum
Drosera affinis
Drosera auriculata
Drosera callistos x lasiantha
Drosera cistiflora
Dracontium amazonense
Dracontium asperum
Dracontium dressleri
Dracontium gigas
Dracontium margaretae
Dracontium pittieri
Dracontium spruceanum
Dracophilus montisdraconis
Dracophyllum milliganii
Dracophyllum palustre
Dracophyllum sayeri
Dracophyllum traversii
Dracula spp.
Dransfieldia micrantha
Drepanostachyum asper
Drepanostachyum porcatum
Drimia altissima
Drimia depressa
Drimia fragrans
Drimia indica
Drimia multifolia
Drimia undata
Drimys stipitata
Drosanthemum albiflorum
Drosanthemum bicolor
Drosanthemum eburneum
Drosanthemum hallii
Drosanthemum pulchellum
Drosanthemum striatum
Drosera admirabilis
Drosera arcturi
Drosera x californica
Drosera capillaris
Drimia calcarata
Drimia filifolia
Drimia hesperia
Drimia macrocarpa
Drimia noctiflora
Drimys insipida
Drimys xerophila
Drosanthemum autumnale
Drosanthemum candens
Drosanthemum floribundum
Drosanthemum micans
Drosanthemum splendens
Drosera adelae
Drosera aliciae
Drosera burkeana
Drosera capensis
Drosera collinsiae
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Drosera darwinensis
Drosera falconeri
Drosera madagascariensis
Drosera natalensis
Drosera x obovata
Drosera ramentacea
Drosera rotundifolia
Drosera slackii
Drosera villosa
Dryadella edwallii
Dryas octopetala
Drymonia ecuadorensis
Drymophloeus bifidus
Drymophloeus litigiosus
Drymophloeus subdistichus
Drosera dielsiana
Drosera filiformis
Drosera mannii
Drosera neocaledonica
Drosera pauciflora
Drosera regia
Drosera rubrifolia
Drosera spatulata
Drosera whittakeri
Dryadella zebrina
Dryas x suendermannii
Drymophila cyanocarpa
Drymophloeus hentyi
Drymophloeus oliviformis
Drymophloeus whitmeeanus
Drynaria bonii
Drynaria rigidula
Dryobalanops aromatica
Dryopteris aitoniana
Dryopteris athamantica
Dryopteris cambrensis
Dryopteris championii
Dryopteris concolor
Dryopteris cycadina
Dryopteris dissecta
Dryopteris extensa
Dryopteris fuscipes
Dryopteris gracilis
Dryopteris hadanoi
Dryopteris hondoensis
Dryopteris lacera
Dryopteris ochthodes
Dryopteris pacifica
Dryopteris patula
Dryopteris pseudomas
Dryopteris pycnopteroides
Dryopteris sabaei
Dryopteris stenobasis
Drynaria fortunei
Drynaria sparsisora
Dryopoa dives
Dryopteris amurensis
Dryopteris bissetiana
Dryopteris campyloptera
Dryopteris cochleata
Dryopteris corleyi
Dryopteris decursive-pinnata
Dryopteris erythrosora
Dryopteris filix-mas
Dryopteris goldiana
Dryopteris guanchica
Dryopteris hasseltii
Dryopteris juxtaposita
Dryopteris marginalis
Dryopteris oligodonta
Dryopteris paleacea
Dryopteris poecilophlebia
Dryopteris purpurascens
Dryopteris raddeana
Dryopteris sieboldii
Dryopteris stewartii
Drosera dilatatopetiolaris
Drosera intermedia
Drosera montana
Drosera oblanceolata
Drosera prolifera
Drosera roraimae
Drosera schizandra
Drosera trinervia
Drosophyllum lusitanicum
Dryas integrifolia
Drymoanthus minimus
Drymophila moorei
Drymophloeus lepidotus
Drymophloeus pachycladus
Drynaria heracleum
Drynaria willdenowii
Dryopteris affinis
Dryopteris ardechensis
Dryopteris blanfordii
Dryopteris caucasica
Dryopteris commixta
Dryopteris crassirhizoma
Dryopteris deflexa
Dryopteris expansa
Dryopteris formosana
Dryopteris gracilipes
Dryopteris gymnosora
Dryopteris hirtipes
Dryopteris labordei
Dryopteris mindshelkensis
Dryopteris oreades
Dryopteris pallida
Dryopteris pseudofilix-mas
Dryopteris purpurella
Dryopteris remota
Dryopteris sparsa
Dryopteris sublacera
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Dryopteris subsericea
Dryopteris unita
Dryopteris villosa
Drypetes australasica
Drypetes riseleyi
Dubautia raillardioides
Duckeodendron cestroides
Dudleya anthonyi
Dudleya candelabrum
Dudleya cymosa
Dudleya farinosa
Dudleya lanceolata
Dudleya traskiae
Dudleya viscida
Dumasia truncata
Duranta erecta
Duranta serratifolia
Durio affinis
Durio grandiflorus
Durio kinabaluensis
Durio lowianus
Durio oblongus
Durio singaporensis
Duvalia caespitosa
Duvalia immaculata
Duvalia pubescens
Dyakia hendersoniana
Dyckia brevifolia
Dyckia cinerea
Dyckia encholirioides
Dyckia floribunda
Dyckia goiana
Dyckia lenheiro
Dryopteris tokyoensis
Dryopteris varia
Dryopteris wallichiana
Drypetes iodoformis
Drypetes vernicosa
Duboisia leichhardtii
Dudleya abramsii
Dudleya blochmanae
Dudleya candida
Dudleya densiflora
Dudleya gnoma
Dudleya nesiotica
Dudleya verityi
Duguetia barteri
Dunalia fasciculata
Duranta lorentzii
Duranta stenostachya
Durio dulcis
Durio graveolens
Durio kutejensis
Durio macrantha
Durio oxleyanus
Durio testudinarius
Duvalia corderoyi
Duvalia parviflora
Duvalia radiata
Dyckia altissima
Dyckia brevifolia x fosteriana
Dyckia densiflora
Dyckia estevesii
Dyckia fosteriana
Dyckia hebdingii
Dyckia leptostachya
Dyckia lindevaldae
Dyckia niederleinii
Dyckia marnier-lapostollei
Dyckia platyphylla
Dyckia rariflora
Dyckia tuberosa
Dymondia margaretae
Dyckia remotiflora
Dyckia velascana
Dypsis acaulis
Dryopteris uniformis
Dryopteris villarii
Drypetes acuminata
Drypetes lasiogyna
Duabanga grandiflora
Dubouzetia confusa
Dudleya albiflora
Dudleya brittonii
Dudleya cultrata
Dudleya edulis
Dudleya greenei
Dudleya pulverulenta
Dudleya virens
Duguetia staudtii
Dunbaria punctata
Duranta mutisii
Durio acutifolius
Durio excelsus
Durio griffithii
Durio lanceolatus
Durio malaccensis
Durio purpureus
Durio zibethinus
Duvalia eilensis
Duvalia polita
Duvalia sulcata
Dyckia argentea
Dyckia choristaminea
Dyckia distachya
Dyckia ferox
Dyckia frigida
Dyckia ibiramensis
Dyckia leptostachya x
Dyckia microcalyx
Dyckia platyphylla x
Dyckia sulphurea
Dyera costulata
Dypsis acuminum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Dypsis albofarinosa
Dypsis ambositrae
Dypsis andrianatonga
Dypsis ankaizinensis
Dypsis arenarum
Dypsis beentjei
Dypsis betamponensis
Dypsis bosseri
Dypsis canaliculata
Dypsis catatiana
Dypsis ceraceus
Dypsis confusa
Dypsis corniculata
Dypsis curtisii
Dypsis digitata
Dypsis eriostachys
Dypsis fasciculata
Dypsis furcata
Dypsis heteromorpha
Dypsis hildebrandtii
Dypsis humblotiana
Dypsis intermedia
Dypsis laevis
Dypsis lanuginosa
Dypsis leptocheilos x decaryi
Dypsis lokohoensis
Dypsis lucens
Dypsis madagascariensis
Dypsis mananjarensis
Dypsis mcdonaldiana
Dypsis mocquerysiana
Dypsis moorei
Dypsis nossibensis
Dypsis oreophila
Dypsis pachyramea
Dypsis perrieri
Dypsis pinnatifrons
Dypsis prestoniana
Dypsis pulchella
Dypsis ambanjae
Dypsis ampasindavae
Dypsis angusta
Dypsis antanambensis
Dypsis baronii
Dypsis bejofo
Dypsis boiviniana
Dypsis brevicaulis
Dypsis canescens
Dypsis caudata
Dypsis commersoniana
Dypsis cookei
Dypsis coursii
Dypsis decaryi
Dypsis dransfieldii
Dypsis faneva
Dypsis fibrosa
Dypsis glabrescens
Dypsis heterophylla
Dypsis hovomantsina
Dypsis ifanadianae
Dypsis interrupta
Dypsis lanceolata
Dypsis lastelliana
Dypsis ligulata
Dypsis loucoubensis
Dypsis lutea
Dypsis mahia
Dypsis mangorensis
Dypsis minuta
Dypsis monostachya
Dypsis nauseosa
Dypsis occidentalis
Dypsis oropedionis
Dypsis paludosa
Dypsis pervillei
Dypsis plurisecta
Dypsis procera
Dypsis pumila
Dypsis ambilaensis
Dypsis andapae
Dypsis angustifolia
Dypsis aquatilis
Dypsis basilonga
Dypsis bernierana
Dypsis bonsai
Dypsis cabadae
Dypsis carlsmithii
Dypsis ceracea
Dypsis concinna
Dypsis coriacea
Dypsis crinita
Dypsis decipiens
Dypsis elegans
Dypsis fanjana
Dypsis forficifolia
Dypsis gracilis
Dypsis hiarakae
Dypsis humbertii
Dypsis integra
Dypsis jumelleana
Dypsis lantzeana
Dypsis leptocheilos
Dypsis linearis
Dypsis louvelii
Dypsis lutescens
Dypsis malcomberi
Dypsis marojejyi
Dypsis mirabilis
Dypsis montana
Dypsis nodifera
Dypsis onilahensis
Dypsis ovobontsira
Dypsis pembana
Dypsis pilulifera
Dypsis poivreana
Dypsis psammophila
Dypsis pusilla
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Dypsis ramentacea
Dypsis robusta
Dypsis sambiranensis
Dypsis schatzii
Dypsis simianensis
Dypsis spicata
Dypsis thermarum
Dypsis tokoravina
Dypsis tsaravoasira
Dyschoriste repens
Dysoxylum fraserianum
Dysoxylum oppositifolium
Dysoxylum pumilum
Dysoxylum spectabile
Earina deplanchei
Earina valida
Ebenus pinnata
Ebracteola wilmaniae
Echeandia chiapensis
Echeveria agavoides
Echeveria amoena
Echeveria bella
Echeveria chiapensis
Echeveria clavifolia
Echeveria compressicaulis
Echeveria dactylifera
Echeveria difractens
Echeveria gigantea
Echeveria goldmanii
Echeveria harmsii x setosa
Echeveria x hybrids
Echeveria leucotricha
Echeveria linguaefolia
Echeveria macrophylla
Echeveria moranii
Echeveria pallida
Echeveria pilosa
Echeveria pubescens
Echeveria pumila
Dypsis remotiflora
Dypsis sahanofensis
Dypsis sanctaemariae
Dypsis scottiana
Dypsis singularis
Dypsis tanalensis
Dypsis thiryana
Dypsis trapezoidea
Dypsis utilis
Dysosma delavayi
Dysoxylum gaudichaudianum
Dysoxylum parasiticum
Dysoxylum rufum
Dysphania botrys
Earina floripecten
Ebenopsis ebano
Ebracteola derenbergiana
Ecballium elaterium
Echeveria acutifolia
Echeveria alata
Echeveria atropurpurea
Echeveria cante
Echeveria chihuahuaensis
Echeveria coccinea
Echeveria crenulata
Echeveria derenbergii
Echeveria elegans
Echeveria gilva
Echeveria halbingeri
Echeveria hoveyi
Echeveria x imbricata
Echeveria lilacina
Echeveria longissima
Echeveria minima
Echeveria nodulosa
Echeveria paniculata
Echeveria potosina
Echeveria pulidonis
Echeveria purpusorum
Dypsis rivularis
Dypsis saintelucei
Dypsis scandens
Dypsis serpentina
Dypsis soanieranae
Dypsis tenuissima
Dypsis thouarsiana
Dypsis tsaratananensis
Dypsis viridis
Dysoxylum arborescens
Dysoxylum mollissimum
Dysoxylum pettigrewianum
Dysoxylum schiffneri
Earina autumnalis
Earina mucronata
Ebenus cretica
Ebracteola montis-moltkei
Eccremocarpus scaber
Echeveria affinis
Echeveria albicans
Echeveria australis
Echeveria carnicolor
Echeveria ciliata
Echeveria colorata
Echeveria cuspidata
Echeveria desmetiana
Echeveria fulgens
Echeveria globulosa
Echeveria harmsii
Echeveria hyalina
Echeveria laui
Echeveria lindsayana
Echeveria macdougallii
Echeveria montana
Echeveria nuda
Echeveria peacockii
Echeveria prolifica
Echeveria pulvinata
Echeveria racemosa
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Echeveria rosea
Echeveria schaffneri
Echeveria setosa
Echeveria subalpina
Echeveria subsessilis
Echeveria trianthina
Echeveria violescens
Echidnopsis dammanniana
Echidnopsis leachii
Echidnopsis scutellata
Echinacea angustifolia
Echinacea paradoxa
Echinocactus grusonii
Echinocactus mexicanus
Echinocactus texensis
Echinocereus adustus
Echinocereus berlandieri
Echinocereus chisoensis
Echinocereus dasyacanthus
Echinocereus engelmannii
Echinocereus ferreirianus
Echinocereus inermis
Echinocereus leonensis
Echinocereus maritimus
Echinocereus pectinatus
Echinocereus polyacanthus
Echeveria rubromarginata
Echeveria scopulorum
Echeveria shaviana
Echeveria subcorymbosa
Echeveria tolimanensis
Echeveria turgida
Echidnopsis cereiformis
Echidnopsis framesii
Echidnopsis montana
Echidnopsis serpentina
Echinacea hybrida
Echinacea purpurea
Echinocactus platyacanthus
Echinocactus villosus
Echinocereus albiflorus
Echinocereus brandegeei
Echinocereus cinerascens
Echinocereus delaetii
Echinocereus enneacanthus
Echinocereus gentryi
Echinocereus knippelianus
Echinocereus leucanthus
Echinocereus nivosus
Echinocereus pensilis
Echinocereus poselgeri
Echinocereus pulchellus
Echinocereus x roetteri
Echinocereus sciurus
Echinocereus reichenbachii
Echinocereus scheeri
Echinocereus scopulorum
Echinocereus stoloniferus
Echinocereus subinermis
Echinocereus tulensis
Echinocereus websterianus
Echinochloa crus-pavonis
Echinochloa haploclada
Echinochloa oryzoides
Echinochloa telmatophila
Echinocereus stramineus
Echinocereus tayopensis
Echinocereus viereckii
Echinochloa colona
Echinochloa esculenta
Echinochloa inundata
Echinochloa pyramidalis
Echinochloa walteri
Echeveria runyonii
Echeveria secunda
Echeveria spectabilis
Echeveria subrigida
Echeveria tolucensis
Echeveria unguiculata
Echidnopsis chrysantha
Echidnopsis hirsuta
Echidnopsis radians
Echidnopsis sharpei
Echinacea pallida
Echinacea tennesseensis
Echinocactus leninghausii
Echinocactus polycephalus
Echinocereus acifer
Echinocereus barthelowanus
Echinocereus bristolii
Echinocereus coccineus
Echinocereus ehrenbergii
Echinocereus fendleri
Echinocereus huitcholensis
Echinocereus laui
Echinocereus longisetus
Echinocereus papillosus
Echinocereus pentalophus
Echinocereus rigidissimus
Echinocereus schmollii
Echinocereus strausianus
Echinocereus triglochidiatus
Echinocereus viridiflorus
Echinochloa crus-galli
Echinochloa frumentacea
Echinochloa muricata
Echinochloa rotundiflora
Echinocystis wrightii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Echinodorus andrieuxii
Echinodorus berteroi
Echinodorus bolivianus
Echinodorus horizontalis
Echinodorus macrophyllus
Echinodorus grandiflorus
Echinodorus horizontalis x
Echinodorus martii
Echinodorus subalatus
Echinodorus xinguensis
Echinops bannaticus
Echinops dissectus
Echinops horridus
Echinops niveus
Echinopsis angelesiae
Echinopsis atacamensis
Echinopsis bertramiana
Echinopsis bridgesii
Echinodorus tenellus
Echinomastus gautii
Echinops chantavicus
Echinops giganteus
Echinops meyeri
Echinops platylepis
Echinopsis antezanae
Echinopsis aurea
Echinopsis boyuibensis
Echinopsis bruchii
Echinopsis cabrerae
Echinopsis callichroma
Echinopsis camarguensis
Echinopsis carmineiflora
Echinopsis caespitosa
Echinopsis calochlora
Echinopsis candicans
Echinopsis catamarcensis
Echinopsis chalaensis
Echinopsis chrysantha
Echinopsis comarapana
Echinopsis coronata
Echinopsis densispina
Echinopsis elongata
Echinopsis fabrisii
Echinopsis formosa x bruchii
Echinopsis hahniana
Echinopsis huascha
Echinopsis jajoiana
Echinopsis lamprochlora
Echinopsis leucorhodantha
Echinopsis mamillosa
Echinopsis mirabilis
Echinopsis nigripilis
Echinopsis orozasana
Echinopsis chamaecereus
Echinopsis chrysochete
Echinopsis conaconensis
Echinopsis crassicaulis
Echinopsis deserticola
Echinopsis escayachensis
Echinopsis ferox
Echinopsis glauca
Echinopsis hertrichiana
Echinopsis huotii
Echinopsis knuthiana
Echinopsis lateritia
Echinopsis litoralis
Echinopsis marsoneri
Echinopsis narvaecensis
Echinopsis obrepanda
Echinopsis orurensis
Echinodorus berteroi x
Echinodorus grisebachii
Echinodorus longipetalus
Echinodorus uruguayensis
Echinopogon cheelii
Echinops cornigerus
Echinops hoehnelii
Echinops nanus
Echinopsis ancistrophora
Echinopsis arachnacantha
Echinopsis backebergii
Echinopsis breviflora
Echinopsis bruchii x
Echinopsis caineana
Echinopsis calorubra
Echinopsis cardenasiana
Echinopsis chiloensis
Echinopsis cinnabarina
Echinopsis coquimbana
Echinopsis cuzcoensis
Echinopsis x duvallii
Echinopsis eyriesii
Echinopsis formosa
Echinopsis haematantha
Echinopsis herzogiana
Echinopsis hybrids
Echinopsis lageniformis
Echinopsis leucantha
Echinopsis macrogona
Echinopsis maximiliana
Echinopsis nigra
Echinopsis oligotricha
Echinopsis oxygona
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Echinopsis pachanoi
Echinopsis pasacana
Echinopsis pseudocandicans
Echinopsis purpureopilosa
Echinopsis rojasii
Echinopsis santaensis
Echinopsis schoenii
Echinopsis semidenudata
Echinopsis smrziana
Echinopsis subdenudatus
Echinopsis taratensis
Echinopsis tegeleriana
Echinopsis thelegonoides
Echinopsis toralapana
Echinopsis tulhuayacensis
Echinopsis valida
Echinopsis volliana
Echinospartum horridum
Echium aculeatum
Echium callithyrsum
Echinopsis pampana
Echinopsis pentlandii
Echinopsis pugionacantha
Echinopsis pygmaea
Echinopsis saltensis
Echinopsis schickendantzii
Echinopsis schreiteri
Echinopsis silvestrii
Echinopsis stilowiana
Echinopsis tacaquirensis
Echinopsis tarijensis
Echinopsis terscheckii
Echinopsis thionantha
Echinopsis trichosa
Echinopsis tunariensis
Echinopsis vasquezii
Echinopsis walteri
Echites melaleucus
Echium auberianum
Echium candicans
Echium decaisnei
Echium handiense
Echium judaicum
Echium onosmaefolium
Echium pomponium
Echium thyrsiflorum
Echium wildpretii
Edgeworthia gardneri
Edraianthus caudatus
Edraianthus graminifolius
Edraianthus serbicus
Egeria najas
Ehretia anacua
Ehretia macrophylla
Ehretia thyrsiflora
Ehrharta aphylla
Ehrharta capensis
Ehrharta diplax
Echium gentianoides
Echium hierrense
Echium leucophaeum
Echium perezii
Echium simplex
Echium virescens
Echium wildpretii x pininana
Edithcolea grandis
Edraianthus dalmaticus
Edraianthus owerinianus
Edraianthus serpyllifolius
Ehretia acuminata
Ehretia dicksonii
Ehretia membranifolia
Ehretia tinifolia
Ehrharta brevifolia
Ehrharta delicatula
Ehrharta distichophylla
Echinopsis pamparuizii
Echinopsis polyancistra
Echinopsis puquiensis
Echinopsis rhodotricha
Echinopsis sanguiniflora
Echinopsis schieliana
Echinopsis scopulicola
Echinopsis skottsbergii
Echinopsis strigosa
Echinopsis taquimbalensis
Echinopsis tarmaensis
Echinopsis thelegona
Echinopsis tiegeliana
Echinopsis tubiflora
Echinopsis uyupampensis
Echinopsis vatteri
Echinopsis yuquina
Echium acanthocarpum
Echium brevirame
Echium candicans x
Echium giganteum
Echium italicum
Echium nervosum
Echium pininana
Echium strictum
Echium webbii
Edgeworthia chrysantha
Edmondia pinifolia
Edraianthus dinaricus
Edraianthus pumilio
Edraianthus tenuifolius
Ehretia amoena
Ehretia laevis
Ehretia retusa
Ehrharta acuminata
Ehrharta calycina
Ehrharta digyna
Ehrharta erecta
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Ehrharta juncea
Ehrharta thunbergii
Einadia hastata
Elaeagnus angustifolia
Elaeagnus gonyanthes
Elaeagnus matsunoana
Elaeagnus pungens
Elaeagnus umbellata
Elaeocarpus angustifolius
Elaeocarpus bancroftii
Elaeocarpus cyaneus
Elaeocarpus edulis
Elaeocarpus ferruginiflorus
Elaeocarpus grandiflorus
Elaeocarpus hookerianus
Elaeocarpus kirtonii
Elaeocarpus obovatus
Elaeocarpus rarotongensis
Elaeocarpus sericopetalus
Elaeocarpus williamsianus
Elaeodendron curtipendulum
Elaeodendron laneanum
Elaphoglossum aemulum
Elaphoglossum cuspidatum
Elaphoglossum peltatum
Elateriospermum tapos
Elatostema rupestre
Elattostachys nervosa
Elegia cuspidata
Elegia filacea
Elegia juncea
Eleiotis monophyllos
Eleocharis gracilis
Eleocharis vivipara
Elettaria cardamomum
Eleusine indica
Eleutherine bulbosa
Eleutherococcus sessiliflorus
Ehrharta longiflora
Ehrharta villosa
Eithea blumenavia
Elaeagnus conferta
Elaeagnus latifolia
Elaeagnus multiflora
Elaeagnus songorica
Elaeis guineensis
Elaeocarpus apiculatus
Elaeocarpus carolinae
Elaeocarpus decipiens
Elaeocarpus elliffii
Elaeocarpus foveolatus
Elaeocarpus hainanensis
Elaeocarpus japonicus
Elaeocarpus largiflorens
Elaeocarpus oppositifolius
Elaeocarpus reticulatus
Elaeocarpus serratus
Elaeodendron australe
Elaeodendron fruticosum
Elaeodendron laurifolium
Elaphoglossum callifolium
Elaphoglossum herminieri
Elatostema grande
Elatostema stipitatum
Elattostachys xylocarpa
Elegia equisetacea
Elegia fistulosa
Elegia racemosa
Eleocharis cylindrostachys
Eleocharis nuda
Elephantopus carolinianus
Elettaria ensal
Eleusine polystachya
Eleutherococcus divaricatus
Eleutherococcus setchuensis
Ehrharta pusilla
Eidothea zoexylocarya
Ekebergia capensis
Elaeagnus x ebbingei
Elaeagnus macrophylla
Elaeagnus oxycarpa
Elaeagnus triflora
Elaeis oleifera
Elaeocarpus arnhemicus
Elaeocarpus coorangooloo
Elaeocarpus dentatus
Elaeocarpus eumundi
Elaeocarpus glabripetalus
Elaeocarpus holopetalus
Elaeocarpus johnsonii
Elaeocarpus oblongus
Elaeocarpus persicifolius
Elaeocarpus ruminatus
Elaeocarpus storckii
Elaeodendron croceum
Elaeodendron glaucum
Elaeodendron orientale
Elaphoglossum ciliatum
Elaphoglossum hirtum
Elaphoglossum stramineum
Elatostema reticulatum
Elattostachys microcarpa
Elegia capensis
Elegia fenestrata
Elegia grandis
Eleiodoxa conferta
Eleocharis difformis
Eleocharis plana
Elephantorrhiza goetzei
Eleusine coracana
Eleusine stricta
Eleutherococcus senticosus
Eleutherococcus spinosus
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Eleutherococcus trifoliatus
Elliottia bracteata
Elmera racemosa
Elsholtzia stauntonii
Elymus angulatus
Elymus bungeanus
Elymus cordilleranus
Elymus enysii
Elymus fibrosus
Elymus hitchcockii
Elymus jacutensis
Elymus longearistatus
Elymus melantherus
Elymus x obtusiusculus
Elymus reflexiaristatus
Elymus stebbinsii
Elymus uralensis
Elytraria carolinensis
Elytrigia repens
Embelia australiana
Embergeria grandifolia
Embothrium lanceolatum
Eminia antennulifera
Elingamita johnsonii
Elliottia pyroliflorus
Elsholtzia bodinieri
Elyhordeum macounii
Elymus arizonicus
Elymus ciliaris
Elymus dentatus
Elymus fedtschenkoi
Elymus glaucus
Elymus hondae
Elymus kengii
Elymus macrourus
Elymus mutabilis
Elymus patagonicus
Elymus scabrifolius
Elymus tenuis
Elymus villifer
Elytrigia disticha
Elytropus chilensis
Embelia ribes
Embothrium coccineum
Embreea spp.
Emmenopterys henryi
Empodisma minus
Encelia canescens
Encelia virginensis
Encephalartos altensteinii
Encephalartos bubalinus
Encephalartos cycadifolius
Encephalartos eugenemaraisii
Encephalartos ghellinckii
Encephalartos hirsutus
Encephalartos ituriensis
Encephalartos lanatus
Emorycactus polycephalus
Elionurus tripsacoides
Ellisiophyllum pinnatum
Elsholtzia ciliata
Elymus abolinii
Elymus batalinii
Elymus cognatus
Elymus duthiei
Elymus festucoides
Elymus gmelinii
Elymus humidorus
Elymus laxiflorus
Elymus magellanicus
Elymus nakaii
Elymus pendulinus
Elymus scabriglumis
Elymus transhyrcanus
Elymus villosus
Elytrigia pontica
Embelia angustifolia
Embelia sessiliflora
Embothrium grandiflorum
Emilia sonchifolia
Empetrum eamesii
Empodium plicatum
Encelia eriocephala
Enceliopsis nudicaulis
Encephalartos arenarius
Encephalartos caffer
Encephalartos concinnus
Encelia californica
Encelia oblongifolia
Encephalartos aemulans
Encephalartos barteri
Encephalartos cerinus
Encephalartos cupidus
Encephalartos dolomiticus
Encephalartos ferox
Encephalartos dyerianus
Encephalartos fridericiguilielmi
Encephalartos hildebrandtii
Encephalartos inopinus
Encephalartos laevifolius
Encephalartos laurentianus
Encephalartos gratus
Encephalartos horridus
Encephalartos kisambo
Encephalartos latifrons
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Encephalartos lebomboensis
Encephalartos macrostrobilus
Encephalartos natalensis
Encephalartos lehmannii
Encephalartos manikensis
Encephalartos msinganus
Encephalartos longifolius
Encephalartos marunguensis
Encephalartos munchii
Encephalartos ngoyanus
Encephalartos nubimontanus
Encephalartos princeps
Encephalartos sclavoi
Encephalartos natalensis x
Encephalartos paucidentatus
Encephalartos pterogonus
Encephalartos senticosus
Encephalartos tegulaneus
Encephalartos turneri
Encephalartos whitelockii
Encyclia spp.
Encephalartos transvenosus
Encephalartos umbeluziensis
Encholirium bradeanum
Endiandra acuminata
Endiandra baillonii
Endiandra compressa
Endiandra crassiflora
Endiandra discolor
Endiandra globosa
Endiandra hypotephra
Endiandra introrsa
Endiandra microneura
Endiandra palmerstonii
Endiandra sideroxylon
Endiandra virens
Endonema lateriflora
Endospermum macrophyllum
Endressia wardellii
Engelhardia spicata
Enkianthus cernuus
Enkianthus perulatus
Enkianthus rubicundus
Enneapogon gracilis
Enneapogon scaber
Entada abyssinica
Entada phaseoloides
Entandrophragma caudatum
Endiandra bessaphila
Endiandra cooperana
Endiandra dichrophylla
Endiandra floydii
Endiandra grayi
Endiandra impressicosta
Endiandra jonesii
Endiandra montana
Endiandra pubens
Endiandra sieberi
Endiandra wolfei
Endonema retzioides
Endospermum peltatum
Endymion italicus
Engysiphon roseus
Enkianthus chinensis
Enkianthus quinqueflorus
Enkianthus serrulatus
Enneapogon oblongus
Ensete superbum
Entada africana
Entandrophragma angolense
Encephalartos poggei
Encephalartos schmitzii
Encephalartos trispinosus
Encephalartos villosus
Encholirium horridum
Endiandra collinsii
Endiandra cowleyana
Endiandra dielsiana
Endiandra glauca
Endiandra hayesii
Endiandra insignis
Endiandra leptodendron
Endiandra muelleri
Endiandra sankeyana
Endiandra tooram
Endiandra xanthocarpa
Endopleura uchi
Endospermum robbieanum
Engelhardia roxburghiana
Enkianthus campanulatus
Enkianthus deflexus
Enkianthus ruber
Enkianthus tectus
Enneapogon persicus
Ensete ventricosum
Entada gigas
Entandrophragma candollei
Entandrophragma utile
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Entelea arborescens
Enterolobium maximum
Enteropogon monostachyos
Eomecon chionantha
Epacris attleana
Epacris calvertiana
Epacris crassifolia
Epacris glabella
Epacris gunnii
Epacris impressa
Epacris limbata
Epacris mucronulata
Epacris navicularis
Epacris petrophila
Epacris rigida
Epacris stuartii
Ephedra americana
Ephedra foeminea
Ephedra intermedia
Ephedra monosperma
Ephedra strobilacea
Epiblastus basalis
Epigaea asiatica
Epilobium angustifolium
Epilobium crassum
Epilobium dielsii
Epilobium gunnianum
Epilobium pallidiflorum
Epilobium tasmanicum
Epimedium brachyrrhizum
Epimedium epsteinii
Epimedium grandiflorum x
Epimedium macranthum
Epimedium ogisui
Epimedium perralderianum
Epimedium pubescens
Epimedium sempervirens
Enteropogon acicularis
Entolasia imbricata
Epacris apiculata
Epacris barbata
Epacris coriacea
Epacris curtisiae
Epacris glacialis
Epacris hamiltonii
Epacris x kinghornii
Epacris marginata
Epacris muelleri
Epacris obtusifolia
Epacris pulchella
Epacris robusta
Epacris tasmanica
Ephedra californica
Ephedra fragilis
Ephedra lomatolepis
Ephedra nevadensis
Ephedra tweediana
Epicattleya spp.
Epigaea repens
Epilobium canum
Epilobium curtisiae
Epilobium fleischeri
Epilobium nerteroides
Epilobium parviflorum
Epilobium tetragonum
Epimedium diphyllum
Epimedium franchetii
Epimedium koreanum
Enterolobium cyclocarpum
Enteropogon macrostachyus
Entolasia stricta
Epacris apsleyensis
Epacris breviflora
Epacris corymbiflora
Epacris exserta
Epacris grandis
Epacris heteronema
Epacris lanuginosa
Epacris microphylla
Epacris myrtifolia
Epacris paludosa
Epacris reclinata
Epacris serpyllifolia
Epacris virgata
Ephedra equisetina
Ephedra gerardiana
Ephedra major
Ephedra regeliana
Ephedra viridis
Epidendrum spp.
Epigeneium spp.
Epilobium ciliatum
Epilobium davuricum
Epilobium glabellum
Epilobium obcordatum
Epilobium sarmentaceum
Epimedium acuminatum
Epimedium dolichostemon
Epimedium grandiflorum
Epimedium leptorrhizum
Epimedium membranaceum
Epimedium x omeiense
Epimedium pinnatum
Epimedium pubigerum
Epimedium setosum
Epimedium myrianthum
Epimedium pauciflorum
Epimedium platypetalum
Epimedium x rubrum
Epimedium shuichengense
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Epimedium stellulatum
Epimedium x warleyense
Epiphronitis x veitchii
Epiphyllum caudatum
Epiphyllum grandilobum
Epiphyllum macropterum
Epiphyllum pumilum
Epipremnum amplissimum
Epipremnum pinnatum
Episcia punctata
Eragrostis barrelieri
Eragrostis caespitosa
Eragrostis collina
Eragrostis falcata
Eragrostis lurida
Eragrostis mildbraedii
Eragrostis pallens
Eragrostis pilosa
Eragrostis tef
Eranthemum album
Eranthemum laxiflorum
Eranthemum sanguinolentum
Eranthemum tricolor
Eranthis cilicica
Eranthis pinnatifida
Eranthis x tubergenii
Eremaea rosea
Eremocitrus glauca
Eremophila alternifolia x
Eremophila barbata
Eremophila bignoniflora x
Eremophila bignoniiflora x
Eremophila bowmanii x
Eremophila dalyana
Epimedium wushanense
Epiphyllum anguliger
Epiphyllum costaricense
Epiphyllum guatemalense
Epiphyllum oxypetalum
Epiphyllum rubrocoronatum
Epipremnum falcifolium
Episcia dianthiflora
Epithelantha micromeris
Eragrostis brizantha
Eragrostis cilianensis
Eragrostis curvula
Eragrostis lappula
Eragrostis maypurensis
Eragrostis minor
Eragrostis paradoxa
Eragrostis x pseudobtusa
Eragrostis tenuifolia
Eranthemum cinnabarinum
Eranthemum macrophyllum
Eranthemum seticalyx
Eranthemum variegatum
Eranthis hyemalis
Eranthis sibirica
Ercilla spicata
Eremalche rotundifolia
Eremophila alternifolia x
Eremophila behriana
Eremophila bignoniflora x
polyclada x divaricata
Eremophila biserrata x glabra
Epimedium x versicolor
Epimedium x youngianum
Epiphyllum cartagense
Epiphyllum crenatum
Epiphyllum hybrids
Epiphyllum pittieri
Epiphyllum ruestii
Epipremnum giganteum
Episcia lilacina
Epithelantha pachyrhiza
Eragrostis brizoides
Eragrostis coarctata
Eragrostis erosa
Eragrostis leptostachya
Eragrostis mexicana
Eragrostis orthoclada
Eragrostis patula
Eragrostis secundiflora
Eragrostis truncata
Eranthemum cooperi
Eranthemum pulchellum
Eranthemum strictum
Eranthemum wattii
Eranthis longistipitata
Eranthis stellata
Ercilla volubilis
Eremochloa zeylanica
Eremomastax polysperma
Eremophila angustifolia
Eremophila bicolor
Eremophila bignoniiflora x
Eremophila bowmanii
Eremophila christophori
Eremophila crassifolia
Eremophila debilis
Eremophila divaricata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Eremophila divaricata x
Eremophila gibbifolia
Eremophila leucophylla
Eremophila macgillivrayi
Eremophila drummondii x
Eremophila glabra x willssii
Eremophila linsmithii
Eremophila neglecta
Eremophila ovata
Eremophila polyclada
Eremophila santalina
Eremophila tetraptera
Eremophila pachomai
Eremophila prostrata
Eremophila stenophylla
Eremophila alternifolia x
Myoporum platycarpum
Eremopyrum distans
Eremospatha cabrae
Eremospatha hookeri
Eremostachys laciniata
Eremurus altaicus
Eremurus elwesii
Eremurus x isabellinus
Eremurus luteus
Eremurus robustus
Eremurus stenophyllus
Erepsia gracilis
Eria spp.
Eriachne pallescens
Erica abietina
Erica affinis
Erica andevalensis
Erica archeria
Erica axilliflora
Erica baueri
Erica blenna
Erica breviflora
Erica calycina
Erica capitata
Erica x cavendishiana
Erica chamissonis
Eremurus aitchisonii
Eremurus bucharicus
Eremurus fuscus
Eremurus kaufmanni
Eremurus olgae
Eremurus sogdianus
Eremurus tianschanicus
Erepsia lacera
Eriachne flaccida
Erianthecium bulbosum
Erica acuta
Erica albens
Erica andromediflora
Erica ardens
Erica axilliflora x hirtiflora
Erica bergiana
Erica bodkinii
Erica brevifolia
Erica canaliculata
Erica carnea
Erica cerinthoides
Erica chloroloma
Erica cinerea
Erica coccinea
Eremopyrum buonapartis
Eremosparton flaccidum
Eremospatha haullevilleana
Eremospatha macrocarpa
Eremospatha wendlandiana
Eremurus alberti
Eremurus cristatus
Eremurus himalaicus
Eremurus lactiflorus
Eremurus regelii
Eremurus spectabilis
Eremurus turkestanicus
Erepsia pillansii
Eriachne nervosa
Eriaxis rigida
Erica aemula
Erica ampullacea
Erica arborea
Erica x autumnalis
Erica baccans
Erica blandfordia
Erica brachialis
Erica caledonica
Erica capensis
Erica casta
Erica cerinthoides x
Erica chrysocodon
Eremophila freelingii
Eremophila inflata
Eremophila macdonnellii
Eremophila nivea x
Eremophila pachyphylla
Eremophila rotundifolia
Eremophila sturtii
Eremophila youngii x
Eremosparton aphyllum
Eremospatha cuspidata
Eremospatha laurentii
Eremospatha tessmanniana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Erica codonodes
Erica conica
Erica corifolia
Erica curviflora
Erica daphniflora
Erica densifolia
Erica dichrus
Erica erigena
Erica fascicularis
Erica foliacea
Erica colorans
Erica conspicua
Erica cruenta
Erica curvirostris
Erica x darleyensis
Erica diaphana
Erica doliiformis
Erica excelsa
Erica fastigiata
Erica formosa
Erica gibbosa
Erica glomiflora
Erica gracilis
Erica grisbrookii
Erica hexandra
Erica hirtiflora
Erica x hybrids
Erica inflata
Erica x intermedia
Erica junonia
Erica lanipes
Erica linnaeoides
Erica mackaiana
Erica mammosa
Erica mariae
Erica melanthera
Erica multiflora x
Erica nudiflora
Erica parilis
Erica peltata
Erica perspicua
Erica physodes
Erica plukenetii
Erica pyxidiflora
Erica regia
Erica scytophylla
Erica sessiliflora
Erica sparmanni
Erica glauca
Erica glumiflora
Erica grandiflora
Erica halicacaba
Erica hiemalis
Erica hispidula
Erica x hyemalis
Erica infundibuliformis
Erica irregularis
Erica laeta
Erica lanuginosa
Erica longifolia
Erica mackaii
Erica manipuliflora
Erica marifolia
Erica monsoniana
Erica nana
Erica concinna
Erica copiosa
Erica cubica
Erica cyathiformis
Erica demissa
Erica diaphana x versicolor
Erica elimensis
Erica exsurgens
Erica filipendula
Erica formosa x
Erica globulifera
Erica gnaphaloides
Erica grata
Erica hebecalyx
Erica hirta
Erica holosericea
Erica imbricata
Erica insignis
Erica jasminiflora
Erica lambertia
Erica lateralis
Erica lucida
Erica macowanii
Erica margaritacea
Erica mauritanica
Erica multiflora
Erica neglecta
Erica oatesii
Erica parviflora
Erica pelviformis
Erica peziza
Erica pillansii
Erica praecox
Erica ramentacea
Erica regia x vestita
Erica sebana
Erica sicula
Erica sparsa
Erica palliiflora
Erica patersonia
Erica persoluta
Erica phylicifolia
Erica pinea
Erica pulchella
Erica regerminans
Erica rubens
Erica selaginifolia
Erica sitiens
Erica speciosa
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Erica spicata
Erica subdivaricata
Erica tegulaefolia
Erica thomae
Erica tumida
Erica vagans
Erica vernix
Erica viridipurpurea
Erica whyteana
Erica woodii
Erigeron argentatus
Erigeron bellidioides
Erigeron compositus
Erigeron glaucus
Erigeron humilis
Erigeron mucronatus
Erigeron setosus
Erigeron tasmanicus
Erinacea anthyllis
Eriobotrya japonica
Eriocaulon carsonii
Eriocephalus racemosus
Eriochloa parvispiculata
Eriodictyon californicum
Eriogonum cinereum
Eriogonum incanum
Eriogonum lobbii
Eriolaena candollei
Eriophorum chamissonis
Eriosema chrysadenium
Eriosema montanum
Eriosema procumbens
Eriosema tacuaremboense
Eriospermum brevipes
Eriospermum ornithogaloides
Eriospermum pubescens
Eriostemon banksii
Eriostemon coccineus
Eriostemon gardneri
Erica spiculifolia
Erica swynnertonii
Erica tenella
Erica tricolor
Erica umbellata
Erica x veitchii
Erica viridescens
Erica walkeria
Erica x williamsii
Ericksonella saccharata
Erigeron aurantiacus
Erigeron borealis
Erigeron coulteri
Erigeron grandiflorus
Erigeron karvinskianus
Erigeron pappocromus
Erigeron speciosus
Erigeron uniflorus
Erinus alpinus
Eriobotrya prinoides
Eriocephalus africanus
Eriochilus spp.
Eriochloa sericea
Eriogonum alatum
Eriogonum crocatum
Eriogonum jamesii
Eriogonum ovalifolium
Erioneuron pilosum
Eriopsis spp.
Eriosema elliotii
Eriosema nutans
Eriosema ramosum
Eriosema violaceum
Eriospermum cooperi
Eriospermum phippsii
Eriostemon angustifolius
Eriostemon brevifolius
Eriostemon difformis
Eriostemon glaber
Erica x stuartii
Erica taxifolia
Erica tetralix
Erica triflora
Erica urna-viridis
Erica ventricosa
Erica viridiflora
Erica x watsonii
Erica winteri
Erigeron alpinus
Erigeron aureus
Erigeron chrysopsidis
Erigeron glabratus
Erigeron gunnii
Erigeron leiomerus
Erigeron pinnatisectus
Erigeron stellatus
Erigeron vagus
Eriobotrya deflexa
Eriocaulon australasicum
Eriocephalus ericoides
Eriochlamys behrii
Eriochrysis cayennensis
Eriogonum arborescens
Eriogonum giganteum
Eriogonum latifolium
Eriogonum umbellatum
Eriope macrostachya
Eriosema albo-griseum
Eriosema ellipticum
Eriosema parviflorum
Eriosema speciosum
Eriospermum abyssinicum
Eriospermum flagelliforme
Eriospermum porphyrium
Eriostemon australasius
Eriostemon brucei
Eriostemon ericifolius
Eriostemon hispidulus
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Eriostemon linearis
Eriostemon pinoides
Eriostemon sericeus
Eriostemon virgatus
Eriosyce andreaeana
Eriosyce bulbocalyx
Eriosyce confinis
Eriosyce engleri
Eriosyce heinrichiana
Eriosyce krausii
Eriosyce megacarpa
Eriosyce odieri
Eriosyce sandillon
Eriosyce subgibbosa
Eriosyce villicumensis
Eritrichium pectinatum
Erlangea fusca
Erodium aureum
Erodium carvifolium
Erodium cicutarium
Eriostemon nodiflorus
Eriostemon pungens
Eriostemon spicatus
Eriostemon wonganensis
Eriosyce aspillagae
Eriosyce ceratistes
Eriosyce crispa
Eriosyce esmeraldana
Eriosyce ihotzkyanae
Eriosyce kunzei
Eriosyce napina
Eriosyce recondita
Eriosyce sociabilis
Eriosyce taltalensis
Eriosyce villosa
Eritrichium rupestre
Erlangea incana
Erodium botrys
Erodium cheilanthifolium
Erodium corsicum
Erodium foetidum
Erodium guttatum
Erodium pelargoniflorum
Erodium trifolium
Eruca vesicaria
Ervatamia angustisepala
Eryngium amethystinum
Eryngium caeruleum
Eryngium giganteum
Eryngium lassauxii
Eryngium paludosum
Eryngium spinalba
Eryngium tripartitum
Eryngium x zabelii
Erysimum bicolor
Erysimum comatum
Erysimum x hybridum
Erysimum linifolium
Erodium glandulosum
Erodium moschatum
Erodium reichardii
Erophaca baetica
Erucastrum griquense
Eryngium agavifolium
Eryngium bourgatii
Eryngium expansum
Eryngium glaciale
Eryngium maritimum
Eryngium planum
Eryngium ternatum
Eryngium variifolium
Erysimum arenicola
Erysimum cheiri
Erysimum heritieri
Erysimum x kewensis
Erysimum x marshallii
Eriostemon pallidus
Eriostemon scaber
Eriostemon trachyphyllus
Eriosyce aerocarpa
Eriosyce aurata
Eriosyce chilensis
Eriosyce curvispina
Eriosyce garaventae
Eriosyce islayensis
Eriosyce limariensis
Eriosyce occulta
Eriosyce rodentiophila
Eriosyce strausiana
Eriosyce umadeave
Eritrichium canum
Eritrichium villosum
Ernodea littoralis
Erodium brachycarpum
Erodium chrysanthum
Erodium corsicum x
Erodium gruinum
Erodium oxyrhynchum
Erodium rupestre
Eruca sativa
Erucastrum virgatum
Eryngium alpinum
Eryngium bromeliifolium
Eryngium foetidum
Eryngium humile
Eryngium ovinum
Eryngium proteiflorum
Eryngium x tripartitum
Eryngium vesiculosum
Erysimum arenicolum
Erysimum cinereus
Erysimum hybrids
Erysimum kotschyanum
Erysimum mutabile
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Erysimum ochroleucum
Erysimum pseudorhaeticum
Erysimum scoparium
Erythrina addisoniae
Erythrina arborescens
Erythrina x bidwillii
Erythrina buchii
Erythrina caffra
Erythrina cobanensis
Erythrina costaricensis
Erythrina falcata
Erythrina guatemalensis
Erythrina huehuetenangensis
Erythrina lanceolata
Erythrina lysistemon
Erythrina mexicana
Erythrina peruviana
Erythrina sandwicensis
Erythrina sigmoidea
Erythrina x sykesii
Erythrina variegata
Erythrochiton brasiliensis
Erythronium californicum
Erythronium citrinum
Erythronium helenae
Erythronium japonicum
Erythronium montanum
Erythronium pluriflorum
Erythronium pusaterii
Erythronium sibiricum
Erythronium umbilicatum
Erythrophysa transvaalensis
Erythrorhipsalis pulchra
Erythroxylum hypericifolium
Escallonia bifida
Escallonia x franciscana
Escallonia x iveyi
Escallonia montevidensis
Erysimum perofskianum
Erysimum pulchellum
Erysimum semperflorens
Erythrina amazonica
Erythrina atitlanensis
Erythrina breviflora
Erythrina burana
Erythrina chiapasana
Erythrina corallodendron
Erythrina crista-galli
Erythrina folkersii
Erythrina haerdii
Erythrina humeana
Erythrina latissima
Erythrina lysistemon x caffra
Erythrina pallida
Erythrina rubrinervia
Erythrina secundiflora
Erythrina standleyana
Erythrina tahitensis
Erythrina velutina
Erythrococca bongensis
Erythronium californicum x
Erythronium elegans
Erythronium hendersonii
Erythronium klamathense
Erythronium multiscapideum
Erythronium propullans
Erythronium revolutum
Erythronium taylorii
Erythrophleum suaveolens
Erythrophysopsis aesculina
Erythroxylum argentinum
Erythroxylum novogranatense
Escallonia claussenii
Escallonia hybrids
Escallonia laevis
Escallonia organensis
Erysimum pieninicum
Erysimum pumilum
Erysimum witmannii
Erythrina americana
Erythrina berenices
Erythrina brucei
Erythrina burttii
Erythrina chiriquensis
Erythrina coralloides
Erythrina dominguezii
Erythrina fulgens
Erythrina hondurensis
Erythrina insignis
Erythrina livingstoniana
Erythrina macrophylla
Erythrina parcellii
Erythrina salviiflora
Erythrina senegalensis
Erythrina steyermarkii
Erythrina tajumulcensis
Erythrina zeyheri
Erythronium albidum
Erythronium caucasicum
Erythronium grandiflorum
Erythronium howellii
Erythronium mesochoreum
Erythronium oregonum
Erythronium purpurascens
Erythronium rostratum
Erythronium tuolumnense
Erythrophysa aesculina
Erythrorchis cassythoides
Erythroxylum australe
Escallonia alpina
Escallonia floribunda
Escallonia illinita
Escallonia x langleyensis
Escallonia pterocladon
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Escallonia pulverulenta
Escallonia revoluta
Escallonia rosea
Eschscholzia caespitosa
Escobaria albicolumnaria
Escobaria chaffeyi
Escobaria dasyacantha
Escobaria henricksonii
Escobaria lloydii
Escobaria orcuttii
Escobaria robbinsorum
Escobaria tuberculosa
Esenbeckia flava
Esmeralda clarkei
Espostoa guentheri
Espostoa lanata
Espostoa nana
Espostoa superba
Etlingera elatior
Etlingera maingayi
Eucalyptus abbreviata
Eucalyptus acmenoides
Eucalyptus alaticaulis
Eucalyptus alligatrix
Eucalyptus ancophila
Eucalyptus apothalassica
Eucalyptus arenacea
Eucalyptus arnhemensis
Eucalyptus atrata
Eucalyptus baileyana
Eucalyptus banksii
Eucalyptus baxteri
Escallonia punctata
Escallonia x rigida
Escallonia rubra
Eschscholzia californica
Escobaria alversonii
Escobaria chihuahuensis
Escobaria deserti
Escobaria hesteri
Escobaria minima
Escobaria organensis
Escobaria roseana
Escobaria villardii
Esenbeckia leiocarpa
Espostoa baumannii
Espostoa huanucoensis
Espostoa melanostele
Espostoa ritteri
Espostoopsis dybowskii
Etlingera fulgens
Etlingera venusta
Eucalyptus abergiana
Eucalyptus agglomerata
Eucalyptus albens
Eucalyptus amplifolia
Eucalyptus andrewsii
Eucalyptus approximans
Eucalyptus arenaria
Eucalyptus aromaphloia
Eucalyptus badjensis
Eucalyptus bakeri
Eucalyptus barberi
Eucalyptus baxteri x obliqua
Eucalyptus beaniana
Eucalyptus bensonii
Eucalyptus x bipileata
Eucalyptus blakelyi x dwyeri
Eucalyptus bosistoana
Eucalyptus brachyphylla
Eucalyptus behriana
Eucalyptus benthamii
Eucalyptus biterranea
Eucalyptus blaxlandii
Eucalyptus botryoides
Eucalyptus bridgesiana
Escallonia resinosa
Escallonia x rockii
Escallonia virgata
Escobaria aguirreana
Escobaria asperispina
Escobaria cubensis
Escobaria emskoetteriana
Escobaria laredoi
Escobaria missouriensis
Escobaria radiosa
Escobaria sneedii
Escontria chiotilla
Esmeralda cathcartii
Espostoa blossfeldiorum
Espostoa hylaea
Espostoa mirabilis
Espostoa senilis
Etlingera australasica
Etlingera hemisphaerica
Euadenia eminens
Eucalyptus acaciiformis
Eucalyptus aggregata
Eucalyptus albopurpurea
Eucalyptus anceps
Eucalyptus apiculata
Eucalyptus archeri
Eucalyptus argophloia
Eucalyptus aspera
Eucalyptus baeuerlenii
Eucalyptus bancroftii
Eucalyptus baueriana
Eucalyptus baxteri x
Eucalyptus x bennettiae
Eucalyptus beyeri
Eucalyptus blakelyi
Eucalyptus bleeseri
Eucalyptus brachycarpa
Eucalyptus bridgesiana x
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Eucalyptus brookeriana
Eucalyptus burgessiana
Eucalyptus caleyi
Eucalyptus brownii
Eucalyptus byrnesiana
Eucalyptus caliginosa
Eucalyptus cambageana
Eucalyptus canaliculata
Eucalyptus capricornia
Eucalyptus cephalocarpa
Eucalyptus chloroclada
Eucalyptus cameronii
Eucalyptus canescens
Eucalyptus x carnabyi
Eucalyptus chapmaniana
Eucalyptus cinerea
Eucalyptus cladocalyx
Eucalyptus cladocalyx x
Eucalyptus clandestina
Eucalyptus bunites
Eucalyptus cadens
Eucalyptus camaldulensis x
Eucalyptus camfieldii
Eucalyptus capitellata
Eucalyptus centralis
Eucalyptus chippendalei
Eucalyptus cinerea x
Eucalyptus cladocalyx x
Eucalyptus clarksoniana
Eucalyptus cneorifolia
Eucalyptus confertiflora
Eucalyptus conjuncta
Eucalyptus contracta
Eucalyptus cordata
Eucalyptus crebra
Eucalyptus cretata
Eucalyptus coccifera
Eucalyptus conglomerata
Eucalyptus consideniana
Eucalyptus coolabah
Eucalyptus x cordierii
Eucalyptus crenulata
Eucalyptus croajingolensis
Eucalyptus cunninghamii
Eucalyptus curtisii
Eucalyptus dampieri
Eucalyptus decorticans
Eucalyptus deserticola
Eucalyptus curta
Eucalyptus cyanophylla
Eucalyptus dawsonii
Eucalyptus delegatensis
Eucalyptus deuaensis
Eucalyptus divaricata
Eucalyptus dixsonii
Eucalyptus drepanophylla
Eucalyptus dunnii
Eucalyptus elaeophloia
Eucalyptus eremaea
Eucalyptus erythronema x
Eucalyptus exilipes
Eucalyptus fastigata
Eucalyptus flindersii
Eucalyptus dives
Eucalyptus dolichocarpa
Eucalyptus drysdalensis
Eucalyptus dura
Eucalyptus elata
Eucalyptus x erythrandra
Eucalyptus erythrophloia
Eucalyptus cladocalyx x
Eucalyptus cliftoniana
Eucalyptus collina
Eucalyptus conica
Eucalyptus conspicua
Eucalyptus copulans
Eucalyptus cosmophylla
Eucalyptus crenulata x
Eucalyptus cullenii
Eucalyptus curtipes
Eucalyptus cypellocarpa
Eucalyptus dealbata
Eucalyptus delegatensis x
Eucalyptus disclusa
Eucalyptus dives x moorei
Eucalyptus dorrigoensis
Eucalyptus dumosa
Eucalyptus dwyeri
Eucalyptus ellipsoidea
Eucalyptus erythronema x
Eucalyptus eucentrica
Eucalyptus fasciculosa
Eucalyptus ferriticola
Eucalyptus exserta
Eucalyptus fergusonii
Eucalyptus foecunda x
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Eucalyptus foecunda x
Eucalyptus froggattii
Eucalyptus fusiformis
Eucalyptus gillii
Eucalyptus globulus
Eucalyptus grandis
Eucalyptus grasbyi
Eucalyptus gregsoniana
Eucalyptus haemastoma
Eucalyptus hallii
Eucalyptus howittiana
Eucalyptus hypochlamydea
Eucalyptus infera
Eucalyptus irritans
Eucalyptus kartzoffiana
Eucalyptus kombolgiensis
Eucalyptus lacrimans
Eucalyptus lane-poolei
Eucalyptus laophila
Eucalyptus latifolia
Eucalyptus lenziana
Eucalyptus leucoxylon
Eucalyptus longifolia
Eucalyptus macrocera
Eucalyptus malacoxylon
Eucalyptus mckieana
Eucalyptus melanophloia
Eucalyptus michaeliana
Eucalyptus microneura
Eucalyptus moluccana
Eucalyptus morrisbyi
Eucalyptus multicaulis
Eucalyptus nicholii
Eucalyptus nitida
Eucalyptus notabilis
Eucalyptus oblonga
Eucalyptus odorata
Eucalyptus olsenii
Eucalyptus foelscheana
Eucalyptus fracta
Eucalyptus fulgens
Eucalyptus gigantangion
Eucalyptus glaucina
Eucalyptus goniocalyx
Eucalyptus granitica
Eucalyptus gratiae
Eucalyptus grossifolia
Eucalyptus haemastoma x
Eucalyptus helidonica
Eucalyptus huberiana
Eucalyptus ignorabilis
Eucalyptus interstans
Eucalyptus jacobsiana
Eucalyptus x kirtoniana
Eucalyptus koolpinensis
Eucalyptus laevopinea
Eucalyptus langleyi
Eucalyptus largeana
Eucalyptus latisinensis
Eucalyptus leptoloma
Eucalyptus ligustrina
Eucalyptus longirostrata
Eucalyptus macrorhyncha
Eucalyptus mannifera
Eucalyptus mediocris
Eucalyptus melliodora
Eucalyptus microcarpa
Eucalyptus microphylla
Eucalyptus x montana
Eucalyptus morrisii
Eucalyptus nandewarica
Eucalyptus nigra
Eucalyptus nobilis
Eucalyptus novoguinensis
Eucalyptus obstans x stricta
Eucalyptus olida
Eucalyptus oocarpa
Eucalyptus fulgida
Eucalyptus gilbertensis
Eucalyptus globoidea
Eucalyptus grandifolia
Eucalyptus graniticola
Eucalyptus greeniana
Eucalyptus gunnii
Eucalyptus haematoxylon
Eucalyptus henryi
Eucalyptus hylandii
Eucalyptus imlayensis
Eucalyptus intrasilvatica
Eucalyptus kabiana
Eucalyptus kitsoniana
Eucalyptus kybeanensis
Eucalyptus lamprophylla
Eucalyptus lansdowneana
Eucalyptus largiflorens
Eucalyptus latiuscula
Eucalyptus leptophleba
Eucalyptus lockyeri
Eucalyptus luehmanniana
Eucalyptus major
Eucalyptus mcintyrensis
Eucalyptus melanoleuca
Eucalyptus mensalis
Eucalyptus microcorys
Eucalyptus mitchelliana
Eucalyptus moorei
Eucalyptus muelleriana
Eucalyptus neglecta
Eucalyptus nitens
Eucalyptus nortonii
Eucalyptus obliqua
Eucalyptus ochrophloia
Eucalyptus olivacea
Eucalyptus opaca
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Eucalyptus ophitica
Eucalyptus ovata
Eucalyptus paludicola
Eucalyptus parramattensis
Eucalyptus pauciflora
Eucalyptus peltata
Eucalyptus perriniana
Eucalyptus petiolaris
Eucalyptus pilularis
Eucalyptus platyphylla
Eucalyptus polyanthemos
Eucalyptus populnea
Eucalyptus porrecta
Eucalyptus prominula
Eucalyptus psammitica
Eucalyptus pumila
Eucalyptus pyrocarpa
Eucalyptus quaerenda
Eucalyptus radiata
Eucalyptus reducta
Eucalyptus remota
Eucalyptus rhodops
Eucalyptus x robsonae
Eucalyptus rubida
Eucalyptus rummeryi
Eucalyptus saxatilis
Eucalyptus scoparia
Eucalyptus serraensis
Eucalyptus sideroxylon
Eucalyptus signata
Eucalyptus sparsifolia
Eucalyptus sphaerocarpa
Eucalyptus staigeriana
Eucalyptus stenostoma
Eucalyptus stockeri
Eucalyptus oreades
Eucalyptus pachycalyx
Eucalyptus panda
Eucalyptus parvula
Eucalyptus peeneri
Eucalyptus peninsularis
Eucalyptus persistens
Eucalyptus phenax
Eucalyptus placita
Eucalyptus pleurocorys
Eucalyptus polybractea
Eucalyptus populnea x
Eucalyptus praecox
Eucalyptus propinqua
Eucalyptus pulchella
Eucalyptus punctata
Eucalyptus quadrangulata
Eucalyptus quinniorum
Eucalyptus radiata x sieberi
Eucalyptus regnans
Eucalyptus resinifera
Eucalyptus risdonii
Eucalyptus robusta
Eucalyptus rubiginosa
Eucalyptus rupicola
Eucalyptus scabrida
Eucalyptus seeana
Eucalyptus shirleyi
Eucalyptus sideroxylon x
Eucalyptus similis
Eucalyptus spathulata x
Eucalyptus splendens
Eucalyptus steedmani x
Eucalyptus stjohnii
Eucalyptus stricta
Eucalyptus orgadophila
Eucalyptus paliformis
Eucalyptus paniculata
Eucalyptus patellaris
Eucalyptus pellita
Eucalyptus percostata
Eucalyptus petalophylla
Eucalyptus pilligaensis
Eucalyptus planchoniana
Eucalyptus pocillum
Eucalyptus polysciada
Eucalyptus porosa
Eucalyptus prava
Eucalyptus pryoriana
Eucalyptus pulverulenta
Eucalyptus pyriformis x
Eucalyptus quadricostata
Eucalyptus racemosa
Eucalyptus redimiculifera
Eucalyptus relicta
Eucalyptus retinens
Eucalyptus robertsonii
Eucalyptus rossii
Eucalyptus rudderi
Eucalyptus saligna
Eucalyptus scias
Eucalyptus serpentinicola
Eucalyptus sicilifolia
Eucalyptus sieberi
Eucalyptus smithii
Eucalyptus spectatrix
Eucalyptus squamosa
Eucalyptus stellulata
Eucalyptus x stoataptera
Eucalyptus sturgissiana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Eucalyptus subcrenulata
Eucalyptus taurina
Eucalyptus tereticornis
Eucalyptus tholiformis
Eucalyptus tintinnans
Eucalyptus triflora
Eucalyptus tumescens
Eucalyptus urnigera
Eucalyptus verrucata
Eucalyptus victoriana
Eucalyptus viridis
Eucalyptus williamsiana
Eucalyptus suffulgens
Eucalyptus tenella
Eucalyptus terrica
Eucalyptus thozetiana
Eucalyptus torquata x
Eucalyptus triplex
Eucalyptus umbonata
Eucalyptus variegata
Eucalyptus verrucosa
Eucalyptus viminalis
Eucalyptus whitei
Eucalyptus willisii
Eucalyptus xanthoclada
Eucalyptus yarraensis
Eucarpha deplanchei
Eucharis x grandiflora
Euchile citrina
Euchiton audax
Euchiton fordianus
Euchiton japonicus
Euchiton paludosus
Euchiton traversii
Euclea linearis
Euclea racemosa
Eucodonia andrieuxii
Eucomis bicolor
Eucomis montana
Eucomis regia
Eucomis zambesiaca
Eucryphia glutinosa
Eucryphia jinksii
Eucalyptus xanthope
Eucalyptus youmanii
Eucharis amazonica
Eucharis moorei
Euchile mariae
Euchiton delicatus
Euchiton gymnocephalus
Euchiton lateralis
Euchiton polylepis
Euchiton umbricola
Euclea natalensis
Euclinia longiflora
Eucodonia verticillata
Eucomis comosa
Eucomis pallidiflora
Eucomis schijffii
Eucommia ulmoides
Eucryphia x hillieri
Eucryphia lucida
Eucryphia milliganii
Eucryphia wilkiei
Eugeissona insignis
Eugenia aggregata
Eugenia cerasiflora
Eugenia francisii
Eucryphia moorei
Eugeissona ambigua
Eugeissona minor
Eugenia armstrongii
Eugenia cyanocarpa
Eugenia gracilipes
Eucalyptus tardecidens
Eucalyptus tenuipes
Eucalyptus tetrapleura
Eucalyptus tindaliae
Eucalyptus tricarpa
Eucalyptus tropica
Eucalyptus umbra
Eucalyptus vernicosa
Eucalyptus vicina
Eucalyptus virens
Eucalyptus wilcoxii
Eucalyptus woodwardii x
Eucalyptus yangoura
Eucalyptus yumbarrana
Eucharis candida
Eucharis subedentata
Euchiton argentifolius
Euchiton ensifer
Euchiton involucratus
Euchiton limosus
Euchiton ruahinicus
Euclea crispa
Euclea pseudebenus
Eucnide bartonioides
Eucomis autumnalis
Eucomis humilis
Eucomis pole-evansii
Eucomis vandermerwei
Eucryphia cordifolia
Eucryphia x intermedia
Eucryphia lucida x
Eucryphia x nymansensis
Eugeissona brachystachys
Eugeissona utilis
Eugenia brasiliensis
Eugenia foetida
Eugenia greggii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Eugenia luschnathiana
Eugenia pendula
Eugenia stipitata
Eugenia ventenatii
Eulophidium saundersianum
Eulychnia breviflora
Eumorphia prostrata
Euodia fargesii
Euodia polybotrya
Euonymus alatus
Euonymus cornutus
Euonymus fortunei
Euonymus japonicus
Euonymus myrianthus
Euonymus planipes
Euonymus sieboldiana
Eupatorium glabratum
Eugenia monticola
Eugenia pitra
Eugenia stipularis
Eugenia zeyheri
Eulophiella spp.
Eulychnia castanea
Eunomia rotundifolia
Euodia hortensis
Euodia vitiflora
Euonymus americanus
Euonymus europaeus
Euonymus grandiflorus
Euonymus lucidus
Euonymus obovatus
Euonymus sachalinensis
Euonymus wilsonii
Eupatorium glechnophyllum
Eupatorium hyssopifolium
Euphorbia abyssinica
Euphorbia aggregata
Euphorbia amygdaloides
Euphorbia anoplia
Euphorbia atrocarmesina
Euphorbia baioensis
Euphorbia baylissii
Euphorbia bisellenbeckii
Euphorbia brittingeri
Euphorbia burmannii
Euphorbia canariensis
Eupatorium ianthinum
Euphorbia acanthothamnos
Euphorbia alluaudii
Euphorbia amygdaloides x
Euphorbia antisyphilitica
Euphorbia atropurpurea
Euphorbia ballyi
Euphorbia bicompacta
Euphorbia bougheyi
Euphorbia bubalina
Euphorbia caerulescens
Euphorbia candelabrum
Euphorbia caput-medusae
Euphorbia clava
Euphorbia confinalis
Euphorbia cornastra
Euphorbia cylindrica
Euphorbia debilispina
Euphorbia delphinensis
Euphorbia dispersa
Euphorbia cereiformis
Euphorbia clavarioides
Euphorbia cooperi
Euphorbia cornigera
Euphorbia cylindrifolia
Euphorbia decaryi
Euphorbia despoliata
Euphorbia donii
Eugenia natalitia
Eugenia squamiflora
Eugenia uniflora
Eulophia spp.
Eulychnia acida
Eulychnia iquiquensis
Euodia bonwickii
Euodia micrococca
Euodia xanthoxyloides
Euonymus atropurpureus
Euonymus fimbriatus
Euonymus hederaceus
Euonymus melananthus
Euonymus oxyphyllus
Euonymus sanguineus
Eupatorium fortunei
Eupatorium serrulatum
Euphorbia aeruginosa
Euphorbia ammak
Euphorbia andrachnoides
Euphorbia aphylla
Euphorbia aureoviridiflora
Euphorbia balsamifera
Euphorbia biselegans
Euphorbia bourgaeana
Euphorbia bupleurifolia
Euphorbia cameronii
Euphorbia characias
Euphorbia colletioides
Euphorbia corallioides
Euphorbia croizatii
Euphorbia dawei
Euphorbia decidua
Euphorbia didiereoides
Euphorbia dulcis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Euphorbia elegans
Euphorbia enterophora
Euphorbia fasciculata
Euphorbia fiherenensis
Euphorbia franckiana
Euphorbia genoudiana
Euphorbia globosa
Euphorbia grandialata
Euphorbia greenwayi x
Euphorbia groenewaldii
Euphorbia enopla
Euphorbia epithymoides
Euphorbia ferox
Euphorbia fimbriata
Euphorbia francoisii
Euphorbia geroldii
Euphorbia gorgonis
Euphorbia grandicornis
Euphorbia griffithii
Euphorbia enormis
Euphorbia evansii
Euphorbia fianarantsoae
Euphorbia flanaganii
Euphorbia gariepina
Euphorbia glauca
Euphorbia gottlebei
Euphorbia greenwayi
Euphorbia griseola
Euphorbia guentheri
Euphorbia halipedicola
Euphorbia heptagona
Euphorbia hislopii
Euphorbia iancannellii
Euphorbia intisy
Euphorbia kischenensis
Euphorbia lambii
Euphorbia limpopoana
Euphorbia lophogona
Euphorbia lugardiae
Euphorbia x malahidensis
Euphorbia margalidiana
Euphorbia meloformis
Euphorbia millotii
Euphorbia monteiri
Euphorbia neococcinea
Euphorbia neoparviflora
Euphorbia nereidum
Euphorbia norfolkiana
Euphorbia opuntioides
Euphorbia patula
Euphorbia peplus
Euphorbia persistentifolia
Euphorbia pillansii
Euphorbia platyclada
Euphorbia polygona x horrida
Euphorbia pseudocactus
Euphorbia pubiglans
Euphorbia hamata
Euphorbia heterochroma
Euphorbia horrida
Euphorbia inconstantia
Euphorbia jacquiniaeflora
Euphorbia knuthii
Euphorbia lancifolia
Euphorbia lomelii
Euphorbia lophogona x milii
Euphorbia lydenburgensis
Euphorbia malevola
Euphorbia marginata
Euphorbia memoralis
Euphorbia misera
Euphorbia monteiroi
Euphorbia neohumbertii
Euphorbia neostapeliodes
Euphorbia neriifolia
Euphorbia obesa
Euphorbia ornithopus
Euphorbia pekinensis
Euphorbia perangusta
Euphorbia petricola
Euphorbia piscatoria
Euphorbia polyacantha
Euphorbia primulifolia
Euphorbia pseudoglobosa
Euphorbia pugniformis
Euphorbia helioscopia
Euphorbia heterophylla
Euphorbia hottentota
Euphorbia inermis
Euphorbia kaokoensis
Euphorbia lactea
Euphorbia leucocephala
Euphorbia longifolia
Euphorbia louwii
Euphorbia magnicapsula
Euphorbia mammillaris
Euphorbia mellifera
Euphorbia milii
Euphorbia mlanjeana
Euphorbia myrsinites
Euphorbia neomontana
Euphorbia neostolonifera
Euphorbia nicaeensis
Euphorbia oncoclada
Euphorbia paralias
Euphorbia pentagona
Euphorbia perrieri
Euphorbia phosphorea
Euphorbia planiticola
Euphorbia polygona
Euphorbia procumbens
Euphorbia pteroneura
Euphorbia pulcherrima
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Euphorbia quadrangularis
Euphorbia resinifera
Euphorbia richardsiae
Euphorbia saxorum
Euphorbia schoenlandii
Euphorbia serrulata
Euphorbia sipolisii
Euphorbia stellispina
Euphorbia stygiana
Euphorbia symmetrica
Euphorbia tetracanthoides
Euphorbia tortilis
Euphorbia triangularis
Euphorbia tuberculata
Euphorbia umbellata
Euphorbia verrucosa
Euphorbia virosa
Euphorbia whellanii
Euphorbia xylophylloides
Euphrasia pseudokerneri
Eupomatia barbata
Euptelea pleiosperma
Euroschinus falcata
Eurya chinensis
Eurya loquiana
Eurya muricata
Eurybia divaricata
Eurybia spectabilis
Eurychorda complanata
Eurycorymbus cavaleriei
Euryops acraeus
Euryops cuneatus
Euryops evansii
Euryops oligoglossus
Euryops speciosissimus
Euryops wageneri
Eustachys uliginosa
Eustoma andrewsii
Eutaxia diffusa
Euphorbia quadrilatera
Euphorbia rhizophora
Euphorbia rigida
Euphorbia scheffleri
Euphorbia segetalis
Euphorbia sikkimensis
Euphorbia squarrosa
Euphorbia stenoclada
Euphorbia submammillaris
Euphorbia teixeirae
Euphorbia tetragona
Euphorbia tortirama
Euphorbia tridentata
Euphorbia tuberculatoides
Euphorbia undulatifolia
Euphorbia viduiflora
Euphorbia wakefieldii
Euphorbia wildii
Euphorbia zoutpansbergensis
Euphrasia rostkoviana
Eupomatia bennettii
Euptelea polyandra
Euroschinus falcatus
Eurya hebeclados
Eurya macartneyi
Eurya pseudocerasifera
Eurybia macrophylla
Eurybiopsis macrorhiza
Eurycles amboinensis
Euryomyrtus denticulata
Euryops annuus
Euryops dacrydioides
Euryops linearis
Euryops pectinatus
Euryops subcarnosus
Euscaphis japonica
Eustephia coccinea
Eustoma exaltatum
Eutaxia empetrifolia
Euphorbia ramipressa
Euphorbia rhombifolia
Euphorbia robbiae
Euphorbia schillingii
Euphorbia seguieriana
Euphorbia similiramea
Euphorbia stellata
Euphorbia stolonifera
Euphorbia susannae
Euphorbia terracina
Euphorbia tirucalli
Euphorbia transvaalensis
Euphorbia trigona
Euphorbia uhligiana
Euphorbia valida
Euphorbia viguieri
Euphorbia wallichii
Euphorbia xanti
Euphrasia hookeri
Euphrasia striata
Eupomatia laurina
Eurhynchium praelongum
Eurya brevistyla
Eurya japonica
Eurya megatrichocarpa
Euryangium sumbul
Eurybia sibirica
Eurychone rothschildiana
Eurycoma longifolia
Euryomyrtus ramosissima
Euryops chrysanthemoides
Euryops euryopoides
Euryops linifolius
Euryops pinnatipartitus
Euryops virgineus
Eustachys distichophylla
Eustigma oblongifolium
Eustrephus latifolius
Eutaxia obovata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Euterpe broadwayi
Euterpe luminosa
Euterpe purpurea
Evodia daniellii
Evolvulus arbuscula
Ewartia catipes
Ewartia planchonii
Exarrhena macrantha
Excoecaria bicolor
Excoecaria dallachyana
Exocarpos nanus
Exocarpus cupressiformis
Exochorda racemosa
Eysenhardtia texana
Facheiroa chaetacantha
Facheiroa ulei
Fagonia chilensis
Fagraea berteroana
Fagraea fragrans
Fagus crenata
Falcatifolium falciforme
Fallugia paradoxa
Faradaya amicorum
Farfugium japonicum
Fargesia murielae
x Fatshedera lizei
Faucaria albidens
Faucaria cradockensis
Faucaria gratiae
Faucaria nemorosa
Faucaria tuberculosa
Faurea speciosa
Felicia angustifolia
Felicia elongata
Felicia fruticosa
Felicia ovata
Fendlera rupicola
Feretia aeruginescens
Fernandoa madagascariensis
Euterpe edulis
Euterpe oleracea
Euzomodendron bourgeanum
Evodia hupehensis
Evolvulus nummularius
Ewartia meredithae
Exacum affine
Exbucklandia populnea
Excoecaria bussei
Exocarpos cupressiformis
Exocarpos strictus
Exocarpus strictus
Exodeconus miersii
Fabiana densa
Facheiroa estevesii
Fadogia homblei
Fagopyrum esculentum
Fagraea cambagei
Fagraea gracilipes
Fagus sylvatica
Falcatifolium taxoides
Famatina herbertiana
Faradaya ovalifolia
Farfugium tussilagineum
Fargesia nitida
Fatsia japonica
Faucaria bosscheana
Faucaria duncanii
Faucaria kingiae
Faucaria subintegra
Faurea rochetiana
Felicia aethiopica
Felicia dregei
Felicia erigeroides
Felicia heterophylla
Felicia rosulata
Fenestraria aurantiaca
Feretia apodanthera
Fernandoa magnifica
Euterpe longibracteata
Euterpe precatoria
Everistia vacciniifolia
Evodiella muelleri
Evolvulus nuttallianus
Ewartia nubigena
Exacum trinervium
Excoecaria agallocha
Excoecaria cochinchinensis
Exocarpos humifusus
Exocarpos syrticola
Exocarya scleroides
Exomis axyrioides
Fabiana imbricata
Facheiroa tenebrosa
Fagara mantchurica
Fagraea auriculata
Fagraea fagraeacea
Fagraea schlechteri
Fagus taurica
Fallopia convolvulus
Faradaya albertisii
Faradaya splendida
Fargesia dracocephala
Fascicularia bicolor
Fatsia oligocarpella
Faucaria britteniae
Faucaria felina
Faucaria multidens
Faucaria tigrina
Faurea saligna
Felicia amelloides
Felicia echinata
Felicia fragilis
Felicia hyssopifolia
Felicia uliginosa
Fenestraria rhopalophylla
Fernandoa brilletii
Fernelia buxifolia
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Ferocactus alamosanus
Ferocactus diguetii
Ferocactus flavovirens
Ferocactus gracilis
Ferocactus herrerae
Ferocactus latispinus
Ferocactus peninsulae
Ferocactus recurvus
Ferocactus schwarzii
Ferocactus viridescens
Feroniella oblata
Ferraria densepunctulata
Ferraria foliosa
Ferula communis
Ferula linkii
Fessia hohenackeri
Festuca abyssinica
Festuca algeriensis
Festuca altaica
Festuca arundinacea
Festuca brevipila
Festuca christianii-bernardii
Festuca contracta
Festuca drymeja
Festuca geniculata
Festuca griffithiana
Festuca huonii
Festuca kronenbergii
Festuca muelleri
Festuca occidentalis
Festuca pallescens
Festuca pannonica
Festuca psammophila
Festuca pseudovina
Festuca quadriflora
Festuca scirpifolia
Festuca spectabilis
Festuca valentina
Festuca violacea
Ferocactus chrysacanthus
Ferocactus echidne
Ferocactus fordii
Ferocactus haematacanthus
Ferocactus histrix
Ferocactus lindsayi
Ferocactus pilosus
Ferocactus robustus
Ferocactus tiburonensis
Ferocactus wislizeni
Ferraria brevifolia
Ferraria divaricata
Ferraria macrochlamys
Ferula karelinii
Ferula tingitana
Fessia puschkinioides
Festuca acanthophylla
Festuca alpestris
Festuca amethystina
Festuca asperula
Festuca caerulescens
Festuca cinerea
Festuca cretacea
Festuca eriopoda
Festuca glauca
Festuca halleri
Festuca idahoensis
Festuca magellanica
Festuca nigrescens
Festuca ovina
Festuca panciciana
Festuca paradoxa
Festuca pseudodalmatica
Festuca pulchella
Festuca rochelii
Festuca sclerophylla
Festuca tatrae
Festuca varia
Festuca viridis
Ferocactus cylindraceus
Ferocactus emoryi
Ferocactus glaucescens
Ferocactus hamatacanthus
Ferocactus johnstonianus
Ferocactus macrodiscus
Ferocactus pottsii
Ferocactus santa-maria
Ferocactus townsendianus
Feroniella lucida
Ferraria crispa
Ferraria ferrariola
Ferula assa-foetida
Ferula latipinna
Fessia greilhuberi
Fessia vvedenskyi
Festuca alaica
Festuca alpina
Festuca arizonica
Festuca beckeri
Festuca carpatica
Festuca coerulescens
Festuca dolichophylla
Festuca eskia
Festuca gracillima
Festuca hirsuta
Festuca kerguelensis
Festuca mairei
Festuca novae-zealandiae
Festuca pallens
Festuca paniculata
Festuca pratensis
Festuca pseudodura
Festuca punctoria
Festuca rubra
Festuca spadicea
Festuca vaginata
Festuca vasconcensis
Festuca viridula
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Festuca arundinacea x Lolium
multiflorum x perenne
Ficinia nodosa
Ficus afghanistanica
Ficus aurea
Ficus benghalensis
Ficus binnendijkii
Ficus brasiliensis
Ficus carica
Ficus copiosa
Ficus crassipes
Ficus dammaropsis
Ficus dryepondtiana
Ficus formosana
Ficus glumosa
Ficus hookeriana
Ficus kurzii
Ficus leptoclada
Ficus lucida
Ficus macrophylla
Ficus megapoda
Ficus moorei
Ficus nodosa
Ficus obtusata
Ficus ovata
Ficus petiolaris
Ficus pumila
Ficus retusa
Ficus rubiginosa
Ficus scabra
Ficus stipulata
Ficus subnervosa
Ficus sycomorus
Ficus vallis-choudae
Ficus vesca
Ficus watkinsiana
Fieldia australiana
Filipendula glabra
Fimbristylis annua
Festuca xanthina
x Festulolium loliaceum
Ficus abelii
Ficus albipila
Ficus auriculata
Ficus benjamina
Ficus botryocarpa
Ficus burtt-davyi
Ficus celebensis
Ficus cordata
Ficus craterostoma
Ficus deltoidea
Ficus elastica
Ficus fraseri
Ficus granatum
Ficus x hybrid
Ficus langkokensis
Ficus leucotricha
Ficus lyrata
Ficus madagascariensis
Ficus microcarpa
Ficus natalensis
Ficus nymphaeifolia
Ficus opposita
Ficus palmeri
Ficus pleurocarpa
Ficus racemigera
Ficus robusta
Ficus sagittata
Ficus septica
Ficus stuhlmannii
Ficus superba
Ficus syringifolia
Ficus variegata
Ficus virgata
Ficus wildemaniana
Fieldia australis
Filipendula ulmaria
Finschia chloroxantha
Ficus adenosperma
Ficus ampelos
Ficus baileyana
Ficus bennetti
Ficus brachylepis
Ficus bussei
Ficus citrifolia
Ficus coronata
Ficus cumingii
Ficus destruens
Ficus eucalyptoides
Ficus glandulifera
Ficus henryi
Ficus ingens
Ficus laurifolia
Ficus longifolia
Ficus maclellandii
Ficus marmorata
Ficus mollior
Ficus neriifolia
Ficus obliqua
Ficus organensis
Ficus pantoniana
Ficus prasinicarpa
Ficus religiosa
Ficus rotundifolia
Ficus saussureana
Ficus sonderi
Ficus subcuneata
Ficus sur
Ficus triradiata
Ficus variolosa
Ficus vogeliana
Ficus zambesiaca
Filipendula glaberrima
Filipendula vulgaris
Fioria vitifolia
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Firmiana colorata
Fittonia albivenis
Fitzroya cupressoides
Flaveria angustifolia
Flaveria cronquistii
Flaveria sonorensis
Flickingeria angustifolia
Flickingeria convexa
Flickingeria kelsallii
Flickingeria xantholeuca
Flindersia bennettiana
Flindersia brayleyana
Flindersia laevicarpa
Flindersia pimenteliana
Floscopa robusta
Flueggea leucopyrus
Fockea crispa
Foeniculum vulgare
Fontainea australis
Fontainea venosa
Forestiera neomexicana
Forsythia japonica
Forsythia viridissima
Fortunella hindsii
Firmiana papuana
Fittonia gigantea
Flacourtia indica
Flaveria brownii
Flaveria palmeri
Flaveria vaginata
Flickingeria appendiculata
Flickingeria fimbriata
Flickingeria padangensis
Flindersia acuminata
Flindersia bourjotiana
Flindersia collina
Flindersia maculosa
Flindersia schottiana
Flourensia laurifolia
Fockea angustifolia
Fockea edulis
Foetidia mauritiana
Fontainea oraria
Fontinalis antipyretica
Forsythia europaea
Forsythia ovata
Fortunearia sinensis
Fortunella japonica
Fortunella margarita
Fosterella penduliflora
Fothergilla gardenii
Fouquieria burragei
Fouquieria fasciculata
Fourcroya gigantea
Fragaria virginiana
Frailea cataphracta
Frailea gracillima
Frailea mammifera
Frailea pygmaea
Fortunella polyandra
Fosterella spectabilis
Fothergilla major
Fouquieria columnaris
Fouquieria macdougalii
Fragaria x ananassa
Frailea asterioides
Frailea chiquitana
Frailea grahliana
Frailea phaeodisca
Frailea schilinzkyana
Francoa appendiculata
Frangula caroliniana
Frangula rubra
Francoa sonchifolia
Frangula crenata
Frankenia connata
Firmiana simplex
Fittonia pearcei
Flacourtia sapida
Flaveria chlorifolia
Flaveria pubescens
Flemingia semialata
Flickingeria comata
Flickingeria forcipata
Flickingeria rhipidoloba
Flindersia australis
Flindersia brassii
Flindersia ifflaiana
Flindersia oppositifolia
Flindersia xanthoxyla
Floydia praealta
Fockea capensis
Fockea multiflora
Fokienia hodginsii
Fontainea rostrata
Fordiophyton fordii
Forsythia x intermedia
Forsythia suspensa
Fortunella crassifolia
Fortunella japonica x
Fosterella elata
Fosterella villosula
Fothergilla monticola
Fouquieria diguetii
Fouquieria shrevei
Fragaria vesca
Frailea castanea
Frailea curvispina
Frailea ignacionensis
Frailea pumila
Frangula californica
Frangula purshiana
Frankenia crispa
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Frankenia foliosa
Frankenia muscosa
Franklinia alatamaha
Fraxinus berlandieriana
Fraxinus elonza
Fraxinus griffithii
Fraxinus macrophylla
Fraxinus ornus
Fraxinus sieboldiana
Fraxinus uhdei
Freesia alba
Freesia corymbosa
Freesia x hybrida
Freesia leichtlinii x
Freesia speciosa
Frankenia gracilis
Frankenia serpyllifolia
Fraxinus americana
Fraxinus cuspidata
Fraxinus excelsior
Fraxinus insularis
Fraxinus malacophylla
Fraxinus pennsylvanica
Fraxinus sogdiana
Fraxinus velutina
Freesia alba x corymobosa
Freesia fergusoniae
Freesia laxa
Freesia occidentalis
Frankenia granulata
Frankenia uncinata
Fraxinus angustifolia
Fraxinus dipetala
Fraxinus greggii
Fraxinus japonica
Fraxinus mandshurica
Fraxinus profunda
Fraxinus spaethiana
Fraxinus xanthoxyloides
Freesia alba x leichtlinii
Freesia fucata
Freesia leichtlinii
Freesia refracta
Freesia verrucosa
Fremontodendron decumbens
Freycinetia australiensis
Freycinetia excelsa
Freycinetia multiflora
Fridericia chica
Fridericia mollis
Frithia pulchra
Fritillaria agrestis
Fritillaria amana
Fritillaria assyriaca
Fritillaria aurea
Fritillaria brandegeei
Fritillaria camschatcensis
Fritillaria chlorantha
Fritillaria collina
Fritillaria crassifolia
Fritillaria davisii x graeca
Fritillaria eastwoodiae
Fritillaria elwesii
Fritillaria falcata
Fritillaria frankiorum
Fritillaria gibbosa
Fritillaria grandiflora
Fremontodendron mexicanum
Freycinetia banksii
Freycinetia javanica
Freycinetia scandens
Fridericia floribunda
Friesodielsia obovata
Fritillaria acmopetala
Fritillaria alburyana
Fritillaria ariana
Fritillaria atrolineata
Fritillaria biflora
Fritillaria brandegei
Fritillaria carica
Fritillaria chlororhabdota
Fritillaria conica
Fritillaria dagana
Fritillaria delavayi
Fritillaria eduardii
Fritillaria epirotica
Fritillaria fleischeriana
Fritillaria fusca
Fritillaria glauca
Fritillaria grayana
Frerea indica
Freycinetia cumingiana
Freycinetia marginata
Freylinia lanceolata
Fridericia leucopogon
Frithia humilis
Fritillaria affinis
Fritillaria alfredae
Fritillaria armena
Fritillaria atropurpurea
Fritillaria bithynica
Fritillaria bucharica
Fritillaria caucasica
Fritillaria cirrhosa
Fritillaria crassicaulis
Fritillaria davisii
Fritillaria drenovskii
Fritillaria ehrhartii
Fritillaria euboeica
Fritillaria forbesii
Fritillaria gentneri
Fritillaria graeca
Fritillaria gussichiae
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Fritillaria hermonis
Fritillaria ionica
Fritillaria kittaniae
Fritillaria latakiensis
Fritillaria liliacea
Fritillaria macrandra
Fritillaria meleagroides
Fritillaria michailovskyi
Fritillaria minuta
Fritillaria mutabilis
Fritillaria ojaiensis
Fritillaria omeiensis
Fritillaria pelinaea
Fritillaria pinetorum
Fritillaria pudica
Fritillaria raddeana
Fritillaria reuteri
Fritillaria rixii
Fritillaria sibthorpiana
Fritillaria spetsiotica
Fritillaria straussii
Fritillaria taipaiensis
Fritillaria tortifolia
Fritillaria tuntasia
Fritillaria verticillata
Fritillaria walujewii
Fritillaria zagrica
Fuchsia x bacillaris
Fuchsia cinnabarina
Fuchsia denticulata
Fuchsia globosa
Fuchsia lycioides
Fuchsia magellanica
Fuchsia parviflora
Fuchsia regia
Fuchsia splendens
Fumana arabica
Fumana thymifolia
Fumaria densiflora
Fritillaria imperialis
Fritillaria japonica
Fritillaria kotschyana
Fritillaria latifolia
Fritillaria lusitanica
Fritillaria maximowiczii
Fritillaria mellea
Fritillaria micrantha
Fritillaria monantha
Fritillaria nigra
Fritillaria olgae
Fritillaria orientalis
Fritillaria persica
Fritillaria pluriflora
Fritillaria purdyi
Fritillaria recurva
Fritillaria rhodia
Fritillaria ruthenica
Fritillaria sichuanica
Fritillaria sporadum
Fritillaria striata
Fritillaria thessala
Fritillaria tubaeformis
Fritillaria ussuriensis
Fritillaria viridea
Fritillaria whittallii
Fuchsia arborescens
Fuchsia bacillaris
Fuchsia colombiana
Fuchsia excorticata
Fuchsia hemsleyana
Fuchsia macrantha
Fuchsia michoacanensis
Fuchsia procumbens
Fuchsia sanctae-rosae
Fuchsia thymifolia
Fumana ericoides
Fumaria bastardii
Fumaria muralis
Fritillaria involucrata
Fritillaria karelinii
Fritillaria kurdica
Fritillaria libanotica
Fritillaria macedonica
Fritillaria meleagris
Fritillaria messanensis
Fritillaria minima
Fritillaria montana
Fritillaria obliqua
Fritillaria olivieri
Fritillaria pallidiflora
Fritillaria pinardii
Fritillaria pontica
Fritillaria pyrenaica
Fritillaria regelii
Fritillaria rhodocanakis
Fritillaria sewerzowii
Fritillaria sororum
Fritillaria stenanthera
Fritillaria stribrnyi
Fritillaria thunbergii
Fritillaria tubiformis
Fritillaria uva-vulpis
Fritillaria wabuensis
Fritillaria yuminensis
Fuchsia austromontana
Fuchsia boliviana
Fuchsia cordifolia
Fuchsia fulgens
Fuchsia x hybrida
Fuchsia macrostigma
Fuchsia microphylla
Fuchsia pumila
Fuchsia serratifolia
Fuchsia triphylla
Fumana procumbens
Fumaria capreolata
Fumaria parviflora
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Funtumia africana
Furcraea foetida
Furcraea macrophylla
Furcraea stricta
Fusifilum capitatum
Gagea afghanica
Gagea mauritanica
Gahnia clarkei
Gahnia javanica
Gahnia microstachya
Gahnia subaequiglumis
Gaillardia aristata
Galactia dubia
Galactia longiflora
Galactia texana
Galanthus alpinus x elwesii
Galanthus elwesii
Galanthus gracilis
Galanthus lagodechianus
Galanthus platyphyllus
Galanthus woronowii
Galbulimima baccata
Galega lindblomii
Galenia fruticosa
Galeola foliata
Galium ciliare
Galium hispidulum
Galium odoratum
Galium verum
Galtonia princeps
Galvezia juncea
Gamochaeta americana
Gamochaeta coarctata
Gamolepis annua
Garcinia andersonii
Garcinia atroviridis
Garcinia benthamiana
Garcinia buchneri
Furcraea cahum
Furcraea guatemalensis
Furcraea parmentieri
Furtadoa mixta
Fusifilum depressum
Gagea fibrosa
Gagea vegeta
Gahnia filum
Gahnia lacera
Gahnia radula
Gahnia xanthocarpa
Gaillardia x grandiflora
Galactia filiformis
Galactia monophylla
Galactia wrightii
Galanthus angustifolius
Galanthus elwesii x
Galanthus koenenianus
Galanthus nivalis
Galanthus plicatus
Galax aphylla
Galbulimima belgraveana
Galega officinalis
Galenia pubescens
Galeola lindleyana
Galium divaricatum
Galium laevipes
Galium propinquum
Galphimia glauca
Galtonia regalis
Gamanthus gamocarpus
Gamochaeta antillana
Gamochaeta pensylvanica
Gamolepis euriopoides
Garcinia aphanophlebia
Garcinia bancana
Garcinia brasiliensis
Garcinia celebica
Furcraea elegans
Furcraea macdougalii
Furcraea selloa
Furtadoa sumatrensis
Gackstroemia weindorferi
Gagea juliae
Gahnia aspera
Gahnia grandis
Gahnia melanocarpa
Gahnia sieberiana
Gaillardia amblyodon
Gaimardia fitzgeraldii
Galactia latifolia
Galactia rugosa
Galanthus alpinus
Galanthus artjuschenkoae
Galanthus fosteri
Galanthus krasnovii
Galanthus peshmenii
Galanthus transcaucasicus
Galax urceolata
Galeandra spp.
Galega orientalis
Galeola cassythoides
Galinsoga parviflora
Galium gaudichaudii
Galium murale
Galium spurium
Galpinia transvaalica
Galvezia fruticosa
Gambelia speciosa
Gamochaeta calviceps
Gamochaeta subfalcata
Garcia nutans
Garcinia aristata
Garcinia beccarii
Garcinia brassii
Garcinia cowa
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Garcinia cuneifolia
Garcinia edulis
Garcinia gaudichaudii
Garcinia gummi-gutta
Garcinia indica
Garcinia lateriflora
Garcinia madagascariensis
Garcinia malaccensis
Garcinia mestonii
Garcinia ovalifolia
Garcinia portoricensis
Garcinia rostrata
Garcinia vidua
Gardenia asperula
Gardenia cornuta
Gardenia hutchinsoniana
Gardenia jasminoides
Gardenia latifolia
Gardenia merikin
Gardenia posoquerioides
Gardenia schwarzii
Gardenia thunbergia
Garrya buxifolia
Garrya x issaquahensis
Garrya wrightii
x Gasteraloe spp.
Gasteria baylissiana
Gasteria carinata
Gasteria decipiens
Gasteria ellaphieae
Gasteria glomerata
Gasteria laetepunctata
Gasteria marmorata
Gasteria nigricans
Gasteria pendulifolia
Gasteria pulchra
Gasteria thunbergii
Gasteria vlokii
Gastonia cutispongia
Garcinia dinklagei
Garcinia floribunda
Garcinia gibbsiae
Garcinia hanburyi
Garcinia intermedia
Garcinia livingstonei
Garcinia madruno
Garcinia mangostana
Garcinia miqueli
Garcinia parvifolia
Garcinia prainiana
Garcinia schomburgkiana
Garcinia warrenii
Gardenia brighamii
Gardenia coronaria
Gardenia imperialis
Gardenia keartlandii
Gardenia macgillivraei
Gardenia ochreata
Gardenia resinifera
Gardenia sootepensis
Gardenia volkensii
Garrya elliptica
Garrya macrophylla
Garuga forrestii
Gasteria acinacifolia
Gasteria bicolor
Gasteria cheilophylla
Gasteria disticha
Gasteria ernesti-ruschii
Gasteria humilis
Gasteria liliputana
Gasteria mollis
Gasteria nitida
Gasteria pillansii
Gasteria rawlinsonii
Gasteria trigona
Gasteria zeyheri
Gastridium phleoides
Garcinia dulcis
Garcinia forbesii
Garcinia gracilis
Garcinia hombroniana
Garcinia kola
Garcinia macrophylla
Garcinia magnifolia
Garcinia mannii
Garcinia morella
Garcinia polyantha
Garcinia riparia
Garcinia smeathmannii
Garcinia xanthochymus
Gardenia carinata
Gardenia grandiflora
Gardenia jardinei
Gardenia kershawii
Gardenia magnifica
Gardenia ovularis
Gardenia scabrella
Gardenia tahitensis
Garnieria spathulaefolia
Garrya fadyenii
Garrya x thuretii
Garuleum bipinnatum
Gasteria batesiana
Gasteria brachyphylla
Gasteria croucheri
Gasteria doreeniae
Gasteria excelsa
Gasteria huttoniae
Gasteria maculata
Gasteria neliana
Gasteria obliqua
Gasteria polita
Gasteria sulcata
Gasteria verrucosa
Gastonia crassa
Gastrochilus spp.
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Gastrococos crispa
Gaulnettya x wisleyensis
Gaultheria antipoda
Gaultheria crassa
Gaultheria erecta
Gaultheria fragrantissima
Gaultheria hispida
Gaultheria humifusa
Gaultheria leucocarpa
Gaultheria miqueliana
Gaultheria nivea
Gaultheria odorata
Gaultheria parvifolia
Gaultheria poeppigii
Gaultheria pumila
Gaultheria rupestris
Gaultheria stapfiana
Gaultheria tenuifolia
Gaultheria trichophylla
Gaussia attenuata
Gaussia princeps
Gazania x hybrids
Gazania linearis
Gazania rigens
Gazania uniflora
Geijera parviflora
Geissois biagiana
Geissorhiza bracteata
Geissorhiza callista
Geissorhiza darlingensis
Geissorhiza heterostyla
Geissorhiza inflexa
Geissorhiza leipoldtii
Geissorhiza monantha
Geissorhiza ovata
Geissorhiza silenoides
Geissorhiza tulbaghensis
Gelsemium elegans
Geniostoma ligustrifolium
Gastrodia sesamoides
Gaultheria adenothrix
Gaultheria appressa
Gaultheria cuneata
Gaultheria eriophylla
Gaultheria griffithiana
Gaultheria hispidula
Gaultheria insana
Gaultheria macrostigma
Gaultheria mundula
Gaultheria notabilis
Gaultheria oppositifolia
Gaultheria parvula
Gaultheria procumbens
Gaultheria pyrolaefolia
Gaultheria shallon
Gaultheria subcorymbosa
Gaultheria tetramera
Gaultheria wardii
Gaussia gomez-pompae
Gaussia spirituana
Gazania krebsiana
Gazania maritima
Gazania rigida
Geijera latifolia
Geissois benthamiana
Geissois pruinosa
Geissorhiza brehmii
Geissorhiza confusa
Geissorhiza eurystigma
Geissorhiza humilis
Geissorhiza juncea
Geissorhiza longifolia
Geissorhiza monanthos
Geissorhiza purpureolutea
Geissorhiza splendidissima
Gelasine elongata
Gelsemium rankinii
Geniostoma rupestre
x Gastrolea pfrimmeri
Gaultheria antarctica
Gaultheria borneensis
Gaultheria depressa
Gaultheria forrestii
Gaultheria hirtiflora
Gaultheria hookeri
Gaultheria lanceolata
Gaultheria microphylla
Gaultheria myrsinoides
Gaultheria nummularioides
Gaultheria ovatifolia
Gaultheria perplexa
Gaultheria prostrata
Gaultheria pyroloides
Gaultheria sinensis
Gaultheria tasmanica
Gaultheria thymifolia
Gaultheria x wisleyensis
Gaussia maya
Gaylussacia dumosa
Gazania lichtensteinii
Gazania nivea
Gazania x splendens
Geijera paniculata
Geissois benthamii
Geissorhiza barkerae
Geissorhiza brevituba
Geissorhiza corrugata
Geissorhiza furva
Geissorhiza inconspicua
Geissorhiza karooica
Geissorhiza mathewsii
Geissorhiza ornithogaloides
Geissorhiza rochensis
Geissorhiza tenella
Gelasine uruguaiensis
Gelsemium sempervirens
Genipa americana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Genista canariensis
Genista delphinensis
Genista glabrescens
Genista humifusa
Genista lydia
Genista paivae
Genista scorpius
Genista carinalis
Genista ephedroides
Genista gomerae
Genista januensis
Genista monspessulana x
Genista pilosa
Genista stenopetala
Genista sylvestris
Genlisea africana
Genlisea glabra
Genlisea hispidula
Genlisea pygmaea
Genlisea sanariapoana
Genlisea uncinata
Genoplesium apostasioides
Genoplesium filiforme
Genoplesium rhyoliticum
Gentiana acaulis
Gentiana alba
Gentiana amarella
Gentiana angustifolia
Gentiana asterocalyx
Gentiana bavarica
Gentiana brachyphylla
Gentiana cachemirica
Gentiana cephalantha
Gentiana crassa
Gentiana cruttwellii
Gentiana decumbens
Gentiana depressa
Gentiana elwesii
Gentiana farreri
Gentiana freyniana
Gentiana gelida
Gentiana germanica
Gentiana grandiflora
Gentiana x hexa-farreri
Gentiana jarmilae
Genista tinctoria
Genlisea aurea
Genlisea glandulosissima
Genlisea lobata
Genlisea repens
Genlisea subglabra
Genlisea violacea
Genoplesium archeri
Genoplesium morrisii
Genoplesium rufum
Gentiana affinis
Gentiana algida
Gentiana amoena
Gentiana antarctica
Gentiana atuntsiensis
Gentiana bellidifolia
Gentiana brevidens
Gentiana calycosa
Gentiana concinna
Gentiana crassicaulis
Gentiana davidii
Gentiana delavayi
Gentiana dinarica
Gentiana emodii
Gentiana fetisowii
Gentiana frigida
Gentiana gentilis
Gentiana gilvostriata
Gentiana grossheimii
Gentiana hexaphylla
Gentiana karelinii
Genista cinerea
Genista ferox
Genista horrida
Genista linifolia
Genista nyssana
Genista ramosissima
Genista stenopetala x
Genista umbellata
Genlisea filiformis
Genlisea guianensis
Genlisea pallida
Genlisea roraimensis
Genlisea taylorii
Genoplesium acuminatum
Genoplesium despectans
Genoplesium nigricans
Genoplesium tectum
Gentiana alata
Gentiana alpina
Gentiana amplicrater
Gentiana asclepiadea
Gentiana autumnalis
Gentiana boissieri
Gentiana burseri
Gentiana carinata
Gentiana corymbosa
Gentiana crassuloides
Gentiana decorata
Gentiana dendrologi
Gentiana duclouxii
Gentiana excisa
Gentiana fischeri
Gentiana froelichii
Gentiana georgei
Gentiana gracilipes
Gentiana haynaldii
Gentiana imbricata
Gentiana kesselringii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Gentiana kolakovskyi
Gentiana lawrencei
Gentiana longicollis
Gentiana melandriifolia
Gentiana nipponica
Gentiana orbicularis
Gentiana otophora
Gentiana parryi
Gentiana primuliflora
Gentiana przewalskii
Gentiana pyrenaica
Gentiana saponaria
Gentiana septemfida
Gentiana sinoornata x farreri
Gentiana stylophora
Gentiana ternifolia
Gentiana tongolensis
Gentiana triflora
Gentiana utriculosa
Gentiana vernayi
Gentiana wutaiensis
Gentianella corymbifera
Gentianella magellanica
Gentianella saxosa
Gentianopsis detonsa
Geodorum recurvum
Geogenanthus undatus
Geonoma arundinacea
Geonoma baculifera
Geonoma brongniartii
Geonoma chococola
Geonoma cuneata
Geonoma divisa
Geonoma gamiova
Geonoma interrupta
Geonoma laxiflora
Geonoma longe-vaginata
Geonoma macrostachys
Geonoma mooreana
Gentiana kurroo
Gentiana ligustica
Gentiana lutea
Gentiana namlaensis
Gentiana occidentalis
Gentiana ornata
Gentiana pannonica
Gentiana patula
Gentiana prolata
Gentiana pumila
Gentiana rhodantha
Gentiana saxatilis
Gentiana sikkimensis
Gentiana siphonantha
Gentiana syringea
Gentiana tianschanica
Gentiana townsonii
Gentiana tubiflora
Gentiana veitchiorum
Gentiana wardii
Gentiana yunnanensis
Gentianella diemensis
Gentianella moorcroftiana
Gentianopsis barbata
Geodorum citrinum
Geodorum siamense
Geohintonia mexicana
Geonoma aspidiifolia
Geonoma brenesii
Geonoma camana
Geonoma concinna
Geonoma densa
Geonoma epetiolata
Geonoma gastoniana
Geonoma irena
Geonoma leptospadix
Geonoma longepedunculata
Geonoma maxima
Geonoma myriantha
Gentiana lactea
Gentiana loderi
Gentiana x macaulayi
Gentiana newberryi
Gentiana olivieri
Gentiana oschtenica
Gentiana paradoxa
Gentiana pontica
Gentiana prostrata
Gentiana punctata
Gentiana rockhillii
Gentiana scabra
Gentiana sinoornata
Gentiana stragulata
Gentiana terglouensis
Gentiana tibetica
Gentiana trichotoma
Gentiana urnula
Gentiana venusta
Gentiana wilsonii
Gentianella campestris
Gentianella hirculus
Gentianella quinquefolia
Gentianopsis contorta
Geodorum densiflorum
Geogenanthus poeppigii
Geonoma appuniana
Geonoma atrovirens
Geonoma brevispatha
Geonoma chlamydostachys
Geonoma congesta
Geonoma deversa
Geonoma ferruginea
Geonoma hugonis
Geonoma jussieuana
Geonoma linearis
Geonoma longevaginata
Geonoma monospatha
Geonoma oldemanii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Geonoma oligoclona
Geonoma spinescens
Geonoma talamancana
Geonoma triglochin
Geonoma undata
Geranium (procurrens x
lambertii) x (endressii x
Geranium albanum
Geranium aristatum
Geranium biuncinatum
Geranium brycei
Geranium x cantabrigiense
Geranium clarkei
Geranium dissectum
Geranium endressii x
Geranium gracile
Geranium himalayense
Geonoma orbigniana
Geonoma stricta
Geonoma tenuissima
Geonoma trigona
Geonoma weberbaueri
Geranium acaule
Geonoma schottiana
Geonoma supracostata
Geonoma triandra
Geonoma umbraculiformis
Geraea canescens
Geranium affine
Geranium antrorsum
Geranium asphodeloides
Geranium bohemicum
Geranium caespitosum
Geranium cataractarum
Geranium crassipes
Geranium donianum
Geranium erianthum
Geranium argenteum
Geranium atlanticum
Geranium brevicaule
Geranium canariense
Geranium cinereum
Geranium dalmaticum
Geranium endressii
Geranium farreri
Geranium hispidissimum
Geranium incanum
Geranium lambertii
Geranium linearilobum
Geranium maculatum
Geranium magniflorum
Geranium neglectum
Geranium orientali-tibeticum
Geranium palustre
Geranium platyanthum
Geranium potentilloides
Geranium grevilleanum
Geranium himalayense x
Geranium humboldtii
Geranium kishtvariense
Geranium libani
Geranium macrorrhizum
Geranium maderense
Geranium malviflorum
Geranium nodosum
Geranium x oxonianum
Geranium peloponnesiacum
Geranium platypetalum
Geranium pratense
Geranium pratense x regelii
Geranium psilostemon x
Geranium reflexum
Geranium x riversleaianum
Geranium robustum
Geranium schlechteri
Geranium soboliferum
Geranium procurrens
Geranium psilostemon x
Geranium renardii
Geranium rivulare
Geranium ruprechtii
Geranium sessiliflorum
Geranium subcaulescens
Geranium harveyi
Geranium himalayense x
Geranium ibericum
Geranium koreanum
Geranium x lindavicum
Geranium macrostylum
Geranium x magnificum
Geranium molle
Geranium oreganum
Geranium palmatum
Geranium phaeum
Geranium potentillifolium
Geranium pratense x
Geranium psilostemon
Geranium pulchrum
Geranium reuteri
Geranium robertianum
Geranium sanguineum
Geranium sinense
Geranium superbum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Geranium sylvaticum
Geranium versicolor
Geranium wlassovianum
Gerbera delavayi
Geranium transbaicalicum
Geranium viscosissimum
Geranium yesoense
Gerbera jamesonii
Gerbera nivea
Gesneria cardinalis
Gesneria cuneifolia
Gesneria magnifica
Gesneria pulverulenta
Gesneria ventricosa
Gethyllis campanulata
Gethyllis hallii
Gethyllis namaquensis
Gethyllis spiralis
Gethyllis villosa
Geum calthifolium
Geum elatum
Geum hybridum
Geum molle
Geum pentapetalum
Geum reptans
Geum rossii
Geum triflorum
Gevuina avellana
Gibbaeum album
Gibbaeum gibbosum
Gibbaeum nebrownii
Gibbaeum pilosulum
Gibbaeum velutinum
Gigantochloa atter
Gigantochloa hosseusii
Gigantochloa ligulata
Gigantochloa nigrociliata
Gerrardanthus macrorhizus
Gesneria christii
Gesneria elliptica
Gesneria pauciflora
Gesneria reticulata
Gesnouinia arborea
Gethyllis ciliaris
Gethyllis linearis
Gethyllis oliverorum
Gethyllis transkarooica
Geum x borisii
Geum capense
Geum fauriei
Geum leiospermum
Geum montanum
Geum pyrenaicum
Geum rhodopeum
Geum roylei
Geum urbanum
Gevuina bleasdalei
Gibbaeum dispar
Gibbaeum heathii
Gibbaeum pachypodium
Gibbaeum pubescens
Gigantochloa apus
Gigantochloa compressa
Gigantochloa latifolia
Gigantochloa luteostriata
Gigantochloa wrayi
Gilia sinuata
Gillbeea adenopetala
Gillenia trifoliata
Gingidia algens
Gigantochloa robusta
Gilia leptantha
Gilia tricolor
Gillenia stipulata
Gilruthia osbornei
Geranium traversii
Geranium wallichianum
Geranium yoshinoi
Gerbera jamesonii x
Gesneria acaulis
Gesneria citrina
Gesneria macrantha
Gesneria pedunculosa
Gesneria umbellata
Gethyllis afra
Gethyllis grandiflora
Gethyllis longistyla
Gethyllis setosa
Gethyllis verticillata
Geum bulgaricum
Geum coccineum
Geum glaciale
Geum magellanicum
Geum parviflorum
Geum quellyon
Geum rivale
Geum talbotianum
Geum virginianum
Gibasis geniculata
Gibbaeum geminum
Gibbaeum muiri
Gibbaeum petrense
Gibbaeum shandii
Gigantochloa atroviolacea
Gigantochloa hasskarliana
Gigantochloa levis
Gigantochloa manggong
Gigantochloa ridleyi
Gilia capitata
Gilia stenothyrsa
Gillbeea whypallana
Gilliesia graminea
Gingidia harveyana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Gingidia montana
Gladiolus abbreviatus
Gladiolus appendiculatus
Gladiolus blommesteinii
Gladiolus brevifolius
Gladiolus bullatus
Gladiolus carinatus
Gladiolus caryophyllaceus
Gladiolus citrinus
Gladiolus crassifolius
Gladiolus dalenii
Gladiolus deserticolus
Gladiolus equitans
Gladiolus gracilis
Gladiolus gueinzii
Gladiolus x hortulanus
Gladiolus inflatus
Gladiolus involutus
Gladiolus kotschyanus
Gladiolus longicollis
Gladiolus marlothii
Gladiolus melleri
Gladiolus muirii
Gladiolus nerineoides
Gladiolus oppositiflorus
Gladiolus pappei
Gladiolus pillansii
Gladiolus pubigerus
Gladiolus quadrangulus
Gladiolus robertsoniae
Gladiolus salteri
Gladiolus sericeovillosus
Gladiolus stellatus
Gladiolus trichonemifolius
Gladiolus undulatus
Gladiolus vaginatus
Gladiolus varius
Gladiolus vinosomaculatus
Ginkgo biloba
Gladiolus alatus
Gladiolus atroviolaceus
Gladiolus bonaespei
Gladiolus brevitubus
Gladiolus caeruleus
Gladiolus carmineus
Gladiolus caucasicus
Gladiolus x colvillei
Gladiolus cruentus
Gladiolus dalenii x
Gladiolus ecklonii
Gladiolus floribundus
Gladiolus grandiflorus
Gladiolus guthriei
Gladiolus huttonii
Gladiolus x insignis
Gladiolus jonquilliodorus
Gladiolus lewisiae
Gladiolus loteniensis
Gladiolus martleyi
Gladiolus mortonius
Gladiolus murielae
Gladiolus nigromontanus
Gladiolus orchidiflorus
Gladiolus patersoniae
Gladiolus priorii
Gladiolus punctulatus
Gladiolus recurvus
Gladiolus rogersii
Gladiolus saundersii
Gladiolus serpenticola
Gladiolus tenellus
Gladiolus tristis
Gladiolus unguiculatus
Gladiolus vandermerwei
Gladiolus venustus
Gladiolus violaceo-lineatus
Gironniera subaequalis
Gladiolus angustus
Gladiolus aureus
Gladiolus brachyphyllus
Gladiolus buckerveldii
Gladiolus cardinalis
Gladiolus carneus
Gladiolus ceresianus
Gladiolus communis
Gladiolus cunonius
Gladiolus debilis
Gladiolus elliotii
Gladiolus glaucus
Gladiolus griseus
Gladiolus hirsutus
Gladiolus hyalinus
Gladiolus insolens
Gladiolus kamiesbergensis
Gladiolus liliaceus
Gladiolus maculatus
Gladiolus meliusculus
Gladiolus mostertiae
Gladiolus nanus
Gladiolus ochroleucus
Gladiolus papilio
Gladiolus permeabilis
Gladiolus pritzelii
Gladiolus quadrangularis
Gladiolus rhodanthus
Gladiolus saccatus
Gladiolus sempervirens
Gladiolus stefaniae
Gladiolus teretifolius
Gladiolus ukambanensis
Gladiolus uysiae
Gladiolus variegatus
Gladiolus vigilans
Gladiolus virescens
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Gladiolus viridiflorus
Gladiolus wilsonii
Glandularia aurantiaca
Glandularia peruviana
Glaucium corniculatum
Glaucium flavum
Gleditsia caspica
Gleditsia triacanthos
Gleichenia alpina
Gleichenia rupestris
Glischrocaryon behrii
Globba franciscii
Globba marantina
Globba variabilis
Globularia amygdalifolia
Globularia cordifolia
Globularia nudicaulis
Globularia salicina
Glochidion acuminatum
Glochidion hylandii
Glochidion sessiliflorum
Gloriosa superba
Glossodia spp.
Glottiphyllum angustum
Glottiphyllum depressum
Glottiphyllum latum
Glottiphyllum marlothii
Glottiphyllum oligocarpum
Glottiphyllum praepingue
Glottiphyllum uncatum
Gloxinia gymnostoma
Glyceria arundinacea
Glyceria lithuanica
Glyceria nemoralis
Glycine latifolia
Glycyrrhiza glabra
Glyptostrobus lineatus
Gladiolus watermeyeri
Gladiolus x lewisiae
Glandularia laciniata
Glandularia tenera
Glaucium fimbrilligerum
Glebionis carinata
Gleditsia fera
Glehnia littoralis
Gleichenia dicarpa
Gliricidia maculata
Globba cernua
Globba leucantha
Globba schomburgkii
Globba winitii
Globularia aphyllanthes
Globularia incanescens
Globularia punctata
Globularia trichosantha
Glochidion ferdinandi
Glochidion philippicum
Glochidion wilsonii
Glossocardia bidens
Glossostigma elatinoides
Glottiphyllum compressum
Glottiphyllum fragrans
Glottiphyllum linguiforme
Glottiphyllum muirii
Glottiphyllum parvifolium
Glottiphyllum regium
Glottiphyllum starkeae
Gladiolus watsonius
Glandularia aristigera
Glandularia lilacina
Glaucidium palmatum
Glaucium fischeri
Gleditsia aquatica
Gleditsia japonica
Gleichenia abscida
Gleichenia microphylla
Gliricidia sepium
Globba colpicola
Globba malaccensis
Globba unifolia
Globularia alypum
Globularia bellidifolia
Globularia meridionalis
Globularia repens
Globularia vulgaris
Glochidion harveyanum
Glochidion pruinosum
Glomera microphylla
Glossocardia orthochaeta
Glottiphyllum album
Glottiphyllum cruciatum
Glottiphyllum grandiflorum
Glottiphyllum longum
Glottiphyllum neilii
Glottiphyllum platycarpum
Glottiphyllum salmii
Glottiphyllum surrectum
Gloxinella lindeniana
Gloxinia sylvatica
Glyceria australis
Glyceria maxima
Glycine chinensis
Glycine max
Glycyrrhiza triphylla
Gmelina arborea
Gloxinia erinoides
Glumicalyx nutans
Glyceria leptolepis
Glyceria melicaria
Glycine clandestina
Glycosmis pentaphylla
Glycyrrhiza uralensis
Gmelina asiatica
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Gmelina dalrympleana
Gmelina macrophylla
Gnaphalium argentifolium
Gnaphalium gymnocephalum
Gnaphalium nitidulum
Gnaphalium platense
Gnaphalium umbricola
Gnetum africanum
Gnetum gnemon
Gnidia caniflora
Gnidia simplex
Gomesa crispa
Gomortega keule
Gompholobium aspalathoides
Gompholobium grandiflorum
Gompholobium pinnatum
Gomphrena albiflora
Gomphrena globosa
Gonatanthus ornatus
Gongora spp.
Goniophlebium korthalsii
Gmelina fasciculiflora
Gmelina philippensis
Gnaphalium coarctata
Gnaphalium hookeri
Gnaphalium obovatum
Gnaphalium polycaulon
Gnephosis eriocarpa
Gnetum buchholzianum
Gnetum latifolium
Gnidia heterophylla
Gochnatia fascicularis
Gomesa foliosa
Gomphia sumatrana
Gompholobium ecostatum
Gompholobium huegelii
Gompholobium uncinatum
Gomphrena aurea
Gomphrena haageana
Gonatopus boivinii
Goniolimon tataricum
Goniophlebium percussum
Gonocarpus montanus
Gonocarpus teucrioides
Gonostemon gariepensis
Goodenia amplexans
Goodenia calcarata
Goodenia fascicularis
Goodenia glabra
Goodenia gracilis
Goodenia heterophylla
Goodenia latifolia
Goodenia ovata
Goodenia robusta
Goodenia stelligera
Goodenia tenella
Gonocarpus elatus
Gmelina leichhardtii
Gnaphalium antillanum
Gnaphalium fordianum
Gnaphalium mackayi
Gnaphalium panaetioides
Gnaphalium traversii
Gnephosis skirrophora
Gnetum costatum
Gnetum montanum
Gnidia juniperifolia
Gomesa barkeri
Gomesa recurva
Gomphocarpus physocarpus
Gompholobium foliolosum
Gompholobium latifolium
Gompholobium virgatum
Gomphrena celosioides
Gomphrena leontopodioides
Gonatostylis vieillardii
Goniophlebium dissimile
Gonocarpus longifolius
Gonocarpus oreophilus
Gonospermum fruticosum
Gonostemon gettliffei
Gonostemon obductus
Gonocarpus tetragynus
Gonostemon asterias
Gonostemon grandiflorus
Gonostemon schinzii
Goodenia bellidifolia
Goodenia decurrens
Goodenia fordiana
Goodenia glauca
Goodenia hederacea
Goodenia humilis
Goodenia lineata
Goodenia paniculata
Goodenia rostrivalvis
Goodenia stephensonii
Goodenia vernicosa
Goodenia blackiana
Goodenia elongata
Goodenia geniculata
Goodenia glomerata
Goodenia heteromera
Goodenia lanata
Goodenia macmillanii
Goodenia pterygosperma
Goodenia rotundifolia
Goodenia stirlingii
Goodenia willisiana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Goodia lotifolia
Goodyera pubescens
Goodyera vittata
Gordonia yunnanensis
Gossia bamagensis
Gossia floribunda
Gossia hillii
Gossia sankowskiorum
Gossypium arboreum
Gossypium bickii
Gossypium hirsutum
Gossypium rotundifolium
Gouania mauritiana
Grammangis ellisii
Grammatophyllum spp.
Graphorchis lurida
Goodyera grandis
Goodyera rubicunda
Gordonia lasianthus
Gorteria personata
Gossia bidwillii
Gossia fragrantissima
Gossia inophloia
Gossia shepherdii
Gossypium armourianum
Gossypium harknessii
Gossypium nandewarense
Gossypium stocksii
Grabowskia duplicata
Grammangis stapeliiflora
Grammitis billardieri
Graphorkis spp.
Graptopetalum craigii
Graptopetalum goldi
Graptopetalum pachyphyllum
Graptopetalum saxifragoides
Graptophyllum ilicifolium
Graptophyllum spinigerum
Gratiola latifolia
Gratiola peruviana
Greenovia diplocycla
Greigia sphacelata
Grevillea acerosa
Grevillea alpestris
Grevillea apiciloba
Grevillea aurea
Grevillea banksii
Grevillea baueri
Grevillea benthamiana
Grevillea brownii
Grevillea callichlaena
Grevillea chrysophaea
Grevillea coriacea
Grevillea diminuta
Graptopetalum filiferum
Graptopetalum macdougallii
Graptopetalum paraguayense
Graptopetalum superbum
Graptophyllum pictum
Graptophyllum thorogoodii
Gratiola nana
Greenovia aizoon
Greenovia dodrentalis
Grevillea acanthifolia
Grevillea adpressa
Grevillea alpina
Grevillea aquifolium
Grevillea australis
Grevillea banyabba
Grevillea beadleana
Grevillea brevicuspis
Grevillea buxifolia
Grevillea capitellata
Grevillea cinerea
Grevillea decora
Grevillea dryophylla
Goodyera hemsleyana
Goodyera viridiflora
Gordonia speciosa
Gossia acmenoides
Gossia dallachiana
Gossia gonoclada
Gossia myrsinocarpa
Gossypium anomalum
Gossypium barbadense
Gossypium herbaceum
Gossypium nobile
Gouania latifolia
Grahamia australiana
Grammanthes gentianoides
Grammitis poeppigiana
Graptopetalum glassii
Graptopetalum mendozae
Graptopetalum pentandrum
Graptophyllum excelsum
Graptophyllum reticulatum
x Graptoveria spp.
Gratiola officinalis
Greenovia aurea
Greigia cochabambae
Grevillea acerata
Grevillea albiflora
Grevillea angulata
Grevillea aspleniifolia
Grevillea baileyana
Grevillea barklyana
Grevillea bedggoodiana
Grevillea brevifolia
Grevillea caleyi
Grevillea celata
Grevillea confertifolia
Grevillea diffusa
Grevillea evansiana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Grevillea exul
Grevillea formosa
Grevillea glabrescens
Grevillea goodii
Grevillea halmaturina
Grevillea hockingsii
Grevillea hybrid
Grevillea irrasa
Grevillea juniperina
Grevillea lanigera
Grevillea leiophylla
Grevillea longifolia
Grevillea macrostylis
Grevillea micrantha
Grevillea mollis
Grevillea montis-cole
Grevillea neurophylla
Grevillea oxyantha
Grevillea parallelinervis
Grevillea patulifolia
Grevillea polybractea
Grevillea quinquenervis
Grevillea renwickiana
Grevillea rhyolitica
Grevillea rogersii
Grevillea sericea
Grevillea singuliflora
Grevillea steiglitziana
Grevillea trinervis
Grevillea victoriae
Grevillea willisii
Grewia avellana
Grewia caffra
Grewia hexamita
Grewia inaequilatera
Grewia multiflora
Grewia pachycalyx
Grewia robusta
Greyia flanaganii
Grevillea floribunda
Grevillea gillivrayi
Grevillea glauca
Grevillea granulifera
Grevillea helmsiae
Grevillea hodgei
Grevillea iaspicula
Grevillea jephcottii
Grevillea kedumbensis
Grevillea laurifolia
Grevillea linearifolia
Grevillea longistyla
Grevillea masonii
Grevillea microstegia
Grevillea molyneuxii
Grevillea mucronulata
Grevillea obtecta
Grevillea pachylostyla
Grevillea parviflora
Grevillea phylicoides
Grevillea pungens
Grevillea ramosissima
Grevillea repens
Grevillea rivularis
Grevillea rosmarinifolia
Grevillea sessilis
Grevillea speciosa
Grevillea treueriana
Grevillea triternata
Grevillea whiteana
Grewia abutilifolia
Grewia bicolor
Grewia carpinifolia
Grewia hirsuta
Grewia latifolia
Grewia occidentalis
Grewia polygama
Grewia stolzii
Greyia radlkoferi
Grevillea floripendula
Grevillea glabrata
Grevillea glossadenia
Grevillea guthrieana
Grevillea hilliana
Grevillea humilis
Grevillea ilicifolia
Grevillea johnsonii
Grevillea kennedyana
Grevillea lavandulacea
Grevillea linsmithii
Grevillea macleayana
Grevillea meissneri
Grevillea miqueliana
Grevillea montana
Grevillea muricata
Grevillea oldei
Grevillea papuana
Grevillea parvula
Grevillea polyacida
Grevillea quadricauda
Grevillea raybrownii
Grevillea rhizomatosa
Grevillea robusta
Grevillea scortechinii
Grevillea shiressii
Grevillea sphacelata
Grevillea tridentifera
Grevillea venusta
Grevillea wilkinsonii
Grewia asiatica
Grewia biloba
Grewia excelsa
Grewia hornbyi
Grewia monticola
Grewia optiva
Grewia retinervis
Grewia sulcata
Greyia sutherlandii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Grias cauliflora
Griffinia concinna
Griffonia simplicifolia
Griselinia littoralis
Grislea herbacea
Gronophyllum apricum
Gronophyllum gibbsianum
Grielum grandiflorum
Griffinia espiritensis
Grindelia camporum
Griselinia lucida
Grobya amherstiae
Gronophyllum cariosum
Gronophyllum kjellbergii
Gronophyllum leonardii
Gronophyllum microspadix
Gronophyllum pinangoides
Gronophyllum ramsayi
Gronophyllum luridum
Gronophyllum montanum
Gronophyllum pleurocarpum
Guadua amplexifolia
Guaiacum coulteri
Guarianthe bowringiana
Guatteria ouregou
Guettarda speciosa
Guibourtia coleosperma
Guihaia argyrata
Guilleminea densa
Guioa coriaceae
Guioa semiglauca
Gulubia costata
Gulubia longispatha
Gulubia moluccana
Gunnarella begaudii
Gunnera cordifolia
Gunnera flavida
Gunnera magellanica
Gunnera monoica
Gunnera strigosa
Gustavia angustifolia
Gustavia gracillima
Gustavia marcgraaviana
Gustavia poeppigiana
Gustavia superba
Guzmania angustifolia
Guzmania blassii
Guzmania circinnata
Gronophyllum selebicum
Guadua paniculata
Guarianthe aurantiaca
Guarianthe skinneri
Guettarda odorata
Guettardella tenuiflora
Guiera senegalensis
Guilfoylia monostylis
Guioa acutifolia
Guioa sarcopterifructa
Guizotia schultzii
Gulubia hombronii
Gulubia microcarpa
Gulubia valida
Gunnera albocarpa
Gunnera dentata
Gunnera insignis
Gunnera mixta
Gunnera prorepens
Gustavia acuminata
Gustavia dodsonii
Gustavia macarenensis
Gustavia parviflora
Gustavia speciosa
Guzmania andreettae
Guzmania bipartita
Guzmania cardinalis
Grielum humifusum
Griffinia liboniana
Griselinia jodinifolia
Griselinia scandens
Gronophyllum affine
Gronophyllum flabellatum
Gronophyllum microcarpum
Gronophyllum oxypetalum
Gronophyllum procerum
Gronophyllum sarasinorum
Guadua angustifolia
Guarea macrophylla
Guarianthe x guatemalensis
Guettarda elliptica
Guettarda uruguensis
Guibourtia conjugata
Guihaia grossefibrosa
Guindilia trinervis
Guioa lasioneura
Guizotia abyssinica
Gulubia cylindrocarpa
Gulubia macrospadix
Gulubia palauensis
Gunnarella robertsii
Gunnera densiflora
Gunnera hamiltonii
Gunnera manicata
Gunnera perpensa
Gunnera tinctoria
Gustavia augusta
Gustavia longifolia
Gustavia nana
Gustavia serrata
Guzmania alborosea
Guzmania berteroniana
Guzmania calamifolia
Guzmania claviformis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Guzmania dissitiflora
Guzmania fosteriana
Guzmania lindeni
Guzmania monostachia
Guzmania paniculata
Guzmania plicatifolia
Guzmania rosea
Guzmania scherzeriana
Guzmania squarrosa
Guzmania subcorymbosa
Guzmania vittata
Guzmania zahnii
Gymnema dunnii
Gymnocalycium ambatoense
Gymnocalycium baldianum
Gymnocalycium calochlorum
Guzmania donnellsmithii
Guzmania x hybrid
Guzmania lingulata
Guzmania musaica
Guzmania patula
Guzmania rauhiana
Guzmania rubrolutea
Guzmania spectabilis
Guzmania stenostachya
Guzmania teuscheri
Guzmania wittmackii
Gymnanthera nitida
Gymnema geminatum
Gymnocalycium andreae
Gymnocalycium bruchii
Gymnocalycium capillaense
Gymnocalycium castellanosii
Gymnocalycium chiquitanum
Gymnocalycium delaetii
Gymnocalycium denudatum
Gymnocalycium ferrarii
Gymnocalycium gibbosum
Gymnocalycium glaucum
Gymnocalycium horstii
Gymnocalycium hossei
Gymnocalycium intertextum
Gymnocalycium mazanense
Gymnocalycium marsoneri
Gymnocalycium multiflorum
Gymnocalycium platense
Gymnocalycium riojense
Gymnocalycium monvillei
Gymnocalycium neuhuberi
Gymnocalycium occultum
Gymnocalycium quehlianum
Gymnocalycium ritterianum
Guzmania erythrolepis
Guzmania kraenzliniana
Guzmania melinonis
Guzmania nicaraguensis
Guzmania pennellii
Guzmania remyi
Guzmania sanguinea
Guzmania sprucei
Guzmania stricta
Guzmania variegata
Guzmania xanthobractea
Gymnaster savatieri
Gymnema sylvestre
Gymnocalycium anisitsii
Gymnocalycium buenekeri
Gymnocalycium friedrichii
Gymnocalycium leeanum
Gymnocalycium mostii
Gymnocalycium pflanzii
Gymnocalycium ragonesei
Gymnocalycium saglionis
Gymnocalycium spegazzinii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Gymnocalycium stellatum
Gymnocalycium tillianum
Gymnocalycium uruguayense
Gymnocladus chinensis
Gymnospermium albertii
Gymnocarpium oyamense
Gymnosporia diversifolia
Gymnostachys anceps
Gymnostoma chamaecyparis
Gymnostoma leucodon
Gymnostoma sumatranum
Gynandriris cedarmontana
Gynandriris simulans
Gynura sechellensis
Gypsophila bungeana
Gypsophila glomerata
Gypsophila paniculata
Gypsophila struthium
Gyrostemon australasicus
Haageocereus chosicensis
Haageocereus lanugispinus
Haageocereus pacalaensis
Haageocereus versicolor
Haastia pulvinaris
Habenaria spp.
Hablitzia tamnoides
Habranthus caeruleus
Habranthus martinezii x
Habranthus robustus
Habranthus tubispathus x
Haeckeria ozothamnoides
Haemanthus amarylloides
Haemanthus carneus
Haemanthus deformis
Haemanthus montanus
Haemanthus pauculifolius
Gymnocalycium vatteri
Gymnocladus dioicus
Gymnosporia buxifolia
Gymnosporia inermis
Gymnostachyum pearcei
Gymnostoma deplancheanum
Gymnostoma papuanum
Gymnostoma webbianum
Gynandriris pritzeliana
Gynura drymophila
Gypsophila aretioides
Gypsophila elegans
Gypsophila oldhamiana
Gypsophila paniculata x
Gypsophila tenuifolia
Haageocereus albispinus
Haageocereus decumbens
Haageocereus limensis
Haageocereus platinospinus
x Haagespostoa albisetata
Haastia recurva
Haberlea ferdinandi-coburgii
Habranthus andersonii
Habranthus estensis
Habranthus niveus
Gymnosporia senegalensis
Gymnostoma australianum
Gymnostoma intermedium
Gymnostoma poissonianum
Gynandriris anomala
Gynandriris setifolia
Gynura procumbens
Gypsophila arrostii
Gypsophila fastigiata
Gypsophila pacifica
Gypsophila repens
Habranthus texanus x
Habranthus vittatus
Habranthus tubispathus
Haeckeria pholidota
Haemanthus barkerae
Haemanthus coccineus
Haemanthus humilis
Haemanthus namaquensis
Haemanthus pubescens
Haemanthus albiflos
Haemanthus canaliculatus
Haemanthus crispus
Haemanthus lanceifolius
Haemanthus nortieri
Haemanthus sanguineus
Gypsophila tubulosa
Haageocereus australis
Haageocereus fascicularis
Haageocereus multangularis
Haageocereus tenuis
x Haagespostoa climaxantha
Haastia sinclairii
Haberlea rhodopensis
Habranthus brachyandrus
Habranthus martinezii
Habranthus pedunculosus
Haeckeria cassiniiformis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Haemanthus tristis
Haemodorum planifolium
Hakea archaeoides
Hakea constablei
Hakea crassinervia
Hakea dactyloides
Hakea ednieana
Hakea florulenta
Hakea glabella
Hakea lissosperma
Hakea microcarpa
Hakea myrtoides x petiolaris
Hakea persiehana
Hakea purpurea
Hakea rostrata
Hakea sericea
Hakea trineura
Hakonechloa macra
Halenia weddelliana
Halesia tetraptera
Halgania brachyrhyncha
Halgania viscosa
Halimione pedunculata
Halimium calycinum
Halimium ocymoides
Halimocnemis pilosa
Hallianthus planus
Halocarpus biformis
Halopeplis pygmaea
Haloragis eyreana
Haloragis tetragyna
Halosarcia pruinosa
Halothamnus glaucus
Halothamnus subaphyllus
Haloxylon persicum
Hamamelis japonica
Haemanthus unifoliatus
Hainardia cylindrica
Hakea arida
Hakea coriacea
Hakea cunninghamii
Hakea decurrens
Hakea epiglottis
Hakea francisiana x
Hakea grammatophylla
Hakea macraeana
Hakea mitchellii
Hakea nodosa
Hakea plurinervia
Hakea repullulans
Hakea rugosa
Hakea suberea
Hakea ulicina
Halanthium rarifolium
Halesia diptera
Halfordia kendack
Halgania preissiana
x Halimiocistus revolii
Halimium alyssoides
Halimium commutatum
Halimium umbellatum
Halimocnemis villosa
Halmoorea trispatha
Halocarpus kirkii
Haloragis aspera
Haloragis heterophylla
Haloragodendron baeuerlenii
Halosarcia bulbosa
Halosarcia syncarpa
Halothamnus hierochunticus
Haloxylon aphyllum
Hamadryas argentea
Hamamelis mollis
Haemodorum coccineum
Hakea actites
Hakea bakeriana
Hakea crassifolia
Hakea cycloptera
Hakea dohertyi
Hakea eyreana
Hakea fraseri
Hakea ivoryi
Hakea macrorrhyncha
Hakea muelleriana
Hakea obtusa x petiolaris
Hakea propinqua
Hakea roei
Hakea salicifolia
Hakea tephrosperma
Hakea vittata
Haldina cordifolia
Halesia macgregorii
Halfordia scleroxyla
Halgania rigida
x Halimiocistus wintonensis
Halimium atriplicifolium
Halimium halimifolium
Halimocnemis mollissima
Halleria lucida
Halocarpus bidwillii
Halocharis gossypina
Haloragis exalata
Haloragis serra
Haloragodendron lucasii
Halosarcia lylei
Halostachys caspica
Halothamnus iliensis
Haloxylon articulatum
Hamamelis x intermedia
Hamamelis obtusata f.
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Hamamelis vernalis
Hammada leptoclada
Hanguana malayana
Haplocarpha rueppellii
Haplostichanthus fruticosus
Haplostichanthus rufescens
Harfordia macroptera
Harmsiopanax ingens
Harperia confertospicatus
Harpullia fruticosa
Harpullia pendula
Harrimanella hypnoides
Harrisia balansae
Harrisia gracilis
Harrisia simpsonii
Hartogiella schinoides
Harveya huttonii
Hastingsia alba
Hatiora herminiae
Haumania leonardiana
Hauya heydeana
x Hawkinsara spp.
Haworthia arachnoidea
Haworthia armstrongii
Haworthia batesiana
Haworthia blackburniae
Haworthia browniana
Haworthia coarctata
Haworthia cummingii
Haworthia cymbiformis x
Haworthia emelyae
Haworthia floribunda
Haworthia glauca
Haworthia haageana
Haworthia heidelbergensis
Haworthia hurlingii
Haworthia janseana
Haworthia kingiana
Hamamelis virginiana
Hammeria meleagris
Hannafordia shanesii
Haplopappus foliosus
Haplostichanthus johnsonii
Hardenbergia violacea
Harmsiodoxa blennodioides
Harpephyllum caffrum
Harpullia alata
Harpullia hillii
Harpullia ramiflora
Harrimanella stelleriana
Harrisia divaricata
Harrisia guelichii
Harrisia tetracantha
Hartwegia purpurea
Harveya purpurea
Hatiora epiphylloides
Hatiora rosea
Haumania liebrechtsiana
Havardia albicans
Haworthia altilinea
Haworthia archeri
Haworthia asperula
Haworthia bayeri
Haworthia bolusii
Haworthia bruynsii
Haworthia comptoniana
Haworthia cuspidata
Haworthia cymbiformis x
Haworthia esterhuizenii
Haworthia geraldii
Haworthia gracilis
Haworthia habdomadis
Haworthia herbacea
Haworthia integra
Haworthia jansenvillensis
Haworthia koelmaniorum
Hamelia patens
Hampea trilobata
Hapaline brownii
Haplopappus glutinosus
Haplostichanthus ramiflorus
Hardwickia binata
Harmsiodoxa puberula
Harperia confertospicata
Harpullia frutescens
Harpullia leichhardtii
Harpullia rhyticarpa
Harrisia adscendens
Harrisia fernowii
Harrisia hahniana
Hartia sinensis
Harveya capensis
Harveya speciosa
Hatiora gaertneri
Hatiora salicornioides
Hauya elegans
Havardia sonorae
Haworthia angustifolia
Haworthia aristata
Haworthia attenuata
Haworthia blackbeardiana
Haworthia breueri
Haworthia chloracantha
Haworthia cooperi
Haworthia cymbiformis
Haworthia decipiens
Haworthia fasciata
Haworthia glabrata
Haworthia graminifolia
Haworthia hastata
Haworthia herrei
Haworthia jacobseniana
Haworthia x kewensis
Haworthia laetevirens
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Haworthia lateganae
Haworthia lockwoodii
Haworthia magnifica
Haworthia marginata
Haworthia maughanii x
Haworthia mirabilis
Haworthia mundula
Haworthia leightonii
Haworthia longiana
Haworthia maraisii
Haworthia marumiana
Haworthia minima
Haworthia limifolia
Haworthia maculata
Haworthia margaritifera
Haworthia maughanii
Haworthia minor
Haworthia mucronata
Haworthia mutica
Haworthia nigra
Haworthia outeniquensis
Haworthia pearsonii
Haworthia pilifera
Haworthia pumila
Haworthia radula
Haworthia reinwardtii
Haworthia retusa
Haworthia rugosa
Haworthia serrata
Haworthia sordida
Haworthia nortieri
Haworthia pallens
Haworthia pehlemanniae
Haworthia pubescens
Haworthia pungens
Haworthia ramosa
Haworthia resendeana
Haworthia x rigida
Haworthia scabra
Haworthia setata
Haworthia x tauteae
Haworthia tortuosa
Haworthia translucens
Haworthia truncata x
Haworthia unicolor
Haworthia virella
Haworthia vlokii
Haworthia woolleyii
x Haynaldoticum
Hebe albicans
Hebe x andersonii
Hebe balfouriana
Hebe bollonsii
Hebe buchananii
Hebe carnosula
Hebe cheesemanii
Hebe corriganii
Haworthia multifolia
Haworthia mutica x
Haworthia odetteae
Haworthia parksiana
Haworthia picta
Haworthia pulchella
Haworthia pygmaea
Haworthia recurva
Haworthia reticulata
Haworthia rubrobrunnea
Haworthia semiviva
Haworthia smitii
Haworthia starkiana
Haworthia subattenuata
Haworthia tessellata
Haworthia transiens
Haworthia truncata
Haworthia turgida
Haworthia venosa
Haworthia vittata
Haworthia wittebergensis
Haworthia zantneriana
Hebe acutiflora
Hebe amplexicaulis
Hebe astoni
Hebe x bishopiana
Hebe breviracemosa
Hebe x carnea
Hebe chathamica
Hebe colensoi
Haworthia tauteae
Haworthia tradouwensis
Haworthia tretyrensis
Haworthia tuberculata
Haworthia variegata
Haworthia viscosa
Haworthia wimii
Haworthia xiphiophylla
Hazardia detonsa
Hebe allanii
Hebe armstrongii
Hebe benthamii
Hebe brevifolia
Hebe canterburiensis
Hebe carsei
Hebe ciliolata
Hebe cupressoides
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Hebe darwiniana
Hebe divaricata
Hebe epacridea
Hebe x franciscana
Hebe glaucophylla
Hebe hectoris
Hebe insularis
Hebe ligustrifolia
Hebe macrocalyx
Hebe ochracea
Hebe parviflora
Hebe pimeleoides
Hebe propinqua
Hebe raoulii
Hebe rupicola
Hebe speciosa
Hebe strictissima
Hebe tetrasticha
Hebe traversii
Hebe venustula
Hebenstretia dura
Hechtia capituligera
Hechtia glomerata
Hechtia podantha
Hechtia schottii
Hechtia tillandsioides
Hedera nepalensis
Hebe diosmifolia
Hebe elliptica
Hebe evenosa
Hebe fruticeti
Hebe gracillima
Hebe hybrida
Hebe lavaudiana
Hebe lycopodioides
Hebe macrocarpa
Hebe odora
Hebe pauciramosa
Hebe pinguifolia
Hebe pubescens
Hebe recurva
Hebe salicifolia
Hebe speciosa x diosmifolia
Hebe subalpina
Hebe topiaria
Hebe treadwellii
Hebe vernicosa
Hebenstretia fastigiosa
Hechtia desmetiana
Hechtia macdougallii
Hechtia rosea
Hechtia stenopetala
Hedera helix
Hedera sinensis
Hedycarya angustifolia
Hedychium carneum
Hedycarya arborea
Hedychium coronarium
Hedychium densiflorum
Hedychium forrestii
Hedychium greenii
Hedychium neocarneum
Hedychium tenellum
Hedyotis st.-johnii
Hedysarum argyreum
Hedysarum boutignyanum
Hedysarum cyprium
Hedychium ellipticum
Hedychium gardnerianum
Hedychium horsfieldii
Hedychium speciosum
Hedyotis galioides
Hedypnois rhagadioloides
Hedysarum biebersteinii
Hedysarum carnosum
Hedysarum dasycarpum
Hebe diosmifolia x speciosa
Hebe elliptica x pimeleoides
Hebe fairfieldii
Hebe gibbsii
Hebe haastii
Hebe imperialis
Hebe lewisii
Hebe macrantha
Hebe myrtifolia
Hebe pareora
Hebe petriei
Hebe poppelwellii
Hebe rakaiensis
Hebe rigidula
Hebe salicornioides
Hebe stenophylla
Hebe tetragona
Hebe townsonii
Hebe truncatula
Hebenstretia dentata
Hechtia argentea
Hechtia epigyna
Hechtia marnier-lapostollei
Hechtia roseana
Hechtia texensis
Hedera maderensis
Hedycarya loxocarya
Hedychium coronarium x
Hedychium flavum
Hedychium greenei
Hedychium longicornutum
Hedychium spicatum
Hedyotis littoralis
Hedysarum alpinum
Hedysarum boreale
Hedysarum coronarium
Hedysarum flavescens
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Hedysarum flexuosum
Hedysarum humile
Hedysarum membranaceum
Hedysarum multijugum
Hedysarum sikkimense
Hedysarum splendens
Hedysarum vicioides
Heimerlia brunoniana
Heliamphora chimantensis
Hedysarum formosum
Hedysarum iliense
Hedysarum microcalyx
Hedysarum pallidum
Hedysarum songaricum
Hedysarum taschkendicum
Hedyscepe canterburyana
Heimia salicifolia
Heliamphora elongata
Heliamphora folliculata
Heliamphora heterodoxa x
Heliamphora hispida
Heliamphora nutans
Heliamphora sarracenioides
Helianthemum broussonetii
Helianthemum canum
Helianthemum gorgoneum
Helianthemum ledifolium
Helianthemum nummularium
Helianthemum scoparium
Helianthus annuus
Helianthus ciliaris
Helianthus maximiliani
Helianthus occidentalis
Helianthus tuberosus
Helichrysum adenophorum
Helichrysum albo-brunneum
Helichrysum ambiguum
Helichrysum antennarium
Helichrysum backhousei
Helichrysum bellum
Helichrysum bilobum
Heliamphora glabra
Heliamphora heterodoxa x
Heliamphora ionasii
Heliamphora nutans x ionasii
Heliamphora tatei
Helianthemum cinereum
Helianthemum grandiflorum
Helianthemum neopiliferum
Helianthemum oelandicum
Helianthemum thymiphyllum
Helianthus anomalus
Helianthus debilis
Helianthus microcephalus
Helianthus paradoxus
x Heliaporus smithii
Helichrysum adnatum
Helichrysum album
Helichrysum amorginum
Helichrysum arenarium
Helichrysum baxteri
Helichrysum bidwillii
Helichrysum blackallii
Helichrysum brownei
Helichrysum cassinianum
Helichrysum cinereum
Helichrysum cooperi
Helichrysum citrispinum
Helichrysum coralloides
Hedysarum hedysaroides
Hedysarum macranthum
Hedysarum micropterum
Hedysarum semenowii
Hedysarum spicatum
Hedysarum varium
Hegemone micrantha
Helcia spp.
Heliamphora heterodoxa
Heliamphora heterodoxa x
Heliamphora minor
Heliamphora pulchella
Helianthemum aegyptiacum
Helianthemum canariense
Helianthemum croceum
Helianthemum hybrids
Helianthemum nitidum
Helianthemum piliferum
Helianthemum virgatum
Helianthus arizonensis
Helianthus gracilentus
Helianthus neglectus
Helianthus salicifolius
Helichrysum acuminatum
Helichrysum africanum
Helichrysum alpinum
Helichrysum amplectens
Helichrysum ayersii
Helichrysum bellidioides
Helichrysum billardierei
Helichrysum conditum
Helichrysum costatifructum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Helichrysum cuneifolium
Helichrysum dendroideum
Helichrysum ecklonis
Helichrysum frigidum
Helichrysum gossypinum
Helichrysum italicum
Helichrysum lindleyi
Helichrysum lycopodioides
Helichrysum dasyanthum
Helichrysum depressum
Helichrysum expansifolium
Helichrysum glomeratum
Helichrysum humile
Helichrysum lanuginosum
Helichrysum lindsayanum
Helichrysum marginatum
Helichrysum microphyllum
Helichrysum newcastlianum
Helichrysum nodiflorum
Helichrysum papillosum
Helichrysum pendulum
Helichrysum plicatum
Helichrysum populifolium
Helichrysum reticulatum
Helichrysum rufescens
Helichrysum rutidolepis
Helichrysum selaginoides
Helichrysum sessilioides
Helichrysum sutherlandii
Helichrysum virgineum
Helicia australasica
Helicia glabriflora
Helicia nortoniana
Heliconia aemygdiana
Heliconia atropurpurea
Heliconia bihai x psittacorum
Heliconia caribaea
Heliconia chartacea
Heliconia danielsiana
Heliconia farinosa
Heliconia indica
Heliconia lasiorachis
Heliconia librata
Heliconia longiflora
Heliconia mariae
Helichrysum milfordiae
Helichrysum newii
Helichrysum oxylepis
Helichrysum paralium
Helichrysum petiolare
Helichrysum plumeum
Helichrysum pumilum
Helichrysum retortum
Helichrysum rupestre
Helichrysum scorpioides
Helichrysum selago
Helichrysum sibthorpii
Helichrysum thianschanicum
Helichrysum viscosum
Helicia blakei
Helicia lamingtoniana
Helicodiceros muscivorus
Heliconia angusta
Heliconia bihai
Heliconia bourgaeana
Heliconia caribaea x bihai
Heliconia collinsiana
Heliconia densiflora
Heliconia gracilis
Heliconia irrasa
Heliconia latispatha
Heliconia lingulata
Heliconia maculata
Heliconia mariae x
Heliconia metallica
Heliconia meridensis
Helichrysum dealbatum
Helichrysum diotophyllum
Helichrysum felinum
Helichrysum glutinosum
Helichrysum intermedium
Helichrysum lepidophyllum
Helichrysum litorale
Helichrysum meyerijohannis
Helichrysum milliganii
Helichrysum nitens
Helichrysum pandurifolium
Helichrysum parvifolium
Helichrysum pleurandroides
Helichrysum podolepidium
Helichrysum ramosissimum
Helichrysum retrorsum
Helichrysum rupicola
Helichrysum scutellifolium
Helichrysum semifertile
Helichrysum splendidum
Helichrysum tuckeri
Helichrysum whitei
Helicia ferruginea
Helicia lewisensis
Heliconia acuminata
Heliconia x angusta
Heliconia bihai x caribaea
Heliconia brasiliensis
Heliconia champneiana
Heliconia curtispatha
Heliconia episcopalis
Heliconia imbricata
Heliconia lankesteri
Heliconia laxa
Heliconia longa
Heliconia marginata
Heliconia mathiasiae
Heliconia mutisiana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Heliconia x nickeriensis
Heliconia obscuroides
Heliconia papuana
Heliconia platystachys
Heliconia nigripraefixa
Heliconia orthotricha
Heliconia pastazae
Heliconia pogonantha
Heliconia psittacorum
Heliconia richardiana
Heliconia schiedeana
Heliconia spathocircinata
Heliconia steyermarkii
Heliconia talamancana
Heliconia undulata
Heliconia wagneriana
Helicteres hirsuta
Helictotrichon compressum
Helictotrichon imberbe
Helictotrichon sedenense
Heliconia psittacorum x
Heliconia rostrata
Heliconia sclerotricha
Heliconia spissa
Heliconia stricta
Heliconia thomasiana
Heliconia vaginalis
Heliconia zebrina
Helicteres semiglabra
Helictotrichon decorum
Helictotrichon marginatum
Helictotrichon sempervirens
Helictotrichon versicolor
Heliocereus cinnabarinus
Heliohebe raoulii
Heliophila crithmifolia
Heliophila pusilla
Heliotropium amplexicaule
Heliotropium foertherianum
Helinus integrifolius
Heliocereus schrankii
Heliophila africana
Heliophila integrifolia
Heliopsis balsamorhiza
Heliotropium arborescens
Heliotropium gossei
Heliotropium indicum
Heliotropium supinum
Helipterum anthemoides
Helipterum corymbiflorum
Helipterum fitzgibbonii
Helipterum hyalospermum
Helipterum molle
Helipterum polygalifolium
Helipterum saxatile
Helipterum sterilescens
Helipterum stuartianum
Helipterum venustum
Helleborus bocconei
Heliotropium marifolium
Heliotropium x voltaireanum
Helipterum argyropsis
Helipterum cotula
Helipterum fuscescens
Helipterum maryonii
Helipterum moschatum
Helipterum praecox
Helipterum semisterile
Helipterum stipitatum
Helipterum tenellum
Helleborus abchasicus
Helleborus corsicus
Heliconia nutans
Heliconia osaensis
Heliconia pendula
Heliconia ramonensis
Heliconia sarapiquensis
Heliconia solomonensis
Heliconia standleyi
Heliconia subulata
Heliconia tortuosa
Heliconia vellerigera
Helicteres baruensis
Helictotrichon alpinum
Helictotrichon hookeri
Helictotrichon parlatorei
Heliocereus aurantiacus
Heliohebe lavaudiana
Heliophila amplexicaulis
Heliophila longifolia
Heliopsis helianthoides
Heliotropium curassavicum
Heliotropium stenophyllum
Helipterum albicans
Helipterum chlorocephalum
Helipterum diffusum
Helipterum gracile
Helipterum microglossum
Helipterum phlomoides
Helipterum pterochaetum
Helipterum spicatum
Helipterum strictum
Helipterum tietkensii
Helleborus x ballardiae
Helleborus croaticus
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Helleborus cyclophyllus
Helleborus foetidus
Helleborus multifidus
Helleborus odorus
Helleborus x sternii
Helleborus vesicarius
Heloniopsis japonica
Hemerocallis dumortieri x
Hemerocallis x hybrids
Hemerocallis thunbergii
Hemiboea subcapitata
Hemigenia cuneifolia
Hemigraphis alternata
Hemionitis palmata
Hemizygia flabellifolia
Henrardia persica
Heptacodium jasminoides
Heracleum candicans
Herbertia amatorum
Herbertia pulchella
Hereroa brevifolia
Hereroa glenensis
Hereroa herrei
Hereroa puttkameriana
Hereroa stanfordiae
Hereroa teretifolia
Heritiera elata
Heritiera trifoliolata
Hermannia hyssopifolia
Hermannia pinnata
Hermannia verticillata
Hernandia bivalvis
Hernandia nymphaeifolia
Herniaria glabra
Herrania mariae
Herschelianthe graminifolia
Hesperaloe nocturna
Hesperantha baurii
Helleborus dumetorum
Helleborus x hybridus
Helleborus niger
Helleborus orientalis
Helleborus thibetanus
Helmholtzia acorifolia
Heloniopsis orientalis
Hemerocallis esculenta
Helleborus x ericsmithii
Helleborus lividus
Helleborus x nigercors
Helleborus purpurascens
Helleborus torquatus
Helmholtzia glaberrima
Hemerocallis dumortieri
Hemerocallis fulva
Hemerocallis middendorffii
Hemerocallis yezoensis
Hemichaena fruticosa
Hemigenia purpurea
Hemigraphis repanda
Hemiphragma heterophyllum
Hemizygia obermeyerae
Hepatica x media
Heptacodium miconioides
Heracleum lehmannianum
Herbertia lahue
Herbertia quareimana
Hereroa carinans
Hereroa gracilis
Hereroa hesperantha
Hereroa rehneltiana
Hereroa stanleyi
Hereroa wilmaniae
Heritiera littoralis
Hermannia cuneifolia
Hermannia linifolia
Hermannia procumbens
Hermodactylus tuberosus
Hernandia cordigera
Herniaria baetica
Herpolirion novae-zelandiae
Herreanthus meyeri
Hesperalbizia occidentalis
Hesperaloe parviflora
Hesperantha ciliolata
Hemerocallis nana
Hemiandra rupestris
Hemidesmus indicus
Hemigramma decurrens
Hemionitis arifolia
Hemisorghum venustum
Hemsleya gigantha
Hepatica triloba
Heptapleurum arboriculum
Heracleum minimum
Herbertia platensis
Herbertia unguiculata
Hereroa dyeri
Hereroa granulata
Hereroa incurva
Hereroa standfordiae
Hereroa tenuifolia
Heritiera actinophylla
Heritiera macrophylla
Hermannia grossularifolia
Hermannia multiflora
Hermannia trifurca
Hernandia albiflora
Hernandia mascarenensis
Herniaria cinerea
Herrania balaensis
Herreria stellata
Hesperaloe funifera
Hesperantha bachmannii
Hesperantha coccinea
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Hesperantha crocopsis
Hesperantha falcata
Hesperantha humilis
Hesperantha luticola
Hesperantha oligantha
Hesperantha purpurea
Hesperantha truncatula
Hesperis matronalis
Hesperozygis myrtoides
Hessea cinnamomea
Hessea incana
Hessea pilosula
Hessea speciosa
Hessea tenella
Heteranthera zosteraefolia
Heterodendrum diversifolium
Heterolepis aliena
Heteropteris nitida
Heteropterys nitida
Heteropyxis natalensis
Heterospathe brevicaulis
Heterospathe clemensiae
Heterospathe elegans
Heterospathe glauca
Heterospathe ledermanniana
Heterospathe macgregorii
Heterospathe muelleriana
Heterospathe parviflora
Heterospathe pilosa
Heterospathe scitula
Heterospathe sphaerocarpa
Heterospathe versteegiana
Heterotheca rutteri
Heuchera bracteata
Heuchera chlorantha
Heuchera elegans
Heuchera hallii
Heuchera merriamii
Heuchera pilosissima
Hesperantha cucullata
Hesperantha flava
Hesperantha karooica
Hesperantha montana
Hesperantha pauciflora
Hesperantha radiata
Hesperantha vaginata
Hesperochiron pumilus
Hessea breviflora
Hessea crispa
Hessea mathewsii
Hessea pulcherrima
Hessea stellaris
Hessea undosa
Heterocentron elegans
Heterodendrum pubescens
Heteromeles salicifolia
Heteropterys angustifolia
Heteropterys syringifolia
Heterospathe annectens
Heterospathe cagayanensis
Heterospathe delicatula
Heterospathe elmeri
Heterospathe humilis
Heterospathe lepidota
Heterospathe micrantha
Heterospathe negrosensis
Heterospathe philippinensis
Heterospathe pulchra
Heterospathe sensisi
Heterospathe trispatha
Heterospathe woodfordiana
Heuchera alba
Heuchera brevistaminea
Heuchera cylindrica
Heuchera glabra
Heuchera himalayensis
Heuchera micrantha
Heuchera pubescens
Hesperantha erecta
Hesperantha hantamensis
Hesperantha latifolia
Hesperantha muirii
Hesperantha pilosa
Hesperantha sufflava
Hesperantha woodii
Hesperoxiphion peruvianum
Hessea chaplinii
Hessea gemmata
Hessea monticola
Hessea pusilla
Hessea stenosiphon
Hetaeria oblongifolia
Heterocentron roseum
Heterogonium alderwereltii
Heteropteris angustifolia
Heteropterys chrysophylla
Heteropterys umbellata
Heterospathe arfakiana
Heterospathe califrons
Heterospathe elata
Heterospathe glabra
Heterospathe intermedia
Heterospathe longipes
Heterospathe minor
Heterospathe obriensis
Heterospathe phillipsii
Heterospathe salomonensis
Heterospathe sibuyanensis
Heterospathe uniformis
Heterotheca pumila
Heuchera americana
Heuchera x briziodes
Heuchera drummondii
Heuchera grossulariifolia
Heuchera maxima
Heuchera parvifolia
Heuchera pulchella
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Heuchera richardsonii
Heuchera tiarelloides
Heuchera x Tiarella spp.
Hewittia malabarica
Hexaneurocarpon brilletii
Hexisea spp.
Hibbertia acicularis
Hibbertia astrotricha
Hibbertia bracteata
Hibbertia cistiflora
Hibbertia elata
Hibbertia fasciculata
Hibbertia hirsuta
Hibbertia longifolia
Hibbertia monogyna
Hibbertia paeninsularis
Hibbertia procumbens
Hibbertia saligna
Hibbertia serpyllifolia
Hibbertia torulosa
Hibiscadelphus distans
Hibiscus archeri
Heuchera rubescens
Heuchera undulata
x Heucherella spp.
Hexalobus crispiflorus
Hexastylis shuttleworthii
Heynea trijuga
Hibbertia appressa
Hibbertia banksii
Hibbertia bracteosa
Hibbertia dentata
Hibbertia empetrifolia
Hibbertia hermanniifolia
Hibbertia humifusa
Hibbertia lucens
Hibbertia obcuneata
Hibbertia pallidiflora
Hibbertia prostrata
Hibbertia scandens
Hibbertia tasmanica
Hibbertia vestita
Hibiscus aculeatus
Hibiscus arnhemensis
Hibiscus boryanus
Hibiscus cameronii
Hibiscus coccineus
Hibiscus cravenii
Hibiscus diversifolius
Hibiscus ferrugineus
Hibiscus furcellatus
Hibiscus heterophyllus
Hibiscus insularis
Hibiscus lasiocarpus
Hibiscus ludwigii
Hibiscus macilwraithensis
Hibiscus mechowii
Hibiscus mutabilis
Hibiscus pedunculatus
Hibiscus sabdariffa
Hibiscus brackenridgei
Hibiscus cannabinus
Hibiscus colimensis
Hibiscus denudatus
Hibiscus erectus
Hibiscus forsteri
Hibiscus genevii
Hibiscus huegelii
Hibiscus kokio
Hibiscus liliiflorus
Hibiscus lunariifolius
Hibiscus macranthus
Hibiscus menzelii
Hibiscus nigricaulis
Hibiscus praeteritus
Hibiscus schizopetalus
Heuchera sanguinea
Heuchera villosa
Hevea brasiliensis
Hexalobus monopetalus
Hexastylis speciosa
Hibanobambusa tranquillans
Hibbertia aspera
Hibbertia bennettii
Hibbertia calycina
Hibbertia diffusa
Hibbertia enervia
Hibbertia hexandra
Hibbertia linearis
Hibbertia melhanoides
Hibbertia obtusifolia
Hibbertia pedunculata
Hibbertia riparia
Hibbertia sericea
Hibbertia tetrandra
Hibbertia virgata
Hibiscus andersonii
Hibiscus arnottianus x
Hibiscus burtt-davyi
Hibiscus clayi
Hibiscus columnaris
Hibiscus divaricatus
Hibiscus farragei
Hibiscus fragilis
Hibiscus greenwayi
Hibiscus indicus
Hibiscus laevis
Hibiscus lobatus
Hibiscus luteus
Hibiscus makinoi
Hibiscus moscheutos
Hibiscus paramutabilis
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Hibiscus splendens
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Hibiscus syriacus
Hibiscus trilobus
Hicksbeachia pilosa
Hierochloe occidentalis
Hierochloe redolens
Hildegardia erythrosiphon
Hibiscus taiwanensis
Hibiscus waimeae
Hicksbeachia pinnatifolia
Hierochloe odorata
Hierochloe submutica
Himalayacalamus falconeri
Hippeastrum advenum
Hippeastrum argentinum
Hippeastrum aglaiae
Hippeastrum aulicum
Hippeastrum baguoldi
Hippeastrum blossfeldiae
Hippeastrum calyptratum
Hippeastrum elegans
Hippeastrum fosteri
Hippeastrum gracilifolium
Hippeastrum leopoldii
Hippeastrum morelianum
Hippeastrum parodii
Hippeastrum pratense
Hippeastrum puniceum
Hippeastrum bicolor
Hippeastrum brasilianum
Hippeastrum cybister
Hippeastrum elwesii
Hippeastrum fragrantissimum
Hippeastrum x hybridum
Hippeastrum mandoni
Hippeastrum papilio
Hippeastrum petiolatum
Hippeastrum procerum
Hippeastrum reginae
Hippeastrum reticulatum
Hippeastrum vittatum
Hippocratea africana
Hippocrepis balearica
Hippophae rhamnoides
Hirpicium echinus
Hodgkinsonia frutescens
Hoffmannia discolor
Hohenbergia augusta
Hohenbergia catingae
Hohenbergia edmundoi
Hohenbergia salzmannii
Hoheria angustifolia
Hoheria populnea
Holarrhena pubescens
Holboellia coriacea
Holcus lanatus
Hollandaea sayeriana
Hippeastrum x splendens
Hippeastrum yungacense
Hippocratea barbata
Hippocrepis emerus
Hippophae salicifolia
Hirpicium integrifolium
Hodgkinsonia ovatiflora
Hoffmannia ghiesbreghtii
Hohenbergia burle-marxii
Hohenbergia correia-arauji
Hohenbergia leopoldo-horstii
Hohenbergia stellata
Hoheria glabrata
Hoheria sexstylosa
Holboellia angustifolia
Holboellia latifolia
Holcus setiger
Holmskioldia sanguinea
Hibiscus tozerensis
Hibiscus zonatus
Hierochloe alpina
Hierochloe rariflora
Hildegardia australiensis
Hippeastrum angustifolium
Hippeastrum aulicum x
Hippeastrum bifidum
Hippeastrum breviflorum
Hippeastrum doraniae
Hippeastrum evansiae
Hippeastrum fuscum
Hippeastrum igneum
Hippeastrum miniatum
Hippeastrum pardinum
Hippeastrum phycelloides
Hippeastrum psittacinum
Hippeastrum reginae x
Hippeastrum stylosum
Hippeophyllum micranthum
Hippocratea longipetiolata
Hippocrepis scabra
Hirpicium armerioides
Hirschfeldia incana
Hodgsonia heteroclita
Hoffmannia refulgens
Hohenbergia castellanosii
Hohenbergia disjuncta
Hohenbergia ramageana
Hohenbergia vestita
Hoheria lyallii
Hoita macrostachya
Holboellia chapaensis
Holcoglossum spp.
Hollandaea riparia
Holmskioldia tettensis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Holochlamys beccarii
Holodiscus dumosus
Homalanthus novoguineënsis
Homalanthus stillingifolius
Homalocalyx polyandrus
Homalomena cordata
Homalomena hastata
Homalomena johorensis
Homalomena monandra
Homalomena pendula
Homalomena rubescens
Homalomena schlechteri
Homalomena vagans
Homogyne discolor
Homoranthus cernuus
Homoranthus flavescens
Homoranthus porteri
Homoranthus wilhelmii
Hoodia currorii
Hoodia gordonii
Hoodia parviflora
Hoodia gordonii x Stapelia
Hordeum depressum
Hordeum glaucum
Hordeum murinum
Hordeum tetraploideum
Hormathophylla spinosa
Horridocactus garaventae
Hosta capitata
Hosta coerulea
Hosta fluctuans
Hosta hybrid
Hosta longipes
Hosta montana
Hosta plantaginea
Hosta sieboldii
Holochlamys guineensis
Holothrix spp.
Homalanthus nutans
Holodiscus discolor
Holubia saccata
Homalanthus populifolius
Homalium circumpinnatum
Homalocladium platycladum
Homalomena davidiana
Homalomena havilandii
Homalomena lindenii
Homalomena occulta
Homalomena robusta
Homalomena sagittifolia
Homalomena speariae
Homalomena wallisii
Homogyne sylvestris
Homoranthus darwinioides
Homoranthus thomasii
Honckenya ficifolia
Hoodia dregei
Hoodia juttae
Hoodia pilifera
Hordeum brachyatherum
Homalium foetidum
Homalomena aromatica
Homalomena gaudichaudii
Homalomena humilis
Homalomena megalophylla
Homalomena peekelii
Homalomena rostrata
Homalomena sarawakensis
Homalomena tenuispadix
Homalomena wendlandii
Homoranthus biflorus
Homoranthus decumbens
Homoranthus papillatus
Hordeum erectifolium
Hordeum leporinum
Hordeum patagonicum
Hordeum vulgare
Horminum pyrenaicum
Horsfieldia australiana
Hosta cathayana
Hosta crispula
Hosta fortunei
Hosta kikutii
Hosta longissima
Hosta nakaiana
Hosta rectifolia
Hosta tardiana
Homoranthus virgatus
Hoodia bainii
Hoodia flava
Hoodia officinalis
Hoodia ruschii
Hordeum bulbosum
Hordeum fuegianum
Hordeum marinum
Hordeum roshevitzii
Hordeum marinum x
Triticum aestivum
Hornstedtia scottiana
Hosta atropurpurea
Hosta clausa
Hosta decorata
Hosta grandiflora
Hosta lancifolia
Hosta minor
Hosta nigrescens
Hosta sieboldiana
Hosta tardiflora
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Hosta tardiva
Hosta undulata
Hosta yingeri
Houstonia serpyllifolia
Hovea lanceolata
Hovea montana
Hovea rosmarinifolia
Hovenia tomentella
Howea forsteriana
Hoya affinis
Hoya aldrichii
Hoya ariadna
Hoya bella
Hoya bhutanica
Hoya bicolor
Hoya bordenii
Hoya buotii
Hoya callistophylla
Hoya camphorifolia
Hoya caudata
Hoya chloroleuca
Hoya cinnamomifolia
Hoya clemensiorum
Hoya compacta
Hoya coronaria
Hoya crassipes
Hoya cystiantha
Hoya davidcummingii
Hoya deykei
Hoya dischorensis
Hoya edanoi
Hoya el-nidicus
Hoya endauensis
Hoya erythrina
Hoya fetuana
Hoya flavescens
Hoya fraterna
Hoya fuscomarginata
Hoya gildingii
Hosta tokudama
Hosta ventricosa
Houlletia spp.
Hovea acutifolia
Hovea linearis
Hovea pannosa
Hovenia acerba
Hovenia trichocarpa
Howittia trilocularis
Hoya alata
Hoya anulata
Hoya arnottiana
Hoya benguetensis
Hoya bicarinata
Hoya bilobata
Hoya brevialata
Hoya burtoniae
Hoya calycina
Hoya cardiophylla
Hoya cembra
Hoya chunii
Hoya citrina
Hoya collina
Hoya coriacea
Hoya crassicaulis
Hoya cumingiana
Hoya darwinii
Hoya dennisii
Hoya dimorpha
Hoya diversifolia
Hoya edeni
Hoya elegans
Hoya engleriana
Hoya erythrostemma
Hoya finlaysonii
Hoya flavida
Hoya fungii
Hoya gigantanganensis
Hoya glabra
Hosta tsushimensis
Hosta venusta
Houstonia procumbens
Hovea heterophylla
Hovea longifolia
Hovea purpurea
Hovenia dulcis
Howea belmoreana
Hoya acuta
Hoya albiflora
Hoya archboldiana
Hoya bandaensis
Hoya betchei
Hoya bicknellii
Hoya blashernaezii
Hoya bulusanensis
Hoya cagayanensis
Hoya campanulata
Hoya carnosa
Hoya chlorantha
Hoya ciliata
Hoya clandestina
Hoya commsii
Hoya corona-ariadnes
Hoya crassifolia
Hoya curtisii
Hoya dasyantha
Hoya densifolia
Hoya diptera
Hoya dolichosparte
Hoya eitapensis
Hoya elliptica
Hoya epedunculata
Hoya excavata
Hoya flagellata
Hoya forbesii
Hoya fusca
Hoya gigas
Hoya globulifera
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Hoya globulosa
Hoya gracilis
Hoya griffithii
Hoya halophila
Hoya hollrungii
Hoya imperialis
Hoya incurvula
Hoya juannguoiana
Hoya kenejiana
Hoya keysii
Hoya lacunosa
Hoya lanceolata
Hoya lauterbachii
Hoya limoniaca
Hoya lobbii
Hoya loyceandrewsiana
Hoya macrophylla
Hoya marginata
Hoya meliflua
Hoya meredithii
Hoya microphylla
Hoya mitrata
Hoya multiflora
Hoya naumannii
Hoya nicholsoniae
Hoya obovata
Hoya odetteae
Hoya onychoides
Hoya padangensis
Hoya pallilimba
Hoya parasitica
Hoya patella
Hoya paziae
Hoya piestolepis
Hoya polyneura
Hoya praetorii
Hoya pubescens
Hoya pulchella
Hoya pusilla
Hoya golamcoana
Hoya graveolens
Hoya guppyi
Hoya hellwigiana
Hoya hypolasia
Hoya inconspicua
Hoya ischnopus
Hoya kanyakumariana
Hoya kentiana
Hoya kloppenburgii
Hoya lambii
Hoya lasiantha
Hoya leucorhoda
Hoya linearis
Hoya loheri
Hoya luzonica
Hoya madulidii
Hoya mcgregorii
Hoya membranifolia
Hoya merrillii
Hoya minahassae
Hoya monetteae
Hoya myrmecopa
Hoya neo-caledonica
Hoya nummularioides
Hoya obscura
Hoya odorata
Hoya oreogena
Hoya palawanica
Hoya panchoi
Hoya parviflora
Hoya pauciflora
Hoya pentaphlebia
Hoya pimenteliana
Hoya polystachya
Hoya pseudolittoralis
Hoya pubicalyx
Hoya purpurea
Hoya recurvula
Hoya gonoloboides
Hoya greenii
Hoya halconensis
Hoya heuschkeliana
Hoya imbricata
Hoya incrassata
Hoya javanica
Hoya kastbergii
Hoya kerrii
Hoya kuhlii
Hoya lamingtoniae
Hoya latifolia
Hoya leytensis
Hoya litoralis
Hoya longifolia
Hoya macgillivrayi
Hoya magnifica
Hoya megalaster
Hoya memoria
Hoya micrantha
Hoya mindorensis
Hoya montana
Hoya nabawanensis
Hoya neo-ebudica
Hoya nyhuusiae
Hoya obtusifolia
Hoya oligotricha
Hoya pachyclada
Hoya pallida
Hoya papillantha
Hoya parvifolia
Hoya paxtonii
Hoya picta
Hoya plicata
Hoya pottsii
Hoya pubera
Hoya pubifera
Hoya purpureofusca
Hoya reticulata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Hoya retusa
Hoya ridleyi
Hoya rumphii
Hoya salweenica
Hoya sariae
Hoya shepherdii
Hoya sipitangensis
Hoya subcalva
Hoya sussuela
Hoya thomsonii
Hoya trigonolobos
Hoya venusta
Hoya vitellina
Hoya wallichii
Hoya waymaniae
Huernia barbata
Huernia brevirostris
Huernia confusa
Huernia guttata
Huernia hystrix
Hoya revolubilis
Hoya rigida
Hoya rupicola
Hoya samoensis
Hoya scortechinii
Hoya siamica
Hoya solaniflora
Hoya subglabra
Hoya telosmoides
Hoya tjadasmalangensis
Hoya tsangii
Hoya verticillata
Hoya vitellinoides
Hoya walliniana
Hoya wightii
Huernia bayeri
Huernia clavigera
Huernia echidnopsioides
Huernia hislopii
Huernia insigniflora
Huernia keniensis
Huernia leachii
Huernia longituba
Huernia oculata
Huernia piersii
Huernia praestans
Huernia quinta
Huernia rosea
Huernia stapelioides
Huernia transvaalensis
Huernia vogtsii
Huernia zebrina
Hugonia orientalis
Hulsea nana
Humata heterophylla
Humulus japonicus
Huntleya spp.
Huperzia brassii
Huernia kennedyana
Huernia levyi
Huernia macrocarpa
Huernia pendula
Huernia pillansii
Huernia primulina
Huernia recondita
Huernia schneideriana
Huernia thudichumii
Huernia urceolata
Huernia volkartii
Huerniopsis atrosanguinea
Hugonia tomentosa
Hulsea vestita
Humata ophioglossa
Humulus lupulus
Huodendron biaristatum
Huperzia carinata
Hoya revoluta
Hoya rubida
Hoya ruscifolia
Hoya sana
Hoya serpens
Hoya sigillatis
Hoya spartioides
Hoya subquintuplinervis
Hoya thailandica
Hoya tomataensis
Hoya uncinata
Hoya villosa
Hoya vitiensis
Hoya wayetii
Huernia aspera
Huernia boleana
Huernia concinna
Huernia erinacea
Huernia humilis
Huernia insigniflora x
Huernia kirkii
Huernia loeseneriana
Huernia namaquensis
Huernia penzigii
Huernia plowesii
Huernia procumbens
Huernia reticulata
Huernia somalica
Huernia thuretii
Huernia verekeri
Huernia whitesloaneana
Huerniopsis decipiens
Hulsea algida
Humata griffithiana
Humata tyermannii
Hunnemannia fumariifolia
Huperzia australiana
Huperzia dalhousieana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Huperzia filiformis
Huperzia marsupiiformis
Huperzia phlegmarioides
Huperzia salvinioides
Huperzia tetragona
Hutchinsia alpina
Hyacinthella campanulata
Hyacinthella heldreichii
Hyacinthella litwinowii
Hyacinthella pallens
Hyacinthella venusta
Hyacinthoides lingulata
Hyacinthus azureus
Hyacinthus hispidus
Hybanthus bicolor
Hydnophytum formicarum
Hydrangea amagiana
Hydrangea aspera
Hydrangea indochinensis
Hydrangea macrophylla
Hydrangea quercifolia
Hydrangea serratifolia
Hydriastele affinis
Hydriastele beguinii
Hydriastele costata
Hydriastele flabellata
Hydriastele hombronii
Hydriastele ledermanniana
Hydriastele lurida
Hydriastele mayrii
Hydriastele microspadix
Hydriastele nannostachys
Hydriastele pinangoides
Hydriastele ramsayi
Hydriastele rostrata
Hydriastele valida
Hydrocharis dubia
Hydrocotyle geraniifolia
Hydrocotyle peduncularis
Huperzia foliosa
Huperzia nummulariifolia
Huperzia polytrichoides
Huperzia squarrosa
Huperzia tetrasticha
Huttonaea pulchra
Hyacinthella dalmatica
Hyacinthella hispida
Hyacinthella nervosa
Hyacinthella siirtensis
Hyacinthoides hispanica
Hyacinthoides x massartiana
Hyacinthus ciliatus
Hyacinthus orientalis
Hybanthus stellarioides
Hydnophytum moseleyanum
Hydrangea anomala
Hydrangea heteromalla
Hydrangea involucrata
Hydrangea paniculata
Hydrangea scandens
Hydrangea umbellata
Hydriastele aprica
Hydriastele cariosa
Hydriastele cylindrocarpa
Hydriastele geelvinkiana
Hydriastele kasesa
Hydriastele lepidota
Hydriastele macrospadix
Hydriastele micrantha
Hydriastele moluccana
Hydriastele oxypetala
Hydriastele pleurocarpa
Hydriastele rheophytica
Hydriastele sarasinorum
Hydriastele variabilis
Hydrochloa fluitans
Hydrocotyle heteromeria
Hydrothrix gardneri
Huperzia lockyeri
Huperzia phlegmaria
Huperzia prolifera
Huperzia subtrifoliata
Huperzia varia
Hyacinthella azurea
Hyacinthella glabrescens
Hyacinthella lineata
Hyacinthella pallasiana
Hyacinthella transcaspica
Hyacinthoides italica
Hyacinthoides non-scripta
Hyacinthus flexuosus
Hyalosperma semisterile
Hybanthus vernonii
Hydnophytum papuanum
Hydrangea arborescens
Hydrangea hirta
Hydrangea lobbii
Hydrangea preslii
Hydrangea seemannii
Hydrastis canadensis
Hydriastele beccariana
Hydriastele carrii
Hydriastele dransfieldii
Hydriastele gibbsiana
Hydriastele kjellbergii
Hydriastele longispatha
Hydriastele manusii
Hydriastele microcarpa
Hydriastele montana
Hydriastele palauensis
Hydriastele procera
Hydriastele rhopalocarpa
Hydriastele selebica
Hydriastele wendlandiana
Hydrocotyle bonariensis
Hydrocotyle pedicellosa
Hydrotriche hottoniiflora
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Hygrochilus spp.
Hygrophila difformis
Hygrophila spinosa
Hylocereus calcaratus
Hylocereus lemairei
Hylocereus ocamponis
Hylocereus trigonus
Hygrophila corymbosa
Hygrophila lacustris
Hylebates chlorochloe
Hylocereus extensus
Hylocereus megalanthus
Hylocereus polyrhizus
Hylocereus undatus
Hylomecon japonica
Hylotelephium cauticola
Hylotelephium erythrostictum
Hymenaea parvifolia
Hymenanthera chathamica
Hymenanthera latifolia
Hymenocallis amancaes x
Hymenocallis eucharidifolia
Hymenocallis franklinensis
Hymenocallis howardii
Hymenocallis x
Hymenocallis pimana
Hymenocallis sonorensis
Hymenocardia ulmoides
Hymenocarpos lotoides
Hymenodictyon parvifolium
Hymenolepis parviflora
Hymenophyllum flabellatum
Hylotelephium spectabile
Hymenaea verrucosa
Hymenanthera crassifolia
Hymenanthera obovata
Hymenocallis arenicola
Hygrophila costata
Hygrophila polysperma
Hylocereus bronxensis
Hylocereus guatemalensis
Hylocereus minutiflorus
Hylocereus triangularis
Hylocereus undatus x
Hylotelephium cauticola x
Hymenaea martiana
Hymenanthera alpina
Hymenanthera dentata
Hymenocallis acutifolia
Hymenocallis astrostephana
Hymenocallis x festalis
Hymenocallis glauca
Hymenocallis lehmilleri
Hymenocallis maximiliani
Hymenocallis fragrans
Hymenocallis harrisiana
Hymenocallis littoralis
Hymenocallis ovata
Hymenocallis proterantha
Hymenocallis speciosa
Hymenocarpos circinnatus
Hymenodictyon floribundum
Hymenoglossum cruentum
Hymenolobus procumbens
Hymenophyllum demissum
Hymenocallis rotata
Hymenocallis tubiflora
Hymenocarpos hamosus
Hymenodictyon orixense
Hymenogyne glabra
Hymenophyllum australe
Hymenophyllum dilatatum
Hymenophyllum javanicum
Hymenophyllum minimum
Hymenophyllum peltatum
Hymenophyllum rarum
Hymenophyllum rolandiprincipis
Hymenoxys cooperi
Hyophorbe lagenicaulis
Hyophorbe verschaffeltii x
Hyoscyamus pallidus
Hyospathe macrorhachis
Hymenophyllum scabrum
Hymenosporum flavum
Hyophorbe indica
Hyophorbe verschaffeltii
Hyoscyamus niger
Hyospathe elegans
Hyophorbe amaricaulis
Hyophorbe vaughanii
Hyoscyamus desertorum
Hyoscyamus physaloides
Hypagophytum abyssinicum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Hyparrhenia confinis
Hyparrhenia nyassae
Hyparrhenia subplumosa
Hypericum athoum
Hypericum beanii
Hypericum calycinum
Hypericum elegans
Hypericum forrestii
Hypericum grandiflorum
Hypericum kalmianum
Hypericum montanum
Hypericum patulum
Hypericum pseudopetiolatum
Hypericum revolutum
Hypericum tomentosum
Hypericum yakusimense
Hyphaene coriacea
Hyphaene macrosperma
Hyphaene reptans
Hypnodendron comatulum
Hypnum cupressiforme
Hypochaeris radicata
Hypoestes antennifera
Hypoestes phyllostachya
Hypoestes verticillatis
Hypolepis dicksonioides
Hypolepis glandulifera
Hypolepis muelleri
Hypolepis tenuifolia
Hypoxidia rhizophylla
Hypoxis aquatica
Hypoxis capensis
Hypoxis floccosa
Hypoxis hygrometrica
Hypoxis linearis
Hypoxis monophylla
Hypoxis nitida
Hypoxis serrata
Hyparrhenia cymbaria
Hyparrhenia papillipes
Hypericum acmosepalum
Hypericum balearicum
Hypericum bellum
Hypericum cerastoides
Hypericum ellipticum
Hypericum fragile
Hypericum hookerianum x
Hypericum kiusianum
Hypericum x moserianum
Hypericum prostratum
Hypericum reflexum
Hypericum roeperianum
Hypericum uralum
Hypertelis bowkeriana
Hyphaene dichotoma
Hyphaene natalensis
Hyphaene thebaica
Hypnodendron comosum
Hypocalyptus sophoroides
Hypocyrta glabra
Hypoestes aristata
Hypoestes sanguinolenta
Hypolepis amaurorachis
Hypolepis distans
Hypolepis lactea
Hypolepis rufobarbata
Hypolytrum latifolium
Hypoxis alba
Hypoxis argentea
Hypoxis erecta
Hypoxis goetzei
Hypoxis iridifolia
Hypoxis longifolia
Hypoxis multiceps
Hypoxis pratensis
Hypoxis setosa
Hyparrhenia hirta
Hyparrhenia pilgeriana
Hypericum addingtonii
Hypericum barbatum
Hypericum buckleyi
Hypericum coris
Hypericum empetrifolium
Hypericum glandulosum
Hypericum hyssopifolium
Hypericum leschenaultii
Hypericum oblongifolium
Hypericum pseudohenryi
Hypericum repens
Hypericum stellatum
Hypericum vesiculosum
Hyphaene compressa
Hyphaene guineensis
Hyphaene petersiana
Hyphaene ventricosa
Hypnodendron vitiense
Hypochaeris glabra
Hypodematium crenatum
Hypoestes flavescens
Hypoestes taeniata
Hypolepis ambigua
Hypolepis elegans
Hypolepis millefolium
Hypolepis rugosula
Hypoxidia maheensis
Hypoxis angustifolia
Hypoxis arillacea
Hypoxis flaccida
Hypoxis hemerocallidea
Hypoxis leptantha
Hypoxis minuta
Hypoxis neocanaliculata
Hypoxis rigidula
Hypoxis stellata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Hypoxis trifurcillata
Hypserpa laurina
Hyptis emoryi
Hyssopus seravschanicus
Iberis aurosica
Iberis corifolia
Iberis lagascana
Iberis saxatilis
Iberis spathulata
Ibervillea sonorae
Ida ciliata
Idiogenes cloeziana
Iguanura bicornis
Iguanura corniculata
Iguanura elegans
Iguanura melinauensis
Iguanura palmuncula
Iguanura remotiflora
Ihlenfeldtia excavata
Ilex x altaclerensis
Ilex canariensis
Ilex cornuta
Ilex decidua
Ilex editicostata
Ilex forrestii
Ilex kingiana
Ilex latifolia
Ilex macrocarpa
Ilex x meserveae
Ilex myrtifolia
Ilex paraguariensis
Ilex pernyi
Ilex purpurea
Ilex sugerokii
Ilex wilsonii
Illecebrum verticillatum
Illicium henryi
Illicium mexicanum
Illigera grandiflora
Hypoxis villosa
Hypsophila dielsiana
Hyptis suaveolens
Iberis affinis
Iberis bernardiana
Iberis jordanii
Iberis linifolia
Iberis sempervirens
Iberis tenoreana
Ibervillea tenuisecta
Ida locusta
Idiospermum australiense
Iguanura borneensis
Iguanura curvata
Iguanura geonomiformis
Iguanura minor
Iguanura polymorpha
Iguanura sanderiana
Ihlenfeldtia vanzylii
Ilex asprella
Ilex collina
Ilex crenata
Ilex dipyrena
Ilex elmerrilliana
Ilex insignis
Ilex x koehneana
Ilex lohfauensis
Ilex macropoda
Ilex micrococca
Ilex nothofagacifolia
Ilex pedunculosa
Ilex poneantha
Ilex spinigera
Ilex verticillata
Iliamna bakeri
Illicium anisatum
Illicium lanceolatum
Illicium parviflorum
Impatiens aurea
Hypsela reniformis
Hyptis capitata
Hyssopus officinalis
Iberis amara
Iberis ciliata
Iberis jucunda
Iberis procumbens
Iberis soyeri
Iberis umbellata
Ida barringtoniae
Idesia polycarpa
Iguanura ambigua
Iguanura chaiana
Iguanura divergens
Iguanura macrostachya
Iguanura myochodoides
Iguanura prolifera
Iguanura wallichiana
Ilex aculeolata
Ilex buergeri
Ilex corallina
Ilex cyrtura
Ilex dumosa
Ilex ficoidea
Ilex integerrima
Ilex kwangtungensis
Ilex longecaudata
Ilex maximowicziana
Ilex mitis
Ilex opaca
Ilex perado
Ilex pubescens
Ilex suaveolens
Ilex vomitoria
Iliamna rivularis
Illicium floridanum
Illicium majus
Illicium verum
Impatiens auricoma
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Impatiens balsamina
Impatiens edgeworthii
Impatiens hawkeri
Impatiens namchabarwensis
Impatiens repens
Impatiens tuberosa
Impatiens congolensis
Impatiens flaccida
Impatiens latifolia
Impatiens nana
Impatiens stuhlmannii
Impatiens walleriana
Incarvillea arguta
Incarvillea diffusa
Incarvillea mairei
Incarvillea younghusbandi
Indigastrum parviflorum
Indigofera amblyantha
Indigofera asperifolia
Indigofera carlesii
Indigofera cryptantha
Indigofera decora
Indigofera dosua
Indigofera flavicans
Indigofera glandulosa
Indigofera lespedezioides
Indigofera nigritana
Indigofera paniculata
Indigofera potaninii
Indigofera secundiflora
Indigofera splendens
Indigofera volkensii
Indigofera zeyheri
Indocalamus tessellatus
Inga edulis
Inga laurina
Inga sessilis
Inula candida
Inula helenium
Inula magnifica
Inula racemosa
Inula spiraeifolia
Iochroma cyanea
Iochroma gesnerioides
Incarvillea compacta
Incarvillea forrestii
Incarvillea olgae
Incarvillea zhongdianensis
Indigofera adesmiifolia
Indigofera ammoxylum
Indigofera balfouriana
Indigofera cassioides
Indigofera cytisoides
Indigofera dendroides
Indigofera dyeri
Indigofera frutescens
Indigofera gracilis
Indigofera lupatana
Indigofera nummulariifolia
Indigofera parodiana
Indigofera pulchra
Indigofera sessiliflora
Indigofera strobilifera
Indigofera wightii
Indigofera zollingeriana
Inga alba
Inga feuilleei
Inga macrophylla
Inga vera
Inula ensifolia
Inula hookeri
Inula montana
Inula rhizocephala
Iochroma calycinum
Iochroma cyaneum
Iochroma warscewiczii
Impatiens cuspidata
Impatiens grandis
Impatiens mirabilis
Impatiens niamniamensis
Impatiens taprobanica
Impatiens walleriana x
Incarvillea delavayi
Incarvillea lutea
Incarvillea sinensis
Indigastrum costatum
Indigofera alternans
Indigofera aspera
Indigofera basedowii
Indigofera charlierana
Indigofera daleoides
Indigofera diphylla
Indigofera filifolia
Indigofera galegoides
Indigofera heterantha
Indigofera miniata
Indigofera oblongifolia
Indigofera pendula
Indigofera rautanenii
Indigofera sessilifolia
Indigofera tinctoria
Indigofera zanzibarica
Indocalamus emeiensis
Inga cinnamomea
Inga feuillei
Inga portobellensis
Inocarpus fagifer
Inula grandis
Inula macrocephala
Inula orientalis
Inula royleana
Iochroma coccinea
Iochroma fuchsioides
Ionactis linariifolia
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Ionopsis paniculata
Ipheion sellowianum
Ipomoea acanthocarpa
Ipomoea batatas
Ipomoea cairica
Ipomoea coccinea x
Ipomoea x hardingii
Ipomoea horsfalliae
Ipomoea lobata
Ipomoea pauciflora
Ipomoea polpha
Ipomoea triloba
Ipomopsis macrosiphon
Iresine diffusa
Iriartella setigera
Iris acutiloba
Iris albertii
Iris anguifuga
Iris assadiana
Iris attica
Iris babadagica
Iris barbatula
Iris basaltica
Iris biflora
Iris bismarckiana
Iris bosniaca
Iris brandzae
Iris bucharica
Iris cabulica
Iris carterorum
Iris chrysantha
Iris clarkei
Iris confusa
Iris crocea
Iris cycloglossa
Iris decora
Iris doabensis
Iris drepanophylla
Ionopsis utricularioides
Ipheion sessile
Ipomoea aculeata
Ipomoea bolusiana
Ipomoea capillacea
Ipomoea dichroa
Ipheion peregrinans
Ipheion uniflorum
Ipomoea alba
Ipomoea bonariensis
Ipomoea carnea
Ipomoea donaldsoni
Ipomoea hederifolia
Ipomoea indica
Ipomoea x multifida
Ipomoea pes-tigridis
Ipomoea purpurea
Ipomoea velutina
Ipomopsis rubra
Iresine herbstii
Iriartella stenocarpa
Iris afghanica
Iris albomarginata
Iris antilibanotica
Iris atrofusca
Iris aucheri
Iris bakeriana
Iris barnumae
Iris belouini
Iris biggeri
Iris bloudowii
Iris bostrensis
Iris brevicaulis
Iris bulleyana
Iris camillae
Iris caucasica
Iris chrysographes
Iris coelestina
Iris cristata
Iris cuniculiformis
Iris damascena
Iris delavayi
Iris dolichosiphon
Iris dubia
Ipomoea holubii
Ipomoea jalapa
Ipomoea murucoides
Ipomoea platensis
Ipomoea quamoclit
Ipomopsis aggregata
Iresine acuminata
Iriartea deltoidea
Iridodictyum winogradowii
Iris aitchisonii
Iris alexeenkoi
Iris aphylla
Iris atropurpurea
Iris aurantica
Iris baldschuanica
Iris barnumiae
Iris bicapitata
Iris biliotti
Iris boissieri
Iris bracteata
Iris brevituba
Iris bungei
Iris campanulata
Iris cedretii
Iris chrysophylla
Iris collettii
Iris croatica
Iris curvifolia
Iris darwasica
Iris dichotoma
Iris domestica
Iris dykesii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Iris edomensis
Iris elisabethae
Iris falcifolia
Iris filifolia
Iris formosana
Iris fragrans
Iris gatesii
Iris gracilipes
Iris grant-duffii
Iris hartwegii
Iris hermona
Iris heylandiana
Iris histrioides
Iris hookeriana
Iris iberica
Iris inconspicua
Iris jordana
Iris kemaonensis
Iris kirkwoodiae
Iris kopetdagensis
Iris kuschakewiczii
Iris lacustris
Iris leptophylla
Iris linifolia
Iris longituba
Iris maackii
Iris magnifica
Iris mariae
Iris meda
Iris milesii
Iris monnieri
Iris narbutii
Iris nectarifera
Iris nigricans
Iris odontostyla
Iris orientalis
Iris pamphylica
Iris parvula
Iris persica
Iris elegantissima
Iris ensata
Iris fernaldii
Iris foetidissima
Iris forrestii
Iris fulva
Iris giganticaerulea
Iris graeberiana
Iris griffithii
Iris haynei
Iris heweri
Iris hippolyti
Iris hoogiana
Iris x hybrid
Iris illyrica
Iris innominata
Iris juncea
Iris keredjensis
Iris kirkwoodii
Iris koreana
Iris kuschkensis
Iris laevigata
Iris leptorhiza
Iris loczyi
Iris lortetii
Iris macrosiphon
Iris mandschurica
Iris marsica
Iris mesopotamica
Iris minutoaurea
Iris munzii
Iris narcissiflora
Iris nelsonii
Iris nusairiensis
Iris odorata
Iris palaestina
Iris paniculata
Iris patens
Iris petrana
Iris eleonorae
Iris falcata
Iris fieberi
Iris formaldii
Iris fosteriana
Iris galatica
Iris goniocarpa
Iris graminea
Iris grossheimii
Iris helena
Iris hexagona
Iris histrio
Iris hookeri
Iris hymenospatha
Iris imbricata
Iris japonica
Iris kashmiriana
Iris kerneriana
Iris kolpakowskiana
Iris korolkowii
Iris lactea
Iris lazica
Iris lineata
Iris longiscapa
Iris lusitanica
Iris maculata
Iris maracandica
Iris masia
Iris microglossa
Iris monadelpha
Iris narbuti
Iris narynensis
Iris nicolai
Iris odaesanensis
Iris orchioides
Iris pallida
Iris paradoxa
Iris perrieri
Iris platyptera
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Iris plicata
Iris popovii
Iris potaninii
Iris pruitii
Iris pseudopumila
Iris reginae
Iris reticulata
Iris rossii
Iris samariae
Iris scariosa
Iris schischkinii
Iris sibirica
Iris songarica
Iris spuria
Iris stocksii
Iris suaveolens
Iris susiana
Iris tadshikorum
Iris tectorum
Iris tenuis
Iris thoroldii
Iris timofejewii
Iris trifolia
Iris typhifolia
Iris vartanii
Iris versicolor
Iris virginica
Iris warleyensis
Iris westii
Iris winkleri
Iris xanthospuria
Iris zaprjagajewii
Irvingia wombolu
Isatis boissieriana
Ischnolepis natalensis
Ischyrolepis subverticillata
Iseilema windersii
Ismene narcissiflora
Isochilus linearis
Iris polakii
Iris porphyrochrysa
Iris prismatica
Iris pseudacorus
Iris purdyi
Iris regis-uzziae
Iris revoluta
Iris rouxii
Iris sanguinea
Iris schachtii
Iris serotina
Iris sikkimensis
Iris speculatrix
Iris staintonii
Iris stolonifera
Iris subbiflora
Iris svetlanae
Iris talischi
Iris tenax
Iris tenuissima
Iris tianschanica
Iris tingitana
Iris trojana
Iris unguicularis
Iris ventricosa
Iris vicaria
Iris viridiflora
Iris wattii
Iris willmottiana
Iris winogradowii
Iris xiphium
Iris zenaidae
Isabelia spp.
Isatis praecox
Ischnosiphon leucophaeus
Iseilema prostratum
Isertia haenkeana
Ismene pedunculata
Isodon calycinus
Iris pontica
Iris postii
Iris proantha
Iris pseudocaucasica
Iris purpureobractea
Iris reichenbachii
Iris rosenbachiana
Iris ruthenica
Iris sari
Iris schelkownikowii
Iris setosa
Iris sintenisii
Iris sprengeri
Iris stenophylla
Iris stricta
Iris subdecolorata
Iris swensoniana
Iris taochia
Iris tenuifolia
Iris thompsonii
Iris tigridia
Iris tridentata
Iris tubergeniana
Iris uniflora
Iris venusta
Iris vinicolor
Iris vvedenskyi
Iris wendelboi
Iris wilsonii
Iris xanthochlora
Iris yebrudii
Irvingbaileya australis
Isachne pulchella
Ischaemum triticeum
Ischnosiphon rotundifolius
Iseilema spp.
Ismene longipetala
Isoberlinia angolensis
Isodon effusus
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Isodon japonicus
Isodon trichocarpus
Isoetes pusilla
Isolepis hystrix
Isolepis nigricans
Isolepis subtilissima
Isophysis tasmanica
Isoplexis sceptrum
Isopogon ceratophyllus
Isopogon mnoraifolius
Isopogon roseus
Isopyrum tuberosum
Isotoma fluviatilis
Isotropis wheeleri
Itea ilicifolia
Itea yunnanensis
Ixanthus viscosus
Ixia aurea
Ixia campanulata
Ixia curvata
Ixia esterhuyseniae
Ixia hybrida
Ixia maculata
Ixia monadelpha
Ixia patens
Ixia rapunculoides
Ixia stricta
Ixia trifolia
Ixia vinacea
Ixiolaena brevicompta
Ixiolaena pluriseta
Ixiolirion tataricum
Ixora barbata
Ixora casei
Ixora congesta
Ixora javanica
Ixora macrothyrsa
Ixora nigricans
Ixora pentamera
Isodon parvifolius
Isoetes elatior
Isolepis aucklandica
Isolepis marginata
Isolepis nodosa
Isolona campanulata
Isoplexis canariensis
Isopogon anemonifolius
Isopogon dawsonii
Isopogon petiolaris
Isopogon tripartitus
Isotoma anethifolia
Isotoma gulliveri
Itaya amicorum
Itea japonica
Itoa orientalis
Ixerba brexioides
Ixia bellendenii
Ixia capillaris
Ixia dubia
Ixia flexuosa
Ixia latifolia
Ixia maculata x polystachya
Ixia orientalis
Ixia polystachya
Ixia rouxii
Ixia tenuifolia
Ixia vanzijliae
Ixia viridiflora
Ixiolaena chloroleuca
Ixiolaena supina
Ixodia achillaeoides
Ixora beckleri
Ixora chinensis
Ixora fulgens
Ixora klanderiana
Ixora malabarica
Ixora notoniana
Ixora queenslandica
Isodon rosthornii
Isoetes gunnii
Isolepis crassiuscula
Isolepis mucronata
Isolepis prolifera
Isolona leonensis
Isoplexis isabelliana
Isopogon anethifolius
Isopogon fletcheri
Isopogon prostratus
Isopyrum leveilleanum
Isotoma axillaris
Isotoma senecioides
Itea chinensis
Itea virginica
Iva axillaris
Ixia atrandra
Ixia brevituba
Ixia curta
Ixia erubescens
Ixia gloriosa
Ixia lutea
Ixia metelerkampiae
Ixia paniculata
Ixia purpureorosea
Ixia scillaris
Ixia thomasiae
Ixia versicolor
Ixianthes retzioides
Ixiolaena leptolepis
Ixiolaena tomentosa
Ixodia flindersica
Ixora biflora
Ixora coccinea
Ixora hookeri
Ixora lanceolata
Ixora nematopoda
Ixora opaca
Ixora rosea
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Ixora stenophylla
Ixora williamsii
Jacaranda atrolilacina
Jacaranda caucana
Jacaranda cuspidifolia
Jacaranda mimosifolia
Jacaratia corumbensis
Jacksonia dilatata
Jacksonia stackhousii
Jacobsenia vaginata
Jacquinia aurantiaca
Jagera javanica
Jambosa longifolia
Jancaea heldreichii
Jarava ichu
Jasione humilis
Jasione perennis
Jasminum azoricum
Jasminum cuspidatum
Jasminum elongatum
Jasminum laurifolium
Jasminum multipartitum
Jasminum officinale
Jasminum rex
Jasminum simplicifolium
Jasminum subhumile
Jatropha cathartica
Jatropha macrantha
Jatropha podagrica
Jensenobotrya lossowiana
Ixora subauriculata
Jaborosa sativa
Jacaranda caerulea
Jacaranda chelonia
Jacaranda decurrens
Jacaranda obtusifolia
Jacaratia mexicana
Jacksonia pungens
Jacobaea aquatica
Jacquemontia ovalifolia
Jacquiniella teretifolia
Jagera madida
Jamesbrittenia grandiflora
Jankaea heldreichii
Jarilla heterophylla
Jasione laevis
Jasminocereus thouarsii
Jasminum beesianum
Jasminum dallachii
Jasminum floridum
Jasminum le-ratti
Jasminum nudiflorum
Jasminum parkeri
Jasminum rottlerianum
Jasminum stenolobum
Jasminum tortuosum
Jatropha cinerea
Jatropha multifida
Jeffersonia diphylla
Johannesteijsmannia altifrons
Jordaaniella dubia
Jovellana sinclairii
Jovibarba arenaria
Joycea pallida
Juanulloa mexicana
Jubaeopsis caffra
Juglans hindsii
Jordaaniella spongiosa
Jovellana violacea
Jovibarba hirta
Juania australis
Juanulloa parasitica
Juglans ailantifolia
Juglans hindsii x nigra
Ixora tomentosa
Jacaranda acutifolia
Jacaranda caroba
Jacaranda copaia
Jacaranda micrantha
Jacaranda puberula
Jacaratia spinosa
Jacksonia scoparia
Jacobinia sericea
Jacquinia armillaris
Jagera discolor
Jagera pseudorhus
Jamesia americana
Jansonia formosa
Jasione heldreichii
Jasione lusitanica
Jasminum arborescens
Jasminum calcareum
Jasminum dispermum
Jasminum lanceolarium
Jasminum mesnyi
Jasminum odoratissimum
Jasminum polyanthum
Jasminum sambac
Jasminum x stephanense
Jateorhiza palmata
Jatropha glauca
Jatropha pandurifolia
Jeffersonia dubia
Jordaaniella cuprea
Jovellana punctata
Jovibarba allionii
Joycea clelandii
Juanulloa aurantiaca
Jubaea chilensis
Juglans australis
Juglans hindsii x regia
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Juglans lavallei
Juglans nigra
Julbernardia globiflora
Juncus acutus
Juncus articulatus
Juncus capitatus
Juncus filiformis
Juncus ingens
Juncus polyanthemus
Juncus sandwithii
Juniperus brevifolia
Juniperus chinensis
Juniperus conferta
Juniperus excelsa
Juniperus komarovii
Juniperus x pfitzeriana
Juniperus przewalskii
Juniperus rigida
Juniperus semiglobosa
Juniperus squamata
Juniperus wallichiana
Jurinea humilis
Justicia albomarginata
Justicia brasiliana
Justicia comosa
Justicia fulvicoma
Justicia guttata
Justicia kotschyi
Justicia oblongifolia
Justicia rizzinii
Justicia subpaniculata
Justicia ventricosa
Juttadinteria simpsonii
Kadsura japonica
Kaempferia atrovirens
Kaempferia galanga
Kaempferia pulchra
Kaempferia spectabilis
Kailarsenia jardinei
Juglans microcarpa
Juglans regia
Julbernardia paniculata
Juncus alpinoarticulatus
Juncus australis
Juncus effusus
Juncus gerardii
Juncus microcephalus
Juncus psammophilus
Juncus usitatus
Juniperus californica
Juniperus coahuilensis
Juniperus davurica
Juniperus formosana
Juniperus lutchuensis
Juniperus pingii
Juniperus pseudosabina
Juniperus sabina
Juniperus sheppardii
Juniperus taxifolia
Juniperus zeravschanica
Justicia adhatoda
Justicia aurea
Justicia californica
Justicia cydoniifolia
Justicia furcata
Justicia hygrophiloides
Justicia leucantha
Justicia x penrhoziensis
Justicia scheidweileri
Justicia tweediana
Juttadinteria ausensis
Juttadinteria suavissima
Kadua littoralis
Kaempferia candida
Kaempferia gilbertii
Kaempferia roscoeana
Kaempferia undulata
Kailarsenia ochreata
Juglans neotropica
Juglans sigillata
Jumellea spp.
Juncus antarcticus
Juncus bufonius
Juncus falcatus
Juncus imbricatus
Juncus oxycarpus
Juncus revolutus
Junellia ligustrina
Juniperus cedrus
Juniperus communis
Juniperus drupacea
Juniperus horizontalis
Juniperus pachyphloea
Juniperus polycarpos
Juniperus recurva
Juniperus scopulorum
Juniperus sphaerica
Juniperus virginiana
Juno warleyensis
Justicia adhatodoides
Justicia bonneyana
Justicia carnea
Justicia floribunda
Justicia ghiesbreghtiana
Justicia hyssopifolia
Justicia oblongata
Justicia peruviana
Justicia sericea
Justicia velutina
Juttadinteria deserticola
Kadsura coccinea
Kaempferia angustifolia
Kaempferia elegans
Kaempferia ovalifolia
Kaempferia rotunda
Kageneckia oblonga
Kalanchoe ambolensis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Kalanchoe arborescens
Kalanchoe beauverdii
Kalanchoe bracteata
Kalanchoe delagoensis
Kalanchoe eriophylla
Kalanchoe guillauminii
Kalanchoe x hybrids
Kalanchoe laciniata
Kalanchoe lobata
Kalanchoe marmorata
Kalanchoe mocambicana
Kalanchoe orgyalis
Kalanchoe peteri
Kalanchoe prolifera
Kalanchoe quartiniana
Kalanchoe rosei
Kalanchoe tetraphylla
Kalanchoe trichantha
Kalanchoe welwitschii
Kalimeris incisa
Kalmia angustifolia
Kalmia latifolia
Kalopanax septemlobus
Karomia tettensis
Keckiella corymbosa
Kedrostis natalensis
Kelleria dieffenbachii
Kennedia procurrens
Kentiopsis magnifica
Keraudrenia collina
Kermadecia rotundifolia
Kerriodoxa elegans
Keteleeria fortunei
Khaya senegalensis
Kigelia africana
Kirengeshoma palmata
Kitaibela vitifolia
Kleinia fulgens
Kleinia kleinioides
Kalanchoe aromatica
Kalanchoe beharensis
Kalanchoe campanulata
Kalanchoe dixoniana
Kalanchoe figuereidoi
Kalanchoe hildebrandtii
Kalanchoe jongmansi
Kalanchoe lateritia
Kalanchoe luciae
Kalanchoe millotii
Kalanchoe nyikae
Kalanchoe paniculata
Kalanchoe petitiana
Kalanchoe pubescens
Kalanchoe rhombopilosa
Kalanchoe schimperiana
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora
Kalanchoe uniflora
Kalanchoe wildii
Kalimeris yomena
Kalmia cuneata
Kalmia microphylla
Karatas sarmentosa
Keckiella breviflora
Kedrostis africana
Keetia venosa
Kelseya uniflora
Kennedia retrorsa
Kentiopsis oliviformis
Keraudrenia corollata
Kermadecia sinuata
Keteleeria davidiana
Khaya anthotheca
Kickxia elatine
Kiggelaria africana
Kirkia acuminata
Kleinia anteuphorbium
Kleinia galpinii
Kleinia neriifolia
Kalanchoe aubrevillei
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
Kalanchoe citrina
Kalanchoe dyeri
Kalanchoe globulifera
Kalanchoe x houghtonii
Kalanchoe x kewensis
Kalanchoe laxiflora
Kalanchoe manginii
Kalanchoe mitejea
Kalanchoe obtusa
Kalanchoe peltata
Kalanchoe prittwitzii
Kalanchoe pumila
Kalanchoe robusta
Kalanchoe synsepala
Kalanchoe tomentosa
Kalanchoe velutina
Kalanchoe zimbabwensis
Kallstroemia platyptera
Kalmia hirsuta
Kalmiopsis leachiana
Karatas spectabilis
Keckiella cordifolia
Kedrostis crassirostrata
Kefersteinia spp.
Kengyilia alatavica
Kennedia rubicunda
Kentiopsis pyriformis
Keraudrenia hillii
Kerria japonica
Keteleeria evelyniana
Khaya grandifoliola
Kickxia spuria
Kingidium decumbens
Kirkia wilmsii
Kleinia descoingsii
Kleinia gregorii
Kleinia odora
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Kleinia pendula
Kleinia stapeliiformis
Knautia orientalis
Knightia strobilina
Kniphofia benguellensis
Kniphofia citrina
Kniphofia hirsuta
Kniphofia leucocephala
Kniphofia nelsonii
Kniphofia pauciflora
Kniphofia x praecox
Kniphofia rooperi
Kniphofia stricta
Kniphofia triangularis
Kniphofia tysonii
Koeleria castellana
Koeleria hirsuta
Koelreuteria bipinnata
Kohleria eriantha
Kohleria lindeniana
Kokia drynarioides
Kopsia singapurensis
Korthalsia rigida
Kosteletzkya virginica
Kleinia petraea
Knautia arvensis
Knightia deplanchei
Kniphofia albescens
Kniphofia bruceae
Kniphofia ensifolia
Kniphofia ichopensis
Kniphofia linearifolia
Kniphofia northiae
Kniphofia pauciflora x citrina
Kniphofia primulina
Kniphofia sarmentosa
Kniphofia thomsoni
Kniphofia tuckii
Kniphofia uvaria
Koeleria cenisia
Koeleria luerssenii
Koelreuteria paniculata
Kohleria x gigantea
Kohleria spicata
Kolkwitzia amabilis
Korthalsia laciniosa
Korthalsia robusta
Krameria lappacea
Krascheninnikovia lanata
Kummerowia stipulacea
Kunstleria stipularis
Kunzea ambigua x capitata
Kunzea cambagei
Kunzea ericoides
Kunzea muelleri
Kunzea parvifolia
Kunzea rupestris
Kydia calycina
Labichea nitida
Laburnocytisus adamii
Laccospadix australasica
Lachenalia ameliae
Kraussia floribunda
Kummerowia striata
Kuntheria pedunculata
Kunzea baxteri x pulchella
Kunzea capitata
Kunzea flavescens
Kunzea obovata
Kunzea phylicioides
Kunzea vestita
Kyllinga brevifolia
Labisia pumila
Laburnum x watereri
Lachenalia algoensis
Lachenalia anguinea
Kleinia schweinfurthii
Knautia macedonica
Knightia excelsa
Kniphofia baurii
Kniphofia caulescens
Kniphofia foliosa
Kniphofia laxiflora
Kniphofia multiflora
Kniphofia parviflora
Kniphofia porphyrantha
Kniphofia pumila
Kniphofia snowdenii
Kniphofia thomsonii
Kniphofia typhoides
Knowltonia capensis
Koeleria eriostachya
Koeleria villosa
Kohleria bogotensis
Kohleria hirsuta
Kohleria warszewiczii
Kopsia officinalis
Korthalsia merrillii
Kosteletzkya pentacarpa
Kreysigia multiflora
Kuniwatsukia cuspidata
Kunzea ambigua
Kunzea bracteolata
Kunzea capitata x rupestris
Kunzea graniticola
Kunzea opposita
Kunzea pomifera
Kunzea villiceps
Labichea buettneriana
Lablab purpureus
Lacaena bicolor
Lachenalia aloides
Lachenalia arbuthnotiae
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Lachenalia bachmannii
Lachenalia bulbifera
Lachenalia carnosa
Lachenalia contaminata
Lachenalia elegans
Lachenalia gillettii
Lachenalia juncifolia
Lachenalia latifolia
Lachenalia longibracteata
Lachenalia mathewsii
Lachenalia minima
Lachenalia namaquensis
Lachenalia nervosa
Lachenalia orchioides
Lachenalia paucifolia
Lachenalia polyphylla
Lachenalia pustulata
Lachenalia rubida
Lachenalia splendida
Lachenalia unifolia
Lachenalia ventricosa
Lachenalia viridiflora
Lachnanthes caroliniana
Lactuca serriola
Laelia spp.
Lafoensia punicifolia
Lagarostrobus colensoi
Lagenandra thwaitesii
Lagerstroemia x amabilis
Lachenalia barkeriana
Lachenalia campanulata
Lachenalia comptonii
Lachenalia convallarioides
Lachenalia fistulosa
Lachenalia haarlemensis
Lachenalia karooica
Lachenalia latimerae
Lachenalia longituba
Lachenalia maximiliani
Lachenalia muirii
Lachenalia namibiensis
Lachenalia nordenstamii
Lachenalia orthopetala
Lachenalia peersii
Lachenalia purpureo-caerulea
Lachenalia reflexa
Lachenalia salteri
Lachenalia trichophylla
Lachenalia valeriae
Lachenalia verticillata
Lachenalia zebrina
Lactuca saligna
Lactuca tenerrima
Laeliocatarthron spp.
Lafoensia vandelliana
Lagenandra lancifolia
Lagenaria siceraria
Lagerstroemia calyculata
Lagerstroemia duperreana
Lagerstroemia fauriei
Lagerstroemia hirsuta
Lagerstroemia indica
Lagerstroemia limii
Lagerstroemia ovalifolia
Lagerstroemia subcostata
Lagotis glauca
Lallemantia royleana
Lambertia formosa
Lagerstroemia loudonii
Lagerstroemia parviflora
Lagerstroemia villosa
Lagunaria patersonii
Lamanonia ternata
Lambertia propinqua
Lachenalia bolusii
Lachenalia capensis
Lachenalia concordiana
Lachenalia duncanii
Lachenalia giessii
Lachenalia hirta
Lachenalia kliprandensis
Lachenalia liliflora
Lachenalia marginata
Lachenalia mediana
Lachenalia mutabilis
Lachenalia neilii
Lachenalia nutans
Lachenalia pallida
Lachenalia physocaulos
Lachenalia pusilla
Lachenalia rosea
Lachenalia sargeantii
Lachenalia unicolor
Lachenalia variegata
Lachenalia violacea
Lachenalia zeyheri
Lactuca sativa
Lactuca virosa
Laeliocattleya spp.
Lagarostrobos franklinii
Lagenandra ovata
Lagenophora gracilis
Lagerstroemia fauriei x
Lagerstroemia indica x
Lagerstroemia x matthewsii
Lagerstroemia speciosa
Lagoecia cuminoides
Lagurus ovatus
Lamarckia aurea
Lamiophlomis rotata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Lamium amplexicaule
Lamium garganicum
Lamium purpureum
Lampranthus aurantiacus
Lampranthus candidus
Lampranthus deltoides
Lampranthus glaucus
Lampranthus purpureus
Lampranthus sublaxus
Lamprocapnos spectabilis
Landolphia angustisepala
Landoltia punctata
Lantana montevidensis
Lapeirousia anceps
Lapeirousia divaricata
Lapeirousia exilis
Lapeirousia galaxoides
Lapeirousia oreogena
Lapeirousia silenoides
Lapiedra martinezii
Lardizabala biternata
Larix kaempferi
Larrea tridentata
Larsenaikia ochreata
Lasiacis grisebachii
Lasianthus japonicus
Lasiopetalum baueri
Lasiopetalum joyceae
Lasiopetalum parviflorum
Lasiopetalum x tepperi
Lasthenia macrantha
Lastreopsis calantha
Lastreopsis glabella
Lastreopsis marginans
Lastreopsis nephrodioides
Lastreopsis smithiana
Lastreopsis velutina
Latania verschaffeltii
Lathyrus azureus
Lamium armenum
Lamium maculatum
Lamium veronicifolium
Lampranthus aureus
Lampranthus conspicuus
Lampranthus falcatus
Lampranthus haworthii
Lampranthus spectabilis
Lampranthus tenuifolius
Lamprolobium fruticosum
Landolphia kirkii
Lannea edulis
Lantana rugulosa
Lapeirousia arenicola
Lapeirousia dolomitica
Lapeirousia fabricii
Lapeirousia jacquinii
Lapeirousia pyramidalis
Lapeirousia verecunda
Lappula squarrosa
Larix decidua
Larix x marschlinsii
Larryleachia cactiformis
Laserpitium halleri
Lasiacis oaxacensis
Lasianthus kilimandscharicus
Lasiopetalum dasyphyllum
Lasiopetalum macrophyllum
Lasiopetalum rufum
Lasiurus scindicus
Lastrea nipponica
Lastreopsis davallioides
Lastreopsis grayi
Lastreopsis microsora
Lastreopsis rufescens
Lastreopsis tenera
Latania loddigesii
Lathyrus alatus
Lathyrus bauhinii
Lamium galeobdolon
Lamium orvala
Lamourouxia viscosa
Lampranthus blandus
Lampranthus curvifolius
Lampranthus glaucoides
Lampranthus multiradiatus
Lampranthus stenus
Lampranthus variabilis
Lanaria lanata
Landolphia watsoniana
Lansium domesticum
Lapageria rosea
Lapeirousia corymbosa
Lapeirousia erythrantha
Lapeirousia fastigiata
Lapeirousia juncea
Lapeirousia schimperi
Lapidaria margaretae
Lapsana communis
Larix gmelinii
Larix potaninii
Larsenaikia jardinei
Laserpitium nitidum
Lasiacis procerrima
Lasimorpha senegalensis
Lasiopetalum ferrugineum
Lasiopetalum micranthum
Lasiopetalum schulzenii
Lasthenia californica
Lastreopsis acuminata
Lastreopsis decomposita
Lastreopsis hispida
Lastreopsis munita
Lastreopsis shepherdii
Lastreopsis tinarooensis
Latania lontaroides
Lathyrus aureus
Lathyrus belinensis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Lathyrus biflorus
Lathyrus cicera
Lathyrus davidii
Lathyrus hookeri
Lathyrus latifolius
Lathyrus longifolius
Lathyrus nervosus
Lathyrus nigrivalvis
Lathyrus odoratus
Lathyrus pseudocicera
Lathyrus sativus cv. Ceora
Lathyrus tingitanus
Lathyrus undulatus
Lathyrus vinealis
Laurelia novae-zelandiae
Laurentia anethifolia
Laurentia ferdinandi
Laurentia gulliveri
Laurophyllus capensis
Lavandula x allardii
Lavandula bipinnata
Lavandula canariensis
Lavandula dentata
Lavandula hybrid
Lavandula lanata x
Lavandula mairei
Lavandula multifida
Lavandula pubescens
Lavandula subnuda
Lavatera x clementii
Lavatera trimestris
Laxmannia compacta
Layia platyglossa
Lebeckia contaminata
Lebronnecia kokioides
Lecanopteris mirabile
Lechenaultia floribunda x
Lathyrus cassius
Lathyrus cirrhosus
Lathyrus digitatus
Lathyrus hygrophilus
Lathyrus laxiflorus
Lathyrus magellanicus
Lathyrus neurolobus
Lathyrus occidentalis
Lathyrus pallescens
Lathyrus pubescens
Lathyrus splendens
Lathyrus tomentosus
Lathyrus vernus
Latua pubiflora
Laurelia sempervirens
Laurentia armstrongii
Laurentia fluviatilis
Laurentia hypocrateriformis
Laurus azorica
Lavandula angustifolia
Lavandula buchii
Lavandula x christiana
Lavandula dhofarensis
Lavandula x intermedia
Lavandula latifolia
Lathyrus chloranthus
Lathyrus crassipes
Lathyrus filiformis
Lathyrus laevigatus
Lathyrus littoralis
Lathyrus mulkak
Lathyrus nevadensis
Lathyrus ochraceus
Lathyrus pisiformis
Lathyrus rotundifolius
Lathyrus sylvestris
Lathyrus tremolsianus
Lathyrus vestitus
Launaea arborescens
Laureliopsis philippiana
Laurentia baueri
Laurentia gaudichaudii
Laurentia pusilla
Laurus nobilis
Lavandula aristibracteata
Lavandula burmanni
Lavandula coronopifolia
Lavandula x heterophylla
Lavandula lanata
Lavandula luisieri
Lavandula maroccana
Lavandula pedunculata
Lavandula rotundifolia
Lavandula viridis
Lavatera maritima
Lavoixia macrocarpa
Laxmannia gracilis
Leandra xanthocoma
Lebeckia multiflora
Lecanopteris carnosa
Lecanopteris sinuosa
Lavandula minutolii
Lavandula pinnata
Lavandula stoechas
Lavatera acerifolia
Lavatera olbia
Lawsonia inermis
Laxmannia orientalis
Lebeckia ambigua
Lebetanthus myrsinites
Lecanopteris curtisii
Lechenaultia biloba x
Lecythis minor
Lecomtedoxa klaineana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Lecythis ollaria
Ledebouria cooperi
Ledebouria floribunda
Ledebouria hypoxidioides
Ledebouria marginata
Ledebouria petiolata
Ledebouria undulata
Ledenbergia roseosana
Leea guineensis
Legnephora moorei
Leichardtia leptophylla
Leionema ambiens
Leionema coxii
Leionema elatius
Leionema gracile
Leionema lamprophyllum
Leionema nudum
Leionema phylicifolium
Leionema sympetalum
Lemaireocereus marginatus
Lenophyllum guttatum
Lenwebbia lasioclada
Leochilus spp.
Leonotis ocymifolia
Leontodon saxatilis
Leontopodium caespitosum
Leontopodium stracheyi
Leonurus quinquelobatus
Lepachys columnaris
Lepechinia chamaedryoides
Lepechinia salviae
Lepiderema hirsuta
Ledebouria atrobrunnea
Ledebouria dolomiticola
Ledebouria galpinii
Ledebouria inquinata
Ledebouria ovalifolia
Ledebouria sandersonii
Ledebouria violacea
Leea aculeata
Leea indica
Legousia speculum-veneris
Leiocarpa gatesii
Leionema bilobum
Leionema dentatum
Leionema elatius x
Leionema hillebrandii
Leionema microphyllum
Leionema obtusifolium
Leionema ralstonii
Leionema viridiflorum
Lemboglossum cervantesii
Ledebouria botryoides
Ledebouria ensifolia
Ledebouria humifusa
Ledebouria luteola
Ledebouria ovatifolia
Ledebouria socialis
Ledebouria viscosa
Leea crispa
Leea rubra
Leichardtia australis
Leiocarpa panaetioides
Leionema carruthersii
Leionema diosmeum
Leionema equestre
Lemurophoenix halleuxii
Leionema lachnaeoides
Leionema montanum
Leionema oldfieldii
Leionema rotundifolium
Leipoldtia schultzei
Lenbrassia australiana
Lenophyllum reflexum
Lenwebbia prominens
Leonotis leonurus
Leontochir ovallei
Leontodon tuberosus
Leontopodium calocephalum
Leontopodium jacotianum
Lens culinaris
Leocereus bahiensis
Leonotis nepetifolia
Leontodon filii
Leontopodium alpinum
Leontopodium fauriei
Leontopodium japonicum
Leontopodium palibinianum
Leontopodium sibiricum
Leonurus cardiaca
Leopoldia longipes
Lepanthopsis spp.
Lepechinia floribunda
Lepeostegeres beccarii
Lepiderema largiflorens
Leonurus glaucescens
Leopoldinia pulchra
Lepechinia calycina
Lepechinia hastata
Lepianthes peltata
Lepiderema pulchella
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Lepidium africanum
Lepidium eckloni
Lepidium muelleriferdinandi
Lepidium sativum
Lepidium bonariense
Lepidium leptopetalum
Lepidium oleraceum
Lepidobolus drapetocoleus
Lepidorrhachis mooreana
Lepidosperma concavum
Lepidosperma elatius
Lepidosperma forsythii
Lepidosperma leptophyllum
Lepidosperma neesii
Lepidosperma australe
Lepidosperma congestum
Lepidosperma filiforme
Lepidosperma inops
Lepidosperma limicola
Lepidosperma urophorum
Lepidothamnus laxifolius
Lepidozia ulothrix
Lepisanthes senegalensis
Lepismium bolivianum
Lepismium cruciforme
Lepismium incachacanum
Lepismium micranthum
Lepismium paranganiense
Leptarrhena pyrolifolia
Leptecophylla divaricata
Leptinella dioica
Leptinella plumosa
Leptobryum pyriforme
Leptocarpus canus
Leptocarpus laxus
Leptocarpus tenellus
Leptocereus sylvestris
Leptocodon gracilis
Leptomeria aphylla
Leptomeria spinosa
Leptopteris x intermedia
Lepidosperma tortuosum
Lepidothamnus intermedius
Lepidozamia peroffskyana
Lepisanthes amoena
Lepismium aculeatum
Lepismium crenatum
Lepismium ianthothele
Lepismium lumbricoides
Lepismium monacanthum
Lepisorus tosaensis
Leptecophylla abietina
Leptecophylla pendulosa
Leptinella maniototo
Leptinella pyrethrifolia
Leptocarpus brownii
Leptocarpus diffusus
Leptocarpus spathaceus
Leptocereus paniculatus
Leptochloa uniflora
Leptomeria acida
Leptomeria drupacea
Leptopteris superba
Leptorhynchos gatesii
Leptorhynchos squamatus
Leptosema villosum
Leptospermum brachyandrum
Leptopteris wilkesiana
Leptorhynchos linearis
Leptorhynchos tenuifolius
Leptospermum arachnoides
Leptospermum brevipes
Lepidium didymum
Lepidium meyenii
Lepidium perfoliatum
Lepidosperma canescens
Lepidosperma curtisiae
Lepidosperma flexuosum
Lepidosperma laterale
Lepidosperma lineare
Lepidosperma semiteres
Lepidothamnus fonkii
Lepidozamia hopei
Lepironia articulata
Lepisanthes tetraphylla
Lepismium brevispinum
Lepismium houlletianum
Lepismium lorentzianum
Lepismium miyagawae
Lepismium warmingianum
Leptaspis banksii
Leptecophylla juniperina
Leptinella filicula
Leptinella pusilla
Leptocarpus aristatus
Leptocarpus chilensis
Leptocarpus scariosus
Leptocereus grantianus
Leptochloa obtusiflora
Leptodermis potanini
Leptomeria billardieri
Leptopteris fraseri
Leptopteris moorei
Leptorhynchos elongatus
Leptorhynchos panaetioides
Leptorhynchos waitzia
Leptospermum blakelyi
Leptospermum continentale
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Leptospermum coriaceum
Leptospermum deuense
Leptospermum crassifolium
Leptospermum ellipticum
Leptospermum glabrescens
Leptospermum fabricia
Leptospermum grandifolium
Leptospermum hybrid
Leptospermum juniperinum
Leptospermum lanigerum
Leptospermum luehmannii
Leptospermum gregarium
Leptospermum javanicum
Leptospermum laevigatum
Leptospermum liversidgei
Leptospermum macrocarpum
Leptospermum micromyrtus
Leptospermum multicaule
Leptospermum namadgiensis
Leptospermum novae-angliae
Leptospermum parviflorum
Leptospermum petraeum
Leptospermum recurvum
Leptospermum minutifolium
Leptospermum myrsinoides
Leptospermum neglectum
Leptospermum obovatum
Leptospermum parvifolium
Leptospermum phylicoides
polygalifolium x scoparium
Leptospermum riparium
Leptospermum rotundifolium
x spectabile
Leptospermum scoparium
Leptospermum rupestre
Leptospermum subglabratum
Leptospermum turbinatum
Leptospermum whitei
Leptotes spp.
Lepyrodia muelleri
Lepyrodia tasmanica
Lespedeza cuneata
Lespedeza homoloba
Lesquerella angustifolia
Lesquerella fendleri
Lesquerella perforata
Leptospermum glaucescens
Leptospermum sejunctum
sphaerocarpum x
Leptospermum thompsonii
Leptospermum variabile
Lepyrodia anarthria
Lepyrodia scariosa
Lespedeza buergeri
Lespedeza davidii
Lespedeza japonica
Lesquerella auriculata
Lesquerella lasiocarpa
Lesquerella rubicundula
Leptospermum deanei
Leptospermum firmum
Leptospermum humifusum
Leptospermum jingera
Leptospermum lamellatum
Leptospermum longifolium
Leptospermum morrisonii
Leptospermum myrtifolium
Leptospermum nitidum
Leptospermum oreophilum
Leptospermum petersonii
Leptospermum polyanthum
Leptospermum rupicola
Leptospermum spectabile
Leptospermum squarrosum
Leptospermum trinervium
Leptospermum venustum
Leptostigma reptans
Lepyrodia flexuosa
Lepyrodia stricta
Lespedeza capitata
Lespedeza floribunda
Lespedeza virginica
Lesquerella densipila
Lesquerella palmeri
Lessertia benguellensis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Lessertia capitata
Lessertia falciformis
Lessertia incana
Lessertia microphylla
Lessertia tomentosa
Leucadendron argenteum
Leucadendron comosum
Leucadendron discolor
Leucadendron dregei
Leucadendron foedum
Leucadendron gandogeri x
Leucadendron gydoense
Leucadendron laureolum x
Leucadendron levisanus
Leucadendron loranthifolium
Leucadendron nervosum
Leucadendron platyspermum
Leucadendron rourkei
Leucadendron salignum
Leucadendron sessile
Leucadendron strobilinum
Leucadendron tinctum
Leucadendron xanthoconus
Leucaena greggii
Leucaena macrophylla
Leucaena shannoni
Leucanthemopsis minima
Leucanthemum maximum x
Leuchtenbergia principis
Lessertia diffusa
Lessertia frutescens
Lessertia inflata
Lessertia pauciflora
Leucadendron album
Leucadendron brunioides
Leucadendron conicum
Leucadendron daphnoides
Lessertia excisa
Lessertia herbacea
Lessertia macrostachya
Lessertia perennans
Leucadendron arcuatum
Leucadendron chamelaea
Leucadendron coniferum
Leucadendron decurrens
Leucadendron discolor x
Leucadendron dubium
Leucadendron flexuosum
Leucadendron discolor x
Leucadendron elimense
Leucadendron floridum
Leucadendron galpinii
Leucadendron glaberrimum
Leucadendron gandogeri
Leucadendron grandiflorum
Leucadendron lanigerum
Leucadendron laureolum x
Leucadendron linifolium
Leucadendron macowanii
Leucadendron modestum
Leucadendron laureolum
Leucadendron laxum
Leucadendron nobile
Leucadendron procerum
Leucadendron rubrum
Leucadendron salignum x
Leucadendron spissifolium
Leucadendron teretifolium
Leucadendron uliginosum
Leucaena collinsii
Leucaena lanceolata
Leucaena pallida
Leucaena trichandra
Leucanthemum lacustre
Leucanthemum x superbum
Leucadendron orientale
Leucadendron pubescens
Leucadendron salicifolium
Leucadendron salignum x
Leucadendron stelligerum
Leucadendron thymifolium
Leucadendron venosum
Leucaena cuspidata
Leucaena leucocephala
Leucaena retusa
Leucanthemopsis alpina
Leucanthemum maximum
Leucanthemum vulgare
Leucobryum candidum
Leucochrysum albicans
Leucadendron loeriense
Leucadendron meridianum
Leucadendron muirii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Leucochrysum graminifolium
Leucocoryne alliacea
Leucocoryne narcissiflora
Leucogenes leontopodium
Leucojum vernum
Leucopogon appressus
Leucopogon cicatricatus
Leucopogon collinus
Leucopogon fletcheri
Leucopogon glacialis
Leucopogon lanceolatus
Leucopogon microphyllus
Leucopogon neurophyllus
Leucopogon setiger
Leucopogon suaveolens
Leucospermum album
Leucospermum cordifolium x
Leucospermum cordifolium x
Leucospermum formosum
Leucospermum glabrum x
Leucospermum lineare
Leucospermum mundii
Leucospermum praecox
Leucospermum rodolentum
Leucospermum tottum x
Leucostegia immersa
Leucothoe davisiae
Leucothoe keiskei
Leuzea conifera
Lewisia brachycalyx
Lewisia congdonii
Lewisia kelloggii
Leucochrysum graminifolium
x albicans
Leucocoryne coquimbensis
Leucocoryne purpurea
Leucojum aestivum
Leucophyllum frutescens
Leucopogon attenuatus
Leucopogon ciliatus
Leucopogon costatus
Leucopogon fraseri
Leucopogon hookeri
Leucopogon maccraei
Leucopogon montanus
Leucopogon riparius
Leucopogon spathaceus
Leucopogon thymifolius
Leucospermum bolusii
conocarpodendron x glabrum
Leucospermum cordifolium x
Leucospermum cuneiforme
Leucospermum glabrum
Leucospermum grandiflorum
Leucochrysum molle
Leucocoryne ixioides
Leucogenes grandiceps
Leucojum nicaeense
Leucopogon amplexicaulis
Leucopogon biflorus
Leucopogon clelandii
Leucopogon ericoides
Leucopogon gelidus
Leucopogon juniperinus
Leucopogon malayanus
Leucopogon muticus
Leucopogon rufus
Leucopogon stuartii
Leucopogon virgatus
Leucospermum catherinae
Leucospermum cordifolium
Leucospermum cordifolium
x patersonii
Leucospermum erubescens
Leucospermum glabrum x
Leucospermum muirii
Leucospermum lineare x
Leucospermum oleifolium
Leucospermum prostratum
Leucospermum saxosum
Leucospermum truncatum
Leucospermum patersonii
Leucospermum reflexum
Leucospermum tottum
Leucospermum vestitum
Leucostegia pallida
Leucothoe fontanesiana
Leucothoe racemosa
Levenhookia sonderi
Lewisia cantelovii
Lewisia cotyledon
Lewisia leeana
Leucosyke alba
Leucothoe grayana
Leucothoe recurva
Levisticum officinale
Lewisia columbiana
Lewisia glandulosa
Lewisia longipetala
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Lewisia maguirei
Lewisia pygmaea
Lewisia stebbinsii
Leycesteria crocothyrsos
Leymus alaicus
Leymus condensatus
Lhotskya alpestris
Liatris elegans
Liatris scariosa
Liatris squarrulosa
Libertia edgariae
Libertia ixioides
Libertia peregrinans
Libocedrus arfakensis
Libocedrus plumosa
Licuala acutifida
Licuala arbuscula
Licuala bacularia
Licuala bellatula
Licuala bracteata
Licuala calciphila
Licuala corneri
Licuala delicata
Licuala elegantissima
Licuala ferruginoides
Licuala furcata
Licuala glabra
Licuala hallieriana
Licuala insignis
Licuala kiahii
Licuala kunstleri
Licuala leprosa
Licuala longicalycata
Licuala magna
Licuala merguensis
Licuala modesta
Licuala moyseyi
Licuala oninensis
Licuala pahangensis
Lewisia nevadensis
Lewisia rediviva
Lewisia triphylla
Leycesteria formosa
Leymus arenarius
Leymus x multiflorus
Lhotskya ericoides
Liatris pilosa
Liatris spicata
Libanotis macedonica
Libertia formosa
Libertia micrantha
Libertia pulchella
Libocedrus bidwillii
Libocedrus yateensis
Licuala angustiloba
Licuala aruensis
Licuala bayana
Licuala bidentata
Licuala brevicalyx
Licuala concinna
Licuala dasyantha
Licuala densiflora
Licuala fatua
Licuala flavida
Licuala gjellerupii
Licuala grandiflora
Licuala hexasepala
Licuala kemamanensis
Licuala kingiana
Licuala lanata
Licuala leptocalyx
Licuala longipes
Licuala malajana
Licuala micrantha
Licuala montana
Licuala nauroannii
Licuala orbicularis
Licuala paludosa
Lewisia oppositifolia
Lewisia serrata
Lewisia tweedyi
Leymus akmolinensis
Leymus cinereus
Lhotskya acutifolia
Liatris aspera
Liatris pycnostachya
Liatris squarrosa
Libertia cranwelliae
Libertia grandiflora
Libertia paniculata
Libertia sessiliflora
Libocedrus chilensis
Licuala acuminata
Licuala anomala
Licuala aurantiaca
Licuala beccariana
Licuala borneensis
Licuala cabalionii
Licuala cordata
Licuala debilis
Licuala distans
Licuala ferruginea
Licuala fordiana
Licuala glaberrima
Licuala grandis
Licuala hirta
Licuala khoonmengii
Licuala klossii
Licuala lauterbachii
Licuala linearis
Licuala macrantha
Licuala mattanensis
Licuala mirabilis
Licuala moszkowskiana
Licuala olivifera
Licuala pachycalyx
Licuala parviflora
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Licuala paucisecta
Licuala penduliflora
Licuala polyschista
Licuala punctulata
Licuala ramsayi
Licuala robinsoniana
Licuala scortechinii
Licuala spicata
Licuala tanycola
Licuala tiomanensis
Licuala triphylla
Ligularia alatipes
Ligularia dentata
Ligularia przewalskii
Ligusticum involucratum
Ligustrum brachystachyum
Ligustrum delavayanum
Ligustrum massalongianum
Ligustrum undulatum
Lilium akkusianum
Lilium arboricola
Lilium bakerianum
Lilium callosum
Lilium candidum
Lilium chalcedonicum
Lilium concolor
Lilium distichum
Lilium georgei
Lilium henrici
Lilium hybrid
Lilium japonicum
Lilium kelloggii
Lilium lankongense
Lilium leucanthum
Lilium mackliniae
Lilium martagon
Lilium monadelphum
Lilium nobilissimum
Licuala peekelii
Licuala petiolulata
Licuala pulchella
Licuala pusilla
Licuala reptans
Licuala rumphii
Licuala simplex
Licuala spinosa
Licuala telifera
Licuala tomentosa
Licuala valida
Ligularia clivorum
Ligularia hodgsonii
Ligularia sachalinensis
Ligusticum officinale
Ligustrum compactum
Ligustrum ibota
Ligustrum ovalifolium
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
Lilium amabile
Lilium auratum
Lilium bolanderi
Lilium canadense
Lilium catesbaei
Lilium ciliatum
Lilium x dalhansoni
Lilium duchartrei
Lilium grayi
Lilium henryi
Lilium iridollae
Lilium jinfushanense
Lilium kesselringianum
Lilium ledebourii
Lilium longiflorum
Lilium majoense
Lilium medeoloides
Lilium nanum
Lilium occidentale x
Licuala peltata
Licuala platydactyla
Licuala pumila
Licuala radula
Licuala ridleyana
Licuala sarawakensis
Licuala spathellifera
Licuala steinii
Licuala thoana
Licuala tonkinensis
Licuala veitchii
Ligularia cymbulifera
Ligularia kaialpina
Ligularia veitchiana
Ligusticum porteri
Ligustrum confusum
Ligustrum leucanthum
Ligustrum sempervirens
Lilaeopsis brisbanica
Lilium amoenum
Lilium x aurelianense
Lilium brownii
Lilium canadense x grayi
Lilium cernuum
Lilium columbianum
Lilium davidii
Lilium fargesii
Lilium hansonii
Lilium humboldtii
Lilium jankae
Lilium kelleyanum
Lilium lancifolium
Lilium leichtlinii
Lilium lophophorum
Lilium maritimum
Lilium michauxii
Lilium nepalense
Lilium papilliferum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Lilium paradoxum
Lilium parvum
Lilium poilanei
Lilium pumilum
Lilium rosthornii
Lilium sargentiae
Lilium souliei
Lilium sulphureum
Lilium testaceum
Lilium wallichianum
Lilium wilsonii
Limnanthes montana
Limnophila aromatica
Limonium anfractum
Lilium pardalinum
Lilium philippinense
Lilium polyphyllum
Lilium regale
Lilium rubellum
Lilium sempervivoideum
Lilium speciosum
Lilium superbum
Lilium x testaceum
Lilium wardii
Lilium xanthellum
Limnanthes striata
Limnophila sessiliflora
Limonium bellidifolium
Limonium brassicifolium
Limonium carolinianum
Limonium cordatum
Limonium dodartii
Limonium fruticans
Limonium gougetianum
Limonium macrophyllum
Limonium ovalifolium
Limonium perezii
Limonium purpuratum
Limonium sinuatum
Limonium tomentellum
Linanthus grandiflorus
Linaria anticaria
Linaria grandiflora
Linaria triornithophora
Lindelofia longiflora
Lindera caudata
Lindera communis
Lindera obtusiloba
Lindera reflexa
Lindera umbellata
Lindsaea incisa
Lindsaea trichomanoides
Limonium caesium
Limonium caspium x gerberi
Limonium cosyrense
Limonium emarginatum
Limonium gerberi
Limonium imbricatum
Limonium malacitanum
Limonium pectinatum
Limonium platyphyllum
Limonium roseum
Limonium spathulatum
Linanthus aureus
Linanthus nuttallii
Linaria capraria
Linaria maroccana
Linaria tristis
Lindera aggregata
Lindera chienii
Lindera erythrocarpa
Lindera praecox
Lindera rubronervia
Lindernia intrepida
Lindsaea microphylla
Lilium parryi
Lilium pilosiusculum
Lilium primulinum
Lilium rhodopaeum
Lilium rubescens
Lilium sherriffiae
Lilium stewartianum
Lilium taliense
Lilium tsingtauense
Lilium washingtonianum
Limnanthes douglasii
Limnophila aquatica
Limonia acidissima
Limonium bellidifolium x
Limonium cancellatum
Limonium companyonis
Limonium dictyocladum
Limonium eximium
Limonium gmelinii
Limonium lobatum
Limonium minutum
Limonium peregrinum
Limonium puberulum
Limonium sinense
Limonium spectabile
Linanthus dianthiflorus
Linaria alpina
Linaria ficalhoana
Linaria purpurea
Lindelofia anchusoides
Lindera benzoin
Lindera citriodora
Lindera glauca
Lindera queenslandica
Lindera triloba
Lindheimera texana
Lindsaea obtusa
Lindsayomyrtus racemoides
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Linociera quadristaminea
Linospadix apetiolatus
Linospadix microspadix
Linospadix palmeriana
Linum alatum
Linum aristatum
Linum campanulatum
Linum decumbens
Linum elongatum
Linum hudsonioides
Linum maritimum
Linum narbonense
Linum puberulum
Linum sulcatum
Linum viscosum
Liparophyllum gunnii
Lipochaeta micrantha
Lippia chamaedrifolia
Liquidambar formosana
Liquidambar styraciflua
Liriodendron tulipifera
Liriope muscari
Lisianthius laxiflorus
Lissanthe sapida
Lithocarpus corneus
Lithocarpus echinops
Lithocarpus fenestratus
Lithocarpus hancei
Lithocarpus kawakamii
Lithocarpus nantoensis
Lithocarpus polystachyus
Lithodora diffusa
Lithophragma parviflorum
Lithops bromfieldii
Lithops dinteri
Lithops erniana
Lithops fulviceps
Lithops gracilidelineata
Linospadix aequisegmentosa
Linospadix longicruris
Linospadix minor
Lintonia nutans
Linum altaicum
Linum australe
Linum capitatum
Linum dolomiticum
Linum floridanum
Linum imbricatum
Linum monogynum
Linum pallescens
Linum pubescens
Linum trigynum
Liparia splendens
Lipochaeta connata
Lipochaeta succulenta
Lippia graveolens
Liquidambar formosana x
Liquidambar taiwaniana
Liriope graminifolia
Liriope spicata
Lisianthius nigrescens
Litchi chinensis
Lithocarpus crassifolius
Lithocarpus edulis
Lithocarpus fohaiensis
Lithocarpus harlandii
Lithocarpus konishii
Lithocarpus pachyphylloides
Lithocarpus spicata
Lithodora rosmarinifolia
Lithops aucampiae
Lithops coleorum
Lithops divergens
Lithops francisci
Lithops gesinae
Lithops hallii
Linospadix albertisianus
Linospadix microcarya
Linospadix monostachya
Linum africanum
Linum arboreum
Linum caespitosum
Linum compactum
Linum elegans
Linum grandiflorum
Linum lundellii
Linum mucronatum
Linum perenne
Linum setaceum
Linum usitatissimum
Liparis spp.
Lipochaeta lavarum
Lippia alba
Liquidambar acalycina
Liquidambar orientalis
Liriodendron chinense
Liriope minor
Lisianthius capitatus
Lisianthius umbellatus
Lithocarpus aggregatus
Lithocarpus dealbatus
Lithocarpus elegans
Lithocarpus glaber
Lithocarpus henryi
Lithocarpus leucostachyus
Lithocarpus paniculatus
Lithocarpus truncatus
Lithomyrtus obtusa
Lithops bella
Lithops comptonii
Lithops dorotheae
Lithops fulleri
Lithops geyeri
Lithops helmutii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Lithops hermetica
Lithops julii
Lithops localis
Lithops naureeniae
Lithops otzeniana
Lithops salicola
Lithops terricolor
Lithops verruculosa
Lithops werneri
Lithospermum matamorense
Lithospermum prostratum
Litsea australis
Litsea chunii
Litsea japonica
Litsea umbellata
Livistona benthamii
Livistona concinna
Livistona drudei
Livistona fulva
Livistona jenkinsiana
Livistona merrillii
Livistona papuana
Livistona rotundifolia
Livistona surru
Livistona woodfordii
Lloydia serotina
Lobelia alata
Lobelia cardinalis
Lobelia dentata
Lobelia gelida
Lobelia holstii
Lobelia irrigua
Lobelia leschenaultiana
Lobelia lutea
Lobelia patula
Lobelia pteropoda
Lobelia sessilifolia
Lobelia x speciosa
Lobelia tupa
Lithops herrei
Lithops karasmontana
Lithops marmorata
Lithops olivacea
Lithops pseudotruncatella
Lithops schwantesii
Lithops turbiniformis
Lithops villetii
Lithospermum canescens
Lithospermum multiflorum
Lithraea caustica
Litsea bindoniana
Litsea fawcettiana
Litsea leefeana
Littonia modesta
Livistona carinensis
Livistona decipiens
Livistona endauensis
Livistona humilis
Livistona lanuginosa
Livistona muelleri
Livistona rigida
Livistona saribus
Livistona tahanensis
Llavea cordifolia
Loasa vulcanica
Lobelia arnhemica
Lobelia decipiens
Lobelia douglasiana
Lobelia x gerardii
Lobelia ignea
Lobelia keniensis
Lobelia linarioides
Lobelia membranacea
Lobelia polyphylla
Lobelia rosea
Lobelia simplicicaulis
Lobelia telekii
Lobelia valida
Lithops hookeri
Lithops lesliei
Lithops meyeri
Lithops optica
Lithops ruschiorum
Lithops steineckeana
Lithops vallis-mariae
Lithops viridis
Lithospermum fruticosum
Lithospermum officinale
Lithraea molleoides
Litsea breviumbellata
Litsea garciae
Litsea reticulata
Livistona australis
Livistona chinensis
Livistona decora
Livistona exigua
Livistona inermis
Livistona mariae
Livistona nitida
Livistona robinsoniana
Livistona speciosa
Livistona tothur
Lloydia delavayi
Lobelia aberdarica
Lobelia beaugleholei
Lobelia deckenii
Lobelia erinus
Lobelia gibberoa
Lobelia inflata
Lobelia laxiflora
Lobelia linnaeoides
Lobelia mildbraedii
Lobelia pratioides
Lobelia salicifolia
Lobelia siphilitica
Lobelia trigonocaulis
Lobivia atrovirens
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Lobivia chilensis
Lobivia steinmannii
Lobularia intermedia
Lodoicea maldivica
Logania linifolia
Logfia gallica
Lolium x hubbardii
Lolium perenne
Lolium rigidum
Lomandra bracteata
Lomandra cylindrica
Lomandra elongata
Lomandra fluviatilis
Lomandra hystrix
Lomandra laxa
Lomandra multiflora
Lomandra patens
Lomaria lanceolata
Lomariopsis sorbifolia
Lomatia ferruginea
Lomatia hirsuta
Lomatia polymorpha
Lomatia tasmanica
Lomatium dissectum
Lonchocarpus blackii
Lonchocarpus martynii
Lonicera altmannii
Lonicera arborea
Lonicera canadensis
Lonicera ciliosa
Lonicera cyanocarpa
Lonicera ferdinandii
Lonicera fragrantissima
Lonicera graebneri
Lonicera heteroloba
Lonicera implexa
Lonicera lanata
Lobivia leucomalla
Lobostemon fruticosus
Lobularia maritima
Logania albiflora
Logania ovata
Loiseleuria procumbens
Lolium x hybridum
Lolium perenne x
Lolium temulentum
Lomandra brevis
Lomandra densiflora
Lomandra fibrata
Lomandra glauca
Lomandra insularis
Lomandra longifolia
Lomandra nana
Lomandra sororia
Lomariopsis kingii
Lomatia arborescens
Lomatia fraseri
Lomatia ilicifolia
Lomatia polymorpha x
Lomatia tinctoria
Lonas annua
Lonchocarpus chrysophyllus
Lonchocarpus nitidus
Lonicera x americana
Lonicera aurea
Lonicera chamissoi
Lonicera confusa
Lonicera discolor
Lonicera flava
Lonicera gibbosa
Lonicera gynochlamydea
Lonicera hildebrandiana
Lonicera japonica
Lonicera lanceolata
Lobivia oligotricha
Lobostemon lehmannianus
Lockhartia spp.
Logania crassifolia
Logania pusilla
Loliolum subulatum
Lolium multiflorum
Lolium remotum
Lomandra banksii
Lomandra confertifolia
Lomandra dura
Lomandra filiformis
Lomandra gracilis
Lomandra juncea
Lomandra montana
Lomandra obliqua
Lomandra spicata
Lomariopsis novaecaledoniae
Lomatia dentata
Lomatia fraxinifolia
Lomatia myricoides
Lomatia silaifolia
Lomatium dasycarpum
Lonchitis hirsuta
Lonchocarpus cultratus
Lonchocarpus sutherlandii
Lonicera x amoena
Lonicera x brownii
Lonicera ciliata
Lonicera conjugialis
Lonicera etrusca
Lonicera floribunda
Lonicera gracilipes
Lonicera x heckrottii
Lonicera hispidula
Lonicera korolkowii
Lonicera ligustrina
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Lonicera maackii
Lonicera morrowi
Lonicera nervosa
Lonicera olgae
Lonicera ramosissima
Lonicera tatsienensis
Lophanthera lactescens
Lophomyrtus x ralphii
Lophospermum erubescens
Lophostemon suaveolens
Loropetalum chinense
Lotononis bainesii
Lotononis calycina
Lotononis divaricata
Lotononis listii
Lotononis marlothii
Lotononis pungens
Lotononis stipulosa
Lotus angustissimus
Lotus argyrodes
Lotus biflorus
Lotus callis-viridis
Lotus collinus
Lotus corniculatus
Lotus cytisoides
Lotus dumetorum
Lotus eremiticus
Lotus gebelia
Lotus glaucus
Lotus halophilus
Lotus holosericeus
Lotus krylovii
lotus loweanus
Lotus maculatus
Lotus mascaensis
Lotus oliveirae
Lotus parviflorus
Lotus purpureus
Lotus scoparius
Lonicera maximowiczii
Lonicera x muendeniensis
Lonicera nigra
Lonicera orientalis
Lonicera rupicola
Lonicera x tellmanniana
Lophomyrtus bullata
Lophopetalum wightianum
Lophostemon confertus
Loranthus loxantherus
Loropetalum subcordatum
Lotononis brachyantha
Lotononis corymbosa
Lotononis laxa
Lotononis listioides
Lotononis minima
Lotononis serpentinicola
Lotononis stricta
Lotus arborescens
Lotus azoricus
Lotus broussonetii
Lotus campylocladus
Lotus conimbricensis
Lotus crassifolius
Lotus dendroideus
Lotus edulis
Lotus eriophthalmus
Lotus genistoides
Lotus goetzei
Lotus haydonii
Lotus humistratus
Lotus kunkelii
Lotus macranthus
Lotus maritimus
Lotus mearnsii
Lotus ononopsis
Lotus pedunculatus
Lotus pyranthus
Lotus sessilifolius
Lonicera microphylla
Lonicera myrtillus
Lonicera nummulariifolia
Lonicera pyrenaica
Lonicera spinosa
Lonicera tragophylla
Lophomyrtus obcordata
Lophosoria quadripinnata
Lophostemon lactifluus
Lordhowea insularis
Lotononis angolensis
Lotononis burchellii
Lotononis crumaniana
Lotononis leptoloba
Lotononis maculata
Lotononis pulchra
Lotononis solitudinis
Lotononis subulata
Lotus arenarius
Lotus berthelotii
Lotus brunneri
Lotus coccineus
Lotus conjugatus
Lotus creticus
Lotus denticulatus
Lotus emeroides
Lotus formosissimus
Lotus glareosus
Lotus grandiflorus
Lotus hillebrandii
Lotus jacobaeus
Lotus lancerottensis
Lotus macrotrichus
Lotus maroccanus
Lotus oblongifolius
Lotus ornithopodioides
Lotus peregrinus
Lotus rigidus
Lotus spartioides
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Lotus strictus
Lotus tenuis
Lotus unifoliolatus
Loudonia flavescens
Loxocarya fasciculata
Loxococcus rupicola
Loxostylis alata
Luculia gratissima
Lucuma montana
Ludovia lancifolia
Ludwigia peploides
Luehea divaricata
Luffa operculata
Luisia tristis
Lumnitzera littorea
Lunasia amara
Lupinus affinis
Lupinus albifrons
Lupinus andersonii
Lupinus atlanticus
Lupinus bracteolaris
Lupinus digitatus
Lupinus excubitus
Lupinus hispanicus
Lupinus lepidus
Lupinus longifolius
Lupinus maculatus
Lupinus micranthus
Lupinus multiflorus
Lupinus odoratus
Lupinus paniculatus
Lupinus princei
Lupinus stiversii
Lupinus sulphureus
Lupinus vallicola
Lupinus villosus
Luzula alpinopilosa
Luzula crinita
Luzula modesta
Lotus strigosus
Lotus tetragonolobus
Lotus weilleri
Loudonia roei
Loxocarya flexuosa
Loxodiscus coriaceus
Luckhoffia beukmanii
Luculia intermedia
Lucya tetrandra
Ludwigia arcuata
Ludwigia repens
Luetkea pectinata
Luisia teres
Luma apiculata
Lunaria annua
Lunathyrium japonicum
Lupinus albescens
Lupinus albus
Lupinus angustifolius
Lupinus bakeri
Lupinus chamissonis
Lupinus elegans
Lupinus gibertianus
Lupinus incanus
Lupinus lindleyanus
Lupinus luteolus
Lupinus mariae-josephi
Lupinus microcarpus
Lupinus mutabilis
Lupinus pachylobus
Lupinus pilosus
Lupinus rotundiflorus
Lupinus subcarnosus
Lupinus texensis
Lupinus variicolor
Luzula abyssinica
Luzula canariensis
Luzula erecta
Luzula nivea
Lotus subbiflorus
Lotus uliginosus
Lotus wrightii
Loxanthocereus sulcifer
Loxocarya pubescens
Loxogramme lanceolata
Luculia grandifolia
Luculia pinceana
Ludisia spp.
Ludwigia palustris x repens
Lueddemannia spp.
Luffa acutangula
Luisia teretifolia
Luma chequen
Lunaria rediviva
Lupinus abramsii
Lupinus albicaulis
Lupinus ananeanus
Lupinus arbustus
Lupinus benthamii
Lupinus cosentinii
Lupinus exaltatus
Lupinus hirsutissimus
Lupinus latifolius
Lupinus littoralis
Lupinus luteus
Lupinus mexicanus
Lupinus montanus
Lupinus nanus
Lupinus palaestinus
Lupinus polyphyllus
Lupinus sparsiflorus
Lupinus succulentus
Lupinus truncatus
Lupinus versicolor
Luzula alpestris
Luzula crenulata
Luzula hawaiiensis
Luzula pumila
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Luzula spicata
Luzuriaga parviflora
Lyallia kerguelensis
Lychnis chalcedonica
Lychnis flos-cuculi
Lychnis sibirica
Lychnis x walkeri
Lycianthes biflora
Lycianthes tricolor
Lycium chilense
Lycium horridum
Lycopersicon esculentum
Lycopodium dalhousieanum
Lycopodium foliaceum
Lycopodium marsupiforme
Lycopodium proliferum
Lycopodium varium
Lycoris albiflora
Lycoris elsiae
Lycoris radiata
Lycoris sprengeri
Lygodium circinatum
Lygodium venustum
Lyonia elliptica
Lyonia nezikii
Lyonothamnus floribundus
Lysicarpus angustifolius
Lysiloma acapulcensis
Lysiloma latisiliquum
Lysimachia davurica
Lysimachia glutinosa
Lysimachia lanceolata
Lysimachia minoricensis
Lysimachia procumbens
Lysimachia yunnanensis
Lysionotus serratus
Lythrum junceum
Luzula sudetica
Luzuriaga polyphylla
Lycaste spp.
Lychnis chilensis
Lychnis miqueliana
Lychnis sieboldii
Lychnis wilfordii
Lycianthes cuchumatanensis
Lycium barbarum
Lycium chinense
Lycium pallidum
Lycopersicon hirsutum
Lycopodiella lateralis
Luzula ulophylla
Luzuriaga radicans
Lychnis arkwrighti
Lychnis coronaria
Lychnis nivalis
Lychnis viscosa
Lychnis yunnanensis
Lycianthes rantonnetii
Lycium cestroides
Lycium ferocissimum
Lycopersicon cheesmaniae
Lycopersicon peruvianum
Lycopodium alpinum
Lycopodium deuterodensum
Lycopodium laterale
Lycopodium scariosum
Lycopus australis
Lycoris aurea
Lycoris incarnata
Lycoris rosea
Lycoris squamigera
Lygodium japonicum
Lymania corallina
Lyonia ligustrina
Lyonia ovalifolia
Lyperanthus spp.
Lysichiton americanus
Lysiloma candida
Lysiloma watsonii
Lysimachia decurrens
Lysimachia henryi
Lysimachia leschenaultii
Lysimachia nummularia
Lysimachia punctata
Lysionotus heterophyllus
Lysiphyllum cunninghamii
Lythrum lineare
Lycopodium fastigiatum
Lycopodium lockyeri
Lycopodium serpentinum
Lycopus europaeus
Lycoris chinensis
Lycoris longituba
Lycoris shaanxiensis
Lycurus phleoides
Lygodium reticulatum
Lymania smithii
Lyonia mariana
Lyonia villosa
Lysiana linearifolia
Lysidice rhodostegia
Lysiloma divaricatum
Lysimachia acroadenia
Lysimachia ephemerum
Lysimachia kalalauensis
Lysimachia lichiangensis
Lysimachia paridiformis
Lysimachia serpyllifolia
Lysionotus pauciflorus
Lythrum hyssopifolia
Lythrum salicaria
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Lytocaryum hoehnei
Maackia chinensis
Macadamia grandis
Macadamia jansenii
Macadamia whelanii
Macaranga involucrata
Macaranga subdentata
Macfadyena uncata
Machaerina articulata
Machaerina laxa
Machaerina sinclairii
Machaerium paraguariense
Machairophyllum bijlae
Mackaya indica
Macleania insignis
Maclura pomifera
Macodes cominsii
Macowania pulvinaris
Macropiper excelsum
Lytocaryum weddellianum
Maackia fauriei
Macadamia heyana
Macadamia praealta
Macaranga cuspidata
Macaranga peltata
Macarthuria neo-cambrica
Machaerina acuta
Machaerina gunnii
Machaerina preissii
Machaerina teretifolia
Machaerium stipitatum
Machaonia lindeniana
Mackinlaya confusa
Macleania rupestris
Maclura tinctoria
Macodes petola
Macradenia spp.
Macropteranthes keckwickii
Macroptilium atropurpureum
Macroptilium gracile
Macroptilium bracteatum
Macroptilium lathyroides
Macroptilium martii
Macroptilium psammodes
Macrotyloma daltonii
Macrotyloma geocarpum
Macrotyloma stipulosum
Macrozamia conferta
Macrozamia diplomera
Macroptilium monophyllum
Macrosiphonia longiflora
Macrotyloma africanum
Macrozamia fawcettii
Macrozamia glaucophylla
Macrozamia lomandroides
Macrozamia macdonnellii
Macrozamia miquelii
Macrotyloma densiflorum
Macrotyloma oliganthum
Macrotyloma uniflorum
Macrozamia cranei
Macrozamia diplomera x
Macrozamia fearnsidei
Macrozamia heteromera
Macrozamia longispina
Macrozamia machinii
Macrozamia moorei
Macrozamia mountperriensis
Macrozamia pauli-guilielmi
Maackia amurensis
Macadamia claudiensis
Macadamia integrifolia
Macadamia tetraphylla
Macaranga inamoena
Macaranga polyadenia
Macfadyena mollis
Machaerina arthrophylla
Machaerina juncea
Machaerina rubiginosa
Machaerina tetragona
Machairophyllum albidum
Mackaya bella
Mackinlaya macrosciadea
Macleaya cordata
Maclura tricuspidata
Macodes sanderiana
Macroglena caudata
Macroptilium erythroloma
Macroptilium panduratum
Macrostelia grandifolia
Macrotyloma axillare
Macrotyloma ellipticum
Macrotyloma stenophyllum
Macrozamia communis
Macrozamia crassifolia
Macrozamia elegans
Macrozamia flexuosa
Macrozamia johnsonii
Macrozamia lucida
Macrozamia macleayi
Macrozamia moorei x pauliguilielmi
Macrozamia platyrachis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Macrozamia plurinervia
Macrozamia serpentina
Macrozamia viridis
Maesa montana
Magnolia (campbellii x
sargentiana) x soulangeana
Magnolia x alba
Magnolia biondii
Magnolia campbellii x
Magnolia campbellii x
Magnolia cylindrica
Magnolia delavayi
Macrozamia polymorpha
Macrozamia spiralis
Maesa dependens
Maesa perlarius
Magnolia acuminata
Magnolia denudata x stellata
Magnolia doltsopa x figo
Magnolia figo
Magnolia fraseri
Magnolia kobus
Magnolia lanuginosa
Magnolia x loebneri
Magnolia obovata
Magnolia platyphylla
Magnolia salicifolia
Magnolia diva
Magnolia emarginata
Magnolia fordiana
Magnolia globosa
Magnolia kobus x stellata
Magnolia liliiflora
Magnolia macrophylla
Magnolia officinalis
Magnolia pyramidata
Magnolia sargentiana
Magnolia schiedeana
Magnolia sprengeri
Magnolia x thompsoniana
Magnolia x veitchii
Magnolia zenii
Magnolia sieboldii
Magnolia stellata
Magnolia tomentosa
Magnolia virginiana
x Mahoberberis
x Mahoberberis neubertii
Mahonia ehrenbergii
Mahonia x media
Maianthemum bifolium
Maihuenia patagonica
Maireana cheelii
Maireana decalvans
Maireana humillima
x Mahoberberis miethkeana
Mahonia dictyota
Mahonia mairei
Mahonia trifolia
Maianthemum stellatum
Maireana astrotricha
Maireana coronata
Maireana excavata
Magnolia amoena
Magnolia x brooklynensis
Magnolia campbellii x
Magnolia coco
Magnolia dawsoniana
Magnolia denudata
Macrozamia reducta
Macrozamia stenomera
Maesa japonica
Maesobotrya barteri
Magnolia acuminata x
Magnolia ashei
Magnolia campbellii
Magnolia campbellii x
sargentiana x soulangeana
Magnolia conifera
Magnolia dealbata
Magnolia denudata x
Magnolia doltsopa
Magnolia ernestii
Magnolia foveolata
Magnolia grandiflora
Magnolia laevifolia
Magnolia liliiflora x veitchii
Magnolia mexicana
Magnolia ovata
Magnolia rostrata
Magnolia sargentiana x
Magnolia x soulangeana
Magnolia stellata x liliiflora
Magnolia tripetala
Magnolia wilsonii
x Mahoberberis
Mahonia aquifolium
Mahonia eutriphylla
Mahonia repens
Maianthemum racemosum
Maihuenia poeppigii
Maireana ciliata
Maireana eriantha
Maireana microcarpa
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Maireana microphylla
Malacothamnus fasciculatus
Malcolmia bicolor
Mallophora globiflora
Mallotus discolor
Mallotus nepalensis
Mallotus polyadenos
Malpighia coccigera
Malus x adstringens
Malus x asiatica
Malus baccata x sieboldii
Malus coronaria x pumila
Malus floribunda
Malus halliana
Malus ioensis
Malus mandshurica x
Malus x platycarpa
Malus pumila
Malus sargentii x ioensis
Malus sikkimensis
Malus toringo
Malus tschonoskii
Malva dendromorpha
Malva nicaeensis
Malvaviscus mollis
Mammea africana
Mammillaria albiarmata
Mammillaria albilanata
Mammillaria ascensionis
Mammillaria barbata
Mammillaria beneckei
Mammillaria bombycina
Mammillaria bravoae
Mammillaria canelensis
Mammillaria carmenae x laui
Mammillaria chica
Mammillaria collina
Malachra fasciata
Malaisia scandens
Malcolmia maritima
Mallophora rugosifolia
Mallotus ficifolius
Mallotus paniculatus
Mallotus repandus
Malpighia emarginata
Malus angustifolia
Malus x atrosanguinea
Malus bhutanica
Malus x domestica
Malus fusca
Malus halliana x sieboldii
Malus kansuensis
Malus x moerlandsii
Malacocarpus sellowii
Malaxis spp.
Malleola palustris
Mallotus claoxyloides
Mallotus mollissimus
Mallotus philippensis
Malosma laurina
Malpighia urens
Malus x arnoldiana
Malus baccata
Malus coronaria
Malus eleyi
Malus x gloriosa
Malus hupehensis
Malus mandshurica
Malus parkmani
Malus prattii
Malus pumila x spectabilis
Malus x scheideckeri
Malus spectabilis
Malus transitoria
Malus yunnanensis
Malva linnaei
Malva parviflora
Malvastrum lateritium
Malus prunifolia
Malus sargentii
Malus sieversii
Malus x sublobata
Malus trilobata
Malva australiana
Malva moschata
Malvastrum americanum
Malvaviscus candidus
Malvaviscus penduliflorus
Mammea americana
Mammillaria albicans
Mammillaria anniana
Mammillaria aureilanata
Mammillaria baumii
Mammillaria blossfeldiana
Mammillaria boolii
Mammillaria calacantha
Mammillaria capensis
Mammillaria carnea
Mammillaria chionocephala
Mammillaria collinsii
Malvella leprosa
Mammea touriga
Mammillaria albicoma
Mammillaria armillata
Mammillaria aurihamata
Mammillaria baxteriana
Mammillaria bocasana
Mammillaria brauneana
Mammillaria candida
Mammillaria carmenae
Mammillaria carretii
Mammillaria coahuilensis
Mammillaria columbiana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Mammillaria compressa
Mammillaria decipiens
Mammillaria dioica
Mammillaria conspicua
Mammillaria deherdtiana
Mammillaria discolor
Mammillaria dodsonii
Mammillaria durispina
Mammillaria elongata
Mammillaria evermanniana
Mammillaria formosa
Mammillaria geminispina
Mammillaria glassii
Mammillaria grahamii
Mammillaria guerreronis
Mammillaria hahniana
Mammillaria heeseana
Mammillaria herrerae
Mammillaria hutchisoniana
Mammillaria jaliscana
Mammillaria klissingiana
Mammillaria kraehenbuehlii
Mammillaria lenta
Mammillaria magallanii
Mammillaria mainiae
Mammillaria marksiana
Mammillaria melaleuca
Mammillaria mercadensis
Mammillaria miegiana
Mammillaria movensis
Mammillaria mystax
Mammillaria neomystax
Mammillaria oteroi
Mammillaria pectinifera
Mammillaria perezdelarosae
Mammillaria picta
Mammillaria polyedra
Mammillaria poselgeri
Mammillaria pseudocrucigera
Mammillaria pygmaea
Mammillaria rekoi
Mammillaria dumetorum
Mammillaria echinaria
Mammillaria erectacantha
Mammillaria fittkaui
Mammillaria garessii
Mammillaria gigantea
Mammillaria globosa
Mammillaria grusonii
Mammillaria guillauminiana
Mammillaria halei
Mammillaria heidiae
Mammillaria heyderi
Mammillaria inaiae
Mammillaria johnstonii
Mammillaria knebeliana
Mammillaria lasiacantha
Mammillaria longiflora
Mammillaria magnifica
Mammillaria mammillaris
Mammillaria matudae
Mammillaria melanocentra
Mammillaria microhelia
Mammillaria moelleriana
Mammillaria muehlenpfordtii
Mammillaria nana
Mammillaria nivosa
Mammillaria painteri
Mammillaria pennispinosa
Mammillaria petrophila
Mammillaria pilispina
Mammillaria polythele
Mammillaria pottsii
Mammillaria pseudoperbella
Mammillaria pyrrhocephala
Mammillaria reppenhagenii
Mammillaria crucigera
Mammillaria densispina
Mammillaria duoformis
Mammillaria eichlamii
Mammillaria erythrosperma
Mammillaria flavovirens
Mammillaria gaumeri
Mammillaria glareosa
Mammillaria glochidiata
Mammillaria guelzowiana
Mammillaria haageana
Mammillaria hamata
Mammillaria hernandezii
Mammillaria humboldtii
Mammillaria insularis
Mammillaria karwinskiana
Mammillaria knippeliana
Mammillaria laui
Mammillaria longimamma
Mammillaria magnimamma
Mammillaria maritima
Mammillaria mazatlanensis
Mammillaria mendeliana
Mammillaria microthele
Mammillaria morganiana
Mammillaria multidigitata
Mammillaria napina
Mammillaria nunezii
Mammillaria parkinsonii
Mammillaria perbella
Mammillaria petterssonii
Mammillaria plumosa
Mammillaria pondii
Mammillaria prolifera
Mammillaria pulchella
Mammillaria raphidacantha
Mammillaria rhodantha
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Mammillaria ritteriana
Mammillaria saboae
Mammillaria schiedeana
Mammillaria schwarzii
Mammillaria senilis
Mammillaria solisioides
Mammillaria sphaerica
Mammillaria standleyi
Mammillaria supertexta
Mammillaria tayloriorum
Mammillaria tesopacensis
Mammillaria uncinata
Mammillaria viperina
Mammillaria wagneriana
Mammillaria wilcoxii
Mammillaria wrightii
Mammillaria zahniana
Mammillaria roseocentra
Mammillaria saetigera
Mammillaria schmollii
Mammillaria scrippsiana
Mammillaria setispina
Mammillaria sonorensis
Mammillaria spinosissima
Mammillaria stella-detacubaya
Mammillaria surculosa
Mammillaria tegelbergiana
Mammillaria tetrancistra
Mammillaria vetula
Mammillaria viridiflora
Mammillaria weingartiana
Mammillaria winterae
Mammillaria yaquensis
Mammillaria zeilmanniana
Mammilloydia candida
Mandevilla boliviensis
Mandevilla pentlandiana
Mandirola multiflora
Manettia bicolor
Manettia inflata
Manfreda brachystachys
Manfreda maculosa
Manfreda scabra
Manfreda virginica
Mangifera austroindica
Mangifera decandra
Mangifera indica
Mangifera macrocarpa
Mangifera pentandra
Mangifera swintonioides
Manglietia chingii
Manicaria saccifera
Manihot esculenta
Manilkara jaimiqui
Maniltoa grandiflora
Mandevilla x amabilis
Mandevilla crassinoda
Mandevilla sanderi
Mandragora caulescens
Manettia cordifolia
Manettia luteo-rubra
Manfreda guttata
Manfreda pringlei
Manfreda singuliflora
Mangifera altissima
Mangifera caesia
Mangifera foetida
Mangifera kemanga
Mangifera odorata
Mangifera quadrifida
Mangifera torquenda
Manglietia fordiana
Manihot carthagenensis
Manilkara bidentata
Manilkara kauki
Maniltoa scheffera
Mammillaria rubrograndis
Mammillaria sartorii
Mammillaria schumannii
Mammillaria sempervivi
Mammillaria sheldonii
Mammillaria sphacelata
Mammillaria stampferi
Mammillaria subangularis
Mammillaria swinglei
Mammillaria tenuis
Mammillaria theresae
Mammillaria viereckii
Mammillaria voburnensis
Mammillaria wiesingeri
Mammillaria woodsii
Mammillaria zacatecasensis
Mandevilla x amoena
Mandevilla laxa
Mandevilla splendens
Mandragora officinarum
Manettia discolor
Manettia reclinata
Manfreda maculata
Manfreda rubescens
Manfreda variegata
Mangifera applanata
Mangifera casturi
Mangifera griffithii
Mangifera laurina
Mangifera pajang
Mangifera similis
Mangifera zeylanica
Manglietia insignis
Manihot caudata
Manilkara hexandra
Manilkara zapota
Manisuris myurus
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Manochlamys albicans
Mansoa hymenaea
Mapania floribunda
Maranta arundinacea
Maranta depressa
Maranta makoyana
Marantochloa cuspidata
Marattia attenuata
Marattia oreades
Marcgravia trinitatis
Marianthus coeruleopunctatus
Markhamia acuminata
Markhamia obtusifolia
Markhamia zanzibarica
Marniera macroptera
Marsdenia brevifolia
Marsdenia fraseri
Marsdenia micradenia
Marshallia grandiflora
Mansoa alliacea
Mansonia altissima
Mapania macrocephala
Maranta bicolor
Maranta leuconeura
Maranta massangeana
Marantochloa filipes
Marattia fraxinea
Marattia salicina
Marchantia polymorpha
Marianthus mollis
Markhamia cauda-felina
Markhamia stipulata
Marlothistella stenophylla
Marojejya darianii
Marsdenia cinerascens
Marsdenia leptophylla
Marsdenia muelleri
Marsilea quadrifolia
Mascarena verschaffeltii
Masoala kona
Massonia comata
Massonia etesionamibensis
Massonia zeyheri
Matisia cordata
Matteuccia orientalis
Matthiola fruticulosa
Matucana aureiflora
Matucana formosa
Matucana huagalensis
Matucana krahnii
Mascarenhasia arborescens
Masoala madagascariensis
Massonia depressa
Massonia hirsuta
Matayba elaeagnoides
Matricaria matricarioides
Matteuccia struthiopteris
Matthiola incana
Matucana blancii
Matucana fruticosa
Matucana hystrix
Matucana madisoniorum
Matucana mirabilis
Matucana paucicostata
Matucana tuberculata
Maundia triglochinoides
Maurandya purpusii
Mauritia carana
Mauritiella armata
Matucana myriacantha
Matucana polzii
Matucana weberbaueri
Maurandella antirrhiniflora
Maurandya semperflorens
Mauritia flexuosa
Mauritiella macroclada
Mansoa difficilis
Mapania cuspidata
Marah macrocarpus
Maranta cristata
Maranta lietzei
Maranthes corymbosa
Marantochloa leucantha
Marattia howeana
Marcetella moquiniana
Marianthus bignoniaceus
Marina nutans
Markhamia lutea
Markhamia tomentosa
Marlothistella uniondalensis
Marojejya insignis
Marsdenia flavescens
Marsdenia lloydii
Marsdenia suaveolens
Masdevallia spp.
Massonia bifolia
Massonia echinata
Massonia pustulata
Matelea lanata
Matricaria recutita
Matthiola arborescens
Matucana aurantiaca
Matucana currundayensis
Matucana haynei
Matucana intertexta
Matucana madisoniorum x
Matucana oreodoxa
Matucana ritteri
Maughaniella luckhoffii
Maurandya barclaiana
Mauranthemum paludosum
Mauritiella aculeata
Maurocenia frangula
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Maxillaria spp.
Maytenus bilocularis
Maytenus disticha
Maytenus peduncularis
Maytenus undata
Mazus radicans
Maytenus acuminata
Maytenus boaria
Maytenus magellanica
Maytenus quadrangulata
Maytenus wallichiana
Mazus reptans
Meconopsis aculeata
Meconopsis betonicifolia
Meconopsis delavayi
Meconopsis forrestii
Meconopsis impedita
Meconopsis latifolia
Meconopsis paniculata
Meconopsis regia
Meconopsis simplicifolia
Meconopsis superba
Medicago arabica
Medicago brachycarpa
Medicago cretacea
Medicago hypogaea
Medicago laciniata
Medicago littoralis x tornata
Medicago monantha
Medicago orbicularis
Medicago papillosa
Medicago rhodopea
Medicago sativa
Medicago suffruticosa
Medicosma cunninghamii
Medinilla eximia
Medinilla multiflora
Medinilla teysmanni
Megacodon stylophorus
Meconopsis baileyi
Meconopsis cambrica
Meconopsis dhwojii
Meconopsis grandis
Meconopsis integrifolia
Meconopsis lyrata
Meconopsis punicea
Meconopsis x sarsonsii
Meconopsis sinuata
Meconopsis villosa
Medicago arborea
Medicago cancellata
Medicago granadensis
Medicago intertexta
Medicago lanigera
Medicago lupulina
Medicago murex
Medicago orthoceras
Medicago polymorpha
Medicago rugosa
Medicago sauvagei
Medicago syriaca
Medinilla astronioides
Medinilla magnifica
Medinilla scortechinii
Mediocalcar spp.
Megahertzia amplexicaulis
Megastylis gigas
Megastylis montana
Meiogyne stenopetala
Melaleuca alternifolia
Melaleuca armillaris
Megastylis glandulosa
Megathyrsus maximus
Melaleuca acacioides
Melaleuca arcana
Melaleuca baxteri
Maytenus bachmannii
Maytenus disperma
Maytenus mossambicensis
Maytenus silvestris
Mazus pumilio
Mecardonia caespitosa x
Meconopsis bella
Meconopsis chelidonifolia
Meconopsis discigera
Meconopsis horridula
Meconopsis lancifolia
Meconopsis napaulensis
Meconopsis quintuplinervia
Meconopsis x sheldonii
Meconopsis speciosa
Medemia argun
Medicago biflora
Medicago constricta
Medicago huberi
Medicago italica
Medicago littoralis
Medicago minima
Medicago muricoleptis
Medicago ovalis
Medicago praecox
Medicago ruthenica
Medicago scutellata
Medicago truncatula
Medinilla balls-headleyi
Medinilla mannii
Medinilla speciosa
Medusanthera laxiflora
Megastylis latilabris
Meiogyne cylindrocarpa
Melaleuca acerosa
Melaleuca arenaria
Melaleuca biconvexa
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Melaleuca brassii
Melaleuca cheelii
Melaleuca cornucopiae
Melaleuca dawsonii
Melaleuca decussata
Melaleuca ericifolia
Melaleuca foliolosa
Melaleuca howeana
Melaleuca kunzeoides
Melaleuca magnifica
Melaleuca pancheri
Melaleuca radula x fulgens
Melaleuca sieberi
Melaleuca stenostachya
Melaleuca tenella
Melaleuca trichostachya
Melanthera biflora
Melastoma polyanthum
Melianthus elongatus
Melianthus villosus
Melica bauhinii
Melica canariensis
Melica mutica
Melica transsilvanica
Melichrus procumbens
Melicoccus lepidopetalus
Melicope bonwickii
Melicope erythrococca
Melicope melanophloia
Melicope peninsularis
Melicope stipitata
Melicope xanthoxyloides
Melicytus chathamicus
Melicytus latifolius
Melicytus obovatus
Melilotus altissimus
Melilotus indicus
Melilotus officinalis
Melilotus speciosus
Melaleuca canaliculata
Melaleuca citrolens
Melaleuca cuneata
Melaleuca deanei
Melaleuca densispicata
Melaleuca erubescens
Melaleuca gibbosa
Melaleuca hypericifolia
Melaleuca leptoclada
Melaleuca nodosa
Melaleuca pustulata
Melaleuca saligna
Melaleuca squamea
Melaleuca styphelioides
Melaleuca thymifolia
Melaleuca wilsonii
Melasphaerula ramosa
Melastoma sanguinea
Melianthus major
Melica amethystina
Melica brasiliana
Melica hyalina
Melica persica
Melichrus adpressus
Melichrus urceolatus
Melicope accedens
Melicope broadbentiana
Melicope hayesii
Melicope micrococca
Melicope rubra
Melicope ternata
Melicytus alpinus
Melicytus dentatus
Melicytus macrophyllus
Melicytus ramiflorus
Melilotus dentatus
Melilotus infestus
Melilotus polonicus
Melilotus spicatus
Melaleuca capitata
Melaleuca conferta
Melaleuca cymbifolia
Melaleuca decora
Melaleuca diosmatifolia
Melaleuca exarata
Melaleuca groveana
Melaleuca irbyana
Melaleuca linariifolia
Melaleuca oxyphylla
Melaleuca quinquenervia
Melaleuca saligna x arcana
Melaleuca squarrosa
Melaleuca tamariscina
Melaleuca tortifolia
Melandrium elisabethae
Melastoma denticulatum
Melia dubia
Melianthus pectinatus
Melica argyrea
Melica californica
Melica imperfecta
Melica sarmentosa
Melichrus erubescens
Melicoccus bijugatus
Melicope barbigera
Melicope denhamii
Melicope jonesii
Melicope octandra
Melicope simplex
Melicope vitiflora
Melicytus angustifolius
Melicytus lanceolatus
Melicytus micranthus
Melilotus albus
Melilotus hirsutus
Melilotus macrocarpus
Melilotus siculus
Melilotus sulcatus
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Melilotus tauricus
Meliosma dilleniifolia
Meliosma veitchiorum
Melocactus albicephalus
Melocactus azureus
Melocactus broadwayi
Melocactus conoideus
Melocactus deinacanthus
Melocactus glaucescens
Melocactus intortus
Melocactus lemairei
Melocactus matanzanus
Melocactus oaxacensis
Melocactus paucispinus
Melocactus praerupticola
Melocactus smithii
Melocanna baccifera
Melocanna zollingeri
Melodinus baueri
Melodinus scandens
Melodorum siamense
Memecylon hylandii
Menodora scabra
Mentha basilica
Mentha diemenica
Mentha longifolia
Mentha x piperita x tingitana
Mentha x rotundifolia
Mentha spicata x suaveolens
Mentzelia dispersa
Mentzelia micrantha
Menziesia pentandra
Merendera montana
Merinthosorus drynarioides
Merremia dissecta
Mertensia arizonica
Mertensia lanceolata
Mertensia paniculata
Mertensia racemosa
Melinis minutiflora
Meliosma myriantha
Melissa officinalis
Melocactus amethystinus
Melocactus bahiensis
Melocactus caroli-linnaei
Melocactus cremnophilus
Melocactus ernestii
Melocactus guitarti
Melocactus krainzianus
Melocactus levitestatus
Melocactus mazelianus
Melocactus oreas
Melocactus perezassoi
Melocactus salvadorensis
Melocactus violaceus
Melocanna humilis
Melochia pyramidata
Melodinus cochinchinensis
Melodinus suaveolens
Melodorum urhii
Mendoncella fimbriata
Mentha aquatica
Mentha cervina
Mentha x gracilis
Mentha x piperita
Mentha pulegium
Mentha saturejoides
Mentha suaveolens
Mentzelia laevicaulis
Menziesia ciliicalyx
Menziesia purpurea
Merendera robusta
Merope angulata
Merrillia caloxylon
Mertensia asiatica
Mertensia longiflora
Mertensia primuloides
Mertensia sibirica
Melinis repens
Meliosma parviflora
Melloa quadrivalvis
Melocactus andinus
Melocactus bellavistensis
Melocactus concinnus
Melocactus curvispinus
Melocactus estevesii
Melocactus harlowii
Melocactus lanssensianus
Melocactus macracanthos
Melocactus neryi
Melocactus pachyacanthus
Melocactus peruvianus
Melocactus schatzlii
Melocactus zehntneri
Melocanna virgata
Melodinus australis
Melodinus orientalis
Melodorum leichhardtii
Memecylon edule
Meniscium simplex
Mentha australis
Mentha cunninghamii
Mentha laxiflora
Mentha x piperita x citrata
Mentha requienii
Mentha spicata
Mentha x villosa-nervata
Mentzelia lindleyi
Menziesia multiflora
Mercurialis annua
Merendera sobolifera
Merremia aurea
Mertensia alpina
Mertensia echioides
Mertensia oblongifolia
Mertensia pterocarpa
Mertensia simplicissima
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Merwilla lazulina
Meryta latifolia
Mesembryanthemum barklyi
Messerschmidia fruticosa
Mesua ferrea
Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Metrosideros bartlettii
Metrosideros collina
Metrosideros fulgens
Metrosideros nervulosa
Metrosideros polymorpha
Metrosideros sclerocarpa
Metroxylon amicarum
Metroxylon salomonense
Metternichia princeps
Meryta angustifolia
Meryta sinclairii
Mestoklema arboriforme
Metanarthecium luteoviride
Metaxya rostrata
Metrosideros carminea
Metrosideros diffusa
Metrosideros kermadecensis
Metrosideros operculata
Metrosideros queenslandica
Metrosideros umbellata
Metroxylon paulcoxii
Metroxylon vitiense
Meum athamanticum
Meyerophytum globosum
Mibora minima
Michelia x alba
Michelia compressa
Michelia doltsopa x figo
Michelia longifolia
Michelia mediocris
Michelia skinneriana
Michelia yunnanensis
Meyerophytum meyeri
Michauxia campanuloides
Michelia cavaleriei
Michelia crassipes
Michelia figo
Michelia macclurei
Michelia odora
Michelia velutina
Micraira subulifolia
Micranthemum umbrosum
Micrantheum hexandrum
Micrantheum demissum
Micrantheum serpentinum
Micranthocereus auriazureus
Micranthocereus densiflorus
Micranthocereus estevesii
Micranthocereus purpureus
Micranthocereus flaviflorus
Micranthocereus streckeri
Micranthus alopecuroides
Microcachrys tetragona
Microcitrus garrawayae
Microcycas calocoma
Micranthus alopecuroideus
Microcitrus australasica
Microcitrus inodora
Microgonium motleyi
Meryta denhamii
Mesembryanthemum aitonis
Mespilus germanica
Mestoklema tuberosum
Metapanax delavayi
Metrosideros albiflora
Metrosideros colensoi
Metrosideros excelsa
Metrosideros laurifolia
Metrosideros perforata
Metrosideros robusta
Metrosideros villosa
Metroxylon sagu
Metroxylon warburgii
Mezobromelia capituligera
Michauxia tchihatcheffii
Michelia champaca
Michelia doltsopa
Michelia leveilleana
Michelia maudiae
Michelia pilifera
Michelia wilsonii
Micrantheum ericoides
Micranthocereus polyanthus
Microbiota decussata
Microcitrus australis
Microcoelia spp.
Microgramma nitida
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Microlaena avenacea
Microlepia marginata
Microlepia strigosa
Micromeria corsica
Micromeria helianthemifolia
Micromeria marginata
Micromeria varia
Micromyrtus blakelyi
Micromyrtus ciliata
Micromyrtus gracilis
Micromyrtus leptocalyx
Micromyrtus patula
Micromyrtus sessilis
Micropera fasciculata
Micropyrum patens
Microseris scapigera
Microsorum fortunei
Microsorum membranifolium
Microsorum palmatopedatum
Microsorum punctatum
Microsorum sibomense
Microstemma tuberosum
Microtatorchis oreophila
Mikania dentata
Mila caespitosa
Milium effusum
Millettia ferruginea
Millettia nitida
Millettia pulchra
Millettia sutherlandi
Milligania johnstonii
Miltonia spp.
Mimetes argenteus
Mimetes hirtus
Mimosa borealis
Mimosa lindheimeri
Mimosa speggazzinii
Mimulus bolanderi
Mimulus cusickii
Microlepia firma
Microlepia platyphylla
Microloma sagittatum
Micromeria douglasii
Micromeria imbricata
Micromeria pilosa
Micromeria viminea
Micromyrtus capricornia
Micromyrtus delicata
Micromyrtus grandis
Micromyrtus littoralis
Micromyrtus rosea
Micromyrtus vernicosa
Micropera pallida
Microsemma setosa
Microsorum australiense
Microsorum linguiforme
Microsorum monstrosum
Microsorum pappei
Microsorum pustulatum
Microsorum superficiale
Microstrobos fitzgeraldii
Microtatorchis schlechteri
Mikania guaco
Mila nealeana
Miliusa horsfieldii
Millettia grandis
Millettia pilipes
Millettia sericea
Millettia thonningii
Milligania lindoniana
Miltonioides karwinskii
Mimetes cucullatus
Mimetes hottentoticus
Mimosa dysocarpa
Mimosa martindelcampoi
Mimosa uraguensis
Mimulus brevipes
Mimulus eastwoodiae
Microlepia khasiyana
Microlepia pyramidata
Micromeria biflora
Micromeria graeca
Micromeria juliana
Micromeria thymifolia
Micromyrtus albicans
Micromyrtus carinata
Micromyrtus forsteri
Micromyrtus hexamera
Micromyrtus minutiflora
Micromyrtus rotundifolia
Micropera apiculata
Micropera philippinensis
Microseris lanceolata
Microsorum brachylepis
Microsorum maximum
Microsorum musifolium
Microsorum parksii
Microsorum scandens
Microsorum vieillardii
Microstrobos niphophilus
Microtis spp.
Mikania ternata
Milicia excelsa
Milla magnifica
Millettia japonica
Millettia pinnata
Millettia stuhlmannii
Milligania densiflora
Milligania stylosa
Miltoniopsis spp.
Mimetes fimbriifolius
Mimetes lyrigera
Mimosa incana
Mimosa scabrella
Mimulus aurantiacus
Mimulus cardinalis
Mimulus fremontii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Mimulus guttatus x luteus
Mimulus x pardinus
Mimulus ringens
Mimusops caffra
Mimusops zeyheri
Minuartia erythrosepala
Minuartia laricifolia
Minuria annua
Mirabilis jalapa
Mirbelia rubiifolia
Miscanthus oligostachyus
Mischarytera megaphylla
Mischocarpus exangulatus
Mischocarpus macrocarpus
Misopates orontium
Mitella ovalis
Mitragyna parvifolia
Mitraria coccinea
Mitrasacme pilosa
Mitrephora diversifolia
Mitrophyllum niveum
Moenchia erecta
Molineria crassifolia
Molineriella minuta
Moltkia x intermedia
Moluccella laevis
Momordica cardiospermoides
Momordica friesiorum
Monadenium invenustum
Monanthes brachycaulon
Monanthes polyphylla
Monanthotaxis orophila
Monarda bradburiana
Monarda didyma
Monarda russeliana
Monardella odoratissima
Monechma pseudopatulum
Mimulus lewisii
Mimulus pictus
Mimulus speciosus
Mimusops congolensis
Minuartia austriaca
Minuartia graminifolia
Minuartia mediterranea
Minuria denticulata
Mirbelia confertiflora
Mirbelia speciosa
Miscanthus sacchariflorus
Mischarytera lautereriana
Mimulus luteus
Mimulus primuloides
Mimulus tilingii
Mimusops obovata
Minuartia circassica
Minuartia hybrida
Minuartia yukonensis
Mirabilis dichotoma
Mirbelia oxylobioides
Miscanthus junceus
Miscanthus sinensis
Mischarytera macrobotrys
Mischocarpus anodontus
Mischocarpus grandissimus
Mischocarpus pyriformis
Mitchella repens
Mitella pentandra
Mitragyna rotundifolia
Mitrasacme archeri
Mitrasacme polymorpha
Mitrephora vandiflora
Mobilabium hamatum
Mohria caffrorum
Molineria gracilis
Molinia caerulea
Moltkia petraea
Moluccella spinosa
Momordica charantia
Momordica rostrata
Monadenium lugardae
Monanthes laxiflora
Monanthotaxis caffra
Monarda austromontana
Monarda citriodora
Monarda fistulosa
Monardella cinerea
Monardella purpurea
Monelytrum luderitzianum
Mischocarpus australis
Mischocarpus lachnocarpus
Mischocarpus stipitatus
Mitella breweri
Mitracarpus hirtus
Mitragyna speciosa
Mitrasacme montana
Mitrasacme serpyllifolia
Mitriostigma axillare
Modiola caroliniana
Molineria capitulata
Molineria latifolia
Moltkia doerfleri
Moltkia suffruticosa
Momordica balsamina
Momordica clematidea
Monadenium guentheri
Monanthes anagensis
Monanthes muralis
Monanthotaxis chasei
Monarda bartlettii
Monarda clinopodia
Monarda purpurea
Monardella nana
Mondia whiteii
Moneses grandiflora
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Monilaria moniliformis
Monizia edulis
Monochaetum bracteolatum
Monococcus echinophorus
Monodora junodii
Monomeria barbata
Monopsis lutea
Monotoca elliptica
Monotoca ledifolia
Monotoca scoparia
Monstera acuminata
Monstera dilacerata
Monstera punctulata
Monstera tenuis
Montanoa mollissima
Montiopsis umbellata
Monvillea jaenensis
Moraea angulata
Moraea atropunctata
Moraea barnardii
Moraea caeca
Moraea cookii
Moraea diandra
Moraea falcifolia
Moraea fugax
Moraea gawleri
Moraea herrei
Moraea insolens
Moraea lewisiae
Moraea lurida
Moraea marlothii
Moraea minor
Moraea neglecta
Moraea ochroleuca
Moraea papilionacea
Moraea pritzeliana
Moraea saxicola
Moraea sisyrinchium
Moraea stricta
Monilaria pisiformis
Monnina xalapensis
Monochaetum vulcanicum
Monocostus uniflorus
Monodora myristica
Monopsis debilis
Monopsis scabra
Monotoca empetrifolia
Monotoca linifolia
Monotoca submutica
Monstera adansonii
Monstera dubia
Monstera standleyana
Montanoa bipinnatifida
Montia australasica
Montrichardia arborescens
Mora excelsa
Moraea angusta
Moraea barkerae
Moraea bituminosa
Moraea comptonii
Moraea crispa
Moraea elegans
Moraea fergusoniae
Moraea galaxia
Moraea gigandra
Moraea huttonii
Moraea kamiesensis
Moraea lilacina
Moraea luteoalba
Moraea melanops
Moraea moggii
Moraea neopavonia
Moraea ovalifolia
Moraea pendula
Moraea radians
Moraea serpentina
Moraea speciosa
Moraea thomsonii
Monilaria salmonea
Monochaetum alpestre
Monochoria australasica
Monoculus monstrosus
Monolopia major
Monopsis decipiens
Monopsis unidentata
Monotoca glauca
Monotoca rotundifolia
Monsonia emarginata
Monstera deliciosa
Monstera friedrichsthalii
Monstera subpinnata
Montanoa leucantha
Montinia caryophyllacea
Monvillea apoloensis
Moraea algoensis
Moraea aristata
Moraea barnardiella
Moraea britteniae
Moraea contorta
Moraea debilis
Moraea elliotii
Moraea flexicaulis
Moraea galpinii
Moraea gracilenta
Moraea inconspicua
Moraea knersvlaktensis
Moraea loubseri
Moraea macrocarpa
Moraea minima
Moraea nana
Moraea nubigena
Moraea pallida
Moraea polyanthos
Moraea ramosissima
Moraea setifolia
Moraea stagnalis
Moraea tortilis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Moraea tricolor
Moraea tulbaghensis
Moraea variabilis
Moraea vespertina
Moraea virgata
Moratia cerifera
Morella cordifolia
Morella serrata
Morina longifolia
Morinda acutifolia
Morinda reticulata
Moringa hildebrandtii
Moringa peregrina
Mormodes spp.
Morus bombycis
Morus nigra
Mosiera bullata
Moussonia elegans
Mucuna holtonii
Mucuna poggei
Muehlenbeckia astonii
Muehlenbeckia ephedroides
Muehlenbeckia rhyticarya
Muhlenbergia arenicola
Muhlenbergia glomerata
Muhlenbergia rigida
Muilla coronata
Mukdenia rossii
Murdannia edulis
Murdannia japonica
Murraya ovatifoliolata
Moraea tricuspidata
Moraea unguiculata
Moraea vegeta
Moraea villosa
Moraea viscaria
Morella californica
Morella pensylvanica
Morgania pubescens
Morina nepalensis
Morinda coreia
Morinda umbellata
Moringa oleifera
Morisia hypogaea
Mormolyca ringens
Morus lhou
Morus pendulina
Mossia intervallaris
Mucizonia hispida
Mucuna novoguineensis
Mucuna sloanei
Muehlenbeckia x
Muehlenbeckia gracillima
Muellerina eucalyptoides
Muhlenbergia cuspidata
Muhlenbergia montana
Muhlenbergia sylvatica
Muilla maritima
Mukia micrantha
Murdannia elata
Murdannia loureirii
Musa acuminata
Musa banksii
Musa ingens
Musa mannii
Musa sumatrana
Musa violacea
Muscari armeniacum
Muscari caucasicum
Musa fitzalanii
Musa jackeyi
Musa ornata
Musa thomsonii
Muscari adilii
Muscari aucheri
Muscari chalusicum
Moraea tripetala
Moraea vallisbelli
Moraea versicolor
Moraea villosa x aristata
Moraea worcesterensis
Morella caroliniensis
Morella rubra
Moricandia nitens
Morina persica
Morinda parvifolia
Moringa drouhardii
Moringa ovalifolia
Morisia monanthos
Morus alba
Morus macroura
Morus rubra
Motherwellia haplosciadea
Mucuna bennettii
Mucuna platyphylla
Mucuna stans
Muehlenbeckia complexa
Muehlenbeckia gunnii
Muhlenbergia arenacea
Muhlenbergia emersleyi
Muhlenbergia porteri
Muhlenbergia wrightii
Muiria hortenseae
Mundulea sericea
Murdannia gigantea
Murdannia nudiflora
Musa acuminata x
Musa flaviflora
Musa malaccensis
Musa sikkimensis
Musa velutina
Muscari ambrosiacum
Muscari azureum
Muscari coeleste
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Muscari commutatum
Muscari dionysicum
Muscari holzmanni
Muscari longipes
Muscari muscarimi
Muscari parviflorum
Muscari pseudomuscari
Muscari spreitzenhoferi
Musella lasiocarpa
Mussaenda arcuata
Mussaenda frondosa
Mussaenda philippica
Musschia wollastonii
Mutisia decurrens
Mutisia oligodon
Mutisia spinosa
Myodocarpus simplicifolius
Myoporum adscendens
Myoporum betcheanum
Myoporum crystallinum
Myoporum kermadecense
Myoporum parvifolium
Myoporum sandwicense
Myosotidium hortensia
Myosotis capitata
Myosotis exarrhena
Myosotis maritima
Myosotis sylvatica
Myostemma bifida
Myrceugenella chequen
Myrceugenia lanceolata
Myrcia citrifolia
Myrciaria cauliflora
Myrciaria jaboticaba
Myrica aethiopica
Myrica quercifolia
Myriocarpa longipes
Myriophyllum alpinum
Muscari comosum
Muscari dolichanthum
Muscari inconstrictum
Muscari macrocarpum
Muscari neglectum
Muscari pinardi
Muscari pulchellum
Muscari tenuiflorum
Musgravea heterophylla
Mussaenda erythrophylla
Mussaenda glabra
Mussaenda pubescens
Mutisia clematis
Mutisia ilicifolia
Mutisia retusa
Myagrum perfoliatum
Myonima violacea
Myoporum apiculatum
Myoporum boninense
Myoporum floribundum
Myoporum laetum
Myoporum petiolatum
Myoporum verrucosum
Myosotis arnoldii
Myosotis colensoi
Myosotis eximia
Myosotis monroi
Myosotis traversii
Myostemma gilliesiana
Myrceugenia exsucca
Myrceugenia lechleriana
Myrcia revolutifolia
Myrciaria dubia
Myrciaria vexator
Myrica meyerijohannis
Myrica rivas-martinezii
Myriocephalus gracilis
Myriophyllum amphibium
Muscari cycladicum
Muscari grandifolium
Muscari latifolium
Muscari motelayi
Muscari paradoxum
Muscari polyanthum
Muscari sosnowskyi
Muscari weissii
Musgravea stenostachya
Mussaenda esquirolii
Mussaenda incana
Musschia aurea
Mutisia coccinea
Mutisia latifolia
Mutisia rosea
Myodocarpus fraxinifolius
Myoporum acuminatum
Myoporum bateae
Myoporum crassifolium
Myoporum gracile
Myoporum mauritianum
Myoporum refractum
Myoporum viscosum
Myosotis baetica
Myosotis discolor
Myosotis explanata
Myosotis scorpioides
Myostemma advena
Myostemma pratensis
Myrceugenia fernandeziana
Myrceugenia stenophylla
Myrcianthes pungens
Myrciaria floribunda
Myrialepis paradoxa
Myrica phanerodonta
Myrica serrata
Myriocephalus stuartii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Myriophyllum caput-medusae
Myriophyllum pedunculatum
Myristica moschata
Myrmecodia echinata
Myrmecodia tuberosa
Myrocarpus frondosus
Myrrhis odorata
Myrsine chathamica
Myrsine ralstoniae
Myrsine urvillei
Myrteola phylicoides
Myrtus anomala
Myrtus nummularia
Mystroxylon aethiopicum
Nageia nagi
Namaquanthus vanheerdei
Nananthus cibdelus
Nananthus rosulatus
Nananthus spathulatus
Nandina domestica
Myriophyllum gracile
Myriophyllum muricatum
Myriophyllum latifolium
Myriophyllum papillosum
Myristica fragrans
Myristica muelleri
Myrmecodia muelleri
Myrmecophila humboldtii
Myrospermum sousanum
Myrsine africana
Myrsine divaricata
Myrsine salicina
Myrtella obtusa
Myrtillocactus cochal
Myrtus bullata
Myrtus pendula
Nablonium calyceroides
Nageliella spp.
Namibia cinerea
Nananthus luckhoffii
Nananthus schooneesii
Nananthus transvaalensis
Nannorrhops ritchiana
Nanozostera muelleri
Napoleonaea vogelii
Narcissus assoanus
Narcissus bicolor
Narcissus bulbocodium
Narcissus cavanillesii
Narcissus cuatrecasasii
Narcissus elegans
Narcissus gigas
Narcissus jacetanus
Narcissus longispathus
Narcissus pachybolbus
Narcissus parviflorus
Narcissus pseudonarcissus
Narcissus scaberulus
Narcissus x tenuior
Narcissus viridiflorus
Napaea dioica
Narcissus abscissus
Narcissus asturiensis
Narcissus broussonetii
Narcissus calcicola
Narcissus x compressus
Narcissus cyclamineus
Narcissus fernandesii
Narcissus hedraeanthus
Narcissus jonquilla
Narcissus x medioluteus
Narcissus palearensis
Narcissus patulus
Narcissus romieuxii
Narcissus serotinus
Narcissus tortifolius
Narcissus willkommii
Myristica globosa
Myrmecodia beccarii
Myrmecodia platytyrea
Myrmecophila tibicinis
Myrrhinium atropurpureum
Myrsine australis
Myrsine nummularia
Myrsine semiserrata
Myrteola nummularia
Myrtillocactus schenckii
Myrtus communis
Mystacidium spp.
Nageia fleuryi
Najas indica
Nananthus aloides
Nananthus malherbei
Nananthus setiferus
Nananthus vittatus
Napoleonaea imperialis
Narcissus alcaracensis
Narcissus atlanticus
Narcissus bugei
Narcissus cantabricus
Narcissus cordubensis
Narcissus dubius
Narcissus gaditanus
Narcissus intermedius
Narcissus lagoi
Narcissus x odorus
Narcissus papyraceus
Narcissus poeticus
Narcissus rupicola
Narcissus tazetta
Narcissus triandrus
Narcissus yepesii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Naringi crenulata
Nasturtium officinale x
Nauplius intermedius
Nautilocalyx adenosiphon
Nautilocalyx lynchii
Nautilocalyx picturatus
Navia igneosicola
Nectaroscordum siculum
Negundo nikoense
Neillia sinensis
Neillia uekii
Nelia pillansii
Nematanthus crassifolius
Nematanthus gregarius
Nematanthus wettsteinii
Nematolepis ovatifolia
Nematolepis wilsonii
Nemcia lehmannii
Nemcia truncata
Nemesia denticulata
Nemophila discoidalis
Nenga banaensis
Neobassia proceriflora
Neobuxbaumia euphorbioides
Neobuxbaumia scoparia
Neochamaelea pulverulenta
Neocinnamomum caudatum
Neodypsis leptocheilos
Neofabricia myrtifolia
Neogardneria spp.
Nashia inaguensis
Nastus elatus
Nasturtium officinale
Nauclea calycina
Neoglaziovia variegata
Neohymenopogon parasiticus
Neolepisorus ensatus
Neolitsea dealbata
Neololeba atra
Nauplius schultzii
Nautilocalyx bullatus
Nautilocalyx melittifolius
Nautilocalyx villosus
Nectandra angustifolia
Neea buxifolia
Neillia affinis
Neillia thibetica
Neisosperma poweri
Nelia schlechteri
Nematanthus fissus
Nematanthus longipes
Nematolepis elliptica
Nematolepis rhytidophylla
Nemcia coriacea
Nemcia obovata
Nemesia caerulea
Nemesia fruticans
Nemophila maculata
Nenga pumila
Neobathiea spp.
Neobuxbaumia macrocephala
Neobuxbaumia tetetzo
Neochilenia lembckei
Neodryas spp.
Neodypsis tsaratananensis
Neofabricia sericisepala
Neogardneria x Pabstia x
Zygopetalum spp.
Neohenricia sibbettii
Neolauchea pulchella
Neolitsea australiensis
Neolitsea sericea
Neomammillaria vagaspina
Neomarica brachypus
Neomarica longifolia
Neomarica caerulea
Neomarica northiana
Nauplius sericeus
Nautilocalyx forgetii
Nautilocalyx pemphidius
Navarretia squarrosa
Nectandra salicifolia
Negria rhabdothamnoides
Neillia ribesioides
Neillia thyrsiflora
Nelia meyeri
Nelumbo nucifera
Nematanthus fritschii
Nematanthus strigillosus
Nematolepis frondosa
Nematolepis squamea
Nemcia dilatata
Nemcia punctata
Nemesia capensis
Nemesia strumosa
Nemophila menziesii
Neoastelia spectabilis
Neobenthamia gracilis
Neobuxbaumia polylopha
Neocallitropsis pancheri
Neochilenia transitensis
Neodypsis ceraceus
Neofabricia mjoebergii
Neofinetia spp.
Neogardneria x
Zygopetalum spp.
Neohouzeaua mekongensis
Neolehmannia spp.
Neolitsea brassii
Neolloydia conoidea
Neomarica gracilis
Neomarica vittata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
x Neomea spp.
Neomyrtus pedunculata
Neonauclea glabra
Neonauclea purpurea
x Neophytum spp.
Neoporteria aricensis
Neoporteria chilensis
Neoporteria crispa
Neoporteria garaventae
Neoporteria jussieui
Neoporteria occulta
Neoporteria planiceps
Neoporteria senilis
Neoporteria strausiana
Neoporteria vallenarensis
Neoraimondia arequipensis
Neoregelia abendrothae
Neoregelia azevedoi
Neoregelia carcharodon
Neoregelia compacta
Neoregelia correia-araujoi
Neoregelia dungsiana
Neoregelia hoehneana
Neoregelia kautskyi
Neoregelia macrosepala
Neoregelia mooreana
Neoregelia pascoaliana
Neoregelia pernambucana
Neoregelia punctatissima
Neoregelia sarmentosa
Neoregelia tigrina
Neoregelia wurdackii
Neoroepera banksii
Neotriblemma lancea
Neoveitchia storckii
Neomillspaughia emarginata
Neonauclea calycina
Neonauclea gordoniana
Neonicholsonia watsonii
Neoporteria aspillagae
Neoporteria clavata
Neoporteria curvispina
Neoporteria horrida
Neoporteria kunzei
Neoporteria odieri
Neoporteria rapifera
Neoporteria simulans
Neoporteria taltalensis
Neoporteria villicumensis
Neoraimondia herzogiana
Neoregelia aculeatosepala
Neoregelia bahiana
Neoregelia carolinae
Neoregelia concentrica
Neoregelia cruenta
Neoregelia farinosa
Neoregelia x hybrids
Neoregelia kerryi
Neoregelia marmorata
Neoregelia nivea
Neoregelia pauciflora
Neoregelia pineliana
Neoregelia rubrifolia
Neoregelia smithii
Neoregelia tristis
Neoregelia zonata
Neosepicaea jucunda
Neottia nidus-avis
Neowerdermannia chilensis
Nepenthes adnata
Nepenthes ampullaria
Nepenthes aristolochioides
Nepenthes alata
Nepenthes anamensis
Nepenthes bellii
Neomortonia nummularia
Neonauclea excelsa
Neonauclea obtusa
Neonotonia wightii
Neoporteria andreaeana
Neoporteria bulbocalyx
Neoporteria confinis
Neoporteria eriosyzoides
Neoporteria islayensis
Neoporteria napina
Neoporteria pilispina
Neoporteria recondita
Neoporteria sociabilis
Neoporteria umadeave
Neoporteria villosa
Neorautanenia mitis
Neoregelia ampullacea
Neoregelia burlemarxii
Neoregelia chlorosticta
Neoregelia coriacea
Neoregelia cyanea
Neoregelia fosteriana
Neoregelia johannis
Neoregelia lilliputiana
Neoregelia martinellii
Neoregelia olens
Neoregelia pendula
Neoregelia princeps
Neoregelia rubrovittata
Neoregelia spectabilis
Neoregelia wilsoniana
Neorites kevediana
Neoshirakia japonica
Neottia ovata
Nepenthes albomarginata
Nepenthes argentii
Nepenthes benstonei
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Nepenthes bicalcarata
Nepenthes burbidgeae
Nepenthes campanulata
Nepenthes clipeata
Nepenthes diatas
Nepenthes edwardsiana
Nepenthes eymae
Nepenthes fusca
Nepenthes gracillima
Nepenthes hurrelliana
Nepenthes insignis
Nepenthes kampotiana
Nepenthes lavicola
Nepenthes lowii
Nepenthes macrovulgaris
Nepenthes bongso
Nepenthes burkei
Nepenthes carunculata
Nepenthes danseri
Nepenthes distillatoria
Nepenthes ephippiata
Nepenthes eymai
Nepenthes glabrata
Nepenthes hamata
Nepenthes hybrids
Nepenthes izumiae
Nepenthes khasiana
Nepenthes leptochila
Nepenthes macfarlanei
Nepenthes madagascariensis
Nepenthes masoalensis
Nepenthes mikei
Nepenthes muluensis
Nepenthes ovata
Nepenthes petiolata
Nepenthes rafflesiana
Nepenthes reinwardtiana
Nepenthes sibuyanensis
Nepenthes spectabilis
Nepenthes talangensis
Nepenthes thorelii
Nepenthes truncata
Nepenthes vieillardii
Nepeta camphorata
Nepeta dirphya
Nepeta govaniana
Nepeta isaurica
Nepeta latifolia
Nepeta nuda
Nepeta salviaefolia
Nepeta stewartiana
Nepeta troodi
Nephelium compressum
Nepenthes maxima
Nepenthes mira
Nepenthes murudensis
Nepenthes pectinata
Nepenthes philippinensis
Nepenthes rajah
Nepenthes rhombicaulis
Nepenthes singalana
Nepenthes stenophylla
Nepenthes tentaculata
Nepenthes tobaica
Nepenthes veitchii
Nepenthes villosa
Nepeta cataria
Nepeta erecta
Nepeta grandiflora
Nepeta italica
Nepeta leucolaena
Nepeta parnassica
Nepeta sibirica
Nepeta subsessilis
Nepeta tuberosa
Nephelium cuspidatum
Nepenthes boschiana
Nepenthes burkeii
Nepenthes chaniana
Nepenthes densiflora
Nepenthes dubia
Nepenthes eustachya
Nepenthes faizaliana
Nepenthes gracilis
Nepenthes hirsuta
Nepenthes inermis
Nepenthes jacquelineae
Nepenthes lamii
Nepenthes longifolia
Nepenthes macrophylla
Nepenthes merrilliana
Nepenthes mirabilis
Nepenthes northiana
Nepenthes pervillei
Nepenthes platychila
Nepenthes ramispina
Nepenthes sanguinea
Nepenthes spathulata
Nepenthes sumatrana
Nepenthes tenuis
Nepenthes treubiana
Nepenthes ventricosa
Nepenthes vogelii
Nepeta clarkei
Nepeta x faassenii
Nepeta hemsleyana
Nepeta lanceolata
Nepeta nervosa
Nepeta prattii
Nepeta sibthorpii
Nepeta teydea
Nephelaphyllum pulchrum
Nephelium lappaceum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Nephelium macrophyllum
Nephelium meduseum
Nephelium uncinatum
Nephrolepis acutifolia
Nephrolepis duffii
Nephrolepis falcata
Nephthytis poissoni
Nerine angustifolia
Nerine bowdenii x
Nerine bowdenii x undulata
Nerine filamentosa
Nerine humilis
Nerine laticoma
Nerine platypetala
Nerine sarniensis x bowdenii
Nerine sarniensis x undulata
Nerium oleander
Nervilia discolor
Nervilia uniflora
Nesoluma polynesicum
Nestegis montana
Newbouldia laevis
Nicodemia diversifolia
Nicotiana alata
Nicotiana attenuata
Nicotiana clevelandii
Nicotiana fragrans
Nicotiana gossei
Nicotiana linearis
Nicotiana miersii
Nicotiana noctiflora
Nicotiana otophora
Nicotiana raimondii
Nicotiana x sanderae
Nicotiana spegazzinii
Nicotiana tabacum
Nephelium maingayi
Nephelium melanomiscum
Nephelium xerospermoides
Nephrolepis cordifolia
Nephrolepis ensifolia
Nephrolepis multifida
Nephthytis afzelii
Nephelium mangayi
Nephelium ramboutan-ake
Nephrolepis acuminata
Nephrolepis dicksonioides
Nephrolepis exaltata
Nephrolepis obliterata
Nephthytis bintuluensis
Nephthytis swainei
Nerine bowdenii
Nerine bowdenii x flexuosa
Nerine alta
Nerine bowdenii x corusca
Nerine bowdenii x
Nerine curvifolia
Nerine flexuosa
Nerine corusca x pudica
Nerine filamentosa x
Nerine huttoniae
Nerine marginata
Nerine pudica
Nerine sarniensis x corusca
Nerine undulata
Nertera granadensis
Nervilia peltata
Nesaea pedicellata
Nesphostylis junodii
Neuropoa fax
Newcastelia interrupta
Nicotiana acaulis
Nicotiana amplexicaulis
Nicotiana benavidesii
Nicotiana cordifolia
Nicotiana glauca
Nicotiana knightiana
Nicotiana maritima
Nicotiana mutabilis
Nicotiana nudicaulis
Nicotiana pauciflora
Nicotiana repanda
Nicotiana setchellii
Nicotiana stocktonii
Nicotiana thyrsiflora
Nerine krigei
Nerine masoniorum
Nerine sarniensis
Nerine sarniensis x flexuosa
Nerine x versicolor
Nervilia crociformis
Nervilia plicata
Nesocodon mauritianus
Nestegis ligustrina
Neviusia alabamensis
Nicandra physalodes
Nicotiana africana
Nicotiana arentsii
Nicotiana bonariensis
Nicotiana corymbosa
Nicotiana glutinosa
Nicotiana langsdorffii
Nicotiana megalosiphon
Nicotiana mutabilis x alata
Nicotiana obtusifolia
Nicotiana petunioides
Nicotiana rustica
Nicotiana solanifolia
Nicotiana sylvestris
Nicotiana tomentosa
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Nicotiana tomentosiformis
Nidularium antoineanum
Nidularium burchellii
Nidularium compactum
Nidularium innocentii
Nidularium longiflorum
Nidularium punctatissimum
Nidularium rutilans
x Nidumea hybrids
Niemeyera chartacea
Nierembergia caerulea
Nierembergia repens
Nigella damascena
Nigromnia globosa
Niphidium americanum
Nitraria schoberi
Nolana filifolia
Nolina beldingii
Nolina interrata
Nolina nelsonii
Nolina stricta
Nomocharis basilissa
Nomocharis forrestii
Nomocharis pardanthina
Norantea guianensis
Notechidnopsis tessellata
Notelaea linearis
Notelaea microcarpa
Nothapodytes nimmoniana
Nothofagus alpina
Nothofagus codonandra
Nothofagus fusca
Nothofagus leoni
Nothofagus nitida
Nothofagus solandri
Notholaena brownii
Notholaena reynoldsii
Nicotiana wigandioides
Nidularium atalaiaense
Nidularium campos-portoi
Nidularium ferdinandocoburgii
Nidularium innocentii x
Nidularium microps
Nidularium purpureum
Nidularium rutilans x
x Niduregelia spp.
Niemeyera prunifera
Nierembergia gracilis
Nierembergia rivularis
Nigella orientalis
Niphaea cupreo-virens
Niphidium crassifolium
Nivenia binata
Nolana humifusa
Nolina bigelovii
Nolina longifolia
Nolina palmeri
Nomaphila siamensis
Nomocharis biluoensis
Nomocharis meleagrina
Nomocharis saluenensis
Normanbya normanbyi
Notelaea johnsonii
Notelaea lloydii
Notelaea ovata
Nothoalsomitra suberosa
Nothofagus antarctica
Nothofagus cunninghamii
Nothofagus glauca
Nothofagus menziesii
Nothofagus obliqua
Nothofagus x solfusca
Notholaena candida
Notholaena velutina
Nidularium angustifolium
Nidularium billbergioides
Nidularium cariacicaense
Nidularium fulgens
Nidularium linehamii
Nidularium procerum
Nidularium rubens
Nidularium scheremetiewii
Niemeyera antiloga
Niemeyera whitei
Nierembergia hippomanica
Nierembergia scoparia
Nigella sativa
Niphaea oblonga
Nissolia schottii
Nocca decipiens
Nolana paradoxa
Nolina erumpens
Nolina matapensis
Nolina parryi
Nomocharis aperta
Nomocharis farreri
Nomocharis oxypetala
Nomocharis synaptica
Northia seychellana
Notelaea ligustrina
Notelaea longifolia
Notelaea venosa
Nothofagus alessandrii
Nothofagus betuloides
Nothofagus dombeyi
Nothofagus gunnii
Nothofagus moorei
Nothofagus pumilio
Nothofagus truncata
Notholaena distans
Notholirion bulbuliferum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Notholirion campanulatum
Nothorites megacarpus
Nothoscordum felipponei
Nothotsuga longibracteata
Notocactus campestrensis
Notocactus incomptus
Notocactus macracanthus
Notocactus polyacanthus
Notocactus roseiflorus
Notocactus schlosseri
Notodanthonia gracilis
Notholirion macrophyllum
Nothoscordum x borbonicum
Nothoscordum gracile
Notobuxus macowanii
Notocactus grossei
Notocactus kovaricii
Notocactus macrogonus
Notocactus pulvinatus
Notocactus rubricostatus
Notocactus stegmannii
Notodanthonia linkii
Notonia hildebrandtii
Nototrichium sandwicense
Nuphar x rubrodisca
Nyctanthes arbor-tristis
Nymphaea alba
Nymphaea alba x tuberosa
Nymphaea elleniae
Nymphaea hybrida
Nymphaea lotus
Nymphaea odorata
Nymphoides aquatica
Nymphoides montana
Nymphoides spongiosa
Nyssa biflora
Nyssa sylvatica
Oberonia anguina
Oberonia disticha
Oberonia heliophila
Oberonia lycopodioides
Oberonia muelleriana
Oberonia palmicola
Oberonia vieillardii
Ochagavia lindleyana
Ochrosia borbonica
Ochrosia kilneri
Ochrosia oppositifolia
Ochrosperma monticola
Notonia petraea
Notylia spp.
Nuphar sagittifolium
Nylandtia spinosa
Nymphaea alba x candida
Nymphaea caerulea
Nymphaea gigantea
Nymphaea immutabilis
Nymphaea x marliacea
Nymphaea pubescens
Nymphoides cordata
Nymphoides peltata
Nypa fruticans
Nyssa ogeche
Nyssa ursina
Oberonia carnosa
Oberonia equitans
Oberonia iridifolia
Oberonia maxima
Oberonia oligotricha
Oberonia rubra
Obetia ficifolia
Ochagavia litoralis
Ochrosia coccinea
Ochrosia minima
Ochrosia poweri
Ochrosperma oligomerum
Notholirion thomsonianum
Nothoscordum dialystemon
Nothoscordum minarum
Notocactus beltranii
Notocactus haselbergii
Notocactus leucocarpus
Notocactus orthacanthus
Notocactus rauschii
Notocactus schaeferianus
Notochloe microdon
Notothlaspi rosulatum
Nuphar japonica
Nuxia floribunda
Nymania capensis
Nymphaea alba x mexicana
Nymphaea candida
Nymphaea glandulifera
Nymphaea x leydekeri
Nymphaea mexicana
Nymphaea rubra
Nymphoides cristata
Nymphoides spinulosperma
Nyssa aquatica
Nyssa sinensis
Oberonia anceps
Oberonia complanata
Oberonia gracilis
Oberonia longispica
Oberonia mucronata
Oberonia pachyglossa
Oberonia titania
Obregonia denegrii
Ochroma pyramidale
Ochrosia haleakalae
Ochrosia moorei
Ochrosperma lineare
Ochthochloa compressa
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Ocimum americanum
Ocimum gratissimum
Ocimum basilicum
Ocimum kilimandscharicum
Ocimum minimum
Ocotea foetens
Octarrhena angraecoides
Octomeria spp.
Odontadenia macrantha
Odontoglossum bictoniense x
Oncidium forbesii
Odontophorus angustifolius
Odontophorus nanus
Odontosoria retusa
Odontostomum hartwegii
Oeceoclades pulchra
Oenocarpus bacaba
Oenocarpus circumtextus
Oenocarpus minor
Oenothera fraseri
Oenothera glazioviana
Oenothera lindheimeri
Oenothera organensis
Oenothera rubrinervis
Oenothera stricta
Oenothera xylocarpa
Oenotrichia tripinnata
Oerstedella spp.
Oldenburgia arbuscula
Oldenlandia coerulescens
Oldenlandia diffusa
Olea capensis
Olea fragrans
Olea yuennanensis
Oleandra neriiformis
Olearia albida
Olearia alpicola
Olearia angustifolia
Olearia astroloba
Olearia cheesemanii
Olearia cordata
Ocimum obovatum
Ocotea porosa
Octarrhena pusilla
Odixia achlaena
Odontadenia nitida
Odontonema rutilans
Odontophorus herrei
Odontophorus primulinus
Odontospermum maritimum
Odosicyos bosserii
Oeceoclades saundersiana
Oenocarpus balickii
Oenocarpus distichus
Oenothera affinis
Oenothera fruticosa
Oenothera indecora
Oenothera macrocarpa
Oenothera pallida
Oenothera sinuata
Oenothera tetraptera
Oenothera youngii
Oeonia spp.
Ohlendorffia procumbens
Oldenburgia grandis
Oldenlandia corymbosa
Oldenlandia longifolia
Olea dioica
Olea glandulifera
Oleandra articulata
Oleandra pistillaris
Olearia algida
Olearia alpina
Olearia argophylla
Olearia ballii
Olearia chrysophylla
Olearia covenyi
Ocimum x citriodorum
Ocimum kilimandscharicum
x basilicum
Ocimum tenuiflorum
Ocotea quixos
Octomeles sumatrana
Odixia angusta
Odontoglossum spp.
Odontophorus marlothii
Odontosoria chinensis
Odontospermum odorum
Oeceoclades calcarata
Oenanthe divaricata
Oenocarpus bataua
Oenocarpus mapora
Oenothera drummondii
Oenothera glabra
Oenothera jamesii
Oenothera mollissima
Oenothera rosea
Oenothera speciosa
Oenothera versicolor
Oenotrichia dissecta
Oeoniella spp.
Olax stricta
Oldenlandia auricularia
Oldenlandia cristata
Oldenlandia uniflora
Olea europaea
Olea paniculata
Oleandra herrei
Olearia adenophora
Olearia allenderae
Olearia angulata
Olearia asterotricha
Olearia chathamica
Olearia colensoi
Olearia cymbifolia
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Olearia ericoides
Olearia floribunda
Olearia erubescens
Olearia frostii
Olearia furfuracea
Olearia grandiflora
Olearia iodochroa
Olearia lasiophylla
Olearia lirata
Olearia microphylla
Olearia myrsinoides
Olearia oppositifolia
Olearia persoonioides
Olearia propinqua
Olearia rani
Olearia rugosa
Olearia stellulata
Olearia tenuifolia
Olearia townsonii
Olearia viscosa
Oligoneuron riddellii
Olinia emarginata
Olneya tesota
Olsynium junceum
Olearia glandulosa
Olearia gravis
Olearia lacunosa
Olearia ledifolia
Olearia megalophylla
Olearia montana
Olearia nernstii
Olearia pachyphylla
Olearia phlogopappa
Olearia quercifolia
Olearia rhizomatica
Olearia semidentata
Olearia suffruticosa
Olearia teretifolia
Olearia tubiflora
Olfersia cervina
Oligoneuron rigidum
Olinia ventosa
Olsynium douglasii
Olsynium nigricans
Omalanthus nutans
Omegandra kanisii
Omphalea queenslandiae
Omphalodes linifolia
Omphalogramma delavayi
Oncinocalyx betchei
Oncosiphon africanum
Oncosperma horridum
Onixotis punctata
Onobrychis altissima
Onobrychis biebersteinii
Onobrychis gaubae
Onobrychis hypargyrea
Onobrychis kachetica
Onobrychis melanotricha
Onobrychis montana
Omalanthus populneus
Omphacomeria acerba
Omphalocarpum elatum
Omphalodes luciliae
Omphalogramma vinciflorum
Oncoba routledgei
Oncosiphon suffruticosum
Oncosperma platyphyllum
Onixotis stricta
Onobrychis arenaria
Onobrychis chorassanica
Onobrychis grandis
Onobrychis iberica
Onobrychis kemulariae
Onobrychis michauxii
Onobrychis oxyodonta
Olearia flocktoniae
Olearia frostii x
Olearia glutinosa
Olearia hygrophila
Olearia lanceolata
Olearia lineata
Olearia microdisca
Olearia mooneyi
Olearia obcordata
Olearia pannosa
Olearia pinifolia
Olearia ramulosa
Olearia rosmarinifolia
Olearia speciosa
Olearia tasmanica
Olearia tomentosa
Olearia viscidula
Oligoneuron album
Oligostachyum spongiosum
Olmediella betschleriana
Olsynium filifolium
Omalanthus novoguineensis
Omalanthus stillingiifolius
Omphalea celata
Omphalodes cappadocica
Omphalodes nitida
Oncidium spp.
Oncoba spinosa
Oncosperma fasciculatum
Oncosperma tigillarium
Onixotis triquetra
Onobrychis argyrea
Onobrychis cyri
Onobrychis hajastana
Onobrychis inermis
Onobrychis megataphros
Onobrychis micrantha
Onobrychis oxytropoides
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Onobrychis pallasii
Onobrychis radiata
Onobrychis stenorhiza
Onobrychis tournefortii
Onobrychis vassilczenkoi
Ononis cristata
Ononis pubescens
Ononis subspicata
Onopordum bracteatum
Onosma frutescens
Onosma sericeum
Onychium siliculosum
Opercularia aspera
Operculicarya decaryi
Ophionella willowmorensis
Ophiopogon grandis
Ophiopogon japonicus
Ophiorrhiza australiana
Opisthiolepis heterophylla
Opopanax chironium
Orania decipiens
Orania longisquama
Orania palindan
Orania rubiginosa
Oraniopsis appendiculata
Orbea ciliata
Orbea distincta
Orbea laticorona
Orbea lutea
Orbea namaquensis
Orbea semota
Orbea variegata
Orbea woodii
Orbignya lydiae
Oreobolus pumilio
Oreocallis wickhamii
Onobrychis persica
Onobrychis saxatilis
Onobrychis subacaulis
Onobrychis transcaucasica
Onobrychis viciifolia
Ononis fruticosa
Ononis reclinata
Ononis variegata
Onosma alborosea
Onosma helvetica
Onosma taurica
Oophytum nanum
Opercularia hispida
Operculicarya pachypus
Ophiopogon bodinieri
Ophiopogon intermedius
Ophiopogon ohwii
Ophrestia oblongifolia
Oplismenus aemulus
Orania appendiculata
Orania disticha
Orania macropetala
Orania paraguanensis
Orania sylvicola
Orbea baldratii
Orbea cooperi
Orbea dummeri
Orbea lepida
Orbea macloughlinii
Orbea rogersii
Orbea tubiformis
Orbea verrucosa
Orbeanthus hardyi
Orchis anthropophora
Oreocallis mucronata
Oreocereus celsianus
Oreocereus doelzianus
Oreocereus piscoensis
Oreocereus hempelianus
Oreocereus pseudofossulatus
Onobrychis petraea
Onobrychis sintenisii
Onobrychis supina
Onobrychis vaginalis
Ononis adenotricha
Ononis ornithopodioides
Ononis rotundifolia
Onopordum acanthium
Onosma echioides
Onosma nana
Onychium japonicum
Oophytum oviforme
Opercularia varia
Ophioglossum filiforme
Ophiopogon clarkei
Ophiopogon jaburan
Ophiopogon planiscapus
Ophrestia radicosa
Oplismenus imbecillis
Orania archboldiana
Orania lauterbachiana
Orania moluccana
Orania regalis
Orania trispatha
Orbea caudata
Orbea decaisneana
Orbea gemugofana
Orbea longidens
Orbea melanantha
Orbea schweinfurthii
Orbea ubomboensis
Orbea wissmannii
Orbeopsis caudata
Oreobolus distichus
Oreocallis pinnata
Oreocereus celsianus x
Oreocereus leucotrichus
Oreocereus ritteri
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Oreocereus trollii
Oreomyrrhis brevipes
Oreomyrrhis eriopoda
Oreomyrrhis sessiliflora
Oreopanax epremesnilianus
Oreosyce africana
Oreocnide frutescens
Oreomyrrhis ciliata
Oreomyrrhis gunnii
Oreopanax argentatus
Oreopanax reticulatum
Origanum x applii
Origanum calcaratum
Origanum dictamnus x
Origanum majoricum
Origanum microphyllum
Origanum pulchellum
Origanum compactum
Origanum laevigatum
Origanum scabrum
Origanum sipyleum
Origanum syriacum
Orites acicularis
Orites fragrans
Orites revoluta
Ormosia balansae
Ormosia minor
Ormosia pachycarpa
Ornithochilus difformis
Ornithogalum auratum
Ornithogalum clavatum
Ornithogalum concordianum
Ornithogalum exscapum
Origanum tournefortii
Orites diversifolia
Orites lancifolia
Orixa japonica
Ormosia coccinea
Ormosia monosperma
Ormosia pinnata
Ornithogalum arabicum
Ornithogalum candicans
Ornithogalum collinum
Ornithogalum conicum
Ornithogalum fimbriatum
Ornithogalum fragrans
Ornithogalum glandulosum
Ornithogalum gussonei
Ornithogalum maximum
Ornithogalum nanum
Ornithogalum oligophyllum
Ornithogalum ponticum
Ornithogalum refractum
Ornithogalum saxatile
Ornithogalum serotinum
Ornithogalum hispidum
Ornithogalum maculatum
Origanum micranthum
Origanum x paniculatum
Origanum rotundifolium x
Origanum sipyleum x
Origanum vulgare
Orites excelsa
Orites myrtoidea
Orleanesia yauaperyensis
Ormosia henryi
Ormosia ormondii
Ornithidium densum
Ornithogalum arcuatum
Ornithogalum candidum
Ornithogalum concinnum
Ornithogalum dubium
Ornithogalum juncifolium
Ornithogalum magnum
Ornithogalum montanum
Ornithogalum nelsonii
Ornithogalum pilosum
Ornithogalum princeps
Ornithogalum reverchonii
Ornithogalum scilloides
Ornithogalum sigmoideum
Ornithogalum multifolium
Ornithogalum nutans
Ornithogalum polyphyllum
Ornithogalum pruinosum
Ornithogalum saundersiae
Ornithogalum secundum
Ornithogalum suaveolens
Origanum maru
Origanum onites
Origanum rotundifolium
Oreomyrrhis argentea
Oreomyrrhis colensoi
Oreomyrrhis pulvinifica
Oreopanax dactylifolius
Oreoporanthera petalifera
Origanum calacratum x
Origanum dictamnus
Origanum majorana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Ornithogalum tenuifolium
Ornithogalum viride
Ornithopus compressus
Ornithopus sativus
Orostachys chanetii
Orothamnus zeyheri
Oroya peruviana
Ortgiesia organensis
Orthoceras strictum
Orthophytum glabrum
Orthophytum x hybrids
Orthophytum maracasense
Orthophytum saxicola x
Orthophytum vagans
Orthopterum waltoniae
Oryza glaberrima
Oryza meyeriana
Oryza spontanea
Osbeckia crinita
Osbeckia nepalensis
Osbeckia wightiana
Osmanthus americanus
Osmanthus decorus
Osmanthus fragrans
Osmanthus serrulatus
Osmorhiza occidentalis
Osmoxylon lineare
Osmunda gracilis
Osmunda vachellii
Osteomeles subrotunda
Osteospermum fruticosum
Osteospermum sinuatum
Ornithogalum thyrsoides
Ornithogalum viridiflorum
Ornithopus perpusillus
Ornithopus sativus x
Orobanche minor
Ornithogalum unifolium
Ornithogalum woronowii
Ornithopus pinnatus
Ornithopus uncinatus
Orostachys iwarenge
Oroxylum indicum
Orphium frutescens
Orthilia secunda
Orthophytum disjunctum
Orthophytum gurkenii
Orostachys japonica
Oroya borchersii
Ortegocactus macdougallii
Orthiopteris campylura
Orthophytum foliosum
Orthophytum gurkenii x
Orthophytum magalhaesii
Orthophytum saxicola
Orthophytum sucrei
Orthophytum leprosum
Orthophytum rubrum
Orthophytum saxicola x
Orthophytum vagans x
Orthosiphon aristatus
Oryza brachyantha
Oryza grandiglumis
Oryza sativa
Oryzopsis lessoniana
Osbeckia glauca
Osbeckia rubicunda
Oschatzia cuneifolia
Osmanthus armatus
Osmanthus delavayi
Osmanthus heterophyllus
Osmanthus yunnanensis
Osmoxylon borneense
Osmunda asiatica
Osmunda lancea
Osteomeles anthyllidifolia
Osteospermum jucundum
Osteospermum spinescens
Orontium aquaticum
Orthopterum coeganum
Orthothylax glaberrimus
Oryza eichingeri
Oryza longiglumis
Oryza schlechteri
Osbeckia aspera
Osbeckia kewensis
Osbeckia stellata
Oschatzia saxifraga
Osmanthus x burkwoodii
Osmanthus x fortunei
Osmanthus matsumuranus
Osmoglossum pulchellum
Osmoxylon eminens
Osmunda banksiifolia
Osmunda regalis
Osteomeles schweriniae
Osteospermum ecklonis
Osteospermum leptolobum
Ostrearia australiana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Ostrowskia magnifica
Osyris quadripartita
Otatea acuminata
Otholobium pubescens
Othonna capensis
Othonna herrei
Otoglossum coronarium
Otoptera madagascariensis
Ourisia alpina
Ourisia coccinea
Ourisia integrifolia
Ourisia microphylla
Owenia cepiodora
Oxalis borjensis
Oxalis caprina
Oxalis deppei
Oxalis elegans
Oxalis flava
Oxalis gigantea
Oxalis hedysaroides
Oxalis imbricata
Oxalis latifolia
Oxalis massoniana
Oxalis obtriangulata
Oxalis pentaphylla
Oxalis pes-caprae
Oxalis purpurea
Oxalis rusciformis
Oxalis triangularis
Oxalis versicolor
Oxalis zeekoevleyensis
Oxyanthus pyriformis
Oxylobium angustifolium
Oxylobium ellipticum
Oxylobium microphyllum
Oxylobium racemosum
Oxylobium tricuspidatum
Oxytropis baldshuanica
Oxytropis immersa
Ostrya japonica
Otaara spp.
Otholobium candicans
Othonna arborescens
Othonna dentata
Othonna lobata
Otoglossum globuliferum
Otostylis spp.
Ourisia breviflora
Ourisia crosbyi
Ourisia macrocarpa
Ourisia sessilifolia
Owenia venosa
Oxalis bowiei
Oxalis carnosa
Oxalis depressa
Oxalis enneaphylla
Oxalis fruticosa
Oxalis glabra
Oxalis herrerae
Oxalis incarnata
Oxalis linearis
Oxalis melanosticta
Oxalis obtusa
Oxalis perdicaria
Oxalis polyphylla
Oxalis regnellii
Oxalis stipulata
Oxalis truncatula
Oxalis violacea
Oxera pulchella
Oxyceros longiflorus
Oxylobium arborescens
Oxylobium ilicifolium
Oxylobium procumbens
Oxylobium robustum
Oxylobium trilobatum
Oxytropis borealis
Oxytropis kopetdagensis
Ostryopsis davidiana
Otacanthus caeruleus
Otholobium glandulosum
Othonna cacalioides
Othonna euphorbioides
Othonna retrorsa
Otoptera burchellii
Ottelia ulvifolia
Ourisia caespitosa
Ourisia glandulosa
Ourisia macrophylla
Ovidia andina
Oxalis adenophylla
Oxalis brasiliensis
Oxalis corniculata
Oxalis eckloniana
Oxalis fabaefolia
Oxalis furcillata
Oxalis gracilis
Oxalis hirta
Oxalis katangensis
Oxalis magellanica
Oxalis namaquana
Oxalis palmifrons
Oxalis peruviana
Oxalis punctata
Oxalis rosea
Oxalis succulenta
Oxalis tuberosa
Oxalis virginea
Oxyanthera papuana
Oxydendrum arboreum
Oxylobium cordifolium
Oxylobium lineare
Oxylobium pulteneae
Oxylobium scandens
Oxytenanthera stocksii
Oxytropis halleri
Oxytropis lapponica
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Oxytropis parryi
Ozoroa longipetiolata
Ozothamnus antennarius
Ozothamnus bidwillii
Ozothamnus coralloides
Ozothamnus decurrens
Ozothamnus diotophyllus
Ozothamnus ferrugineus
Ozothamnus leptophyllus
Ozothamnus obcordatus
Ozothamnus reticulatus
Ozothamnus rosmarinifolius
Ozothamnus secundiflorus
Ozothamnus thyrsoideus
Ozothamnus vagans
Pabstia x Zygopetalum spp.
Pachira glabra
Pachira quinata
Pachycereus gaumeri
Pachycereus marginatus
Oxytropis uralensis
Ozothamnus adnatus
Ozothamnus argophyllus
Ozothamnus cassinioides
Ozothamnus costatifructus
Ozothamnus dendroideus
Ozothamnus ericifolius
Ozothamnus hookeri
Ozothamnus lycopodioides
Ozothamnus obovatus
Ozothamnus retusus
Ozothamnus rufescens
Ozothamnus selago
Ozothamnus tuckeri
Ozothamnus whitei
Pachira alba
Pachira insignis
Pachycereus foetidus
Pachycereus hollianus
Pachycereus militaris
Pachycereus pringlei
Pachycladon novae-zelandiae
Pachycymbium keithii
Pachyphytum coeruleum
Pachyphytum glutinicaule
Pachyphytum oviferum
Pachypodium ambongense
Pachypodium bispinosum
Pachypodium densiflorum
Pachypodium gracilius
Pachypodium lamerei
Pachypodium meridionale
Pachypodium rosulatum
Pachypodium sofiense
Pachyrhizus ahipa
Pachysandra axillaris
Pachystachys coccinea
Pachystegia minor
Pachycereus schottii
Pachycormus discolor
Pachynema junceum
Pachyphytum compactum
Pachyphytum hookeri
Pachyplectron arifolium
Pachypodium baronii
Pachypodium brevicaule
Pachypodium eburneum
Pachypodium horombense
Pachypodium lealii
Pachypodium mikea
Pachypodium rutenbergianum
Pachypodium succulentum
Pachyrhizus erosus
Pachysandra procumbens
Pachystachys lutea
Pachystegia rufa
Oziroe biflora
Ozothamnus alpinus
Ozothamnus backhousii
Ozothamnus conditus
Ozothamnus cuneifolius
Ozothamnus diosmifolius
Ozothamnus eriocephalus
Ozothamnus ledifolius
Ozothamnus microphyllus
Ozothamnus purpurascens
Ozothamnus rodwayi
Ozothamnus scutellifolius
Ozothamnus stirlingii
Ozothamnus turbinatus
Pabstia spp.
Pachira aquatica
Pachira nervosa
Pachycereus gatesii
Pachycereus lepidanthus
Pachycereus pectenaboriginum
Pachycereus weberi
Pachycornia triandra
Pachyphytum bracteosum
Pachyphytum fittkaui
Pachyphytum kimnachii
Pachypodanthium staudtii
Pachypodium bicolor
Pachypodium cactipes
Pachypodium geayi
Pachypodium inopinatum
Pachypodium makayense
Pachypodium namaquanum
Pachypodium saundersii
Pachypodium windsorii
Pachyrhizus ferrugineus
Pachysandra terminalis
Pachystegia insignis
Pachystroma longifolium
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
x Pachyveria spp.
Packera streptanthifolia
Paeonia anomala
Paeonia broteroi
Paeonia cambessedesii
Paeonia delavayi
Paeonia hybrids
Paeonia lithophila
Paeonia mairei
Paeonia mollis
Paeonia ostii
Paeonia russoi
Paeonia suffruticosa
Paeonia yananensis
Pagetia medicinalis
Palaquium warburgianum
Palisota barteri
Palmeria scandens
Panax japonicus
Pancheria hirsuta
Pancratium illyricum
Pancratium speciosa
Pandanus amaryllifolius
Pandanus basedowii
Pandanus conoideus
Pandanus forsteri
Pandanus graminifolius
Pandanus laevis
Pandanus montanus
Pandanus odoratus
Pandanus pygmaeus
Pandanus solms-laubachii
Pandanus vandermeeschii
Pandorea austro-caledonica
Pandorea jasminoides
Pangium edule
Panicum atrosanguineum
Panicum coloratum
Panicum kalaharense
Packera aurea
Paederota densifolia
Paeonia bakeri
Paeonia brownii
Paeonia carthalinica
Paeonia emodi
Paeonia jishanensis
Paeonia ludlowii
Paeonia mascula
Paeonia obovata
Paeonia peregrina
Paeonia sinjiangensis
Paeonia tenuifolia
Paesia rugosula
Palafoxia texana
Paliavana prasinata
Palisota elizabethae
Pamianthe peruviana
Panax pseudoginseng
Pancratium canariense
Pancratium maritimum
Pancratium tenuifolium
Pandanus bakeri
Pandanus concinnus
Pandanus dubius
Pandanus furcatus
Pandanus japensis
Pandanus lauterbachii
Pandanus monticola
Pandanus pedunculatus
Pandanus rabaiensis
Pandanus tectorius
Pandanus yalna
Pandorea baileyana
Pandorea nervosa
Panicum antidotale
Panicum australiense
Panicum germanicum
Panicum lachnophyllum
Packera cana
Paederota lutea
Paeonia broteri
Paeonia californica
Paeonia clusii
Paeonia fimbriata
Paeonia lactiflora
Paeonia macrophylla
Paeonia mlokosewitschii
Paeonia officinalis
Paeonia ruprechtiana
Paeonia sterniana
Paeonia wittmanniana
Paesia scaberula
Palaquium galactoxylum
Palisota albertii
Palisota schweinfurthii
Panax ginseng
Panax quinquefolius
Pancratium foetidum
Pancratium parviflorum
Panda oleosa
Pandanus baptistii
Pandanus conicus
Pandanus forceps
Pandanus gemmifer
Pandanus kaida
Pandanus monotheca
Pandanus oblatus
Pandanus polycephalus
Pandanus sechellarum
Pandanus utilis
Pandanus zea
Pandorea doratoxylon
Pandorea oxleyi
Panicum arechavaletae
Panicum capillare
Panicum glabripes
Panicum lanipes
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Panicum massaiense
Panicum monticola
Panicum simile
Panopsis cinnamomea
Papaver alpinum
Papaver californicum
Papaver fugax
Papaver lapponicum
Papaver orientale
Papaver pilosum
Papaver rhoeas
Papaver spicatum
Paphia vitiensis
Papilionanthe spp.
Papuacedrus arfakensis
Paradisea liliastrum
Paradrymonia hypocyrta
Parageum reptans
Parahebe arenaria
Parahebe blakelyi
Parahebe cheesemanii
Parahebe derwentiana
Parahebe lanceolata
Parahebe lyallii
Parahebe planopetiolata
Parajubaea cocoides
Parakeelya balonensis
Paramignya monophylla
Parantennaria uniceps
Parapholis incurva
Parapteroceras papuanum
Pararistolochia peninsulensis
Parartocarpus venenosus
Paratrophis microphylla
Parentucellia viscosa
Parinari curatellifolia
Panicum miliaceum
Panicum pygmaeum
Panicum torridum
Panopsis suaveolens
Papaver atlanticum
Papaver carmeli
Papaver glaucum
Papaver lateritium
Papaver orientale x lateritium
Papaver pseudocanescens
Papaver rupifragum
Papaver tianschanicum
Paphinia spp.
Papillaria flavolimbata
Papuacedrus papuana
Paradisea lusitanica
Paradrymonia maculata
Paragramma longifolia
Parahebe x bidwillii
Parahebe canescens
Parahebe decora
Parahebe derwentiana x
Parahebe linifolia
Parahebe olsenii
Parahebe spathulata
Parajubaea sunkha
Parakmeria lotungensis
Paramongaia weberbaueri
Paraphalaenopsis labukensis
Parapiptadenia rigida
Panicum minus
Panicum schinzii
Panicum trichanthum
Papaver alboroseum
Papaver bracteatum
Papaver commutatum
Papaver hybridum
Papaver nudicaule
Papaver persicum
Papaver radicatum
Papaver somniferum
Papaver triniifolium
Paphiopedilum spp.
Pappea capensis
Parabenzoin trilobum
Paradrymonia ciliosa
Paragenipa lancifolia
Parahebe arcuata
Parahebe birleyi
Parahebe catarractae
Parahebe decorosa
Parahebe hookeriana
Parapteroceras speciosum
Pararistolochia deltantha
Parahebe lithophila
Parahebe perfoliata
Parahebe trifida
Parajubaea torallyi
Paraleucothoe keiskei
Paranomus reflexus
Paraphalaenopsis laycockii
Pararchidendron pruinosum
Pararistolochia laheyana
Pararistolochia praevenosa
Paraserianthes toona
x Pardancanda norrisii
Parietaria australis
Parinari montana
Parartocarpus venenosa
Parathesis crenulata
Parentucellia latifolia
Parietaria judaica
Parinari sprucei
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Paris axialis
Paris daliensis
Paris forrestii
Paris mairei
Paris rugosa
Parkia biglandulosa
Parkia speciosa
Parmentiera cereifera
Parodia allosiphon
Parodia buiningii
Parodia claviceps
Parodia compressa
Parodia elachisantha
Parodia formosa
Parodia gutekunstiana
Parodia herteri
Parodia laui
Parodia magnifica
Parodia miguillensis
Parodia neohorstii
Parodia nothorauschii
Parodia oxycostata
Parodia prolifera
Parodia saint-pieana
Parodia scopa
Parodia stuemeri
Parodia subtilihamata
Parodia tuberculata
Parodia werdermanniana
Paronychia sessiliflora
Parrotiopsis jacquemontiana
Parsonsia dorrigoensis
Parsonsia heterophylla
Parsonsia lanceolata
Parsonsia lenticellata
Parsonsia purpurascens
Parsonsia tenuis
Parthenium fruticosum
Parthenium schottii
Paris bashanensis
Paris delavayi
Paris lancifolia
Paris marmorata
Paris thibetica
Parkia biglobosa
Parkinsonia florida
Parmentiera millspaughiana
Parodia ayopayana
Parodia caespitosa
Parodia columnaris
Parodia concinna
Parodia erinacea
Parodia gibbulosa
Parodia haselbergii
Parodia horstii
Parodia leninghausii
Parodia mammulosa
Parodia minuta
Parodia nigrispina
Parodia ocampoi
Parodia penicillata
Parodia rechensis
Parodia schumanniana
Parodia sellowii
Parodia submammulosa
Parodia succinea
Parodia turbinata
Parolinia ornata
Paronychia virginica
Parsonsia brownii
Parsonsia eucalyptophylla
Parsonsia howeana
Parsonsia latifolia
Parsonsia lilacina
Parsonsia rotata
Parsonsia ventricosa
Parthenium incanum
Parthenium tomentosum
Paris cronquistii
Paris fargesii
Paris luquanensis
Paris polyphylla
Paris verticillata
Parkia filicoidea
Parkinsonia microphylla
Parodia alacriportana
Parodia brevihamata
Parodia chrysacanthion
Parodia comarapana
Parodia crassigibba
Parodia escayachensis
Parodia graessneri
Parodia hausteiniana
Parodia langsdorfii
Parodia maassii
Parodia microsperma
Parodia mueller-melchersii
Parodia nivosa
Parodia ottonis
Parodia procera
Parodia rutilans
Parodia schwebsiana
Parodia setifera
Parodia subterranea
Parodia tabularis
Parodia warasii
Paronychia kapela
Parrotia persica
Parsonsia capsularis
Parsonsia fulva
Parsonsia induplicata
Parsonsia leichhardtii
Parsonsia longipetiolata
Parsonsia straminea
Parthenium argentatum
Parthenium integrifolium
Parthenocissus henryana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Parthenocissus heptaphylla
Parvatia brunoniana
Pasania konishii
Pasithea coerulea
Paspalidium desertorum
Paspalum conjugatum
Paspalum dilatatum
Paspalum fasciculatum
Paspalum guenoarum
Paspalum indecorum
Paspalum langei
Paspalum pauciciliatum
Paspalum saccharoides
Paspalum stellatum
Paspalum wettsteinii
Passiflora alata
Passiflora x allardii
Passiflora amethystina
Passiflora antioquiensis
Passiflora australis
Passiflora banksii
Passiflora boenderi
Passiflora x caerulearacemosa
Passiflora cerasina
Passiflora cinnabarina
Passiflora coccinea
Passiflora cuprea
Passiflora deidamioides
Passiflora elegans
Passiflora filamentosa
Passiflora garckei
Passiflora granadilla
Passiflora helleri
Passiflora jileki
Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Pasania harlandii
Pasania nantoensis
Paspalidium albovillosum
Paspalum arundinaceum
Paspalum cromyorhizon
Paspalum distichum
Paspalum floridanum
Paspalum haumanii
Paspalum ionanthum
Paspalum laxum
Paspalum plicatulum
Paspalum secans
Paspalum urvillei
Paspalum wrightii
Passiflora x alatocaerulea
Passiflora amazonica
Passiflora amoena
Passiflora arborea
Passiflora bahiensis
Passiflora bauhiniifolia
Passiflora x buonapartea
Passiflora capparidifolia
Parthenocissus tricuspidata
Pasania kawakamii
Pascalia glauca
Paspalidium aversum
Paspalum commune
Paspalum densum
Paspalum erianthum
Paspalum geminiflorum
Paspalum hyalinum
Paspalum juergensii
Paspalum notatum
Paspalum praecox
Paspalum simplex
Paspalum vaginatum
Passiflora actinia
Passiflora allantophylla
Passiflora ambigua
Passiflora ampullacea
Passiflora aurantia
Passiflora bangii
Passiflora x belotii
Passiflora caerulea
Passiflora capsularis
Passiflora chaparensis
Passiflora cirrhiflora
Passiflora coriacea
Passiflora cyanea
Passiflora edmundoi
Passiflora x exoniensis
Passiflora foetida
Passiflora glandulosa
Passiflora guazumaefolia
Passiflora incarnata
Passiflora kermesina
Passiflora lehmannii
Passiflora x loudoni
Passiflora malacophylla
Passiflora mayarum
Passiflora ligularis
Passiflora macdougaliana
Passiflora maliformis
Passiflora menispermifolia
Passiflora ciliata
Passiflora citrina
Passiflora crenata
Passiflora x decaisneana
Passiflora edulis
Passiflora exura
Passiflora galbana
Passiflora gracillima
Passiflora guentheri
Passiflora jamesonii
Passiflora kermesina x
Passiflora loefgrenii
Passiflora macrophylla
Passiflora mapiriensis
Passiflora miersii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Passiflora misera
Passiflora nigradenia
Passiflora oerstedii
Passiflora pectinata
Passiflora phoenicea
Passiflora popenovii
Passiflora quadriglandulosa
Passiflora reflexiflora
Passiflora rufostipulata
Passiflora serratifolia
Passiflora setacea
Passiflora sprucei
Passiflora subpeltata
Passiflora tetrandra
Passiflora trifasciata
Passiflora urbaniana
Passiflora viridiflora
Patagonula americana
Patersonia longiscapa
Patersonia xanthina
Patrinia triloba
Paulownia elongata
Paulownia kawakamii
Paulownia tomentosa
Pavetta caffra
Pavetta lanceolata
Pavetta revoluta
Pavonia hastata
Pavonia montana
Pearcea abunda
Pearsonia uniflora
Pecteilis sagarikii
Pedicularis alopecuros
Pedicularis recutita
Pedilanthus macrocarpus
Pediocactus despainii
Pediocactus peeblesianus
Pediocactus winkleri
Pelargonium abrotanifolium
Passiflora mooreana
Passiflora nitida
Passiflora organensis
Passiflora perfoliata
Passiflora pittieri
Passiflora quadrangularis
Passiflora racemosa
Passiflora retipetala
Passiflora sanguinolenta
Passiflora serratodigitata
Passiflora x smytheana
Passiflora standleyi
Passiflora tarapotina
Passiflora tiliifolia
Passiflora triloba
Passiflora variolata
Passiflora vitifolia
Patersonia fragilis
Patersonia macrantha
Patrinia gibbosa
Paullinia cupana
Paulownia fargesii
Paulownia lilacina
Pausinystalia johimbe
Pavetta capensis
Pavetta natalensis
Pavonia columella
Pavonia makoyana
Pavonia multiflora
Pearsonia aristata
Pecteilis gigantea
Pecteilis susannae
Pedicularis foliosa
Pedicularis tuberosa
Pedilanthus tithymaloides
Pediocactus knowltonii
Pediocactus sileri
Pediomelum esculentum
Pelargonium acetosum
Passiflora mucronata
Passiflora odontophylla
Passiflora palenquensis
Passiflora pergrandis
Passiflora platyloba
Passiflora quadrifaria
Passiflora raddiana
Passiflora riparia
Passiflora seemannii
Passiflora serrulata
Passiflora speciosa
Passiflora stipulata
Passiflora tatei
Passiflora trialata
Passiflora tripartita
Passiflora vespertilio
Pastinaca sativa
Patersonia glabrata
Patersonia sericea
Patrinia scabiosifolia
Paulownia coreana
Paulownia fortunei
Paulownia x taiwaniana
Pavetta australiensis
Pavetta gardeniifolia
Pavetta opaca
Pavonia x gledhillii
Pavonia missionum
Pavonia praemorsa
Pearsonia sessilifolia
Pecteilis hawkesiana
Peddiea africana
Pedicularis galeata
Pedilanthus carinatus
Pediocactus bradyi
Pediocactus paradinei
Pediocactus simpsonii
Pelagodoxa henryana
Pelargonium alchemilloides
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Pelargonium alternans
Pelargonium aridum
Pelargonium betulinum
Pelargonium camphoratum
Pelargonium appendiculatum
Pelargonium x asperum
Pelargonium x
Pelargonium capitatum
Pelargonium carnosum
Pelargonium citronellum
Pelargonium ceratophyllum
Pelargonium cordifolium
Pelargonium cotyledonis
Pelargonium cucullatum
Pelargonium drummondii
Pelargonium crispum
Pelargonium denticulatum
Pelargonium echinatum
Pelargonium fragrans
Pelargonium glutinosum
Pelargonium grossularioides
Pelargonium hispidum
Pelargonium fragrantissimum
Pelargonium grandiflorum
Pelargonium helmsii
Pelargonium x hortorum
Pelargonium hybridum
Pelargonium ionidiflorum
Pelargonium laxum
Pelargonium luridum
Pelargonium ignescens
Pelargonium x kewense
Pelargonium x limoneum
Pelargonium luteolum
Pelargonium magenteum
Pelargonium x
Pelargonium multicaule
Pelargonium x nervosum
Pelargonium x paradoxum
Pelargonium pulchellum
Pelargonium quinquelobatum
Pelargonium reniforme
Pelargonium scabrum
Pelargonium suburbanum
Pelargonium tomentosum
Pelargonium triste
Pelargonium zonale
Pelecyphora strobiliformis
Pellaea boivinii
Pellaea cordifolia
Pellaea hastata
Pellaea nana
Pelargonium multibracteatum
Pelargonium nanum
Pelargonium ovale
Pelargonium pinnatum
Pelargonium quercifolium
Pelargonium rapaceum
Pelargonium rodneyanum
Pelargonium x splendidum
Pelargonium tetragonum
Pelargonium trifidum
Pelargonium xerophyton
Pelecyphora aselliformis
Pellacalyx pustulata
Pellaea calomelanos
Pellaea falcata
Pellaea mucronata
Pelargonium ardens
Pelargonium barklyi
Pelargonium caffrum
Pelargonium capitatum x
Pelargonium citriodorum
Pelargonium crithmifolium
Pelargonium x domesticum
Pelargonium gibbosum
Pelargonium graveolens
Pelargonium hirtum
Pelargonium x hortorum x
Pelargonium incrassatum
Pelargonium klinghardtense
Pelargonium lobatum
Pelargonium x melissinum
Pelargonium myrrhifolium
Pelargonium odoratissimum
Pelargonium peltatum
Pelargonium quercetorum
Pelargonium radens
Pelargonium ribifolium
Pelargonium sidoides
Pelargonium ternatum
Pelargonium tricolor
Pelargonium vitifolium
Pelatantheria ctenoglossum
Peliosanthes teta
Pellaea calidirupium
Pellaea doniana
Pellaea intramarginalis
Pellaea nivea
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Pellaea ovata
Pellaea rotundifolia
Pellionia daveauana
Peltoboykinia tellimoides
Peltophorum adnatum
Peniocereus greggii
Peniocereus johnstonii
Peniocereus marianus
Peniocereus viperinus
Pennantia cunninghamii
Pennisetum alopecuroides
Pennisetum distachyum
Pennisetum longistylum
Pennisetum mezianum
Pennisetum ramosum
Pennisetum stramineum
Pennisetum tristachyum
Penstemon abietinus
Penstemon alamosensis
Penstemon aridus
Penstemon azureus
Penstemon barrettiae
Penstemon caesius
Penstemon calycosus
Penstemon cardwellii
Penstemon clevelandii
Penstemon confertus
Penstemon cyaneus
Penstemon digitalis
Penstemon dolius
Penstemon eriantherus
Penstemon fremontii
Penstemon glaber
Penstemon grahamii
Penstemon hallii
Penstemon heterodoxus
Penstemon humilis
Penstemon jamesii
Penstemon labrosus
Pellaea paradoxa
Pellaea sagittata
Pellionia pulchra
Peltoboykinia watanabei
Peltophorum dubium
Peniocereus haackeanus
Peniocereus lazaro-cardenasii
Peniocereus oaxacensis
Peniocereus zopilotensis
Pennantia endlicheri
Pennisetum bambusiforme
Pennisetum glaucum
Pennisetum macrourum
Pennisetum pedicellatum
Pennisetum setaceum
Pennisetum subangustum
Pennisetum unisetum
Penstemon absarokensis
Penstemon albertinus
Penstemon attenuatus
Penstemon baccharifolius
Penstemon breviculus
Penstemon caespitosus
Penstemon campanulatus
Penstemon caryi
Penstemon clutei
Penstemon crandallii
Penstemon davidsonii
Penstemon diphyllus
Penstemon eatonii
Penstemon euglaucus
Penstemon fruticosus
Penstemon gormanii
Penstemon grandiflorus
Penstemon harbourii
Penstemon heterophyllus
Penstemon hybrid
Penstemon janishiae
Penstemon laetus
Pellaea pectiniformis
Pellaea viridis
Pellionia repens
Peltogyne guarubu
Peltophorum pterocarpum
Peniocereus hirschtianus
Peniocereus maculatus
Peniocereus striatus
Pennantia corymbosa
Pennisetum x advena
Pennisetum clandestinum
Pennisetum hohenackeri
Pennisetum massaicum
Pennisetum purpureum
Pennisetum squamulatum
Pennisetum trachyphyllum
Pennisetum villosum
Penstemon acaulis
Penstemon arenicola
Penstemon auriberbis
Penstemon barbatus
Penstemon buckleyi
Penstemon californicus
Penstemon cardinalis
Penstemon centranthifolius
Penstemon cobaea
Penstemon cyananthus
Penstemon deaveri
Penstemon dissectus
Penstemon ellipticus
Penstemon flavescens
Penstemon gairdneri
Penstemon gracilentus
Penstemon griffinii
Penstemon hartwegii
Penstemon hirsutus
Penstemon isophyllus
Penstemon kunthii
Penstemon laevigatus
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Penstemon laricifolius
Penstemon lentus
Penstemon lyallii
Penstemon murrayanus
Penstemon newberryi
Penstemon ophianthus
Penstemon parryi
Penstemon paysoniorum
Penstemon pinifolius
Penstemon pseudospectabilis
Penstemon rattanii
Penstemon rostriflorus
Penstemon saxosorum
Penstemon serrulatus
Penstemon strictus
Penstemon thurberi
Penstemon tubaeflorus
Penstemon uintahensis
Penstemon virens
Penstemon watsonii
Pentaceras australe
Pentachondra pumila
Pentapanax henryi
Pentas bussei
Pentaschistis airoides
Pentaschistis silvatica
Penthorum sedoides
Peperomia alata
Peperomia asperula
Peperomia blanda
Peperomia camptotricha
Peperomia caperata
Peperomia coquimbensis
Peperomia dahlstedtii
Peperomia enervis
Peperomia glabella
Peperomia hesperomannii
Peperomia incana
Peperomia liebmannii
Penstemon leiophyllus
Penstemon leonardii
Penstemon mensarum
Penstemon nanus
Penstemon nitidus
Penstemon ovatus
Penstemon parvus
Penstemon peckii
Penstemon procerus
Penstemon pumilus
Penstemon richardsonii
Penstemon rubicundus
Penstemon secundflorus
Penstemon smallii
Penstemon teucrioides
Penstemon tracyi
Penstemon tubiflorus
Penstemon utahensis
Penstemon virgatus
Penstemon whippleanus
Pentachondra ericifolia
Pentalinon luteum
Pentapterygium rugosum
Pentas lanceolata
Pentaschistis natalensis
Pentaschistis triseta
Pentzia spinescens
Peperomia argyreia
Peperomia bellendenkerensis
Peperomia butaguensis
Peperomia campylotropa
Peperomia clusiifolia
Peperomia cordifolia
Peperomia dolabriformis
Peperomia forsythii
Peperomia graveolens
Peperomia hirsuta
Peperomia johnsonii
Peperomia maculosa
Penstemon lemhiensis
Penstemon linarioides
Penstemon montanus
Penstemon neomexicanus
Penstemon nudiflorus
Penstemon pachyphyllus
Penstemon payettensis
Penstemon petiolatus
Penstemon pruinosus
Penstemon purpusii
Penstemon roezlii
Penstemon rupicola
Penstemon secundiflorus
Penstemon spectabilis
Penstemon thompsoniae
Penstemon triphyllus
Penstemon tusharensis
Penstemon venustus
Penstemon washingtonensis
Penstemon wislizeni
Pentachondra involucrata
Pentanisia prunelloides
Pentapterygium serpens
Pentas zanzibarica
Pentaschistis pallida
Pentaspadon motleyi
Peperomia acuminata
Peperomia arifolia
Peperomia bicolor
Peperomia calvifolia
Peperomia canaminana
Peperomia columella
Peperomia cuspidilimba
Peperomia elongata
Peperomia fraseri
Peperomia griseoargentea
Peperomia hombroni
Peperomia lancifolia
Peperomia magnoliifolia
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Peperomia marmorata
Peperomia nivalis
Peperomia panamensis
Peperomia polystachya
Peperomia puteolata
Peperomia rubella
Peperomia septentrionalis
Peperomia tetraphylla
Peperomia trinervis
Peperomia velutina
Pepinia sanguinea
Pereskia bahiensis
Pereskia lychnidiflora
Pereskia sacharosa
Pereskia weberiana
Pereskiopsis gatesii
Pereskiopsis spathulata
Periandra coccinea
Pericallis lanata
Perideridia kelloggii
Periphanes cinnamomea
Peristrophe angustifolia
Peristylus novoebudarum
Perityle emoryi
Pernettya lanceolata
Pernettya mucronata
Pernettya pumila
Perovskia atriplicifolia
Persea donnell-smithii
Persea indica
Persicaria capitata
Persicaria odorata
Persicaria virginiana
Persoonia adenantha
Persoonia aspera
Persoonia bargoensis
Persoonia chamaepitys
Peperomia metallica
Peperomia obtusifolia
Peperomia perrottetiana
Peperomia pseudovariegata
Peperomia quadrangularis
Peperomia sandersii
Peperomia serpens
Peperomia trianae
Peperomia urocarpa
Peperomia verschaffeltii
Peranema aspidioides
Pereskia guamacho
Pereskia nemorosa
Pereskia spathulata
Pereskia zinniiflora
Pereskiopsis porteri
Perezia recurvata
Pericallis cruenta
Pericallis multiflora
Perilla frutescens
Peristeranthus hillii
Peristrophe hyssopifolia
Peristylus papuanus
Pernettya coriacea
Pernettya litoralis
Pernettya nana
Pernettya tasmanica
Persea americana
Persea grijsii
Persea lingue
Persicaria lapathifolia
Persicaria orientalis
Persoonia acerosa
Persoonia amaliae
Persoonia asperula
Persoonia brevifolia
Persoonia confertiflora
Persoonia cornifolia
Persoonia cornifolia x
Peperomia microphylla
Peperomia orba
Peperomia polybotrya
Peperomia pulchella
Peperomia rotundifolia
Peperomia scandens
Peperomia tetragona
Peperomia tricolor
Peperomia urvilleana
Peperomia verticillata
Pereskia aculeata
Pereskia humboldtii
Pereskia portulacifolia
Pereskia stenantha
Pereskiopsis diguetii
Pereskiopsis rotundifolia
Pergularia daemia
Pericallis hansenii
Pericopsis angolensis
Peripentadenia mearsii
Peristeria spp.
Peristrophe lanceolaria
Peristylus tradescantifolius
Pernettya insana
Pernettya macrostigma
Pernettya prostrata
Perovskia abrotanoides
Persea caerulea
Persea ichangensis
Persea schiedeana
Persicaria maculosa
Persicaria vaccinifolia
Persoonia acuminata
Persoonia arborea
Persoonia attenuata
Persoonia chamaepeuce
Persoonia confertiflora x
Persoonia curvifolia
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Persoonia cuspidifera
Persoonia gunnii
Persoonia iogyna
Persoonia lanceolata
Persoonia linearis
Persoonia media
Persoonia muelleri
Persoonia oblongata
Persoonia pinifolia
Persoonia recedens
Persoonia rufa
Persoonia stradbrokensis
Persoonia subvelutina
Persoonia tropica
Pescatorea spp.
Pescatoria lehmannii
Petalostemon purpureum
Petalostigma triloculare
Petermannia cirrosa
Petrea glandulosa
Petrocallis pyrenaica
Petrocosmea begoniifolia
Petrocosmea formosa
Petrocosmea henryi
Petrocosmea minor
Petrocosmea sericea
Petrophile fucifolia
Petrophile pulchella
Petrophytum caespitosum
Petrorhagia illyrica
Petroselinum crispum
Petunia x hybrida
Petunia patagonica
Peucedanum verticillare
Phacelia divaricata
Phacelia imbricata
Phacelia tanacetifolia
Phaiophleps biflora
Persoonia daphnoides
Persoonia hindii
Persoonia juniperina
Persoonia laurina
Persoonia linearis x pinifolia
Persoonia microphylla
Persoonia myrtilloides
Persoonia oleoides
Persoonia procumbens
Persoonia recedens x
Persoonia sericea
Persoonia stradbrokensis x
Persoonia tenuifolia
Persoonia virgata
Pescatoria cerina
Pescatoria wallisii
Petalostigma banksii
Petasites hybridus
Petraeomyrtus punicea
Petrea rugosa
Petrocoptis glaucifolia
Petrocosmea duclouxii
Petrocosmea grandiflora
Petrocosmea kerrii
Petrocosmea parryorum
Petromarula pinnata
Petrophile multisecta
Petrophile sessilis
Petrorhagia dianthoides
Petrorhagia nanteuilii
Petteria ramentacea
Petunia minima
Peucedanum japonicum
Peumus boldus
Phacelia fimbriata
Phacelia lyonii
Phaedranassa cinerea
Phaiophleps nigricans
Persoonia glaucescens
Persoonia hirsuta
Persoonia katerae
Persoonia levis
Persoonia marginata
Persoonia mollis
Persoonia nutans
Persoonia oxycoccoides
Persoonia prostrata
Persoonia rigida
Persoonia silvatica
Persoonia subtilis
Persoonia terminalis
Persoonia volcanica
Pescatoria dayana
Petalidium barlerioides
Petalostigma pachyphyllum
Petasites japonicus
Petrea arborea
Petrea volubilis
Petrocosmea barbata
Petrocosmea flaccida
Petrocosmea grandifolia
Petrocosmea menglianensis
Petrocosmea rosettifolia
Petrophile canescens
Petrophile pedunculata
Petrophile shirleyae
Petrorhagia dubia
Petrorhagia saxifraga
Petunia axillaris
Petunia nyctaginiflora
Peucedanum ostruthium
Phacelia corymbosa
Phacelia glandulosa
Phacelia sericea
Phaenocoma prolifera
Phaius spp.
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Phalaris amethystina
Phalaris aquatica x
Phalaris canariensis
Phalaris paradoxa
Phaleria neumannii
Phalocallis herbertii
Phaseolus acutifolius
Phaseolus filiformis
Phaseolus pedicellatus
Phaseolus vulgaris
Phebalium bilobum
Phebalium carruthersii
Phebalium dentatum
Phebalium ellipticum
Phebalium gracile
Phebalium lowanense
Phebalium nudum
Phebalium ovatifolium
Phebalium ralstonii
Phebalium rude
Phebalium stenophyllum
Phebalium whitei
Phedimus ellacombianus
Phedimus middendorffianus
Phedimus spurius
Phellodendron chinense
Phalaris angusta
Phalaris arundinacea
Phalaenopsis spp.
Phalaris x daviesii
Phaleria chermsideana
Phaleria octandra
Pharbitis learii
Phaseolus angustissimus
Phaseolus grayanus
Phaseolus polystachios
Phebalium ambiens
Phebalium brachyphyllum
Phebalium coxii
Phebalium diosmeum
Phebalium equestre
Phebalium hillebrandii
Phebalium montanum
Phebalium obcordatum
Phebalium ozothamnoides
Phebalium rhytidophyllum
Phebalium squameum
Phebalium sympetalum
Phebalium wilsonii
Phedimus florifer
Phedimus obtusifolius
Phelline comosa
Phellodendron fargesii
Philadelphus argyrocalyx
Philadelphus coulteri
Philadelphus floridus
Philadelphus incanus
Philadelphus lewisii
Philadelphus mexicanus
Philadelphus purpurascens
Philadelphus sericanthus
Philadelphus zeyheri
Philesia magellanica
Philadelphus caucasicus
Philadelphus delavayi
Philadelphus hirsutus
Philadelphus keteleeri
Philadelphus maculatus
Philadelphus microphyllus
Philadelphus satsumanus
Philadelphus splendens
Philenoptera bussei
Philibertia gracilis
Phalaris minor
Phaleria clerodendron
Phalocallis coelestis
Pharus lappulaceus
Phaseolus coccineus
Phaseolus lunatus
Phaseolus truxillensis
Phebalium anceps
Phebalium bullatum
Phebalium daviesii
Phebalium elatius
Phebalium glandulosum
Phebalium lamprophyllum
Phebalium nottii
Phebalium obtusifolium
Phebalium phylicifolium
Phebalium rotundifolium
Phebalium squamulosum
Phebalium viridiflorum
Phebalium woombye
Phedimus kamtschaticus
Phedimus selskianus
Phellodendron amurense
Philadelphus coronarius
Philadelphus x falconeri
Philadelphus hybrids
Philadelphus laxus
Philadelphus magdalenae
Philadelphus pekinensis
Philadelphus schrenkii
Philadelphus tenuifolius
Philenoptera violacea
Philippia excelsa
Phalaris aquatica
Phalaris californica
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Phillyrea angustifolia
Philodendron andreanum
Philodendron asperatum
Philodendron bipinnatifidum
Philodendron crinipes
Philodendron discolor
Philodendron elegans
Phillyrea latifolia
Philodendron angustisectum
Philodendron auriculatum
Philodendron burle-marxii
Philodendron cruentum
Philodendron distantilobum
Philodendron erubescens
Philodendron giganteum
Philodendron grandifolium
Philodendron guttiferum
Philodendron imbe
Philodendron leyvae
Philodendron martianum
Philodendron mexicanum
Philodendron panduriforme
Philodendron pedatum
Philodendron rothschuhianum
Philodendron sanguineum
Philodendron tatei
Philodendron verrucosum
Philodendron williamsii
Philotheca brevifolia
Philotheca ericifolia
Philotheca obovalis
Philotheca scabra
Philotheca virgata
Phlebodium aureum
Philodendron gigas
Philodendron grandipes
Philodendron hederaceum
Philodendron insigne
Philodendron lindenii
Philodendron melanochrysum
Philodendron microstictum
Philodendron pastazanum
Philodendron radiatum
Philodendron rudgeanum
Philodendron speciosum
Philodendron tenue
Philodendron warszewiczii
Philonotis tenuis
Philotheca buxifolia
Philotheca hispidula
Philotheca pungens
Philotheca trachyphylla
Phinaea divaricata
Phlebodium decumanum
Phleum arenarium
Phlogacanthus asperulus
Phlomis amanica
Phlomis bourgaei
Phlomis cashmeriana
Phlomis crinita
Phlomis italica
Phlomis lunarifolia
Phlomis megalantha
Phlomis platystegia
Phlomis rigida
Phleum montanum
Phlomis agraria
Phlomis americana
Phlomis bovei
Phlomis chimerae
Phlomis ferruginea
Phlomis laciniata
Phlomis lycia
Phlomis milingensis
Phlomis pratensis
Phlomis rotata
Philodendron advena
Philodendron anisotomum
Philodendron bipennifolium
Philodendron crassinervium
Philodendron deltoideum
Philodendron domesticum
Philodendron gloriosum
Philodendron grazielae
Philodendron x hybrid
Philodendron laciniatum
Philodendron mamei
Philodendron melinonii
Philodendron ornatum
Philodendron pearcei
Philodendron recurvifolium
Philodendron rugosum
Philodendron squamiferum
Philodendron tripartitum
Philodendron wendlandii
Philotheca angustifolia
Philotheca difformis
Philotheca myoporoides
Philotheca salsolifolia
Philotheca verrucosa
Phinaea rubida
Phlebodium aureum x Pteris
Phleum pratense
Phlomis alpina
Phlomis anisodonta
Phlomis capitata
Phlomis cretica
Phlomis grandiflora
Phlomis lanata
Phlomis medicinalis
Phlomis paohsingensis
Phlomis purpurea
Phlomis russeliana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Phlomis tatsienensis
Phlomis viscosa
Phlox albomarginata
Phlox amoena
Phlox bifida
Phlox caryophylla
Phlox covillei
Phlox divaricata
Phlox floridana
Phlox griseola
Phlox kelseyi
Phlox maculata
Phlox mollis
Phlox nelsonii
Phlox ovata
Phlox peckii
Phlox pulvinata
Phlox rugelii
Phlox stansburyi
Phlox tenuifolia
Phlox viscida
Phoenix atlantica
Phoenix canariensis x
Phoenix paludosa
Phoenix reclinata x
Phoenix rupicola
Phlomis tenorei
Phlox aculeata
Phlox alyssifolia
Phlox andicola
Phlox buckleyi
Phlox cluteana
Phlox cuspidata
Phlox dolichantha
Phlox glaberrima
Phlox hirsuta
Phlox latifolia
Phlox mesoleuca
Phlox multiflora
Phlox nivalis
Phlox paniculata
Phlox pilosa
Phlox reptans
Phlox sibirica
Phlox stolonifera
Phlox triovulata
Phlox x wheeleriana
Phoenix acaulis
Phlomis tuberosa
Phlox adsurgens
Phlox amabilis
Phlox austromontana
Phlox caespitosa
Phlox colubrina
Phlox diffusa
Phlox drummondii
Phlox gladiformis
Phlox jonesii
Phlox longifolia
Phlox mexicana
Phlox nana
Phlox oklahomensis
Phlox paniculata x maculata
Phlox pulchra
Phlox richardsonii
Phlox speciosa
Phlox subulata
Phlox variabilis
Phoebe nanmu
Phoenix andamanensis
Phoenix caespitosa
Phoenix dactylifera
Phoenix canariensis
Phoenix loureiroi
Phoenix pusilla
Phoenix reclinata x roebelenii
Phoenix reclinata
Phoenix roebelenii
Phoenix sylvestris
Phoenix theophrasti
Pholidocarpus macrocarpus
Pholidostachys dactyloides
Pholidostachys synanthera
Pholidota carnea
Pholidota imbricata
Pholidota uraiensis
Pholidocarpus ihur
Pholidocarpus mucronata
Pholidostachys kalbreyeri
Pholidota articulata
Pholidota chinensis
Pholidota pallida
Pholistoma aurita
Phoenix sylvestris x
Pholidocarpus kingianus
Pholidocarpus mucronatus
Pholidostachys pulchra
Pholidota cantonensis
Pholidota gibbosa
Pholidota parviflora
Phonus arborescens x
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Phormium colensoi x tenax
Phormium cookianum
Phormium tenax
Photinia x fraseri
Photinia lasiogyna
Photinia parvifolia
Photinopteris speciosa
Phreatia baileyana
Phreatia cylindrostachya
Phreatia elongata
Phreatia listeri
Phreatia neocaledonica
Phreatia plantaginifolia
Phreatia stenostachya
Phrynium philippinense
Phycella cyrtanthoides
Phygelius capensis
Phyla dulcis
Phylica axillaris
Phylica cylindrica
Phylica oleaefolia
Phylica plumosa
Phylica stipularis
Phyllanthus acidus
Phyllanthus australis
Phyllanthus ciccoides
Phyllanthus emblica
Phyllanthus gunnii
Phyllanthus inflatus
Phyllanthus minutiflorus
Phyllanthus myrtifolius
Phyllanthus subcrenulatus
Phyllis nobla
Phyllocladus aspleniifolius
Phyllocladus trichomanoides
Phyllodoce caerulea
Phyllopodium heterophyllum
Phyllostachys atrovaginata
Phyllostachys elegans
Photinia beauverdiana
Photinia glabra
Photinia loriformis
Photinia prunifolia
Phragmipedium spp.
Phreatia coclonychia
Phreatia densiflora
Phreatia iridifolia
Phreatia matthewsii
Phreatia pachyphylla
Phreatia secunda
Phreatia sublata
Phrynium pubinerve
Phycella herbertiana
Phygelius x rectus
Phyla nodiflora
Phylica buxifolia
Phylica lachneaeoides
Phylica oleifolia
Phylica pubescens
Phylica villosa
Phyllanthus albiflorus
Phyllanthus bourgeoisii
Phyllanthus cuscutiflorus
Phyllanthus fuernrohrii
Phyllanthus hirtellus
Phyllanthus lamprophyllus
Phyllanthus montanus
Phyllanthus pusillifolius
Phyllanthus thymoides
Phyllobolus abbreviatus
Phyllocladus hypophyllus
Phyllodoce aleutica
Phyllodoce nipponica
Phyllostachys acuta
Phyllostachys aureosulcata
Phyllostachys glauca
Phormium cookianum x
Photinia davidiana
Photinia integrifolia
Photinia niitakayamensis
Photinia schneideriana
Phragmites australis
Phreatia crassiuscula
Phreatia elata
Phreatia limenophylax
Phreatia micrantha
Phreatia plagiopetala
Phreatia sororia
Phrynium paniculatum
Phuopsis stylosa
Phygelius aequalis
Phyla canescens
Phyla scaberrima
Phylica capitata
Phylica leipoldtii
Phylica paniculata
Phylica purpurea
Phyllachne colensoi
Phyllanthus amarus
Phyllanthus brassii
Phyllanthus dallachyanus
Phyllanthus gasstroemii
Phyllanthus hypospodius
Phyllanthus microcladus
Phyllanthus multiflorus
Phyllanthus sellowianus
x Phylliopsis hillieri
Phyllocladus alpinus
Phyllocladus toatoa
Phyllodoce breweri
Phyllopodium cordatum
Phyllostachys arcana
Phyllostachys edulis
Phyllostachys humilis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Phyllostachys iridescens
Phyllostachys nidularia
Phyllostachys praecox
Phyllota diffusa
Phyllota phylicoides
Phyllota squarrosa
Phymatosorus scandens
Physalis alkekengi
Physalis peruviana
Physalis pubescens
Physaria didymocarpa
Physocarpus bracteatus
Physocarpus monogynus
Physochlaina physaloides
Physokentia insolita
Physokentia tete
Physoplexis comosa
Physostigma venenosum
Phytelephas seemannii
Phyteuma balbisii
Phyteuma globulariifolium
Phyteuma humile
Phyteuma scheuchzeri
Phyteuma zahlbruckneri
Piaranthus atrosanguineus
Piaranthus decorus
Piaranthus parvulus
Picea abies
Picea balfouriana
Picea breweriana
Picea glauca
Picea koraiensis
Picea x lutzii
Picea maximowiczii
Picea morrisonicola
Picea orientalis
Picea purpurea
Phyllostachys makinoi
Phyllostachys nigra
Phyllostachys sulphurea
Phyllota grandiflora
Phyllota pleurandroides
Phymaspermum acerosum
Phymatosorus nigrescens
Phyllostachys mannii
Phyllostachys nuda
Phyllostachys vivax
Phyllota humifusa
Phyllota remota
Phymaspermum parvifolium
Phymatosorus parksii
Phymatosorus scolopendria
Physalis angulata
Physalis philadelphica
Physalis viscosa
Physaria eburniflora
Physocarpus capitatus
Physocarpus opulifolius
Physokentia avia
Physokentia petiolata
Physokentia thurstonii
Physostegia virginiana
Phytelephas aequatorialis
Phytelephas tenuicaulis
Phyteuma charmelii
Phyteuma hedraianthifolium
Phyteuma nigrum
Phyteuma scorzonerifolium
Phytolacca dioica
Piaranthus comptus
Piaranthus foetidus
Piaranthus pillansii
Picea alcoquiana
Picea bicolor
Picea chihuahuana
Picea glehnii
Picea koyamai
Picea mariana
Picea mexicana
Picea obovata
Picea polita
Picea schrenkiana
Phymosia umbellata
Physalis minima
Physalis pruinosa
Physaria alpina
Physaria vitulifera
Physocarpus malvaceus
Physocarpus ribesifolia
Physokentia dennisii
Physokentia rosea
Physokentia whitmorei
Physostelma wallichii
Phytelephas macrocarpa
Phytelephas tumacana
Phyteuma cordatum
Phyteuma hemisphaericum
Phyteuma ovatum
Phyteuma sieberi
Phytolacca icosandra
Piaranthus decipiens
Piaranthus geminatus
Picconia excelsa
Picea asperata
Picea brachytyla
Picea engelmannii
Picea jezoensis
Picea likiangensis
Picea x mariorika
Picea montigena
Picea omorika
Picea pungens
Picea sitchensis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Picea smithiana
Picnomon acarna
Picrasma crenata
Picris echioides
Pieris formosa
Pieris polita
Pilea cadierei
Pilea mollis
Pileostegia viburnoides
Pilidiostigma papuanum
Pilidiostigma tropicum
Pilocarpus jaborandi
Pilosocereus alensis
Pilosocereus aurilanatus
Pilosocereus catingicola
Pilosocereus coerulescens
Pilosocereus cristalinensis
Pilosocereus flexibilispinus
Pilosocereus gaumeri
Pilosocereus gounellei
Pilosocereus lanuginosus
Pilosocereus magnificus
Pilosocereus pachycladus
Picea spinulosa
Picralima nitida
Picrasma excelsa
Picrorhiza kurrooa
Pieris japonica
Pigafetta elata
Pilea depressa
Pilea nummulariifolia
Pilgerodendron uviferum
Pilidiostigma rhytispermum
Piliostigma malabaricum
Pilocarpus pennatifolius
Pilosocereus arrabidae
Pilosocereus brasiliensis
Pilosocereus chrysacanthus
Pilosocereus collinsii
Pilosocereus diersianus
Pilosocereus floccosus
Pilosocereus glaucescens
Pilosocereus guerreronis
Pilosocereus luetzelburgii
Pilosocereus moritzianus
Pilosocereus parvus
Pilosocereus piauhyensis
Pilosocereus quadricentralis
Pilosocereus rupicola
Pilosocereus sartorianus
Pilosocereus ulei
Pimelea alpina
Pimelea axiflora
Pimelea curviflora
Pimelea drupacea
Pimelea flava
Pimelea haematostachya
Pimelea ligustrina
Pimelea macrostegia
Pimelea nivea
Pimelea pauciflora
Pilosocereus polygonus
Pilosocereus rosae
Pilosocereus ruschianus
Pilosocereus tuberculatus
Pilosocereus vilaboensis
Pimelea aquilonia
Pimelea biflora
Pimelea decora
Pimelea elongata
Pimelea glauca
Pimelea hewardiana
Pimelea linifolia
Pimelea modesta
Pimelea octophylla
Pimelea penicillaris
Picea wilsonii
Picramnia polyantha
Picrasma quassioides
Pieris floribunda
Pieris phillyreifolia
Pigafetta filaris
Pilea inaequalis
Pilea spruceana
Pilidiostigma glabrum
Pilidiostigma tetramerum
Piliostigma thonningii
Pilosocereus albisummus
Pilosocereus aureispinus
Pilosocereus braunii
Pilosocereus chrysostele
Pilosocereus cometes
Pilosocereus flavipulvinatus
Pilosocereus fulvilanatus
Pilosocereus glaucochrous
Pilosocereus juaruensis
Pilosocereus machrisii
Pilosocereus oligolepis
Pilosocereus purpusii
Pilosocereus royenii
Pilosocereus salvadorensis
Pilosocereus tweedyanus
Pilosocereus zehntneri
Pimelea arenaria
Pimelea bracteata
Pimelea decussata
Pimelea filiformis
Pimelea gnidia
Pimelea humilis
Pimelea longifolia
Pimelea neo-anglica
Pimelea oreophila
Pimelea phylicoides
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Pimelea prostrata
Pimelea sericea
Pimelea strigosa
Pimelea treyvaudii
Pimenta dioica
Pimpinella villosa
Pinanga albescens
Pinanga aristata
Pinanga barnesii
Pinanga baviensis
Pinanga borneensis
Pinanga caesia
Pinanga chaiana
Pinanga cochinchinensis
Pinanga crassipes
Pinanga densiflora
Pinanga disticha
Pinanga elmerii
Pinanga gracilis
Pinanga griffithii
Pinanga hookeriana
Pinanga insignis
Pinanga javana
Pinanga lepidota
Pinanga macroclada
Pinanga manii
Pinanga mirabilis
Pinanga negrosensis
Pinanga patula
Pinanga philippinensis
Pinanga pulchella
Pinanga ridleyana
Pinanga rivularis
Pinanga salicifolia
Pinanga scortechinii
Pinanga simplicifrons
Pinanga stricta
Pinanga subruminata
Pinanga tenacinervis
Pimelea pseudolyallii
Pimelea spicata
Pimelea suaveolens
Pimelea williamsonii
Pimpinella anisum
Pinanga acaulis
Pinanga angustisecta
Pinanga arundinacea
Pinanga basilanensis
Pinanga beccariana
Pinanga bowiana
Pinanga capitata
Pinanga chinensis
Pinanga copelandii
Pinanga cucullata
Pinanga dicksonii
Pinanga dumetosa
Pinanga furfuracea
Pinanga gracillima
Pinanga heterophylla
Pinanga hymenospatha
Pinanga isabelensis
Pinanga kuhlii
Pinanga ligulata
Pinanga maculata
Pinanga minor
Pinanga modesta
Pinanga pachyphylla
Pinanga pectinata
Pinanga pilosa
Pinanga punicea
Pinanga rigida
Pinanga rumphiana
Pinanga samarana
Pinanga sessilifolia
Pinanga sinii
Pinanga stylosa
Pinanga sylvestris
Pinanga tenella
Pimelea pygmaea
Pimelea stricta
Pimelea tomentosa
Pimelodendron amboinicum
Pimpinella saxifraga
Pinanga adangensis
Pinanga annamensis
Pinanga auriculata
Pinanga batanensis
Pinanga bicolana
Pinanga brevipes
Pinanga celebica
Pinanga cleistantha
Pinanga coronata
Pinanga curranii
Pinanga discolor
Pinanga duperreana
Pinanga globulifera
Pinanga grandis
Pinanga hexasticha
Pinanga inaequalis
Pinanga jamariensis
Pinanga latisecta
Pinanga limosa
Pinanga malaiana
Pinanga minuta
Pinanga mooreana
Pinanga paradoxa
Pinanga perakensis
Pinanga polymorpha
Pinanga quadrijuga
Pinanga riparia
Pinanga rupestris
Pinanga sclerophylla
Pinanga sibuyanensis
Pinanga speciosa
Pinanga subintegra
Pinanga tashiroi
Pinanga tomentella
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Pinanga trichoneura
Pinanga variegata
Pinanga yassinii
Pinellia tripartita
Pinguicula antarctica
Pinguicula crystallina
Pinguicula emarginata x
Pinguicula gigantea
Pinguicula hemiepiphytica
Pinguicula laueana
Pinguicula lusitanica
Pinguicula moctezumae
Pinguicula planifolia
Pinguicula rotundifolia
Pinguicula vulgaris
Pinus arizonica
Pinus balfouriana
Pinus bungeana
Pinus caribaea x elliottii
Pinus coulteri
Pinus densiflora
Pinus flexilis
Pinus halepensis
Pinus herrerai
Pinus leiophylla
Pinus luchuensis
Pinus maximartinezii
Pinus monophylla
Pinus mugo
Pinus patula
Pinus pinea
Pinus pungens
Pinus x rhaetica
Pinus sibirica
Pinus strobiformis
Pinus tabuliformis
Pinus thunbergii
Pinus wallichiana
Pinanga urdanetensis
Pinanga veitchii
Pinellia cordata
Pinguicula agnata
Pinguicula balcanica
Pinguicula ehlersiae
Pinguicula esseriana
Pinanga urosperma
Pinanga woodiana
Pinellia ternata
Pinguicula alpina
Pinguicula caerulea
Pinguicula emarginata
Pinguicula filifolia
Pinguicula grandiflora
Pinguicula hirtiflora
Pinguicula leptoceras
Pinguicula lutea
Pinguicula moctezumae x
Pinguicula primuliflora
Pinguicula vallisneriifolia
Pinus albicaulis
Pinus armandii
Pinus banksiana
Pinus canariensis
Pinus cembra
Pinus cubensis
Pinus devoniana
Pinus gerardiana
Pinus heldreichii
Pinus koraiensis
Pinus leucodermis
Pinus lumholtzii
Pinus maximinoi
Pinus montezumae
Pinus palustris
Pinus pinaster
Pinus ponderosa
Pinus quadrifolia
Pinus sabiniana
Pinus sosnovskyi
Pinus strobus
Pinus tecunumanii
Pinus tropicalis
Pinus yunnanensis
Pinguicula gypsicola
Pinguicula ionantha
Pinguicula longifolia
Pinguicula mesophytica
Pinguicula moranensis
Pinguicula rectifolia
Pinguicula variegata
Pinus aristata
Pinus attenuata
Pinus brutia
Pinus caribaea
Pinus cembroides
Pinus dalatensis
Pinus engelmannii
Pinus greggii
Pinus henryi
Pinus krempfii
Pinus longaeva
Pinus massoniana
Pinus michoacana
Pinus montezumae x patula
Pinus parviflora
Pinus pinceana
Pinus pumila
Pinus radiata
Pinus scopulorum
Pinus stankewiczii
Pinus sylvestris
Pinus teocote
Pinus uncinata
Piper aculeatum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Piper apiculatum
Piper chaba
Piper excelsum
Piper hongkongense
Piper latifolium
Piper methysticum
Piper ornatum
Piper postelsianum
Piptadeniastrum africanum
Piptatherum coerulescens
Piptocalyx moorei
Piptochaetium lasianthum
Piptochaetium panicoides
Piptochaetium verruculosum
Pipturus argenteus
Pisonia inermis
Piper betle
Piper cubeba
Piper fimbriulatum
Piper kadsura
Piper longifolium
Piper nigrum
Piper pedicellatum
Piper sarmentosum
Piptanthus nepalensis
Piptatherum holciforme
Piptochaetium fimbriatum
Piptochaetium lejopodum
Piptochaetium ruprechtianum
Piptospatha insignis
Pisonia brunoniana
Pisonia umbellifera
Pistacia chinensis
Pistacia vera
Pisum sativum
Pitcairnia altensteinii
Pitcairnia arcuata
Pitcairnia burle-marxii
Pitcairnia corallina
Pitcairnia grafii
Pitcairnia imbricata
Pitcairnia macrochlamys
Pitcairnia nuda
Pitcairnia pulverulenta
Pitcairnia recurvata
Pitcairnia spicata
Pitcairnia tabuliformis
Pitcairnia xanthocalyx
Pittosporum anomalum
Pittosporum bicolor x
Pittosporum colensoi
Pittosporum cornifolium
Pittosporum dallii
Pittosporum eugenioides
Pistacia lentiscus
Pistacia weinmannifolia
Pitaviaster haplophyllus
Pitcairnia andreana
Pitcairnia atrorubens
Pitcairnia carioana
Pitcairnia echinata
Pitcairnia heterophylla
Pitcairnia integrifolia
Pitcairnia maidifolia
Pitcairnia oblanceolata
Pitcairnia pungens
Pitcairnia riparia
Pitcairnia staminea
Pitcairnia undulata
Pithecellobium mangense
Pittosporum argentifolium
Pittosporum brevicalyx
Piper capense
Piper curtipedunculum
Piper hederaceum
Piper lancifolium
Piper mestonii
Piper novae-hollandiae
Piper porphyrophyllum
Piper sylvaticum
Piptanthus tomentosus
Piptatherum miliaceum
Piptochaetium hackelii
Piptochaetium napostaense
Piptochaetium uruguense
Pipturus albidus
Pisonia grandis
Pistacia atlantica x
Pistacia terebinthus
Pisum fulvum
Pitcairnia albiflos
Pitcairnia aphelandriflora
Pitcairnia bromeliifolia
Pitcairnia carnea
Pitcairnia flammea
Pitcairnia hitchcockiana
Pitcairnia leprieurii
Pitcairnia mirabilis
Pitcairnia paniculata
Pitcairnia punicea
Pitcairnia scandens
Pitcairnia straminea
Pitcairnia wendlandii
Pittosporum ambrense
Pittosporum bicolor
Pittosporum buchananii
Pittosporum confertiflorum
Pittosporum crassicaule
Pittosporum daphniphylloides
Pittosporum fairchildii
Pittosporum coriaceum
Pittosporum crassifolium
Pittosporum erioloma
Pittosporum glabratum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Pittosporum gracile
Pittosporum huttonianum
Pittosporum kirkii
Pittosporum melanospermum
Pittosporum multiflorum
Pittosporum odoratum
Pittosporum patulum
Pittosporum pimeleoides
Pittosporum revolutum
Pittosporum rigidum
Pittosporum salicifolium
Pittosporum tenuifolium
Pittosporum trilobum
Pittosporum undulatifolium
Pittosporum viridiflorum
Pityrodia angustisepala
Pityrogramma calomelanos
Pityrogramma ochracea
Pityrogramma sulphurea
Placea grandiflora
Placospermum coriaceum
Plagianthus regius
Planchonella chartacea
Planchonella laurifolia
Planchonella neo-caledonica
Planchonella obovoidea
Planchonella xerocarpa
Planocarpa sulcata
Plantago arborescens
Plantago cretica
Plantago famarae
Plantago lanigera
Plantago muelleri
Plantago palustris
Platanus x acerifolia
Platanus mexicana
Platanus racemosa
Platycarya strobilacea
Platycerium angolense
Pittosporum heterophyllum
Pittosporum illicioides
Pittosporum lancifolium
Pittosporum michiei
Pittosporum napaulense
Pittosporum oreillyanum
Pittosporum pauciflorum
Pittosporum pullifolium
Pittosporum rhombifolium
Pittosporum rubiginosum
Pittosporum senacia
Pittosporum tobira
Pittosporum truncatum
Pittosporum undulatum
Pittosporum viscidum
Pityrodia halganiacea
Pityrogramma chrysophylla
Pityrogramma pearcei
Placea amoena
Placea lutea
Plagianthus betulinus
Plagiostachys lateralis
Planchonella cotinifolia
Planchonella macrocarpa
Planchonella novo-zelandica
Planchonella papyracea
Planocarpa nitida
Plantago afra
Plantago arenaria
Plantago daltonii
Plantago glacialis
Plantago latifolia
Plantago nivalis
Plantago webbii
Platanus digitata
Platanus occidentalis
Platyaechmea flavorosea
Platycerium alcicorne
Platycerium bifurcatum
Pittosporum hosmeri
Pittosporum kauaiense
Pittosporum mannii
Pittosporum microphyllum
Pittosporum obcordatum
Pittosporum ornatum
Pittosporum phillyreoides
Pittosporum ramiflorum
Pittosporum rhytidocarpum
Pittosporum sahnianum
Pittosporum sinuatum
Pittosporum trigonocarpum
Pittosporum umbellatum
Pittosporum venulosum
Pittosporum wingii
Pityrogramma argentea
Pityrogramma ebenea
Pityrogramma pulchella
Placea arzae
Placea ornata
Plagianthus divaricatus
Planchonella brownlessiana
Planchonella euphlebia
Planchonella myrsinoides
Planchonella obovata
Planchonella singuliflora
Planocarpa petiolaris
Plantago alpestris
Plantago coronopus
Plantago eriopoda
Plantago lanceolata
Plantago major
Plantago ovata
Platanthera clavellata
Platanus x hispanica
Platanus orientalis
Platycapnos saxicola
Platycerium andinum
Platycerium coronarium
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Platycerium ellisii
Platycerium grande
Platycerium superbum
Platycladus orientalis
Platylobium alternifolium
Platylobium triangulare
Platysace ericoides
Platysace stephensonii
Platytheca verticillata
Plectocomia billitonensis
Plectocomia elongata
Plectocomia longistigma
Plectocomia microstachys
Plectocomia pygmaea
Plectrachne bynoei
Plectranthus actites
Plectranthus ambiguus
Plectranthus apreptus
Plectranthus barbatus
Plectranthus cremnus
Plectranthus diversus
Plectranthus effusus
Plectranthus excelsus
Plectranthus fruticosus
Plectranthus glaucocalyx
Plectranthus gratus
Plectranthus hadiensis
Plectranthus japonicus
Plectranthus mandalensis
Plectranthus mirus
Plectranthus nitidus
Plectranthus ornatus
Plectranthus pulchellus
Plectranthus saccatus
Plectranthus spicatus
Plectranthus thyrsoideus
Platycerium ridleyi
Platycerium stemaria
Platycerium wallichii
Platycodon grandiflorus
Platylobium formosum
Platyopuntia viridirubra
Platysace heterophylla
Platysace valida
Plecostachys serpyllifolia
Plectocomia bractealis
Plectocomia himalayana
Plectocomia lorzingii
Plectocomia mulleri
Plectorrhiza brevilabris
Plectrachne pungens
Plectranthus aegyptiacus
Plectranthus amboinicus
Plectranthus arabicus
Plectranthus blakei
Plectranthus coleoides
Platycerium wandae
Platycrater arguta
Platylobium obtusangulum
Platysace arnhemica
Platysace lanceolata
Platystele stenostachya
Plectocomia assamica
Plectocomia dransfieldiana
Plectocomia kerrana
Plectocomia macrostachya
Plectocomia pierreana
Plectorrhiza tridentata
Plectrachne schinzii
Plectranthus alloplectus
Plectranthus amoenus
Plectranthus argentatus
Plectranthus caninus
Plectranthus comosus
Plectranthus cylindraceus
Plectranthus dolichopodus
Plectranthus ernstii
Plectranthus foetidus
Plectranthus glabratus
Plectranthus grandidentatus
Plectranthus graveolens
Plectranthus hereroensis
Plectranthus leiperi
Plectranthus megadontus
Plectranthus myrianthus
Plectranthus oertendahlii
Plectranthus parviflorus
Plectranthus purpuratus
Plectranthus sanguineus
Plectranthus suaveolens
Plectranthus torrenticola
Plectranthus discolor
Plectranthus ecklonii
Plectranthus esculentus
Plectranthus forsteri
Plectranthus glabriflorus
Plectranthus graniticola
Plectranthus habrophyllus
Plectranthus hilliardiae
Plectranthus mahonii
Plectranthus mirabilis
Plectranthus neochilus
Plectranthus omissus
Plectranthus pentheri
Plectranthus rehmannii
Plectranthus sphaerophyllus
Plectranthus tenuiflorus
Plectranthus trichocarpus
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Plectranthus venteri
Plectrelminthus caudatus
Pleioblastus argenteostriatus
Pleiogynium cerasiferum
Pleiospermium alatum
Pleiospilos dekenahi
Pleiospilos kingiae
Pleiospilos minor
Pleiospilos prismaticus
Pleiospilos willowmorensis
Pleocnemia macrodonta
Pleomele sanderiana
Pleopeltis lanceolata
Pleopeltis pustulata
Pleuranthodium racemigerum
Pleuromanes pallidum
Pleuropterus multiflorus
Plectranthus verticillatus
Plectronia hookeriana
Pleioblastus shibuyanus
Pleiogynium timorense
Pleiospilos bolusii
Pleiospilos dimidiatus
Pleiospilos latifolius
Pleiospilos nelii
Pleiospilos purpusii
Pleiostachya pruinosa
Pleomele goldieana
Pleomele surculosa
Pleopeltis macrocarpa
Pleopeltis uchiyamae
Pleuropetalum darwinii
Pleurospermum amabile
Pleurostima fanniae
Plinia cauliflora
Plocoglottis atroviridis
Pluchea baccharoides
Plumbago coccinea
Plumeria hybrid
Plumeria pudica
Pneumatopteris nitidula
Pleurostylia pachyphloea
Plinia glomerata
Plocoglottis lowii
Pluchea squarrosa
Plumbago indica
Plumeria obtusa
Plumeria rubra
Pneumatopteris pennigera
Pneumatopteris sogerensis
Poa binata
Poa chapmaniana
Poa compressa
Poa crassicaulis
Poa ensiformis
Poa helmsii
Poa iberica
Poa iridifolia
Poa lanigera
Poa litorosa
Poa meionectes
Poa annua
Poa bulbosa
Poa cita
Poa cookii
Poa densa
Poa fawcettiae
Poa hiemata
Poa induta
Poa kirkii
Poa lanuginosa
Poa lowanensis
Poa mollis
Plectranthus zuluensis
Plectrophora spp.
Pleioblastus tsukubensis
Pleione spp.
Pleiospilos compactus
Pleiospilos fergusoniae
Pleiospilos longibracteatus
Pleiospilos peersii
Pleiospilos simulans
Pleocnemia cumingiana
Pleomele marginata
Pleopeltis excavata
Pleopeltis polypodioides
Pleroma sarmentosum
Pleurocalyptus pancheri
Pleurophyllum hookeri
Pleurothallis spp.
Plocama pendula
Ploiarium alternifolium
Plumbago auriculata
Plumeria filifolia
Plumeria obtusifolia
Plumeria stenopetala
Poa badensis
Poa cenisia
Poa clivicola
Poa costiniana
Poa digitata
Poa foliosa
Poa hothamensis
Poa infirma
Poa labillardierei
Poa lipskyi
Poa maniototo
Poa morrisii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Poa nemoralis
Poa pratensis
Poa rodwayi
Poa sieberana
Poa trivialis
Podalyria cuneifolia
Podanthus mitiqui
Podocarpus affinis
Podocarpus chinensis
Podocarpus dawei
Podocarpus elatus
Podocarpus fasciculus
Podocarpus grayae
Podocarpus lambertii
Podocarpus longefoliolatus
Podocarpus maki
Podocarpus montanus
Poa pannonica
Poa pumila
Poa saxicola
Poa stiriaca
Podalyria biflora
Podalyria sericea
Podanthus ovatifolius
Podocarpus aristulatus
Podocarpus chingianus
Podocarpus decumbens
Podocarpus elatus x
Podocarpus ferruginea
Podocarpus henkelii
Podocarpus latifolius
Podocarpus macrocarpus
Podocarpus matudae
Podocarpus nivalis
Podocarpus nubigenus
Podocarpus polystachyus
Podocarpus smithii
Podocarpus taxifolia
Podochilus imitans
Podococcus barteri
Podolepis arachnoidea
Podolepis muelleri
Podolobium alpestre
Podolobium scandens
Podophyllum difforme
Podophyllum hemsleyi
Podophyllum majoense
Podophyllum trilobulus
Podranea ricasoliana
Pogogyne douglasii
Pogostemon cablin
Poikilospermum cordifolium
Polaskia chende
Polemonium boreale
Polemonium carneum
Podocarpus oleifolius
Podocarpus rumphii
Podocarpus spinulosus
Podocarpus totara
Podochilus khasianus
Podocoma hieracifolia
Podolepis hieracioides
Podolepis robusta
Podolobium ilicifolium
Podophyllum aurantiocaule
Podophyllum glaucescens
Podophyllum hexandrum
Podophyllum peltatum
Podophyllum versipelle
Poellnitzia rubriflora
Pogonatherum paniceum
Pogostemon helferi
Poitea carinalis
Polaskia chichipe
Polemonium brandegei
Polemonium confertum
Poa phillipsiana
Poa queenslandica
Poa secunda
Poa tenera
Podalyria calyptrata
Podalyria tinctoria
Podocarpus acutifolia
Podocarpus brassii
Podocarpus cunninghamii
Podocarpus degeneri
Podocarpus elongatus
Podocarpus gnidioides
Podocarpus koordersii
Podocarpus lawrencei
Podocarpus macrophyllus
Podocarpus montana
Podocarpus novaecaledoniae
Podocarpus pilgeri
Podocarpus salignus
Podocarpus subtropicalis
Podochilus australiensis
Podochilus polytrichoides
Podolasia stipitata
Podolepis jaceoides
Podolobium aciculiferum
Podolobium procumbens
Podophyllum delavayi
Podophyllum guangxiensis
Podophyllum mairei
Podophyllum pleianthum
Podranea brycei
Poga oleosa
Pogonolobus reticulatus
Pogostemon heyneanus
Poitea dubia
Polemonium acutiflorum
Polemonium caeruleum
Polemonium elegans
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Polemonium himalayanum
Polemonium liniflorum
Polemonium richardsonii
Polemonium viscosum
Polianthes guttata
Pollia crispata
Polyalthia longifolia
Polyalthia obtusa
Polyaulax cylindrocarpa
Polemonium lacteum
Polemonium occidentale
Polemonium robustum
Polemonium yezoense
Polianthes tuberosa
Pollia macrophylla
Polyalthia michaelii
Polyalthia suberosa
Polycarpon tetraphyllum
Polycycnis spp.
Polygala x dalmaisiana
Polygala major
Polygala calcarea
Polygala dalmaisiana x
Polygala myrtifolia
Polygala palmeri
Polygala vayredae
Polygala rehmannii
Polygala virgata
Polygonatum cathcartii
Polygonatum curvistylum
Polygonatum franchetii
Polygonatum hookeri
Polygonatum inflatum
Polygonatum lasianthum
Polygonatum multiflorum
Polygonatum prattii
Polygonatum stewartianum
Polygonum aviculare
Polygonum paleaceum
Polylepis australis
Polymnia connata
Polypodiodes niponica
Polypodium attenuatum
Polypodium californicum
Polypodium fauriei
Polypodium fraxinifolium
Polypodium japonicum
Polypodium niponicum
Polypodium persicifolium
Polypodium rhodopleuron
Polygonatum cirrhifolium
Polygonatum cyrtonema
Polygonatum fuscum
Polygonatum humile
Polygonatum involucratum
Polygonatum latifolium
Polygonatum odoratum
Polygonatum punctatum
Polygonatum zanlanscianense
Polygonum caurianum
Polygonum tenuicaule
Polylepis pauta
Polyosma cunninghamii
Polypodium acrostichoides
Polypodium australe
Polypodium dissimile
Polypodium feuillei
Polypodium furfuraceum
Polypodium loriceum
Polypodium pappei
Polypodium polycarpon
Polypodium scouleri
Polemonium laxiflorum
Polemonium pulcherrimum
Polemonium vanbruntiae
Polianthes geminiflora
Poliothyrsis sinensis
Polyalthia littoralis
Polyalthia nitidissima
Polyandrococos caudescens
Polygala chamaebuxus
Polygala duarteana
Polygala myrtifolia x
Polygala sinaica
Polygonatum cryptanthum
Polygonatum filipes
Polygonatum hirtellum
Polygonatum x hybridum
Polygonatum kingianum
Polygonatum macranthum
Polygonatum oppositifolium
Polygonatum sibiricum
Polygonum arenastrum
Polygonum hydropiper
Polygonum vaccinifolium
Polymita albiflora
Polyphlebium venosum
Polypodium aspidiolepis
Polypodium billardierei
Polypodium evecta
Polypodium formosanum
Polypodium grandiceps
Polypodium nigrescens
Polypodium pellucidum
Polypodium punctatum
Polypodium subauriculatum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Polypodium vulgare
Polypogon viridis
Polyscias australiana
Polyscias elegans
Polyscias grandifolia
Polyscias nodosa
Polyspatha paniculata
Polyspora tonkinensis
Polystichum aquilinum
Polystichum x bicknellii
Polystichum craspedosorum
Polystichum fallax
Polystichum fortunei
Polystichum lachenense
Polystichum munitum
Polystichum proliferum
Polypogon maritimus
Polypompholyx multifida
Polyscias cissodendron
Polyscias fruticosa
Polyscias guilfoylei
Polyscias sambucifolia
Polyspora axillaris
Polystachya spp.
Polystichum australiense
Polystichum blepharistegium
Polystichum dudleyi
Polystichum formosanum
Polystichum fragile
Polystichum lentum
Polystichum neolobatum
Polystichum pungens
Polystichum richardii
Polystichum setiferum
Polystichum squarrosum
Polystichum tripteron
Polystichum woronowii
Polytrichum commune
Polyxena corymbosa
Polyxena maughanii
Polyxena pygmaea
Pomaderris angustifolia
Pomaderris aspera
Pomaderris bilocularis
Pomaderris cinerea
Pomaderris cotoneaster
Pomaderris elliptica
Pomaderris flabellaris
Pomaderris helianthemifolia
Pomaderris intermedia x
Pomaderris ledifolia
Pomaderris multiflora
Pomaderris obcordata
Pomaderris parrisiae
Polystichum rigens
Polystichum setigerum
Polystichum tagawanum
Polystichum vestitum
Polystichum xiphophyllum
Polytrichum juniperinum
Polyxena ensifolia
Polyxena odorata
Pomaderris affinis
Pomaderris apetala
Pomaderris aurea
Pomaderris brogoensis
Pomaderris cocoparrana
Pomaderris discolor
Pomaderris eriocephala
Pomaderris gilmourii
Pomaderris humilis
Pomaderris kumeraho
Polypogon monspeliensis
Polypompholyx tenella
Polyscias cumingiana
Polyscias fulva
Polyscias murrayi
Polyscias willmottii
Polyspora speciosa
Polystichum andersonii
Polystichum berterianum
Polystichum braunii
Polystichum echinatum
Polystichum formosum
Polystichum horizontale
Polystichum makinoi
Polystichum polyblepharum
Polystichum retrosopaleaceum
Polystichum scopulinum
Polystichum silvaticum
Polystichum triangulum
Polystichum whiteleggii
Polytoca digitata
Polyxena angustifolia
Polyxena haemanthoides
Polyxena paucifolia
Pomaderris andromedifolia
Pomaderris argyrophylla
Pomaderris betulina
Pomaderris brunnea
Pomaderris costata
Pomaderris elachophylla
Pomaderris ferruginea
Pomaderris halmaturina
Pomaderris intermedia
Pomaderris lanigera
Pomaderris ligustrina
Pomaderris nitidula
Pomaderris oraria
Pomaderris pauciflora
Pomaderris mediora
Pomaderris notata
Pomaderris pallida
Pomaderris phylicifolia
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Pomaderris pilifera
Pomaderris queenslandica
Pomaderris rugosa
Pomaderris vacciniifolia
Pomaderris virgata
Pomatocalpa latifolium
Pomax umbellata
Ponapea ledermanniana
Pontederia cordata
Populus x acuminata
Populus argenteus
Populus ciliata
Pomaderris precaria
Pomaderris racemosa
Pomaderris subcapitata
Pomaderris vellea
Pomaria rubicunda
Pomatocalpa macphersonii
Pometia pinnata
Poncirus trifoliata
Pontederia rotundifolia
Populus alba
Populus x canadensis
Populus deltoides
Populus euphratica
Populus hopeiensis
Populus nigra
Populus x roxbury
Populus tremula
Porana sericea
Poranthera ericifolia
Porlieria microphylla
Porphyroglottis maxwelliae
Portea fosteriana
Portea leptantha x
Hohenbergia ridleyi
Portulaca decipiens
Portulaca lutea
Portulaca pilosa
Portulaca villosa
Posoqueria longiflora
Postuera longifolia
Potamogeton mucronatus
Potentilla agyrophylla
Potentilla ambigua
Potentilla atrosanguinea
Potentilla brauniana
Potentilla concinna
Potentilla desertorum
Potentilla dombeyi
Potentilla eriocarpa
Populus euroamericana
Populus lasiocarpa
Populus pseudograndidentata
Populus simonii
Populus tremuloides
Poranopsis paniculata
Poraqueiba paraensis
Porphyrocoma pohliana
Porroglossum spp.
Portea kermesina
Portlandia grandiflora
Pomaderris prunifolia
Pomaderris reperta
Pomaderris tropica
Pomaderris velutina
Pomatocalpa diffusum
Pomatocalpa marsupiale
Ponapea hosinoi
Pongelion vilmorinianum
Ponthieva maculata
Populus alba x tremuloides
Populus cathayana
Populus deltoides x
Populus x generosa
Populus maximowiczii
Populus pyramidalis
Populus szechuanica
Populus yunnanensis
Poranthera corymbosa
Poraqueiba sericea
Porphyrodesme papuana
Portea alatisepala
Portea petropolitana
Portlandia platantha
Portulaca grandiflora
Portulaca molokiniensis
Portulaca rosae
Portulacaria afra
Posoqueria macropus
Potamogeton australiensis
Potamogeton octandrus
Potentilla alchemilloides
Potentilla andicola
Potentilla x aurantiaca
Potentilla calabra
Potentilla coriandrifolia
Potentilla detommasii
Potentilla drummondii
Potentilla fissa
Portulaca kermesina
Portulaca oleracea
Portulaca thellusonii
Posoqueria latifolia
Posoqueria multiflora
Potamogeton gayi
Potamogeton sulcatus
Potentilla ambigens
Potentilla apennina
Potentilla biflora
Potentilla clusiana
Potentilla delphinensis
Potentilla dickinsii
Potentilla erecta
Potentilla flabellifolia
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Potentilla frigida
Potentilla haynaldiana
Potentilla hookeriana
Potentilla x menziesii
Potentilla nana
Potentilla nipponica
Potentilla ovina
Potentilla polyphylla
Potentilla pyrenaica
Potentilla thurberi
Potentilla umbrosa
Pothos chinensis
Pothuava kleinii
Pourthiaea beauverdiana
Pouteria asterocarpon
Pouteria caimito
Pouteria chartacea
Pouteria eerwah
Pouteria gardneriana
Pouteria lucuma
Pouteria multiflora
Pouteria papyracea
Pouteria pohlmaniana
Pouteria richardii
Pouteria sericea
Pouteria splendens
Pouteria unmackiana
Pouteria viridis
Pouteria xylocarpa
Praecereus saxicola
Prasophyllum alpinum
Prasophyllum brevilabre
Prasophyllum odoratum
Prasophyllum patens
Pratia macrodon
Pratia platycalyx
Pratia surrepens
Prenia sladeniana
Prestoea acuminata
Potentilla geoides
Potentilla heptaphylla
Potentilla incisa
Potentilla mirabilis
Potentilla nepalensis
Potentilla nitida
Potentilla pamiroalaica
Potentilla pulcherrima
Potentilla recta
Potentilla x tonguei
Pothos acaule
Pothos longipes
x Potinara spp.
Pouteria arguacoensium
Pouteria australis
Pouteria campechiana
Pouteria cotinifolia
Pouteria egassia
Pouteria glomerata
Pouteria macrophylla
Pouteria myrsinifolia
Pouteria pariry
Pouteria queenslandica
Pouteria salicifolia
Pouteria singuliflora
Pouteria torta
Pouteria valparadisaea
Pouteria wakere
Pozoa volcanica
Praecitrullus fistulosus
Prasophyllum archeri
Prasophyllum flavum
Prasophyllum pallidum
Prasophyllum ringens
Pratia pedunculata
Pratia puberula
Premna lignum-vitae
Prenia tetragona
Prestoea carderi
Potentilla grandiflora
Potentilla hippiana
Potentilla megalantha
Potentilla montegrina
Potentilla neumanniana
Potentilla nivea
Potentilla pedata
Potentilla pulvinaris
Potentilla rupestris
Potentilla tonguei
Pothos brassii
Pothos scandens
Pourouma cecropiifolia
Pouteria arnhemica
Pouteria brownlessiana
Pouteria castanosperma
Pouteria durlandii
Pouteria euphlebia
Pouteria grandifolia
Pouteria malaccensis
Pouteria myrsinodendron
Pouteria pearsoniorum
Pouteria ramiflora
Pouteria sapota
Pouteria speciosa
Pouteria ucuqui
Pouteria venosa
Pouteria xerocarpa
Praecereus euchlorus
Prasium majus
Prasophyllum australe
Prasophyllum frenchii
Prasophyllum parviflorum
Prasophyllum suttonii
Pratia physaloides
Pratia purpurascens
Premna microphylla
Prepodesma orpenii
Prestoea decurrens
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Prestoea longipetiolata
Primula agleniana
Primula alpicola
Primula atrodentata
Primula baileyana
Primula bellidifolia
Primula bracteosa
Primula calliantha
Primula caveana
Primula chapaensis
Primula clusiana
Primula cortusoides
Primula daonensis
Primula denticulata
Primula dryadifolia
Primula elliptica
Primula falcifolia
Primula firmipes
Primula frondosa
Primula gemmifera
Primula glaucescens
Primula griffithii
Primula heucherifolia
Primula integrifolia
Primula japonica
Primula kitaibeliana
Primula luteola
Primula marginata
Primula mistassinica
Primula morsheadiana
Primula nivalis
Primula obtusifolia
Primula parryi
Primula pinnatifida
Primula praenitens
Primula pseudocapitata
Primula pumilio
Primula reidii
Primula ruprechtii
Priestleya laevigata
Primula algida
Primula angustifolia
Primula aurantiaca
Primula baldshuanica
Primula boothii
Primula burmanica
Primula capitata
Primula cawdoriana
Primula chionantha
Primula cockburniana
Primula cuneifolia
Primula darialica
Primula deorum
Primula edelbergii
Primula elongata
Primula farinifolia
Primula flaccida
Primula gambeliana
Primula geraniifolia
Primula glutinosa
Primula halleri
Primula hirsuta
Primula involucrata
Primula jesoana
Primula latifolia
Primula macrophylla
Primula minima
Primula modesta
Primula muscarioides
Primula obconica
Primula optata
Primula pedemontana
Primula poissonii
Primula prenantha
Primula pulchella
Primula purdomii
Primula rhodochroa
Primula rusbyi
Primula advena
Primula allionii
Primula apennina
Primula auricula
Primula bella
Primula bracteata
Primula calderiana
Primula carniolica
Primula cernua
Primula chungensis
Primula concholoba
Primula cusickiana
Primula deflexa
Primula dickieana
Primula elatior
Primula erosa
Primula fimbriata
Primula forrestii
Primula gaubaeana
Primula glabra
Primula gracilipes
Primula heterochroma
Primula x hybrids
Primula ioessa
Primula kisoana
Primula laurentiana
Primula malacoides
Primula minkwitziae
Primula mollis
Primula nanobella
Primula obliqua
Primula palinuri
Primula petiolaris
Primula polyneura
Primula prolifera
Primula pulchra
Primula redolens
Primula rosea
Primula sapphirina
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Primula saxatilis
Primula secundiflora
Primula sonchifolia
Primula tangutica
Primula tsariensis
Primula veris
Primula villosa
Primula waltonii
Primula wilsonii
Primula wulfeniana
Pringlea antiscorbutica
Prionophyllum maritimum
Prismatocarpus pedunculatus
Pritchardia arecina
Pritchardia forbesiana
Pritchardia hillebrandii
Pritchardia limahuliensis
Pritchardia martii
Pritchardia napaliensis
Pritchardia perlmanii
Pritchardia thurstonii
Pritchardia waialealeana
Procris pedunculata
Pronaya elegans
Pronephrium triphyllum
Prostanthera askania
Prostanthera caerulea
Prostanthera cineolifera
Prostanthera cuneata
Prostanthera densa
Prostanthera euphrasioides
Prostanthera granitica
Prostanthera howelliae
Prostanthera incisa
Prostanthera lasianthos
Prostanthera linearis
Prostanthera melissifolia
Prostanthera nivea
Prostanthera parvifolia
Primula scandinavica
Primula sherriffiae
Primula strumosa
Primula tanneri
Primula turkestanica
Primula verticillata
Primula viscosa
Primula watsonii
Primula wollastonii
Primula yuparensis
Prinsepia sinensis
Prionotes cerinthoides
Pristiglottis montana
Pritchardia aylmer-robinsonii
Pritchardia gaudichaudii
Pritchardia kaalae
Pritchardia lowreyana
Pritchardia minor
Pritchardia pacifica
Pritchardia remota
Pritchardia viscosa
Proboscidea lutea
Proiphys cunninghamii
Pronaya fraseri
Prosartes smithii
Prostanthera aspalathoides
Prostanthera calycina
Prostanthera cruciflora
Prostanthera debilis
Prostanthera denticulata
Prostanthera eurybioides
Prostanthera hindii
Prostanthera hybrid
Prostanthera junonis
Prostanthera latifolia
Prostanthera lithospermoides
Prostanthera microphylla
Prostanthera odoratissima
Prostanthera phylicifolia
Primula scapigera
Primula sieboldii
Primula suffrutescens
Primula tibetica
Primula tyrolensis
Primula vialii
Primula vulgaris
Primula whitei
Primula woodwardii
Primulina tabacum
Prinsepia uniflora
Prismatocarpus fruticosus
Pritchardia affinis
Pritchardia beccariana
Pritchardia hardyi
Pritchardia lanaiensis
Pritchardia maideniana
Pritchardia munroi
Pritchardia pericularum
Pritchardia schattaueri
Pritchardia vuylstekeana
Procris insularis
Promenaea spp.
Pronephrium asperum
Prosopidastrum mexicanum
Prostanthera behriana
Prostanthera chlorantha
Prostanthera cryptandroides
Prostanthera decussata
Prostanthera discolor
Prostanthera florifera
Prostanthera hirtula
Prostanthera incana
Prostanthera lanceolata
Prostanthera leichhardtii
Prostanthera marifolia
Prostanthera monticola
Prostanthera ovalifolia
Prostanthera porcata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Prostanthera prunelloides
Prostanthera rotundifolia
Prostanthera scutellarioides
Prostanthera stricta
Prostanthera violacea
Protasparagus macowanii
Protea amplexicaulis
Protea barbigera
Protea canaliculata
Protea coronata
Protea denticulata
Protea gaguedi
Protea hybrids
Protea lanceolata
Protea lepidocarpodendron
Protea magnifica
Protea nana
Protea obtusifolia
Protea punctata
Protea roupelliae
Protea scabriuscula
Protea speciosa
Protea subvestita
Protea welwitschii
Protium copal
Prumnopitys amara
Prumnopitys ferruginoides
Prumnopitys taxifolia
Prunella vulgaris
Prunus alaica
Prunus avium
Prunus x blireiana
Prunus campanulata x incisa
Prunus cerasifera
Prunus cerasus x canescens
Prunus davidiana
Prunus domestica
Prunus fremontii
Prunus grisea
Prostanthera rhombea
Prostanthera rugosa
Prostanthera spinosa
Prostanthera suborbicularis
Prostanthera walteri
Protea acaulos
Protea aristata
Protea burchellii
Protea compacta
Protea cynaroides
Protea effusa
Protea grandiceps
Protea lacticolor
Protea latifolia
Protea longifolia
Protea minor
Protea neriifolia
Protea pudens
Protea recondita
Protea rubropilosa
Protea scolymocephala
Protea stokoei
Protea susannae
Protea witzenbergiana
Proustia cuneifolia
Prumnopitys andina
Prumnopitys ladei
Prunella hyssopifolia
Prunella x webbiana
Prunus ansu
Prunus avium x cerasus
Prunus bokhariensis
Prunus canescens
Prunus cerasoides
Prunus conradinae
Prunus dawyckensis
Prunus dulcis
Prunus fruticosa
Prunus hirtipes
Prostanthera ringens
Prostanthera saxicola
Prostanthera staurophylla
Prostanthera teretifolia
Protarum sechellarum
Protea acuminata
Protea aurea
Protea caffra
Protea cordata
Protea decurrens
Protea eximia
Protea holosericea
Protea laevis
Protea laurifolia
Protea lorifolia
Protea mundii
Protea nitida
Protea pulchra
Protea repens
Protea scabra
Protea simplex
Protea subpulchella
Protea venusta
Protea xanthoconus
Proustia pyrifolia
Prumnopitys ferruginea
Prumnopitys montana
Prunella incisa
Prunus alabamensis
Prunus armeniaca
Prunus bifrons
Prunus bucharica
Prunus capollin
Prunus cerasus
Prunus x dasycarpa
Prunus dielsiana
Prunus fenzliana
Prunus grayana
Prunus hortulana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Prunus ilicifolia
Prunus incisa x serrula
Prunus lusitanica
Prunus mahaleb
Prunus nipponica
Prunus x persicoides
Prunus pseudocerasus
Prunus salicina x persica
Prunus x schmittii
Prunus serrulata
Prunus simonii
Prunus tenella
Prunus virginiana
Psammophora longifolia
Psathyrostachys juncea
Pseudaechmanthera glutinosa
Prunus incana
Prunus x kanzakura
Prunus lyonii
Prunus maximowiczii
Prunus padus
Prunus x pollardii
Prunus pumila
Prunus sargentii
Prunus serotina
Prunus sibirica
Prunus spinosa
Prunus texana
Prunus webbii
Psammophora modesta
Psephellus kopet-daghensis
Pseudananas sagenarius
Pseudanthus pimeleoides
Pseudarthria viscida
Pseuderanthemum andersonii
Pseudanthus virgatus
Pseudeminia comosa
Pseuderanthemum kewense
Pseuderanthemum indicum
Pseuderanthemum repandum
Prunus incisa
Prunus laurocerasus
Prunus maackii
Prunus mume
Prunus persica
Prunus prostrata
Prunus salicina
Prunus sato-zakura
Prunus serrula
Prunus x sieboldii
Prunus subhirtella
Prunus triloba x spinosa
Przewalskia tangutica
Psathyrostachys huashanica
Psephellus simplicicaulis
Pseudarthria hookeri
Pseuderanthemum alatum
Pseuderanthemum cooperi
Pseuderanthemum seticalyx
Pseuderanthemum sinuatum
Pseuderanthemum tricolor
Pseudobombax ellipticum
Pseudocaryopteris bicolor
Pseudobombax grandiflorum
Pseudocydonia sinensis
Pseudodrynaria coronans
Pseudolarix amabilis
Pseudolithos dodsonianus
Pseudomuscari chalusicum
Pseudomussaenda flava
Pseudopanax colensoi
Pseudoeriosema borianii
Pseudognaphalium luteoalbum
Pseudolithos caput-viperae
Pseudolithos mccoyi
Pseudomitrocereus fulviceps
Pseudocarapa nitidula
Pseudofumaria lutea
Pseudolithos cubiformis
Pseudolithos migiurtinus
Pseudomuscari azureum
Pseudomuscari coeleste
Pseudopanax arboreus
Pseudopanax crassifolius
Pseudomuscari pallens
Pseudopanax chathamicus
Pseudopanax discolor
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Pseudopanax discolor x
Pseudopanax laetus
Pseudophegopteris aurita
Pseudophoenix lediniana
Pseudoraphis paradoxa
Pseudorhipsalis himantoclada
Pseudoroegneria spicata
Pseudosasa hamadae
Pseudostellaria heterophylla
Pseudotsuga menziesii
Pseudowintera traversii
Pseudopanax ferox
Pseudopanax gunnii
Pseudopanax lessonii
Pseudophegopteris paludosa
Pseudophoenix sargentii
Pseudorhipsalis acuminata
Pseudorhipsalis lankesteri
Pseudosamanea cubana
Pseudosasa japonica
Pseudopanax simplex
Pseudophoenix ekmanii
Pseudophoenix vinifera
Pseudorhipsalis alata
Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa
Pseudosasa amabilis
Pseudotsuga macrocarpa
Pseudovanilla foliata
Pseudowintera colorata
Pseudotsuga japonica
Pseudotsuga sinensis
Pseudowintera axillaris
Psiadia viscosa
Psidium cuneifolium
Psidium montanum
Psilanthus bengalensis
Psilocaulon parviflorum
Psilotum complanatum
Psophocarpus scandens
Psoralea aphylla
Psoralea parva
Psoralea pustulata
Psychopsiella limminghei
Psychotria carronis
Psychotria daphnoides
Psidium acutangulum
Psidium guajava
Psidium sartorianum
Psilocaulon bicorne
Psilocaulon subnodosum
Psiloxylon mauritianum
Psophocarpus tetragonolobus
Psoralea badocana
Psoralea pinnata
Psychanthus racemiger
Psychotria asiatica
Psychotria carthagenensis
Psychotria gardenioides
Psychotria kirkii
Psychotria pervillei
Psychotria sarmentosa
Psychotria viridis
Psychrophila phylloptera
Psydrax oleifolia
Psylliostachys suworowii
Pteridium lineare
Pteridophyllum racemosum
Pteris aspericaulis
Psychotria laurentii
Psychotria poliostemma
Psychotria serpens
Psychotria zombamontana
Psydrax latifolia
Psydrax whitei
Pteleopsis myrtifolia
Pteridoblechnum acuminatum
Pteris altissima
Pteris biaurita
Psiadia trinervia
Psidium cattleianum
Psidium humile
Psidium sintenisii
Psilocaulon corallinum
Psilocaulon tenue
Psophocarpus lancifolius
Psoralea aculeata
Psoralea gueinzii
Psoralea plumosa
Psychilis atropurpurea
Psychotria capensis
Psychotria coelospermum
Psychotria loniceroides
Psychotria rubra
Psychotria simmondsiana
Psychrophila introloba
Psydrax odorata
Psygmorchis spp.
Pteridium falcatum
Pteridoblechnum neglectum
Pteris argyraea
Pteris buchananii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Pteris cadieri
Pteris dalhousiae
Pteris excelsa
Pteris kingiana
Pteris macilenta
Pteris oshimensis
Pteris quadriaurita
Pteris tremula
Pterocactus fischeri
Pterocactus kuntzei
Pterocactus valentinii
Pterocarpus brenanii
Pterocarpus lucens
Pterocarpus osun
Pterocarpus vernalis
Pterocarya rehderiana
Pterocaulon glandulosum
Pterocephalus dumetorum
Pterocephalus porphyranthus
Pteroceras x Sarcochilus spp.
Pteronia camphorata
Pteris comans
Pteris dentata
Pteris fauriei
Pteris laurisilvicola
Pteris microptera
Pteris pacifica
Pteris ryukyuensis
Pteris umbrosa
Pterocactus gonjianii
Pterocactus megliolii
Pterocarpus acapulcensis
Pterocarpus dalbergioides
Pterocarpus macrocarpus
Pterocarpus santalinus
Pterocarpus violaceus
Pterocarya rhoifolia
Pteroceltis tatarinowii
Pterocephalus parnassii
Pteroceras chrysanthum
Pterodiscus aurantiacus
Pterospermum acerifolium
Pterospermum lanceifolium
Pterostyrax corymbosus
Pterygodium catholicum
Pterygota brasiliensis
Ptilotus atriplicifolius
Ptychococcus arecinus
Ptychococcus kraemerianus
Ptycholobium biflorum
Ptychopetalum olacoides
Ptychosperma buabe
Ptychosperma cuneatum
Ptychosperma hentyi
Ptychosperma mambare
Ptychosperma nicolai
Ptychosperma propinquum
Pterospermum xylocarpum
Pterostyrax hispidus
Pterygopappus lawrencei
Pteryxia terebinthina
Ptilotus beckerianus
Ptychococcus elatus
Ptychococcus lepidotus
Ptycholobium contortum
Ptychosperma ambiguum
Ptychosperma burretianum
Ptychosperma elegans
Ptychosperma hosinoi
Ptychosperma lineare
Ptychosperma micranthum
Ptychosperma palauense
Ptychosperma pullenii
Pteris cretica
Pteris ensiformis
Pteris inaequalis
Pteris longifolia
Pteris multifida
Pteris pedicellata
Pteris schlechteri
Pteris wallichiana
Pterocactus hickenii
Pterocactus reticulatus
Pterocarpus angolensis
Pterocarpus indicus
Pterocarpus marsupium
Pterocarpus soyauxii
Pterocarya hupehensis
Pterocarya tonkinensis
Pterocephalus depressus
Pterocephalus perennis
Pteroceras pallidum
Pterodiscus ngamicus
Pterostylis spp.
Pterostyrax psilophyllus
Pterygota alata
Ptilotrichum spinosum
Ptychococcus archboldianus
Ptychococcus guppyanus
Ptychococcus paradoxus
Ptychomnion aciculare
Ptychosperma bleeseri
Ptychosperma caryotoides
Ptychosperma furcatum
Ptychosperma lauterbachii
Ptychosperma macarthurii
Ptychosperma microcarpum
Ptychosperma praemorsum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Ptychosperma rosselense
Ptychosperma schefferi
Ptychosperma vestitum
Puccinellia ciliata
Puccinellia limosa
Puccinellia macra
Pueraria pulcherrima
Pulmonaria longifolia
Pulmonaria vulgaris
Pulsatilla cernua
Pulsatilla montana
Pulsatilla regeliana
Pulsatilla turczaninovii
Pulsatilla vulgaris
Pultenaea altissima
Pultenaea benthamii
Pultenaea capitata
Pultenaea cunninghamii
Pultenaea densifolia
Pultenaea echinula
Pultenaea flexilis
Pultenaea gunnii
Pultenaea juniperina
Pultenaea laxiflora
Pultenaea mollis
Pultenaea parrisiae
Pultenaea petiolaris
Pultenaea prostrata
Pultenaea scabra
Pultenaea spinosa
Pultenaea stuartiana
Pultenaea subternata
Pultenaea tuberculata
Pultenaea viscosa
Pultenaea williamsoniana
Pupalia lappacea
Purshia mexicana
Puya berteroniana
Puya coerulea
Ptychosperma salomonense
Ptychosperma streimannii
Ptychosperma waitianum
Puccinellia distans
Puccinellia lucida
Puccinellia sevangensis
Pulicaria canariensis
Pulmonaria mollis
Pulsatilla alpina
Pulsatilla georgica
Pulsatilla myrrhidifolia
Pulsatilla rubra
Pulsatilla vernalis
Pulsatilla zimmermannii
Pultenaea aristata
Pultenaea blakelyi
Pultenaea capitellata
Pultenaea d'altonii
Pultenaea dentata
Pultenaea euchila
Pultenaea foliolosa
Pultenaea hispidula
Pultenaea lapidosa
Pultenaea luehmannii
Pultenaea paleacea
Pultenaea parviflora
Pultenaea polifolia
Pultenaea retusa
Pultenaea selaginoides
Pultenaea stipularis
Pultenaea subalpina
Pultenaea tenella
Pultenaea villosa
Pultenaea weindorferi
Punica granatum
Pupalia micrantha
Putterlickia pyracantha
Puya boliviensis
Puya dasylirioides
Ptychosperma sanderianum
Ptychosperma tagulense
Puccinellia angustata
Puccinellia gigantea
Puccinellia macquariensis
Pueraria phaseoloides
Pullea stutzeri
Pulmonaria officinalis
Pulsatilla campanella
Pulsatilla koreana
Pulsatilla patens
Pulsatilla sulphurea
Pulsatilla violacea
Pultenaea acerosa
Pultenaea baeuerlenii
Pultenaea canescens
Pultenaea costata
Pultenaea daphnoides
Pultenaea divaricata
Pultenaea ferruginea
Pultenaea graveolens
Pultenaea humilis
Pultenaea largiflorens
Pultenaea microphylla
Pultenaea paludosa
Pultenaea pedunculata
Pultenaea procumbens
Pultenaea rigida
Pultenaea sericea
Pultenaea stricta
Pultenaea subspicata
Pultenaea trichophylla
Pultenaea viscidula
Pultenaea whiteana
Punica grandiflora
Purpureostemon ciliatus
Puya alpestris
Puya chilensis
Puya ferruginea
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Puya floccosa
Puya laxa
Puya raimondii
Puya venusta
Pycnanthemum verticillatum
Pycnosorus globosus
Pycnospatha arietina
Pycnostachys speciosa
Pygmaeocereus bylesianus
Puya furfuracea
Puya mirabilis
Puya roezlii
Pycnanthemum muticum
Pycnanthemum virginianum
Pycnosorus pleiocephalus
Pycnostachys dawei
Pycnostachys urticifolia
Pyracantha coccinea
Pyrenaria microcarpa
Pyrola grandiflora
Pyrorchis spp.
Pyrrhocactus limariensis
Pyrrosia dielsii
Pyrrosia lanceolata
Pyrrosia mollis
Pyrrosia polydactylis
Pyrrosia serpens
Pyrrosia varia
Pyrenaria spectabilis
Pyrola rotundifolia
Pyrostegia venusta
Pyrrosia christii
Pyrrosia eleagnifolia
Pyrrosia lingua
Pyrrosia niphoboloides
Pyrrosia rupestris
Pyrrosia sphaerosticha
Pyrrosia winkleri
Pyrus betulifolia
Pyrus calleryana
Pyrus cossonii
Pyrus gharbiana
Pyrus nivalis
Pyrus pyrifolia
Pyrus turcomanica
Quaqua arida
Quassia amara
Quercus acutifolia
Quercus alba
Quercus arkansana
Quercus berberidifolia
Quercus buckleyi
Quercus candicans
Quercus cerris
Quercus chrysolepis
Quercus x comptonae
Quercus dalechampii
Pyrus boissieriana
Pyrus x canescens
Pyrus elaeagrifolia
Pyrus korshinskyi
Pyrus pashia
Pyrus salicifolia
Pyrus ussuriensis
Quaqua mammillaris
Quercifilix zeylanica
Quercus acutissima
Quercus alnifolia
Quercus austrina
Quercus bicolor
Quercus canariensis
Quercus castanea
Quercus chapmanii
Quercus coccifera
Quercus crassifolia
Quercus delavayi
Puya humilis
Puya pyramidata
Puya spathacea
Pycnanthemum setosum
Pycnosorus chrysanthus
Pycnosorus thompsonianus
Pycnostachys reticulata
Pycreus sanguinolentus
Pyracantha coccinea x
Pyrethrum coccineum
Pyrolirion flavum
Pyrrhobryum paramattense
Pyrrosia confluens
Pyrrosia fallax
Pyrrosia longifolia
Pyrrosia penangiana
Pyrrosia samarensis
Pyrrosia subfurfuracea
Pyrus amygdaliformis x
Pyrus bretschneideri
Pyrus communis
Pyrus fauriei
Pyrus mamorensis
Pyrus x phaeocarpa
Pyrus x serrulata
Qiongzhuea tumidinoda
Quararibea obliquifolia
Quercus acuta
Quercus agrifolia
Quercus anatolica
Quercus x bebbiana
Quercus boissieri
Quercus canariensis x robur
Quercus castaneifolia
Quercus chenii
Quercus coccinea
Quercus x crenata
Quercus dentata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Quercus douglasii
Quercus ellipsoidalis
Quercus fabri
Quercus franchetii
Quercus gambelii
Quercus gilva
Quercus griffithii
Quercus hemisphaerica
Quercus imbricaria
Quercus john-tuckeri
Quercus kingiana
Quercus lanata
Quercus x leana
Quercus lobata x robur
Quercus lusitanica
Quercus macranthera x
Quercus mexicana
Quercus montana
Quercus nigra
Quercus pagoda
Quercus phellos
Quercus pubescens
Quercus robur
Quercus rugosa
Quercus salicina
Quercus semiserrata
Quercus shumardii
Quercus suber
Quercus tomentella
Quercus uxoris
Quercus velutina
Quercus xalapensis
Quesnelia blanda
Quesnelia lateralis
Quesnelia quesneliana
Quiabentia zehntneri
Quintinia fawkneri
Quisqualis indica
Quercus dumosa
Quercus emoryi
Quercus falcata
Quercus fruticosa
Quercus garryana
Quercus glauca
Quercus grisea
Quercus x heterophylla
Quercus ithaburensis
Quercus kelloggii
Quercus laevis
Quercus laurifolia
Quercus libani
Quercus longinux
Quercus lyrata
Quercus macrocarpa
Quercus durata
Quercus engelmannii
Quercus frainetto
Quercus galeotti
Quercus georgiana
Quercus graciliformis
Quercus hartwissiana
Quercus ilex
Quercus jenseniana
Quercus kerrii
Quercus lamellosa
Quercus laurina
Quercus lobata
Quercus longipes
Quercus macranthera
Quercus marilandica
Quercus michauxii
Quercus muehlenbergii
Quercus obtusata
Quercus palustris
Quercus phillyraeoides
Quercus pubescens x petraea
Quercus robur x canariensis
Quercus rysophylla
Quercus x saulii
Quercus serrata
Quercus skinneri
Quercus texana
Quercus trojana
Quercus vaccinifolia
Quercus virginiana
x Quesistrum hybrids
Quesnelia humilis
Quesnelia liboniana
Quesnelia testudo
Quillaja brasiliensis
Quintinia sieberi
Quisqualis mussaendiflora
Quercus mongolica
Quercus myrsinaefolia
Quercus oglethorpensis
Quercus petraea
Quercus polymorpha
Quercus pyrenaica
Quercus rubra
Quercus sadleriana
Quercus x schochiana
Quercus serratifolia
Quercus stellata
Quercus tlemcenensis
Quercus x turneri
Quercus variabilis
Quercus wislizeni
Quesnelia arvensis
Quesnelia imbricata
Quesnelia marmorata
Quiabentia verticillata
Quillaja saponaria
Quintinia verdonii
Rabiea albinota
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Rabiea albipuncta
Rabiea lesliei
Racinaea multiflora
Racopilum cuspidigerum
Radermachera frondosa
Radermachera sinica
Raffenaldia primuloides
Ramonda serbica
Randia benthamiana
Randia echinocarpa
Randia hirta
Randia sessilis
Rangaeris spp.
Ranunculus amerophyllus
Ranunculus arvensis
Ranunculus biternatus
Ranunculus caucasicus
Rabiea cibdela
Racinaea commixa
Racinaea spiculosa
Racosperma leptostachyum
Radermachera gigantea
Radermachera xylocarpa
Raimannia indecora
Randia armata
Randia chartacea
Randia fitzalanii
Randia macrantha
Randia stipulosa
Ranunculus acaulis
Ranunculus amplexicaulis
Ranunculus asiaticus
Ranunculus buchananii
Ranunculus collinus
Ranunculus divaricatus
Ranunculus glabrifolius
Ranunculus grandifolius
Ranunculus insignis
Ranunculus lyallii
Ranunculus muelleri
Ranunculus niphophilus
Ranunculus papulentus
Ranunculus pseudolowii
Ranunculus sericocephalus
Ranunculus undosus
Raoulia australis
Raoulia grandiflora
Raoulia hookeri
Raoulia monroi
Raoulia tenuicaulis
Rapanea howittiana
Rapanea ralstoniae
Raphanus oleifer
Raphia africana
Raphia gentiliana
Ranunculus eichlerianus
Ranunculus glacialis
Ranunculus graniticola
Ranunculus kamchaticus
Ranunculus mentiens
Ranunculus muricatus
Ranunculus nivicola
Ranunculus pimpinellifolius
Ranunculus pyrenaeus
Ranunculus serpens
Ranunculus victoriensis
Raoulia eximia
Raoulia haastii
Raoulia lutescens
Raoulia parkii
Rapanea benthamiana
Rapanea platystigma
Rapanea subsessilis
Raphanus raphanistrum
Raphia australis
Raphia hookeri
Rabiea difformis
Racinaea contorta
Racinaea undulifolia
Radermachera fenicis
Radermachera pinnata
Radinosiphon leptostachya
Ramonda nathaliae
Randia audasii
Randia disperma
Randia formosa
Randia moorei
Randia vitiensis
Ranunculus acrophilus
Ranunculus anemoneus
Ranunculus baurii
Ranunculus calandrinioides
Ranunculus ficaria
Ranunculus gramineus
Ranunculus gunnianus
Ranunculus lappaceus
Ranunculus millanii
Ranunculus nanus
Ranunculus pachyrrhizus
Ranunculus prasinus
Ranunculus scapiger
Ranunculus trilobus
Ranzania japonica
Raoulia glabra
Raoulia hectori
Raoulia mammillaris
Raoulia subsericea
Rapanea crassifolia
Rapanea porosa
Rapanea variabilis
Raphanus sativus
Raphia farinifera
Raphia laurentii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Raphia longiflora
Raphia monbuttorum
Raphia ruwenzorica
Raphia taedigera
Raphiolepis delacourii
Raphionacme hirsuta
Ratibida columnifera
Raukaua laetevirens
Rauvolfia caffra
Rauvolfia verticillata
Ravenala guyanensis
Ravenea dransfieldii
Ravenea julietiae
Ravenea latisecta
Ravenea moorei
Ravenea sambiranensis
Rayjacksonia phyllocephala
Rebutia aureiflora
Rebutia caineana
Rebutia cylindrica
Rebutia famatinensis
Rebutia flavistyla
Rebutia jujuyana
Rebutia marsoneri
Rebutia muscula
Rebutia oligacantha
Rebutia pygmaea
Rebutia spinosissima
Rebutia wessneriana
Reevesia formosana
Regelia punicea
Rehmannia henryi
Reichardia gaditana
Reinhardtia elegans
Reinhardtia latisecta
Reinwardtia indica
Relhania fruticosa
Remusatia pumila
Raphia mannii
Raphia regalis
Raphia sese
Raphia textilis
Raphionacme burkei
Raphionacme velutina
Rauhia multiflora
Raukaua simplex
Rauvolfia nitida
Rauwenhoffia leichhardtii
Ravenala madagascariensis
Ravenea glauca
Ravenea krociana
Ravenea louvelii
Ravenea rivularis
Ravenea xerophila
Rebutia albopectinata
Rebutia breviflora
Rebutia canigueralii
Rebutia deminuta
Rebutia fidaiana
Rebutia fulviseta
Rebutia kieslingii
Rebutia mentosa
Rebutia neocumingii
Rebutia pseudodeminuta
Rebutia ritteri
Rebutia steinbachii
Rebutia xanthocarpa
Reevesia sinica
Rehmannia piasezkii
Reichardia tingitana
Reinhardtia gracilis
Reinhardtia paiewonskiana
Relbunium hypocarpium
Relhania pungens
Remusatia vivipara
Raphia matombe
Raphia rostrata
Raphia sudanica
Raphia vinifera
Raphionacme divaricata
Rapistrum rugosum
Raukaua gunnii
Raukaua valdiviensis
Rauvolfia serpentina
Rauwenhoffia siamensis
Ravenea albicans
Ravenea hildebrandtii
Ravenea lakatra
Ravenea madagascariensis
Ravenea robustior
Ravenia spectabilis
Rebutia arenacea
Rebutia brunescens
Rebutia cardenasiana
Rebutia einsteinii
Rebutia fiebrigii
Rebutia heliosa
Rebutia margarethae
Rebutia minuscula
Rebutia neumanniana
Rebutia pulvinosa
Rebutia spegazziniana
Rebutia steinmannii
Redfieldia flexuosa
Reevesia thyrsoidea
Rehmannia elata
Rehsonia x formosa
Reineckea carnea
Reinhardtia koschnyana
Reinhardtia simplex
Relchela panicoides
Remusatia hookeriana
Remusatia yunnanensis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Renanthera spp.
Renealmia cernua
Reseda crystallina
Reseda odorata
Restio complanatus
Restio leptocarpoides
Restio tremulus
Retama monosperma
Retanilla trinervia
Retrophyllum vitiensis
Revwattsia fragilis
Reynoldsia verrucosa
Rhagodia parabolica
Rhamnus cathartica
Rhamnus erythroxylon
Rhamnus koraiensis
Rhamnus pirifolia
Rhaphidophora angustata
Rhaphidophora celatocaulis
Rhaphidophora foraminifera
Rhaphidophora ledermannii
Rhaphidophora neoguineensis
Rhaphidophora pinnata
Rhaphidophora versteegii
Rhaphiolepis indica
Rhaphithamnus spinosus
Rhapis gracilis
Rhapis multifida
Rhapis subtilis
Rhektophyllum mirabile
Rheum altaicum
Rheum crassinervium
Rheum x hybridum
Rheum palmatum
Renantherella histrionica
Requienia sphaerosperma
Reseda lutea
Restio amblycoleus
Restio dispar
Restio stenocoleus
Restio ustulatus
Retama sphaerocarpa
Retrophyllum comptonii
Retzia capensis
Reya umbellata
Rhabdothamnus solandri
Rhamnella franguloides
Rhamnus diffusa
Rhamnus globosa
Rhamnus libanotica
Rhamnus saxatilis
Rhaphidophora australasica
Rhaphidophora decursiva
Rhaphidophora korthalsii
Rhaphidophora lobbii
Rhaphidophora pachyphylla
Rhaphidophora stenophylla
Rhaphiolepis x delacourii
Rhaphiolepis ovata
Rhapidophyllum hystrix
Rhapis laosensis
Rhapis robusta
Rhaponticum scariosum
Rheum acuminatum
Rheum australe
Rheum forrestii
Rheum moorcroftianum
Rheum rhabarbarum
Rheum ribes
Rheum tibeticum
Rhexia virginica
Rhinanthus glacialis
Rheum spiciforme
Rheum webbianum
Rhigozum obovatum
Rhinephyllum broomii
Renealmia brasiliensis
Reseda alba
Reseda luteola
Restio australis
Restio gracilis
Restio tetraphyllus
Restrepia spp.
Retanilla ephedra
Retrophyllum minor
Reutealis trisperma
Reynoldsia sandwicensis
Rhachidosorus mesosorus
Rhamnus alaternus
Rhamnus erythroxyloides
Rhamnus imeretina
Rhamnus napalensis
Rhamnus yoshinoi
Rhaphidophora beccarii
Rhaphidophora falcata
Rhaphidophora latevaginata
Rhaphidophora lovellae
Rhaphidophora petrieana
Rhaphidophora sylvestris
Rhaphiolepis delacourii
Rhaphiolepis umbellata
Rhapis excelsa
Rhapis micrantha
Rhapis siamensis
Rhazya orientalis
Rheum alexandrae
Rheum compactum
Rheum franzenbachii
Rheum nobile
Rheum rhabarbarum x
Rheum tanguticum
Rhexia mariana
Rhinacanthus communis
Rhinephyllum comptonii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Rhinephyllum grandiforme
Rhinephyllum schonlandii
Rhinerrhizopsis moorei
Rhipsalis bambusoides
Rhipsalis cereuscula
Rhipsalis crispata
Rhipsalis floccosa
Rhipsalis ianthothele
Rhinephyllum muiri
Rhinerrhiza divitiflora
Rhipsalis alata
Rhipsalis burchellii
Rhipsalis chrysantha
Rhipsalis dissimilis
Rhipsalis goebeliana
Rhipsalis kirbergii
Rhipsalis micrantha
Rhipsalis occidentalis
Rhipsalis pentaptera
Rhipsalis pulvinigera
Rhipsalis rosea
Rhipsalis sulcata
Rhipsalis trigona
Rhododendron aganniphum
Rhododendron albrechtii
Rhododendron amagianum
Rhododendron ambiguum
Rhipsalis neves-armondii
Rhipsalis pachyptera
Rhipsalis pilocarpa
Rhipsalis puniceodiscus
Rhipsalis russelli
Rhipsalis teres
Rhizogonium novaehollandiae
Rhodamnia blairiana
Rhodamnia glauca
Rhodamnia rubescens
Rhodanthe anthemoides
Rhodanthe stuartiana
Rhodanthemum hosmariense
Rhodiola primuloides
Rhodocoma capensis
Rhododendron abietifolium
Rhododendron adenogynum
Rhododendron alabamense
Rhododendron album
Rhododendron amakusaense
Rhododendron amesiae
Rhododendron annae
Rhododendron anthopogon
Rhododendron anwheiense
Rhododendron aperantum
Rhododendron arborescens
Rhodamnia argentea
Rhodamnia dumicola
Rhodamnia maideniana
Rhodamnia trinervia
Rhodanthe microglossa
Rhodanthemum gayanum
Rhodiola himalensis
Rhodochiton atrosanguineum
Rhododendron aberconwayi
Rhododendron acuminatum
Rhododendron adinophyllum
Rhinephyllum pillansii
Rhinerrhiza moorei
Rhipsalis baccifera
Rhipsalis cereoides
Rhipsalis clavata
Rhipsalis elliptica
Rhipsalis grandiflora
Rhipsalis oblonga
Rhipsalis paradoxa
Rhipsalis platycarpa
Rhipsalis rhombea
Rhipsalis saxatile
Rhipsalis triangularis
Rhodamnia acuminata
Rhodamnia costata
Rhodamnia longisepala
Rhodamnia sessiliflora
Rhodanthe diffusa
Rhodanthemum catananche
Rhodiola coccinea
Rhodiola rosea
Rhodocoma gigantea
Rhododendron acrophilum
Rhododendron adenopodum
Rhododendron aequabile
Rhododendron alborugosum
Rhododendron alutaceum
Rhododendron amamiense
Rhododendron arfskianum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Rhododendron argipeplum
Rhododendron armitii
Rhododendron atlanticum
Rhododendron augustinii
Rhododendron aurigeranum
Rhododendron baenitzianum
Rhododendron blackii
Rhododendron borneense
Rhododendron aureum
Rhododendron auritum
Rhododendron bagobonum
Rhododendron balfourianum
Rhododendron brevinerve
Rhododendron bureavii
Rhododendron buxifolium
Rhododendron brookeanum
Rhododendron burmanicum
Rhododendron caesium
Rhododendron caliginis
Rhododendron calostrotum
Rhododendron callimorphum
Rhododendron carringtoniae
Rhododendron caucasicum
Rhododendron carneum
Rhododendron catawbiense
Rhododendron cerasinum
Rhododendron charitopes
Rhododendron christianae
Rhododendron ciliatum
Rhododendron cinnabarinum
Rhododendron clementinae
Rhododendron commonae
Rhododendron concinnum
Rhododendron coryanum
Rhododendron crinigerum
Rhododendron culminicolum
Rhododendron cyanocarpum
Rhododendron davidi
Rhododendron beanianum
Rhododendron bloembergenii
Rhododendron brachyanthum
Rhododendron chamaecistus
Rhododendron christii
Rhododendron ciliicalyx
Rhododendron citriniflorum
Rhododendron coelicum
Rhododendron complexum
Rhododendron x coriifolium
Rhododendron coxianum
Rhododendron cruttwellii
Rhododendron dalhousiae
Rhododendron arizelum
Rhododendron auriculatum
Rhododendron austrinum
Rhododendron baileyi
Rhododendron basilicum
Rhododendron boothii
Rhododendron bryophilum
Rhododendron burtii
Rhododendron calophytum
Rhododendron capitatum
Rhododendron catacosmum
Rhododendron championae
Rhododendron christi
Rhododendron chrysodoron
Rhododendron ciliipes
Rhododendron citrinum
Rhododendron coeloneurum
Rhododendron concinnoides
Rhododendron coriifolium
Rhododendron crassifolium
Rhododendron culminicola
Rhododendron cuneatum
Rhododendron dauricum
Rhododendron decandrum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Rhododendron degronianum
Rhododendron dianthosmum
Rhododendron dilatatum
Rhododendron dendricola
Rhododendron dichroanthum
Rhododendron diphrocalyx
Rhododendron eastmanii
Rhododendron edgarianum
Rhododendron elliottii
Rhododendron eriocarpum
Rhododendron faberi
Rhododendron fallacinum
Rhododendron flammeum
Rhododendron eclecteum
Rhododendron edgeworthii
Rhododendron emarginatum
Rhododendron erosum
Rhododendron facetum
Rhododendron fastigiatum
Rhododendron flavidum
Rhododendron flinckii
Rhododendron formosum
Rhododendron fulgens
Rhododendron gardenia
Rhododendron glischroides
Rhododendron floribundum
Rhododendron forrestii
Rhododendron fulvum
Rhododendron glischrum
Rhododendron gracilentum
Rhododendron griersonianum
Rhododendron grande
Rhododendron griffithianum
Rhododendron haematodes
Rhododendron heliolepis
Rhododendron hanceanum
Rhododendron hellwigii
Rhododendron hemsleyanum
Rhododendron hidakanum
Rhododendron henryi
Rhododendron himantodes
Rhododendron hirsutum
Rhododendron hongkongense
Rhododendron hirtipes
Rhododendron hookeri
Rhododendron hylaeum
Rhododendron impeditum
Rhododendron hyperythrum
Rhododendron impositum
Rhododendron indicum
Rhododendron insigne
Rhododendron intranervatum
Rhododendron irroratum
Rhododendron intricatum
Rhododendron jasminiflorum
Rhododendron kaempferi
Rhododendron dendrocharis
Rhododendron dielsianum
Rhododendron edanoi
Rhododendron elegantulum
Rhododendron ericoides
Rhododendron excellens
Rhododendron falconeri
Rhododendron fimbriatum
Rhododendron formosanum
Rhododendron fortunei
Rhododendron galactinum
Rhododendron gratum
Rhododendron hancockii
Rhododendron herzogii
Rhododendron hodgsonii
Rhododendron hybrid
Rhododendron hypoleucum
Rhododendron x
Rhododendron inundatum
Rhododendron javanicum
Rhododendron kanehirae
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Rhododendron kanehiraei
Rhododendron keiskei
Rhododendron keysii
Rhododendron kochii
Rhododendron laetum
Rhododendron kanehirai
Rhododendron kendrickii
Rhododendron kiusianum
Rhododendron konori
Rhododendron kyawii
Rhododendron kawakamii
Rhododendron kesangiae
Rhododendron kiyosumense
Rhododendron kotschyi
Rhododendron lacteum
Rhododendron lagopus
Rhododendron lanatum
Rhododendron lapponicum
Rhododendron latoucheae
Rhododendron leptanthum
Rhododendron leptothrium
Rhododendron liliiflorum
Rhododendron lochiae
Rhododendron lopsangianum
Rhododendron ludlowii
Rhododendron luraluense
Rhododendron lyi
Rhododendron lanceolatum
Rhododendron lasiostylum
Rhododendron lepidostylum
Rhododendron leptocarpum
Rhododendron leucaspis
Rhododendron lindleyi
Rhododendron longiflorum
Rhododendron loranthiflorum
Rhododendron ludwigianum
Rhododendron luteiflorum
Rhododendron macabeanum
Rhododendron macrosepalum
Rhododendron madulidii
Rhododendron makinoi
Rhododendron mariesii
Rhododendron megeratum
Rhododendron melinanthum
Rhododendron microgynum
Rhododendron maculiferum
Rhododendron magnificum
Rhododendron malayanum
Rhododendron meddianum
Rhododendron meijeri
Rhododendron meliphagidum
Rhododendron molle
Rhododendron morii
Rhododendron lanigerum
Rhododendron lateum
Rhododendron lepidotum
Rhododendron leptocladon
Rhododendron leucogigas
Rhododendron lineare
Rhododendron longipes
Rhododendron lowii
Rhododendron lukiangense
Rhododendron lutescens
Rhododendron maddenii
Rhododendron maius
Rhododendron mallotum
Rhododendron megacalyx
Rhododendron mekongense
Rhododendron micranthum
Rhododendron microphyton
Rhododendron mimetes
Rhododendron moupinense
Rhododendron multicolor
Rhododendron nieuwenhuisii
Rhododendron nitens
Rhododendron noriakianum
Rhododendron neriiflorum
Rhododendron mollicomum
Rhododendron myrtifolium
Rhododendron nervosulum
Rhododendron nikoense
Rhododendron nivale
Rhododendron notiale
Rhododendron nipponicum
Rhododendron niveum
Rhododendron nudipes
Rhododendron mucronatum
Rhododendron multinervium
Rhododendron nakaharae
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Rhododendron nuttallii
Rhododendron odoriferum
Rhododendron orbiculatum
Rhododendron orthocladum
Rhododendron pachysanthum
Rhododendron parryae
Rhododendron pentaphyllum
Rhododendron obtusum
Rhododendron oldhamii
Rhododendron oreodoxa
Rhododendron ovatum
Rhododendron pachytrichum
Rhododendron pauciflorum
Rhododendron perakense
Rhododendron petrocharis
Rhododendron phaeochitum
Rhododendron piercei
Rhododendron pleianthum
Rhododendron praestans
Rhododendron prattii
Rhododendron prinophyllum
Rhododendron prunifolium
Rhododendron planecostatum
Rhododendron pocophorum
Rhododendron polycladum
Rhododendron pubescens
Rhododendron quadrasianum
Rhododendron ramsdenianum
Rhododendron reticulatum
Rhododendron rex
Rhododendron rigidum
Rhododendron rothschildii
Rhododendron rubellum
Rhododendron x pulchrum
Rhododendron quinquefolium
Rhododendron rarum
Rhododendron retivenium
Rhododendron rhodoleucum
Rhododendron ririei
Rhododendron rousei
Rhododendron rubiginosum
Rhododendron rubropilosum
Rhododendron rupicola
Rhododendron ruttenii
Rhododendron sanctum
Rhododendron sargentianum
Rhododendron rufum
Rhododendron rushforthii
Rhododendron salicifolium
Rhododendron sanguineum
Rhododendron saxicolum
Rhododendron sayeri
Rhododendron searleanum
Rhododendron semibarbatum
Rhododendron sessilifolium
Rhododendron scabrum
Rhododendron scopulorum
Rhododendron selense
Rhododendron serpyllifolium
Rhododendron praetervisum
Rhododendron preptum
Rhododendron proteoides
Rhododendron przewalskii
Rhododendron ochraceum
Rhododendron orbiculare
Rhododendron oreotrephes
Rhododendron pachypodum
Rhododendron parmulatum
Rhododendron pemakoense
Rhododendron planetum
Rhododendron polyandrum
Rhododendron polylepis
Rhododendron praevernum
Rhododendron principis
Rhododendron protistum
Rhododendron pulleanum
Rhododendron racemosum
Rhododendron recurvoides
Rhododendron retusum
Rhododendron rhodopus
Rhododendron robinsonii
Rhododendron roxieanum
Rhododendron rugosum
Rhododendron russatum
Rhododendron saluenense
Rhododendron santapaui
Rhododendron scabrifolium
Rhododendron schoddei
Rhododendron searsiae
Rhododendron serotinum
Rhododendron setosum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Rhododendron sherriffii
Rhododendron siderophyllum
Rhododendron simsii
Rhododendron smirnowii
Rhododendron tashiroi
Rhododendron sichotense
Rhododendron sinofalconeri
Rhododendron solitarium
Rhododendron sperabile
Rhododendron sidereum
Rhododendron simiarum
Rhododendron spiciferum
Rhododendron spinuliferum
Rhododendron stamineum
Rhododendron stapfianum
Rhododendron stevensianum
Rhododendron subansiriense
Rhododendron sumatranum
Rhododendron tapetiforme
Rhododendron taxifolium
Rhododendron tephropeplum
Rhododendron tomentosum
Rhododendron trichanthum
Rhododendron strigillosum
Rhododendron subsessile
Rhododendron superbum
Rhododendron taliense
Rhododendron taronense
Rhododendron telmateium
Rhododendron thayerianum
Rhododendron tosaense
Rhododendron trichocladum
Rhododendron triflorum
Rhododendron tschonoskii
Rhododendron ungernii
Rhododendron vaccinioides
Rhododendron variolosum
Rhododendron venator
Rhododendron tsangpoense
Rhododendron tsusiophyllum
Rhododendron uniflorum
Rhododendron valentinianum
Rhododendron vaseyi
Rhododendron vernicosum
Rhododendron virgatum
Rhododendron viscidifolium
Rhododendron wadanum
Rhododendron wasonii
Rhododendron westlandii
Rhododendron womersleyi
Rhododendron yelliottii
Rhododendron viridescens
Rhododendron viscosum
Rhododendron wallichii
Rhododendron websterianum
Rhododendron weyrichii
Rhododendron williamsii
Rhododendron tatsienense
Rhododendron temenium
Rhododendron thomsonii
Rhododendron traillianum
Rhododendron tsariense
Rhododendron tuba
Rhododendron uvarifolium
Rhododendron vanvuurenii
Rhododendron veitchianum
Rhododendron viriosum
Rhododendron vitis-idaea
Rhododendron wardii
Rhododendron wentianum
Rhododendron wightii
Rhododendron wiltonii
Rhododendron wrayi
Rhododendron yedoense
Rhododendron wrightianum
Rhododendron yelliotii
Rhododendron yongii
Rhododendron sinogrande
Rhododendron souliei
Rhododendron suaveolens
Rhododendron sulfureum
Rhododendron taggianum
Rhododendron tanastylum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Rhododendron yunnanense
Rhododendron zollingeri
Rhodoleia championii
Rhodomyrtus pervagata
Rhodophiala advena
Rhodophiala bagnoldii
Rhodophiala chilensis
Rhodophiala gladioloides
Rhodophiala modesta
Rhodophiala pratensis
Rhodophiala splendens
Rhodosphaera rhodanthema
Rhopaloblaste ceramica
Rhopaloblaste ledermanniana
Rhopalostylis cheesemanii
Rhus chinensis
Rhus delavayi
Rhus glabra x typhina
Rhus integrifolia
Rhus natalensis
Rhus x pulvinata
Rhus trichocarpa
Rhus wallichii
Rhynchoglossum notonianum
Rhynchophreatia micrantha
Rhynchosia americana
Rhynchosia baukea
Rhynchosia crassifolia
Rhynchosia edulis
Rhynchosia himalensis
Rhynchosia lobata
Rhynchosia micrantha
Rhynchosia orthobotrya
Rhynchosia pyramidalis
Rhynchosia rufescens
Rhynchosia sordida
Rhododendron zaleucum
Rhodohypoxis baurii
Rhodomyrtus canescens
Rhodomyrtus sericea
Rhodophiala andicola
Rhodophiala berteroana
Rhodophiala elwesii
Rhodophiala laeta
Rhodophiala montana
Rhodophiala rhodolirion
Rhodophiala tenuiflora
Rhodothamnus chamaecistus
Rhombophyllum dyeri
Rhododendron zoelleri
Rhodohypoxis milloides
Rhodomyrtus effusa
Rhodomyrtus trineura
Rhodophiala araucana
Rhodophiala bifida
Rhodophiala fulgens
Rhodophiala mendocina
Rhodophiala phycelloides
Rhodophiala soratensis
Rhodophiala uniflora
Rhoicissus tomentosus
Rhombophyllum nelii
Rhopaloblaste augusta
Rhopaloblaste brassii
Rhopaloblaste dyscrita
Rhopaloblaste singaporensis
Rhopalostylis sapida
Rhus chirindensis
Rhus dentata
Rhus hypoleuca
Rhus lentii
Rhus orientalis
Rhus pulvinata
Rhus typhina
Rhynchocalyx lawsonioides
Rhyncholaelia digbyana
Rhynchoryza subulata
Rhynchosia aurea
Rhynchosia burkartii
Rhynchosia densiflora
Rhynchosia ferruginea
Rhynchosia holosericea
Rhynchosia longeracemosa
Rhynchosia monophylla
Rhynchosia parviflora
Rhynchosia resinosa
Rhynchosia schimperi
Rhynchosia swynnertonii
Rhopaloblaste elegans
Rhopalostylis baueri
Rhus angustifolia
Rhus crenata
Rhus fraseri
Rhus incisa
Rhus longipes
Rhus potaninii
Rhus taitensis
Rhus vulgaris
Rhynchoglossum gardneri
Rhyncholaelia glauca
Rhynchosia adenodes
Rhynchosia balansae
Rhynchosia candida
Rhynchosia diversifolia
Rhynchosia goetzei
Rhynchosia insignis
Rhynchosia luteola
Rhynchosia nyasica
Rhynchosia pulverulenta
Rhynchosia rothii
Rhynchosia senna
Rhynchosia tomentosa
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Rhynchosia totta
Rhynchosia verdcourtii
Rhynchostylis spp.
Rhytidocaulon macrolobum
Rhytidosporum procumbens
Ribes alpinum
Ribes costaricensis
Ribes diacanthum
Ribes x gordonianum
Ribes laurifolium
Ribes nelsonii
Ribes petraeum
Ribes sanguineum
Ribes watsonianum
Richea acerosa
Richea dracophylla
Richea pandanifolia
Richea sprengelioides
Ricinocarpos cyanescens x
Ricinocarpos speciosus
Ridleyandra atrocyanea
Ridleyandra quercifolia
Rigidella flammea
Rinorea bengalensis
Ripogonum discolor
Ripogonum papuanum
Rivina portulaccoides
Robinia hispida
Robinia pseudoacacia
Rochea jasminea
Rodgersia aesculifolia
Rodgersia pinnata
Rodgersia tabularis
Roepera foetida
Rollinia exalbida
Romanzoffia sitchensis
Romneya coulteri
Romulea albomarginata
Rhynchosia usambarensis
Rhynchospora brownii
Rhysotoechia robertsonii
Rhytidophyllum petiolare
Rhytidosporum prostratum
Ribes ambiguum
Ribes cucullatum
Ribes fasciculatum
Ribes indecorum
Ribes magellanicum
Ribes x nidigrolaria
Ribes rubrum
Ribes uva-crispa
Richardia brasiliensis
Richea continentis
Richea gunnii
Richea procera
Richea victoriana
Ricinocarpos gloria-medii
Rhynchosia velutina
Rhynchospora colorata
Rhyssopterys timorensis
Rhytidosporum alpinum
Rhytionanthos spp.
Ribes aureum
Ribes x culverwellii
Ribes gayanum
Ribes komarovii
Ribes malvaceum
Ribes nigrum
Ribes rubrum x uva-crispa
Ribes warszewiczii
Richardia scabra
Richea curtisiae
Richea milliganii
Richea scoparia
Ricinocarpos bowmanii
Ricinocarpos pinifolius
Ricinodendron heudelotii
Ridleyandra castaneifolia
Ridleyella paniculata
Rigidella orthantha
Ripogonum album
Ripogonum elseyanum
Ripogonum scandens
Robinia x ambigua
Robinia x margaretta
Robinia x slavinii
Rockinghamia angustifolia
Rodgersia henrici
Rodgersia podophylla
Rodriguezia spp.
Rohdea japonica
Rollinia mucosa
Romanzoffia unalaschcensis
Romneya trichocalyx
Romulea amoena
Ricinus communis
Ridleyandra petiolata
Riedelia nymanii
Rimacola elliptica
Ripogonum brevifolium
Ripogonum fawcettianum
Ristantia pachysperma
Robinia decaisneana
Robinia neomexicana
Robiquetia spp.
Rockinghamia brevipes
Rodgersia nepalensis
Rodgersia sambucifolia
Roella ciliata
Rollinia emarginata
Rollinia sylvatica
Romnalda grallata
Romulea albiflora
Romulea atrandra
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Romulea austinii
Romulea biflora
Romulea citrina
Romulea congoensis
Romulea dichotoma
Romulea flava
Romulea hantamensis
Romulea hirta
Romulea leipoldtii
Romulea luteiflora
Romulea montana
Romulea namaquensis
Romulea obscura
Romulea requienii
Romulea sabulosa
Romulea setifolia
Romulea subfistulosa
Romulea tortuosa
Romulea uliginosa
Rondeletia amoena
Rondeletia cordata
Rondeletia leucophylla
Rondeletia strigosa
Ronnbergia hathewayi
Roridula dentata
Rorippa palustris x
Rosa anemoniflora
Rosa beggeriana
Rosa corymbifera
Rosa davidii
Rosa elegantula
Rosa farreri
Rosa forrestiana
Rosa heckeliana
Rosa horrida
Rosa incarnata
Rosa kokanica
Rosa laxa
Romulea autumnalis
Romulea bulbocodium
Romulea clusiana
Romulea crocea
Romulea diversiformis
Romulea grandiscapa
Romulea hartungii
Romulea kamisensis
Romulea ligustica
Romulea minutiflora
Romulea monticola
Romulea neglecta
Romulea pearsonii
Romulea revelierei
Romulea saldanhensis
Romulea sladenii
Romulea tabularis
Romulea toximontana
Romulea unifolia
Rondeletia anomala
Rondeletia gratissima
Rondeletia odorata
Rondeletia tacanensis
Ronnbergia morreniana
Roridula gorgonias
Rosa amblyotis
Romulea barkerae
Romulea camerooniana
Romulea columnae
Romulea cruciata
Romulea eximia
Romulea hallii
Romulea hirsuta
Romulea komsbergensis
Romulea linaresii
Romulea monadelpha
Romulea multisulcata
Romulea numidica
Romulea ramiflora
Romulea rosea
Romulea schlechteri
Romulea speciosa
Romulea tetragona
Romulea triflora
Romulea vinacea
Rondeletia buddleioides
Rondeletia hirsuta
Rondeletia splendens
Ronnbergia deleonii
Ronnbergia nidularioides
Rorippa palustris
Rosa andegavensis
Rosa banksiae
Rosa canina
Rosa corymbulosa
Rosa dumalis
Rosa elliptica
Rosa fedtschenkoana
Rosa gentiliana
Rosa hemisphaerica
Rosa hybrids
Rosa jundzillii
Rosa laevigata
Rosa longicuspis
Rosa banksiopsis
Rosa clinophylla
Rosa cymosa
Rosa ecae
Rosa fargesi
Rosa foliolosa
Rosa giraldii
Rosa henryi
Rosa iberica
Rosa kochiana
Rosa latibracteata
Rosa macrophylla
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Rosa minutifolia
Rosa moyesii
Rosa multiflora
Rosa oxyodon
Rosa persica
Rosa pulverulenta
Rosa rugosa
Rosa setipoda
Rosa soulieana
Rosa stylosa
Rosa webbiana
Roscoea auriculata
Roscoea humeana
Roscoea scillifolia
Roscoea yunnanensis
Rosmarinus lavandulaceus
Rostkovia magellanica
Rosularia globulariifolia
Rosularia paniculata
Rotala macrandra
Rotheca myricoides
Rothmannia globosa
Rothmannia manganjae
Rottlera tinctoria
Roupala grossedentata
Roupala pohlii
Royena glabra
Roystonea dunlapiana
Roystonea princeps
Roystonea venezuelana
Rubia fruticosa
Rubia yunnanensis
Rubus asperifolius
Rubus calycinus
Rubus delavayi
Rubus geoides
Rubus hayata-koidzumii
Rubus lineatus
Rosa montana
Rosa mulligani
Rosa x noisettiana
Rosa parvifolia
Rosa pisocarpa
Rosa rhaetica
Rosa scaphusiensis
Rosa setosa
Rosa helenae
Rosa sweginzowii
Roscheria melanochaetes
Roscoea capitata
Roscoea purpurea
Roscoea sinopurpurea
Rosmarinus officinalis
Rostraria cristata
Rosularia libanotica
Rosularia platyphylla
Rotala wallichii
Rothmannia capensis
Rothmannia longiflora
Rothmannia urcelliformis
Roupala brasiliensis
Roupala macrophylla
Roupala pseudo-cordata
Roystonea altissima
Roystonea lenis
Roystonea regia
Roystonea violacea
Rubia manjith
Rubus allegheniensis x
Rubus australis
Rubus corchorifolius
Rubus edulis
Rubus gunnianus
Rubus idaeus x hybrids
Rubus loganobaccus
Rosa montezumae
Rosa multibracteata
Rosa obtusifolia
Rosa persetosa
Rosa pouzinii
Rosa rubus
Rosa sertata
Rosa sinowilsonii
Rosa stellata
Rosa wardii
Roscoea alpina
Roscoea cautleoides
Roscoea schneideriana
Roscoea tibetica
Rosenstockia rolandiprincipis
Rossioglossum spp.
Rostraria pumila
Rosularia pallida
Rosularia serrata
Rotheca incisa
Rothmannia fischeri
Rothmannia macrophylla
Rothmannia whitfieldii
Roupala elegans
Roupala montana
Rourea coccinea
Roystonea borinquena
Roystonea oleracea
Roystonea stellata
Rubia cordifolia
Rubia tinctorum
Rubus argutus x hybrids
Rubus biflorus
Rubus crataegifolius
Rubus frondosus
Rubus hawaiensis
Rubus laciniatus
Rubus mulleri
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Rubus nebulosus
Rubus pentalobus
Rubus setchuenensis
Rubus strigosus
Rubus thibetanus
Rudbeckia californica
Rudbeckia laciniata
Rudbeckia nitida
Rudolfiella spp.
Ruellia angustifolia
Ruellia chartacea
Ruellia elegans
Ruellia macrantha
Ruellia rosea
Ruellia strepens
Rulingia hermanniifolia
Rulingia salviifolia
Rumex bucephalophorus
Rumex flexuosus
Rumex maderensis
Rumex roseus
Rumrillara spp.
Rupicola apiculata
Rupicola sprengelioides
Ruprechtia salicifolia
Ruschia crassa
Ruschia intrusa
Ruschia perfoliata
Ruschia rupis-arcuatae
Ruschia tumidula
Ruschianthus falcatus
Ruscus x microglossus
Russelia equisetiformis
Russelia sarmentosa
Ruta graveolens
Rutidosis leptorrhynchoides
Ryparosa acuminata
Ryparosa hirsuta
Ryparosa kostermansii
Rubus parviflorus
Rubus praecox
Rubus splendens
Rubus taiwanicola
Rubus ursinus x hybrids
Rudbeckia fulgida
Rudbeckia maxima
Rudbeckia occidentalis
Ruellia affinis
Ruellia barbillana
Ruellia devosiana
Ruellia herbstii
Ruellia makoyana
Ruellia schaueriana
Ruellia tweediana
Rulingia pannosa
Rumex bidens
Rumex conglomeratus
Rumex frutescens
Rumex obtusifolius
Rumex scutatus
Rungia klossii
Rupicola ciliata
Ruprechtia apetala
Ruschia albiflora
Ruschia herrei
Ruschia laxa
Ruschia pungens
Ruschia sarmentosa
Ruschia uncinata
Ruscus aculeatus
Ruscus ponticus
Russelia x lemoinei
Ruta angustifolia
Ruta pinnata
Ruttya fruticosa
Ryparosa baccaureoides
Ryparosa hullettii
Rytidosperma acerosum
Rubus parvifolius
Rubus probus
Rubus squarrosus
Rubus tephrodes
Rubus ursinus x idaeus
Rudbeckia hirta
Rudbeckia newmani
Rudbeckia subtomentosa
Ruellia albiflora
Ruellia caroliniensis
Ruellia dipteracanthus
Ruellia humilis
Ruellia portellae
Ruellia speciosa
Rulingia dasyphylla
Rulingia prostrata
Rumex brownii
Rumex crispus
Rumex lunaria
Rumex pulcher
Rumohra adiantiformis
Rupertia physodes
Rupicola gnidioides
Ruprechtia polystachya
Ruschia congesta
Ruschia hexamera
Ruschia macowanii
Ruschia rubricaulis
Ruschia strubeniae
Ruschia valida
Ruscus hypophyllum
Ruspolia seticalyx
Russelia rotundifolia
Ruta corsica
Rutidosis heterogama
Ruttya speciosa
Ryparosa glauca
Ryparosa javanica
Rytidosperma alpicola
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Rytidosperma australe
Rytidosperma clelandii
Rytidosperma indutum
Rytidosperma merum
Rytidosperma occidentale
Sabal bahamensis
Sabal domingensis
Sabal longepedunculata
Sabal mexicana
Sabal parviflora
Sabal rosei
Sabal yapa
Sabina bermudiana
Saccharum fallax
Rytidosperma linkii
Rytidosperma monticola
Rytidosperma procerum
Sabal bermudana
Sabal etonia
Sabal maritima
Sabal minor
Sabal princeps
Sabal umbraculiferum
Sabatia angularis
Sabina chinensis
Saccharum officinarum
Saccoglossum papuanum
Saccoloma campylurum
Sadleria cyatheoides
Sageretia thea
Sagina maritima
Sagina subulata
Saintpaulia difficilis
Saintpaulia grotei
Saintpaulia magungensis
Saintpaulia pendula
Saintpaulia teitensis
Sairocarpus coulterianus
Salacca clemensiana
Salacca glabrescens
Salacca magnifica
Salacca ramosiana
Salacca secunda
Salacca zalacca
Salix babylonica
Salpichlaena volubilis
Salsola arbuscula
Salsola nitraria
Salvia aethiopis
Salvia algeriensis
Salvia apiana
Saccolabium quisumbingii
Saccoloma elegans
Sadleria pallida
Sagina apetala
Sagina pilifera
Sagittaria sagittifolia
Saintpaulia diplotricha
Saintpaulia intermedia
Saintpaulia nitida
Saintpaulia rupicola
Saintpaulia tongwensis
Sairocarpus nuttallianus
Salacca dransfieldiana
Salacca graciliflora
Salacca minuta
Salacca rupicola
Salacca vermicularis
Salacia disepala
Salix x calodendron
Salpichroa origanifolia
Salsola glabrescens
Salsola paletzkianum
Salvia africana
Salvia amarissima
Salvia argentea
Rytidosperma fortunaehibernae
Rytidosperma longifolium
Rytidosperma nivicola
Rytidosperma unarede
Sabal causiarum
Sabal gretherae
Sabal mauritiiformis
Sabal palmetto
Sabal pumos
Sabal uresana
Sabatia campestris
Sabina przewalskii
Saccharum officinarum x
Saccolabium speciosum
Saccoloma inaequale
Sadleria souleytiana
Sagina glabra
Sagina procumbens
Saintpaulia confusa
Saintpaulia grandifolia
Saintpaulia ionantha
Saintpaulia orbicularis
Saintpaulia shumensis
Saintpaulia velutina
Salacca affinis
Salacca flabellata
Salacca lophospatha
Salacca multiflora
Salacca sarawakensis
Salacca wallichiana
Salacia pallescens
Salix x reichardtii
Salpiglossis sinuata
Salsola komarovii
Salsola richleri
Salvia agnes
Salvia ambigens
Salvia arizonica
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Salvia atrocyanea
Salvia aurita
Salvia bertolonii
Salvia bolleana
Salvia broussonetii
Salvia cacaliaefolia
Salvia campanulata
Salvia candidissima
Salvia castanea
Salvia chiapensis
Salvia clevelandii
Salvia columbariae
Salvia corrugata
Salvia darcyi
Salvia desoleana
Salvia disermas
Salvia dolichantha
Salvia dominica
Salvia eigii
Salvia eremostachya
Salvia farinacea
Salvia forskahlei
Salvia fulgens
Salvia glechomifolia
Salvia greggii
Salvia henryi
Salvia hirtella
Salvia horminoides
Salvia ianthina
Salvia involucrata
Salvia jurisicii
Salvia kopetdaghensis
Salvia lavandulifolia
Salvia leucantha
Salvia lycioides
Salvia mekongensis
Salvia merjamie
Salvia microstegia
Salvia mohavensis
Salvia atropatana
Salvia azurea
Salvia blancoana
Salvia bracteata
Salvia buchananii
Salvia cadmica
Salvia canariensis
Salvia cardinalis
Salvia chamaedryoides
Salvia chionantha
Salvia coahuilensis
Salvia concolor
Salvia cyanescens
Salvia dentata
Salvia digitaloides
Salvia disjuncta
Salvia dolomitica
Salvia dorisiana
Salvia elegans
Salvia evansiana
Salvia flava
Salvia frigida
Salvia funerea
Salvia glutinosa
Salvia guaranitica
Salvia hians
Salvia hispanica
Salvia hybrid
Salvia indica
Salvia iodantha
Salvia karwinskii
Salvia lanata
Salvia lavanduloides
Salvia littae
Salvia lyrata
Salvia melissodora
Salvia mexicana
Salvia miltiorrhiza
Salvia muelleri
Salvia aurea
Salvia barrelieri
Salvia blepharophylla
Salvia brevilabra
Salvia bulleyana
Salvia caerulea
Salvia candelabrum
Salvia carnea
Salvia chamelaeagnea
Salvia chionophylla
Salvia coccinea
Salvia confertiflora
Salvia daghestanica
Salvia deserta
Salvia discolor
Salvia divinorum
Salvia dombeyi
Salvia dorrii
Salvia engelmannii
Salvia fallax
Salvia flocculosa
Salvia fruticosa
Salvia gesneraeflora
Salvia grahami
Salvia heerii
Salvia hierosolymitana
Salvia holwayi
Salvia hypargeia
Salvia interrupta
Salvia judaica
Salvia kiangsiensis
Salvia lanceolata
Salvia lemmonii
Salvia longispicata
Salvia madrensis
Salvia mellifera
Salvia microphylla
Salvia miniata
Salvia muirii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Salvia munzii
Salvia neurepia
Salvia nubicola
Salvia omeiana
Salvia patens
Salvia polystachya
Salvia prattii
Salvia przewalskii
Salvia purpurea
Salvia regla
Salvia rhyacophila
Salvia roemeriana
Salvia russellii
Salvia scabra
Salvia sclareoides
Salvia serpyllifolia
Salvia smithii
Salvia spathacea
Salvia squalens
Salvia subpalmatinervis
Salvia taraxacifolia
Salvia thermara
Salvia transcaucasica
Salvia trijuga
Salvia uliginosa
Salvia verticillata
Salvia viscosa
Samaipaticereus inquisivensis
Sambucus ebulus
Sambucus sachalinensis
Sandersonia aurantiaca
Sanguisorba albiflora
Sanguisorba minor
Sanicula graveolens
Sansevieria abyssinica
Sansevieria aubrytiana
Sansevieria conspicua
Sansevieria deserti
Sansevieria forskaliana
Salvia namaensis
Salvia nilotica
Salvia nutans
Salvia oppositiflora
Salvia phlomoides
Salvia pomifera
Salvia prionitis
Salvia puberula
Salvia recognita
Salvia repens
Salvia ringens
Salvia rubescens
Salvia rutilans
Salvia scapiformis
Salvia scutellarioides
Salvia silvarum
Salvia somalensis
Salvia splendens
Salvia staminea
Salvia summa
Salvia tarayensis
Salvia thymoides
Salvia transsilvanica
Salvia tubifera
Salvia vaseyi
Salvia villosa
Salvia wagneriana
Samanea saman
Sambucus nigra
Samolus valerandi
Sandoricum koetjape
Sanguisorba hakusanensis
Sanguisorba tenuifolia
Saniella verna
Sansevieria aethiopica
Sansevieria canaliculata
Sansevieria cylindrica
Sansevieria ehrenbergii
Sansevieria gracilis
Salvia nana
Salvia nipponica
Salvia officinalis
Salvia pachyphylla
Salvia plectranthoides
Salvia pratensis
Salvia prunelloides
Salvia pulchella
Salvia regeliana
Salvia reptans
Salvia roborowskii
Salvia runcinata
Salvia sagittata
Salvia sclarea
Salvia semiatrata
Salvia sinaloensis
Salvia sonomensis
Salvia sprucei
Salvia styphelus
Salvia sylvestris
Salvia tesquicola
Salvia tingitana
Salvia tricolor
Salvia tubiflora
Salvia verbenaca
Salvia viridis
Salvia yunnanensis
Sambucus caerulea
Sambucus racemosa
Sanchezia oblonga
Sanguinaria canadensis
Sanguisorba menendezii
Sanicula crassicaulis
Sankowskya stipularis
Sansevieria arborescens
Sansevieria concinna
Sansevieria dawei
Sansevieria fischeri
Sansevieria grandicuspis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Sansevieria grandis
Sansevieria parva
Sansevieria phillipsiae
Sansevieria rorida
Sansevieria singularis
Sansevieria suffruticosa
Santalum album
Santalum paniculatum
Santolina neapolitana
Santolina pinnata
Santolina viridis
Sapindus marginatus
Sapindus rarak
Sapium integerrimum
Saponaria calabrica
Saponaria ocymoides
Saponaria pamphylica
Saraca arborescens
Saraca kunstleri
Sarcanthopsis nagarensis
Sarcocaulon burmanni
Sarcocaulon vanderietiae
Sarcococca confusa
Sarcococca orientalis
Sarcococca wallichii
Sarcopetalum harveyanum
Sarcopteryx montana
Sarcostemma stipitatum
Sarcostemma subterranea
Sarcotoechia heterophylla
Saritaea magnifica
Saropsis fastigiata
Sarracenia hybrids
Sarracenia oreophila
Sarracenia rubra
Sasa argenteostriata
Sasa kurilensis
Sasa quelpaertensis
Sasaella bitchuensis
Sansevieria kirkii
Sansevieria patens
Sansevieria pinguicula
Sansevieria roxburghiana
Sansevieria stuckyi
Sansevieria sulcata
Santalum austrocaledonicum
Santalum yasi
Santolina oblongifolia
Santolina rosmarinifolia
Sanvitalia procumbens
Sapindus mukorossi
Sapindus saponaria
Sapium japonicum
Saponaria cypria
Saponaria officinalis
Saponaria rubra
Saraca declinata
Saraca thaipingensis
Sarcanthopsis quaifei
Sarcocaulon crassicaule
Sarcocephalus latifolius
Sarcococca hookeriana
Sarcococca ruscifolia
Sarcoglottis acaulis
Sarcophyton pachyphyllum
Sarcopteryx stipata
Sarcostemma stolonifera
Sarcostemma vanlessenii
Sarcotoechia serrata
Sarmienta repens
Sarracenia alata
Sarracenia leucophylla
Sarracenia psittacina
Saruma henryi
Sasa borealis
Sasa masamuneana
Sasa tsuboiana
Sasaella glabra
Sansevieria liberica
Sansevieria pearsonii
Sansevieria raffillii
Sansevieria senegambica
Sansevieria subspicata
Sansevieria trifasciata
Santalum freycinetianum
Santolina chamaecyparissus
Santolina pectinata
Santolina tomentosa
Sapindus frutescens
Sapindus oahuensis
Sapindus vitiensis
Saponaria caespitosa
Saponaria lutea
Saponaria x olivana
Saponaria sicula
Saraca indica
Sarcandra glabra
Sarcanthopsis warocqueana
Sarcocaulon l'heritieri
Sarcochilus spp.
Sarcococca longifolia
Sarcococca saligna
Sarcomelicope simplicifolia
Sarcopteryx martyana
Sarcostemma insigne
Sarcostemma stoloniferum
Sarcotoechia cuneata
Sarcotoechia villosa
Sarmienta scandens
Sarracenia flava
Sarracenia minor
Sarracenia purpurea
Sasa admirabilis
Sasa fortunei
Sasa palmata
Sasa veitchii
Sassafras albidum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Sassafras tzumu
Satureja biflora
Satureja montana
Satureja thymbra
Satyria warszewiczii
Satyrium nepalense
Saurauia andreana
Saurauia napaulensis
Sauromatum venosum
Sauropus macranthus
Saururus cernuus
Saussurea costus
Saussurea pygmaea
Saxifraga adscendens
Saxifraga androsacea
Saxifraga x arendsii
Saxifraga biflora
Saxifraga burnati
Saxifraga caespitosa
Saxifraga cardiophylla
Saxifraga chrysosplenifolia
Saxifraga cortusifolia
Saxifraga crustata
Saxifraga diapensioides
Saxifraga exarata
Satakentia liukiuensis
Satureja gilliesii
Satureja parnassica
Satureja thymbrifolia
Satyrium carneum
Satyrium rostratum
Saurauia fasciculata
Saurauia roxburghii
Sauropus albiflorus
Sauropus rigens
Saussurea albescens
Saussurea gnaphalodes
Saussurea uniflora
Saxifraga aizoides
Saxifraga x anglica
Saxifraga aretioides
Saxifraga bronchialis
Saxifraga burserana
Saxifraga calcicola
Saxifraga cebennensis
Saxifraga cochlearis
Saxifraga corymbosa
Saxifraga cuneata
Saxifraga x elisabethae
Saxifraga federici-augusti
Saxifraga ferruginea
Saxifraga fortunei
Saxifraga grisebachii
Saxifraga hirculoides
Saxifraga irrigua
Saxifraga karadzicensis
Saxifraga latepetiolata
Saxifraga manshuriensis
Saxifraga moncayensis
Saxifraga mutata
Saxifraga oregana
Saxifraga pensylvanica
Saxifraga pulvinaria
Saxifraga flagellaris
Saxifraga georgei
Saxifraga x haagii
Saxifraga imbricata
Saxifraga x irvingii
Saxifraga kotschyi
Saxifraga longifolia
Saxifraga marginata
Saxifraga moschata
Saxifraga nivalis
Saxifraga pallida
Saxifraga porophylla
Saxifraga punctulata
Satranala decussilvae
Satureja hortensis
Satureja spicigera
Satureja thymifolia
Satyrium chlorocorys
Satyrium trinerve
Saurauia madrensis
Sauromatum guttatum
Sauropus androgynus
Sauropus stenocladus
Saussurea alpina
Saussurea obvallata
Saxegothaea conspicua
Saxifraga andersonii
Saxifraga x apiculata
Saxifraga aspera
Saxifraga bryoides
Saxifraga caesia
Saxifraga callosa
Saxifraga cherlerioides
Saxifraga continentalis
Saxifraga cotyledon
Saxifraga demnatensis
Saxifraga x eudoxiana
Saxifraga ferdinandicoburgi
Saxifraga florulenta
Saxifraga geranioides
Saxifraga heucherifolia
Saxifraga intricata
Saxifraga juniperifolia
Saxifraga x landaueri
Saxifraga luteo-viridis
Saxifraga media
Saxifraga muscoides
Saxifraga x obristii
Saxifraga pedemontana
Saxifraga pubescens
Saxifraga retusa
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Saxifraga rotundifolia
Saxifraga sempervivum
Saxifraga spruneri
Saxifraga stribrnyi
Saxifraga valdensis
Scabiosa alpina
Scabiosa cinerea
Scabiosa crinita
Scabiosa farinosa
Scabiosa hymettia
Scabiosa japonica
Scabiosa pulsatilloides
Scabiosa silenifolia
Scabiosa taygetea
Scabiosa turolensis
Scadoxus cinnabarinus
Scadoxus pole-evansii
Scaevola albida
Scaevola dielsii
Scaevola helmsii
Scaevola humilis
Scaevola montana
Scaevola ramosissima
Scandia rosifolia
Scaphoselapum spp.
Sceletium tortuosum
Schaffneria nigripes
Schefflera actinophylla
Schefflera arboricola
Schefflera chaetorrhachis
Schefflera elegantissima
Schefflera heptaphylla
Schefflera macrophylla
Schefflera petelotii
Schefflera reginae
Schefflera setulosa
Schefflera veitchii
Schelhammera multiflora
Schellolepis persicifolia
Saxifraga x salmonica
Saxifraga siberica
Saxifraga squarrosa
Saxifraga tombeanensis
Saxifraga vayredana
Scabiosa atropurpurea
Scabiosa crenata
Scabiosa dumetorum
Scabiosa graminifolia
Scabiosa incisa
Scabiosa lachnophylla
Scabiosa rhodopensis
Scabiosa speciosa
Scabiosa tomentosa
Scabiosa variifolia
Scadoxus membranaceus
Scadoxus pseudocaulus
Scaevola balansae
Scaevola enantophylla
Scaevola holosericea
Scaevola x hybrida
Scaevola oppositifolia
Scaevola stricta
Scaphochlamys biloba
Scaphyglottis spp.
Sceletium varians
Schaueria calycotricha
Schefflera albido-bracteata
Schefflera belangeri
Schefflera delavayi
Schefflera elliptica
Schefflera insularum
Schefflera microphylla
Schefflera pubigera
Schefflera rotundifolia
Schefflera taiwaniana
Schefflera venulosa
Schelhammera undulata
Schellolepis subauriculata
Saxifraga scardica
Saxifraga sikkimensis
Saxifraga stellaris
Saxifraga umbrosa
Scabiosa africana
Scabiosa caucasica
Scabiosa cretica
Scabiosa epirota
Scabiosa gramuntia
Scabiosa isetensis
Scabiosa lucida
Scabiosa saxatilis
Scabiosa sphaciotica
Scabiosa triandra
Scabiosa vestina
Scadoxus multiflorus
Scadoxus puniceus
Scaevola calendulacea
Scaevola gracilis
Scaevola hookeri
Scaevola linearis
Scaevola procera
Scaevola tahitensis
Scaphochlamys lanceolata
Sceletium emarcidum
Scelochilus spp.
Schaueria flavicoma
Schefflera albidobracteata
Schefflera cephalotes
Schefflera digitata
Schefflera gabriellae
Schefflera kerchoveiana
Schefflera osyana
Schefflera pueckleri
Schefflera roxburghii
Schefflera tomentosa
Schefflera versteegii
Schellolepis percussa
Schima brevifolia
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Schima wallichii
Schinopsis balansae
Schinus latifolius
Schinus patagonicus
Schinziophyton rautanenii
Schisandra neglecta
Schisandra rubriflora
Schinus lentiscifolius
Schinus terebinthifolius
Schippia concolor
Schisandra propinqua
Schisandra sphenanthera
Schismatoglottis ahmadii
Schismatoglottis bauensis
Schismatoglottis calyptrata
Schismatoglottis asperata
Schismatoglottis brevicuspis
Schismatoglottis calyptrata x
Schismatoglottis ferruginea
Schismatoglottis longicaulis
Schismatoglottis mutata
Schismatoglottis retinervia
Schismatoglottis scortechinii
Schismus arabicus
Schistotylus purpuratus
Schizachyrium scoparium
Schizaea asperula
Schizanthus gilliesii
Schizanthus pinnatus
Schizeilema fragoseum
Schizolobium parahyba
Schizopetalon walkeri
Schizophragma integrifolia
Schismatoglottis emarginata
Schismatoglottis lingua
Schismatoglottis multiflora
Schismatoglottis ovata
Schismatoglottis scortechini
Schismatoglottis wallichii
Schistostephium oxylobum
Schizachne purpurascens
Schizacme montana
Schizandra chinensis
Schizanthus hookeri
Schizanthus x wisetonensis
Schizogyne glaberrima
Schizonepeta tenuifolia
Schizostachyum glaucifolium
Schizostachyum lumampao
Schlechteranthus hallii
Schleinitzia insularum
Schlumbergera x buckleyi
Schlumbergera x reginae
Schmaltzia integrifolia
Schoenoplectiella erecta
Schoenoplectus inclinatus
Schizostachyum dumetorum
Schizostachyum jaculans
Schleichera oleosa
Schleinitzia novo-guineensis
Schlumbergera opuntioides
Schlumbergera russelliana
Schoenia ramosissima
Schoenoplectiella juncoides
Schoenorchis spp.
Schinopsis quebrachocolorado
Schinus molle
Schinus weinmanniaefolius
Schisandra chinensis
Schisandra repanda
Schismatoglottis barbata
Schismatoglottis brevipes
Schismatoglottis convolvula
Schismatoglottis hottae
Schismatoglottis motleyana
Schismatoglottis okadae
Schismatoglottis rupestris
Schismatoglottis tecturata
Schismus barbatus
Schivereckia podolica
Schizachyrium tenerum
Schizaea bifida
Schizanthus grahamii
Schizanthus venustus
Schizobasis intricata
Schizomeria ovata
Schizophragma corylifolium
Schizostachyum funghomii
Schizostachyum lima
Schizostachyum pseudolima
Schleinitzia fosbergii
Schlimia spp.
Schlumbergera orssichiana
Schlumbergera truncata
Schoenocaulon texanum
Schoenoplectiella supina
Schoenus calyptratus
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Schoenus imberbis
Schoenus tesquorum
Schotia capitata
Schrebera saundersiae
Schwantesia loeschiana
Schwantesia succumbens
Scilla autumnalis
Scilla cilicica
Scilla haemorrhoidalis
Scilla kraussii
Scilla mischtschenkoana
Scilla nana
Scilla obtusifolia
Scilla polyphylla
Scilla rosenii
Scilla spicata
Scilla welwitschii
Scindapsus hederaceus
Scindapsus siamensis
Scirpoides burkei
Scirpus merrillii
Scleranthus diander
Scleranthus uniflorus
Scleria sphacelata
Sclerocactus brevihamatus
Sclerocactus intertextus
Sclerocactus mesae-verdae
Sclerocactus polyancistrus
Sclerocactus sileri
Sclerocactus unguispinus
Sclerocactus wrightiae
Sclerocroton integerrimus
Sclerolaena napiformis
Scleropogon brevifolius
Scolochloa festucacea
Scolopia chinensis
Scolymus maculatus
Scopolia physaloides
Scorpiurus muricatus
Schoenus latelaminatus
Schomburgkia spp.
Schotia latifolia
Schwantesia acutipetala
Schwantesia ruedebuschii
Schwantesia triebneri
Scilla berthelotii
Scilla cretica
Scilla hohenackeri
Scilla latifolia
Scilla monophyllos
Scilla numidica
Scilla pauciflora
Scilla pubescens
Scilla scilloides
Scilla vincentina
Scindapsus altissimus
Scindapsus pictus
Scindapsus splendidus
Scirpus albescens
Scleranthus biflorus
Scleranthus pungens
Scleria ciliaris
Scleroblitum atriplicinum
Sclerocactus erectocentrus
Sclerocactus johnsonii
Sclerocactus nyensis
Sclerocactus pubispinus
Sclerocactus spinosior
Sclerocactus warnockii
Sclerocarya birrea
Sclerolaena brachyptera
Sclerolaena stelligera
Sclerostegia arbuscula
Scolopia braunii
Scolopia mundii
Scoparia dulcis
Scopolia stramonifolia
Scorzonera hispanica
Schoenus melanostachys
Schotia brachypetala
Schrebera alata
Schwantesia herrei
Schwantesia speciosa
Sciadopitys verticillata
Scilla bithynica
Scilla greilhuberi
Scilla hughii
Scilla litardierei
Scilla morrisii
Scilla nutans
Scilla peruviana
Scilla ramburei
Scilla sicula
Scilla vvedenskyi
Scindapsus beccarii
Scindapsus rupestris
Scirpodendron ghaeri
Scirpus inclinatus
Scleranthus brockiei
Scleranthus singuliflorus
Scleria laevis
Sclerocactus blainei
Sclerocactus glaucus
Sclerocactus mariposensis
Sclerocactus papyracanthus
Sclerocactus scheeri
Sclerocactus uncinatus
Sclerocactus whipplei
Sclerochiton harveyanus
Sclerolaena divaricata
Sclerolaena tetracuspis
Sclerostegia tenuis
Scolopia brownii
Scolymus hispanicus
Scopelogena veruculata
Scorodocarpus borneensis
Scrophularia frutescens
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Scrophularia nodosa
Scrophularia smithii
Scutellaria alpina
Scutellaria baicalensis
Scutellaria columnae
Scutellaria goulimyi
Scutellaria humilis
Scutellaria indica
Scutellaria lateriflora
Scutellaria oblonga
Scutellaria pontica
Scutellaria suffrutescens
Scutellaria woronowii
Scyphularia pentaphylla
Sebastiania klotzschiana
Securidaca longipedunculata
Securigera varia
Securinega melanthesoides
Sedum adolphi
Sedum amplexicaule
Sedum brevifolium
Sedum caucasicum
Sedum compressum
Sedum dasyphyllum
Sedum furfuraceum
Sedum hernandezii
Sedum humifusum
Sedum lanceolatum
Sedum lydium
Sedum mexicanum
Sedum mocinianum
Sedum morganianum
Sedum nussbaumerianum
Sedum oxypetalum
Sedum pilosum
Sedum reniforme
Sedum sexangulare
Sedum stahlii
Sedum treleasei
Scrophularia olympica
Scrophularia sublyrata
Scutellaria antirrhinoides
Scutellaria californica
Scutellaria costaricana
Scutellaria hirta
Scutellaria incana
Scutellaria integrifolia
Scutellaria mollis
Scutellaria orientalis
Scutellaria rubicunda
Scutellaria tournefortii
Scutia buxifolia
Scyphularia pycnocarpa
Secale cereale
Securigera orientalis
Securinega durissima
Sedeveria x hummellii
Sedum allantoides
Sedum bellum
Sedum burrito
Sedum clavatum
Sedum cremnophila
Sedum divergens
Sedum glaucum
Sedum hintonii
Sedum hybrids
Sedum lineare
Sedum macdougallii
Sedum meyeri
Sedum montanum
Sedum nanifolium
Sedum oreganum
Sedum pachyphyllum
Sedum potosinum
Sedum rupestre
Sedum sieboldii
Sedum tectorum
Sedum trollii
Scrophularia parviflora
Scutellaria albida
Scutellaria aurata
Scutellaria coccinea
Scutellaria formosana
Scutellaria hookeri
Scutellaria incarnata
Scutellaria javanica
Scutellaria novae-zelandiae
Scutellaria pichleri
Scutellaria speciosa
Scutellaria violacea
Scuticaria spp.
Scyphularia sinusora
Sechium edule
Securigera parviflora
Securinega flexuosa
Sedirea japonica
Sedum americanum
Sedum bodinieri
Sedum caeruleum
Sedum compactum
Sedum cupressoides
Sedum frutescens
Sedum greggii
Sedum hirsutum
Sedum japonicum
Sedum lucidum
Sedum makinoi
Sedum middendorfianum
Sedum moranense
Sedum nevii
Sedum oregonense
Sedum palmeri
Sedum pulchellum
Sedum sediforme
Sedum spathulifolium
Sedum ternatum
Seemannia gymnostoma
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Seemannia latifolia
Seguieria guaranitica
Selaginella arbuscula
Selaginella canaliculata
Selaginella erythropus
Selaginella gigantea
Selaginella hordeiformis
Selaginella lobbii
Selaginella polymorpha
Selaginella uncinata
Selago densiflora
Selago thunbergii
Selenicereus boeckmanni
Selenicereus donkelaarii
Selenicereus hondurensis
Selenicereus testudo
Selenicereus wittii
Selinum wallichianum
Selliguea lima
Semele androgyna
Semiarundinaria yashadake
Sempervivum angustifolium
Sempervivum atlanticum
Sempervivum calcareum
Sempervivum ciliosum
Sempervivum frutescens
Sempervivum grandiflorum
Sempervivum kosaninii
Sempervivum montanum
Sempervivum tectorum
Sempervivum zeleborii
Senecio albogilvus
Senecio antandroi
Senecio brassica
Senecio cassinioides
Senecio cinerascens
Senecio cymosus
Senecio elegans
Seemannia purpurascens
Sehima sulcata
Selaginella australiensis
Selaginella denticulata
Selaginella firmuloides
Selaginella helvetica
Selaginella imbricata
Selaginella pilifera
Selaginella serpens
Selaginella victoriae
Selago serrata
Selago thyrsoidea
Selenicereus chontalensis
Selenicereus grandiflorus
Selenicereus inermis
Selenicereus urbanianus
Selenothamnus helmsii
Selliguea feei
Semecarpus anacardium
Semiaquilegia simulatrix
Semnanthe lacera
Sempervivum arachnoideum
Sempervivum aureum
Sempervivum cantabricum
Sempervivum decorum
Sempervivum giuseppii
Sempervivum hirtum
Sempervivum manriqueorum
Sempervivum palmense
Sempervivum urbicum
Senecio abrotanifolius
Senecio amygdalifolius
Senecio articulatus
Senecio brunonis
Senecio chilensis
Senecio citriformis
Senecio dentatus
Senecio ficoides
Seemannia sylvatica
Seidenfadenia spp.
Selaginella bryopteris
Selaginella emmeliana
Selaginella galeottii
Selaginella heterodonta
Selaginella lepidophylla
Selaginella plumosa
Selaginella uliginosa
Selaginella wallichii
Selago spuria
Selenicereus anthonyanus
Selenicereus chrysocardium
Selenicereus hamatus
Selenicereus spinulosus
Selenicereus vagans
Selinum candollei
Selliguea feeioides
Semecarpus australiensis
Semiarundinaria okuboi
Sempervivum allionii
Sempervivum arvernense
Sempervivum barbulatum
Sempervivum caucasicum
Sempervivum x fauconnettii
Sempervivum glaucum
Sempervivum hybrids
Sempervivum marmoreum
Sempervivum pumilum
Sempervivum wulfenii
Senecio adonidifolius
Senecio anethifolius
Senecio bellidioides
Senecio calthaefolius
Senecio cineraria
Senecio cunninghamii
Senecio diaschides
Senecio garlandii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Senecio glomeratus x
Senecio hectori
Senecio hubertia
Senecio keniodendron
Senecio lanibracteus
Senecio lyratus
Senecio mandraliscae
Senecio megaglossus
Senecio niveus
Senecio pendulus
Senecio primulaefolius
Senecio radicans
Senecio saxifragoides
Senecio scorzoneroides
Senecio spanomerus
Senecio tussilaginis
Senecio vulgaris
Senna appendiculata
Senna barronfieldii
Senna candolleana
Senna cumingii
Senna gaudichaudii
Senna lindheimeriana
Senna occidentalis
Senna phyllodinea
Senna pumilio
Senna reticulata
Senna stipulacea
Senna wislizenii
Serapias lingua
Serianthes sachetae
Sericocoma avolans
Serissa japonica
Serjania mexicana
Serratula seoanei
Serruria aitonii
Serruria florida x rosea
Serruria gracilis
Senecio hansenii
Senecio haworthii
Senecio heritieri
Senecio huntii
Senecio kleinia
Senecio leptocarpus
Senecio macrocarpus
Senecio maritimus
Senecio monroi
Senecio odoratus
Senecio perdicioides
Senecio pterophorus
Senecio repens
Senecio scandens
Senecio serpens
Senecio tamoides
Senecio velleioides
Senna acclinis
Senna arnottiana
Senna bicapsularis
Senna circinnata
Senna didymobotrya
Senna heptanthera
Senna marilandica
Senna odorata
Senna pistaciifolia
Senna purpusii
Senna siamea
Senna sturtii
Sequoia sempervirens
Serapias orientalis
Sericanthe andongensis
Seringia arborescens
Serjania clematidifolia
Serpyllopsis caespitosa
Serruria acrocarpa
Serruria elongata
Serruria fucifolia
Serruria linearis
Senecio herreianus
Senecio jacobsenii
Senecio kleiniiformis
Senecio lilacinus
Senecio macroglossus
Senecio medley-woodii
Senecio neohumbertii
Senecio pectinatus
Senecio polyodon
Senecio pubiger
Senecio rowleyanus
Senecio scaposus
Senecio soldanella
Senecio tropaeolifolius
Senecio viravira
Senna aciphylla
Senna bacillaris
Senna birostris
Senna coronilloides
Senna fruticosa
Senna leptoclada
Senna mexicana
Senna pallida
Senna polyantha
Senna racemosa
Senna splendida
Senna versicolor
Sequoiadendron giganteum
Serenoa repens
Sericocarpus linifolius
Seriphidium vallesiacum
Serjania filicifolia
Serratula nudicaulis
Serruria adscendens
Serruria florida
Serruria glomerata
Serruria pedunculata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Serruria phylicoides
Sesamum capense
Sesbania aegyptica
Sesbania grandiflora
Sesbania longifolia
Sesbania paulensis
Sesbania sesban
Seseli transcaucasicum
Sesleria heufleriana
Setaria faberi
Setaria incrassata
Setaria kagerensis
Setaria palmifolia
Setaria porphyrantha
Setaria spartella
Setaria verticillata
Seyrigia humbertii
Shibataea lanceifolia
Shorea glauca
Shorea mecistopterix
Shorea robusta
Shortia soldanelloides
Shuteria involucrata
Sibiraea laevigata
Sida cryphiopetala
Sida goniocarpa
Sida subspicata
Sidalcea malviflora
Sideritis bolleana
Sideritis candicans
Sideritis discolor
Sideritis hyssopifolia
Sideritis syriaca
Sideroxylon inerme
Sievekingia spp.
Silene alpestris
Silene araratica
Silene atlantica
Silene banksia
Serruria rosea
Sesamum indicum
Sesbania coerulescens
Sesbania greenwayi
Sesbania microphylla
Sesbania quadrata
Sesbania speciosa
Sesleria alba
Sessilistigma radians
Setaria fiebrigii
Setaria italica
Setaria lachnea
Setaria parviflora
Setaria pumila
Setaria sphacelata
Seyrigia bosseri
Sherardia arvensis
Shirakiopsis indica
Shorea macrophylla
Shorea obtusa
Shorea siamensis
Shortia uniflora
Sibbaldia purpurea
Sicana odorifera
Sida cunninghamii
Sida spinosa
Sidalcea candida
Siderasis fuscata
Sideritis cabrerae
Sideritis cystosiphon
Sideritis gomerae
Sideritis macrostachys
Sideritis taurica
Sideroxylon lanuginosum
Sigesbeckia orientalis
Silene andicola
Silene armeria
Silene atropurpurea
Silene bellidioides
Sesamothamnus lugardii
Sesamum prostratum
Sesbania goetzii
Sesbania keniensis
Sesbania pachycarpa
Sesbania rostrata
Seseli gummiferum
Sesleria caerulea
Setaria appendiculata
Setaria finita
Setaria italica x faberi
Setaria leucopila
Setaria phragmitoides
Setaria scabrifolia
Setaria tenuiseta
Seyrigia gracilis
Shibataea kumasasa
Shorea curtisii
Shorea macroptera
Shorea pinanga
Shortia galacifolia
Shuteria hirsuta
Sibiraea angustata
Sida corrugata
Sida fallax
Sida subcordata
Sidalcea hendersonii
Sideritis barbellata
Sideritis canariensis
Sideritis dasygnaphala
Sideritis hirsuta
Sideritis nutans
Sideroxylon grandiflorum
Sideroxylon majus
Sigmatostalix spp.
Silene apetala
Silene asterias
Silene auriculata
Silene bourgaei
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Silene burchellii
Silene capensis
Silene coeli-rosa
Silene delavayi
Silene frivaldszkyana
Silene gonosperma
Silene hookeri
Silene linnaeana
Silene multicaulis
Silene olympica
Silene parnassica
Silene regia
Silene saxifraga
Silene suksdorfii
Silene uniflora
Silene viscaria
Silene wolgensis
Silphium compositum
Simethis planifolia
Sinapis alba
Sinarundinaria intermedia
Sinningia brasiliensis
Sinningia cooperi
Sinningia eumorpha
Sinningia incarnata
Sinningia lineata
Sinningia sceptrum
Sinningia tuberosa
Sinningia warszewiczii
Sinocalamus latiflorus
Silene californica
Silene capitata
Silene compacta
Silene dinarica
Silene fruticosa
Silene grandiflora
Silene keiskei
Silene longicaulis
Silene nigrescens
Silene orientalis
Silene parryi
Silene rupestris
Silene schafta
Silene supina
Silene vallesia
Silene vulgaris
Silene yunnanensis
Silphium laciniatum
Simmondsia chinensis
Sinapis arvensis
Sinningia aggregata
Sinningia canescens
Sinningia douglasii
Sinningia gigantifolia
Sinningia lateritia
Sinningia macropoda
Sinningia sellowii
Sinningia tubiflora
Sinobambusa rubroligula
Sinocalycanthus chinensis
Sinocalycanthus chinensis x
Chimonanthus praecox
Sinoga lysicephala
Sinomenium acutum
Siphonochilus decorus
Siraitia grosvenorii
Sisymbrium irio
Sisymbrium orientale
Sisyrinchium bellum
Sinocrassula yunnanensis
Silene campanulata
Silene chilensis
Silene coronaria x flos-jovis
Silene flos-jovis
Silene gallica
Silene hifacensis
Silene laciniata
Silene magellanica
Silene nocturna
Silene parishii
Silene petraea
Silene saxatilis
Silene suecica
Silene undulata
Silene virginica
Silene waldsteinii
Silene zawadskii
Silphium trifoliatum
Sinapidendron frutescens
Sinapis sinensis
Sinningia barbata
Sinningia cardinalis
Sinningia elliptica
Sinningia hirsuta
Sinningia leucotricha
Sinningia macrostachya
Sinningia speciosa
Sinningia warmingii
Sinobambusa tootsik
Sinocalycanthus chinensis x
Calycanthus floridus
Sinofranchetia chinensis
Sinojackia rehderiana
Siphocampylus comosus
Siphonochilus kirkii
Sisymbrium altissimum
Sisymbrium luteum
Sisymbrium runcinatum
Sisyrinchium bermudiana
Sinojackia xylocarpa
Siphocampylus giganteus
Siphonodon australis
Sisymbrium erysimoides
Sisymbrium officinale
Sisyrinchium angustifolium
Sisyrinchium bogotense
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Sisyrinchium californicum
Sisyrinchium idahoense
Sisyrinchium littorale
Sisyrinchium patagonicum
Sisyrinchium tinctorium
Skimmia arborescens
Skimmia laureola
Sisyrinchium filifolium
Sisyrinchium iridifolium
Sisyrinchium macrocarpon
Sisyrinchium pearcei
Sium sisarum
Skimmia x confusa
Skimmia reevesiana
Sloanea australis
Smallanthus sonchifolius
Smilax anceps
Smilax china
Smilax lanceifolia
Smilax officinalis
Smithia ciliata
Smithiantha laui
Smitinandia spp.
Smyrnium perfoliatum
Sobralia augusta
Sobralia xantholeuca
Socratea montana
Solandra guttata
Solandra maxima
Solanopteris brunei
Solanum americanum
Solanum angustifolium
Solanum asymmetriphyllum
Solanum baylisii
Solanum canense
Solanum cervantesii
Solanum corifolium
Solanum densiflorum
Solanum discolor
Solanum elaeagnifolium
Solanum fraxinifolium
Solanum geniculatum
Solanum hyporhodium
Solanum laciniatum
Solanum mammosum
Sloanea sinensis
Smelowskia calycina
Smilax aristolochiifolia
Smilax ferox
Smilax latifolia
Smirnowia turkestana
Smithia setulosa
Smithiantha multiflora
Smodingium argutum
Sobennikoffia spp.
Sobralia decora
Socratea durissima
Socratea rostrata
Solandra hirsuta
Solanecio mannii
Solanum aculeatissimum
Solanum amotapense
Solanum anomalum
Solanum aviculare
Solanum betaceum
Solanum capsicoides
Solanum chancayense
Solanum crinitum
Solanum dimorphispinum
Solanum dulcamara
Solanum elegans
Solanum furfuraceum
Solanum guineense
Solanum jacquini
Solanum laxum
Solanum melongena
Sisyrinchium graminifolium
Sisyrinchium junceum
Sisyrinchium macrocarpum
Sisyrinchium striatum
Skimmia anquetilia
Skimmia japonica
Sleumerodendron austrocaledonicum
Sloanea woollsii
Smicrostigma viride
Smilax calophylla
Smilax glyciphylla
Smilax marginulata
Smithia blanda
Smithiantha cinnabarina
Smithiantha zebrina
Smyrnium olusatrum
Sobralia amabilis
Sobralia macrantha
Socratea hecatonandra
Socratea salazarii
Solandra longiflora
Solanopteris bifrons
Solanum africanum
Solanum anguivi
Solanum arboreum
Solanum bahamense
Solanum campanulatum
Solanum caricaefolium
Solanum cookii
Solanum dallachii
Solanum diploconos
Solanum dulcamaroides
Solanum erianthum
Solanum galeatum
Solanum hendersonii
Solanum kurzii
Solanum lycioides
Solanum morrisonii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Solanum multivenosum
Solanum opacum
Solanum pancheri
Solanum piluliferum
Solanum pseudolulo
Solanum quercifolium
Solanum sandwicense
Solanum seaforthianum
Solanum sisymbriifolium
Solanum suaveolens
Solanum tridynamum
Solanum tuberosum
Solanum uporo
Solanum viridifolium
Soldanella austriaca
Soldanella dimoniei
Soldanella montana
Soldanella villosa
Solenomelus pedunculatus
Solenostemon scutellarioides
Solidago caucasica
Solidago multiradiata
Solanum muricatum
Solanum orbiculatum x
Solanum parvifolium
Solanum pinnatum
Solanum pseudolycioides
Solanum quitoense
Solanum scabrum
Solanum sessiliflorum
Solanum stellatiglandulosum
Solanum tetrathecum
Solanum triflorum
Solanum tucumanense
Solanum vescum
Solanum wendlandii
Soldanella carpatica
Soldanella hungarica
Soldanella pindicola
Soleirolia soleirolii
Solenophora calycosa
Solenostemon thyrsiflorum
Solidago glomerata
Solidago ptarmicoides
Solidago rugosa x canadensis
Solidago uliginosa
Soliva sessilis
Sommieria leucophylla
Sonchus canariensis
Sonchus fauces-orci
Sonchus hierrensis
Sonchus tenerrimus
Sonerila rheedii
Sophora japonica
Sophora moorcroftiana
Sophora tomentosa
Sophrocattleya spp.
Sophronitis spp.
Sorbaronia dippelii
Sorbus aria
Solidago simplex
Solidago virgaurea
Sommieria affinis
Sonchus acaulis
Sonchus capillaris
Sonchus gandogeri
Sonchus oleraceus
Sonerila elegans
Sophora chrysophylla
Sophora macrocarpa
Sophora prostrata
Sophora toromiro
Sophrolaelia spp.
Sorbaria sorbifolia
Sorbus alnifolia
Sorbus x arnoldiana
Solanum nigrum
Solanum palustre
Solanum phureja
Solanum pseudocapsicum
Solanum quadrangulare
Solanum rostratum
Solanum schimperianum
Solanum shanesii
Solanum stelligerum
Solanum tomentosum
Solanum tripartitum
Solanum umbelliferum
Solanum vespertilio
Soldanella alpina
Soldanella cyanaster
Soldanella minima
Soldanella pusilla
Solenangis aphylla
Solenostemon autrani
Solidago canadensis
Solidago mollis
Solidago ptarmicoides x
Solidago speciosa
x Solidaster luteus
Sommieria elegans
Sonchus asper
Sonchus congestus
Sonchus gonzalezpadroni
Sonchus ortunoi
Sonerila margaritacea
Sophora davidii
Sophora microphylla
Sophora tetraptera
Sophora velutina
Sophrolaeliocattleya spp.
Sorbaria tomentosa
Sorbus anglica
Sorbus aronioides
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Sorbus arranensis
Sorbus californica
Sorbus commixta
Sorbus domestica
Sorbus filipes
Sorbus glabrescens
Sorbus incisa
Sorbus japonica
Sorbus lancastriensis
Sorbus meinichii
Sorbus oligodonta
Sorbus prattii
Sorbus rehderiana
Sorbus setschwanensis
Sorbus subsimilis
Sorbus vestita
Sorbus wilsoniana
Sorghum x almum x bicolor
Sorghum halepense
Sorghum macrospermum
Sparaxis bulbifera
Sparaxis metelerkampiae
Sparaxis tricolor
Sparganium antipodum
Sparrmannia ricinocarpa
Spartothamnella juncea
Spathiphyllum blandum
Sorbus astateria
Sorbus cashmiriana
Sorbus corymbifera
Sorbus esserteauana
Sorbus folgneri
Sorbus granulosa
Sorbus insignis
Sorbus koehneana
Sorbus maderensis
Sorbus meliosmifolia
Sorbus pallescens
Sorbus randaiensis
Sorbus rhamnoides
Sorbus sitchensis
Sorbus thibetica
Sorbus vilmorinii
Sorbus zahlbruckneri
Sorghum bicolor
Sorghum halepense x bicolor
Sorghum purpureosericeum
Sparaxis elegans
Sparaxis parviflora
Sparaxis variegata
Sparganium subglobosum
Spartina ciliata
Spatalla setacea
Spathiphyllum cannifolium
Spathiphyllum commutatum
Spathiphyllum patinii
Spathodea campanulata
Spergula pentandra
Spergularia marina
Spermacoce remota
Sphaeralcea acerifolia
Sphaeralcea incana
Sphaerolobium minus
Sphaeropteris australis
Sphaerorrhiza sarmentiana
Spathiphyllum floribundum
Spathiphyllum phryniifolium
Spathoglottis spp.
Spergularia bocconii
Spergularia rubra
Sphaeradenia acutitepala
Sphaeralcea ambigua
Sphaeralcea munroana
Sphaeromeria cana
Sphaeropteris excelsa
Sphaerostephanos loherianus
Sorbus aucuparia
Sorbus chamaemespilus
Sorbus discolor
Sorbus esserteauiana
Sorbus forrestii
Sorbus hupehensis
Sorbus intermedia
Sorbus lanata
Sorbus megalocarpa
Sorbus minima
Sorbus pohuashanensis
Sorbus reducta
Sorbus scopulina
Sorbus subcuneata
Sorbus tianschanica
Sorbus wilmottiana
Sorghastrum nutans
Sorghum x drummondii
Sorghum leiocladum
Sowerbaea juncea
Sparaxis grandiflora
Sparaxis pillansii
Sparaxis villosa
Sparrmannia africana
Spartium junceum
Spathicarpa hastifolia
Spathiphyllum x hybridum
Spathiphyllum wallisii
Spergula arvensis
Spergularia diandra
Spermacoce gilliesiae
Sphaeradenia carrilloana
Sphaeralcea caespitosa
Sphaerocionium applanata
Sphaeromeria capitata
Sphaeropteris robusta
Sphaerostephanos polycarpa
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Sphalmanthus sulcatus
Sphenopholis x pallens
Sphyrospermum buxifolium
Spiloxene alba
Spiloxene capensis
Spiloxene stellata
Spiraea albiflora
Spiraea arcuata
Spiraea betulifolia
Spiraea chinensis
Spiraea decumbens
Spiraea x fontenaysii
Spiraea gemmata
Spiraea henryi
Spiraea longigemmis
Spiraea miyabei
Spiraea nipponica
Spiraea pubescens
Spiraea sericea
Spiraea thunbergii
Spiraea velutina
Spiranthes australis
Spirostachys africana
Spondias lakonensis
Sporadanthus interruptus
Sporobolus agrostoides
Sporobolus contractus
Sporobolus filipes
Sporobolus indicus
Sporobolus texanus
Sprengelia distichophylla
Sprengelia monticola
Spyridium burragorang
Spyridium daltonii
Spyridium lawrencei
Spyridium obovatum
Spyridium scortechinii
Sphagneticola trilobata
Sphagnum cristatum
Sphalmanthus tenuiflorus
Sphenostylis stenocarpa
Sphyrospermum cordifolium
Spiloxene aquatica
Spiloxene linearis
Spinacia oleracea
Spiraea alpina
Spiraea x arguta
Spiraea blumei
Spiraea x cinerea
Spiraea douglasii
Spiraea fritschiana
Spiraea gracilis
Spiraea humilis
Spiraea x margaritae
Spiraea x multiflora
Spiraea pikoviensis
Spiraea rosthornii
Spiraea splendens
Spiraea trichocarpa
Spiraea wilsonii
Spiranthes lacera
Spondias borbonica
Spondias tuberosa
Sporadanthus tasmanicus
Sporobolus airoides
Sporobolus coromandelianus
Sporobolus flexuosus
Sporobolus interruptus
Sporobolus wrightii
Sprengelia incarnata
Sprengelia sprengelioides
Spyridium buxifolium
Spyridium eriocephalum
Spyridium microphyllum
Spyridium parvifolium
Spyridium spathulatum
Sphenomeris deltoidea
Sphyrastylis spp.
Spigelia marilandica
Spiloxene canaliculata
Spiloxene serrata
Spinifex sericeus
Spiraea angustifolia
Spiraea bella
Spiraea cantoniensis
Spiraea dasyantha
Spiraea flexuosa
Spiraea fulvescens
Spiraea hayatae
Spiraea japonica
Spiraea micrantha
Spiraea nervosa
Spiraea prunifolia
Spiraea rupestris
Spiraea stevenii
Spiraea veitchii
Spiranthes argyrifolia
Spiranthes navarrensis
Spondias dulcis
Sporadanthus caudatus
Sporobolus aeneus
Sporobolus consimilis
Sporobolus diander
Sporobolus giganteus
Sporobolus nealleyi
Sprekelia formosissima
Sprengelia montana
Spyridium bifidum
Spyridium cinereum
Spyridium gunnii
Spyridium obcordatum
Spyridium phylicoides
Spyridium ulicinum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Spyridium vexilliferum
Stachys affinis
Stachys arvensis
Stachys coccinea
Stachys discolor
Stachys lavandulifolia
Stachys monieri
Stachys pradica
Stachys thirkei
Stachytarpheta jamaicensis
Stachyurus praecox
Stackhousia pulvinaris
Staehelina dubia
Stanhopea spp.
Stapelia cedrimontana
Stapelia erectiflora
Stapelia glabricaulis
Stapelia hirsuta
Stapelia longidens
Stapelia nudiflora
Stapelia peglerae
Stapelia rufa
Stapelianthus decaryi
Stapeliopsis pillansii
Staphylea bumalda
Staphylea holocarpa
Staphylea trifolia
Staurochilus fasciatus
Staberoha remota
Stachys albens
Stachys byzantina
Stachys decumbens
Stachys glutinosa
Stachys linearis
Stachys officinalis
Stachys rugosa
Stachytarpheta cayennensis
Stachyurus chinensis
Stachyurus yunnanensis
Stackhousia spathulata
Staehelina petiolata
Stapelia acuminata
Stapelia clavicorona
Stapelia flavopurpurea
Stapelia glanduliflora
Stapelia kwebensis
Stapelia macowanii
Stapelia olivacea
Stapelia pillansii
Stapelia verrucosa
Stapelianthus pilosus
Stapeliopsis saxatilis
Staphylea colchica
Staphylea pinnata
Statice glumacea
Staurochilus luzonensis
Stegnosperma cubense
Stelis spp.
Stellaria parviflora
Stemmacantha carthamoides
Stemmadenia sinaloana
Stemona javanica
Stenandrium lindeni
Steirodiscus tagetes
Stellaria angustifolia
Stellaria pungens
Stemmadenia grandiflora
Stemmadenia tomentosa
Stemona philippinensis
Stenanthium occidentale
Stenocactus crispatus
Stenocactus multicostatus
Stenanthemum scortechinii
Stenocactus coptonogonus
Stenocactus hastatus
Stachyphrynium jagorianum
Stachys alopecuros
Stachys chrysantha
Stachys densiflora
Stachys hissarica
Stachys macrantha
Stachys palaestina
Stachys setifera
Stachytarpheta fallax
Stachyurus himalaicus
Stackhousia huegelii
Stackhousia viminea
Stangeria eriopus
Stapelia asterias
Stapelia engleriana
Stapelia gettleffii
Stapelia grandiflora
Stapelia leendertziae
Stapelia namaquensis
Stapelia paniculata
Stapelia pulvinata
Stapelia vetula
Stapeliopsis neronis
Stapeliopsis urniflora
Staphylea coulombieri
Staphylea pringlei
Stauntonia hexaphylla
Stelechocarpus burahol
Stellaria media
Stemmacantha australis
Stemmadenia litoralis
Stemona japonica
Stemona tuberosa
Stenanthemum pimeleoides
Stenia spp.
Stenocactus dichroacanthus
Stenocactus obvallatus
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Stenocactus ochoterenanus
Stenocactus vaupelianus
Stenocarpus davallioides
Stenocarpus reticulatus
Stenocarpus trinervis
Stenocereus alamosensis
Stenocereus dumortieri
Stenocereus fimbriatus
Stenocereus laevigatus
Stenocereus pruinosus
Stenocereus standleyi
Stenocereus treleasei
Stenoglottis longifolia
Stenomesson incarnatum
Stenomesson variegatum
Stenocactus phyllacanthus
Stenocarpus angustifolius
Stenocarpus gracilis
Stenocarpus salignus
Stenocarpus umbelliferus
Stenocereus aragonii
Stenocereus eichlamii
Stenocereus gummosus
Stenocereus martinezii
Stenocereus queretaroensis
Stenocereus stellatus
Stenochlaena milnei
Stenoglottis woodii
Stenomesson miniatum
Stenorrhynchos speciosum
Stenotaphrum secundatum
Stephania aculeata
Stephania discolor
Stephanandra chinensis
Stephania cyanantha
Stephanocereus leucostele
Stephanocereus luetzelburgii
Stephanotis japonica
Sterculia apetala
Sterculia hamiltonii
Sterculia mexicana
Sterculia rubiginosa
Sterculia villosa
Stereospermum hypostictum
Steriphoma paradoxum
Sternbergia colchiciflora
Sternbergia pulchella
Sternbergia vernalis
Stevia lucida
Stewartia malacodendron
Stewartia pseudocamellia
Stewartia serrata
Sticherus flabellatus
Sticherus tener
Stephanophysum baikiei
Stephanotis thouarsii
Sterculia foetida
Sterculia lanceolata
Sterculia quinqueloba
Sterculia shillinglawii
Sterculia viscidula
Stereospermum kunthianum
Sternbergia candida
Sternbergia greuteriana
Sternbergia schubertii
Stetsonia coryne
Stevia rebaudiana
Stewartia monadelpha
Stewartia pteropetiolata
Stewartia sinensis
Sticherus lobatus
Stictocardia beraviensis
Stenocactus sulphureus
Stenocarpus cryptocarpus
Stenocarpus milnei
Stenocarpus sinuatus
Stenocarpus verticis
Stenocereus beneckei
Stenocereus eruca
Stenocereus kerberi
Stenocereus montanus
Stenocereus quevedonis
Stenocereus thurberi
Stenoglottis fimbriata
Stenomesson aurantiacum
Stenomesson pearcei
Stenostephanus jamesonii
Stephanandra tanakae
Stephania delavayi
Stephanotis floribunda
Sterculia alexandri
Sterculia garrawayae
Sterculia laurifolia
Sterculia rogersii
Sterculia urens
Stereospermum chelonoides
Stereospermum suaveolens
Sternbergia clusiana
Sternbergia lutea
Sternbergia sicula
Stevia caracasana
Stewartia gemmata
Stewartia ovata
Stewartia rostrata
Sticherus cunninghamii
Sticherus milnei
Stictocardia tiliifolia
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Stifftia chrysantha
Stigmaphyllon emarginatum
Stilbocarpa polaris
Stipa bigeniculata
Stipa eremophila
Stipa macalpinei
Stipa nervosa
Stipa platychaeta
Stipa setacea
Stipa velutina
Stipagrostis namaquensis
Stockwellia quadrifida
Stomatium alboroseum
Stomatium duthieae
Stomatium meyeri
Stomatium peersii
Stonesiella selaginoides
Strasburgeria robusta
Strelitzia caudata
Strelitzia nicolai
Stigmaphyllon bonariense
Stigmaphyllon jatrophifolium
Stipa acrociliata
Stipa breviglumis
Stipa hemipogon
Stipa mollis
Stipa nivicola
Stipa ramosissima
Stipa stipoides
Stipagrostis hirtigluma
Stipagrostis obtusa
Stoeberia carpii
Stomatium beaufortense
Stomatium ermininum
Stomatium mustelinum
Stomatium pluridens
Storckiella australiensis
Streblus brunonianus
Strelitzia juncea
Strelitzia reginae
Streptocalyx biflorus
Streptocarpus comptonii
Streptocarpus dunnii
Streptocarpus x hybridus
Streptocarpus polyanthus
Streptocarpus rexii
Streptocarpus wendlandii
Streptosolen jamesonii
Strobilanthes cusia
Strobilanthes glomerata
Strobilanthes micholitzi
Stromanthe amabilis
Stromanthe sanguinea
Strombocactus disciformis
Strongylodon pseudolucidus
Strophanthus courmontii
Strophanthus kombe
Strophanthus preussii
Streptocalyx pallidus
Streptocarpus cooperi
Streptocarpus gardenii
Streptocarpus johannis
Streptocarpus primulifolius
Streptocarpus saxorum
Streptopus lanceolatus
Strobilanthes anisophylla
Strobilanthes cuspidata
Strobilanthes gossypinus
Strobilanthes rankanensis
Stromanthe jacquinii
Stromanthe thalia
Strongylodon lucidus
Strophanthus amboensis
Strophanthus divaricatus
Strophanthus nicholsonii
Strophanthus sarmentosus
Stigmaphyllon ciliatum
Stilbocarpa lyallii
Stipa aphylla
Stipa curticoma
Stipa juncifolia
Stipa muelleri
Stipa oligostachya
Stipa rudis
Stipa tuckeri
Stipagrostis karelinii
Stipagrostis pennata
Stokesia laevis
Stomatium bryantii
Stomatium fulleri
Stomatium mustellinum
Stomatostemma pendulina
Strangea linearis
Streblus smithii
Strelitzia x kewensis
Streptocarpus caulescens
Streptocarpus cyaneus
Streptocarpus haygarthii
Streptocarpus michelmorci
Streptocarpus pusillus
Streptocarpus stomandra
Streptopus streptopoides
Strobilanthes auriculata
Strobilanthes dyerianus
Strobilanthes isophyllus
Strobilanthes urticifolia
Stromanthe porteana
Stromanthe tonckat
Strongylodon macrobotrys
Strophanthus boivinii
Strophanthus gratus
Strophanthus petersianus
Strophostyles umbellata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Strumaria barbariae
Strumaria salteri
Strumaria truncata
Strychnos axillaris
Strychnos madagascariensis
Strychnos psilosperma
Stylidium graminifolium
Stylidium lineare
Stylogyne orinocensis
Stylophorum lasiocarpum
Stylosanthes bracteata
Stylosanthes debilis
Stylosanthes hamata
Stylosanthes ingrata
Stylosanthes macrocephala
Stylosanthes pilosa
Stylosanthes sympodialis
Stypandra grandiflora
Styphelia adscendens
Styphelia perileuca
Styphelia triflora
Styrax americanus
Styrax dasyanthus
Styrax hookeri
Styrax odoratissimus
Styrax shiraianus
Suaeda baccifera
Sulcorebutia cardenasiana
Sundacarpus amara
Sutera carvalhoi
Sutera fastigiata
Sutherlandia montana
Swainsona laxa
Swainsona murrayana
Swainsona sericea
Swartzia pinnata
Swertia chirayita
Swertia dilatata
Swertia perennis
Strumaria chaplinii
Strumaria spiralis
Strumaria watermeyeri
Strychnos decussata
Strychnos minor
Stylidium debile
Stylidium laricifolium
Stylidium productum
Stylomecon heterophylla
Stylosanthes angustifolia
Stylosanthes calcicola
Stylosanthes fruticosa
Stylosanthes hispida
Stylosanthes leiocarpa
Stylosanthes mexicana
Stylosanthes ruellioides
Stylosanthes tomentosa
Stypandra grandis
Styphelia laeta
Styphelia psiloclada
Styphelia tubiflora
Styrax benzoin
Styrax faberi
Styrax japonicus
Styrax officinalis
Styrax tonkinensis
Succowia balearica
Sulcorebutia krugerae
Sunipia andersonii
Sutera cephalotes
Sutera hispida
Sventenia bupleuroides
Swainsona lessertiifolia
Swainsona plagiotropis
Swainsona stipularis
Swertia bimaculata
Swertia crassiuscula
Swertia hookeri
Swertia volkensii
Strumaria rubella
Strumaria tenella
Strychnos arborea
Strychnos ignatii
Strychnos potatorum
Stylidium eglandulosum
Stylidium lehmannianum
Stylidium soboliferum
Stylophorum diphyllum
Stylosanthes biflora
Stylosanthes capitata
Stylosanthes guianensis
Stylosanthes humilis
Stylosanthes macrocarpa
Stylosanthes montevidensis
Stylosanthes scabra
Stylosanthes viscosa
Styphelia acerosa
Styphelia longifolia
Styphelia suaveolens
Styphelia viridis
Styrax confusus
Styrax hemsleyanus
Styrax obassia
Styrax rediviva
Styrax wilsonii
Sulcolluma shadhbana
Sulcorebutia langeri
Sunipia bicolor
Sutera cordata
Sutera polyantha
Swainsona galegifolia
Swainsona monticola
Swainsona recta
Swartsia nitida
Swertia carolinensis
Swertia cuneata
Swertia kingii
Swertia zeylanica
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Swietenia humilis
Syagrus amara
Syagrus campylospatha
Syagrus comosa
Syagrus duartei
Syagrus graminifolia
Syagrus leptospatha
Syagrus oleracea
Syagrus pleioclada
Syagrus ruschiana
Syagrus smithii
Syagrus vagans
Symphionema montanum
Symphoricarpos albus
Swietenia mahagoni
Syagrus botryophora
Syagrus cardenasii
Syagrus coronata
Syagrus flexuosa
Syagrus harleyi
Syagrus macrocarpa
Syagrus orinocensis
Syagrus pseudococos
Syagrus sancona
Syagrus stratincola
Syagrus werdermannii
Symphionema paludosum
Symphoricarpos chenaultii
Symphoricarpos mollis
Symphyglossum spp.
Symphyandra pendula
Symphyotrichum chilense
Symphyotrichum dumosum
Symphyotrichum ericoides
Symphyotrichum novi-belgii
Symphyotrichum puniceum
Symphyotrichum racemosum
Symphyotrichum spathulatum
Symphysia poasana
Symphytum x uplandicum
Symplocos prunifolia
Syncarpha argyropsis
Syncarpha speciosissima
Syncarpia hillii
Symphyotrichum subulatum
Symphytum grandiflorum
Symplocarpus foetidus
Synadenium cupulare
Syncarpha eximia
Syncarpha variegata
Syncarpia procera
Synechanthus fibrosus
Syngonium auritum
Syngonium hoffmannii
Syngonium steyermarkii
Synima macrophylla
Synthyris missurica
Syringa x chinensis
Syringa x hyacinthiflora
Syngonium angustatum
Syngonium hastiferum
Syngonium podophyllum
Synima cordieri
Synsepalum dulcificum
Syringa afghanica
Syringa x henryi
Swintonia schwenkii
Syagrus campos-portoana
Syagrus cocoides
Syagrus x costae
Syagrus glaucescens
Syagrus inajai
Syagrus microphylla
Syagrus petraea
Syagrus romanzoffiana
Syagrus schizophylla
Syagrus tostana
Sycopsis sinensis
Symphoricarpos acutus
Symphyandra zangezur
Symphyotrichum praealtum
Symphyotrichum x
Symphyotrichum vahlii
Symphytum officinale
Symplocos crassiramifera
Synadenium grantii
Syncarpha milleflora
Syncarpia glomulifera
Syngonanthus chrysanthus
Syngonium erythrophyllum
Syngonium macrophyllum
Syngonium wendlandii
Synoum glandulosum
Synurus excelsus
Syringa x diversifolia
Syringa x josiflexa
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Syringa josikaea
Syringa meyeri
Syringa pinetorum
Syringa x prestoniae
Syringa x swegiflexa
Syringa vulgaris
Syrmatium tomentosum
Syzygium anisatum
Syzygium argyropedicum
Syzygium bamagense
Syzygium branderhorstii
Syzygium buxifolium
Syzygium coolminianum
Syzygium crebrinerve
Syzygium curranii
Syzygium erythrocalyx
Syzygium francisii
Syzygium glenum
Syzygium hemilamprum
Syzygium jambos
Syzygium longifolium
Syringa komarowii
Syringa oblata
Syringa pinnatifolia
Syringa protolaciniata
Syringa sweginzowii
Syringa wolfii
Syzygium alatoramulum
Syzygium apodophyllum
Syzygium aromaticum
Syzygium banksii
Syzygium buettnerianum
Syzygium canicortex
Syzygium cormiflorum
Syzygium cryptophlebium
Syzygium dansiei
Syzygium erythrodoxum
Syzygium fratris
Syzygium grande
Syzygium hodgkinsoniae
Syzygium johnsonii
Syzygium luehmannii
Syzygium maire
Syzygium megacarpum
Syzygium monospermum
Syzygium paniculatum
Syzygium polyanthum
Syzygium malaccense
Syzygium minutuliflorum
Syzygium moorei
Syzygium papyraceum
Syzygium pringlei
Syzygium puberulum
Syzygium rubrimolle
Syzygium tierneyanum
Syzygium wesa
Syzygium purpureum
Syzygium samarangense
Syzygium trachyphloium
Syzygium wilsonii
Syzygium xerampelinum
Tabebuia angustata
Tabebuia chrysotricha
Tabebuia heptaphylla
Tabebuia impetiginosa
Tabebuia rosea
Syzygium zeylanicum
Tabebuia aurea
Tabebuia dubia
Tabebuia heterophylla
Tabebuia ochracea
Tabebuia roseo-alba
Syringa x laciniata
Syringa x persica
Syringa potaninii
Syringa pubescens
Syringa tomentella
Syringa yunnanensis
Syzygium alliiligneum
Syzygium aqueum
Syzygium australe
Syzygium boonjee
Syzygium bungadinnia
Syzygium claviflorum
Syzygium corynanthum
Syzygium cumini
Syzygium endophloium
Syzygium fibrosum
Syzygium fullagarii
Syzygium gustavioides
Syzygium ingens
Syzygium kuranda
Syzygium maraca
Syzygium monimioides
Syzygium oleosum
Syzygium phillyreifolium
Syzygium pycnanthum
Syzygium sharonae
Syzygium velae
Syzygium wilsonii x
Tabebuia alba
Tabebuia chrysantha
Tabebuia guayacan
Tabebuia hypoleuca
Tabebuia pulcherrima
Tabernaemontana australis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Tabernaemontana dichotoma
Tabernaemontana laurifolia
Tabernaemontana ventricosa
Tacca integrifolia
Taccarum weddellianum
Tacitus bellus
Taeniophyllum fasciola
Tagetes erecta
Tagetes lucida
Tagetes tenuifolia
Tainia penangiana
Taiwania flousiana
Talbotia elegans
Talinum calycinum
Talinum paniculatum
Talinum spinescens
Talipariti hamabo
Talisia oliviformis
Tamarix parviflora
Tambourissa sieberi
Tanacetum cilicicum
Tanacetum ferulaceum
Tanacetum parthenium
Tanacetum vulgare
Tanquana hilmarii
Tapeinia pumila
Tapeinochilos hollrungii
Tapeinochilos spectabilis
Tapiscia yunnanensis
Tarenna cameronii
Tarenna longifolia
Tasmannia insipida
Tasmannia purpurascens
Tavaresia barklyi
Taxodium mucronatum
Taxus x media
Tabernaemontana cerifera
Tabernaemontana divaricata
Tabernanthe iboga
Tacca palmata
Tachiadenus longiflorus
Taeckholmia arborea
Taeniophyllum graptolitum
Tagetes filifolia
Tagetes minuta
Tahina spectabilis
Tainia wrayana
Talauma oreadum
Talinum brevifolium
Talinum cuneifolium
Talinum portulacifolium
Talinum teretifolium
Talipariti hastatum
Tamarindus indica
Tamarix ramosissima
Tanacetum aureum
Tanacetum cinerariifolium
Tanacetum haradjanii
Tanacetum ptarmiciflorum
Tanaecium selloi
Tanquana prismatica
Tapeinidium moorei
Tapeinochilos queenslandiae
Taraxacum mongolicum
Tarenna compactiflora
Tarenna zimbabwensis
Tasmannia lanceolata
Tasmannia stipitata
Tavaresia grandiflora
Taxus baccata
Taxus sumatrana
Tabernaemontana elegans
Tacca chantrieri
Tacca plantaginea
Tacinga funalis
Taeckholmia pinnata
Taeniophyllum malianum
Tagetes lemmonii
Tagetes patula
Tainia hookeriana
Taiwania cryptomerioides
Talauma ovata
Talinum caffrum
Talinum guadalupense
Talinum sediforme
Talipariti glabrum
Talipariti tiliaceum
Tamarix leptostachys
Tambourissa peltata
Tanacetum balsamita
Tanacetum densum
Tanacetum niveum
Tanacetum roseum
Tanquana archeri
Tapeinia magellanica
Tapeinochilos ananassae
Tapeinochilos recurvatus
Tapiscia sinensis
Taraxacum officinale
Tarenna ixoroides
Tasmannia glaucifolia
Tasmannia membranea
Tasmannia xerophila
Taxodium distichum
Taxus celebica
Taxus wallichiana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Tecoma capensis
Tecoma fulva
Tecoma x smithii
Tecomanthe hillii
Tecophilaea cyanocrocus
Tectaria confluens
Tectaria gemmifera
Tectaria macrodonta
Tectaria nicotianifolia
Tectaria trifoliata
Tectaridium primitivum
Telesonix jamesii
Teline osyroides
Telocalyptus deglupta
Telopea mongaensis x
Telopea speciosissima x
Telosma cordata
Tephrocactus strobiliformis
Tephrosia capensis
Tephrosia griseola
Tephrosia hochstetteri
Tephrosia interrupta
Tephrosia lupinifolia
Tephrosia nyikensis
Tephrosia pumila
Tephrosia spicata
Tephrosia villosa
Teramnus axilliflorus
Teratophyllum brightiae
Terminalia badamia
Terminalia brassii
Terminalia chebula
Terminalia kaernbachii
Terminalia phanerophlebia
Terminalia sericocarpa
Ternstroemia gymnanthera
Tecoma filicifolia
Tecoma garrocha
Tecoma stans
Tecomanthe speciosa
Tectaria brachiata
Tectaria decurrens
Tectaria gigantea
Tectaria moorei
Tectaria sinuata
Tectaria zeilanica
Tectona grandis
Telfairia pedata
Telipogon spp.
Telopea aspera
Telopea oreades
Tecoma floribunda
Tecoma sambucifolia
Tecomanthe dendrophila
Tecomanthe volubilis
Tectaria cicutaria
Tectaria fimbriata
Tectaria heracleifolia
Tectaria muelleri
Tectaria subtriphylla
Tectaridium macleanii
Telanthophora grandifolia
Teline gomerae
Tellima grandiflora
Telopea mongaensis
Telopea speciosissima
Telopea speciosissima x
Tephrocactus atroglobosus
Tephrosia acaciifolia
Tephrosia euprepes
Tephrosia heckmanniana
Tephrosia holstii
Tephrosia linearis
Tephrosia maxima
Tephrosia paniculata
Tephrosia radicans
Tephrosia strigosa
Tephrosia vogelii
Teramnus repens
Teratophyllum wilkesianum
Terminalia bellerica
Terminalia brownii
Terminalia complanata
Terminalia melanocarpa
Terminalia pyrifolia
Terminalia stenostachya
Ternstroemia japonica
Telopea truncata
Ternstroemia longipes
Tersonia brevipes
Tephrocactus papyracantha
Tephrosia bracteolata
Tephrosia grandiflora
Tephrosia hispidula
Tephrosia hookeriana
Tephrosia longipes
Tephrosia montana
Tephrosia pentaphylla
Tephrosia rhodesica
Tephrosia subtriflora
Tepualia stipularis
Teramnus uncinatus
Terminalia arjuna
Terminalia bentzoe
Terminalia catappa
Terminalia januarensis
Terminalia muelleri
Terminalia richii
Ternstroemia cherryi
Testudinaria sylvatica
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Tetracarpaea tasmanica
Tetracera loureiri
Tetradenia brevispicata
Tetradium daniellii
Tetraena alba
Tetragonia decumbens
Tetragonia nigrescens
Tetraneuris grandiflora
Tetraplasandra hawaiensis
Tetrarrhena distichophylla
Tetrastigma serrulatum
Tetratheca bauerifolia
Tetratheca glandulosa
Tetratheca juncea
Tetratheca pilosa
Tetratheca rupicola
Tetratheca thymifolia
Tetrazygia coriacea
Teucrium argutum
Teucrium betonicum
Teucrium creticum
Teucrium fruticans
Teucrium hircanicum
Teucrium lucidum
Teucrium microphyllum
Teucrium pyrenaicum
Teucrium webbianum
Thalictrum aquilegiifolium
Thalictrum calabricum
Thalictrum delavayi
Thalictrum filamentosum
Thalictrum foliolosum
Thalictrum javanicum
Thalictrum macrocarpum
Thalictrum ramosum
Thalictrum tuberosum
Thamnocalamus tessellatus
Thapsia villosa
Thea assamica
Tetracentron sinense
Tetracera nordtiana
Tetradenia fruticosa
Tetradium fraxinifolium
Tetraena dumosa
Tetragonia fruticosa
Tetragonia trigyna
Tetraneuris herbacea
Tetrapogon tenellus
Tetrarrhena juncea
Tetrastigma yunnanense
Tetratheca ciliata
Tetratheca halmaturina
Tetratheca labillardierei
Tetratheca procumbens
Tetratheca shiressii
Tetratheca viminea
Teucridium parvifolium
Teucrium aroanium
Teucrium chamaedrys
Teucrium cuneifolium
Teucrium halacsyanum
Teucrium hyrcanicum
Teucrium marum
Teucrium montanum
Teucrium rouyanum
Thaleropia queenslandica
Thalictrum baicalense
Thalictrum chelidonii
Thalictrum diffusiflorum
Thalictrum finetii
Thalictrum grandiflorum
Thalictrum kiusianum
Thalictrum minus
Thalictrum rhynchocarpum
Thalictrum uchiyamae
Thamnochortus acuminatus
Thaumatococcus daniellii
Thecostele alata
Tetracera akara
Tetrachne dregei
Tetradenia riparia
Tetradium ruticarpum
Tetragonia arbuscula
Tetragonia hirsuta
Tetranema roseum
Tetrapanax papyrifer
Tetrarrhena acuminata
Tetrastigma nitens
Tetrasynandra pubescens
Tetratheca ericifolia
Tetratheca insularis
Tetratheca neglecta
Tetratheca rubioides
Tetratheca stenocarpa
Tetrathyrium subcordatum
Teucrium arduini
Teucrium asiaticum
Teucrium corymbosum
Teucrium divaricatum
Teucrium heterophyllum
Teucrium x lucidrys
Teucrium massiliense
Teucrium polium
Teucrium subspinosum
Thalia dealbata
Thalictrum buschianum
Thalictrum dasycarpum
Thalictrum fendleri
Thalictrum flavum
Thalictrum isopyroides
Thalictrum lucidum
Thalictrum pubescens
Thalictrum rochebrunianum
Thamnocalamus nitidus
Thamnosma montana
Thayeria cornucopia
Thelasis carinata
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Thelasis macrobulbon
Thelesperma filifolium
Thelionema grande
Thelocactus conothelos
Thelocactus heterochromus
Thelocactus macdowellii
Thelocactus setispinus
Thelocephala krausii
Thelypteris glandulosa
Thelypteris ligulata
Thelypteris puberula
Thelypteris rudis
Thelypteris truncata
Themeda intermedia
Theobroma angustifolium
Theobroma gileri
Theobroma subincanum
Thermopsis mollis
Thevetia ovata
Thismia rodwayi
Thlaspi rotundifolium
Thonandia longifolia
Thrinax ekmaniana
Thrinax parviflora
Thrixspermum spp.
Thryptomene maisonneuvei
Thryptomene parviflora
Thuja meldensis
Thuja standishii
Thunbergia chrysops
Thunbergia gibsonii
Thunbergia mysorensis
Thunbergia togoensis
Thymbra capitata
Thymus argaeus
Thymus camphoratus
Thymus cephalotes
Thymus comosus
Thymus doerfleri
Thelepogon elegans
Thelesperma megapotamicum
Thelionema umbellatum
Thelocactus flavidispinus
Thelocactus hexaedrophorus
Thelocactus rinconensis
Thelocactus tulensis
Thelymitra spp.
Thelypteris grandis
Thelypteris oligocarpa
Thelypteris quelpaertensis
Thelypteris serra
Thelypteris uliginosa
Themeda minor
Theobroma bicolor
Theobroma glaucum
Thermopsis chinensis
Therorhodion camtschaticum
Thevetia peruviana
Thlaspi alpinum
Thlaspi stylosum
Thorncroftia succulenta
Thrinax excelsa
Thrinax radiata
Thryptomene calycina
Thryptomene micrantha
Thryptomene prolifera
Thuja occidentalis
Thunbergia alata
Thunbergia crispa
Thunbergia gregorii
Thunbergia natalensis
Thunbergia vogeliana
Thymbra spicata
Thymus baeticus
Thymus capitellatus
Thymus cilicicus
Thymus degenii
Thymus dzevanovskyi
Thelesperma burridgeanum
Thelionema caespitosum
Thelocactus bicolor
Thelocactus hastifer
Thelocactus leucacanthus
Thelocactus schwarzii
Thelocephala glabrescens
Thelypteris confluens
Thelypteris interrupta
Thelypteris patens
Thelypteris reptans
Thelypteris serrata
Themeda caudata
Themeda quadrivalvis
Theobroma cacao
Theobroma speciosum
Thermopsis lupinoides
Thespesia lampas
Thevetia thevetioides
Thlaspi bulbosum
Thonandia gracilis
Thrinax compacta
Thrinax morrisii
Thrinax rivularis
Thryptomene ericaea
Thryptomene miqueliana
Thuja koraiensis
Thuja plicata
Thunbergia battiscombei
Thunbergia erecta
Thunbergia lutea
Thunbergia reticulata
Thuranthos macranthum
Thymus albicans
Thymus caespititius
Thymus carnosus
Thymus x citriodorus
Thymus dimorphus
Thymus glabrescens
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Thymus herba-barona
Thymus kotschyanus
Thymus lotocephalus
Thymus neiceffii
Thymus praecox
Thymus pulegioides
Thymus richardii
Thymus sibthorpii
Thymus villosus
Thymus zygis
Thyrsostachys siamensis
Thysanotus tuberosus
Tiarella hybrids
Tibouchina asperior
Tibouchina candolleana
Tibouchina floribunda
Tibouchina heteromalla
Tibouchina longisepala
Tibouchina mutabilis
Tibouchina pulchra
Tibouchina urvilleana
Tigridia flammea
Tigridia vanhouttei
Tilia chinensis
Tilia x euchlora
Tilia japonica
Tilia maximowicziana
Tilia oliveri
Tilia platyphyllos
Tilia tuan
Tilingia ajanensis
Tillandsia acostae
Tillandsia albida
Tillandsia andicola
Tillandsia araujei
Tillandsia argentina
Tillandsia atroviolacea
Tillandsia bagua-grandensis
Tillandsia balsasensis
Thymus integer
Thymus leucotrichus
Thymus mastichina
Thymus nummularius
Thymus pseudolanuginosus
Thymus purpureo-violaceus
Thymus roegneri
Thymus thracicus
Thymus vulgaris
Thyrsopteris elegans
Thysanolaena latifolia
Thysanotus wangariensis
Tiarella polyphylla
Tibouchina bicolor
Tibouchina clavata
Tibouchina foveolata
Tibouchina laxa
Tibouchina microphylla
Tibouchina organensis
Tibouchina sellowiana
Tieghemopanax multifidus
Tigridia pavonia
Tilia americana
Tilia cordata
Tilia henryana
Tilia kiusiana
Tilia mongolica x cordata
Tilia paucicostata
Tilia texana
Tilia vitifolia
Tillandsia achyrostachys
Tillandsia aeranthos
Tillandsia ampla
Tillandsia andreana
Tillandsia arequitae
Tillandsia arhiza
Tillandsia atroviridipetala
Tillandsia baileyi
Tillandsia bartramii
Thymus kosteleckyanus
Thymus longicaulis
Thymus membranaceus
Thymus odoratissimus
Thymus pulcherrimus
Thymus quinquecostatus
Thymus serpyllum
Thymus tomentosus
Thymus willdenowii
Thyrsostachys oliveri
Thysanotus juncifolius
Tiarella cordifolia
Tiarella trifoliata
Tibouchina boraceiensis
Tibouchina elegens
Tibouchina granulosa
Tibouchina lepidota
Tibouchina multiflora
Tibouchina pulcherrima
Tibouchina stenocarpa
Tigridia chiapensis
Tigridia seleriana
Tilia amurensis
Tilia dasystyla
Tilia insularis
Tilia mandshurica
Tilia obscura
Tilia petiolaris
Tilia tomentosa
Tilia x vulgaris
Tillandsia acosta-solisii
Tillandsia albertiana
Tillandsia anceps
Tillandsia andrieuxii
Tillandsia argentea
Tillandsia arroyoensis
Tillandsia australis
Tillandsia balbisiana
Tillandsia bella
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Tillandsia belloensis
Tillandsia bermejoensis
Tillandsia bourgaei
Tillandsia bryoides
Tillandsia burle-marxii
Tillandsia caerulea
Tillandsia califani
Tillandsia calothyrsus
Tillandsia capillaris
Tillandsia caput-medusae
Tillandsia carlsoniae
Tillandsia caulescens
Tillandsia chiletensis
Tillandsia chusgonensis
Tillandsia cochabambae
Tillandsia complanata
Tillandsia confinis
Tillandsia copanensis
Tillandsia crocata
Tillandsia delicata
Tillandsia diaguitensis
Tillandsia disticha
Tillandsia dudleyi
Tillandsia duratii
Tillandsia ehlersiana
Tillandsia erici
Tillandsia exserta
Tillandsia festucoides
Tillandsia flavobracteata
Tillandsia foliosa
Tillandsia friesii
Tillandsia gardneri
Tillandsia genseri
Tillandsia gilliesii
Tillandsia globosa
Tillandsia guatemalensis
Tillandsia gymnobotrya
Tillandsia harrisii
Tillandsia heteromorpha
Tillandsia bergeri
Tillandsia beutelspacheri
Tillandsia brachycaulos
Tillandsia buchlohii
Tillandsia butzii
Tillandsia cajamarcensis
Tillandsia caliginosa
Tillandsia candelifera
Tillandsia capistranoensis
Tillandsia cardenasii
Tillandsia carminea
Tillandsia chartacea
Tillandsia chlorophylla
Tillandsia circinnatoides
Tillandsia colganii
Tillandsia compressa
Tillandsia contorta
Tillandsia cornuta
Tillandsia cyanea
Tillandsia deppeana
Tillandsia didisticha
Tillandsia dodsonii
Tillandsia dura
Tillandsia dyeriana
Tillandsia eizii
Tillandsia erubescens
Tillandsia fasciculata
Tillandsia filifolia
Tillandsia flexuosa
Tillandsia fraseri
Tillandsia fuchsii
Tillandsia geissei
Tillandsia gerd-muelleri
Tillandsia glabrior
Tillandsia grandis
Tillandsia guerreroensis
Tillandsia hamaleana
Tillandsia hasei
Tillandsia heubergeri
Tillandsia bergiana
Tillandsia boliviensis
Tillandsia brealitoensis
Tillandsia bulbosa
Tillandsia cacticola
Tillandsia calcicola
Tillandsia callichroma
Tillandsia canescens
Tillandsia capitata
Tillandsia carlos-hankii
Tillandsia castellanii
Tillandsia chiapensis
Tillandsia churinensis
Tillandsia clavigera
Tillandsia comarapaensis
Tillandsia concolor
Tillandsia copalaensis
Tillandsia crista-gallii
Tillandsia dasyliriifolia
Tillandsia dexteri
Tillandsia diguetii
Tillandsia dorotheae
Tillandsia durangensis
Tillandsia edithae
Tillandsia elizabethiae
Tillandsia esseriana
Tillandsia fendleri
Tillandsia flabellata
Tillandsia floribunda
Tillandsia fresnilloensis
Tillandsia funckiana
Tillandsia geminiflora
Tillandsia gerdae
Tillandsia glauca
Tillandsia grazielae
Tillandsia gutteana
Tillandsia hammeri
Tillandsia hegeri
Tillandsia hildae
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Tillandsia hintoniana
Tillandsia horstii
Tillandsia x hybrids
Tillandsia incarnata
Tillandsia ionantha
Tillandsia jucunda
Tillandsia kalmbacheri
Tillandsia kautskyi
Tillandsia kirschnekii
Tillandsia krahnii
Tillandsia kurt-horstii
Tillandsia lampropoda
Tillandsia leiboldiana
Tillandsia leucolepis
Tillandsia lithophila
Tillandsia lorentziana
Tillandsia lydiae
Tillandsia macdougallii
Tillandsia malyi
Tillandsia marconae
Tillandsia mauryana
Tillandsia micans
Tillandsia mitlaensis
Tillandsia montana
Tillandsia multicaulis
Tillandsia narthecioides
Tillandsia novakii
Tillandsia oblivata
Tillandsia olmosana
Tillandsia peiranoi
Tillandsia plagiotropica
Tillandsia pohliana
Tillandsia propagulifera
Tillandsia pseudomicans
Tillandsia pueblensis
Tillandsia pyramidata
Tillandsia ramellae
Tillandsia rectangula
Tillandsia retorta
Tillandsia hirta
Tillandsia huarazensis
Tillandsia ignesiae
Tillandsia insignis
Tillandsia ixioides
Tillandsia juncea
Tillandsia kammii
Tillandsia kegeliana
Tillandsia klausii
Tillandsia krukoffiana
Tillandsia kuzmae
Tillandsia landbeckii
Tillandsia leonamiana
Tillandsia lindenii
Tillandsia loliacea
Tillandsia lotteae
Tillandsia lymanii
Tillandsia magnusiana
Tillandsia malzinei
Tillandsia marnier-lapostollei
Tillandsia mazatlanensis
Tillandsia mima
Tillandsia mixtecorum
Tillandsia moronesensis
Tillandsia myosura
Tillandsia neglecta
Tillandsia nuptialis
Tillandsia occulta
Tillandsia paleacea
Tillandsia pfeufferi
Tillandsia platyrhachis
Tillandsia praschekii
Tillandsia pruinosa
Tillandsia pseudosetacea
Tillandsia punctulata
Tillandsia queroensis
Tillandsia rauhii
Tillandsia reducta
Tillandsia rhodocephala
Tillandsia hondurensis
Tillandsia humilis
Tillandsia imperialis
Tillandsia intermedia
Tillandsia jaliscomonticola
Tillandsia juncifolia
Tillandsia karwinskyana
Tillandsia kirchhoffiana
Tillandsia kolbii
Tillandsia kuehhasii
Tillandsia lajensis
Tillandsia latifolia
Tillandsia lepidosepala
Tillandsia linearis
Tillandsia longibracteata
Tillandsia lucida
Tillandsia macbrideana
Tillandsia mallemontii
Tillandsia marabascoensis
Tillandsia matudae
Tillandsia meridionalis
Tillandsia mirabilis
Tillandsia mollis
Tillandsia muhriae
Tillandsia nana
Tillandsia nidus
Tillandsia oaxacana
Tillandsia oerstediana
Tillandsia paucifolia
Tillandsia piurensis
Tillandsia plumosa
Tillandsia pretiosa
Tillandsia pseudobaileyi
Tillandsia pucaraensis
Tillandsia purpurea
Tillandsia raackii
Tillandsia rauschii
Tillandsia reichenbachii
Tillandsia rhomboidea
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Tillandsia rodrigueziana
Tillandsia rosea
Tillandsia rotundata
Tillandsia salmonea
Tillandsia schiedeana
Tillandsia seideliana
Tillandsia socialis
Tillandsia spiculosa
Tillandsia stellifera
Tillandsia stricta
Tillandsia sucrei
Tillandsia tenuifolia
Tillandsia tortilis
Tillandsia ulrici
Tillandsia utriculata
Tillandsia velutina
Tillandsia vicentina
Tillandsia walter-richteri
Tillandsia welzii
Tillandsia wuelfinghoffii
Tillandsia yuncharaensis
Tillandsia zecheri
Tinantia fugax
Tinnea aethiopica
Tinospora cordifolia
Tipularia discolor
Titanopsis hugo-schlechteri
Tmesipteris obliqua
Tmesipteris tannensis
Toechima daemelianum
Toechima monticola
Tolmiea menziesii
Toona ciliata
Torenia bailloni
Torenia hirsuta
Toronia toru
Torreya taxifolia
Tournefortia messerschmidia
Townsendia hookeri
Tillandsia roezlii
Tillandsia roseoscapa
Tillandsia rubia
Tillandsia scaligera
Tillandsia schusteri
Tillandsia seleriana
Tillandsia somnians
Tillandsia sprengeliana
Tillandsia streptocarpa
Tillandsia subteres
Tillandsia takizawae
Tillandsia tomekii
Tillandsia tricholepis
Tillandsia umbellata
Tillandsia variabilis
Tillandsia venusta
Tillandsia viridiflora
Tillandsia walteri
Tillandsia werdermannii
Tillandsia xerographica
Tillandsia yunckeri
Tillandsia zoquensis
Tinantia violacea
Tinnea rhodesiana
Tinus paniculata
Tischleria peersii
Titanopsis schwantesii
Tmesipteris ovata
Toddalia asiatica
Toechima dasyrrhache
Toechima pterocarpum
Tolpis barbata
Toona sinensis
Torenia fournieri
Torilis africana
Torreya grandis
Tournefortia arborescens
Townsendia alpigena
Townsendia incana
Tillandsia roland-gosselinii
Tillandsia rothii
Tillandsia rupicola
Tillandsia schatzlii
Tillandsia secunda
Tillandsia setacea
Tillandsia sphaerocephala
Tillandsia standleyi
Tillandsia streptophylla
Tillandsia subulifera
Tillandsia tectorum
Tillandsia toropiensis
Tillandsia tricolor
Tillandsia usneoides
Tillandsia velickiana
Tillandsia vernicosa
Tillandsia wagneriana
Tillandsia weberi
Tillandsia winkleri
Tillandsia xiphioides
Tillandsia zaragozaensis
Timonius singularis
Tinguarra montana
Tinospora caffra
Tipuana tipu
Titanopsis calcarea
Tithonia rotundifolia
Tmesipteris parva
Todea barbara
Toechima erythrocarpum
Toechima tenax
Tolpis succulenta
Torenia atropurpurea
Torenia fournieri x concolor
Torilis nodosa
Torreya nucifera
Tournefortia argentea
Townsendia formosa
Townsendia jonesii
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Townsendia mensana
Townsendia rothrockii
Toxicodendron sylvestre
Toxicoscordion micranthum
Trachelospermum bodinieri
Trachoma speciosum
Trachyandra falcata
Trachycarpus martianus
Trachycarpus princeps
Trachymene hemicarpa
Trachypogon vestitus
Tradescantia (virginiana x
canaliculata) x subaspera
Tradescantia hirsutiflora
Tradescantia paludosa
Tradescantia virginiana
Tradescantia zebrina
Trema micrantha
Trevesia sundaica
Trewia nudiflora
Triaenophora rupestris
Tribolium echinatum
Tribonanthes variabilis
Trichantha sanguinolenta
Trichilia sinensis
Trichocereus grandiflorus
Trichocereus volcanensis
Trichodiadema barbatum
Trichodiadema densum
Trichodiadema mirabile
Trichoglottis spp.
Trichomanes pyxidiferum
Trichopetalum plumosum
Trichosanthes holtzei
Trichosanthes tricuspidata
Trichostema lanatum
Trichostigma peruvianum
Trichotosia xanthotricha
Tricoryne simplex
Townsendia nuttallii
Townsendia spathulata
Toxicodendron vernicifluum
Trachelium caeruleum
Trachoma stellatum
Trachycarpus fortunei
Trachycarpus nana
Trachycarpus takil
Trachymene humilis
Trachyspermum ammi
Tradescantia cymbispatha
Townsendia parryi
Toxicodendron delavayi
Toxicoscordion fremontii
Trachelospermum asiaticum
Trachoma papuanum
Tradescantia ohiensis
Tradescantia sillamontana
Tradescantia virginica
Tragopogon porrifolius
Trevesia burckii
Trevoa trinervis
Triadica cochinchinensis
Trianthema portulacastrum
Tribolium obliterum
Tribulus terrestris
Trichilia cathartica
Trichocentrum spp.
Trichocereus scopulicola
Trichocladus crinitus
Trichodiadema bulbosum
Trichodiadema intonsum
Trichodiadema stellatum
Trichomanes exiguum
Trichomanes radicans
Trichophorum alpinum
Trichosanthes pentaphylla
Trichospermum pleiostigma
Trichostema parishii
Trichotosia ferox
Tricoryne anceps
Tricostularia pauciflora
Tradescantia pallida
Tradescantia spathacea
Tradescantia zanonia
Treculia africana
Trevesia palmata
Trevoria spp.
Triadica sebifera
Trias spp.
Tribolium uniolae
Trichantha dissimilis
Trichilia dregeana
Trichocereus andalgalensis
Trichocereus tephracanthus
Trichocladus ellipticus
Trichodiadema decorum
Trichodiadema marlothii
Trichodiadema stelligerum
Trichomanes javanicum
Trichomanes reniforme
Trichopilia spp.
Trichosanthes subvelutina
Trichostema arizonicum
Trichosterigma fulgens
Trichotosia gracilis
Tricoryne platyptera
Tricyrtis affinis
Trachyandra divaricata
Trachycarpus latisectus
Trachycarpus oreophilus
Trachycarpus wagnerianus
Trachymene incisa
Trachystemon orientalis
Tradescantia fluminensis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Tricyrtis bakeri
Tricyrtis formosana x hirta
Tricyrtis latifolia
Tricyrtis macropoda
Tricyrtis ohsumiensis
Tridactyle anthomaniaca
Tridactyle scottellii
Tridentea baylissii
Tridentea parvipuncta
Tridentea umdausensis
Trifolium aintabense
Trifolium alpestre
Trifolium ambiguum
Trifolium apertum
Trifolium baccarinii
Trifolium berytheum
Trifolium boissieri
Trifolium burchellianum
Trifolium canescens
Trifolium caucasicum
Trifolium cherleri
Trifolium clusii
Trifolium dasyurum
Trifolium dichroanthum
Trifolium echinatum
Trifolium glanduliferum
Trifolium gracilentum
Trifolium haydenii
Trifolium hybridum
Trifolium isthmocarpum
Trifolium leucanthum
Trifolium lucanicum
Trifolium macrocephalum
Trifolium medium
Trifolium michelianum
Trifolium miegeanum
Trifolium multinerve
Tricyrtis flava
Tricyrtis hirta
Tricyrtis macrantha
Tricyrtis maculata
Tricyrtis puberula
Tridactyle bicaudata
Tridax procumbens
Tridentea gemmiflora
Tridentea peculiaris
Trifolium affine
Trifolium albopurpureum
Trifolium alpinum
Trifolium angustifolium
Trifolium arvense
Trifolium batmanicum
Trifolium billardierei
Trifolium brutium
Trifolium calocephalum
Trifolium carmelii
Trifolium cernuum
Trifolium chilense
Trifolium clypeatum
Trifolium cryptopodium
Tricyrtis formosana
Tricyrtis lasiocarpa
Tricyrtis macranthopsis
Tricyrtis nana
Tricyrtis stolonifera
Tridactyle oblongifolia
Tridens muticus
Tridentea jucunda
Tridentea pedunculata
Trifolium africanum
Trifolium alexandrinum
Trifolium amabile
Trifolium ankaratrense
Trifolium aureum
Trifolium bejariense
Trifolium bocconei
Trifolium bullatum
Trifolium campestre
Trifolium carolinianum
Trifolium cheranganiense
Trifolium ciliolatum
Trifolium congestum
Trifolium dasyphyllum
Trifolium decorum
Trifolium diffusum
Trifolium eriosphaerum
Trifolium globosum
Trifolium grandiflorum
Trifolium heldreichianum
Trifolium incarnatum
Trifolium lappaceum
Trifolium ligusticum
Trifolium lugardii
Trifolium masaiense
Trifolium meduseum
Trifolium micranthum
Trifolium monanthum
Trifolium mutabile
Trifolium depauperatum
Trifolium dubium
Trifolium fragiferum
Trifolium glomeratum
Trifolium haussknechtii
Trifolium hirtum
Trifolium israeliticum
Trifolium latinum
Trifolium longipes
Trifolium lupinaster
Trifolium mattirolianum
Trifolium meironense
Trifolium microdon
Trifolium montanum
Trifolium nanum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Trifolium nigrescens
Trifolium obtusiflorum
Trifolium ornithopodioides
Trifolium pannonicum
Trifolium philistaeum
Trifolium pichisermollii
Trifolium plumosum
Trifolium pratense
Trifolium purseglovei
Trifolium reflexum
Trifolium retusum
Trifolium rueppellianum
Trifolium schimperi
Trifolium setiferum
Trifolium squamosum
Trifolium steudneri
Trifolium subterraneum
Trifolium tembense
Trifolium tumens
Trifolium variegatum
Trifolium vesiculosum
Trifolium wormskioldii
Triglochin procera
Trigonella arabica
Trigonella calliceras
Trigonella foenum-graecum
Trigonella spinosa
Trigonospora ciliata
Trillium angustipetalum
Trillium catesbaei
Trillium cuneatum
Trillium discolor
Trillium foetidissimum
Trillium grandiflorum
Trillium kurabayashii
Trillium luteum
Trillium ovatum
Trillium petiolatum
Trillium reliquum
Trifolium noricum
Trifolium ochroleucon
Trifolium palaestinum
Trifolium parnassi
Trifolium phleoides
Trifolium pilulare
Trifolium polymorphum
Trifolium pseudostriatum
Trifolium quartinianum
Trifolium repens
Trifolium riograndense
Trifolium salmoneum
Trifolium scutatum
Trifolium simense
Trifolium squarrosum
Trifolium striatum
Trifolium suffocatum
Trifolium tomentosum
Trifolium uniflorum
Trifolium vavilovii
Trifolium wigginsii
Triglochin bulbosa
Triglochin triglochinoides
Trigonella balansae
Trigonella coelesyriaca
Trigonella glabra
Trigonella strangulata
Trillium albidum
Trillium apetalon
Trillium cernuum
Trillium decipiens
Trillium erectum x flexipes
Trillium govanianum
Trillium hagae
Trillium lancifolium
Trillium maculatum
Trillium parviflorum
Trillium pusillum
Trillium rivale
Trifolium obscurum
Trifolium oliganthum
Trifolium pallidum
Trifolium parryi
Trifolium physodes
Trifolium plebeium
Trifolium polystachyum
Trifolium purpureum
Trifolium radicosum
Trifolium resupinatum
Trifolium rubens
Trifolium scabrum
Trifolium semipilosum
Trifolium spumosum
Trifolium stellatum
Trifolium strictum
Trifolium sylvaticum
Trifolium trichocephalum
Trifolium usambarense
Trifolium vernum
Trifolium willdenovii
Triglochin huegelii
Triglochin turriferum
Trigonella caerulea
Trigonella cylindracea
Trigonella gladiata
Trigonidium spp.
Trillium album
Trillium camschatcense
Trillium chloropetalum
Trillium decumbens
Trillium flexipes
Trillium gracile
Trillium kamschaticum
Trillium ludovicianum
Trillium nivale
Trillium persistens
Trillium recurvatum
Trillium roseum
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Trillium rugelii
Trillium smallii
Trillium tschonoskii
Trillium vaseyi
Trimezia fosteriana
Triodia bunicola
Triodia uniaristata
Tripladenia cunninghamii
Triplaris weigeltiana
Triticum x timococcum
Triticum turgidum x
Agropyron glaucum
Triticum durum x Elymus
Tritonia cooperi
Tritonia deusta
Tritonia flabellifolia
Tritonia karooica
Tritonia lineata x crocata
Tritonia securigera
Triumfetta pentandra
Triunia robusta
Trochetia boutoniana
Trillium sessile
Trillium stamineum
Trillium underwoodii
Trillium viride
Trimezia juncifolia
Triodia contorta
Triosteum himalayanum
Triplarina imbricata
Triplochlamys multiflora
Tripterygium regelii
Trisetum argenteum
Tristagma poeppigianum
Tristaniopsis collina
Tristaniopsis jaffrei
Tristellateia australasiae
Triteleia bridgesii
Triteleia hendersonii
Triteleia laxa
Triteleia x tubergenii
Trithrinax schizophylla
Triticum durum x Agropyron
Triticum timopheevii
Triticum vulgare x
Agropyron glaucum
Triticum turgidum x Elymus
Tritonia crispa
Tritonia disticha
Tritonia flava
Tritonia laxifolia
Tritonia pallida
Tritonia undulata
Triunia erythrocarpa
Triunia youngiana
Trochetiopsis melanoxylon
Trochocarpa clarkei
Trochocarpa cunninghamii
Triplochiton scleroxylon
Tripterospermum japonicum
Trisetum aeneum
Trisetum rigidum
Tristania neriifolia
Tristaniopsis guillainii
Tristaniopsis ninndoensis
Tristiropsis canarioides
Triteleia grandiflora
Triteleia ixioides
Triteleia peduncularis
Trithrinax campestris
Triticum aestivum
Trillium simile
Trillium sulcatum
Trillium undulatum
Trillium viridescens
Triodia aristiglumis
Triodia mollis
Triphasia aurantiola
Triplaris caracassana
Tripterodendron filicifolium
Tripterygium wilfordii
Trisetum distichophyllum
Tristania grandiflora
Tristaniopsis exiliflora
Tristaniopsis laurina
Tristiropsis acutangula
Triteleia dudleyi
Triteleia hyacinthina
Triteleia lilacina
Trithrinax brasiliensis
x Triticosecale hybrids
Triticum monococcum
Triticum turgidum
Triticum aestivum x Elymus
Tritonia bakeri
Tritonia crocata
Tritonia dubia
Tritonia florentiae
Tritonia lineata
Tritonia parvula
Triumfetta cordifolia
Triunia montana
Trochetia blackburniana
Trochocarpa disticha
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Trochocarpa ericifolia
Trochocarpa laurina
Trochocarpa thymifolia
Trochomeriopsis diversifolia
Trollius asiaticus
Trollius chinensis
Trollius ledebourii
Trollius pumilus
Trollius yunnanensis
Tromotriche umdausensis
Tropaeolum ciliatum
Tropaeolum majus
Tropaeolum peregrinum
Tropaeolum speciosum
Tropaeolum violaeflorum
Trymalium daltonii
Tsuga canadensis
Tsuga diversifolia
Tsuga sieboldii
Tulbaghia acutiloba
Tulbaghia coddii
Tulbaghia leucantha
Tulbaghia simmleri
Tulipa agenensis
Tulipa armena
Tulipa biflora
Tulipa celsiana
Tulipa dasystemon
Tulipa goulimyi
Tulipa heterophylla
Tulipa hybrida
Tulipa kaufmanniana
Tulipa lanata
Tulipa neustruevae
Tulipa praestans
Tulipa saxatilis
Tulipa suaveolens
Tulipa tarda
Tulipa turkestanica
Trochocarpa gunnii
Trochocarpa parviflora
Trochocarpa verticillata
Trollius acaulis
Trollius buddae
Trollius hondoensis
Trollius lilacinus
Trollius ranunculinus
Tromotriche engleriana
Tropaeolum azureum
Tropaeolum incisum
Tropaeolum minus
Tropaeolum polyphyllum
Tropaeolum tricolor
Tropidia spp.
Trymalium ramosissimum
Tsuga caroliniana
Tsuga dumosa
Tuberolabium kotoense
Tulbaghia alliacea
Tulbaghia cominsii
Tulbaghia ludwigiana
Tulbaghia violacea
Tulipa albertii
Tulipa bakeri
Tulipa bifloriformis
Tulipa clusiana
Tulipa fosteriana
Tulipa greigii
Tulipa humilis
Tulipa iliensis
Tulipa kurdica
Tulipa linifolia
Tulipa orphanidea
Tulipa primulina
Tulipa sprengeri
Tulipa sylvestris
Tulipa tetraphylla
Tulipa undulatifolia
Trochocarpa involucrata
Trochocarpa pumila
Trochodendron aralioides
Trollius altaicus
Trollius chartosepalus
Trollius laxus
Trollius micranthus
Trollius riederianus
Tromotriche revoluta
Tropaeolum brachyceras
Tropaeolum lepidum
Tropaeolum pentaphyllum
Tropaeolum sessilifolium
Tropaeolum tuberosum
Trymalium albicans
Trymalium spathulatum
Tsuga chinensis
Tsuga heterophylla
Tuberolabium stellatum
Tulbaghia capensis
Tulbaghia galpinii
Tulbaghia montana
Tulipa acuminata
Tulipa altaica
Tulipa biebersteiniana
Tulipa butkovii
Tulipa cretica
Tulipa gesneriana
Tulipa grengiolensis
Tulipa hungarica
Tulipa ingens
Tulipa kuschkensis
Tulipa micheliana
Tulipa platystigma
Tulipa rhodopea
Tulipa stapfii
Tulipa systola
Tulipa tubergeniana
Tulipa urumiensis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Tulipa urumoffii
Tupidanthus calyptratus
Turbinicarpus beguinii
Turbinicarpus knuthianus
Tulipa whittallii
Tupistra aurantiaca
Turbinicarpus gielsdorfianus
Turbinicarpus laui
Turbinicarpus mandragora
Turbinicarpus saueri
Turbinicarpus roseiflorus
Turbinicarpus subterraneus
Turbinicarpus ysabelae
Turnera trioniflora
Turpinia pomifera
Turraea mombassana
Turrillia ferruginea
Tweedia caerulea
Tylecodon reticulatus
Tylophora biglandulosa
Tylophora glabriflora
Tylosema fassoglensis
Typhonium brownii
Typhonium flagelliforme
Typhonium jonesii
Typhonium wilbertii
Uebelmannia pectinifera
Ugni molinae
Ugni poeppigii
Ulmus davidiana
Ulmus glaucescens
Ulmus minor
Ulmus procera
Ulmus stricta
Ulmus wallichiana
Uncaria elliptica
Uncarina decaryi
Uncarina perrieri
Uncarina sakalava
Uncinia banksii
Uncinia egmontiana
Turbinicarpus valdezianus
Turbinicarpus zaragozae
Turnera ulmifolia
Turraea casimiriana
Turraea obtusifolia
Turrillia lutea
Tylecodon buchholzianus
Tylecodon schaeferanus
Tylophora colorata
Tylophora woollsii
Typha orientalis
Typhonium eliosurum
Typhonium giganteum
Typhonium mirabile
Uebelmannia buiningii
Ugni montana
Ulex parviflorus
Ulmus x elegantissima
Ulmus x hollandica
Ulmus minor x glabra
Ulmus rubra
Ulmus vegeta
Umbilicus oppositifolius
Uncaria gambier
Uncarina leptocarpa
Uncarina platycarpa
Uncarina stellulifera
Uncinia compacta
Uncinia flaccida
Tulipa zenaidae
Tupistra squalida
Turbinicarpus horripilus
Turbinicarpus viereckii
Turnera diffusa
Turpinia arguta
Turraea heterophylla
Turricula parryi
Tussilago farfara
Tylecodon pearsonii
Tylophora barbata
Tylophora crebriflora
Tylosema esculentum
Typhonium alismifolium
Typhonium filiforme
Typhonium javanicum
Typhonium venosum
Uebelmannia gummifera
Ugni candollei
Ugni myricoides
Ulmus canescens
Ulmus glabra
Ulmus mexicana
Ulmus parvifolia
Ulmus sarniensis
Ulmus x viminalis
Umbilicus schmidtii
Uncarina abbreviata
Uncarina peltata
Uncarina roeoesliana
Uncarina turicana
Uncinia divaricata
Uncinia hookeri
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Uncinia nemoralis
Uncinia tenella
Uniola paniculata
Uraria picta
Urceola rosea
Urginea undulata
Urochloa decumbens
Urochloa mutica
Urochloa ruziziensis
Uromyrtus metrosideros
Urospermum picroides
Ursinia cakilefolia
Ursinia sericea
Ursulaea macvaughii
Urtica urens
Utricularia bisquamata
Utricularia delicatula
Utricularia livida
Utricularia novae-zelandiae
Utricularia protrusa
Utricularia reniformis
Utricularia tricolor
Uvaria grandiflora
Uvaria rufa
Vaccinium ambyandrum
Uncinia phleoides
Uncinia uncinata
Uraria lagopodoides
Uraria rufescens
Urceolina urceolata
Urocarpus grandiflorus
Urochloa humidicola
Urochloa panicoides
Uromyrtus australis
Urospatha friedrichsthalii
Ursinia anethoides
Ursinia calenduliflora
Ursinia speciosa
Urtica dioica
Utleya costaricensis
Utricularia capensis
Utricularia gibba
Utricularia longifolia
Utricularia ochroleuca
Utricularia pubescens
Utricularia sandersonii
Uvaria chamae
Uvaria macrophylla
Uvularia grandiflora
Vaccinium angustifolium
Vaccinium arctostaphylos
Vaccinium calycinum
Vaccinium corymbosum x
ashei x darrowi
Vaccinium delavayi
Vaccinium duclouxii
Vaccinium fragile
Vaccinium helenae
Vaccinium mandarinorum
Vaccinium myrtillus
Vaccinium ovatum
Vaccinium petelotii
Vaccinium tonkinense
Vaccinium vitis-idaea
Vaccinium bracteatum
Vaccinium consanguineum
Vaccinium crassifolium
Uncinia rubra
Ungnadia speciosa
Uraria lagopus
Urbanolophium dusenianum
Urginea hesperia
Urocarpus pallidus
Urochloa mosambicensis
Urochloa ramosa
Uromyrtus lamingtonensis
Urospatha sagittifolia
Ursinia anthemoides
Ursinia paleacea
Ursinia tenuiloba
Urtica lucifuga
Utricularia arenaria
Utricularia cornuta
Utricularia humboltii
Utricularia monanthos
Utricularia praelonga
Utricularia pygmaea
Utricularia striata
Uvaria cordata
Uvaria microcarpa
Vaccaria hispanica
Vaccinium angustifolium x
Vaccinium bulleyanum
Vaccinium corymbosum
Vaccinium cylindraceum
Vaccinium deliciosum
Vaccinium dunalianum
Vaccinium gaultheriifolium
Vaccinium hirtum
Vaccinium modestum
Vaccinium nummularia
Vaccinium padifolium
Vaccinium praestans
Vaccinium varingifolium
Vachellia bidwillii
Vaccinium dendrocharis
Vaccinium floribundum
Vaccinium glaucoalbum
Vaccinium macrocarpon
Vaccinium myrsinites
Vaccinium oldhamii
Vaccinium parvifolium
Vaccinium scopulorum
Vaccinium virgatum
Vachellia farnesiana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Vagaria parviflora
Valeriana capitata
Valeriana jatamansi
Valeriana prionophylla
Valeriana supina
Valerianella truncata
Vallisneria australis
Valenzuelia trinervis
Valeriana fauriei
Valeriana montana
Valeriana saliunca
Valerianella eriocarpa
Vallaris glabra
Vallisneria caulescens
Vallisneria nana
Vallisneria triptera
Vancouveria planipetala
Vandopsis spp.
Vanheerdea primosii
Vanheerdia primosii
Vanzijlia annulata
Vasconcellea goudotiana
Vasconcellea monoica
x Vascostylis spp.
Vauquelinia californica
Veillonia alba
Veitchia joannis
Veitchia montgomeryana
Veitchia vitiensis
Velleia montana
Vellereophyton dealbatum
Veltheimia capensis
Veratrilla baillonii
Veratrum nigrum
Verbascum adzharicum
Verbascum chaixii
Verbascum dumulosum x
Verbascum x hybridum
Verbascum olympicum
Verbascum spinosum
Verbascum wiedemannianum
Verbena bonariensis x
Verbena macdougalii
Verbena patagonica
Vallisneria natans x spiralis
Vancouveria chrysantha
Vanda spp.
Vangueria esculenta
Vanheerdea roodiae
Vanhouttea gardneri
Vasconcellea cauliflora
Vasconcellea x heilbornii
Vasconcellea pubescens
Vataireopsis araroba
Vavaea australiana
Veitchia arecina
Veitchia macdanielsii
Veitchia simulans
Veitchia winin
Velleia paradoxa
Vellozia equisetoides
Vepris lanceolata
Veratrum maackii
Veratrum taliense
Verbascum baldaccii
Verbascum creticum
Verbascum epixanthinum
Valeriana arizonica
Valeriana hardwickii
Valeriana officinalis
Valeriana sitchensis
Valerianella locusta
Vallea stipularis
Vallisneria gigantea x
Vallisneria spiralis
Vancouveria hexandra
Vanda x Ascocentrum spp.
Vangueria infausta
Vanheerdia divergens
Vanilla spp.
Vasconcellea chilensis
Vasconcellea microcarpa
Vasconcellea quercifolia
Vateria seychellarum
Vavilovia formosa
Veitchia filifera
Veitchia metiti
Veitchia spiralis
Vella bourgaeana
Velleia spathulata
Veltheimia bracteata
Vepris undulata
Veratrum mengtzeanum
Verbascum acaule
Verbascum bombyciferum
Verbascum dumulosum
Verbascum fruticulosum
Verbascum lagurus
Verbascum pestalozzae
Verbascum thapsus
Verbena africana
Verbena hastata
Verbascum niveum
Verbascum phoeniceum
Verbascum virgatum
Verbena bonariensis
Verbena x hybrida
Verbena minutiflora
Verbena plicata
Verbena officinalis
Verbena rigida
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Verbesina arnottii
Vernonia amygdalina
Vernonia elliptica
Vernonia pedunculata
Veronica alpina
Veronica arguta
Veronica bellidioides
Veronica densifolia
Veronica formosa
Veronica fruticulosa
Veronica grandis
Veronica hybrids
Veronica longifolia
Veronica nana
Veronica nummularia
Veronica ornata
Veronica persica
Veronica ponae
Veronica repens
Veronica spicata
Veronica syriaca
Veronica teucrium
Veronicastrum latifolium
Verbesina virginica
Vernonia anthelmintica
Vernonia glabra
Vernonia saligna
Veronica arborea
Veronica arvensis
Veronica brownii
Veronica dichrus
Veronica formosana
Veronica gentianoides
Veronica gunae
Veronica incana
Veronica morrisonicola
Veronica nivea
Veronica officinalis
Veronica pectinata
Veronica petraea
Veronica porphyriana
Veronica saturejoides
Veronica squalida
Veronica tauricola
Veronica variegata
Veronicastrum sibiricum
Veronicastrum villosulum
Verticordia wilhelmii
Veronicastrum virginicum
Verticordia plumosa x
Chamelaucium uncinatum
Vesicularia reticulata
Vestia lycioides
Viburnum atrocyaneum
Viburnum x bodnantense
Viburnum x burkwoodii
Viburnum congestum
Vesicularia ferriei
Vestia foetida
Viburnum arboreum
Viburnum bitchiuense
Viburnum burejaeticum
Viburnum carlesii x
Viburnum cylindricum
Viburnum erosum
Viburnum flavescens
Viburnum furcatum
Viburnum harryanum
Viburnum hirtulum
Viburnum davidii
Viburnum erubescens
Viburnum foetidum
Viburnum x globosum
Viburnum henryi
Viburnum hupehense
Vernicia fordii
Vernonia cinerea
Vernonia mespilifolia
Veronica allionii
Veronica arenaria
Veronica austriaca
Veronica decorosa
Veronica filifolia
Veronica forrestii
Veronica gracilis
Veronica hillebrandii
Veronica lobelioides
Veronica multifida
Veronica notabilis
Veronica oltensis
Veronica peduncularis
Veronica pinnata
Veronica prostrata
Veronica schmidtiana
Veronica subsessilis
Veronica tenuifolia
Veronicastrum japonicum
Verschaffeltia splendida
Vesicularia dubyana
Vesselowskya rubifolia
Vetiveria pauciflora
Viburnum betulifolium
Viburnum brachybotryum
Viburnum carlesii
Viburnum cotinifolium
Viburnum edule
Viburnum farreri
Viburnum fordiae
Viburnum grandiflorum
Viburnum x hillieri
Viburnum ichangense
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Viburnum japonicum
Viburnum lentago
Viburnum mongolicum
Viburnum obovatum
Viburnum orientale
Viburnum punctatum
Viburnum schensianum
Viburnum taitoense
Viburnum urceolatum
Viburnum wrightii
Vicia anatolica
Vicia benghalensis
Vicia cirrhosa
Vicia ervilia cv. Cazar
Vicia filicaulis
Vicia galeata
Vicia loiseleurii
Vicia minutiflora
Vicia multicaulis
Vicia ochroleuca
Vicia sativa
Vicia sicula
Vicia villosa
Vieraea laevigata
Vigna ambacensis
Vigna candida
Vigna elegans
Vigna gracilis
Vigna lasiocarpa
Vigna lobatifolia
Vigna membranacea
Vigna mungo
Vigna peduncularis
Vigna schimperi
Vigna umbellata
Vigna wittei
Villarsia exaltata
Vinca elegantissima
Viola adunca
Viburnum x juddii
Viburnum lobophyllum
Viburnum mullaha
Viburnum odoratissimum
Viburnum phlebotrichum
Viburnum rhytidophyllum
Viburnum sempervirens
Viburnum ternatum
Viburnum utile
Vicia alpestris
Vicia andicola
Vicia biennis
Vicia dionysiensis
Vicia faba
Vicia floridana
Vicia hirsuta
Vicia macrograminea
Vicia monantha
Vicia narbonensis cv. Tanami
Vicia pannonica
Vicia scandens
Vicia sylvatica
Victoria amazonica
Vigna aconitifolia
Vigna angivensis
Vigna caracalla
Vigna friesiorum
Vigna heterophylla
Vigna laurentii
Vigna longifolia
Vigna minima
Vigna nervosa
Vigna racemosa
Vigna subterranea
Vigna unguiculata
Villadia guatemalensis
Villarsia reniformis
Vinca major
Viola aethnensis
Viburnum lantana
Viburnum luzonicum
Viburnum nudum
Viburnum opulus
Viburnum plicatum
Viburnum rigidum
Viburnum suspensum
Viburnum tinus
Viburnum veitchii
Vicia amurensis
Vicia articulata
Vicia ciceroidea
Vicia epetiolaris
Vicia ferruginea
Vicia fulgens
Vicia hyaeniscyamus
Vicia michauxii
Vicia montevidensis
Vicia ocalensis
Vicia pseudo-orobus
Vicia sericocarpa
Vicia venosa
Victoria cruziana
Vigna adenantha
Vigna angularis
Vigna dalzelliana
Vigna frutescens
Vigna kirkii
Vigna linearis
Vigna luteola
Vigna monophylla
Vigna nuda
Vigna radiata
Vigna trilobata
Vigna vexillata
Villamilla peruviana
Villarsia umbricola
Vinca minor
Viola aetolica
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Viola alba
Viola altaica
Viola arguta
Viola aurantiaca
Viola beckwithii
Viola brevistipulata
Viola caleyana
Viola cano-barbata
Viola chaerophylloides
Viola coronifera
Viola crassa
Viola cuneata
Viola dasyphylla
Viola demetria
Viola diversifolia
Viola dyris
Viola elegantula
Viola eximia
Viola flettii
Viola fuscoviolacea
Viola glacialis
Viola grisebachiana
Viola hastata
Viola hirtipes
Viola indica
Viola kermesina
Viola kusanoana
Viola langsdorfii
Viola macloskeyi
Viola mandonii
Viola mirabilis
Viola nivalis
Viola ocellata
Viola oreades
Viola pedata
Viola philippii
Viola poetica
Viola purpurea
Viola raddeana
Viola allchariensis
Viola angustifolia
Viola arsenica
Viola auricula
Viola bertolonii
Viola bubanii
Viola canescens
Viola cazorlensis
Viola collina
Viola corsica
Viola crassiuscula
Viola cunninghamii
Viola delphinantha
Viola diffusa
Viola douglasii
Viola eizanensis
Viola epipsila
Viola faurieana
Viola fluhmannii
Viola germainii
Viola gracilis
Viola grypoceras
Viola hederacea
Viola hirtipes x japonica
Viola jaubertiana
Viola kosaninii
Viola labradorica
Viola lobata
Viola maculata
Viola mandshurica
Viola munbyana
Viola nummulariifolia
Viola odorata
Viola orientalis
Viola pedatifida
Viola pilosa
Viola primulifolia
Viola pygmaea
Viola reichei
Viola alpina
Viola arborescens
Viola athois
Viola bangii
Viola biflora
Viola calaminaria
Viola canina
Viola cenisia
Viola cornuta
Viola cotyledon
Viola cucullata
Viola dactyloides
Viola delphinifolia
Viola dissecta
Viola dubyana
Viola elatior
Viola eugeniae
Viola filicaulis
Viola fragrans
Viola glabella
Viola grayi
Viola hallii
Viola hieronymi
Viola hispida
Viola keiskei
Viola kunawarensis
Viola lactea
Viola lyallii
Viola magellanica
Viola maymanica
Viola niederleinii
Viola nuttallii
Viola orbiculata
Viola orphanidis
Viola persicifolia
Viola pinnata
Viola pumila
Viola pyrenaica
Viola renifolia
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Viola rodriguezii
Viola rubra
Viola septemloba
Viola stojanowii
Viola tricolor
Viola vaginata
Viola walteri
Virgilia divaricata
Virotia leptophylla
Viscum album
Vitex agnus-castus
Vitex megapotamica
Vitex negundo
Vitis acerifolia
Vitis cinerea
Vitis ficifolia
Vitis monticola
Vitis riparia
Vitis shuttleworthii
Vittadinia condyloides
Vittaria elongata
Voacanga grandifolia
Vochysia ferruginea
Vriesea barilletii
Vriesea cereicola
Vriesea correia-arauji
Vriesea discolor
Vriesea ensiformis
Vriesea fenestralis
Vriesea geniculata
Vriesea glaziouana
Vriesea guttata
Vriesea heterostachys
Vriesea hybrids
Vriesea inflata
Vriesea joyae
Vriesea malzinei
Vriesea nephrolepis
Vriesea pastuchoffiana
Viola rosulata
Viola sacculus
Viola sheltonii
Viola striata
Viola tridentata
Viola valdiviana
Viola x wittrockiana
Virgilia oroboides
Virotia neurophylla
Visnea mocanera
Vitex carvalhi
Vitex melicopea
Vitex paniculata
Vitis amurensis
Vitis congesta
Vitis flexuosa
Vitis mustangensis
Vitis rotundifolia
Vitis vinifera
Vittadinia megacephala
Vittaria ensiformis
Voacanga schweinfurthii
Vriesea altodaserrae
Vriesea bituminosa
Vriesea chrysostachys
Vriesea correia-araujoi
Vriesea dubia
Vriesea erythrodactylon
Vriesea flammea
Vriesea gigantea
Vriesea glutinosa
Vriesea heliconioides
Vriesea hieroglyphica
Vriesea imperialis
Vriesea irazuensis
Vriesea languida
Vriesea marnier-lapostollei
Vriesea olmosana
Vriesea philippocoburgii
Viola rubella
Viola selkirkii
Viola sororia
Viola suavis
Viola triflabellata
Viola vulcanica
Viola yezoensis
Virola peruviana
Viscainoa geniculata
Vitaliana primuliflora
Vitex lignum-vitae
Vitex mossambicensis
Vitex trifolia
Vitis x champinii
Vitis davidii
Vitis labrusca
Vitis persica
Vitis rupestris
Vitis welwitschii
Vittadinia tenuissima
Voacanga africana
Voanioala gerardii
Vriesea atropurpurea
Vriesea carinata
Vriesea corcovadensis
Vriesea delicatula
Vriesea elata
Vriesea espinosae
Vriesea fosteriana
Vriesea gladioliflora
Vriesea gradata
Vriesea heterandra
Vriesea hitchcockiana
Vriesea incurvata
Vriesea jonghei
Vriesea lubbersii
Vriesea muelleri
Vriesea ospinae
Vriesea platynema
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Vriesea poenulata
Vriesea racinae
Vriesea reitzii
Vriesea rubrobracteata
Vriesea saundersii
Vriesea simplex
Vriesea triangularis
Vriesea vagans
Vriesea wuelfinghoffii
Vulpia fasciculata
Vulpia myuros
Wachendorfia thyrsiflora
Vriesea procera
Vriesea rauhii
Vriesea rodigasiana
Vriesea rubyae
Vriesea scalaris
Vriesea splendens
Vriesea tuerckheimii
Vriesea vinicolor
Vriesea zamorensis
Vulpia membranacea
Wachendorfia brachyandra
Wahlenbergia albens
Wahlenbergia capensis
Wahlenbergia consimilis
Wahlenbergia fluminalis
Wahlenbergia gymnoclada
Wahlenbergia pygmaea
Waitzia aurea
Wajira grahamiana
Wallichia chinensis
Wallichia mooreana
Warrea spp.
Washingtonia filifera
Waterhousea hedraiophylla
Watsonia aletroides x
Watsonia brevifolia
Watsonia galpinii
Watsonia knysnana
Watsonia lepida
Wahlenbergia ceracea
Wahlenbergia cuspidata
Wahlenbergia gloriosa
Wahlenbergia litticola
Wahlenbergia saxicola
Waitzia citrina
Walleria nutans
Wallichia densiflora
Wallichia siamensis
Warszewiczia coccinea
Washingtonia robusta
Waterhousea unipunctata
Watsonia angusta
Watsonia meriana
Watsonia meriana x
Watsonia pillansii
Watsonia schlechteri
Watsonia stenosiphon
Watsonia tabularis
Watsonia versfeldii
Watsonia zeyheri
Watsonia paucifolia
Watsonia roseo-alba
Watsonia stanfordii
Watsonia strubeniae
Watsonia vanderspuyiae
Watsonia wilmaniae
Watsonia coccinea
Watsonia humilis
Watsonia laccata
Watsonia marginata
Vriesea psittacina
Vriesea regina
Vriesea rubra
Vriesea sagasteguii
Vriesea schwackeana
Vriesea sucrei
Vriesea unilateralis
Vriesea warmingii
Vulpia bromoides
Vulpia muralis
Wachendorfia paniculata
Wahlenbergia congesta
Wahlenbergia dalmatica
Wahlenbergia graminifolia
Wahlenbergia luteola
Wahlenbergia undulata
Waitzia paniculata
Wallichia caryotoides
Wallichia disticha
Wallichia triandra
Wasabia japonica
Waterhousea floribunda
Watsonia aletroides
Watsonia borbonica
Watsonia densiflora
Watsonia hysterantha
Watsonia latifolia
Watsonia marginata x
Watsonia occulta
Watsonia pulchra
Watsonia spectabilis
Watsonia strictiflora
Watsonia transvaalensis
Watsonia watsonioides
Wattakaka sinensis
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Weberbauerocereus johnsonii
Weberocereus glaber
Weberocereus tonduzii
Wehlia coarctata
Weigela japonica
Weigela sinica
Weigela venusta
Weingartia oligacantha
Weinmannia sylvicola
Welchiodendron longivalve
Welwitschia mirabilis
Werauhia kupperiana
Werauhia marnier-lapostollei
Werauhia viridiflora
Weberocereus biolleyi
Weberocereus bradei
Weberocereus imitans
Weberocereus tunilla
Weigela decora
Weigela maximowiczii
Weigela x styriaca
Weigela x wagneri
Weinmannia pinnata
Weinmannia tinctoria
Welfia georgii
Werauhia gladioliflora
Werauhia latissima
Werauhia ororiensis
Werauhia werckleana
Wercklea insignis
Westringia angustifolia
Westringia cheelii
Westringia davidii
Werneria nubigena
Westringia blakeana
Westringia crassifolia
Westringia eremicola
Westringia fruticosa
Westringia fruticosa x
Westringia grevillina
Westringia raleighii
Westringia saxatilis
Westringia tenuicaulis
Wettinia augusta
Wettinia drudei
Wettinia kalbreyeri
Wettinia microcarpa
Wettinia quinaria
Whipplea modesta
Whitfieldia elongata
Widdringtonia dracomontana
Wigandia urens
Wikstroemia australis
Weberocereus rosei
Websteria confervoides
Weigela florida
Weigela middendorffiana
Weigela subsessilis
Weingartia kargliana
Weinmannia racemosa
Weinmannia trichosperma
Welfia regia
Werauhia insignis
Werauhia leucophylla
Werauhia sanguinolenta
Werauhia viridiflora x
Vriesea gigantea
Westringia amabilis
Westringia brevifolia
Westringia cremnophila
Westringia eremicola x
Westringia glabra
Westringia grandifolia
Westringia lucida
Westringia rupicola
Westringia sericea
Wettinia aequalis
Wettinia disticha
Wettinia hirsuta
Wettinia maynensis
Wettinia praemorsa
Wettinia verruculosa
Whiteheadia bifolia
Widdringtonia cedarbergensis
Widdringtonia whytei
Wijkia extenuata
Westringia longifolia
Westringia rubiifolia
Westringia senifolia
Westringia viminalis
Wettinia castanea
Wettinia fascicularis
Wettinia longipetala
Wettinia oxycarpa
Wettinia radiata
White-sloanea crassa
Whitfieldia longifolia
Widdringtonia nodiflora
Wightia speciosissima
Wilkesia gymnoxiphium
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Wilkesia hobdyi
Wilkiea angustifolia
Wilkiea huegeliana
Willughbeia angustifolia
Winteria aureispina
Wisteria chinensis
Wisteria frutescens
Wisteria villosa
Withania riebeckii
Witheringia solanacea
Wittrockia superba
Wollemia nobilis
Woodsia polystichoides
Woodwardia japonica
Woodwardia unigemmata
Woollsia pungens
Worsleya rayneri
Wrightia religiosa
Wulfenia baldaccii
Wurmbea marginata
Xantheranthemum igneum
Xanthocercis zambesiaca
Xanthorrhoea arborea
Xanthorrhoea concava
Xanthorrhoea johnsonii
Xanthorrhoea malacophylla
Xanthorrhoea pecoris
Xanthorrhoea resinosa
Xanthosia dissecta
Xanthosoma maculatum
Xanthosoma striatipes
Xanthostemon carlii
Xanthostemon ferrugineus
Xanthostemon grisei
Xanthostemon longipes
Xanthostemon myrtifolium
Xanthostemon ruber
Wilkiea macooraia
Willughbeia coriacea
Wissadula excelsior
Wisteria floribunda
Wisteria multijuga
Withania aristata
Withania somnifera
Wittrockia amazonica
Wittsteinia vacciniacea
Woodfordia fruticosa
Woodsia scopulina
Woodwardia orientalis
Woodwardia virginica
Wormia alata
Wrightia antidysenterica
Wrightia tinctoria
Wulfenia blechicii
Wurmbea recurva
Xanthisma texanum
Xanthocyparis nootkatensis
Xanthorrhoea australis
Xanthorrhoea fulva
Xanthorrhoea latifolia
Xanthorrhoea media
Xanthorrhoea quadrangulata
Xanthorrhoea semiplana
Xanthosia pilosa
Xanthosoma mafaffa
Xanthostemon arenarius
Xanthostemon chrysanthus
Xanthostemon francii
Xanthostemon gugerlii
Xanthostemon macrophyllum
Xanthostemon oppositifolius
Xanthostemon sulfureum
Xanthostemon verticillatus
Xanthostemon xerophilus
Xanthostemon vieillardii
Xanthostemon youngii
Wilkiea macrophylla
Winifredia sola
Wisteria brachybotrys
Wisteria x formosa
Wisteria sinensis
Withania frutescens
Witheringia coccoloboides
Wittrockia cyathiformis
Wodyetia bifurcata
Woodsia ilvensis
Woodwardia fimbriata
Woodwardia radicans
Wooleya farinosa
Worsleya procera
Wrightia arborea
Wrightia versicolor
Wulfenia carinthiaca
Wurmbea spicata
Xanthoceras sorbifolium
Xanthorhiza simplicissima
Xanthorrhoea bracteata
Xanthorrhoea glauca
Xanthorrhoea macronema
Xanthorrhoea minor
Xanthorrhoea reflexa
Xanthosia diffusa
Xanthosia stellata
Xanthosoma stenospathum
Xanthostemon aurantiacum
Xanthostemon crenulatus
Xanthostemon glaucum
Xanthostemon laurinus
Xanthostemon multiflorum
Xanthostemon pubescens
Xanthostemon whitei
Xantolis tomentosa
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Xenoscapa fistulosa
Xerochrysum palustre
Xerochrysum viscosum
Xeronema callistemon
Xerophyllum tenax
Xerophyta villosa
Xerosicyos perrieri
Ximenia americana
Xylococcus bicolor
Xylopia aethiopica
Xylosma crenata
Xylotheca kraussiana
Xyris gracilis
Yavia cryptocarpa
Yucca angustissima
Yucca baccata
Yucca constricta
Yucca elata
Yucca filamentosa
Yucca glauca
Yucca harrimaniae
Yucca rigida
Yucca thompsoniana
Yucca whipplei
Zaluzianskya glareosa
Zaluzianskya villosa
Zamia boliviana
Zamia fischeri
Zamia integrifolia
Zamia lindleyi
Zamia monticola
Zamia paucijuga
Zamia polymorpha
Zamia pumila
Zamia roezlii
Zamia spartea
Zamia variegata
Zamioculcas zamiifolia
Xeranthemum annuum
Xerochrysum papillosum
Xeroderris stuhlmannii
Xeronema moorei
Xerophyta dasylirioides
Xerophyta viscosa
Xerothamnella herbacea
Xylia torreana
Xylopia maccreai
Xylosma japonicum
Xyris bracteata
Xyris marginata
Ypsilopus longifolia
Yucca arkansana
Yucca baileyi
Yucca de-smetiana
Yucca endlichiana
Yucca filifera
Yucca gloriosa
Yucca louisianensis
Yucca schidigera
Yucca treculeana
Zaluzianskya capensis
Zaluzianskya katharinae
Zamia acuminata
Zamia encephalartoides
Zamia furfuracea
Zamia ipetiensis
Zamia loddigesii
Zamia muricata
Zamia picta
Zamia prasina
Zamia purpurea
Zamia skinneri
Zamia standleyi
Zamia vazquezii
Zantedeschia albomaculata
Xeranthemum cylindraceum
Xerochrysum subundulatum
Xeromphis spinosa
Xerophyllum asphodeloides
Xerophyta equisetoides
Xerosicyos danguyi
Xerothamnella parvifolia
Xylobium spp.
Xylomelum pyriforme
Xylosma congesta
Xylosma senticosa
Xyris difformis
Xyris operculata
Yucca aloifolia
Yucca australis
Yucca brevifolia
Yucca decipiens
Yucca faxoniana
Yucca gigantea
Yucca guatemalensis
Yucca pallida
Yucca schottii
Yucca valida
Zaluzianskya divaricata
Zaluzianskya ovata
Zamia amblyphyllidia
Zamia fairchildiana
Zamia herrerae
Zamia lecointei
Zamia manicata
Zamia neurophyllidia
Zamia poeppigiana
Zamia pseudoparasitica
Zamia pygmaea
Zamia soconuscensis
Zamia tuerckheimii
Zamia verschaffeltii
Zantedeschia elliottiana
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 7
Zantedeschia elliottiana x
Zantedeschia pentlandii
Zantedeschia elliottiana x
Zantedeschia rehmannii
Zantedeschia sprengeri
Zanthoxylum armatum
Zanthoxylum hawaiiense
Zanthoxylum ovalifolium
Zanthoxylum rhetsa
Zauschneria arizonica
Zelenkoa onusta
Zelkova schneideriana
Zelkova verschaffeltii
Zephyranthes albicans
Zephyranthes bifolia
Zanthoxylum acanthopodium
Zanthoxylum dipetalum
Zanthoxylum heterophyllum
Zanthoxylum piasezkii
Zanthoxylum veneficum
Zea diploperennis
Zelkova crenata
Zelkova serrata
Zenobia pulverulenta
Zephyranthes albiella
Zephyranthes candida
Zephyranthes citrina
Zephyranthes flavissima
Zephyranthes lindleyana
Zephyranthes primulina
Zephyranthes verecunda
Zieria arborescens
Zieria buxijugum
Zieria collina
Zieria cytisoides
Zieria fraseri
Zieria hindii
Zieria laevigata
Zieria littoralis
Zieria murphyi
Zieria oreocaena
Zieria prostrata
Zieria smithii
Zieria tuberculata
Zingeria trichopoda
Zingiber griffithii
Zingiber parishii
Zingiber spectabile
Zinnia angustifolia
Zephyranthes clintiae
Zephyranthes gracilifolia
Zephyranthes macrosiphon
Zephyranthes puertoricensis
Zieria adenodonta
Zieria aspalathoides
Zieria caducibracteata
Zieria compacta
Zieria cytisoides x laevigata
Zieria furfuracea
Zieria ingramii
Zieria laevigata x cytisoides
Zieria minutiflora
Zieria obcordata
Zieria parrisiae
Zieria rimulosa
Zieria smithii x cytisoides
Zieria veronicea
Zingiber collinsii
Zingiber malaysianum
Zingiber pseudopungens
Zingiber striolatum
Zinnia elegans
Zantedeschia jucunda
Zantedeschia rehmannii x
Zanthoxylum alpinum
Zanthoxylum esquirolii
Zanthoxylum nitidum
Zanthoxylum piperitum
Zapoteca portoricensis
Zea mays
Zelkova hirta
Zelkova sinica
Zephyranthes x ajax
Zephyranthes atamasca
Zephyranthes candida x
Zephyranthes filifolia
Zephyranthes grandiflora
Zephyranthes minima
Zephyranthes traubii
Zieria adenophora
Zieria baeuerlenii
Zieria citriodora
Zieria covenyi
Zieria formosa
Zieria granulata
Zieria involucrata
Zieria laxiflora
Zieria montana
Zieria odorifera
Zieria pilosa
Zieria robusta
Zieria southwellii
Zieria verrucosa
Zingiber gramineum
Zingiber officinale
Zingiber roseum
Zingiber zerumbet
Zinnia grandiflora
17 September 2010
Plant Diseases Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2010
r. 8
Zinnia haageana
Zizania aquatica
Zinnia peruviana x
Ziziphus jujuba cv. Dabailing
Ziziphus jujuba cv. HuluZao
Ziziphus jujuba cv. LongZao
Ziziphus jujuba cv. XiangZao
Ziziphus jujuba cv. Sushuicui
Ziziphus jujuba cv.
Ziziphus jujuba cv. Kongfusu
Ziziphus oenoplia
Zornia brasiliensis
Zornia gemella
Zornia milneana
Zornia tenuifolia
Zygochloa paradoxa
Zygosepalum spp.
Zoellnerallium andinum
Zornia durumuensis
Zornia glochidiata
Zornia myriadena
Zoysia macrantha
Zygopetalum spp.
Zygostates spp.
Zinnia violacea x
Ziziphus jujuba cv.
Ziziphus jujuba cv.
Ziziphus jujuba cv.
Ziziphus jujuba
cv. Mankouxiang
Zombia antillarum
Zornia fimbriata
Zornia guanipensis
Zornia pratensis
Zoysia matrella
Zygophyllum sessilifolium
Schedule 8 amended
Delete Schedule 8 item 6A and insert:
Regulation 3B(1)
Bringing into State non-native plant
not listed in Schedule 5 without
approval or in breach of conditions
of approval
By Command of the Governor,
PETER CONRAN, Clerk of the Executive Council.

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