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About Us
F o r o v e r 3 0 y e a r s Tr i a n g l e M a n u f a c t u r i n g C o m p a n y h a s
specialized in custom designing, manufacturing and
servicing linewinders for leading line manufacturers
whose high standards of excellence demand only the best.
Tr i a n g l e w a s i n s t r u m e n t a l i n d e v e l o p i n g t h e f i r s t b u l k spool linewinding concept in America and is
recognized as a global leader in linewinder products.
We proudly provide high quality products, technical
support and service to our linewinder customers.
Contact us for more information at;
Tr i a n g l e M a n u f a c t u r i n g C o . , I n c .
11 6 P l e a s a n t A v e n u e
U p p e r S a d d l e R i v e r, N J 0 7 4 5 8
P h o n e 2 0 1 - 8 2 5 - 1 2 1 2 e x t . 5 11
Fax 201-236-9814
E-MAIL [email protected]
The Next Best Thing to Owning Your
Own Commercial Linewinder
• Portable and powerful,
personal linewinder.
• Super-sensitive speed control
with dynamic spool braking.
Made in the USA
Contact us about 220 Volt
Availability and Price
• Ergonomic pistol grip with
forward, reverse, and
neutral switch.
• Quickly strips old line off reels.
Neatly spools casting, spinning,
spincasting and fly reels.
• Fast cam-lock reel setup.
Dual power 110AC/12V
auto plug.
• Accommodates up to a 1lb
spool of line.
• Durable carrying case with
removable cover.
Cyclonewinder® Large Reel Adapter
For Those Larger Reels in Your Tackle Collection
Adapter Will Accommodate
Abu Garcia® Ambassadeur® Models 6500 & 7000
Penn® Models 310 GTI, 5001, 112H, 155L, 60, 65 & 209
Shimano® Model TR200G
Self Centering
Easy to Use
Fast Set-up
Specially Designed to
Fit Most Reel Handles
Send Orders to
Triangle Manufacturing Co., Inc.
116 Pleasant Avenue
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
Phone 201-825-1212 ext. 511
Fax 201-236-9814
E-MAIL [email protected]
Here's how the Cyclonewinder® was designed
to make winding and stripping line simple...
Before winding your first reel, practice with the controller to get the
feel for how quickly the motor starts and stops. Starting or stopping
too quickly can cause the line to overrun. Align the service spool
so the line goes as straight to the reel as possible. When spooling
up spinning reels, loosen the service spool and use your other hand
to guide and add tension to the line. When spooling up bait casting
reels, gently rest your other hand on the service spool to prevent
line overrun and to provide additional tension on the line.
The Cyclonewinder® quickly
strips old line off reels.
The Cyclonewinder®
neatly spools casting,
spinning, spincasting
and fly reels.
Spinning Reels
Motor Spindle Torque
30 oz. inch
Bait Casters*
Overload Protection
12-Volt Power
*Conventional Reels Shimano 401A
Fly Reel
Digital Counter
Line Test Max. (lbs.)
20 lbs. Max.
Linestripping Capabilities
Max. Bulk Spool Size
1 lb.
Brake Device
Max. Bulk Spool Flange Diameter
5 ins.
Level Wind Mechanism
Min./Max. Bulk Spool Center Hole
250 - .700ins.
110 Volt (US/Canada)
Horizontal Service Spool
220 Volt (European)**
Quick Reel Interchangeability
Overall Dimensions(WxDxH)
18" x 15" x 10"
In-line Spool to Reel
Shipping Weight
18 lbs.
Variable Winding Speed
0-800 RPM
One Year Warranty
Forward/Reverse Switch
Drive Spindles
Full Service Technical Support
** Contact us for availability & price on 220 volt unit
Q- What is the maximum reel size which can be used on the Cyclonewinder®?
A- Two factors determine whether a reel will fit the Cyclonewinder®: the sizeof the
reel handle and the distance from the center of the reel foot to the end of the reel
handle. The Cyclonewinder® will accommodate reels with "small" handles (1"or
less across) which have a maximum distance from the center of the reel foot to the
end of the reel knob of 5" or less. Such reels include the Abu AB5600, Daiwa 300A,
Shimano 401A and Penn 965 and most other reels of similar size and specifications.
Q- Can the Cyclonewinder® handle larger reels?
A- Yes. A special "larger reel adapter" is available from Triangle Manufacturing
Company (201-825-1212) that will allow the Cyclonewinder® to accommodate "
larger" handles which have a maximum distance from the center of the reel foot
to the end of the reel knob of 4-5/16" or less. With the "larger reel adapter", the
Cyclonewinder® will accommodate such reels as theAbu 6500 & 7000, Penn
310GTI, 209 and 112H, and the Shimano TR200G and most other reels of similar
size and specifications.
Q- What should I do if my Cyclonewinder® blows a fuse while in use?
A- Check to see if the reel handles are not too far into the chuck and rubbing
against the black housing behind the chuck. If the reel handles are set-in too far,
back them off by adjusting the reel bar position if this occurs. If the reel handles
are in the correct position, try reducing the tension cone pressure and/or reducing
winding speed slightly.

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