The Pite Havsbad Group Case Study - IP Telephone Solutions


The Pite Havsbad Group Case Study - IP Telephone Solutions
Value Created:
• Avaya
Manager and
Avaya IP Office
are helping the
Pite Havsbad
Group to:
The Pite Havsbad Group
• Speed up
transactions and
deliver a better
customer telephone
• Increase staff
productivity and the
ability to react
quickly and
efficiently to
customer needs
• Achieve cost savings
by sharing resources
and staff between
the various hotels
• Eliminate the cost
of internal telephone
• Optimise staffing
levels to meet
The hotel chain Pite Havsbad Group has
combined its Avaya IP Office solutions
with Avaya Aura® Communication Manager,
thereby improving the efficiency of its entire
By replacing all the dated independent
these IP Office solutions into Avaya Aura
telephone systems with a new,
Communication Manager, all the hotels
connected IP telephone solution from
have been combined to form one
Avaya, the hotel chain Pite Havsbad
unified unit.
Group has improved the efficiency of
its operation and reduced its total
Telephone calls to and from the hotels
telephone costs.
are routed via Avaya Aura
Communication Manager, opening up a
Each of the nine hotels in the Pite
number of new opportunities and
Havsbad group now has its own Avaya
benefits for customers as well as staff
IP Office solution, and by integrating
and management. | 1
”Since Avaya Aura
“Before we installed Avaya’s
Thanks to this conclusive optimisation
integrated communications solution,
of personnel resources, the Pite
we had to have sales staff physically
Havsbad Group has been able to
Manager has
on the premises at all our hotels in
release three sales staff for external
order for them to be able to respond
direct sales tasks.
eliminated the need
to enquiries”, explained Robert
for sales staff to be
Sjölund, Managing Director of the Pite
Havsbad Group.
physically present
on-site, we have
“The efficient switching possibilities
created a centralised
Communication Manager have meant
sales team who are
working much more
efficiently than before
using the same
offered by Avaya Aura
Registration of
telephone data leads to
improved performance
and resource planning
that staff no longer need to be
According to Robert Sjölund, Avaya’s
physically present on-site. We have
integrated telephone solution is a
now created a central sales team
strategic investment that plays a
instead who - with the same resources
decisive role in the Pite Havsbad
at their disposal - have been working
Group’s expansion strategy. The
much more efficiently than before”,
solution has been installed and
said Robert Sjölund.
expanded over several years and the
Avaya partner who provided
Irrespective of which hotel they are
consultation and installation support
calling, all customers are now routed
offered professional advice and a
via a ”direct choice solution” to the
cost-effective solution.
correct answering group, regardless
The efficiency improvements have
of where it is physically located.
been achieved gradually over the
The direct choice solution ensures
years and, Sjölund adds, are difficult
that customers receive a fast and
to describe in real terms. But in
The varied customer base, together
optimised service, and this has
general it can be noted that this
with Pite Havsbad’s wide range of
resulted in a single sales employee
successful hotel chain has grown
services and packages, represents a
being able to handle all the calls that
substantially over the years without
major challenge for the customer
previously required four locally
the need for an increase in
service and sales staff.
situated employees.
administrative resources.
Robert Sjölund,
Managing Director, Pite Havsbad Group.
Impressive efficiency
gains in sales
The Pite Havsbad Group hotel chain
has a total of 1400 hotel beds and is
aimed at leisure travellers of all ages
as well as companies and
organisations wishing to arrange
conferences and exhibitions in
northern Sweden.
The IP Office solutions, each of which
basis and during the course of the
According to Sjölund, the total
is linked to a third-party server at the
season. We are able to better predict
financial calculation also needs to
respective hotels, currently handles a
when we will have a lot to do and
take into account the fact that the
multitude of minor functions that help
when it will be less busy, and this way
Pite Havsbad Group now has only one
improve the efficiency of daily
we can optimise our staff planning on
telephone system that requires
operations as well as the customer
a continuous basis. During peak
maintenance. “The fact that we now
experience that customers take away
season, in particular, we need to be
only need a helpdesk and a combined
with them when they leave. Check-out
able to cope with the peaks in
service agreement with Avaya is a
and wake-up calls are managed and
workload that can occur”.
substantial financial and practical
documented in IP Office, as are
advantage for us. And this is a benefit
reports from cleaning staff confirming
that we took into account in our
that rooms have been cleaned, which
results in quick and up-to-date
information regarding availability.
Avaya Aura Communication
Manager’s continuous registration
and storage of telephone-related data
provides the statistics used to
measure a number of Key
Performance Indicators that help the
Pite Havsbad Group to take action
and optimise activities. According to
Robert Sjölund, the collected data is
very important for the continuous
improvement of efficiency in terms
of employee resources and
Minimising costs and
maximising staff
Moving from analogue to IP-based
telephone systems has resulted in a
substantial financial saving, estimated
by Robert Sjölund between SEK
200,000 and SEK 300,000 ($33,000
- $49,0001) per year. Right now, work
is under way to link the employees’
mobile phones to the Avaya solution,
overall calculation from the start”,
concluded Sjölund.
Learn More
For more information, contact your
Avaya Account Manager or a member
of the Avaya Connect channel partner
program, or access other collaterals
by clicking on Resource Library at
and once this project is completed in
the near future, internal telephone
calls will be free via Avaya Aura
Communication Manager.
customer service.
The mobile twinning function, which
“We use the collected data to create
criteria that can be used to assess our
capacity and to measure our success.
For instance, we measure how many
calls we receive and how many
people hang up before we have time
to answer the phone. And when you
start focusing on certain areas they
start to improve. At the same time,
continuous registration of incoming
customer enquiries provides us with
important data on which to base
is a standard function in Avaya IP
Office (Essential Edition & above),
means that calls to a member of staff
are automatically switched over to
their mobile phone if nobody answers
their desk phone. In future, it will be
possible to reach the 100+ employees
who have been connected to the
solution on their landline numbers,
which Sjölund believes will generate
noticeable benefits, both financially
and practically.
decisions regarding the planning of
optimum staffing levels on a daily
1 based on the Avaya FX plan rate
”I see Avaya’s integrated
telephone solution as a
strategic investment
that will play a central
role in the Pite Havsbad
Group’s expansion
Robert Sjölund,
Managing Director, Pite Havsbad Group. | 3
Systems and Applications
The Pite Havsbad
Group wants its
solution to
Avaya Aura® Communication Manager
• Be adaptable and
extendable as the
hotel chain expands
Avaya IP Deskphones 1608, 1616, Avaya 9330-A, (analogue telephone)
• Minimise costs for
service and
• Improve the
efficiency of
sales staff
Avaya IP Office 500
Avaya IP Office, Preferred Edition
Avaya IP Office Mobile Worker
Avaya DECT system and handheld units
The Pite Havsbad Group primarily focuses on northern Sweden and is the owner of
• Identify customer
requirements to
pass on to a suitable
sales group
Nordkalotten Hotell, Storforsen Hotell, Rest & Fly, Piteå Stadshotell, Pite Havsbad,
• Improve the
efficiency of
between the
employees and
the hotels
and conferences. Regardless of whether you are looking for relaxation, excitement,
Arctic Hotel, Rest and Fly, Hotell Bodensia and Magasin 365.
The Pite Havsbad Group is one of northern Europe’s largest hotel chains for tourism
enjoyment or a place where you can hold successful business meetings, you will
find it here all year round.
• Reduce all internal
• Follow up and
measure the
efficiency of
customer contact
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