Chechnya: the Forgotten War


Chechnya: the Forgotten War
Chechnya: the Forgotten War
Sponsored by: Amnesty International,
the Andrei Sakharov Foundation,
the Foundation for Civil Liberties,
Memorial Society, and the International
Helsinki Federation for Human Rights
Independent Documentary Film Festival, September 23-25, New York
Terror in Moscow Channel 4/Mentorn, UK. An account
Dance, Grozny, Dance Zeppers Film & TV, The Netherlands.
Opening Night - September 23, Tuesday
of the hostage crisis in a theater ending in the controversial Russian
decision to use a nerve gas, leading to the deaths of more than
139 hostages.
A dance teacher leads a Chechen children's folk ensemble from the
ruins of Grozny to a triumphant tour of Western Europe.
Symphony Space (2537 Broadway, corner of 95th street)
Chechen Lullaby
five veteran reporters frustrated by watching civilians slaughtered
in a war largely ignored by the West.
A controversial documentary accusing the Russian secret services
of staging the terror attacks in Moscow that triggered the war and
propelled Vladimir Putin to power.
Deadlock: Russia's Forgotten War CNN/Azimuth.
Murder with International Consent POLSAT-TV, Poland.
The war as seen through the eyes of Russian soldiers and
their families, the Chechen fighters and refugees. Reported
by Michael Gordon of the New York Times.
The referendum cover-in Chechnya: footage of the empty streets
of Grozny contradicting the purported 96% turnout.
Unite Documentaires, France. Testimony of
Greetings From Grozny Wilton/PBS. Includes unique footage
of a Russian "mopping-up" operation of a Chechen village.
Babitsky's War Channel 4, UK. The story of a journalist
who was kidnapped by the Russian secret service and owes
his release to international outcry.
Assassination of Russia Transparences Productions, France.
Dying for the president, Channel4, UK. A chilling account
of the devastation that took place in the village of Katyr Yurt, where
363 people where slaughtered in cold blood by Russia forces, by
the fist journalist who arrived to the scene.
Caution: films contain scenes of extreme violence
Day Screenings
6:30 pm Chechen Lullaby
Panel discussion featuring:
Aset Chadaeva, an eyewitness; Ivan Rybkin, Former Speaker
of the Russian Parliament; Andrei Babitsky, Journalist,
Radio Liberty; Maureen Greenwood, Amnesty International;
Aaaron Rhodes, International Helsinki Federation for
Human Rights
8:30 pm Greetings from Grozny
Come and join a vigil to protest human rights
violations in Chechnya which will be held at the same
time President Putin addresses the UN General Assembly,
on Sept. 25 in Dag Hammarskjold Park, 47 Street & First Ave from
9:00 am - 11:00 am, cosponsored by Amnesty International USA
Evening screenings
Helmsley Hotel, 212 E. 42 Street, Knickerbocker Suite
Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway, corner of 95th street
September 24
September 25
September 23
6:30pm Chechen Lullaby
Followed by a panel discussion
8:30pm Greetings from Grozny
Chechen Lullaby
Terror in Moscow
Greetings from Grozny
Assassination of Russia
Dance, Grozny, Dance
Deadlock: Russian Forgotten War
Murder with International Consent
True Stories… Babitsky’s War
Greetings from Grozny
True Stories… Babitsky’s War
Assassination of Russia
Dying for the president
Terror in Moscow
Dance, Grozny, Dance
Deadlock: Russian Forgotten War
Chechen Lullaby
Presidents Bush and Putin:
Arjan’s Release is in Your Hands
Doctors Without Borders volunteer Arjan
Erkel was kidnapped on August 12, 2002
in the Russian Republic of Dagestan.
September 24
6:30pm Dance, Grozny, Dance
7:50pm Terror in Moscow
8:50pm Dying for the President
He Came To Help. Free Arjan Erkel Now.
Admission is free of charge on first come, first served basis. For further information please go to w w w. c h e c h n y a f i l m f e s t i v a l . o r g or w w w. s y m p h o n y s p a c e . o r g
photo by AP

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