Grant Application Summary - The Ironmongers` Company


Grant Application Summary - The Ironmongers` Company
The Ironmongers’ Company
Grant Application Summary
Please ensure you have read the Guidelines for Grants to Organisations before completing this form and that the
form does not extend to more than one A4 page when printed.
Name of organisation
Title of project
Contact name
Telephone No.
Charity Registration No.
Year charity established
What are the aims and objectives of your organisation?
Who benefits from your activities?
Age range
Catchment area
Number helped annually
When will the project take place?
Total cost of project
Amount raised to date
Have you applied to any other organisations for this project? If yes, please give details and outcome.
Please return this form with a description of the project (no more than three A4 pages) to the Charities Assistant,
Ironmongers’ Hall, Barbican, London, EC2Y 8AA. A copy of your latest annual report should be enclosed, unless
you have already sent it. Please note that applications are not accepted by e-mail.